220 players on the way? Wenger says we’ll be reassured.

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His words not mine this time, Arsene has finally come out and said what we all wanted to hear, new players on the way and we should not be disappointed.

He also said that he would prefer them from the premier league but that would cost more, we know that and now speculation starts, your fault Arsene, not ours, a premier league player and maybe two from abroad, so who would they be?

The following are players that have been muted that we don’t want, or at least I don’t, you Grovers may have other ideas, I will list those we do and those we don’t want and you can pick the bones from that carcass.

Richard Dunne a workmanlike defender, but not big enough or imposing enough for me but at £1million would fit our budget. Nzogbia and Obefemi Martins – no comment and no thanks. Kranjcar, I’m not sure what he will add but with a great team could be a surprise, look at what happened with Flamini.

Those we do want are Ben Arfa – mobile tricky and can score, very probable, Robinho the same, but too much money, Pjanic is the right age for a Wenger signing and I would be happy with him. Villa or Benzema are break the bank signings and given our injury history would not go amiss, I’d have one of them.

Velosa, comfortable as a center back or a defensive midfielder, big and imposing, another I would have in a heartbeat.

Gareth Barry I would have as well, I think he would work a treat with Cesc, but I have a feeling that’s Diaby spot next term, wrong in my book, not because he isn’t good enough, but because he’s injury prone. Mertesacker I would look at as well as Kompany, Mexes and Lescott.

Finally forget Gerrard have a look at Ronaldinho, you don’t become a bad player overnight and he could be that John Barnes type player we’ve always needed and will hold the fort until young Jack Wilshere comes of age, as far as money is concerned, I’m sure he’ll take a cut, he’ll learn from his mates Ronaldo and Adriano.

I also think clubs are looking hard at what they pay players, yesterday Keegan was told Owen needs to cut his salary if he wants to stay, maybe a new trend at last?

I know the spelling is all over the place but everywhere you read their names, the spelling is different.

Yesterday we retracted an Ade story, we even apologised, Ade was in the morning papers and we reacted badly, that afternoon he denied it on Arsenal.com, a little late but at least he came out, which is more than Hleb did, we then used the next days post to apologise.

That brought the AKB’s out, well that and school holidays, I even got this piece of priceless advice from a boy named Sue, who has been on before to give me pearls of wisdom. This was it.

‘Don’t believe a word unless it’s on Arsenal.com or you hear it straight from the Professor’s mouth’

Well Sue if we did that life would be boring wouldn’t it? No need for blogs, fanzines, sport pages in newspapers or television, just Arsenal TV and Arsenal.com what a perfect world that would be for Arsenal incorporated.

If you truly believed that, why on earth were you reading Le Grove? I’m resting my case and we move on, but please any AKB’s out there, unless you have something we are remotely interested in, don’t come on our site, take the boy named Sue’s advice and go on Arsenal.com – you know it makes sense.

Last game today so expect a youth team out there, he won’t risk Flamini and upset his new team AC Milan, so I would think he’ll put Denilson in that spot, it would be nice to see Diaby have a go, but I’m guessing he’ll be injured again.

Randall’s another possibility, but he, like Song, for me are a way off, I would think Sunderland want to win this one so will be out there with their strongest line up, don’t forget what happened the last time we played them at the end of the season …Diaby got crunched.

I hope that we’ll end the season on a high and ManU win the double, boy I never thought I’d say that!

We’ve been asked whether or not we’ll be blogging during the summer, YES is the answer, I think we’ll do Monday to Friday and not the weekend, Pedro thinks we should do both, we could do every other day, I hate the weekend because all the arseholes come out of the woodwork and I have to police the site, and more often than not I’m at the game and can’t.

My fear is having enough to talk about, so, what the hell! you Grovers tell us what you want. We’ll play it by ear regardless, I think we have a good thing going here and it keeps us off the street, away from drugs and out of gangs, so it makes sense.

See you in the comments section and good luck today.

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  1. Pedro

    That is a very wanky line up… how disappointing!

    Eboue and Big Phil…

    I’m glad Barazite is on the Bench!

  2. GMR

    I was expecting a team similar to this infact if you look at my comment at 09.38 this morning the only player I got wrong was Hoyte for Song.

    Wenger wants to win but lets be honest he doesn’t really care about such a meaningless game.

  3. Evo in OZ

    interesting set up, Song at right back!

    I dont mind the team, nothing to lose…Get Nordveit on and Barazite!

  4. ethangunner


    you have been on the beers i posted that link at 9. 49 …
    only 5 hours behind the rest of the world there …

    also its worth noting that jens is linked with Stuttgart too !
    shame he wasnt still under contract .. we could of done a swap + cash !

  5. Pedro

    I seem to have got a bit of a slating over my post the other day? I don’t really understand why… If you read the article, it is his agent who takes a majority of the flak…

    ‘Not as classy as Adebayor’s agent who is believed to be demanding £80k a week or his client will be off. You know what? Fuck off to the both of you.’

    Who pays his agent?

    The story was about Arsenal losing key players all the time… fair?

    It seems the only people who didn’t get that were the AKB’s… Oh well, you can’t stop the sad bastards writing on other blogs can you!

    I think today we will win 1-0…

    Predictions anyone?

  6. Wrighty7


    If you take a look at my site you will that I have dealt with the slagging off that you received.

    You will notice that I, myself, have NEVER slagged off Le-Grove, in fact I enjoy what you write and have even tried too help yourselves in your campaign to bring the noise back to the Emirates.

    Geoff, I am NOT jeaous of your site, I think that it is brilliant that you began last September and are enjoying so much success.

    When ever people come onto my site and slag Le-Grove off I have dealt with it.

    I dont appreciate shit stirring like El Tel and Ethan Gunner have done. Reading my site and then coming on here and slagging mine off is out of order.

    The comments on mine were anonymus how can I ban people if I don’t know who they are?

    Anyway, keep up the great work on here guy’s, I just wish people would think before they type sometimes!!!!!!

  7. GMR

    Pedro, no matter what you say or do you’ll never change the mind of an AKB, they have been totally & utterly brainwashed. They aren’t even fans of Arsenal so why don’t they just f*** off & do something else with their lives. It doesn’t matter what article you or Geoff write from now on you are firmly on the AKB’s blacklist.

    I bet your both really bothered about that aren’t you now!!

  8. Wrighty7


    May have got my wires crossed about the “jealous” blogs thing!!!

    Thanks for explaining Pedro, and my apoligies. I wasn’t having a pop at you guys personally.

    Just more frustrated at El Tel and Ethan I think.

    The way they wrote their comments came across like I was slagging you both off on my blog. And I wouldn’t do that!

    Glad it’s all sorted, and keep up the fantasic work that you both do on the site.

    Is there a a bigger Arsenal site about at the moment?

    I think not.

  9. Trinidad_Gunner

    Radio commentary is all I have


  10. Abdenor

    Remember the one Van horselay missed against us in the invicible season, well guess what it was Bennet who gifted them that one too.

    I thought Fergie>>>Bennet Funnies was just that, but there’s more to it apparently

  11. Moorlock

    Could Steve Bennett’s agenda be any more obvious? He’s got about as much dignity as a dockside hooker wiggling her but at a drunken sailor.

  12. Abdenor

    I think R.Dunne rumour have some foundation as it’s been circulating in the irish media for a while.

    I would’ve said no few years ago but i reckon Dunnes hit a new gear in the last 2 or 3 seasons, he’s got bit of Tony Adams about him just what the doctor ordered i say.

  13. patthegooner

    Richard Dunne got sent off so will now miss the opening 3 games of next season

    That should kill that speculation off

    No sympathy for John Terry either, great defender but no sportsmanship in his veins. Remember in the Chelsea game, Eboue kicked it out as a Chelsea player lay injured. What did Terry do, kick in rugby style into the bottom corner and then attacked our throw in. Equaliser soon followed

    Cock, I hope it hurts

  14. Evo in OZ

    that was glory days when horse hit the cross bar and keown jumped on his back in celebration! Even cashley was happy!

  15. patthegooner

    I missed the Penalty decision, was it dodgy?

    If so andy Townsend predicted it on Talk Sport radio this morning.

    He said he would not be surprised if the Premiership was won by a dodgy Bennet decision for Man Ure

  16. pablo


    Its because he’s on a good salary with a non-contributory pension scheme, car with chauffeur, holidays in Barbados, private secretary, private health scheme, use of company jet, a box in the prawn-eating section, weekly colonic irrigation treatment, masseur and his own private rent boy,

  17. El Tel

    I only watch the ARSENAL as the cheating has gone way to far. Its not as if the cunts need to cheat now is it. There must be a stewards inquiry regarding the integrity of our football. It’s scandalous that the red nosed cunt of all cunts gets away with those pre match comments and then what do you know they get even more decisions. I want Chavs to score a 1-0 and Wigan to get a last minute goal to draw the game.

  18. El Tel

    My mate who is an AFC steward has just text me, he works at Gatwick in passport control. He said Hleb just passed through on his way to Alicante. My mate asked if he will be leaving and Hleb said he doesn’t know. If he didn’t want to leave he would have said no. This is fact and not made up.

  19. El Tel

    Agree Pat, fucking Terry deserves pain, don’t agree he’s a great defender though mate good to average springs to mind. Loved it when his head was booted like a volley by Diaby. Loved Eboue’s tackle on him too. I don’t like that kind of thing but he fucking deserved it.

  20. ethangunner

    this was the 1st entry on your blog today !

    Oh and Le Grove is the saddest, most embarassing Arsenal blog out there. Makes me cringe that there are supposed Gooners like that out there.

    then you have the balls to come here and complain about me when your site is trashing
    the SUPPOSED GOONERS ! of which im one of ! UN provoked by anyone here prior !!!
    whether you wrote it or not you WHO CARES ! you didnt need to AIR trash talk !
    about a blog that is clearly superior ! your an AH wrighty , you don’t even apologize
    for leaving that trash talk on your comments section !!

    hypocritical fucking wanker !

  21. Evo in OZ

    El Tel – thats a corker! Thats one from the 606 chat on BBC during the lead up to the midnight cut off at the transfer window…

  22. El Tel

    Although I have been to Spain mant times I can’t remember which teams are close to Alicante. Help. I promise this is not made up.

  23. Ray Gooner

    I wonder how many of Milans stars that will leave if they don’t qualify for the Champions League next season?

  24. Chipo

    El Tel, he’s going on holiday mate…

    Have a summer break and let your agent do the work 🙂

    Hleb situation will be decided after Euros IMO

  25. El Tel

    Please Wigan get 1 in the last minute. I will be so fucking happy to see red nose at the final whistle. Cheating scum cunt.

  26. El Tel


    I would be really pissed if he is off to the beach now. I know he is banned but it would have been nice to se him with his mates not fucking off and not even bothering.

  27. Chipo

    Nah mate i disagree. He’s not involved, theyve already had the send off at home so why not?
    He’s played 40 odd games for us this season and deserves a break

    (i think he’ll stay too)

  28. El Tel

    Its one of the few times I haven’t been able to watch the lads play. Hardly any coverage. I won’t watch the 30 seconds on MOTD tonight either.

  29. El Tel

    If he stays Chipo I don’t think it would be his choice. Lets keep him just to wind him up. I like the player too. The Spuds are losing again. What a joke they are. Eh Eh Eh

  30. El Tel

    Thanks Meanlean. What a cool goal from Theo, he had Ade to his left completely free but stuck it in. Well done son. How did Theos mini me brother do in Formula 1

  31. El Tel

    I bet that cheating cunt Bennet is shitting himself too. His decisions will be the reason they win the Prem if it stays like this.

  32. Chipo

    12 mins to go and still no subs- whats the point???? last, meaningless game of the season, at least give one of them half an hour!

  33. El Tel


    You are right this is the reason i knock our great manager. Gameplay decisions are awful. He picked his best friend Eboooe again too. WTF. Grant brings on the Russian dud and he scores them a goal.

  34. El Tel

    Bollocks. My TV will not be on for the next month and I won’t look at the Papers either. Thank fuck i am going on a European tour on my bike next week.

  35. GMR

    I see my bet of the weekend Boro to beat Man City came romping in!! A nice little 5k to end the season with!!

  36. Ray Gooner

    so who do we arsenal fans want to win the CL-final now…?

    It’s like choosing from cancer or aids!

    If Man United win it, they’ve done the double (again)
    If Chelsea win it, they’ve beaten us to win the CL before us…
    I’m feeling very sick at the moment…

  37. Wrighty7

    Thanks El Tel, no problems mate.

    Ethangunner, I dont want to start a slagging match with you, I cant be bothered. Please dont leave threatening messages on my blog again.
    It scares me.
    Shall we just leave it at that?

  38. Chipo

    So Man U are champs, congrats to them..

    Fulham stay up. Lucky bastards.

    At least we get the day trip to the cottage again!

    Bye bye bham- Muamba to Blackburn and Larsson to another non descript uncompetitive club…

  39. Geoff

    Ok guys I think we can cut Wrighty7 some slack, he dealt with the AKB’s and made a good point.

    The twats he gets on he doesn’t like anyway, his blog is a good one and he’s done the right thing, so should we.

    We finished 2 points behind the scum and 4 points behind the other scum, so a good end to the season.

  40. GunnerShabz

    birmingham the feckers fucked up….

    i just hate it, we could of won this league but we fucked up

  41. Chipo




  42. GMR

    Maybe someone should point out the league table to JJ.

    If Ramos couldn’t even motivate them to play a top 4 side who had nothing to play for in their last home game then it shows just how great a manager he is.

  43. GMR

    Choy, it was plainly obvious that Boro would batter Man City. City were never going to make a challenge of note (although Dunne got himself sent off) because they will qualify for europe now through fair play.

  44. GunnerShabz

    the difference is there, we went to wigan and we did nothing, united go their and play crap and still win 2-0

    thats what done us over.

    what can we do different next season???

    defending and taking chances

  45. pablo

    Morals of the season

    1) Pretty football dont win leagues

    2) Cheats do prosper

    3) Just because you have the most expensive toilet your still full of shit.

  46. GunnerShabz

    yeah i guess we just need to add 3-4 players and quality players

    central defender, winger, midfielder, striker

  47. Abdenor

    Well done Theo! good run & cool finnish he’ll be 1st choice RW next season i’m sure of that!
    I watched Man ure’s game & they were fotunate with some dodgy decison, penalty was a gift & Scholes should’ve been sent 1st half .
    having said that, Congrats Utd you deserved it, 10 th medal for Giggs… awesome!

    S.P The boy Palacios (the one we had on trial) looked good (Wigan’s best player) , why did we not sign him??

  48. ethangunner

    im just pissed that he can come on here slagging me off , for something that he has written on his comment section ON HIS SITE !! hypocritical lil bytch !
    If you patrolled your comments wrighty , like better blogs do we wouldn’t be having this conversation !
    POINT TAKEN ????

    Oh and Le Grove is the saddest, most embarassing Arsenal blog out there. Makes me cringe that there are supposed Gooners like that out there.

    brains of a fucking peanut !
    then has the pomegranates to be pissed at me after his blog comments states
    we are sad and embarrassing !
    should i be impressed by that ? flattered maybe ?

    Yes im over it now !
    Dont worry wrighty i wont be back !
    ill promise you that !

  49. patthegooner

    You did give a fairly hefty slating on his own blog Ethan, and he is a contributor to this one, just let it lie Children we are all Arsenal Fans. If you read some of Wrighty7’s posts you will realise he definately is not AKB

    Also got to take some positive from today. Given that Chelsea can operate on a playing field that no other club in the world can, to finish within 2 points of them at the end of any season is a great achievement.

    I know we all want to win it, but sometimes you have to hold your hands up. Man Ure were better than us over the 38 games. Not only that but a cock called Ronaldo had an incredible season and again you have to say fair play to him. If we had just bought than one or two more players pre-season who knows!!!

    Lets get those 3-4 players now and go into next season full of confidence.

  50. ethangunner

    randall’s goal was ON SIDE !
    where was ade ? played another 90 minutes ?? ANYONE ??
    Cool pass from bert !
    Theo’s all class … not just the finishing but getting behind the defense to slot those passes across the face of goal ! ..

    bendnter looks far better , more fluid movement still not the finished article but
    still played better than a certain player who im trying so hard not to slag off after
    another woeful 90 minute effort ..

    surprised by the team selection , wenger dicing with death again , this time he
    rolled the dice and came out on top …

    chevski dropped 2 points .. HAHAHA fucking HA !
    grant they will sack you for that !!!

  51. patthegooner

    just saw a really thought provoking poll on another Arsenal blog

    Would you exchange being the first English club to win at the San Siro for winning the Carling Cup?

    I actually wouldn’t

  52. Ja_Gunner

    I am so glad Birmingham went down. Serves them right for breaking Eduardo’s leg. That could have well been where the lost the season as we had no one to get those we needed later on.

    Yes other things contributed as well. But you see how traumatised the players were when they saw the broken leg. You could see it in their eyes.
    It was almost as if their friend died.

  53. ethangunner


    i did used to read his blog occassionally thats why when i saw

    Oh and Le Grove is the saddest, most embarassing Arsenal blog out there. Makes me cringe that there are supposed Gooners like that out there.

    i went green , as for slagging off i doubt it .. more like a cold hard dose of the truth and ethics ! even in school yard rules pat you dont punish the kid who throws the rock 2nd ! i see that comment as disrespectful .. PLAIN AND SIMPLE !
    i seem to remember you coming out with a few doozies in your time also !
    Mainly aimed at me !

    but as ever you were wrong 🙂

  54. Wrighty7


    Listen mate, I CANT patrol my site all the time. Especially earlier today as I was visiting a sick relative who may not make the end of the week.

    I came home, found some idiot posting shit on my blog hiding behind the anon button and then read your post slating my site.

    Now I’m bound to get a tad angry aren’t I?

    I think that you were out of line in your comments and I was too. I was just defending myself and my blog.

    I would NEVER and have NEVER slated Pedro/Geoff.

    When I’ve had the odd knob-jockey on my blog posting shit about them in the past, I have defended them.

    I find the site to be brilliant and enjoy reading all the articles and regular comments on here.

    I know you are a regular here, and I offer a virtual handshake.

    Listen, we are all Gooners, this has got out of hand and we shouldn’t we arguing like this.

    Even though you say you will never come on my site again, you more than welcome.
    (I’m not trying to steal your regulars Geoff/Pedro!!!!)

  55. ethangunner

    Would you exchange being the first English club to win at the San Siro for winning the Carling Cup?


    But the question should be more like would you rather play fulham at home and field an NON-FULL STRENGTH SIDE , or rest some players that week and HAVE A CRACK AT SPURS AND THE CARLING CUP ! instead of keeping with a stupid youth policy during that campaign .

  56. ethangunner

    come on man !!
    you’ve been popping in and out of this blog for the past 2 hours !
    and the fucker is still on your comments section !!! ( upto 15 minutes ago !)

    also my point initially was directed to the asshole who wrote it !
    NOT you ..

    at 3.32 you should have removed the comment ..
    im sure its still there now .. thats all im saying ..
    DONT BOLLOCK ME ! bollock the AH who wrote it

    END OF !
    virtual handshake accepted , lets leave it at that ..
    i know who was right and wrong .. i dont have to justify it ..
    i found the comment distasteful and un gooner like !!
    And more importantly unfair to my mates here at Le grove ..
    apart from pat


  57. GMR

    Now that our kids & reserves have beat Sunderland how long before Wenger says we proved today how strong we are & that we don’t need any signings?? I give it 2 hours!!

  58. Geoff

    Thanks for defending us Ethan! Wrighty7 did the right thing and hopefully he took the arsehole off, Wrighty, thanks for offering Ethan the virtual handshake.

    These twats are virtual bullies and the only way to deal with them is to deny them a platform, which is what I do, I don’t want my Grovers getting upset, and Wrighty as you said, we’re all Arsenal fans and I hope my Grovers go on your site, kindred spirits!

    Now let’s all bask int he glory of beating Sunderland with our kids and look forward to seeing who we sign, I think it will begin tomorrow.

    Theo will be as good as Benzema next season, my tip for 2008/9

  59. Geoff

    So Dunne gave the penalty away and the defence we all rave over got hammered 8-1, think again boss and sign someone else.

    Good news for Shittynobtwat though, serves him right.

  60. Wrighty7

    Glad thats all sorted!!

    Geoff, agree about Theo.

    Next season will be BIG for the boy and we are starting to see why Wenger bought him.

    Theo is beginning to show his potential and is getting better all the time. Its great to see him doing well after the doubts were beginning to creep in around 6 months ago.

  61. GMR

    Wasn’t it nice of Wenger to rest the players for the Euro’s, especially a player like RVP who must surely need a breather after his 9 games this season.

    I can’t wait to see all the international sides return the favour next season when we need our players rested for big games.

  62. ethangunner

    Theo needed more games under his belt , if we was forded more time and opportunities earlier on in the campaign we might of won a few more games than we did … and hence had a different result . A title win …

    Randall was onside clearly ! the goal should of counted and the young lad
    despite his lanky appearance seems a very good prospect ..


    talk away , i know you wont need a second chance to do so !

    agree with the sarcasm totally !
    im with you brother !

    I do feel a bit more positive that we have good prospects popping up within the youth ranks thou ! lets just hope we can keep them happy and they wont go astray !

    ade is still a worry , and for one of the only supposed senior players on the pitch he was fucking average again !

  63. patthegooner

    So Geoff, Pedro

    Will you be doing a big Season Review on where it went right and wrong?

    What I have got this year is a sense of optimism for next year. this time last year I did not have that. This is a big Summer for Arsene and if he gets his transfer dealings right, regardless of what others do, I think we will be right up there again.

    I was not happy with the number of people brought in last summer, and based on that i just hoped that we could at least half the points difference between the champions and us. We have more than done that, and ok given the standing and financial position of Arsenal you can see it as failure and rightly expect more, but as a Fan you have to go with what you got on September the 1st so the glass half full part of me is happy to reduce the final defecit by 17 points despite the manner of how we lost it.

    Just cant rest on our heels now, we have some surgery to do in the Summer. I cant wait till the unveiling press conferences start and the Emirates Cup

    Come On Arsenal

  64. ethangunner

    for his limited time on the pitch Geoff he looked commanding , dare i say ..
    he was straight into the action and had more of a bearing on the game than denilson did for
    80 odd minutes .. rather pleasantly surprised actually ..

    it was sunderland thou ! and RE :GMR’s comments earlier lets hope arsene doesn’t start blowing wind up there behinds to prematurely .. song and senderos did a reasonable job, but the big MoM for me was fabianski !

    not too shabby today lad ! not too shabby ! especially within the 1st 20 seconds !
    wot a fucking save , i dont think we’ve ever seen an arsenal goalie to get that far off the ground to make a save ! I think he needs to be 1st choice next season !

    give the lad some confidence ! he can be world class no fucking doubt !

  65. Abdenor


    Agree with you RE Fabianski, he just needs a run of games but i’d still bring in a top goalie, we need to win the league next season and we can’t rely on Coco & fab!

  66. El Tel

    Boys if young Theo is played up the middle he will get 20 he scored 7 this season and hardly got a chance. Unfortunately AW will persevere with him on the wing and play others up top. He is kinda like Owen down the middle. Lets hope he is our CF next season and someone else plays the wing position. Not Boooooe though.

  67. Geoff

    Ethan that is some call, I wish I had seen it, and Randall played well too!

    Pat yes we will, Pedro will talk more on it tomorrow,

    Wrighty, you’re on! Especially after what El Tel just said!

  68. Paulinho

    Denilson. Could that player be anymore uninspiring?

    You could see how Ade was pissed off that Walcott didn’t square the ball. Mr I don’t care about individual goal records. Yeah right!

    He probably thought he was too cool for skool to try breaking sweat playing with the pups.

    Can’t say I blame him to be honest. We’ve had four carling cup games in a row.

  69. El Tel

    Great news about Fab 2. I can’t wait to see the highlights now all 30 seconds of them. Another goal rul;ed out. Even though it was end of season why are we getting shit on by the forces of darkness. We could have been 9 points clear today if they hadn’t cheated their way to the title. I hate them cheating bastards more than anyone.

  70. El Tel

    Lets still get a proper keeper and bring young fab 2 on. No more Coco the fucking clown AW, send him to Alicante with Hleb, the summer season is on us and there are tables that need waiter service. Don’t drop the plates though will you.

  71. El Tel

    Be a sport Wrighty and give Geoff the Carling cup goals. Go for it guys neither of you will lose if Theo beats both your totals. Go Go Theo.

  72. Joaquin

    I wonder if they are planning on keeping Song at CB? I want to see him given his chance in the holding role. Where the hell are we going to put Toure next year? Move him to mid? Bring in his brother and leave him at CB? I don’t think he deserves out at CB.

  73. Abdenor

    El Tel, i understand why you want Theo through the middle but it aint gonna happen not for couple of years IMO , he’s not ready, i’d play him RW !

    He’ll get us the goals from midfield that we despretly lacked since Bobby & Freddie (in his pomp) left.

  74. ethangunner


    i think fabianski is a little like walcott , his confidence will grow as he is used more !
    (all these youth are the same )
    goal keepers are funny beasts , they need a run to look there best , whilst i agree we need
    another goal keeper .. he had better only be a stop gap for a season .. or youll find fabianski might fucky-offski

    randall was on the pitch for 5 minutes geoff , i spose it would be foolish to say he’s the bees knees just yet , but for that limited time a far better prospect than arsenals past youngsters for there 1st game on the big stage .. he scored a goal .. which wasn’t offside .
    clearly on the replay he was in line with the defender …

  75. choy

    so how did djorou and song and denilson play….?? and nick/?

    any where i can get highlights for this game?

  76. ethangunner


    fuckin dead right you see him mouth off to theo !
    fucking bum that he is !
    Give me the ball or ill stand around with my hands on my hips !
    ( all those phone calls to TH14 must of rubbed off the cunt ! )
    he couldnt score while he was 6 yards out , straight at the fucking goal keeper again !
    lift the ball ade ! youve only failed at this shot about 60 times this season !

    mr fucking attitude today ! ( not me 🙂 )

  77. ethangunner

    johan wasnt flash choy ..
    but bends passed well enough .. still both he and ade aint ready !
    neither could get a goal past sunderland !
    denilson played just ok… but bert seemed to run the central show ..
    in fact gilberto looked good ! he still has some class about him !
    i think he will stay !!! good bench backup material !

    oh and ade passed off too randall to get the offside goal .. in the 90th minute last game of the season !! which wasnt offside ! so if i said he didnt pass to anyone this season
    he left it too the death knock last game , end of season 90th minute to prove me wrong .. the cnuT!

    bert did a cesc type pass to set up theo .. no doubt youll see it on the news in the next 24 hours . but sublime pass , one of the highlights of the game .. theo finished clinically , something ade cant do !

    theo is wasted on the wing ! shame we dont have 2 of him !