Does Arsene want Tom Huddlestone? Sammy on for £14million!

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Good morning Grovers!

Just a quick news round up for you!

Carlos Vela is coming home! Arsene Wenger reckons he is an ‘Eduardo’ type player and that is where he sees him next year. So, no Villa, no Benzema and no Huntelaar… sorry to ruin you day!

This next Wenger quote could really knark you,

‘I think a huge player is better than a huge name,’

‘You have huge names who produce very little at the moment.’

I just can’t believe Wenger would sign Tom Huddlestone, the hugest player I could think of with Prem experience? Ok, he scored a good penalty for the under 21’s but he will always be a fat Spud to me…

Just kidding of course.

Arsene, we don’t want a big name signing for the sake of it… We do however want players who can produce immediately. Give us Arfa, give us Barry or give us another 3 Sagna’s… good players of a suitable age, doing it now. That is all we ask.

Talking of ‘now’ players, how many of you would be pleased with Samir Nasri? If you haven’t already, I strongly recommend you watch his you tube video… the guy is pure magic. His coach had this to say,

‘If there is a big offer for Samir, then of course he will leave.’

He 21 years old, skilful and he has an eye for goal – a very Wenger like signing, so let’s wait and see!

Ok, that is your lot!

We normally get the nut bags on at the weekends, this definitely has nothing to do with the fact school children gain access to the internet at weekends, so just a quick warning…

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If you are a first time poster, bear with me today, I will be in and out all day so it may take a while for your comment to get on!

Have a brilliant Saturday Grovers!

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  1. davoody

    No Villa 🙁

    was rather praying we would……. oh well….

    The press conf didn’t emerge yesterday either….. (Bored gooners making up wishful thinking… )

  2. Pedro

    I’d be pretty chuffed with Diego… Have you seen him play? He is electric! He scored a load of goals for Werder and I believe he is on the radar of Madrid!

    I would imagine he’d cost about £25mill though, Brazilians seem to come with the same premium as English players!

  3. davoody

    More chance of his namesake i think…lol

    Nasri is a great player, but i couldn’t see Wenger buying both him and ben arfa…

    If i had the choice….. Nasri i feel.

  4. Pedro

    Someone said that Arfa and Diaby came to blows or something?

    The Flamini thing makes no sense to me? Why not give him a 2 year deal… then if you wan t rid… flog him? Surely that is better business sense?

    Wenger really couldn’t have believed in him!

    Nasri is a bit miniature though… and very Hleb like!

  5. dtxlondon

    Wheres the youtube vid?

    I hate those Wenger quotes…i wouldn’t be suprised if Carlos Vela was his “reassurance to the fans”….he probably considers him to be 1 of the 2/3 players he’s promised to bring in.

    A toss up between Ben Arfa and Nasri??? Well, i haven’t seen much of either, but judging from the youtube vids…i have to go for Arfa (he looks more speedy and direct).

    What you reckon?

  6. GMR

    You scared me with that headline.

    We seem to be linked with everyone at the moment, its just the media making up stories I don’t believe there’s any truth in it at all. Since yesterday morning we have been linked with Veloso, Nasri, Diego & Thuram.

    Nobody knows for sure, but I reckon Wenger has already lined up the deals he wants & the player/players will arrive when the european leagues end or when they have completed cup finals. We will all know for sure in the next two weeks because if nothing happens by that time then either Wenger was lying or he missed the players he wanted. Once the Euro’s start you won’t sign any players that are taking part until the tournament finishes & even then the players generally like to go away on holiday before they decide.

  7. davoody

    Im not that excited over ben arfa…. or maybe ive got Reyes-Syndrome and am just a little bit more ignoring the hype.

    Silly season, is great in someways, as it gets evryone thinking and talking about thier dream teams, i know that every year i sit here waiting for my dream signing only for them to go elsewhere and leave me distraught.

    Last years dream signing went to liverrpool, and i have had the biggest told you so hat on all season with the guys i go to the games with. Torres would have been awsome.

    This years dream signing….. David Villa….. but wenger has much as killed that one off with his Vela comments.

  8. James Bartram

    why can’t we clone people yet! we don’t need more sheep!!!! =(

    i’d love it if we grabbed nasri as well as ben afra (who’s signing i think is already done, just some clause in his signing stating that nothing can be made public until after the french league cup has taken place) that would make 4 players who’ve already played together, 2 of which are already entrenched in the 1st team (being clichy and sanga), meaning that ben afra and nasri would feel right at home immediately, and be able to produce results from the get-go.

    this is killing me though, enough speculation and “______ is unhappy at _______, and would love to move to the EPL”.

    grrrr….. gimme results arsene! =D

  9. James Bartram

    also, just watched that samir nasri video, impressed by him keeping his feet and not appealing for a penalty on a couple of those occasions. maybe that only happenins in england, australia, spain and italy though… haha, ronaldo would’ve appealed for both of those.

  10. GMR

    To be fair Wenger did say it would be 2-3 weeks for the first signing, not for all of them & its us lot thats being impatient (probably because we know all the other clubs are doing deals at the moment).

    Its going to be a long, long, long summer & I still think despite Arsene’s denials that other players will leave. Hleb almost definately & then a few other squad players like Hoyte & maybe Gilberto.

  11. Stupid

    Read the Flamini interview in the scum online


    btw he says ” Midfield ace Flamini also revealed he snubbed a huge offer from a top ENGLISH club because of his love for Arsenal.

    He added: “Some people say I left for money but I could have joined an English club who offered me much more than Arsenal.

    “But I decided against it out of my respect and bond with the club.”


  12. col

    wat do people think of the aaron ramsey stories? all the papers say were very interested in him, tho its man u who have the upper hand. Arseblogger says it 2. will we better 10million(depending on appearences)? seems unlikely.

    seems unlikely i know we did it for theo

  13. Pedro

    Where would he have fitted in at Manure? I would have thought it was the Chavs… replace the mak!

    I’d take Berbatov… he is class.

  14. Big Raddy

    Shows how much class they have. But also that they saw the potential in Flam before we did. Otherwise AW would have made sure he signed the contract.

  15. Stupid

    I’m sure once Flamini is out in Italy and forgotten about his loyalty blah blah to arsenal he will openly admit he fucked us over by holding talks with our biggest rivals whilst we were 5 points clear in the title race.

    the fucking arsehole.

  16. Stupid

    it was xmas time he held the talks, could not be newcastle because they were in the process of firing fat sam.

  17. Geoff

    Sign Nasri, Ben Arfa, Diago, Barry as well a big center back and we’ll win everything with a squad that’s big enough.

    Flamini hasn’t even played a game for Milan and he’s already talking about us!

  18. davoody

    Flamini told The Sun: “I honestly don’t know what will happen with Cesc or Alex.

    “My team-mates knew I had a decision to make and respected it. They know one day they may have to make a decision themselves.”

    GGGrrrrrrr …… just makes my blood boil.

  19. Big Raddy

    I wonder if Barazite/Merida etc were at Cardiff, if they would have the same impact.i It is a problem of being a kid at a top 4 club.

    Ramsey MAY be the dogs, but he has little competition.

  20. Pedro

    Well, J Simpson who has been at a rubbish League one side was voted the divisions player of the season. He isn’t even a highly regarded prospect at Arsenal!

    It shows the gulf. Ramsey may have been good in the cup, but Cardiff were shocking in the league this year right?

    Barazite is the youngster who excites me the most. I hope he gets a go.

  21. Big Raddy

    Agreed, Barazite looked really exciting until he smashed his shoulder. I think he can step up.

    However, we need to sell off some of the kids who may become good EPL players but not good enough for our first team. Unless we do this, AW will select them !!

  22. choy

    barazite is off to ajax on loan it seems…

    morning all…. saturday.. don’t you just love the day!!!!

  23. chris

    Mathieu Flamini has revealed he would still be at Arsenal if they had offered him a new contract last summer

    eh obviously as you would be under contract for 4 years, what a stupid statment,
    so u left because a bigger team came a long and we werent big/good enough, right, so that is being more respectful, at least if the reason was more money we could understanfd as we all need more than what we have got,
    am i being too sensitive because he is basicaly being a cunt as far as i can see,

  24. Geoff

    Barazite, he’s almost English, out on loan, then sold.

    We only keep the Songs of this world, anyone exciting or remotely (Simpson) English are sold.

  25. Big Raddy

    It shows his ignorance.

    Flam could have said :

    He wants to try living in Italy.
    He has always supported AC
    He loved playing for AFC and it was a huge wrench to leave
    He loved the fans at THOF
    AW gave him a chance and he will always respect him


    It doesn’t take much to be respectful, even if you don’t believe it. Why a gobshite like him needs to be bitter I have no idea. It is just fucking ignorant and disrepectful to the thousands of fans that PAID HIS WAGES. The man has shown himself to be a Cunt of the First Order

  26. Franky

    Huddlestone? hes impressed lately and the last spud that came to Arsenal was fantastic! and Nasri…. that boys the next Zidane they said and after seeing a video of his i think i can agree!

  27. Stupid

    i we bought the trio of benzema, nasri and ben arthur …….. OH MY!!

    i think i would wet myself.

    but my pants and sofa a safe.

  28. goonerkitt

    I have no problem with Barazite going off to the Dutch finishing school for a season. Can you imagine what he will learn being coached by Van Basten and DB10. We should send Wilshire and Merida there for a season as well. I think we will sign 3 players this summer and all three will be Sagna types, you know the type ‘who the hell is this unknown player…Wow he’s the dogs conkers!’ He does seem to be able to pull a rabbit out of the hat every season. Cannot wait for August….Bring it on!

  29. AFC53

    I read we have ruled out villa ….. why oh why when Adebayor says he would love to go to Barca two words f*ck off.

    Where is there any loyalty to us now, the likes of Bergkamp,Adams,Seaman,Wright there must have been big money offered for these 4 in there prime but what did they do stayed because they loved the Arsenal

  30. Stupid

    not sure about villa in the premiership, torres was the one to buy, villa is lightweight. very good player but another reyes for my money.

    benzema benzema benzema

  31. davoody

    @AFC53 – They were all english ( aside from DB10, who may as well of been).

    DB10, they broke the mould when they made him. Loyalty Personified.

  32. goonerkitt

    Chances are if we sell Hleb we will replace from within. Rosicknote, Eduardo, Lord Percy and Vela/Walcott can all play left or right wing. I would love to see Nasri, Nen Arfa, Robhino and Sahin playing at the new home of football but just cannot see Wenger splashing the cash. He can be tighter than two coats of paint at times…And it’s not even his money!

  33. patthegooner

    I think this is becoming very reminiscent of last summer

    Remember the early words of Super Super players, this year it was 2-3 players of real quality. I know Big Names are not always great quality but the percentages of those that are far outweigh the percentages of finding hidden gems.

    I dont mind as much if any signings turn out to be Sagna’s but I think we need players that can hit the ground running (Luckilly Sagna did). Next Season is very important and if we are hanging around for players to settle (Like Eduardo to some extent) it leaves gaping holes in our squad depth especially with Flamini gone, Rosicky and RVP injury prone, Eduardo out and this continued stubborness of playing Eboue on the wing.

    I mean what do we have to do with Eboue, I dont condone booing your own players but what can we do, Wenger just wont budge, are 31 average to crap performances not enough to prove the point. I dont buy this defensive balance rubbish, he is getting himself in great positions but lacks any finishing or killer pass ability.

    Please dont let Vela be the re-assurance because I dont think we will see that much of him next season.

    Rant over

  34. arsenal paul

    Flamini was great for the club ALWAYS gave 100%, played wherever he was told without complaint, never moaned to the press. We could do with more like him. As already stated it is our mistake not to have signed him up last summer. He was well within his rights to move on for whatever his reasons. I will miss him a real proffessional I wish you well.

  35. big gooner john

    The signing talk is good. Consider gael Clichey as “The new Petite” . With Traore to fill his shoes at left back. Perhaps the fastest clean tackling defencive midfielder since Emanuel Petite. Then with Ben Arfa on the left wing anything is possible. Van Persie would be a mirror image of Robert Pirez on the left wing with a cpability to play in Sagna down the wing cut inside to shoot, or put Theo, Cesc, or Ade in on goal. Thuram will fill in adequately at Centre back alongside either Kolo or Gallas until Nordfelt (O’Leary mark 2 ) comes through. Wiltshire (Cesc mark 2) and big Thomas (Kanu-Viera hybrid) even as 17 year olds will soon be too good for the reserves and will wanna play in the premiership. We only need to tweak what we got to win titles – lots of them, thats why Cesc is happy here

  36. Pedro

    Dtxlondon, it takes a day mate…. come on tomorrow and it will be sorted!

    Are you aware there is another post up?

    Post in there, that is why the chat has gone quiet!

  37. Romford Pele

    is that youtube clip really shwo the best bits of nasri’s career? If so he’s as overrated as Zlatan. Just what we need, someone who over-plays and can’t score. Brilliant. £14m? fck off. Just give us Yaya!