New kit revealed – One in, one on hold – Pure joy for Cashley and Terry!!!

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Ok So Vela has his work permit, great news, Nasri is still on hold but the really great news is the cheating chavs lost! It was so good to watch Cashley’s face at the end, but even better to watch the cheating chav Terry, miss his penalty and instantly hold his shin, as if if was his shins fault, ha, fucking ha! what topped it off was to watch ex gooner Anelka putting the cherry on the cake and see Abramovich put his head in his hands, justice done, job done, well done super Nick.

Good move Cashley! You greedy little shit, you now have the record as the only mobile phone loving twat that has lost two champions league finals, I only wish you had swallowed you tongue after the head butt.

Enough of that Grovers, we still haven’t signed Nasri or Ben Arfa and after watching the most boring game in champions league history, sign them quick, ‘cos Fergie and Grant will be trying hard to if we don’t.

There’s no need to wait, if you want them, sign them, but do it quick!

Not a lot else to talk about but this week, but it should shows which way we go, if we don’t do it soon, the Euros will be on us and then every one will cost a fortune, so all we’ll see is kids, and we have enough of them.

So please, please Arsene, get the fucking cheque book out before it’s too late.

It sickened me to see the Champions league final between 2 teams that play kick and run football, it should have been us, and if you make those signings, it could be.

Have a great day grovers, this could be the day!

New Kit perhaps? Good work Arsenal Youth!

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  1. Paulinho

    I think Hleb is better than Robinho in the midfield minefield in terms of workrate, awareness, mobility, and intelligence, and passing. That’s why Robinho doesn’t get playing time.

    He is more proficient in front of goal and has more confidence.

    I would prefer Hleb to be honest.

  2. ethangunner

    grimandi said this a while ago

    now scouting for his former club – has hinted a deal is in the pipeline.
    “I have been travelling a lot these days,” Grimandi said. “Nearly to every country! You know, there are a lot of great players in Ligue 1(surprise, surprise ). We may propose a contract to a midfielder who plays there.”
    One possible target is Ivory Coast star Didier Zokora who, considered by many as the best midfielder in France, is rated in the £10million bracket.

    is that too expensive ? i think that was last years news but surely if your after some quality you’d continue the quest to get established players ! ,and traveling nearly to every country >??WTF ??/ then all you get is French players spewed up as options ! !?

    Arsenal should be paying a lot for scouting ! If indeed arsene is looking for talented
    wonder kids , then this should be the prime basis for spending cash !

    it makes you wonder with choices like Song- senderos-eboue, and all the other EPL failures we produced for so long , is arsene really that good at talent spotting?

    not sure where the the ronaldos – berbatovs and drogbas are ??
    because we didnt make a move for them did we ???
    i supposes there not french !

    thats why im pissed off with all these french connections , it seems we aren’t capable to think out of the box ! , we arent even trying too hard to get quality ..
    IF IN DOUBT GO BUY BRAZILIAN ! there all good right ? …
    Even if your doing the purchasing the arsene way , surely you must get a good scout network around you to ensure you are picking the best from the current crop ???

    more senderos’s- eboue’s – song’s- hoytes etc …

    im sure ben arfa will be official after this weekend , his game commitments are over
    after this weekend .. but still , it will be pretty disappointing 2 weeks after the boss has came out and made a statement like we will be impressed with his signings !.

    fuck so far im waiting for fireworks and only have some fat kid shooting matches into the air !
    Thats Arsenal value for money !

  3. ethangunner

    but really even if we get benarfa and nasri , aren’t we just replacing the 2 players who are leaving ? technically ???

    we wanted 2 or 3 signings , before flamini and hleb left .. NOT INCLUDING !!!
    (this is what i said last month ! ) dont include new signings in the leaving party
    figures ! So what your stupid enough to let someone leave on a free arsene , not our fault !

    If arsene even signs nasri and arfa .. These aren’t the extra players we are talking about .these are just filling in the gaps left behind by quality players GONE..

    I know the way AFC will spin this ! And its not looking promising !we promised you 2 or 3 signings and youve got them ! … (in effect weakening the team further)

    there is a certain questionable doubt that these players might not even fill the gaps !
    sure good players in france but how many players can play in the EPL as well ??

    If some people aren’t questioning arsene , they should start doing it now !
    Also if we can salvage anything from the hleb debarkle , he must sign a new contract !
    or leave ! keeping him 1 more season is destined for a flamini repeat !

    this year id be happy for all contracts to be re-newed and all 1st teamer’s given long lengthy contracts and a clear impression from le boss no one is leaving in 09 ….
    apart from maybe arsene himself


    but arsene’s promised signings as far as i can see are just replacing current team members lost , nothing more ! In fact currently we havent even replaced flamini
    and hleb .. we are just further in more shite than before ..

    soon out of desperation for new signings we will all forget arsene promised 2-3 new class signings to add to the current team ,before flamini and hleb left .

  4. GMR

    Ethangunner, yourself & I are thinking along the same lines, the only thing I would say is that our squad size last season wasn’t really the problem, unfortunately it was the quality which caused us to lose it.

    We should have a better keeper than Almunia (he shouldn’t be more than a number 2) & the players that come in when injuries or suspensions occur clearly aren’t either good enough or ready for the first team.

    It’s true that youngsters need time to learn but apart from the very, very best ones they shouldn’t be learning their trade so to speak at Arsenal. Arsene should decide on the best ones & then loan them out for 2 seasons at the same club so they come back ready, the others should be sold.

  5. James Bartram

    i agree GMR, the first team is good, but some of the guys on the bench need more time on the pitch, and they just aren’t getting it sufficiently in the reserves. either they aren’t challenged there, or there is too much of a challenge that they can’t handle it.

    traore, hoyte, denilson… these are the kinda guys who only just fit the mould, but they would benefit from from a year or so at another club. arsene should look to loan more players out, instead of just the teenaged, talented ones (vela, merida, etc).

    also, a 1st keeper would be awesome! arsene should look at gregory coupet imo, although he is older, and is about to get a bit more expensive, keepers do have a bit more time in them than a midfielder, or a winger… the other guy i would look at is mickåel landreau. the PSG keeper is still youngish (at 29), but is already the 2nd in the french international squad. 6 1/2 foot tall, quite athletic, looks pretty neat imo, only he’s half-way through a 4 year contract… =/

    idk… we need someone in between the posts though, and he needs to be better than almunia.

  6. ArsenalKenya


    This is fucking sweet. Honestly. Inter, Barcelona and Real Madrid all want to sign Alexander. It’s great. Do you have any idea what this will do for my profile? I’ll have a stable full of Eastern European players now all convinced I can get them a move to a big club and I’ll take my percentage of their wages and buy a big house and a big car and I might even have a harem. I’ve always wanted a harem and girls to put their finger up my bum.