220 players on the way? Wenger says we’ll be reassured.

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His words not mine this time, Arsene has finally come out and said what we all wanted to hear, new players on the way and we should not be disappointed.

He also said that he would prefer them from the premier league but that would cost more, we know that and now speculation starts, your fault Arsene, not ours, a premier league player and maybe two from abroad, so who would they be?

The following are players that have been muted that we don’t want, or at least I don’t, you Grovers may have other ideas, I will list those we do and those we don’t want and you can pick the bones from that carcass.

Richard Dunne a workmanlike defender, but not big enough or imposing enough for me but at £1million would fit our budget. Nzogbia and Obefemi Martins – no comment and no thanks. Kranjcar, I’m not sure what he will add but with a great team could be a surprise, look at what happened with Flamini.

Those we do want are Ben Arfa – mobile tricky and can score, very probable, Robinho the same, but too much money, Pjanic is the right age for a Wenger signing and I would be happy with him. Villa or Benzema are break the bank signings and given our injury history would not go amiss, I’d have one of them.

Velosa, comfortable as a center back or a defensive midfielder, big and imposing, another I would have in a heartbeat.

Gareth Barry I would have as well, I think he would work a treat with Cesc, but I have a feeling that’s Diaby spot next term, wrong in my book, not because he isn’t good enough, but because he’s injury prone. Mertesacker I would look at as well as Kompany, Mexes and Lescott.

Finally forget Gerrard have a look at Ronaldinho, you don’t become a bad player overnight and he could be that John Barnes type player we’ve always needed and will hold the fort until young Jack Wilshere comes of age, as far as money is concerned, I’m sure he’ll take a cut, he’ll learn from his mates Ronaldo and Adriano.

I also think clubs are looking hard at what they pay players, yesterday Keegan was told Owen needs to cut his salary if he wants to stay, maybe a new trend at last?

I know the spelling is all over the place but everywhere you read their names, the spelling is different.

Yesterday we retracted an Ade story, we even apologised, Ade was in the morning papers and we reacted badly, that afternoon he denied it on Arsenal.com, a little late but at least he came out, which is more than Hleb did, we then used the next days post to apologise.

That brought the AKB’s out, well that and school holidays, I even got this piece of priceless advice from a boy named Sue, who has been on before to give me pearls of wisdom. This was it.

‘Don’t believe a word unless it’s on Arsenal.com or you hear it straight from the Professor’s mouth’

Well Sue if we did that life would be boring wouldn’t it? No need for blogs, fanzines, sport pages in newspapers or television, just Arsenal TV and Arsenal.com what a perfect world that would be for Arsenal incorporated.

If you truly believed that, why on earth were you reading Le Grove? I’m resting my case and we move on, but please any AKB’s out there, unless you have something we are remotely interested in, don’t come on our site, take the boy named Sue’s advice and go on Arsenal.com – you know it makes sense.

Last game today so expect a youth team out there, he won’t risk Flamini and upset his new team AC Milan, so I would think he’ll put Denilson in that spot, it would be nice to see Diaby have a go, but I’m guessing he’ll be injured again.

Randall’s another possibility, but he, like Song, for me are a way off, I would think Sunderland want to win this one so will be out there with their strongest line up, don’t forget what happened the last time we played them at the end of the season …Diaby got crunched.

I hope that we’ll end the season on a high and ManU win the double, boy I never thought I’d say that!

We’ve been asked whether or not we’ll be blogging during the summer, YES is the answer, I think we’ll do Monday to Friday and not the weekend, Pedro thinks we should do both, we could do every other day, I hate the weekend because all the arseholes come out of the woodwork and I have to police the site, and more often than not I’m at the game and can’t.

My fear is having enough to talk about, so, what the hell! you Grovers tell us what you want. We’ll play it by ear regardless, I think we have a good thing going here and it keeps us off the street, away from drugs and out of gangs, so it makes sense.

See you in the comments section and good luck today.

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  1. GMR

    Thats the thing with our youngsters now, you can only think its pointless them going on loan to Championship clubs. They are brought up under Wenger with a continental style so if they go abroad to a top division or play for Arsenal they’ll fit right in, however you stick them in a thuggish league where the only requirement is to kick lumps out of people & they don’t fit in.

    When Gibbs has played for our first team he’s looked terrific, yet he couldn’t get in a quite pathetic Norwich side, clearly thats not to do with commitment because Arsene would already have released him if his attitude was that poor.

  2. choy

    thanks ethan..

    saw the goal.. what a ball for theo by gilberto…

    i think ade needs a vacation by the beach.. how did the defensive pairing of senderos and song do? and sounds like clichy was pretty quite…

    sorry for asking so many questions!!

  3. ethangunner

    it just goes to show you how ineffective ade is when the midfield dont pass the ball to him.
    it goes to show you also why he scored 30 this season .. because they all did !

    but the youngsters didnt know this and got a mouth full of ades banter !
    please arsene sell the cNUT !

    i expected him to start and score , because he usually scores against crappy teams
    but without the spice gals in midfield and cesc .. we might as well be down to 10 men !
    i think think he got a brace V’s sunderland at our home .. but as ever ineffective ..

    no offsides thou !

  4. ethangunner

    clichy was on fire ! he played a blinder ! he definitely was the best defensively for me choy ..

    song did ok , so did senderos , but you have to keep telling yourself it was sunderland
    they made 3 or 4 defensive errors between them , but fabianski was a bus !
    he pulled off 2 or 3 great saves ! and was solid, distributed well and got my MoM ..

    does anyone know who did get MoM ??

  5. ethangunner


    i went to the bolton webpage .. (shame on me )

    and they said next season was some mile stone for him !
    but i heard he’s released on a free this year ..
    but they said he is still under contract for next season !?!

    did he re-sign ?

  6. Gelbs

    Here it comes again guyz lol. Recently updated for some fantastic reading for those who not seen it lmao:

    Fucks me off something chronic when diehard idiots defend Wenger because he changed that, because he changed this. Errr. One major flaw with that. What has a successful past got to do with a shite present? Brian Clough bought success to Forest then got them relegated. Prime example of making and breaking a team. If Arsenal win nothing much within the next 5-6 years, you’d still get wankers defending Wenger because he changed the dietary methods 20 years ago, and won league titles 15 years ago lol. Remarkable.

    I used the same scenario once before. If your married for example of 20 odd years and your wife has bought you so much happiness and changed your life etc etc, and one day you found out she was fucking other guys recently, you gonna defend her and keep ahold of her because of the happy past? Or are you gonna consider the present and cut your losses? Maybe work something out, Wenger has had 3/4 years. Plenty of time to deliver but hasn’t. In football, you judge someone in the recent past and present to be fair. And Arsenal’s last 3/4 seasons have been in general shit and trophyless.
    Oh, and maybe stability breeds success, after all, look at the incredible success and trophies Dario Gradi bought to Crewe after so many years of being manager.

    People also wonder why on earth Wenger plays Diaby and Eboue etc all the time, and call the man a genius. Answer is, the bloke is an idiot. Why would a genius make the same old simple mistakes eh? Bunch of Wenger asshats. And does a so-called genius go a total since they have been at a club of around 6-7 years without a trophy? And does a genius who has had such wonderful, world-class players at their disposal have such a shit general record in Europe and never won a CL and back-2-back league titles?

    Bloke wants to admit defeat, gain respect by fucking off to Japan or France and take the board of directors with him. Prove how “good” he is by building a youth/young team with a small club over there for peanuts. Then if he makes them worldclass, then we can say he is a genius. What a prick.
    The joke is. Wenger’s glass is always half full when it should be half empty. The idiot thinks because they were top for long periods, they were just unlucky etc with injuries and whatever. Thinking theres’a conspiracy against Arsenal is typical of being a cunt and decisions etc go against him. Should take a long hard look in the mirror and closer to home. Always someone elses fault. He reckons with this squad, players be back from injuries and be better next season. WRONG! Yes, Arsenal will be better, but it isn’t about that, it is the fact United etc, will be EVEN BETTER next season.

    They won’t rest on their laurels. Wenger is an idiot and doesn’t realise that. Even if we had a fit first 11 all season, we still aren’t good enough. It amazes me why people continue to defend this man to the death. He is seriously fucking up Arsenal, to a point, if he did leave, no world-class players would want to join Arsenal anyway. You lot must like seeing United/Chelsea etc win the league and stuff and/or be crowned European Champions. Get used to it. Won’t ever change under Wenger. All true and the truth hurts. With a French git who speaks such shit and thinks the World is against Arsenal. That is why I dislike Wenger, not just because of the lack of success recently, it is the refusal to learn from the ultimate, simple alot of the times mistakes, and the constant “bigging” up of his team when they aren’t good enough, and the repetitive shite he continues to spout. Whatever he once achieved at Arsenal is history. He will be remembered as the maker and breaker. Most successful manager, but also the most underachiever. Fact!

    Plus, although I am not particularly bothered by the lack of British players in our team/squad, BUT, Wenger goes on about how wonderful our foreign kids/team is, well, what have they actually won eh?
    Maybe I was quick to jump the gun by slating Wenger in 2006. But in 2007, and 2008 same old shit. Slating is justified. Nuff said.

    Wenger said in the summer of 2005, when he sold Vieira, he had a “Masterplan” and “Trust me”. I guess that the plan and the trust in him, was to finish with fuckall 3 seasons on the trot, whilst watching your fiercist rivals sweep the lot between them. How wonderful. The cunt’s ego is writing checks his body can’t cash (lmfao “Top Cunt”) and he is a skinny fucker too. Starved of success. Whilst everyone else involved with The Arsenal (mainly the fans) has to suffer.

    Seeing United/Chelsea etc win shit, you’d think would agonize and make Wenger etc more determined to do something about it.

    Wenger apologists always point out we were “shit” before Wenger came along and were a “mid-table team”, which in parts is utter shite, because it was only around twice (1993 & ’95) we were mid-table.

    So, where’s the people who are gonna try and shoot me down with facts I have proved about us being a mid-table team prior to Wenger eh? 1993 and 1995 was the only real time in recent years prior to Wenger we were mid-table. Yet, in 1993, we still won a cup double which was a first in those days, so not at all a bad season and was a fantastic triumph when the League Cup meant something back then. So in fact, 1995 and 1996, was only 2 shitty seasons we had until Wenger came along. In fact, Graham
    only finished outside the top 4 like 3 times in his 9 seasons or so he was at Arsenal. And 1995 would of been different if it wasn’t for a certain cunt named Nayim from the halfway line.. Could of been the first team to win back-2-back Cup Winners Cups.

    People are also quick to harp on about how we wouldn’t even be where we are today without Wenger. Damn right about that!! Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    Same people, however, aren’t as quick to notice that the past 3/4 seasons, which have been shit are also thanks to Wenger. After 2004, it is sure shit to be an Arsenal fan. But hey, of course, why shan’t I go support the Mancs or Chelsea, or even Liverpool eh?! Maybe as well, we don’t have the funds to get players in because the new stadium etc. Well, if that’s true, sounds like a right hash job and not thought through enough, with crippling debts. Might be good for the future, but by then, probably be a lower division side. Yet again, you can blame Wenger, seeing as he was the one behind the new stadium.

    Thing is as well, I wouldn’t want Mourinho at Arsenal, but Arsenal fans speak shit anyway. If we had him or some boring cunt like Koeman, and we won titles every season etc, noone would complain because we were winning things. Then again, some idiots would probably say they didn’t want trophies playing less attractively and would rather win nothing under daddy Wenger. Brilliant times tho eh? After we won the FA Cup (undeserved) in 2005, we have had to watch Liverpool win the CL, FA Cup, Chelsea back-2-back titles, an FA Cup, and Man United back-2-back titles, with quite possibly one of them being crowned Champions of Europe again. And Avram Grant reaching his first CL Final in only a few months, someone who is inexperienced and might not even have the right coaching badges etc. Something Wenger has taken a decade to do, and still not won a Champions League! Wenger also says the English dominance in the CL won’t last forever. Just a sore loser and jealous in which he won’t do shit about. Guess by him saying that, is no dominance writes Arsenal out of winning it lol. Such a cunt that bloke. Speaks so much shit. Moans at Chelsea for having unlimited funds etc, but Man United ended their dominance of 2 successive league titles by spending less. And thanks to their takeover from the Glaziers who all the fans hate. Don’t hear them moaning about them now. And Wenger is against a takeover. So it is his fault for not having funds. Then again, he knows full well he be out on his ear for not winning nothing! Wenger doesn’t even need to break the bank anyway. He even said himself he wouldn’t spend 100 million if he had it!! And if the club is broke. Wenger is the bloke who’s to blame for wanting to move to the new stadium.

    SACK THE BOARD AND DIRECTORS!!It is the only way forward if Arsenal are to win trophies. They’re both fucking cunts. Lie to the fans. Just because Wenger wants to do it his way and bring on shit kids and basement buys etc. 360 million in debt is a hell of a lot. But not if you put into consideration Highbury being sold, overpriced season tickets, matchday revenue, merchandise etc, new flats being built. Absolute fucking joke. Plus, you pay off for loans with a small amount each month, probably what Arsenal make in one or two home games. Total disgrace and lies. Man United might be in debt, but at least their trophies and success will go a hell of a long way in paying it off. Campbell, Wiltord, Edu, Pires and now Flamini all on a free and gone. A potential of at least 20 million lost inside 3 years due to the way this cunt of a team is being managed and controlled. Might get some anthrax and send it to Arsenal. Kill all the cunts. All spin and lies, just like the government. 25 million on one player nowadays certainly for a big club, should be the equilavent of 7-10 million 5-6 years ago.

    Probably why Edelman was booted out because if I recall, he was the one who last year or so, claimed Arsenal were in a fantastic position financially and had 70 odd million to spend if wanted. Hill-Cunt and co, probably thought it blew Wenger’s cover and booted him out. In order to protect Wenger on his fucking shit policies and lie about having no money so Wenger has the perfect excuse when they come up short season after season.

    Plus, Wenger harps on about our fantastic improvement and points tallie and be better next season. Funny that. Seeing as they just lost key players (Flamini/Hleb) on a free transfer who played a key part in that. So in fact, they are actually WEAKER already! And they already needed at LEAST 3 top quality signings prior! Plus, like when he said Henry wouldn’t be sold, Wenger the lying cunt saying again how “We will only lose 1 player.” And now he has lost his midfield. All lying cunts at Arsenal it seems nowadays.

    And people defend Wenger (Arsene knows brigade and apologists) stating the board are letting Wenger down in regards to transfer money. Wenger is the fucking man behind it!! He wanted to move to the stadium and do things on the cheap and brainwashed the board to the point they are now BOTH to blame. Wenger wouldn’t even spend 100 million if it was all good and wouldn’t effect the debt at the club.

    Plus, Wenger said success can only be measured in time. Okay then. Have it your way:
    7 trophies in 12 years not bad. But add up a total of 6 years of not winning anything, no back-2-back titles EVER, no Champions League, 3 league titles in 12 seasons, and no title for 4 seasons, and a trophyless 3 seasons on the bounce.
    Overall, shit ratio. Well done Arsene!

    Once Fabregas goes, which will probably be next summer. Seeing as the team is built around him, Wenger will fuck off, and the Arsenal board because daddy left, leaving it someone elses’ problem to hire a new manager and leaving the club in the shit. Probably end up Arsenal having the best stadium in the Coca-Cola Championship lol. With sad fucking Wenger cunts with banners sat there saying “Arsene Knows.” “Bring back Arsene.” We are shit. Fucked. Finished. Back to mediocracy like the 80’s until Graham saved us and turned Highbury into practically a full house and not just 20,000.

    Funny too, how people say Ferguson is a “chequebook” manager and Chelsea “bought” success etc. True in parts, but still bullshit in regards to Ferguson, because he is a totally quality manager and a winner. Buying players doesn’t guarantee success, look at Real before they won titles recently etc. You telling me that Man United and Chelsea’s first eleven are better than that of Arsenal’s 2004 winning team for example?! NO! It isn’t. My point is, Wenger has never been good enough to win a title after another and a CL. So trying to belittle Ferguson’s achievements because of cash is bollocks. You still need to know what your doing. Plus, I bet if we splashed the cash and won title after title etc, what Arsenal fan would moan about that?!! NONE! Stop moaning. I bet if Wenger managed United for a season, probably get them relegated lol.

    The prick also claims this is the best squad he has ever had under him. What shit and a total insult to the players we have had. As if this bunch of shit would compete with the 1998 double and 2002 squad and that of the “Invincibles” of 2004. What a load of spin and shit. Typical of this cunt! And you got Hill-Cunt defending the man saying he is completely behind him and couldn’t give a shit if we win nothing ever again…Stating too, that winning the CL and title is a difficult thing to do. Yeah, but United and Chelsea seem to cope.

    People might wanna read this as well. Remember Leverkusen? That’s right. A team so close to glory once and now, are shit. Ring any bells? I am sure their fans were slightly optimistic after coming so close. But look what happened since lol. Lost 2 of their best players in Lucio and Ballack :

    The Almost Champions

    The team earned a series of top four finishes from 1997 to 2002 that included four second place finishes. The finishes of 2000 and 2002 were heart-breaking for supporters as on both occasions the team had the Bundesliga title within its grasp. In 2000, Bayer Leverkusen needed only a draw against minnows Unterhaching to win the title, but an own goal by Ballack helped send the team to a crushing (0:2) defeat, while Bayern Munich clinched the title with a (3:1) victory over Werder Bremen. Two years later, the club surrendered a five point lead atop the league table by losing two of its last three matches while Borussia Dortmund swept ahead with three consecutive victories in its final matches. The 2002 season has been dubbed the “Treble Horror”, as Bayer Leverkusen were also beaten in the German Cup final (2:4) by Schalke 04, and lost the UEFA Champions League final to Real Madrid (1:2). Still, the team earned the honour as the first team ever to reach the UEFA Champions League final without winning a national championship before. They even had to qualify first for the participation in that year’s

    And who can forget Liverpool and Houillier? For the idiots who claim we are gonna win the league next season because of getting 83 points this term, are in fact, cunts.
    Liverpool got 80 points in 2002 when we won the double, and that other French prick Houllier said how fantastic it was etc and had it been another season, they might of won the league. Yet, 6 years on, no league title for them and haven’t finished runners-up since and no title since 1990.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, to be an Arsenal fan. And some pricks claim “These are the best times!” Well fuck me…

    “It is unacceptable for a big club to go 4 years without a league title.” – Arsene Wenger on Real Madrid who have now bounced back and won back-2-back titles.

    No league title for Wenger for 4 years, and trophyless for 3 and counting…………

  7. Pedro

    Geez Gelbs… that is four of my blogs combined and I write long ones!

    I’ll be back later chaps to catch up… Pat, I’ll let you know the end of season plans!

    Good days blogging guys!

    Glad to see Wrighty7 and everyone made up, he has got a great site… I recommend you check it out!

    Speak to you later… if I come back at about 1000, I may have finished reading Gelbs post!

    Happy blogging.

  8. Gelbs

    It’s repetitive, but I can’t help but add bits to it. If we sign noone of high recognition by September the 1st, I expect it to be like a bible lmao.

  9. Pedro

    Funny post Gelbs, not sure I agree with it all, but some of the points you make are quite hilarious… Dario Grady being a particularly humourous point.

    I think if the whole team had stayed fit, we would have made up the 4 points… its in the past though, so it is a pointless argument now.

    If he buys well this summer, I think we could have a great year. He must replace Flamini and add 3 players on top of that.

    That is my opinion anyway! I’m off for dinner!

    Speak soon Grovers.

  10. Ja_Gunner

    Glebs I think you are somewhat harsh but you made very good points.
    Its true for some seasons Leverkusen seemed like they would have made the breakthrough to become a permanent big club. Now they are nothing.

    I agree with Arsene Wenger’s policies up to a point. But certainly now he must realise that next season is make or break. I mean the loan repayments must be laid out over about 20 years or so. Surely those payments are managable. I think the club needs to signal intent by spending about 40-50 mil this summer. We dont have to overdo it like the others. Surely we can spend 60 mil or so without jeopardising the club’s financial future.

    Also i think what Fergie has instilled in his players is a certain ruthlessness and killer instinct that Arsenal doesnt have. We need to get that as well.
    We had 2 seasons where we were leading and threw it all away(02 & 08).
    Is this a mental problem? It seems this time the Eddu injury traumatised the team. Instead they should have channelled that anguish for him into bringing the title home for him and the fans.

    Anyway I just hope that the Ferguson Man U domination of the league will be put to rest soon by their unsustainable overspending. I only hope we are there to take advantage and not let Chelsea and Liverpool come in and take it away.

  11. Ja_Gunner

    Surely Man U will be a different team when Fergie retires. I mean without him, the last time they won was 1967. So I hope they go on a similar drought when they finally get knocked over.

    And also I agree that there is more to life than winning.

    However with the board having such a non-cholant attitude about winning, then there is no surprise that we are in this position.

    The reason the winning clubs win is because of the winning attitude.

    I feel we can have this within reason. We must be able to strike a good balance between good management and winning.

  12. Geoff

    Fucking hell, someone’s posted a blog on our blog!!! Good going Glebs!

    Wrighty you’re on league and league cup goals it is.

    Ja_Gunner the thing with the repayments is some are saying the credit crisis and property slump have affected our money. Strange because all the ads and everything I’ve read on arsenal.com say they’re 95% sold, so someone is telling porkies, so who is it? if they’re 95% sold, the slump won’t really affect them will it?

    That’s called having their cake and eating it, but that’s been the seaon so far, everyone at the club, blaming everything but themselves.

    A bit of honesty would be good at some point.

    Anyway as I said before at least we won and have something to build on next season, but we need to buy, both new and established players.

  13. GMR

    I’m going to try & refrain from saying anything negative about Arsene for the next month at least.

    We have all quite rightly questioned him this season but now that the league has finished I see little point in continuing to have ago at him until at least we see what signings he has in store.

    Arsene has said we’ll be reassured by his buys & that he’ll do his shopping in the next 2-3 weeks so we have to take his word for that, if a month goes by & he hasn’t done anything then once again we have a right to ask questions, especially as the Euro’s will have started & a lot of teams will have bought players by then & those that perform in the championships will sky rocket in price.

  14. stevie

    Happy with todays result, will watch the highlights on MOTD. I see we are being linked with Dunne. For me he has been one of the best defenders in the league this season & probably the tyoe of centre back we are crying out for. Wont have too long to wait on our transfers, Wenger hopes to have these sealed in the next 2-3 weeks. Sweet!

  15. Pedro

    Who wants a big fuck off laugh?

    Napoli defeated AC Milan 3-1 and pushed the Rossoneri out of fourth place and the last spot in next season’s Champions League. Milan can make the Champions League if it defeats Udinese and Fiorentina fails to win against Torino.

    Fiorentina, which defeated Parma 3-1, has 63 points and Milan has 61.

    “We still have a chance, but it no longer depends just on us,” Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti said.

    Ha fucking ha Flamini.

    Uefa cup football for you my turncoat friend!

  16. Gelbs

    And people contradict themselves. Saying United with the league etc because of spending big. If we buy a decent winger and defender etc without spending alot of money, and believe we can do the title etc, as people claim, then why hasn’t Wenger done it sooner?? All bollocks. We don’t and never had, to spend millions and millions to win something. And we can easily afford quality players. Just that prick Wenger chooses not to.

    Plus, people don’t think when they say we can’t compete financially with United etc. Carrick wasn’t worth 17 million when they got him, nor was Hargreaves. There are players better for less. But Wenger won’t or can’t find/buy them

  17. El Tel

    Gelbs you are a legend very good points all the way through. I don’t agree with everything regarding the red nose cunt though. Is he and his club not the most corrupt outfit in English football history. It’s not sour grapes, AW threw the Prem and CL away. We have had the forces of darkness return since Gill got made up to chair the FA. Before it was Kenyon and in the time they wasn’t running the FA they won fuck all. We are a better team than them and we do give equal commitment than them. We get punished for our commitment but they can do no wrong. That weasel Scholes apparently put himself about today and should have been sent off and The drug test dodger handled the ball Gallas style but no pen. At the time it was 0-0 and they were shitting themselves. This happens week in and week out without any punishment. Charlie boy was on Sky Sports News and he couldn’t believe what was happening, he was tempted to call it cheating but Sky would have sacked him for it.

    Until these incidents change we will never win the League again. Chavski are only slightly worse in the cheating stakes. Mancscum have some very ordinary players and a couple of good players (winker and Vidic) the keeper is better than ours too but thats not fucking hard is it. David Dein was very important to us not just because he challenged the Old Etonian Hill Wood and Co. but because he influenced other clubs in the FA and in Europe, AW makes mistakes and that’s our problem but until the FA have the bollocks to challenge them cheating cunts just carry on ranting as no matter who we buy, it won’t make a difference.

    Today they had Bruce at Wigan and although I haven’t seen any of it I bet he didn’t complain about being unfairly treated. He had influences at Bolton. Some cunt called Archie Knox who was his assistant in the early years. When that cheating cunt dies everyone will be against them. We have former players at other clubs but they have people in important positions. To this day I believe Eduardo was targeted by his scottish cunt mate at Brum, there was no remorse from him and he made it out to be our fault for being so fast.

    We lost it after the FA cup defeat to them, not because of the result but because of the comments after the match form that red nosed piece of shit. He had the audacity to say we were dirty and behaved like brats but did you see his side at Chavski and by the way what happeneed to them on this one, Jack shit. Hleb got banned for a slap that was seen by the MOTD team and replayed about 5 times. This is bollocks total bollocks. I am finished with all football except Arsenal till its sorted out. That could be a very long time.

    I love football and I love ARSENAL.

  18. El Tel

    The Italians shit the big cheats up a couple of years ago they went from the most corrupt to the not so corrupt. The old saying that we English believe in fair play is total bollocks. They got a pen this year against Boro when that diving cunt threw himself to the floor again. The ref said he gave it because of the intent. The keeper intended to block the ball. What a precedent that must have set, don’t dive in to save the winkers efforts because if you intend to stop the ball a pen will be given. No wonder the cunt got 30+ more pens and free kicks around the box than ever. 1 pen against and that was at the Chavs house.

    Does nobody attack these cunts or do you have to die before you get one against them.

    Please don’t say they deserved it because they didn’t.

  19. El Tel

    Aw his biggest mistake was letting the enemy in the camp. Do you thimk GG would have let that King Chav Mancspur cunt Beck Ham train with us. Vital info went to red nose who then passed it on to all his thug mates. He probably told red nose or that cunt Neville that Eduardo is scoring for fun in training and he looks fucking awesome. They probably knew our tactics if AW actually had any and who was carrying injuries etc. AW you dropped an almighty bollock there because they know more about us now than they ever did before. Well done boss. Sort it out or fuck off.

  20. Wong meng

    I believe what El says. eduardo was deliberately targetted to stop Arsenal winning the title.Don’t forget the Blues boss was a former protege of the red faced and was probably indebted to him. You never know. Before the injury Arsenal were going great guns and could have gone on to win the title.The injury sent a subtle message to Arsenal players that they could be the next to suffer the same horrific injury. As a result the performaces dipped.
    Anyway I’m over the moon the the Blues have been relegated and this is just retribution and I hope they will saty in the championship for the next few seasons.As for the the red faced, Wigan could have won if the ref had awarded them a penalty for Rio’s handball.Some refs will give.Amyway the red faced’s luck is due to dip and in the cl final the ref aint going to give him any favours. PS should have been sent off.

  21. El Tel

    Good un Wong Meng The Chavs should have the upper hand in Moscow it will be an home match for them in the most corrupt city in the world.

  22. El Tel

    How can a team with these players win the title. Brown, Scholes, carrick, The Korean guy, the drug dodger, Fletcher, Nani, Teves, Hargreaves, O’Shea, Anderson, Giggs, and even the vastly over rated Fat Chav.

    Chavski have a far superior squad than this except Vidic and the winker. And in my opinion our team is far superior when all fit.

    Its a sad day for football seeing these cunts win again. The Prem will implode soon and hopefully they will bust along with the Chavs.

  23. Ja_Gunner

    The Mancs are due for a drought. I cant wait for it to happen.
    Also I would love if something similar to what happened in Italy happens where they uncover corruption. It always seems to to convenient for them.

    I just hope we will be the ones to win consistently when they fall.

  24. Evo in OZ

    fucking awesome thru ball by Gilberto, couldnt have done it any better. Theo took 1 small touch and then slotted it!


    el tel it is a sad day for football when the cheating cunts from man ure win the league again, worst to come in the next couple of weeks on weds night the uefa cup final between
    st petersburg(racist bastard club) v rangers(racist bastard fans)
    F.A. CUP FINAL cardiff (crazy nutter hooligans) v Portsmouth (harry’s brown evelopes 11)
    CHAMPS LEAGUE manure cheating bastards (only two counts today , stonewall handball by ,ben johnson , and a hack down by the ginger fat dwarf) v CHEATING DIRTY CHAVS.(JT NUFF SAID)
    like you thats me done with football till that start of the euros where i will take my place as steve rowleys assistant , and be sending my report on who we should be signing to AW…
    Geoff and Pedro well done on the site this year , lets hope next year we will be talking about how well all the new players are doing as we carve up the league .
    Now i’m off to bed to start dreaming about BARNET JULY 19TH,

  26. pablo

    Well said El Tel,

    without a doubt the refs/FA, the old boys network and some good old fashioned cheating won them the league and will coninue to do so for a very long time. Not since Mike Riley awarded them 8 pens in a single season that gave him the accolade of having the second most assists that year for manscum have we witnessed such blatant corruption.

    That great white english hope. Rooney, went down like a sack of fermenting shit to earn a pen that never was giving that cheating Steve Bennet the perfect opportunity to award it, While at the other end he dimisses a hand ball by duck mouth and an easy sending off for scholes to complete a days work to earn himself yet another bumper pay day.

    As for Birmingham, glad they went down they deserved it. To think that we loaned them players as well to help them makes me sick, I hope now they disappear into obscurity. In fact I hope all their old boys lose their jobs including Bruce who Wenger helps out every year.

  27. Evo in OZ

    yeah good riddance Birmingham, Fulham are nuisance value as well, but i guess the good thing about them staying up is they are cannon fodder and its a small trip across town for us to play them!

  28. Evo in OZ

    Well 2 things to summise from the highlights, Randall wasnt offside, so that should have been his debut goal and how crazy was the free kick we received on the 6 yard line, ive never seen a free kick taken from there in my life, how Gilberto didnt bang that in, ill never know?

  29. DeeOzGooner


    whered ya see the highlights? on fox? or u gota link? have seen the goals but wana see the extended highlights

  30. ethangunner

    well done i think … couldnt read it all last night i needed to get up in the morning ..
    i dont agree with all of it either .. Not even black and white me .. but i applaud the marathon blog .. thank god you didn’t have a power cut in the middle of it ! or toward the end of it ! i just hope you have battery backup ! 🙂

    yes i wouldn’t say yesterdays effort was stunning but 3 points in the bag and theo
    proves the quality that he is ! you got to love him ! english , and a fucking asset !
    randall looked to have some confidence about him !

    It would of been good to get a longer look at him , but only scoring1 goal delayed the subs i think .. if we score 2 or 3 before the end of the half we might have got a longer look at some of the next years crop of youngsters ..

  31. ethangunner

    good Birmingham fuck off and take those arsenal rejects with you !
    break a leg so to speak !

    im sure if you butcher everyone in your games next season youll be back up again in a year or 2 ! until then get some class and sack that Scottish git manager of yours , the cunt couldnt save you , and we dont need another in the EPL !

  32. Abdenor

    So another season gone and no silverware, i feel crap this morning despite yesterday’s win.
    We’ve thrown it away this year and something needs to be done in the summer, BIG teams make it happen and don’t argue DUBIOS REFEREEING DECISIONS – not for 38 MATCHES. saying that Steve Bennet is a C**T!

    Someone (other than AW) needs to step out and look at the fundamentals and the BIG PICTURE. AW is too caught up in twicking Ade / Bendter / Song / Senderos and what have you .
    Next season is a a massive season for AW , he can’t afford to mess it up!

  33. GMR

    Abdenor, Couldn’t agree with you more. All I keep seeing is people whining about referees, it wasn’t refs that cost us the title or any of the cups. Sure some decisions went against us but then we also had decisions go for us but that is overlooked.

    I can’t believe any Arsenal supporter would have wanted the Chav c***s to win the league ahead of Man Utd, have you forgotten how that club got where they are & how they trampled over us on the way, or what about the things their previous manager & their current players have said about our club??

    Yeah Man Utd got decisions & usually do but that ignores the fact that the Chav losers couldn’t even beat a pathetic Bolton team at SB.

  34. GMR

    Is Mario Gomez joining us?

    ‘Mario Gómez confirmed this on Sat 10th May in a press conference after the 4-0 defeat VfB Stuttgart suffered to VfL Wolfsburg as the half german, half spaniard was quoted as saying “I need to develop to bring my football to it’s top level. Arsenal are a club that play beautiful football and that is the kind of football I want to play.”. Regarding the hefty price tag placed on Gómez he said “There is no way the board can hold me up for more than €25 million.”.’

  35. charybdis1966

    Well said EthanGooner re. Brum. Them going down was the only bright spot in yesterdays results – some justice/karma at last.

    The Bruim Scum won;t be missed.

    Eff off, the lot of you.