Flamini don’t kid yourself, you weren’t that good.

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So it’s now official, Flamini has gone, well, if we were losing Cesc I may be upset, the way I see it, is now the boss has a great opportunity to buy a world class replacement, one that can offer us more than Flamini did, as I said yesterday most of us wanted him out last season and hoped he was going to Birmingham, he didn’t and had a great season, take note Matty, one season doesn’t make a summer, we remember the other 3 crap ones.

I think you’ll at best be a utility player at Milan, good luck to you, they’ll find you out and you’ll end up as left back, your favourite position.

Nobby Stiles you were Ok, but you weren’t great, so good luck son, they’ll soon work out they didn’t buy Kaka mark 2.

We should now look for a goalscoring midfielder, who? I don’t know, but I’d like to know soon, so boss get on with it!

I hope the powers that be at the Arsenal learn from this experience and don’t let contracts run down, I think that’s why Edelman went, or was he just a scapegoat?

The time now is to get behind the boss and see where he’ll take us, he has an massive opportunity and must seize it with both hands, get the cheque book out or get left behind.

I really think he has something up his sleeve, but then I thought Flamini would stay, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Will Hleb go? I don’t think so, but as you all know, I’ve been wrrrronnng before, there, I’ve said it!

Have a great day today Grovers, let’s have some ideas on signings.

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  1. GunnerShabz

    Real Madrid are prepared to pay big for Valencia striker David Villa.
    Marca says Real’s opening bid is a massive £22 million for the Spain international, whose agent Jose Luis Tamargo has already received a contract offer worth £3.5 million-a-year over four years.

    The deal offered by Real would make Villa among the highest paid players at the club, with only Iker Casillas and skipper Raul on better wages.

    i guess we out straight

  2. goonerjay

    Another really good winger that would be Wengers type of signing. Young and extremely talented… Giovanni Dos Santos.
    He’s not getting many games at Barca at the moment and is better than Hleb already in my opinion

  3. El Tel

    Cheers Big Raddy I want one of them foreign ones too, had a try and enjoyed it very much. Jay I know what you mean and I agree but AW was right (for once) when he said don’t compare with the Chavs and Mancscum. Football is being cheated by these tossers and they are one of the reasons the ticket prices go up too. My guess why the Gooners are really upset is because of the uncertainty that we Gooners can’t handle. AW would make a great Politician with the spin he gives us. Arsen Knows but no one else does.

  4. Trinidad_Gunner

    A few weeks ago Real’s wishlist striker was Benzema, with Huntelaar 2nd. I can see them getting one of those instead of Villa. But if they did bid 22 Mil for Villa, there goes our chances.

  5. Trinidad_Gunner

    Barca’s untouchable players are Messi, Bojan, and Gio Dos Santos.
    He would be great but gooluck, they rate him very highly for the future. Those 3 are the future of Barcelona.

  6. El Tel

    How about a pick of the Prem for our next signings. 1. Jussi 2. M. Richards. 3. g. Barry. 4. Gerrard. 5. Alex (Chavski) 6. Wheater. 7. SWP. 8. Krankjar. 9.Berbatov. 10. j.Cole 11. Pedersen. There are plenty of choices out there and everyone even Stevie G has a price, he would love to play for us I think.

  7. goonerjay

    Tell me about it Tel… a bit of assurance that we are looking to progress from the boss would be nice.

    Trinindad that’s understandable mate they are exceptional talents… i just think he would be great at Arsenal, hasn’t been playing much at Barca and is more than capable of walking into our 1st team. Plus we’ll have one of his very good friends at the Emirates soon when Vela comes back

  8. El Tel

    Prem picks. 1. Kirkland. 2. Elano. 3. Bridge 4. Arteta. 5. Carvallho. 6. Huth 7. Young. 8. Bently. 9. Agbonlahor. 10. Mc Carthy. 11. Petrov.

  9. El Tel

    Jay he says nothing to reassure us mate and what he does say is fucking coded by doing this he can’t be called a liar. He lied a couple of years ago. Where are the Super Super players? What if he blew the fucking lot on the real Ronaldinho, isn’t AW greta at picking up fading stars. Barca I believe owe us lots of dosh. Th14 plus previous signings are still not paid for. Would he be a good replacement for Hleb.

  10. El Tel

    Didn’t we have a chance to borrow that fat fucking goal machine Adriano earlier in the season. Would he have done it for us. Is it another Aw mistake or was that bullshit.

  11. El Tel

    What about letting that Manc/Totts loving cunt Beckham train with our boys. What a fucking stupid move that was. The cunt is still mates with Nevill and co so all our methods were being spied on. What was it for a bit of Kudos in the football loving States. What a load of bollocks. Beckham probably showed our boys how wonderful the big life is away from us. Hate the Cunt.

  12. GMR

    If we sign Gattuso I’d stop supporting the club & turn to knitting instead!!

    Flamini, who we all agree is not the greatest player or the biggest loss made a monkey out of that fool in the CL. He is old & can’t even last the pace in a slow moving league like the Italian one, there is not a chance he could cope with the premier league!!

    I’d love Wenger to sign Benzema, Quaresma & two top quality centre backs!! Or even one quality centre back & Dunne from Man City!! We don’t need to replace Flamini.

  13. goonerjay

    that really pisses me off with Wenger… he can never give us a straight answer about anything or he doesn’t give us an answer at all.

    I think Dos Santos would be a brilliant replacement for Hleb

  14. Pedro


    Is there a rumour we will! That would please me… after talking to Geoff, I’ll settle on Barry as my first choice, but my second would be Gattuso.

    British experience, a winner and at his peak. Remember how a 34 year old Davids nearly pushed Spurs into the top 4? I reckon Gattuso could push us towards the title… he scores goals as well!

    It seems like I’ve missed a mighty fine day of blogging!

  15. goonerjay

    I’m with you on that one GMR… Quaresma would be a very good signing, i would prefer Robinho but i wouldn’t grumble at Quaresma. I don’t think we need to replace Flamini, i think Diaby is ready and Denilson plays well alongside Fabregas and we also have Song who i hated as a player earlier this season now i actually quite like him.
    I can also see Wenger giving Gilberto another year.

    We def need a CB or 2 and a winger, they are priority

  16. Trinidad_Gunner

    Gattuso is only being linked with us because he says he wouldn’t mind playing in England, and since Flamini leaves for Milan its only natural to be linked with him as a replacement.
    I don’t read any more into it than that.

    AC Milan have said that Flamini is not replacing Gattuso and they are not trying to get rid of him. Aparantly, they think Flamini can play anywhere across midfield.
    I’d laugh if they play him out of position.

  17. goonerjay

    I think Robinho is definately leaving Real in the summer Pedro…. I’ve got everything crossed that he comes to us but i doubt it… i wouldn’t be surprised if he goes to the scum up the road if they offer a swap deal for Berbatov. Then i really would be pissed

  18. GMR

    Quaresma would be better than Robinho in England because he has much more strength. Quaresma has performed against British teams in the CL proving he can do it, Robinho has always been poor in that situation!!

  19. GMR

    I know nobody believes me but Berbatov for Robinho is already an agreed deal with spuds getting 10 million on top. All I cannot answer is if Robinho has agreed to the deal because I don’t know that but the clubs are definately in agreement.

    Berbatov has even been left out of the new spuds shirt photos because he is off!!

  20. goonerjay

    the more i see of Vela the more i like him.


    GMR i have seen a lot of Robinho this season and he looks a lot more balanced on the ball than previous years. Also Quaresma is a bit selfish and holds play up at times which doesn’t really fit into the Arsenal style…. s’pose that could easily be changed though

  21. Pedro

    GMR, Quasar failed at Barca becuase he was too weak! He hasn’t bulked up since!

    Goonerjay, we put a bid in for him last year… I wouldn’t be so sure he wont sign. Wenger knows the team is going to be low on morale if he doesn’t strengthen with quality this summer, I think there could be a few shocks on the cards (I hope, dream, pray)!

    What are peoples thoughts on Barry?

  22. Finestcuts

    El tel, why d’you fancy Kirkland? Hahnemann is better than him, if it wasn’t for Hahnemann Reading would already be relegated, he really is the difference between them staying up this year…I think they’ll get all 3 points against Derby, it’s unthinkable that in such a huge game to them that they’d lose against the worst team in the Prem…but hey if they do, they don’t deserver Premiership football next season.

    Not too hot on the Chelsea boys, they’d cost a boat load and we can get just as good as them, whats so special about Bridge. Carvahlho is no better than Toure.
    Huth….up and coming…Wheater has more proven ability but buying defenders off sloppy teams is not the way forward, bad habits etc.
    Young always plays a big part in the game but I’d rather someone like Santa Cruz. Bentley is really showing ability, he’s better than Rosicky (even if you don’t like him), Wenger should pay Blackburn for the development and bring him back but it wouldn’t be popular.
    McCarthy is old hat, second striker material, he’ll be a blackburn player till his EPL days are done.

    Wenger is gonna have to wheel and deal this summer, for those of you worried he won’t he has effectively been chek mated into doing so, we’ve lost 2 so far (Diarra, Flamini) and we have 3 frequent injuries.

    Like Trindad mentioned, we’ll get 2 ready mades, 2 up and coming wonderstars who could break through, all the breakthroughs happening in our youth, there’s a lot happening at Arsenal and some think it’s all about a couple of average joes by Arsenals standards who think the show won’t go on without them….it will, it must and the only response is the same as when Henry left. We get better. We will be a better team by next season..

    We’re sorted with the top 4, as Kevin Keegan said, us Liverpool, Chelsea and Manyoo have made the Cl a fortress, we’re a class apart from the rest. it’s just about us the medium sized club competing with Credit inc, Abarmovic Inc and God knows who at Liverpool but they’re certainly not short.

    We need to win the CL to become a big club, Wenger obsses over it because thats the only way to win the minds of the masses around the world, to win it. I want to win the Prem as much as any fan but FA CDup and a close second with us in it right up to the end and losing due to bad luck would be palatable. 3rd again next season? It won’t be swallowed unless we have a cup on the table, preferably 2 or 3.

  23. goonerjay

    David Silva from Valencia is another brilliant player and we could get him fairly cheap with all of Valencias problems but you would have a lot of competition for his signature

  24. suicidalsam

    maybe we should buy kenwin jones from sunderland and sell adebayor. he is a lot better than adebayor at holding up the ball, winning headers, touch keeping ball possession. I have never liked adebayor (since he missed an open goal in his first season). Jones would do a looooooooooot better job than ade from the service he would get up front.

    how about selling ade and buying villa n jones?
    robinho would be nice but don;t think that will happen. don’t know much about ben arfa but he will surely be a looooooooooooooooooooooooot better than eboue. why the f does he get games? what does he contribute? he should be sent out for free. the first season he was great but since then nothing but shit.

    we really do need to buy lot of quality players. can’t win the league with this think squad.

  25. El Tel

    Finest I didn’t mean just them players but they are an example you added better ones than me especially Cruz. I put Kirkland in because he is better than Coco Munia. What I was trying to say was that any keeper in the Prem bar a couple are better, I rate Jussi at Bolton he has done what the Reding boy did for years. I think Coco is the worse player we have and that includes Boooee. Letting them equalisers in just after we scored are mainly his fault. Lots of gooners rate our Goalkeeper but tell me when he ever won us the points.

  26. Trinidad_Gunner

    Of course i’d love to see Kenwyne Jones at Arsenal since he’s from Trinidad and I know him from school days, but he’s potential. Not there yet. Arsenal would do him alot of good, but we need more than that.

    He’s better than Adebayor though. Holds up the ball, good first touch, good in the air.
    We’ve also been linked to him in the press but I don’t think its going to happen.

  27. Trinidad_Gunner

    Oh, and I think Jones is getting Sunderland’s fans player of the season, which is presented before our game against them.
    Maybe Arsene will take notice.

  28. El Tel

    Kenwin Jones what a joke. How is he better than Ade. Ade misses chances TH14 missed many and in big games too. I can understand that Kenwin bullied our CBs at Le Grove but really he isn’t Arsenal quality.

  29. goonerjay

    Diego, Queresma, Robinho, Veloso, Kompany, Zapata or Metzelder… if any of those players come in the summer i will be a happy boy

  30. El Tel

    TG mate Sunderlands player of the season is not much to shout about mate. I thought Kenwin played well at Le Grove but we shouldn’t buy all the players who do well against us. Our CBs and Keeper are poor in the air and in training the likes of Ade etc never test them enough for this to improve. How many goals did young Ken get and how many assists. I think he could be a plan B but that would hold up the up and coming Starlets.

  31. El Tel

    Finest the only reason I put Huth in ther is because he looks like a Monster mate. Not seen to much of him really though as the Chavs took a bit of his career away from him.

  32. choy

    jones over ade… no thanks…

    i do think arsene will bring some stars this time around.. this team is in danger he knows that… and the only way to keep the players is show some ambition.. give them all a raise, tie them down to longer contracts.

    what i truly think we need is a GK.. a CB.. and a right winger.. and maybe a DM…

  33. Trinidad_Gunner

    El Tel, I don’t rate him because of the game against Arsenal. I’ve seen him play almost every week, and i’ve followed him for about 7 years now.
    And I know i’m biased.
    I didn’t say he is what Arsenal need. I said Arsenal is what he needs.

    “Not there yet. Arsenal would do him alot of good, but we need more than that.”

  34. Trinidad_Gunner

    Choy, I think Arsene already said that we’re not looking for a GK. If we get one, it will be 3rd choice after Fabianski

  35. BB

    goonerjay.. I watch a lot of French football and he is not the player we need unless we sell Cesc .. they would not be able to play 2gether..2 similar
    been hearing rumours that Hleb is def gone..will sign on monday for Inter
    we need Ben Arfa .. fantastic player and the new wonderkid from Metz ..Pjanic..
    as much as I like Nasri..fukk..we should just buy them all..

  36. Trinidad_Gunner

    Buy Nasri so Cesc doesn’t have to play 50 games.
    Look at Cesc’s form at the start of the season, and the end, if he has help in CM, he can be at the top of his game for the run in, thats what hurt us this season.
    Everyone was out of energy.

  37. Trinidad_Gunner

    Maybe thats another reason why we have so many players injured (not Rosicky and RVP) … our squad is too thin to give them a rest

  38. choy

    yes a back up for cesc is what we need… but wenger hardly rotates.. and we don’t want another diarra.. well.. wenger is in for a long gruelling summer….

    but he gets a heck of a lot of money for it so he might as well get the job done !!!

  39. Geoff

    Way too thin and the way it’s looking is he won’t bolster it, we were already short last year, then we sold Diarra, now Jens and Flamini are gone, so we need to buy three just to be short again.

    So if he only buys 2 then we’ll be bringing in more kids, and given we don’t have enough experience now, we’ll be even worse next term, how depressing.

  40. Trinidad_Gunner

    You have people like Ballack, Shevchenko, SWP warming the bench for Chelsea, we won’t have another Diarra if the backup for Cesc actually plays now and then.
    We should take the CC and FA cups more seriously, rotate against Reading, Fulham, etc.

  41. Trinidad_Gunner

    Anyone read that Eduardo is being sued by his wife’s uncle for commision regarding his move to Arsenal?

  42. GoonerJim

    Sorry lads but i’m more depressed now than i was this morning. Lehman & Flamoney have gone, Sagna, Adebayor & Fabregas are targetted by Europe’s elite & Hleb is getting ready to say his goodbyes on Sunday. What has happened to our club? Has Wenger lost the plot? Also anyone know anything about the ‘real’ reasons for Edelmans departure?

  43. choy

    poor chap.. just keeps getting worse for him doesn’t it..

    he still gets paid by arsenal right?

  44. mark

    Nobody’s lost the plot GoonerJim it’s just a matter of why should any decent player stay at Arsenal when we don’t win anything …that’s what they’re in football to do, win trophies raise their profile and demand more money ……. modern footballers for you.

  45. Stupid

    “You will never starve as a striker at Arsenal – you get the quality balls to work with. Ade will be the first to agree with that.”

    A quote from le boss.

    To me.. that is a clear signal to a striker he must be chasing, he has highlighted the defence as the weak point… but had we of taken all the chances created with a clinical striker… who knows where we would have ended up.

    He must be after Benzema, i’m convinced of it.

  46. DeeOzGooner

    anyone see what wengers said abt ade?…apparantly he could improve another 20%!!…if we’re only gona get another 20% outa him then sell the lad now!!!…next drogba my arse!

  47. DeeOzGooner

    yeh podolski wud be a great addition! i beleive he spends alota time on the bench aswell…

    podolski & diego…cmon le boss…hear our cries!!!

  48. Stupid

    trust me lads, just trust me

    karim benzema will be the best striker on earth by a stretch by the 2010 world cup.

    we need to sign him this summer, if we dont get him, manure will and then its game over for a good few years.

    not seen a more lethal bulldozing type player since the young ronaldo was at barca 10 odd years ago.

  49. Trinidad_Gunner

    Benzema will need a good reason to choose Arsenal over Real Madrid and ManU.

    Arsene can use his French Connection

    I think Arsenal should use FCUK as their next shirt sponsor .. what could be more fitting? French Connection UK

  50. Ethan_gooner

    Gattuso??? fuck me the cunt is 30 !? 2 reasons arsene wont sign him !
    1 . hes past it !
    2. he’s 30 +
    actually 3 . his wages!!!
    who ever started that rumor was probably on crack .. Actually it was probably flamini !
    hoping for more playing time ..

    Yes evo ! you finally talking sense !yoan gouffran
    vincent kompany
    and david villa !

  51. Ja_Gunner

    Hello. Gooner j you said Robinho has equal if not better skills than Ronaldo.
    I think Robinho is 100 times more skilled that Cronaldo.
    Most times Cronaldos step overs get him nowhere, they just look fancy.

    Also I read Real is offering Villa 3.5 mil per year which is about 70,000 per week. They said that puts him just behind Casillas and another person for highest wages. This means Robinho may be on about 60k . I think we could afford that.

    Also someone else said he doesnt do well against english teams. Just how many english teams have they played in the last couple of years, other than Arsenal. Maybe Manu but not much so i dont think we can say that he cant handle the priemier league based on thoise few times.

  52. Evo in OZ

    i think we could afford villa at 70k pw. Wenger never releases wage info, so that would be ok as it wouldnt upset any of the other players!

  53. GMR

    Yoan Gouffran is a Caen player outright, the AC Milan player that people are getting confused with is Yoann Gourcuff.

    There were big rumours that Arsenal signed Gouffran in January (or at least agreed a deal for him) but it seems to have gone quiet on that front now. He has done ok so far back in the Ligue 1.

  54. Evo in OZ

    yeah the caen gouffran rumours went quiet a while back. caen also went a bit off the boil in the 2nd half of the season!

  55. Abdenor

    “Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is considering reporting Real Madrid to Fifa for allegedly tapping up midfielder Cesc Fabregas. (Various)”

    Why do we invite them to take part in the Emirates cup????…

  56. Goona P

    Flamini gone…..
    Hleb going…..
    Tottenham will end up with Diarra & Modric….
    No Chance of Wenger signing players like David Villa or Robinho….

    Next Seasons First XI will still include Senderos, Eboue, Adebayor etc
    Van Persie, Rosicky & Eduardo will all miss most of season with injury!!!

    Same old s@#t!!!!!!

  57. GMR

    Well unless Cesc signs a new deal this summer he can buyout his contract next year so if we get a 40 to 50 million pound offer I’d seriously consider it.

    Most of us on here agree there is little chance of us winning anything next season because the squad is already weaker & Wenger clearly won’t strengthen it enough. If we don’t win anything Cesc will go, he’ll have seen his mates Flamini & probably Hleb leave & it won’t seem the same for him at the club!!

  58. GMR

    There is certainly no chance of Robinho joining us. Even if he turns spuds down, Real Madrid will never sell to us unless we sell them Cesc!!

  59. Ethan_gooner

    gouffran where not rumors they were bullshit plain and simple ..
    they said we signed him DEAL DONE !

    money and politics on this occasion are a separate issue maybe ?
    maybe its a ploy to pack out the stadium ???


    the reality is the deal is done and real released that headline only 48 hours ago ..

  60. Ethan_gooner

    i agree ,can you imagine next season without flamini – hleb , i know it was only 1 season that they fired but it was the season when we looked a little bit dominant in spurts .
    I saw the everton game on the weekend , and if thats anything to look forward too , i might boycott next season 🙂

    Our midfield was like a finely tuned instrument , the defense and strikers clanged around but those 3 in the midfield controlled the show .. Everton looked like the blind leading the blind ..
    Not sure how we would go if we lost flamini- hleb- and cesc .. but if we got 50 mil to spend.
    and spent it wisely maybe we could get adequate replacements .
    But other than sagna ,wengers choices have been pretty poor since dein has left

    I think we are better off going with proven talent .

  61. mayank


    Flamini: A Second Rate Player?

    Only three years ago, as Arsenal prepared to move to The Emirates the following summer, the headlines were dominated by the fact that Thierry Henry was moving into the final 24 months of his contract.

    Attempts to get him to sign on sold newspapers throughout the season, and it was public knowledge that he would be on his way to Barcelona if he did not.

    He did eventually commit in an emotional moment after the Champions League final – a decision he was to reverse the following summer – but the astute Wenger had taken no chances as far as the club’s future was concerned.

    The key point is that he understood the importance of the moment – they needed their skipper and star player as they moved to a big stadium and into a new era. He broke the trend, and Arsenal’s wage policy, to hand the Frenchman a mammoth five year deal, one which put him at par with Andriy Shevchenko and Michael Ballack as far as the rich list went. Smart move.

    As Henry was signing, a certain Mathieu Flamini was moving into his final 24 months. Did anyone even care?

    What You Did Last Summer

    Fast forward to last summer, when Flamini was moving into the final 12 months of his contract. He was, once again, conveniently ignored. What was ‘the professor’ doing? He was getting Cesc Fabregas – who had light years to run on his deal – to sign a massive extension through to 2014.

    So, before one demands loyalty from Flamini, one has to ask whether Arsenal were loyal to him. If that was business, so is this. The only reason he was not offered a new deal was because Wenger thought he was expendable at that point. He might as well have been shown the proverbial finger.

    Put yourself in Flamini’s shoes for a moment. Would you grudge him for feeling treated like a second rate player? You move into the final year of your contract and watch as a teammate signs on for seven seasons. The person who has to answer for this is Wenger. The Arsenal manager knew full well what he was doing, and it is he who must carry the can, not Flamini.

    Personally, I strongly believe that the hugely improved midfielder should still have stayed at the club. He will never mean to Milan what he could have to Arsenal, just like Henry will never mean to Barcelona what he could have had he retired at the Emirates. But that is a moot point.

    What About Last Month?

    Let us move on, assuming Wenger took a calculated business decision, and assuming he thought he could get Flamini to sign on. Let us now look dispassionately at what has happened over the last month. Let’s talk business.

    Within six months, the midfielder’s stock had risen, and with that the interest of other clubs – particularly as he was available on a free. That was the risk Wenger had taken.

    Flamini’s agents advised him to hold out for a meaty offer. Wenger was to refuse, and made it very public that he would not be blackmailed into breaking his wage policy – the very policy he had broken to keep Thierry Henry at the club.

    Another finger, only this time, the player decided to respond in kind. Within six hours of Arsenal’s final game, he was in Milan, and another 18 hours later, he had completed a medical and signed on for four seasons at around 4 million euros per year (equivalent to around ₤60K per week). Supposedly, Arsenal would not go beyond ₤50K.

    I would rate Flamini at around ₤10-12 million today, even if I was to be conservative. Now, Wenger will go into the market, and probably spend at least ₤8 million as he looks to shore up his midfield again. Flamini, in that sense, would have been a free-transfer, so that eight million could easily be amortised into an extra two million over four seasons.

    Even from a purely business perspective, it makes no sense to let him go and then spend more money on a replacement. There have been some great French mathematicians in the past. Arsene clearly doesn’t tow that line.

    What Message Does This Send?

    And the most concerning bit is yet to come. In doing all this, Arsene has broken up a midfield partnership that was perfect for the way he likes to play his football. We have seen some absolutely amazing stuff from Arsenal this season, and a lot has to do with how Flamini has combined with Fabregas. Arsene must now strive to recreate that from scratch, with a player who may or may not suit Cesc’s style.

    What is more, by losing a key player, he has sent a very dangerous message to the rest of his team. With a new deal for Flamini wrapped up, today, he would have been thinking of consolidating for an even stronger assault on Manchester United. Every Arsenal fan would have been thumping his chest proudly.

    Instead, he has told Cesc Fabregas, Emmanuel Adebayor and Alexander Hleb that he is unwilling or unable to do what it takes to keep this team together. Nice way that to demand trust.

    The likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter and Milan interested in one or more of those players, who will surely have been disillusioned somewhat by the developments. Reports this morning already claim that Fabregas is unsettled after Flamini’s departure. Real Madrid circle over him, while Inter refuse to give up on Hleb. The chest thumping fan has been replaced by a worried one!

    ‘Hey gaffer, if you care so much about building a team, why did you not keep Flamini?’ That could so easily be the refrain, one that Wenger might struggle to respond to as mega offers start coming in. There will be teams willing to offer Adebayor and Hleb ₤80-100K per week, and Madrid and Barcelona would probably hand Fabregas a bumper ₤150K. Worrying times at The Emirates, and of their own doing.

    Be it lopsided priorities last summer, poor mathematics last month, or simply a sloppy estimation of the damage this exit could cost, there is only one person who must answer for this. So, before Arsenal fans abuse Flamini, they must ask their professor how he managed to land the club just where they were two years ago.

    To conclude, what would have been a summer of strengthening for Wenger now threatens to turn into three months spent desperately trying to hold on to his key players. This desperation was already evident in some of his comments about Adebayor on Monday, as well as his anger towards Ramon Calderon.

    Talk about swinging the axe onto your own foot! Sorry Arsene, but you have got this one completely wrong.

  62. DeeOzGooner

    haha dailymail is complaining abt wigan’s pitch saying that the title could be decided by poor playing conditions!…where was this journo when we got done by it? fkn RUBBISH i tells ya…typical biased media bullshit

  63. t-buzz

    Mayank, that was a thoughful script you delivered there. I for one have no hard feeling towards Flamin-go for leaving. Fine, he peaked during his forth season and was instrumental half way through last season as well, but looks like his heart was always in Italy.

    True also, seems Wenger didnt pay much attention to the lad so felt frustrated that his hard work may have not been appreciated, hence, wanting to leave last season. This season for him was just another chance to see how far we’d go regards winning something. Iam sure we can easily replace him(the AKB band will agree that AW knows…lol)
    I’ll be more disappointed if Hleb left ,really.

  64. Evo in OZ

    want i want to know was where would he have ended up had wenger not had the chat with him? galatasaray, benfica, somewhere?

  65. Abdenor

    The Arsenal Supporter’s Trust met with Arsene Wenger yesterday. Points to come from these discussions are brought to you exclusively by Arseblog and are as follows:

    On Flamini, Wenger said that Flamini had left purely because of the
    money on offer. He commended the Board for having done the maximum they
    could to make Flamini a good offer within sensible limits. Interestingly
    he pointed out that one of the risks of having overseas players at the
    club is that they are attuned to the concept of moving clubs.

    On transfer activity. He said he was looking for a defensive player, to
    address the team’s weakness defending route one. He said we defended as
    well as Manchester United and Chelsea from set pieces and open play; but
    not the long ball aimed down the middle and he would address this. He
    also said he wanted a creative player and told Ken Friar that he
    shouldn’t plan for much of a holiday as the phone would be busy.

    He was very clear that he did not want Hleb to leave. He said that he
    was sceptical that the Webster clause would be invoked. (This is
    probably a reference to the gentleman’s agreement between clubs not to
    do the dirty on each other). In Wengers own words, ‘we have lost one
    player and we do not want to lose any more’

  66. Abdenor

    Where’s my comment Re Arsenal supporter’s trust meeting With AW gone?

    Flamini was going to either Sunderland or the Brum last summer..

  67. GMR

    Geoff, was that a dig at a certain arsenal blog thats just sold out?? Nice one, I can’t stand that w***er.

    Anyway he did actually have a bit of info today from the AST’s. Apparently Wenger wants to sign a creative player & a defensive player that can deal with route 1 balls.

    He thinks we defended as well as man utd & chelski at corners & set pieces but couldn’t cope with direct football!!

  68. Evo in OZ

    did you notice we changed our defensive and offensive corner setups during this season, they worked much better!

  69. Ethan_gooner

    evo ..
    no boycotting football is easy in thailand just stop paying for cable tv ..
    there is ONLY 1 ARSENAL ! I wont support another !!
    i get every game live so i could support stoke 🙂 !
    You know at stokes home ground you can see the game from the carpark ! 🙂
    that will sorted i spose before the start of next season ..

    even thou its totally FUBAR at the mo…