Who is taking over – The three musketeers or the three stooges?

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I saw something horrific this morning, truly sad and I want you to take a minute to think about this.

Today, driving up the M1 a tragic accident occurred.

A truck overturned on the motorway shedding its load of about 20,000 beer cans, the driver was ok, but sadly… a majority of the beer cans perished at the scene of the motorway.

Think about that today. It really puts life into perspective.

Moving swiftly on.

According to rumour, Wenger will not be signing a Flamini replacement.

By my reckoning he has 3 choices.


Performed wonders at the ACN. He has improved hugely over the last season and despite being played at CB, he could be in-line for a promotion a little further up the pitch. Can he make the step up? Is he too lazy? Is he too prone to pulling a ‘Senderos’? Is he just not good enough?


Undoubtedly the most talented of the three. He can be Vieiraesque one minute, weaving his way around players and scoring screamers… but then he can remind us of why he spends most of his time on the bench with a misplaced two yard pass. He is also up there with the best on Le List.


What is he! Is he Cesc Mark II or is he Gilberto with bells and whistles? The Brazil under 19 captain certainly lacks the bulk to play the holding role, but will the summer see a transformation? Can he make his mark on the team… can he define his role for the team? He certainly showed promise in his first season, however last year due to injury and lack playing time he tailed off a bit… I call it ‘secondseasonitis’.

Can any of these young pretenders stamp their authority on the first team next year? Can they push Arsenal on the extra 8 points he wants (Arsene did say 91 right?).

Only time will tell. I’d like to hear your opinion in the comments section!

Finally, if you were expecting Le Champ of the season today, I apologise… it will be here tomorrow. A good Friday finisher!

Also, spare a thought to the thousands of families who lost an 8 pack in todays tragic accident…

See you in the comments…

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  1. GMR

    Actually scrap that, they are the majority holders!! My mistake I thought they just sponsored them like Abramovich does with CSKA!!

  2. Ja_Gunner

    I dont think we will sign Zarate. Remember its middle eastern club that owns him.

    They claimed to have paid 10mil so they will want at least that. I dont think Wenger will pay so much for such a young player.

    Arshavin really sounds good.
    215 appearances for his club with about 50 goals.
    33 appearances for Russia with 10 goals.

    He seems like the goal scoring winger that the fans are craving. Pires replacement if you will.

    I think if we push for him we will get him he is 26, just won the UEFA cup and Russian league he has only played for one club all his life.

    Certainly he wants a new challenge and bigger trophies with a bigger team.
    The only problem I have is if we sign him……….. where will Theo play?

  3. GMR

    Pedro, Gazprom sponsor Schalke 04 to the tune of 20 million GBP a year. So in 5 years a medium sized German team earn more than we do for naming rights & shirt sponsorship in 15 & 8 years respectively.

    Shows what a s*** deal we done.

  4. Paulie

    I think Denilson is a good replacement. He never gets a run in the side so we cant see what he can do on a regular basis, its obvious hes got the winning mentality that some of our other so called superstars are lacking so he deserves a chance. We still need at least 3 or 4 new experienced sighnings so get the fucking chequebook out Wenger and spend some of OUR money on the team for a change. I also dont mind if Hleb leaves because hes one of the reasons we pass the ball way too much around the box, no ill rephrase that, Hes the main reason we pass the ball too much instead of shooting and lets not forget that before this season most of us thought he was fucking shit anyway. Let the disloyal cunt leave if he wants but Wenger must replace him with experience and not some kid we never heard of. Let me end by saying that the other judas cunt Flamini was no great shakes before this season either so I think the milan fans are in for a rude awakening when they see this mercenery play a few games. Thats the end of my rant for today, keep up the good work Pedro and Geoff.

  5. finestcuts

    Yeah it’s not really lively with the signings, although I’m anxious like all to know how our team will look like I’m confident of us winning a trophy next season, I expect Arsene will deliver some top quality.

    Anyone out there got any Arsenal cup final day match stories they fancy sharing to get us up for it? Were you there? What was your experience of the occasion?

    If we get to a cup final how many of you from here are going to go and support as live at the match?


    I’ve posted this before, since we haven’t signed anyone yet it’ll have to do for now. Great soundtrack, it fits the action perfectly, good editing. I hope to make a similarly compilation at the end of the 08/09 season.

  6. Trinidad_Gunner

    Lets sell Hleb, get:

    Ben Arfa
    Yaya Toure

    Bonus … one out of:
    Villa, Huntelaar, Benzema, or even Zarate

  7. finestcuts

    Arshavin is suited to total football and a cup winner, he could definitely play for us, but he won’t be cheap, cup winners are prize stallions. Will Wenger splash the dosh on a throughbred total football playing player. That’s the only type of player we can have in our team, someone who can play more than one position, and he plays 3, and scores goals, I mean fuck off Hleb, this guy is much better.

  8. Paulie

    Trinidad gunner, thats an excellent affordable list that should be acted upon with the perfect players for us, however we all know Arsene Wenger at this stage, the mans a proven liar and bullshitter so dont be suprised if we sighn none of those players.

  9. finestcuts

    Trindad, the obvious answer is Huntelaar, but once again, he will only go to a club who signs him as their number 1 striker. Would he do that? Huntelaar is not prepared to fight for his place, he is of the belief that if he is to sign with anyone that he should slot straight in, otherwise he’s staying at Ajax. Wenger would make him compete with RVP and Ade instead of giving him a regular slot. Huntelaar is very clear about what kind of team he wants to play for.

    1) They must play attacking football.

    2)They must be in the CL

    3)He is their number 1 striker

    If all those 3 boxes aren’t ticked, he is staying at Ajax and training under van Basten, he calls the shots, and the ball is in his court big time. He’s not in it just for the money, he is a proper Ajax player, an Ajax fan, and he’s happy with the million Euros he gets a year and helping them win Erdeivisie titles.

  10. gunnershabz

    i got a funny feeling we could get Deco

    if he is available for £8m i think we should get him

    what do u lot think

  11. Pedro

    Hleb leaving has gone from a sad,worrying problem… to an exciting progressive problem!

    Arshavan, Zarate, Nasri, Kranky!

    So many names we could.

    £20million a season! We got shafted!!!

    Which defender do people think we are going to get?

    Is Nordveit ready?

  12. gunnershabz

    yeah, deco is a player with experience and class and if he is available at a good deal i think we should deal with it

    especially him playing in a 4-5-1 formation he would be great for away games and games in europe

  13. gunnershabz

    deco, hatem ben arfa and a defender we would be solid

    if he does get a striker it would be good too

  14. gunnershabz

    well pedro, like i said if he is over £10m then leave it

    but like 6-8m i will take him like that, but i think he may probarly go to italy

  15. Ja_Gunner

    Trinidad that list is basically the list I had in mind since I heard about Arshavin.

    The only difference in my list is that i dont include Yaya because I think we should give one of the the central mids we have the chance to prove himself.

    Also i am little hesitant on Arshavin only because Theo seems to have his hopes set on starting. If we buy Arshavin then i dont see Theo starting, he may get frustrated. Arshavin surely would get the right wing because he is older and more experienced even though not the PL.

    Also I dont include the bonuses because I know we will not spend so much, even though I would like Villa for instance i know we woudlnt splash for any of them.

    My list revised would be

    Ben Arfa 15mil
    Arshavin 15 mil
    Dunne/Martesacker 5mil/10mil

    Getting those 3 must be in the budget.

  16. Trinidad_Gunner

    Deco is past his best though, I know some Barca fans who would like to see the back of him right now.

    Finest, Huntelaar could be an automatic choice … .. Huntelaar and RVP up front … rotate with Ade.

    I’m hoping that Arsenal and Ajax strike some sort of deal which would give us first choice on their players.

  17. gunnershabz

    to be honest trini

    i dont think a striker is on arsene list, he always says we are capable of scoring at any time and he has faith in our attacking flair

    its defensive he keeps on talking about and i be happy if he bought strong defenders, i would be suprised if a striker came in

    i know i love to see klass-jan huntelaar, mauro zarate, david villa, mario gomez they will be great but if carlos vela is coming and wenger see’s him as eduardo replacement then am afraid he also said it he in is not in the market for that type of player

    ben arfa, nasri, avshahin, these players will interest him

  18. Trinidad_Gunner


    Yeah, I saw that he thinks of Vela as an Eduardo-type player … he’s probably trying to compensate for Eduardo being out till January, without buying any striker.

    From your list of 3, if we get Ben Arfa, the only other one possible is Arshavin. Since the word on the street is that Lyon is replacing Hatem with Nasri.

  19. Ja_Gunner

    My list before was

    Ben Arfa 15 mil
    Pjanic/Nuri Sahin 12 mil
    Dunne/Martesacker 5 mil/10 mil

    plus a cheap eduardo type striker , all this affordable….. however since Wenger says he sees Vela as an eduardo type, we can rule out that possibility.

    Since i heard about Arshavin I think he would be more ready made than Pjanic/Sahin

    Both of these guys are great too young to make sudden impact. Arshavin is just right,he is very technical and more end product than Hleb.

    So therefore

    Ben Arfa 15 mil
    Arshavin 15 mil
    Dunne/ Matersacker 5mil/10mil in all 35-40mil

    Even though we are stingy this is very realistic.

  20. finestcuts

    I really hope so Trindad cos JKH is playing hard to get and he is serious, he has the perfect footballing life already at Ajax, it would have to be a major deal to get him to move.

    Ja, why is Arshavin a threat to Theo? My idea is to play Arshavin on Left wing, and Theo on Right wing. Arshavin can play on either wing, so can Theo.

  21. Ja_Gunner

    Those 3 buys would make the team very solid.

    As I said before though. If we get Arshavin then Theo will suffer.

    Also if we get a central defender then who would be benched Toure or Gallas.

    This is a very tricky situation. Toure is Mr. Arsenal, how do you bench him?

    Then Gallas is very experienced and probably wont take benching every well.

    Is it possible to just teach Toure how to attack the ball in the air and then let Gallas clean up? This way we might have to buy a defender.

    Or can the new centre back be rotated the these two without any bickering and moaning?

  22. finestcuts

    We either get Arshavin or someone better than him. What better in form creative players are there that don’t play in the big leagues? He is it.

  23. finestcuts

    How Ja if we plaed them both at the same time. And what if Arshavin is better than Theo, how is that a problem? How is competing with the best a problem with Theo, we shouldn’t under-rate Theo, he has improved and is achieving stats of Rosicky’s proprtions and has club experience, he’s make it very tough for Arshavin to get a place.

  24. charybdis1966

    Just watched us pay ManUre at our place last season.

    It was 2-1, and guess who provided the cross for TH14 to head in the winner ?


    And Adebyor was tracking back, hassling Ferdinaand and Vidic and apart from the winner the best thing was seeing the Greasy haded winker booked for diving after a challenge form Eboue.


    Maybe wenger has an image of the Eboue of this match/last season in his head.

  25. finestcuts

    If that’s it c1986, he’s got to get with the times, you go with the form not the happy memories. If that were the case we’d still have Dennis Bergkamp playing.

  26. charybdis1966

    1986 ?

    Yes, nostalgia ‘aint what it used to be.

    It’s just a shame someplayers go backwards when the potential for improvement is there.

    Also, I think that all this slagging off of former (or about to be former players) is a bit girly…acting like a woman scorned.

    as Goons we shoud rise aboive it – don’t give them the satisfaction.

  27. Ja_Gunner


    I guess I was thinking that if Rosicky was fit, then he and Arshavin would play on the wings, thus leaving Theo out.

    I guess we will not know how fit Rosicky will be until closer to the start of the season.

  28. finestcuts

    Ja, Rosicky has to compete for his place, he has to get back to fitness. As long as Theo is good he can stay there, simple as that, I can’t see why Theo would be dropped for consistently good performances. I think there’ll be a bit of rotation there anyhow, it’s always good to have too many rather than too few options.

  29. Ja_Gunner

    Also Eboue has had 2 good seasons before this.

    Arsene tried him on the wing out of his natural position.

    I woudnt kill him for one bad season out of three. Its not necessary to get rid of him because he is a good squad player for when people get injured etc.

    He provides decent crosses or at least he used to.

    He supplied the cross for the Henry goal last year, he provided the cross for Van Persie wonder goal against Charlton, he also blazed past a defender and scored for us against Hamburg to go up 2-1 when we needed a win.

    Plus he did well in the Champions league run, so he is not all bad.
    He should be kept as backup.

  30. finestcuts

    Yeah Eboue will be kept, but only used if we’re down to the bare bones again, please Lord don’t let that happen again, have a bit of mercy.

  31. finestcuts

    And I never wanna hear us with an excuse that we have to play Justin Hoyte and Armand Traore because we have no one better available and we’re down to the bare bones, we’re supposed to be Arsenal, a Champions League club who always have top quality players available.

  32. Ja_Gunner

    In fact he should probably be used at right back playing in the CC/FAcup
    and also against the bottom six to give Sagna some much needed rest so Sagna can take on the big boys fully fit.

    If anything we can use Hoyte/Djourou as backup on the left. In those games we will have defensive left back thats all. We need to make sure the first teamers are well rested and healthy.

  33. finestcuts

    Ja, Hoyte can’t play left back. He’s an average right back, a below average centre back, he doesn’t play there, he is only suited to being a right back. Wenger is happy because he is commited to Arsenal and will see his contract out, with was renewed last year, so he’s with us for another 3 years. So as long as he’s under contract we don’t need to bring anything in. He’s been at the club for 8 years now, he’s not about to jump ship. He is ok as a number 2 for Sagna, thats the role he’s most suited Gallas can be backup for LW, that’s where he played for Chelsea.

  34. Evo in OZ

    Hoyte is average, although its strange he cant get his shit together as ive definitely seen him play 1-2 blinders, so why cant he replicate that all the time?

  35. finestcuts

    Thats the whole point of being average Evo, you don’t have consistency. A good player is consistent. Hoyte has ability but he has a lesser chance of outperforming his opponent than Sagna for sure, but he can overcome some of them, he’s played at Champions League level. It’s a bit like snooker, you need to be focused not to lose your edge, your opponent has to be only a little more focused than you to win. Justin doesn’t have that “win at all costs” focus. He’s an academy player, he wasn’t brought up in the real world of football, he’s had a comfotrable development, an 11 year Arsenal career, he’s just had it sweet. He doesn’t have the drive of those who came up through the football leagues.

  36. Hughsie

    As for Hoyte, he’s got all the attributes to be a decent mid table EPL team player. I dont think he’s ever going to make a huge jump to being a star for Arsenal and will only ever be a half decent back up who’s inability to mix it up physically has and will continue to inhibit him his whole career.

  37. finestcuts

    Yeah I agree Hughsie, for Hoyte to become a top player he needs to play for another club and experience football in the real world without the wing of being in Arsenals background. I reckon he could make Middlesbrough or Wigan a good right back. But we’ll only see when he’s finished his contract at Arsenal. I doubt we’ll renew his contract after this one, he’ll have better offers and really if he doesn’t go, he’ll really never know if he can make it cos he’ll never dis-place Sagna. I wish him the best of luck when he goes, and hope he’s on a good day when he plays for us, or that the rest of the team are good enough to cover for his mistakes.

  38. Ja_Gunner

    Ok I say bring on Arshavin, bring on BenArfa.

    Bring on the defender, but the thing is guys who do we replace?

    Toure or Gallas? Toure as I said is Mr. Arsenal and Gallas might want to walk if he is not a first teamer.

  39. Hughsie

    Arshavin? Watched a few too many replays of the UEFA cup final buddy. Sure he looked pretty good going forward last night but it wasn’t exactly as if Rangers were forcing him to work hard going back, last night was pretty much the best exhibition of any Zenit players ability to attack they could have asked for. I hear he’s broken though, and the last thing we need is to purchase another broken attacking midfielder to hang out with Rosicky and Van Persie in the hospital ward.

    It’s like after the Euro/World Cups when players like Kleberson and Djemba Djemba who perform well are snapped up for inflated prices by big clubs on the strength of their performances on the international stage but absolutely bomb at club level because they’re required to work.

    So i wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a few outs from the Zenit squad over the offseason.

    As for a new defender, i think we could bring one in and not have to move someone out. Toure goes to the engine room slot in the midfield (replacing flamini) whist Gallas stays at CB alongside the psycho Eastern European CB we bring in.

  40. finestcuts

    I hope some small underdog team will win it, but alas, my dreaded prediction is that Juander Ramos will buy himself a squad capable of winning the UEFA cup so that lot have to be “favourites”. Even though they are perenial underachievers, Ramos is a UEFA cup winner and has the money to get him there.
    Which is why we NEED to win trophies or our players could say “we could have won more trophies at Tottenham these past two seasons.
    We should NEVER play Tottenham with a second string squad, Carling Cup or any other competition. We cannot let Tottenham knock us out of competitions and then win a cup for it. Ramos will want the Carling Cup again, we can’t let him have it.

  41. Ja_Gunner

    Hughsie yes Rangers are not the best team.

    Remember that this team destroyed and new and improved Bayern in the semis.

  42. Hughsie

    Yeah, and Liverpool made two Champions League finals.

    Zenit scraped through the group stages with one win, two draws and a loss. This was also the group that Everton topped with four wins from four. Then got through the knock out stages on away goals TWICE and lost the away leg in their first three knock out rounds.

    They’ve played all of three convincing games to win the UEFA Cup. Not really that impressive if you ask me.

  43. ethangunner

    I agree finest

    I said it at the time ONLY PLAY YOUR BEST 11 ! i always will say that !!!
    .. all the AKB’B said yes lets beat everyone with our youth squad and show them all how pathetic they all are .. STUPID TWATS !

    AKB delusional bunch they are .. Then they ate there words and justified it as a youth training ground exercise after the match ! or we didnt want to win that cup !! how many fuckin times did you hear that after ??? ! It might be a small cup in retrospect but least we can brag about SOMETHING if we wonn it !! ….

    In fact i think we were playing some weak team in the EPL that week , i suggested
    play the Juniors in the EPL and win against spurs with a full strength line up..

    what did arsene do ? bring in the only experienced strikers we had after 60 minutes too late and 4 goals already down !! that was ‘Tactical move of the season’ for me !
    that fucker right there wins le chump , arsenes wenger 60th minute tactics at the spurs C.C game !!!

    i was left gob smacked !!!

  44. gnarleygeorge9

    Nothing new in the tabloids. Still kicking the Gooners. And bloody Arsenal World has a piece on Cole again, and that gives me the “green apple splatters”.

  45. gnarleygeorge9

    No me neither, Latest, Got to work late tonight, $$$$$, but I’m going to keep an eye on the banter.

  46. ethangunner

    well here you go george .

    Kolo Toure is weighing up his future at Arsenal.

    The Daily Star says Toure is considering his Arsenal future after telling pals he is unhappy.

    The Ivory Coast international is unhappy at being played out-of-position at fullback last season.

    im sure you havent read that …

  47. ethangunner


    Lassana Diarra would like you to believe that he doesn’t think about Arsenal now that he’s at Portsmouth.

    The midfielder left for Pompey in January after coming to the Gunners on a deadline day deal in August.

    His reasoning for leaving was because he couldn’t get the playing time that he thought he deserved.

    For this question you have to talk to Arsene Wenger because when I was there, every time he put me on the pitch I tried to do my best. For him, I don’t know if it was good enough, but for me it was. This is why I left because I wanted more consideration and I wanted to just play every week. I wanted more consideration. When you are in the team and even if you play well the manager doesn’t put you on the pitch you have to do something.

    I think it’s quite apparent that this attitude may have played a part in why Wenger didn’t want to keep the Frenchman around. Either way, it’s obvious the time spent in North London still is on Diarra’s mind.

    But I don’t think about Arsenal now, I am just focused on Portsmouth. We have reached the final and that is why I am here. I hope I can win more this season than Arsenal have – but we’ll have to see.