Villa swap deal mooted? New ‘Zidane’ on the move to Arsenal?

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Well lets start off with a lesson in life. Many people e-mail in to say that the thing they like the most about Le Grove is that they always walk away having learnt something.

Todays lesson?

You Booze you Lose.

If you get on the Super T (Tramp Juice) and you are a professional athlete, there is every chance you may not win too many titles. These sentiments have been echoed by brown paper bag legend, George Graham,

‘When I look back at my time managing Arsenal in the Eighties, I wonder how much more we could have achieved had my team not been boozing so much,’

I wouldn’t want to be presumptuous about the Grovers, but I sure can relate to that statement – education, career, relationships…! It’s definitely a better excuse than ‘We lacked experience’.

Next up in the news. Justin Hoyte, Arsenal legend in the making could be off in a £4.5million move to Villa this week. I am going to to a bit of simple math here. If Villa have 3 players we may want (Agbonlahor, Young, Barry), maybe a swap deal could be in the offing? Would that just be too logical for Arsenal? I don’t know… What I do know is Martin O’Neil would probably do anything to avoid selling to Liverpool.

Next up. Sammy Nasri has possibly played his last game for Marseille. He had this to say after scoring,

“It is very important because it is perhaps my last match at the Stade Velodrome.”

Could he be heading Arsenalwards? I hope so! Even if Hleb is staying we should sign him. Having quality in reserve is something we lack at the moment.

It has all gone quiet on the transfer front, the calm before the storm? Or the calm because it 27 degrees outside and there is no chance of a storm this summer! Please be the storm… please…!

A big well done to King Kanu for nicking a goal to win the most boring cup final since last years. I was on Arse watch and I can report that Diarra looked average against below average opposition as did Niko Krancjar.

Finally, for those of you who are still bitter about the Anelka saga of 10 years ago… read here for a laugh.

Have a great Sunday!

P.S. Thanks for the great response to the mailing list! Le Grove appreciates your support (if you haven’t subscribed, you know what to do…)!

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  1. gnarleygeorge9

    I think Hoyte’s performance in the Carling Cup Semi exposed some weaknesses in his game & from then on he has been on borrowed time.

  2. Adam

    It was strange watching Diarra fouling people left,right and centre, barging through three or four tackles and then giving the ball away. Perhaps he isn’t as good as he promised to be. You certainly would have thought that, against a team like Cardiff, he should have run the show. But, then again, Portsmouth were pretty crap all round i thought.

  3. Geoff

    Pedro I’m going through now! GMR I’m flying to New York then flying south to Pinehurst to play golf.

  4. choy

    morning people..

    read this…

    eto would rather join arsenal than the spuds.. uh… of course


    4.5 mill is good for hoyte…!!!

    nasri is a cesc type of player no?

  5. gnarleygeorge9

    Traore didn’t do much better that game either but his assist against Everton for Bendtner was enough for me that he has a future.

  6. dtxlondon

    Never was a big fan of hoyte to be honest…4.5mill is a hefty price tag too.

    Didn’t some blogger mention that Nasri’s medical would be today?

  7. Pedro

    Have a good one Geoff!

    Nasri having a medical today? That would be surprising!

    The shame of it is that if he come in, you’d think that Hleb would probably go? Especially if we really are interested in Arfa!

  8. GMR

    Geoff, have a good one!! Only two weeks until I’ll be out in the USA as well.

    I think something will happen this week with regards a signing, obviously the Spanish & Italian leagues finish tonight & the Franch season ended yesterday (just the French cup final to go now).

    Could be an exciting week, Hleb’s agent said everything should become clear within 10 days which would make it this coming Friday.

    Geoff’s going to miss all the fun!!

  9. Pedro

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a 3 player press conference on Friday! When was the last time we bought a player expensive enough to merit a press conference?

  10. Evo in OZ

    i only like Inter for Vieira (otherwise none), but im more interested in Fiorentina winning so AC Milan stay in 5th!

  11. gnarleygeorge9

    Yeah to be honest I’m not really that fussed. The whole Serie A pales into insignificance compared to the cut & thrust of the Premier League.

  12. GMR

    How strange the Italian league has worked out. Inter or Roma will win the title but they are playing the two teams who either go down or stay up. Parma need to beat Inter & hope Catania lose to Roma. You can’t get a more exciting finish than that!!

  13. jules

    morning all . have a good trip geoff , sounds nice !! Did anyone else think krancjar looked average and what concerned me most ( if we did get him that is ) not very quick !? nice to see kanu score and sol lifting the cup . good for them

  14. gnarleygeorge9


    Yes, that is true, but its all played in second gear. And these are the people who invented the Ferrari

  15. jules

    would much rather have ben arfa , much quicker , go back to the pace and power policy arsene , we used to get the ball from one end to the goal in ten seconds with 4 touches

  16. Pedro

    I don’t know what anyone else thinks, but for me as a youngster… Inter were a massive club. Now though, I really don’t see them as a big club? Their success is a by product of a scandal.. bar the last few years, they’ve had very little success. So my question is… why are they seen as a bigger club than Arsenal in World Football?

    Have Madrid won La Liga yet? Probably the worst thing a coach of Madrid can do!

  17. Evo in OZ

    Well i must admit, i think Inter arent as big as they used to be either Pedro. Although my old cheese took a European vacation 2 years ago and i asked her to get me an Inter-Vieira strip! Couldnt resist!

    Anyway, i posted this morning (late last night for you guys) that i though Krancjar was average as well. You cant base a performance on only 1 game, but if its against Cardiff (not wanting to be disparaging) and your pompey (not wanting to be disparaging) then he could have had a day out!

    Come on signings, hurry the f*ck up!

  18. gunnershabz


    samir nasri is not like cesc, he has better dribbling skills quick feet but maybe lightweight. people do say he is the new “zidane” but i dont think he is. he will come deep to collect the ball and hold it and run with it. good close control

    hatem ben arfa, is a left footed wizard, he can twist and turn defenders, he would be brillant for us on the left hand side.

    honestly if we had like £60m i will buy benzema, ben arfa and nasri.

    but in reality we will buy one, i wish we can get both nasri and ben arfa but one will be the one and i think if we do sell hleb we will get both

    but ben arfa is the one we really need at this time

  19. Big Raddy

    Spot on Pedro. I’ve never thought about that before, but it is true. AC and Juve are the Big Two despite Inter’s record (tainted though it is). I guess it is because of the fantastic Ruud Gullit/Van Basten team.

    Are they bigger than The Arse? No way.

    Would Inter be top 4 in the EPL….. I doubt it

  20. gunnershabz

    The mirror says we only got £25m but they come out with loads of players for what??

    2 st. ettiene players, mario gomez, raul abiol, lillian thuram, aquilani

    we cant get them all for £25m

  21. gunnershabz

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger isn’t interested in signing players with big reputations.
    “I think a huge player is better than a huge name,” Wenger told “You have huge names who produce very little at the moment.

    “There is plenty of demand from players who want to join us and what we need next year is two or three maybe.”

    i dont know if to cry or be happy

  22. Pedro

    Good stuff, I am glad other people agree!

    Now this may be a bit more controversial…

    What do people see in Ibrahimovic that I don’t?

    I’ve seen him at Arsenal about 4-5 times and I’ve never been impressed? I read Madrid wanted to break their transfer record for him!

    What am I missing?

  23. gnarleygeorge9

    There is a big potential market in Asia & yet Arsenal play pre season comps in Europe. With the way Arsenals product is of “Total Football” they should be taking it to a bigger market. I think you will find that as time passes, though, the Inters and Juves are being passed by those clubs which are willing to exploit the potentials out there.

  24. gunnershabz

    Real Madrid are ready to open talks with Villarreal for Uruguayan defender Martin Caceres.

    Marca says Real sports chief Pedja Mijatovic recently met with Caceres’ agent, Daniel Fonseca, where an agreement was struck over the youngster’s intention to move to Madrid in the summer.

    Caceres spent this season on-loan at Recreativo Huelva and is rated highly by coach Bernd Schuster. The stumbling block could be Villarreal’s Champions League qualification, with the Yellow Submarines needing a deeper squad to handle next season’s commitments

    am sure we were interested in this player before

  25. gnarleygeorge9

    Pedro, I think you are missing an “h” off the end of his name.or is that what they usually add when they move to Oz. Like Bosnic(h)

  26. gunnershabz

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is set to raid his homeland, France for three players to make up for the loss of Mathieu Flamini. Wenger has identified Lille midfielder Jean Makoun, St-Etienne right-back Mahamadou Dabo and Marseille’s Samir Nasri

    why do we need another right back for???

    is eboue really going to be pushed forward

  27. London

    All this talk of signings, as if Arsene is going to do the expected. I’ll be chuffed if I have heard of the country our next signing comes from, never mind his name.

  28. Big Raddy

    GG9. You have a point there. Asia is just full of MU fans, directly as a result of their promoting the team ther. There is an MU shop in Singapore FFS !

    Ibramovic seems like a typical luxury player. No trackingoback, always preening, but also a man with fantasy in his boots

  29. Pedro

    I reckon he is going to try and be clever with his signings…

    The problem is, how can you buy a creative unknown? They are all pretty well known these days!

    What about that Gouffran guy? He is a Wenger like signing, 25… failing at Milan… remember the last guy we bought from Milan who was in a similar situation?

  30. Pedro

    Raddy, I read somewhere we are going to promoted on milk cartons in Vietnam!

    We should get a tie in with China somehow… I’d imagine their interest will boom soon!

  31. BB

    gunnershabz .. I agree with you on Nasri versus Arfa
    Arfa is the one we need right now
    Nasri is incredibly technical, but more in a south american way
    if we were only to buy Nasri, I would think that we did the wrong kind of biz this time around
    I cant see Hleb staying especially with the improved contracts being offered to Cesc/Clichy/Sagna .. why not Hleb if we wanted to hold on to him?
    So maybe yes, we will get both .. lets see

  32. Arse&Nose

    I thought Diarra as by far the best player on the pitch, he has drive, determination and great compusure under pressure, he stood out as a top top player.

    Kranjcar looked very ordinary.

  33. david

    In America don’t they put missing persons on milk cartons, we could kill two birds with one stone and put Eboue on the side..

  34. Pedro

    Arse&nose, I thought the Cardiff forward looked the best player! I thought Kanu played well, which was nice to see.

    Diarra kept losing the ball and as much as it pains me… he is no where near the ability of Flamini.

  35. Big Raddy

    If all the rumours are true, we will see a huge movement of players this summer. The rise of the super wealthy Chairmen/Owner puts new demands on the market. I can see more that Hleb/Flam leaving. And more than 2 signings.

    If we want to remain at the very top, we need to sign the best players, not a Milan reject (OK Pedro – we got a good one last time !). I want us to sign players that get the selling clubs fans furious.

    Like Sol ….. oh happy days

  36. gnarleygeorge9

    I see spurs are deluding themselves again.
    This is an extract from Vital THFC News

    After the loss of the influential French central midfielder, Matthew Flamini – it appears that Arsenal may be forced to spend big on bringing in a replacement. Despite showing promise, it is unlikely Brazilian youth Denilson will be able to step into the role in the near future.

    So, where does this leave Arsenal?

    Inevitably, they will be forced to enter the transfer market and purchase a player of better, if not parallel standard. It is well documented that the club are in need of 2 or 3 experienced players in order to drag their potential-packed team up to the standards of Manchester United and Chelsea.

    With Arsenal calling The Emirate Stadium home, an attendance of 60,000 is expected week – in, week – out. The project itself came to a staggering £430 million cost, which was later reduced by £100 million due to the sponsorship deal. This has lead to club being placed firmly in debt; especially with current market conditions – it is unlikely that they will be able to clear it in the near future. With funds low, will Arsene Wenger be able to pluck another talent from the footballing outback?! Arsenal also has a rigid wage structure in place, which is thought to have been the main reason for Flaminis` departure. Combining their lack of funds, their inability to pay wages and their need for players – I am already predicting a fairly disastrous season for the Gunners in 2008/2009.

    4 miles away in the sunnier and more honest part of North London, we have Tottenham – a club with a very different story, but one likely to end happier.

  37. Pedro

    Agreed Raddy, Milan buy players just to stop other clubs buying them though. I like it when we transform a player and leave other fans reeling.

    I have to agree with you sentiments though… Lets go out and buy the best there is (Or we can afford).

  38. gnarleygeorge9

    …..anyway gentlemen, my work is finished for the day, hope that last bit of dribble will give you a good LOL, bye for now.

  39. david

    The honest part of North London where they get docked points for financial irregularities and have to beg to get them back and the honest way they treat there managers..

  40. Evo in OZ

    ok so i have a question…

    Wenger said 2-3 weeks for signings…has 1 week now passed so its only 1-2 weeks?

  41. GMR

    Good news, Clichy has failed to make the french squad for the Euro’s!! I know he’ll be disappointed but I’m delighted at that!!

  42. BB

    GMR .. was about to write the same thing.. so has Sagna.. look at the French central midfield .. average age must be 44..and Flam + Diarra.. hahaha they will win fukk all

  43. Big Raddy

    Can’t say I am disappointed. Our FB’s are so important to the team. What it shows is what a total dickhead Domanech is

  44. Stupid

    wenger needs to tie up the deal for nasri pronto…. he will be a star at the euros and will have real, barca et al on his case

  45. Stupid

    the dutch are a stonking bet @ 12/1

    totally overpiced, they are in that tought group with the french and italians i think

  46. mayank

    hi pedro/geoff


    Can you remember Drogba’s goal against us ? the first one ? yep! it was offside. Remember Ade’s goal against boro? Boeteng passed to Ade and he scored ? they said it was off but wasnt cos beoteng passed it. Even the penalty at old trafford is debatable. The rule says if you spread your hands to make yourself bigger. Gallas idnt spread him arm. When you see Rio’s penalty shout at Wigan and Scholes’ redcard shout, you know something is wrong in the league. it’s a disgrace.





  47. Rico

    Morning all

    dont want to be doom and gloom, but i watched Lyon last night, Benzema looked average, scored a good goal early on, but then made a few runs and no end product

    Fred looked pretty good – strong!

    Ben Arfa – came on with about 10-15 mins to go, again average.

    Hopefully both performances were ‘last game’ syndrome, and the early goals secured their seventh consecutive title.

    then i watched some of barca – Giovani dos Santos was awesome and scored a super hat -trick, if arsene is looking at youngsters, he is a must! TH was showing signs of his old self and grabbed a gola.

    Tonight I am going to take a peep as Ossssssasooona and watch Carlos Vela

  48. Evo in OZ

    Fred always looks good and strong, but his career is over in terms of us making a signing like him!

  49. Rohit

    Yet another video of cesc fabregas before the Cesc Fabregas Show: Nike Live aires!!

    The video is hilarious, cesc scared!!

  50. Pedro

    Nice one Rico… That is my point about Arfa and Benzema… do we know they will definitly be world beaters?

    Mayank, I think you are clutching at straws a bit!

    Draws against average teams has nothing to do with refs really. Going on your worst run EVER can’t all be blamed on the refs.

    Rico, Dos Santos has a buy out clause i think!

    I’m thinking about getting Sky with the broadband. Does anyone have any experience of Sky broadband before I make the plunge?

  51. GMR

    David- Domenech seems to think Evra & Abidal are better than Clichy. Evra runs Clichy close but Abidal is one of the worst left backs I’ve ever seen. Who cares though it means Clichy gets a good rest!!

  52. Evo in OZ

    Rohit – certainly loving the Cesc videos, im glad they’re keeping him occupied with plenty of cash incentives!

  53. david

    As long as he rests that pen on a new contact I will be happy.
    Anything in the Henry to America story? Thought he wanted to be nearer Tea.

  54. GMR

    Pedro, it depends where you live really. Sky’s broadband can be pretty s*** & to be honest you have limits on use. You have to keep the BT line rental going which is £10 I think on their cheapest rate.

    I looked into it before but in all honesty they didn’t work out that cheap & if you’ve been with BT a while you can get a better deal with them.

    I argued with BT & got everything thrown in such as the home hub & their mid range package for less than sky’s for 12 months. I have no limits on use either!!

  55. Rico

    pedro – not sure on sky broadband, have heard mixed reviews. Might be worth looking into bt/setanta as arsenal tv package i think is included for free, and all the CL qualifiers get shown on setanta, as do a lot of our pre season matches (well most last year)

  56. Pedro

    GMR, I am on be unlimited, 24mb download, 1.3 upload and its unlimited. My flat mate wants to do the sky package… the problem is that you always seem to get shafted by Sky and Ntl…

    Maybe I’ll leave the broadband.

    I really can’t see how anyone rates Evra or Adibal over Clichy… I don’t think those two are in Clichys league.

    Its a real shame that he has to compete with those two. Still, Clichy used to be a Le List candidate… maybe a summer off will do him some good!

  57. Rico

    Dos Santos – it seemed very obvious last night that he has a ‘dad’ relationship with Frank R, the comentators reflected this also, poss a bit like cesc and arsene. now FR finished, he may bot have a desire to stay in spain and his folks may believe arsene would look after him and nurture his talent. he looked so happy to play, so happy to have the ball and when he used his foot like a sand wedge for his second, i thought he was going to have a tear. he really needs to come to us, and the best will be seen by us all

  58. GMR

    I agree, I think Evra is good but Abidal is woeful. As I say I don’t care, the less players we have going to the Euro’s the better, firstly for fitness reasons but secondly because they won’t be getting tapped up!!

    Someone said Sagna isn’t going either which is fantastic news.

  59. GMR

    Pedro, honestly that sky package does not work out cheap when you actually look into it. It looks great when they advertise it but they don’t include the BT line rental you have to keep paying. I wouldn’t touch it.

  60. stevie

    Duno bout us getting £4.5M for Hoyte but if we did that would be great business & the best move for Hoyte to take for his future.

    I duno though us being constantly linked with Nasra, Ben Arfa etc is not convincing me cos Wenger has been saying that we need big players & not big names. So you tend to think we wont be getting players of this current stature. I guess we will have to wait & see. Hopefully we can see these signings before I go on hols in two weeks. Come on!!!

  61. GMR

    Domenech really is an idiot. Sagna was voted the best right back in France & this season was voted onto the official team of the season in the premier league, yet he’s not good enough for France!! I doubt France will even get close to winning this tournament.

  62. Pedro

    Are you kidding me? Sagna didn’t make the squad either?

    The manager has lost the plot!

    I am officially not supporting France at all… they are my Germany this year!

    I respect Hoyte, he never complains and he gives it his all. A true pro. I think he could be a solid right back, not at the highest level though and if we can use him as a make weight… excellent!

    Cheers for the advice GMR.

  63. Pedro

    Pedro Bothelo is coming back… Traore is going out on loan to Pompey!

    That would be a good signing for them… I hope they play him out wide!

    Wow, I am talking to myself?


  64. terry

    thanks Pedro picked it up here a couple of weeks ago the Richard Dunne rumor is still doing the rounds he could be a good addition to the squad right age for a c b

  65. BB

    Sagna’s injury might well be the reason why he hasnt been selected
    Domenech doesnt like changing teams .. so it will be Abidal/Malouda on the left for them .. both are crap..Lyon didnt miss them this season even though that guy Grosso they bought from Milan is a complete waste as a left back
    I was watching Lyon celebrations last night on Setanta
    couldnt help but feeling that Arfa looked a bit out of touch with his team mates
    at one point he was looking around for somebody to celebrate with him..
    he is clearly not going to stay..

  66. Pedro

    I thought he was only out for 3 weeks?

    Who is right back for france? Sagnol? He is old…

    Here is a joke for you?

    What is the best way to get a transfer to Tottenham?

    Get your player linked with Arsenal first…

    Not really a joke, more of a fact.

    They want Arfa, Eto’o, Dunne… they’ve signed Modric!

    What a joke that club is…

  67. Agent 86

    We can forget about Nasri, Barry and co.

    Wenger’s gonna muck around with some footballers from St. Etienne, or so it seems.

    Believe it or not?

    The ego has landed.

  68. BB

    let Spurs break the bank for Eto’o
    he looks far from his best for the moment
    thats what Wenger means when he goes on about big players and big reputations
    look at the money that man is paid at Barca.. 128K net per month
    thats 6MM after tax..fukk it..thats 10MM before tax in the UK
    so you pay 25MM quid transfer money and add to this over lets say 5 years 50MM in wages –> 75MM total
    hope we dont do that sort of biz honestly
    I still think that somebody soemhow stinks about all the French players we are being linked with
    I fear the worst .. we might end up buying fukk all again

  69. Latest Arsenal News

    The English tabloid this morning claimed that Martin O’Neill is on the verge of finalising a deal that would bring Justin Hoyte from the Emirates to Villa Park for a fee in the region of 4.5 million pounds.

    O’Neill tried to sign the 23 year old full-back last summer but could not reach an agreement with Arsené Wenger over the player’s valuation. Hoyte would be seen as a replacement for the Juventus-bound Olof Mellberg.

    Meanwhile, it is thought that agreement has already been reached between Aston Villa and Chelsea to bring Steve Sidwell to the Birmingham club.

    Sidwell made only one appearance in the league for Avram Grant’s side since January, and is seen as surplus to requirements in a midfield that is stocked with Frank Lampard, Michael Essien, Michael Ballack, Mikel John Obi and Claude Makekele.

    A fee in the region of 7 million pounds is thought to be the price of taking the ex-Reading man away from Stamford Bridge. Whether Sidwell will be acquired as a potential replacement for Liverpool target Gareth Barry remains to be seen.


  70. Bradley

    If Arsenal’s gonna get acquired by the Yank, Stan Kroenke, as might be indicated by Peter Hill-Wood’s recent slip of the tongue (“Before I met Stan Kroenke, I didn’t think he was the right person to TAKE CONTROL OF Arsenal Football Club.”), that might make transfers tricky – AW may be rushing to get them through, signed and stocked before the takeover happens and Kroenke starts tweaking the budget (might be for the better, who knows… better we present him with a ‘fait accompli’, just in case).

    Another reason for hurrying the signing would be Euro 2008 – players we’re interested in might be hard to sign (negotiations, medicals) right in the middle of a major tournament, and might rocket in value afterward if they do well

  71. Odub

    Afternoon all.

    So Eto’o wants to come to arsenal? Take a number mate, no 221 according to AW!!

    Saw Benzema’s goal last night, apart from that nothing else.

    Also thought Kranjkcar looked average and Diarra’s head looked bigger than usual and he didnt look any better than anyone else on the pitch!! Good to see the 40 year old Kanu get the winner. Lauren didnt look too chuffed at not making the squad though did he?!!

    So by my calculations the new signings should start coming through by the end of this week no?

  72. Latest Arsenal News

    heard this crap from Fla-Money…..

    “Some people say I left for money but I could have joined an English club who offered me much more than Arsenal,” he said. “But I decided against it out of my respect and bond with the club.”

  73. Pedro

    Bradley, I think the Arsenal board see him as the best of a bad bunch. Will the weak dollar not affect his spending power? The same way it has Gillet and Hicks?

  74. finestcuts

    I see people are preparing their bets for Euro 2008. If you are preparing to punt on who will win, you need to think of a banker bet to get your money back.

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    The Group of Death contains Italy, France, the Netherlands and Romania.
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    C Very likely to happen, and if you win, you gain more than you would have lost if option B happened. Option A is very unlikely to happen and the bookie fully deserves the money if it does.

    Best triple for the group stages?

    Spain to beat Greece
    Italy to beat Romainia
    Netherlands to beat Romaina.

    1 unit on the triple, 1 on Romania rock bottom and 1 on Spain to Qualify will be my bets, hopefully I can just cash in and after that, may the best team win, no more bets 🙂

  75. GMR

    Pedro Bothelo isn’t coming back this summer. They have ripped that story from young guns but got their facts wrong. He is in the same position as Vela was in, Arsenal sent him to Salamanca in order for him to gain a spanish passport, he’ll be back next summer.

    Now after the good news about Sagna, Clichy & Diaby being left out the French euro squad, we are hit with the bad news that Denilson & Gilberto have been included in the provisional Brazilian squad for the Olympics, which means should both be selected they’ll miss the start of the season!! Two players who may well have covered for Flamini, not a good start!!

  76. Big Raddy

    Wow Finest, that must have taken some working out. Are you by any chance a mathematical genius?

  77. david

    May be a good thing GMR may make Arsene get his arse in gear and buy Barry or someone if he learned anything from the ANC in January.

  78. GMR

    Would that be the same Romania that beat & drew with Holland in the qualifiers & topped their group??

  79. Big Raddy

    This International stuff is becoming farcical. No-one really cares about these competitions, and the friendlies are a waste of time. Plus there should be a rule that states that if a player is injured whilst playing for his country, the National FA should pay his wages and rehab, not the club.

    RvP’s injury playing for Holland may well have cost us the EPL. Add in Kolo & Song coming back fucked from the ANC.

    It is a shitshow

  80. finestcuts

    Lol it’s obvious isn’t it Raddy, that bet is almost a definite to come through eh?
    The triple is the most risky, Romania or Greece could pull a draw, but Spain have got to qualify, and 45% is a neat return for an almost dead cert (Spain to qualify, Romania to finish rock bottom). It is a bet still so we have to count on Spain being as good as they’re tipped to be, and Italy. the Netherlands and France to also outclass Romania. I don’t think they’ll let us down, but the bookie deserves it if it gets funky, it’s odds on for the punter.
    Bet or not to bet?

  81. BB

    so Gilberto is doing the same thing than last season .. well for me thats it .. sell him
    we dont need him 6 weeks after the season started .. he will be tired and the rest
    better cash in now on him and buy a rested player for the start of the season .. preferably not ANC bound
    fukk that shit

  82. BB

    finest .. Holland struggled a lot with Romania in the qualifiers and the French dont look that great .. remember 4 years ago..

  83. finestcuts

    Yup the triple is risky BB, any opposition to Spain qualifying or Romania finishing the group rock bottom?

  84. GMR

    BB, I agree with you, Gilberto shows little to no respect towards the club at times. I understand these players are honoured to play for their country, but Kaka & Ronaldinho to name but two both asked to be left out last summer from that tournament whereas Gilberto didn’t & now we have the same situation again. Fair play if it was a world cup but it isn’t, he lost his place last season through his own fault & if he goes to the Olympics over Arsenal this summer he should be left out the team for his remaining year!!

  85. finestcuts

    OK an even nicer easy double, Portugal to beat Switzerland and Spain to best Romania and maybe to make it a triple go for the world cup champions to beat Romania, so sub Netherlands with Portugal v Switzerland, that has a good chance of making it don’t you think?

  86. david

    Gilberto is the captain still I beleive so he wouldn’t be showing a good example if he didn’t want to play for his country.
    Buy English while Lampard and Rooney plays we will never qualify for a major tounament (trouble is there not many players worth having).

  87. finestcuts

    GMR, he is going there as captain, but we’ve known that for a long time. If he wins the Olympics he’ll be ready to get straight back on the team, we need 2 top quality players to rotate with for that position, we got too dependent on Flamini, and when needed, Flamini couldn’t help with the goals wheres Gilberto and Diaby will. IMO rotating between Gilberto and Diaby would be a good plan, put Diaby in for games where we know the team has weaknesses in defence and a weak attack, Gilberto when we need to get more defensive.
    I hope Gilberto wins the Olympics and jumps in with Gold medal Olympic form for us.

  88. BB

    Romania might pull out a surprise .. they will be solid and technical
    I believe that the quality will be poor as no teams will take any risks
    look at the French midfield .. there is NOT one creative player in that area..Diarra/Flam/Vieira/Makelele etc..
    I am very comfortable with Spain qualifying without any doubt, but I am not sure about Romania finishing bottom .. I would like to see better odds

  89. GMR

    Finestcuts, if a replacement comes in for Gilberto & does well Gilberto won’t get his place back, that is his fault. As I said I understand why he wants to play for Brazil but Arsenal should come first. Next summer you’ll have the confederations cup & then the year after the world cup meaning Gilberto would probably play for 4 consecutive summers without a rest!!

    It won’t be our problem then as I doubt Wenger will extend his contract but players need to balance things out & ignoring your club continually for the sake of your country is not good form. If he refused to play last summer so he could play this then that would be fair but he doesn’t do that!!

  90. GMR

    Spain struggle against defensive teams, I haven’t looked at the groups but if they have Greece & Switzerland then they’ll have a problem winning those games, they won’t lose but I’d tend to lay Greece or Switzerland rather than back Spain!!

  91. finestcuts

    Ok, you’re sticking with the rock solid favourite. I think Romania will finish rock bottom, I know they might get a draw or 2 but I seriously can’t see them getting beyond 3 points, and the odds of them getting four points far outweigh the probability of the odds on offer, it’s less than a 10/1 chance, and the only way that would happen is if one of the others failed to win a game AND Romania got 3 points OR for Romania to get 2 draws AND the team below them to have 1 point or less.

    1.67 is a very good price for such an eventuality NOT to occur.

  92. david

    Gilberto was given a holiday last year after he finished with brazil also he missed all the friendlies and he wasn’t over used last year, in fact the more games he got the more the old Gilberto started to show through.

  93. david

    Hope Flamini scores from the halfway line in next years UEFA cup final against Spurs. What are the chances of that happening?

  94. aakash gooner from india

    i heard some people talk about arsenal not going into asia but in india there is a programe going on done by arsenal fc where kids from india will go and train with afc coaches and a few selected will train with cesc etc and will be taken to emirates ,it is hugley publicised because arsenal are a big club here arsenal and manu he big ones very less chelsea or liverpool

  95. davoody

    I think the Flamster has to be regretting that move doesn’t he? No champions league football would be a massive blow.

    Still….. Halpol Tel Aviv, Man City & The Slug & Lettuce should provide him with enough competition next year. ….

    Mahhh haaww hhaaww

  96. finestcuts

    Btw, no thanks to any Milan players who have sat on the bench, or any of their players. Diego would be a good signing but the French lot with Ben Arfa are the front runners.
    Btw , good luck to Hoyte, that 4.5 mill off Villa would be a great help to our transfer kitty.
    I get the feeling Barry could stay, and that he O’Neill could have Sidwell and Barry in the middle, that would be interesting.

  97. davoody

    Milan 1 v Udinese 1..

    Pato Scored… I like Pato, but im disapointed in him for scoring that one….lol…

    Fiorentina still 0-0….

  98. davoody

    it would be Fiorentina, but unfortunatly Milan just scored a 2nd… 🙁

    It’s all on Fiorentina getting a winner at torino now i’m afraid.

    Oh how the Flamster will be SMUG if it stays this way….

  99. davoody

    2 goals from Ibrahimovic has given Inter the Title.. He came off the bench and bagged that brace… Inter were struggerling up to his introduction. That will get Madrid sniffing alot more for his services…. and add another 5mil to his price tag.

    Milan won 4-1, but who cares…… as Fiorentina did the business at Torino and that leaves the Flamster playing The Slug & Lettuce next year in the uefa cup.

    That has made my weekend, sad i know, but i was desperate for the Flamster to miss out on CL football next year.


  100. Kiwivillan

    I hope this Hoyte rumour is just that, anytime I have seen him I’ve thought him to be decidely average. As far as a swap for the 3 mentioned (Gabby, Young, Barry) You are having a giraffe. If MON were to do as you suggest he’d be taken away by men in white coats.

    P.S. Hope you do better next year, always had a soft spot for Arsenal.

  101. Pedro

    Haha Kiwi, we hope it is true.

    You are losing Barry regardless… MON wants hoyte… so a swap deal with a bit of cash makes everyone a winner (In the sense you get someone you want as appose to Rafa’s crappy deal)!

  102. GMR

    I wonder if Huntelaar will have changed his mind about staying with Ajax after they lost out in the cl qualifier today??

  103. Rico

    any chance flamoney may change his mind, has he actually signed….. would be funny if he tried to and the boss told him to stick it!!!! i know i am dreaming…

    well done for pv and inter….

    come on guys, now its all but over, lets not type that MT’s name again, he has gone and for me forgotten, dont ever forget it was one season.

    hleb for me is the same, and if he goes, so be it, i wont shed a tear.

    as i have said all along, the boss knows what is happening and i anticipate he has everything in hand…. we know what he has done in the past, but at least this year he has said he will buy 2-4 players, so it is a little different. like most, i believe we will get some news this week as all the leagues have finished – i know in relation to ben arfa and benzema, they still have a cup match so if they are meant to be coming our way, we wont know until after next weekend..

    i have said all along, these are who i think will come to us, and i still believe this is true

    Toure, Villa, Makoun and Benny or benzema

    Maybe, just maybe Dos Santos will be the dark horse

    Oh and a CH – Kompany is looking favourite – SIGH!!

  104. Big Raddy

    Money is all in football. If Barca/MU/Chavs/ Inter etc come calling, he will be off. Because Ajax will sell for the right sum..

    Lovely idea of a Hoyte/Barry straight swap.

    So pleased for AC. To be overtaken by Fiorentina is just piss poor for the current CL champs.