Villa swap deal mooted? New ‘Zidane’ on the move to Arsenal?

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Well lets start off with a lesson in life. Many people e-mail in to say that the thing they like the most about Le Grove is that they always walk away having learnt something.

Todays lesson?

You Booze you Lose.

If you get on the Super T (Tramp Juice) and you are a professional athlete, there is every chance you may not win too many titles. These sentiments have been echoed by brown paper bag legend, George Graham,

‘When I look back at my time managing Arsenal in the Eighties, I wonder how much more we could have achieved had my team not been boozing so much,’

I wouldn’t want to be presumptuous about the Grovers, but I sure can relate to that statement – education, career, relationships…! It’s definitely a better excuse than ‘We lacked experience’.

Next up in the news. Justin Hoyte, Arsenal legend in the making could be off in a £4.5million move to Villa this week. I am going to to a bit of simple math here. If Villa have 3 players we may want (Agbonlahor, Young, Barry), maybe a swap deal could be in the offing? Would that just be too logical for Arsenal? I don’t know… What I do know is Martin O’Neil would probably do anything to avoid selling to Liverpool.

Next up. Sammy Nasri has possibly played his last game for Marseille. He had this to say after scoring,

“It is very important because it is perhaps my last match at the Stade Velodrome.”

Could he be heading Arsenalwards? I hope so! Even if Hleb is staying we should sign him. Having quality in reserve is something we lack at the moment.

It has all gone quiet on the transfer front, the calm before the storm? Or the calm because it 27 degrees outside and there is no chance of a storm this summer! Please be the storm… please…!

A big well done to King Kanu for nicking a goal to win the most boring cup final since last years. I was on Arse watch and I can report that Diarra looked average against below average opposition as did Niko Krancjar.

Finally, for those of you who are still bitter about the Anelka saga of 10 years ago… read here for a laugh.

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Rico

    i am sorry -big raddy, i have now had beer and my keyboard has changed!!!

    krancjar – we dont want him guys, slow, useless and, just crap!!

  2. finestcuts

    Ajax did not get into the Champions League. If a Champions League club come in for him, he is likely to go there. I hope Arsene makes a bid, cos Huntelaar is going, but will he pay the 25 million euros needed?

  3. London

    Sperm banks in Chesea and Manchester will be closed next week.

    As all the wankers will be in Moscow.

  4. BB

    just saw the news about Nasri coming to us on another arsenal news site
    its coming from an article run in the “official” local Marseille newspaper called LA PROVENCE
    they even have an entire section dedicated to Marseille
    I have jut read it and can confirm that they are categorical about a deal that has been done
    Nasri is coming to us for 13.5MM pounds I do believe this to be true
    I am just wondering whether we are after Ben Arfa at all!!
    but we fukking need him .. I am not sure at all anymore whether we are gonna get him after all
    maybe this deal has fallen through

  5. arsenal tom

    maybe hes hlebs replacement rather than diego?? would be nice to see us do a big double signing like last years nani and anderson

    clichy and sagna both out the french squad!!!

  6. mayank

    Reports in France this evening suggest that Olympique Marseille midfielder Samir Nasri has agreed a €17.5 million deal with Arsenal which would see the Frenchman come for around 13.5 million pounds.

    As we reported yesterday, Nasri announced to French Television cameras that his game against RC Strasbourg could be his last, and reports today suggest that a deal has already been struck between the two clubs.

    The 20-year-old is a talented midfielder who can play on either wing, famous for his feint’s and pure creativity, Samir has been likened to Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Local Marseille newspaper La Provence reported this evening that both OM and Arsenal have agreed a deal which will become official in the next few weeks.

  7. BB

    Hleb is gonna fukk off.. useless spineless gutless cunt
    at least Nasri will score spectacular goals
    but he is a bit lightweight

  8. pablo

    The so called breaking news on Nasri would be a welcome start to this summers transfer activity. I was never convinved by Krancjar and after yesterday’s abject performance, Nasri would represent a better and cheaper alternative.

  9. david

    Barca are looking at RVP and Theo now, we should never have got that maroon and blue international kit it gives them a chance to see what our players look like in their colours.
    Who is the player coming with the premiership experience?

  10. GMR

    Nasri & Ben Arfa are very good friends so its possible we could get both, however that may just be me dreaming. If we are truly buying Nasri for 13.5 million I cannot see Ben Arfa coming unless of course we have sold Hleb for a great profit.

    Somehow I just cannot see Wenger playing a midfield containing Cesc, Nasri, Ben Arfa & Walcott. It would be ridiculously unbalanced with no defensive capablility, it just won’t happen especially as the oldest player would be 21!!

  11. GunnerShabz

    just watched clips of both and we need both…

    samir nasri plays in the middle

    ben arfa on the left

    all we need is a centre back now

  12. GMR

    No neither are, but if that french paper are genuine which a lot of people say they are then Nasri is a definate.

  13. BB

    no choy..looks like only Nasri is confirmed if you believe Marseille’s semi official newspaper..
    I am smelling something rotten regarding Arfa.. just seems too obvious
    I just cant see us buying both
    but on second thoughts, we needed reinforcements
    with both wanker Flamini and cunt Hleb leaving before the start of the season, we are two down before the fukking reinforcement process kicks in
    does anybody know anything about the Arfa transfer??

  14. BB

    GMR .. the French paper is definitely saying that Nasri decided for us
    we still need a winger, dont we!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. choy

    ok people what are the chances of both of them coming here?

    we gonna spend a bomb this summer…. can’t help but feel excited…

  16. Ja_Gunner

    I would just like to add to a topic that was discussed earlier in the blog.

    Most people were saying Arsenal is a bigger club than Inter.

    I would like to say though that I feel both clubs are the same level.

    If you look at the respective leagues, In England we are the third most successful club. League Titles Liverpool(18) Manure(17) Arsenal(13)

    In Italy Inter in the same position. Juventus(27) AC(17) Inter(16).

    There is no real equivalent of us in La Liga…Real and Barca are way out in front …..Real(31) Barca(18) Atletico(9) we sure as hell are bigger than Atletico!!!!!

    I mean both leagues in my opinion are the same tier therefore both clubs have a very similar record.

    Inter has the edge however if you look at the fact that they have won the European Cup/Champions League twice.

    So europe on the whole may see tham as the bigger club.

    I feel for Arsenal to get the respect we deserve we must win a Champions League and soon., ans also hopefully overhaul thus Manure dominance in recent times we have come second to them too many times.

  17. Rico

    Hey Guys – Nasri sounds promising, but do we really want Ben Arfa? I dont think so, there is someone else out there who is better – I say this as I have watched him the last few games – he is no Freddie or Sir Robbie P –
    I would rather see Dos Santos……………………………

    Villa, Makoun, Dos Santos, Nasri, Yaya – I would be so happy….. Oh and of course a wicked CH

  18. GMR

    We may need a winger but that doesn’t mean Wenger will buy one!! My point was more that Wenger is more likely to buy an older winger as opposed to Ben Arfa if the Nasri transfer is true. I just can’t see him playing the midfield I said earlier it wouldn’t work.

    Don’t any of you be surprised if we sign Alberto Zapater in the next week!!

  19. davoody

    Nasri would be a good signing….

    It’s possible that we could get him & Ben Arfa, but I have heard that Ben Arfa will be on his way to OM, paving the way for Nasri to join us.

    Still, exciting times… Still wonder who the Premiership player is likely to be mind?

  20. choy

    rico dos santos is a striker… ask carlos….

    nasri back up for cesc or playing behind the striker…

    we def need a winger…

  21. Paulinho

    If we could keep Hleb then add Nasri and Ben Arfa on top of that we would have the perfect midfield, options wise. Nasri could offer a central creative alternative to Cesc and Ben Arfa could rotate with Rosicky. If Hleb stayed he could be a great all rounder who could fill in everywhere.

    That is the sort of squad we need. No fucking about. If Hleb goes then these two players still won’t placate my concerns as they could be thrown in too early.

  22. BB

    Zapater .. is he the guy who just went down with Saragossa??
    ja-gunner .. I agree..
    ManU are Real/Bayern type clubs
    we managed to become a Barca, but recently with the west london scum, we are close to becoming a Valencia before their disastrous season
    but then again, nobody predicted their awful season.. so we must be very careful not to make one too many mistake which would cost us dearly in terms of falling down the pecking order

  23. GMR

    I don’t think Lyon would sell to Marseille. Marseille in the last two years have started challenging at the top of the league (albeit not a threat to the title) so I can’t see them strengthening the opposition. If Ben Arfa & Nasri had swapped that would be different but not a straight cash deal!!

  24. GMR

    BB, thats the Zapater. Wenger wanted him last summer but Zaragosa were asking for 10 million, mainly because they thought they were going to be a champions league team. Since they have been relegated most of their players will now leave including Zapater, Ayala, Aimar & Juanfran just to name a few.

  25. BB

    davoody.. I have the same ugly feeling about this
    Pjanic to Lyon with Arfa to OM and we get Nasri..everybody happy and thats the way our man Arsene likes it as well .. so he can still enjoy his pastis with his French mates
    we need a winger.. I want to see the Czech pornstar moving in more centrally if he brings his bones back to good health .. 🙂

  26. GMR

    Who would everyone prefer Robinho or Ben Arfa??

    Since Ben Arfa has been linked everybody seems to have gone quiet on Robinho!!

  27. davoody

    @GMR.. I hear what your saying, but its is a lot more common for the continent to sell between the top clubs more than it is over here.

    Don’t get me wrong, i of course would love the pair of them, Buy Kompany as a CB and we will start to look like we are geting a squad.

    I know its unlikely, but i would like to see YaYa joinas well.

    Nasri, Ben Arfa, Kompany & YaYa.. that for me would be a good summers business.

    Wouldn’t even begin to think about how much that lot would cost mind.

  28. BB

    GMR .. thats a good point as well .. would Lyon sell to Marseille when they look like the net
    losers in player terms in this triangle .. Pjanic is a super talent, but the greenest of all of them
    but then somebody mentioned on here that Lyon want N’Zogbia..would that be enticing enough for them to sell Arfa for money to Marseille
    I just hope that Wenger wont buy that Newcastle twat .. please Arsene..dont do this to us

  29. davoody

    As far as Lyon is concerned, Ben Arfa is a Bench Warmer most of the time. So i don’t think they would be overly concerned about selling to OM.

  30. BB

    davoody.. bench warmer he might be, but for different reasons.. not sporting ones
    Marseille are definitely after him ..

  31. GMR

    davoody, he’s only a bench warmer for political reasons. You don’t win young player of the season for nothing.

    I’ve already said about Kompany’s injury problems which were highlighted on another site by a german guy. He was saying that Kompany has a chronic back problem & is unlikely to ever play a full season again!!

  32. davoody

    We can speculate all we like about this and that…No one will ever know till it happens.. but its great fun all the same, and lets face it.. if we never speculated.. the summer would be very long and boring.

    I have just watched a few Youtube’s of Vincent Kompany and i must say i would like him to be one of our new boys….

  33. choy

    k.. people on arsenal mania reporting that we have both benny and sammy!!!

    they will both be in london for meds this week.

  34. choy

    yeah thats a good wish but of all the players we get this summer….

    i don’t think that we will get a striker this time around….

  35. davoody

    I know we won’t, i’ve said on here before that every year i have a dream signing and every year i seem to watch them sign for someone else.

    Last year i wanted Torres so much it wound up everyone i was sitting with by me going on about how good he was.

    He signs for liverpool, the rest is history. And i have have worn the biggest “I told you so hat” down at the emirates this year.

    I would very much like to see David Villa, but i know that is wide of the mark as with Vela coming back it rules that out.

    Nasri looks a good signing (if it comes off), just wondered if the balance between him and Cesc in the middle of the park would be a little off. Would like to see YaYa in alongside Cesc.

    Not sure Nasri would come to us to play off the bench… not at 14mil or whatever.

  36. BB

    now lets speculate here…………………..
    if Hleb went to Barca, what would we get for that wanker??
    a few quid or a player exchange??
    can you see why we are not signing a striker like Villa?
    is it the return of the promised man?
    maybe with Yaya or will it be another Barca player?
    any thoughts??????????????

  37. choy

    we have ade rvp nick walcott vela edu….

    that’s why we aren’t goin to see a striker….

    berbatov plays in the hole… he is the support striker…

  38. david

    I was going more down the road of all three players arn’t happy where they are.
    Berbatov has a far better first touch than Ade and he is already what i hope Bendtner will become (or better please).
    If he can look good in front of the shit Spurs midfield what could he do in front of Cesc?

  39. finestcuts

    Yesterdays joint favourites have notched up a bit and the odds have shortened, have we uncovered 2 of Arsenals new players, Nasri and Arfa before they are officially released? We will know within 14 days according to Arsene’s last words, he said it should all me done in 2-3 weeks. A week has passed so we should expect more news in the next 7-14 days.

  40. choy

    yes david… but I think nasri is being bought if only hleb leaves…

    hleb is going to barcelona… according to reports…

  41. Ja_Gunner

    I think if its at all possible we should both Nasri and BenArfa.They are 2 diff types of players.

    Since Arsene said that Vela will be a forward…. the only real competetion to Arfa on the left would be Rosicky( this is not even Rosicky’s natural position)

    Given Rosicky injury record I could see Ben Arfa getting 20+ games there.
    I dont think he can complain with that in his first season at bigger club.

    I hope we will also get Nasri, and I hope Hleb stays. The reason i say this is because I dont think adding 2 20 year olds will make the diff next year.
    We need stability and experience. Hleb must have learnt something and realised he must go and practice shooting and do it more in matches.

    Nasri should be used in place of Cesc for Carling cups etc. He could also be rotated with Hleb if he is having a substandard game.

    In this way he could also see 20+ appearances. Again he should not complain because it would be his first season in a bigger club.

  42. BB

    ja-gunner..Hleb has not been offered a new contract .. improved contract.. Cesc has.. so have Clichy, Sagna .. doesnt look good for our icecream clown

  43. david

    Choy I have seen the reports that Hleb is going to Barca and the only player I can see in a swap deal is Yaya and I’m not sure he is better than Kolo in the dm position.
    Does anyone know how well the Toure brothers get on and is that a good thing they would be in the same team (didn’t watch ANC)?
    Messi for Hleb + cash (?) would be nice..

  44. Ja_Gunner

    The only thing is if we both a fit Rosicky and Hleb, Theo will not be on the starting lineup. We already know he was getting fed up of being on the bench.

  45. finestcuts

    I reckon Wenger is gonna stick Eboue on next years CC team. The only way for Eboue to get exhonerated is for us to win the CC with Eboue on the team, hopefully scoring a few on the way of course.

  46. Goons_with_Guns

    Wenger deserves what he has sown. He didn’t sign Flam last summer and then let Diarrhea sign mid-year: idiot.

    Happy that Flam will only play in the UEFA Cup next year, however! LOL.

    Lorik Cana would be my choice over Appiah or Barry.

    Would Wenger break the bank to sign Kaka if Helato left? Nah.

    Nasri and B-A are o.k., but only Robinho is a sure goal-maker: only Ronaldo and Ribery are better.

    Why the f**k loan out Traore and Song on loan, idiot? We need coverage.

    Would like to see Thuram in the squad and back up for Richards (if Eriksson actually leaves).

    I’m sick of seeing Drogba or other big striker score on us.

    Most English players are rubbish and overvalued these days, excluding some of the youngsters Walcott, Lennon, Bale, Huddlestone.

    My 2 pence.

  47. Ja_Gunner

    Going back to an earlier topic again.

    We really need to win a Champions League for outsiders to consider us elite.

    We missed a glorious opportunity in the invincible season. We went out to Chelsea’s old squad.

    I am almost sure we would have beat Monaco and then beat Porto…even though Porto were playing brilliantly that year.

    What a missed opportunity.

    Also I almost seems unfair for Man U win the CL. It means Ronaldo in a short time would have won everything important as a United player.

    FA cup, League and CL…..he has only had 2 good seasons it seems so unfair…while many other players have had many glorious seasons and not have half as much to show.

  48. david

    Does anyone know how Barca can afford to pay better wages and higher transfer fee’s than Arsenal? They have no shirt sponsership, they charge less admission prices and as far as i am aware they don’t get as much from TV deals.
    How do they lure our top players?

  49. Ja_Gunner

    Hey we have to be careful with our approach to wining.

    Gerrard has said Liverpool must spend big. I mean spending big is no guarantee but if they continue it will payoff soon.

    I dont want a scenario where we overtake United only to be outdone by Liverpool.

    Gerrard has never won the league and he wants it badly, so he is telling the board to spend big.

    Could this mean that if they dont win by next year….he will leave?

  50. GMR

    I thought there might be some stronger speculation around this morning but alas it’s gone the other way.

    I’m hoping something happens this week, its great speculating but its even better when you see the players unveiled on!!

  51. gunnershabz

    i can see lillian thuram coming this summer, he is on a free and he is 35 years old i think……

    but if he buys another defender then i dont mind him coming, he is exprienced and gives us what we need.

    if hleb wants to go barca let him, they can do a swap with yaya toure and we can get both samir nasri and ben arfa

  52. mark

    Diarra may have looked average and played in a boring cup final but he at least has won some silverware this year more than we can say about our weak willed lot. So at this stage we have to say he made the right choice … maybe on Wednesday the likes of Gallas and the rest of the team may also well be looking enviously at Ashley Cole.

  53. Bradley

    Nasri looks like a giggs type player, would be an interesting AW signing, that’s for sure! and yet somehow I’m more excited about him than HBA.

    My hopes lie with Veloso and an unknown slayer of a centreback. Someone whose parents were killed in some wartorn zone by a football-playing soldier that looked a bit like Ronaldo, Rooney or Drogba (put together) and since then has been running up mountains with a horse on his shoulders, getting to the top and headbutting rocks