220 players on the way? Wenger says we’ll be reassured.

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His words not mine this time, Arsene has finally come out and said what we all wanted to hear, new players on the way and we should not be disappointed.

He also said that he would prefer them from the premier league but that would cost more, we know that and now speculation starts, your fault Arsene, not ours, a premier league player and maybe two from abroad, so who would they be?

The following are players that have been muted that we don’t want, or at least I don’t, you Grovers may have other ideas, I will list those we do and those we don’t want and you can pick the bones from that carcass.

Richard Dunne a workmanlike defender, but not big enough or imposing enough for me but at £1million would fit our budget. Nzogbia and Obefemi Martins – no comment and no thanks. Kranjcar, I’m not sure what he will add but with a great team could be a surprise, look at what happened with Flamini.

Those we do want are Ben Arfa – mobile tricky and can score, very probable, Robinho the same, but too much money, Pjanic is the right age for a Wenger signing and I would be happy with him. Villa or Benzema are break the bank signings and given our injury history would not go amiss, I’d have one of them.

Velosa, comfortable as a center back or a defensive midfielder, big and imposing, another I would have in a heartbeat.

Gareth Barry I would have as well, I think he would work a treat with Cesc, but I have a feeling that’s Diaby spot next term, wrong in my book, not because he isn’t good enough, but because he’s injury prone. Mertesacker I would look at as well as Kompany, Mexes and Lescott.

Finally forget Gerrard have a look at Ronaldinho, you don’t become a bad player overnight and he could be that John Barnes type player we’ve always needed and will hold the fort until young Jack Wilshere comes of age, as far as money is concerned, I’m sure he’ll take a cut, he’ll learn from his mates Ronaldo and Adriano.

I also think clubs are looking hard at what they pay players, yesterday Keegan was told Owen needs to cut his salary if he wants to stay, maybe a new trend at last?

I know the spelling is all over the place but everywhere you read their names, the spelling is different.

Yesterday we retracted an Ade story, we even apologised, Ade was in the morning papers and we reacted badly, that afternoon he denied it on Arsenal.com, a little late but at least he came out, which is more than Hleb did, we then used the next days post to apologise.

That brought the AKB’s out, well that and school holidays, I even got this piece of priceless advice from a boy named Sue, who has been on before to give me pearls of wisdom. This was it.

‘Don’t believe a word unless it’s on Arsenal.com or you hear it straight from the Professor’s mouth’

Well Sue if we did that life would be boring wouldn’t it? No need for blogs, fanzines, sport pages in newspapers or television, just Arsenal TV and Arsenal.com what a perfect world that would be for Arsenal incorporated.

If you truly believed that, why on earth were you reading Le Grove? I’m resting my case and we move on, but please any AKB’s out there, unless you have something we are remotely interested in, don’t come on our site, take the boy named Sue’s advice and go on Arsenal.com – you know it makes sense.

Last game today so expect a youth team out there, he won’t risk Flamini and upset his new team AC Milan, so I would think he’ll put Denilson in that spot, it would be nice to see Diaby have a go, but I’m guessing he’ll be injured again.

Randall’s another possibility, but he, like Song, for me are a way off, I would think Sunderland want to win this one so will be out there with their strongest line up, don’t forget what happened the last time we played them at the end of the season …Diaby got crunched.

I hope that we’ll end the season on a high and ManU win the double, boy I never thought I’d say that!

We’ve been asked whether or not we’ll be blogging during the summer, YES is the answer, I think we’ll do Monday to Friday and not the weekend, Pedro thinks we should do both, we could do every other day, I hate the weekend because all the arseholes come out of the woodwork and I have to police the site, and more often than not I’m at the game and can’t.

My fear is having enough to talk about, so, what the hell! you Grovers tell us what you want. We’ll play it by ear regardless, I think we have a good thing going here and it keeps us off the street, away from drugs and out of gangs, so it makes sense.

See you in the comments section and good luck today.

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  1. choy

    well guess what… the barber decides to fuck up somebody’s hair today and its mine!!!


    well i don’t think we are getting a new DM… we’ll get a CB and maybe a winger or two…

    and lots of 15-16 yr old kids…

  2. El Tel

    Great start Geoff, Goofy for me too mate. I was joking about Gerrard but you never know. We are linked with a German come Spanish striker today, could it be another Eduardo moment someone with mixed nationalities.

  3. GMR

    I think Richard Dunne is bigger than you think. He’s 6’2″ & I can’t ever recall seeing a striker bully him physically. He’s also pretty quick which suits our game & knows the premier league well, at 28 he would add the experience we need.

    Who does Velosa play for??

  4. ethangunner


    its good to see wenger come out and tell the fans we will be impressed with his replacement signings .. I called him OUT to do it .. and logically he didnt let me down .
    Even more proof that wenger must read geoffs/pedros blog !

    Also i did read some wise ass earlier called wise gooner try any upset the harmony with his AKB propaganda campaign on our blog . For the record wisearse gooner it was wengers responsiblity fully RE FLAMONEY .
    as he took steps to play the player for the season whilst not securing his contract , his confidence in letting diarra leave , and now we find ourselves in this predicament…
    WHO DO YOU BLAME ? the bus boys ? the board ? wenger controls the player contracts and it was part of his signing agreement when he re-signed if you cant remember ..

    I don’t think you can blame any other person for HIS wage structure which he says HE must protect and obey which he’s stated publicly . Likewise in the past losing players like pires due to other ridiculous other statutes like his over 30’s policies ..
    These issues still need addressing or we will get a sub- class of personnel in at the club.

    Everyone is accountable , no one is beyond the club , not even sir wenger .. he isnt saint wenger .. he does do wrong and i commend free spirited gunners here for voicing there opinion in a democratic forum ! HERE !

    I think the opposite of you , there are many Nazi blogs out there who still rant that wenger is king and can do no wrong , i think you only have to look at the physical achievements of the club in the past 4 years to see we are not the mighty club we once were and most of us here want answers .AND WANT OUR TITLE BACK !.

    WE DONT WANT MORE QUESTIONS wise gooner you fucking dipshit ! Whilst i agree i think wenger is a puppet for the clubs finances it can be proven that wenger does a lot at the club and is responsible for more than just coaching and man management , he is a manager and is responsible for his players signatures foremost !! When we let 2 good players leave on frees and websters clauses questions must be asked , and even more so , we must question wengers logic throughout the year … or why these player want to leave ? is it club spirit

    Free speech is important ..if NAZISM is the way you like to read your news then go for it plenty of blogs out there that will cater for you , i can think of one straight off the bat !!! . geoff – pedro get more than enough hits on this blog everyday without your crappy ill directed comments . They top the charts in NEWS NOW . they should be commended that they are not afraid to voice an opinion and keep issues at this club honest !


  5. Rico

    I cant wait to see who these three players are

    I really dont want Ben Arfa – he is crap, gobby, pumps up himself and his team, and thinks his club are going to be top dogs next season……….. OH SORRY THAT WAS ALL ABOUT HIS LOOK-A-LIKE JENAS.. more like J-Anus..

    Didnt see much of the Lyon game but Benny boy was having a run around, but cant judge on that one game.

    I do think a Premier player is on our way to us, Arsene has dropped enough hints for all to hear – just wonder who it will be… I think we will find out soon. Surely not Barry, at 27 he is getting on a bit, and will demand top wages.. I think his best days are behind him.
    Yaya please, please please come to us, if your back is perfect…

    Oh well, hopefully a win today, and then off we go to silly season

  6. Geoff

    So we’re just on, and I warned all the pencil dick morons to go elsewhere and we get one already, well shit for brains, fuck off, your not welcome and you won’t get on, if I knew your parents I’d tell them to put the parental controls back on, but then you probably don’t know them yourself.

    Your comments don’t even get read, they go straight tot rash, where funny enough , we trash them.

  7. Evo in OZ

    ok this is mine…

    Sundays Team

  8. El Tel

    Magnificent Ethan, Geoff and Pedro do a great job for this site. We are ARSENAL fans on here no fucking imposters. The clever one is probably a Ruski Communist.

  9. El Tel

    Evo I like your choice better than mine but fuck is that attacking. Poor old Bertie will have his work cut out in the middle there mate. Good shout though.

  10. GMR

    My guess at his team is:

    Hoyte, Djourou, Senderos, Traore
    Eboue, Gilberto, Denilson, Walcott
    Bendtner, Ade

  11. Gnarley George

    Geoff, thanks for this Sunday session. Regarding Lescott, I don’t think I could watch him. Its, well, the hair. Whats the story with his hair or more to the point his fringe?

  12. GunnerShabz

    Mario Gomez, German spanish decent striker, 38 goals in 78 games or something like that, cheaper option then Karim Benzema and David Villa. But a lot of teams in europe are after him. I say Stuttgart will want £15m+ for him

    Raul Abdiol – Valencia central defender, cultured defender similar to Ricardo Calvaho and well his name keeps on popping up and well valencia had a shit season so around £7/10m i got a feeling he will be at arsenal next season

    Vincent Kompany – really good young defender i was suprised to see him at HSV and signed for £5m but i guess we can get him now at around £10-15m

    Richard Dunne – premiership experienced is a good defender and well he could be something we need but i have to see about that

    Yaya Toure – barca having problems and apparently pep guardiola the new man at the nou camp wants to have a summer clear out and well we need this guy in central midfield

    SWP – wenger wanted premiership experience and well i know he will be up for grabs this summer.

    Gareth Barry – a lot of people have different opinions but id love to see barry and swp at arsenal bring some english core in the team

    in my opinion id love to see a world class striker like david villa at arsenal but around £22m and with real madrid wanting him, it will be difficult to compete.

    this is what will come by end of may

    hatem ben arfa, raul abdiol, yaya toure

  13. GunnerShabz

    let’s look in this way, how many premiership players will be available this summer

    michael owen
    gareth barry
    Florent Malouda
    Richard Dunne
    Peter Crouch

  14. Pedro

    Morning all!

    Funny Geoff, the same people who come on and slag us off – keep coming back? You would have thought they’d give up…? If I don’t like a site, I don’t click it? Still, 3 idiots out of 324 comments is pretty good going!

    Weekend school kids eh?

    Anyway… onto the main post! Ronaldinho is available… I heard he was in talks with Man City, that would be a travesty…! Do you think we could see Barry in red and white by next week? Arfa is supposedly on the way, that would be a good signing if he can live up to the hype!

    I read some shocking news earlier… Adebayor paid out £5,000 for a box to see Celine Dion! Shocker…

    That type of news could easily see him in the Le Chump section this week!

  15. paul

    Guys you should hang your heads in shame.It should be obvious that the AKB’S are right.It is LE Groves fault that Flamini left it is LG fault that our squad was again to light and that we got stuffed by the spuds and Mancs in the cup.You obviously are unable to spot the star quality in players like Eboue and Senderos.These boys would run circles round the likes of Pires and Vierra.I could go on for ever proving you wrong but the doctors say it’s time for my medication so listen and learn my friends AKB?

  16. patthegooner

    Pedro, Geoff

    If they say you will hear it first on Arsenal.com or from the Professor himself

    You might want to ask them, what the fuck happened with Flamini then. They were 3 days behind the curve on that one.

  17. Evo in OZ

    yeah it is fairly light weight team for today, just going on Wengers chat, maybe Gibbs, Randall, etc will be on the bench, but it sounds like he’s on a testing session for today game, i say bring it on.

    I gonna watch 4 games at once, including ours so im pumped!

  18. Gnarley George

    I think ethans right about AW reading this blog. Although he probably wouldn’t admit it, I bet he tells Mrs Wenger he just slipping up to his den to check his emails at the end of the day, with his cup of hot Cocoa, locks the door & actually settles down to a bit of Le Grove. Tries Bien!!!

  19. GMR

    That Mario Gomez looks some player to be honest. I don’t actually believe Arsenal are interested in him but someone will be lucky. The German league isn’t the easiest to score in & he’s done well, he also has 6 goals in 9 appearances for the German national side.

    I think Wenger could go for Albiol because of the price but from what I’ve seen of him he isn’t the commanding central defender we need. He has height but not strength.

  20. El Tel

    Conspiracy theory. Bertie must stay for us to be able to get Goofy, a few weeks ago Bertie was as good as gone, yes we sold the Flamster but so what. Bertie as captain with Goofy coming to us. Next up Stevie Gerrard, fed up at the wheeltrim bandits he decides he wants to team up with Cesc, they sign Barry and we get Gerrard. They will be the 2 Major signings. A CB, Keeper, and anothe winger cum defender. Business done. Add a couple more kiddies and there it is.

  21. ethangunner


    The £15 million defender was tracked by Wenger two years ago when he made the £5.1 million switch from Anderlecht to Bundesliga side Hamburg. Now it seems that the Gunners boss is to return with an offer.

    The 22 year old has blossomed at HSV into one of the most highly rated young defenders in Europe and Wenger believes he is ready for the Premier League.

    The young Belgian was also monitored by Jose Mourinho during his spell at Chelsea but Kompany rejected a move to Stamford Bridge, preferring to remain in Germany and play regularly, rather than become a bit-part player at Chelsea.

    “Chelsea came in for me but I refused although I could have earned double what I had at Anderlecht. I would rather never go to Chelsea than go at a bad moment” Kompany said at the time.

    Whether the time is now right for a Premier League challenge at Arsenal remains to be seen, but whoever is coming in as the new Hamburg trainer would obviously want to keep hold of the talented Kompany.

  22. Pedro

    Ethan, speculation is banned on Le Grove… we are going to affiliate with Arsenal.com… bringing you the news 4 days after it happens!

    Nice comment Paul, and so right! haha!

    Has anyone seen this chap before? Mario Gomes… that is the first I have heard of him! 38 in 87 can’t be bad though can it?

    Ethan, can you try and change the e-mail address of your WP account? We’ve done everything to get your comments out of the spam, so it may be the number in your address, just make one up or use the old one!

  23. Mike

    Apparently Flamini left because of Arsenals slump during the second half of the season, that made him go. It’s funny that he transfers to the only team we beat convincingly and memorably during that time. We all know it was actually the money.

  24. GunnerShabz


    vincent kompany would be a good signing for us, but i think at £15m i dont think he will spend that much on a defender, never seen him sign defenders for that much.

    usually spends a lot of money on attacking players

  25. El Tel

    Geoff/Pedro Do you thjink AW was posing as the wise one yesterday or do you know his email address.

  26. Pedro

    Ruud Van Nistelrooy mark II!

    Mind you, we all got pretty excited about Podolski… has he improved for Bayern?

  27. Pedro

    That’s the problem El Tel, you never know who is the big shot behind the postings… School kids, other bloggers, Arsene Wenger! haha!

    Someone said that Adebayor reads the fan sites… I bet they all do, wouldn’t you if you were a footballer?

  28. El Tel

    Shabz mate he hasn’t spent that much on forwards pal. A defender will be about 5 mill max. We will probably get an Upson, Stepanovs, Cygan, Senderos type coming in. TA we need your help buddy get on board asap.

  29. ethangunner

    El Tel

    do you think gerrard would really join us ?
    i think he has more chance on joining his mates terry etc..
    swap 4th spot for 3rd ???
    didnt i hear lampard is barca bound ?
    and yaya’s out of the job and coming to us ?

    god … not sure what is going to happen in the off season ..
    sounds like a huge musical chairs game to me ..

  30. Michael

    With 7 subs allowed next season it will be nice to see the likes of Lansbury, Wiltshire and Gibbs getting matchday experience, because even when we make new signings we dont want to do a Chelski and never give our own youth products a chance.

    Team for today

    Eboue, Song, Gallas, Traore
    Walcott, Denilson, Randall, Gibbs
    Adebayor, Bendtner

  31. paul

    Thanks Pedro just want to say i have been going to Arsenal since 1967 and have i seen some shite players in that time.I do believe that we have a great manager and would not swap him,but he needs to wake up and smell the coffee then we can be really great.Once a Gooner Always a Gooner

  32. GunnerShabz

    Defenders wise

    Raul Abiol, i think will be arriving in the next few weeks

    Mario Gomez is good, but i just cant see wenger buying another striker, he has too much faith in walcott, bendtner, ade, van persie and eduardo

  33. El Tel

    Ethan the Gerard thing is me being silly but why would he join them, they play shit football like the team he is already at and he could have gone there years ago. Who the fuck will sign that fat prick from the Chavs anyway if he goes abroad I would be astonished the cunt is on more dough than Goofy for a start and he really is average. Michael, your team is even more attacking than Evos. Looks like it could be this one though. I forgot about Song too. Maybe change my CB’s to Senderos and Song. The big players are on the beach already.

  34. GunnerShabz

    Stuttgart wont sell Mario Gomez before euro 2008 anyways so that story is shite.

    why would they sell germany’s main striker when he will be banging the goals in at euros and get a bigger fee for him

  35. choy

    today’s team

    fab II

    eboue djorou song clichy

    walnut denilson berto traore

    bendt ade

    hopefully this should be enough… 2-1 to the arsenal.

  36. El Tel

    Paul, I have been there since 69 pal and yes we have had some shitters we have also had the best in our history in that time. We have seen League trophys in every decade unlike some Manc tossers and even the Pool. As for the mighty Spuds I cant recall ever seeing them in the top 3 and they still think they are bigger than us. Oh thery are very stupid.

  37. GunnerShabz

    Ignacio Camacho another player who name shows up

    he is 17 and well i think he will be up for grabs

  38. choy

    gunner shabz…

    i hope we get him.. we have our only german leaving…

    we need a representative from germany!!!!

    whats his attitude like?

  39. El Tel

    Choy thats another attacking team too. Only 2-1 How come we never predict scores with a clean sheet anymore? I go for 3-1 to us of course.

  40. Gnarley George

    Geoff/Pedro, I just checked out your archive for Sepember 2007. From 0 comments for one blog, to 520 something the other day. Thats bigger growth than the Chinese economy for the same period.

    Anyway, have a great game day everyone, see you for the post game blog. Sunderland 0-2 Arsenal.

  41. ethangunner

    toure, Song, Gallas, Clichy
    Walcott, Denilson, bert,traore
    Adebayor, Bendtner


    Fabianski, Toure, Gallas, Song, Clichy, Eboue, Gilberto, Denilson, Walcott, Adebayor, Bendtner, Lehmann, Djourou, Gibbs, Randall, Traore, Senderos, Flamini.

  42. El Tel

    Hurrah Gnarley you predict aclean sheet, even though they have the prolific Jamaican hitman playing for them, the guy who some think is better than Ade. Bet he gives it the lot today to try and impress AW

  43. GunnerShabz

    For some reason, i want chelsea to win the league because i cant be asked to hear fergie bullshit.

    I think avram grant is ok

  44. El Tel

    Shabz I am with you mate. Avram is ok although extremely boring. Fucking hate the Manc cunts more than the no hopers up the road. That Govan gob sheisters face will be a picyure I would treasure. Wigan will lay down though just like all the other Northern tossers have.

  45. GunnerShabz

    I hated chelsea when mourinho was there, but avram is all good in my books. The best thing if united lose the title, is ronaldo scoring all them goals and gets nothing and hopefully they get stuffed in moscow too.

    besides i got a bet some guy at work so i need chelsea to win

  46. ethangunner


    Finishing position: 3rd (Merit payment: £12.96 million)

    1. Won the last three, against Reading (h), Derby (a) and Everton (h).

    2. Chasing four wins on the bounce for the first time in 11 outings, since recording a quartet of victories between 19 January and 11 February.

    3. Scored in each of the last eight, and failed to score in one of 18. Missed the target in fewer matches than any other club (two).

    4. Scored 73 goals; only Manchester United (78) have been more prolific. Also, netted 28 in the last 15 minutes; more than any other club.

    5. Victory in this game will equal their 83-point total of 2004-05 – their highest in the last three seasons.

    6. Beaten Fulham (h), Tottenham (a), Aston Villa (a), Everton (a) and Bolton (a) from losing positions; and gained an unmatched 21 points from being in arrears.

    7. Won 2-6 at Derby in their last away game.

    8. Lost their last fixture of a Premier League season once in the last six years; 2-1, away to Birmingham on 15 May 2005.

    9. Concluded the 2002-03 campaign with a 0-4 victory over Sunderland at the Stadium of Light on 11 May 2003.

    10. Hoping to add Sunderland, to Tottenham, West Ham, Fulham, Manchester City, Bolton, Reading, Derby and Everton as clubs they’ve done the double over this season.

  47. GunnerShabz

    it pisses me off, when u get all these girls so support man utd and they dont know crap about them…

    and it pisses me off half of them supported them since they started wining the league and because of David Beckham… feckers

  48. El Tel

    Can’t stand that flash arsewipe Moaninho either, don’t like Chavs much but would like them to do it today. It would destroy the morale of The winker and the fat Chav granny fiddler.

  49. GunnerShabz

    thing is we can take some players off them like SWP, because wenger has got a good friendship with avram grant

  50. El Tel


    where did you get that lot from. Fucking geeky mate. What about the clean sheets buddy when and who was keeper.

    Shabz the Mancs think football began when the Prem started. They went 20+ years without a title.

    Just seen Fat Chav on Sky sports news baseball cap with hoodie over the top. Fucking cretin.

  51. ethangunner

    oh dear looks like eboue in for toure than in my line up ..
    shit it just got weaker !


    least they havent got boys named sue who support arsenal ..
    i spose they can thank where lucky stars for that 🙂

  52. GunnerShabz

    why dont wenger just bust the bank for leo messi thats all we need

    he can win games on his own

  53. ethangunner

    BBc stats page el tel

    whats a clean sheet ?
    closest we get to clean sheets was when our players stay the night at a hotel !

  54. Bren

    Said it before, that Richard Dunne would be a great signing. Not more than 3m I would reckon. He is about 6.2, physically strong and has a nice bit of pace. He reads the game well also.

    In my opinion, he is well ahead of Senderos.

    Remember what AW did for Tony Adams when he arrived first. I think AW would bring Richard Dunne on big time.

    Dunne is also from the same part of Dublin as Liam Brady, who is a fan.

    Our big money spend this summer has to be on a striker – Villa please.

  55. Pedro

    Cheers wade.

    How old is Richard Dunne? I’d put anyone in front of Big Phil. Boxers have glass Jaws, he has glass confidence!

  56. Evo in OZ

    how can dunne be ahead of Senderos, Dunne is 28 and Senderos is 23, clearly one has lots of promise and one had 5-6 years max left!

  57. finestcuts

    Since Gibbs and Randall have had a big mention, they look set for a role.

    I’m going for a 4-5-1 today which would give us the most opportunities to incorporate those 2.


    Toure, Song, Gallas, Clichy
    Walcott, Denilson, Gibbs, Gilberto, Traore

    Subs: Mannone, Senderos, Eboue, Adebayor, Randall

    We could be quite flexible in this game, Eboue could come on for Gibbs, and Randall for Denilson making it 4-4-2

    (Ebour for Theo, Walcott up front with Bentdner with Denilson with Randall substitutiing Denilson/Gilberto.)

    Wenger also made a statement about big players not necessarily being big names, and that there are many well known players who don’t play as well or produce as much as the hype surrounding them.

    I’d definitely welcome Krancjar and Barry, although I haven’t read a comment attributed to Wenger naming any league we’re looking to buy from, although the top quality statement can be used as pointing in that direction, I still have doubts as to whether that’s what he means, when did we last buy from a Premier League team?
    We got Sol Cambpell for free, now that was a huge transfer…but in recent times?

    If Huntelaar doesn’t come to us this season, I hope it’ll be next, if he wants to have another year under Van Basten to perfect his technique and score another 30 for his team, you can’t blame the fella but if he joined us he would be very useful. I mean how many players do we have to play up front? 3, and we should always have 4 strikers available. We need someone to deputise for Eduardo who will not be ready until the 2009 season.


    Feb 08: Injured
    August 08: Can Walk
    November 08: Can Run

    1-2 Mnths muscle training to get back to form: Jan 09

    3 months in reserves to get match fitness back:

    April 09 We expect to be fighting for the title by then so we can’t risk starting him, sub Appearances if short of squad members.

    July 09, pre-season ….hopefully ready for August 2009

    Then…same role as before, Eduardo will need up until Jan to get back into things, Carling Cup etc. So I doubt we’ll see the best of him until 2010.

    So we need a striker for the next 2 seasons and at the end of 2010 we can think of letting one go but for now we need to hedge up front to guarantee safety.

    We need to hedge for both Hleb and Rosicky, so maybe one world class winger and one new gun ready for 12-24 months time.

    A world class centre back who understands the long ball game and knows how to deal with it….and Italian Serie A defender would be ideal and if we’re going by
    someone who would appeal to Wenger, Phillipe Mexes cannot have avoided Wenger’s radar, he plays for the French national team, plays for Roma and is considered one of the best defenders in Serie A, has had a good season,is aged 26 and won’t be known to many EPL fans.

  58. Pedro

    Evo got your e-mail, I’ll speak to Geoff later and get back to you!

    By the way, I am starting up a mailing list for those can’t get access to Le Grove at work!

    Just e-mail me if you want to be part of it!

    Info is in the side bar!

  59. chris

    richard dunne would be great and i am totally biased but he gives super perfomances for the ireland team, if the price is one mill id take him in a heart beat, henry did terroise him in teh past but he has grown up more since then and lets face it who could contain TH14

  60. Evo in OZ

    No probs Pedro – cheers!

    I can get le-grove at work, only time i cant get into the comments section is when we swear our guts out and my work server filters the swear words and prevents me opening the comments part!

  61. Evo in OZ

    man 3 hours to go till kick off, ive already had a couple of beers, need to slap a few waters in between!

  62. ethangunner

    i think arsenal will field there strongest side on paper
    and once we are ahead only then will you see the stiffs come in at the 60th minute mark .
    wenger will still want to win this …

    there beatable and we will bury them before we side an inexperienced youth line up ..
    wenger still has something to play for … pride !

    i think traore played ok the other night he could get a start on the right ! but other than that expect a start of all the regulars i think..

    ade will obviously play i would think ..

    jen’s 200th game tonight for arsenal .
    & diaby’s 22nd birthday !

  63. GMR

    We struggled against Sunderland at home & Roy Keane has really fired them up for this one. Wenger wants to win because like all of us he wants to win every game we play but at the same time he knows this match is about as important as a pre season friendly & will treat it as such.

    If we are after Dunne we certainly won’t get him for 1 million. He’s not going to buy out his contract & as Arsene explained its not that simple. Anyway if he Dunne attempted to do that to them I wouldn’t want him as we all know as fans what its like due to the c*** Hleb!!

  64. chris

    evo, i thought your diet consisted of alcohol exclusivly, will your body know how to process water?

  65. ethangunner

    be a man evo slam a few shooters down you . water is a bad idea ..
    it only makes you more thirsty

  66. ethangunner

    ive always stated we need new signings from the EPL ..
    its good to hear wenger state he is considering it ..
    EPL players realize how important winning the title is ..
    most euro players like some managers like raffa put C.L football ahead of the local
    league . And i think if we got a few EPL proven performers the team will gel a lot better
    with less walk outs at the end of the season .

  67. Evo in OZ

    hahah….exactly. if i dont see out the game, it will because i went to the pub at 1.30pm for lunch and stayed till 6pm and then had 3 wines with dinner when i got home!

    Just having a few quick aqua’s so the beers can come back out shortly! I specifically took tomorrow off from work (applied 3 weeks ago) in case we were still a chance, so im still gonna stay up and enjoy the last round!

    Bring on the signings!

  68. Old Father Gun

    Love the site – My favourite daily internet reading (several times per). Do keep it going over the silly season. Much appreciated by all I’m sure.

  69. edlass

    So Flamoney came out to say he wouldn’t have left Arseanl if we won the premiership.
    So he jumped ship to Meelan, currently 4th in Serie A, 20 points behind Inter.
    How pathetic!!!!!

  70. ethangunner


    just goes to show the AKB brigade that all there BS they state over time is 110% wrong.
    gloating how pretty our football is , and that we are making a good solid financial future for the club , that all our players are progressing very well like we are some footballing nursery .

    ITS A ENDLESS LOOP ! unless we fans at Le Grove break the cycle !

  71. Mean Lean


    Why does everyone want kompany? He is another ball playing defender who is good on the ball. We need a tough aggressive beast of a center back. It seems like someone mentions a name and then everyone follows it even though they don’t know what type of player he is.

  72. Geoff

    Blimey, he sounds like he’s starred in Lord of the Rings Evo, you didn’t drink that water between beers did you?

  73. edlass


    I know we cannot ask our players to have bottomless amount of loyalty towards the club for peanuts without winning trophies for 3-4 seasons. But I just find Flamoney’s interview trying to justfity his move to meelan too disappointing. Was he just a calculating little bastard all along? Not that it matters, but I have zero respect remaining for this guy.

  74. edlass

    By the way, have read Observer this morning; but why AW is the biggest hate-figure in Aston Villa? (I’d have understood if it came from Manu fans). Is it because of Barry link?

  75. Evo in OZ

    edlass…it was only a matter of time before flamini came out with an interview that talked shite, he was always going to contradict himself before he even opend his mouth!

  76. ethangunner

    mean lean speak up or just take a ticket …

    Vincent kompany is a god amm legend .. 22 years old and looks so experienced he could be a veteran .A tough aggressive beast of a center back ???

    who the hell fits that description ? metsacker ? but certainly not too many in the EPL .
    We just need someone to stop Ariel threats . And a solid tall body ..
    We would do far worse than pick up Kompany he will be a player of pure quality for the future for us .. and he currently is world class !

    Also i think i was the driving force behind continually mentioning him ..
    nothing wrong with speculation .. not sure why you blog if you dont like
    to talk gossip .. just read the papers ..

  77. chris

    no cunt is showing it!!!

    any asian bloggers got any help on this as i am fucked if i am going to watch those cunts win it today on sky,

  78. ethangunner


    i think flamoney after not being signed at the start of the season started thinking player 1st , club 2nd .. It was a loyalty based issue to begin with
    revenge as it were !
    we didnt want to sign him !
    so he turned around and said fuck you arsene ..
    after proving himself

    1stly arsene should of re-signed him if he really planed on dropping bert !
    2ndly he could of dug himself out of this hole in October when diarra wanted a run ,
    flamini sign or start getting used too reverse football cause thats all youll play until you sign !!

    like he said the money was too much to refuse . something i said to pat all along ..
    but your right greedy little bastard covers his last season at arsenal !

    Im sure Hleb is of the same opinion…
    wenger fighting hleb is pointless
    i think hlebs agent has summed it up .. there is no way back for hleb ..

    arsene just wants to get a full transfer for him ..

  79. Evo in OZ

    not sure chris, they may tune in 5 mins before kick off, no guarantee, you can only go by what they have listed….

    Ive got cable now (foxtel) so luckily i dont have to watch it on the net anymore!

    who’s this bosingwa guy that the chavs have beaten man u scum to?

  80. El Tel

    Geoff/Pedro you are taking a slagging on wrighty 7 blog. Them cunts you chucked out are over there. They have about 4 comments mate what a joke they are. Theo for Formula 1 OOps I mean Hamilton. watch Val Rossi next weekend on the bikes Moto GP bbc2, fucking awesome.

  81. chris

    evo connected your chelsea tv up to the net, PLEASE!
    only joking but it looks highly unlikely we will get to see this match today in the UK and irl

  82. GMR

    Hamburg have been playing Kompany as a right winger. Thats when he actually plays for them & isn’t injured.

    Can anyone clear up about this year’s Amsterdam tournament?? Sky are advertising it as there whats on over the summer campaign & they say its featuring Arsenal & obviously Ajax, but I cannot find any official information on it. The official website says it will be announcing the teams soon, but if Arsenal are in it, then we have one hell of a busy pre season!!

  83. Evo in OZ

    i unfortunately have Samsung everything…not the best seeing the chavs love it, but it serves me well.

    Geoff, speaking of such, i remember Bud sending that pic of him and the big fella Ray in, where do we send pics to post?

  84. chris

    Arsenal v Juventus FC – TICKETS AVAILABLE Emirates Cup 2008. Saturday, August 2, 2008. Kick-off: 4.15pm

    Arsenal v Real Madrid – TICKETS AVAILABLE Emirates Cup 2008. Sunday, August 3, 2008. Kick-off: 4.15pm

    not likely old father gun those dates clash with teh emirates cup

  85. GMR

    Old Father Gun: That was the 2007 tournament, but thanks anyway.

    Chris, I already looked on there but it doesn’t say anything about Arsenal appearing in 2008, but they are advertising it on sky!!

  86. chris

    sky for once are ahead of themselves, sorry i had no info to bring to the debate, you going to eth emirates cup?
    geoff might actual have teh le-grove t-shirts by then, he has been threating them for 6 months!

  87. chris

    fuck evo, tyhis is very positive from the press, i hope it proves that we are going to get quality,

  88. Geoff

    El Tel, the other sites shouldn’t allow it, that’s why I think a lot of them are in fact jealous other sites, anyway I wouldn’t go on their sites and give them recognition, they”re all wankers.

    They go on sites that have a handful of comment and most of the are anonymous and they have combined IQ’s of 11.

    Thanks for the heads up, Theo is second with 3 laps to go by the way, but ahead of the championship leader.

  89. chris

    right so, i now have to drive about 15 miles to my mates house to wtahc teh enemy win teh league, that is not right is it?
    its teh first match that i am not going to see all season and i am sick,
    enjoy you’all

  90. GMR

    I’m definately going to the emirates cup if we’re actually making some signings. I wouldn’t have bothered if it was just going to be the same squad as this season.

    I’ve just heard Arsenal are in for Antonio Valencia from Wigan!! I thought he was going Liverpool or Man Utd??

  91. Evo in OZ

    will do Geoff.

    i have no idea on this Gomez, but there’s a fair bit of chat around about him!

  92. GMR

    Team news: