Flamini don’t kid yourself, you weren’t that good.

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So it’s now official, Flamini has gone, well, if we were losing Cesc I may be upset, the way I see it, is now the boss has a great opportunity to buy a world class replacement, one that can offer us more than Flamini did, as I said yesterday most of us wanted him out last season and hoped he was going to Birmingham, he didn’t and had a great season, take note Matty, one season doesn’t make a summer, we remember the other 3 crap ones.

I think you’ll at best be a utility player at Milan, good luck to you, they’ll find you out and you’ll end up as left back, your favourite position.

Nobby Stiles you were Ok, but you weren’t great, so good luck son, they’ll soon work out they didn’t buy Kaka mark 2.

We should now look for a goalscoring midfielder, who? I don’t know, but I’d like to know soon, so boss get on with it!

I hope the powers that be at the Arsenal learn from this experience and don’t let contracts run down, I think that’s why Edelman went, or was he just a scapegoat?

The time now is to get behind the boss and see where he’ll take us, he has an massive opportunity and must seize it with both hands, get the cheque book out or get left behind.

I really think he has something up his sleeve, but then I thought Flamini would stay, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Will Hleb go? I don’t think so, but as you all know, I’ve been wrrrronnng before, there, I’ve said it!

Have a great day today Grovers, let’s have some ideas on signings.

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  1. Geoff

    He sold Diarra and prudence would have been to say to Flamini, sign here or I’ll play Diarra, so Flamini fucked it up for Diarra as well, selfish cunt.

    But good management would have sussed that obvious one out.

    We told him that on Le-Grove in December, check the archives.

  2. Geoff

    not his style and Harry would want £10mil, like he would have been worth had we sent him out on loan, more shit planning, we told him that too.

    Diarra keeps Flamini out of the French side.

  3. Odub

    Sorry, but I’m with Geoff, Flamini is not as good as he thinks, we’ve had better players in that position and will get even better ones!! He doesnt get in the french 11 ffs!! Makelele, Vieira, the 2 Diarras and Toulalan get picked b4 the cnut!!

    Petit, Vieiria,Parlour,Davis, Edu were def better and I’d have them over him any day!

    And I’ve been saying that for months, even before the cnut left, good riddance!

  4. Ethan_gooner

    i knew if franky got the sack TH14 would stay !
    i wish the cunts beat Man Ure ..
    then chevski ..

    we might of had a chance of henry leaving if franky wasn’t sacked !
    im sure TH14 dont like the dutch wanker !
    and who can blame him , playing the aging player out on the wing !

    peter i dont think flamoney was world class , but he did the job and should of
    been retained ! Hleb is the one who doesnt want to play for us !
    flamini would of re-signed if we offered him the cash ! (im starting to sound like pat !)

    But who could resist more money ?? not a single human being on the planet !
    I think pedro should keep a list of who we will be rumoured to lose !

    flamini – hleb – cesc – sagna – bert , next shot will be theo i spose ..

    then arsene can come out again and say we ARE NOT IN A TRANSITIONAL PERIOD
    again ..

    ground hog day is right geoff !
    only in groundhog day he made a little progression each day !
    we on the other hand haven’t !

  5. YangKamp10

    Yep, we defo dropped the ball on the Flamster/Diarra situation. Egg on all the faces involved in my opinion. Two of europe most tenatious young central midfielders and now both are gone. And one for FREE? Ridiculous.

    STILL we have to move on. And find a player that gives us what we lack in the area. Cesc will suffer if he doesnt have someone mobile next to him. Also we could do with some height and physical presence. Diarra at Madrid ticks the boxes for me, and what Barry lacks in pace he makes up for with great positioning and passion. They get my early vote. Strange that i there aren’t many other names coming up…Denilson and Gilberto are simply not good enough IMO and Diaby is not going to win us a title.
    And trust me, if we dont act in the market, loose Flam and Hleb (who has questioned our ambition as Henry and Viera did) and fail to win a trophy Cesc WILL leave.

  6. patthegooner

    A few have resisted the money in the past

    Henry and Vieira did it for a few years, as has Wenger

    Flamini would have stayed if we paid him the money, but I think we were right not to offer him more, he was not worth it. If it was Cesc then fair play he is worth more but Flamini, sorry no 50k is about right

  7. DennisDaMenace

    The reason why we lose players with such alaming regularity is the fact that the management like to think of us as one of Europe’s big clubs. But, the truth is the European big boys see us as a selling club because we don’t pay the going rate to keep the players we’ve nutured, and that’s why they are always hovering around our players. Our players originally stay out some loyalty to Wenger which is all well and good when we’re winning things, but when you have a few lean years why would anyone want to stay at Arsenal when he can go elsewhere, earn double and win things……

  8. YangKamp10

    DennisDaMenace, Well said. The wage structure is fine when we’re winnning things, playing Europes best football and going all season without loosing, but when the word “transitional” starts being used, the star players RIGHTLY say, i want to win things now, and get paid GOING RATE for a player of my talents.

    We are becoming Europe’s conveyor belt.

  9. Peter

    Lol, rather have edu?!
    Seriously flamini is world class
    Someone said check the stats, didnt he make 2nd most passes in the league behind fab, with greater completion rate,
    I kno he doesnt try so many difficult passes but thats an important thing to have in a team like arsenal, a player who rarely gives the ball away in the middle, and defends well
    Hel prove his class im sure.
    But of course hes replaceable
    We need someone with touch of pace, immense stamina and composure on the ball. Thats the minimum
    Other types of DM, like gilberto and song are good but wont make us amazing in this league. We need presence

  10. Geoff

    Diarra won’t come, Madrid won’t sell him, same as Robinho. It’s only Arsenal that sell players, well the good ones anyway, I don’t include Flamini in that comment as he was free.

    We won’t sell the shit ones though will we? Senderos and Eboue were the worst players on the pitch, but the boss is blind to it.

  11. Odub

    Dennis couldnt agree more mate, we’ve been to a CL final once EVER and we lost, apart from that we’ve never been past the quarter finals EVER! Despite playing in the damn competition consecutively for the last 11 years!! Now that’s piss poor!

    If a player considered that and then got an offer for more money to play for Madrid, Milan, Barca who between them have won the competition about 15 times where do you think he’d be heading?!

  12. Peter

    Senderos was poor in one game against liverpool, apart from that he was excellent. Really tightened the defence when toure was injured
    Against milan he was superb
    He might be better suited to a different league tho if im honest, and song is looking good!

  13. Geoff

    Flamini shirked the tackle that cost us the champions league let’s not forget.

    Anyway enough of that turd, we should sign Barry, as classy as Cesc, great shot, born leader and available, Liverpool only bid £10mil as that’s all they have, he’d come to Arsenal like a shot.

    Now is not the time for dithering Arsene, go and get him. If it costs you, that’s your fault for not making Flamini sign a contract and letting Diarra go, or both and don’t say in hindsight because we warned you, here on Le Grove.

    End of story, nobody can possibly argue that.

  14. GMR

    I cannot wait for next sunday to be over so that Arsenal’s season has officially ended.

    Its going to be a long summer with regards Arsenal, so the sooner it starts the sooner it finishes & we can go into pre season.

    Although the British media will cover the euro’s it wont be as prolific as it would’ve been if England had qualified so they’ll make up more stories about Arsenal to fill the gaps. Seen as they like to back Chelski & Man Utd they won’t do any negative stories about those two which leaves us & liverpool in the firing line.

    Sky’s bias was shown up over the weekend. Apparently the two people they send to interview Ferguson & Grant (previously Mourinho) are fans of those clubs & are the only ones allowed to cover their games & interview the managers. This came to light because Sky aren’t taking either of them to the CL final & so there have been complaints!! Only those two clubs have sky employees allocated exclusively to them!!

  15. YangKamp10

    Geoff mate, I think you’re wrong. I think we can attract the likes of Diarra and Robinho. Will they sell? Probably not Diarra, unless we offer serious cash. I dont think they see Robinho in their long term plans however. Even so, why not put some wind up em, let the players know we’re interested with solid respectable bids and see how they react. EVERYONE ELSE does it to us!!!

    Anyone see Vela against Madrid on the weekend? Not the golden boy just yet IMO. I am warming to the Kranjar idea though. He’s like a carbon copy of Pires. Fantastic curling shot and bags of flair…No shrinking voilet either!

    The Martins ‘story’ resurfaced this weekend. Does anyone like the idea???

  16. Odub

    Barry for 10 mill is a bargain!! Let’s see if AW actually makes a bid!

    Senderos will always have his horror moments, with that in mind, I’d say Carling Cup player or show him the door.

    What’s the deal with Toure being substituted every game recently, and each time, Eboue stays on!! WTF!!!

  17. Peter

    Not Barry
    Diarra pissed all over that guy
    I dont want a second rate midfielder jus cos hes english
    The only english midfielders who are definitely good enough for arsenal in that position are hargreaves and carrick,
    We can get better players than barry for cheaper abroad if theyr smart
    Tbh, wilson palacios could have done a better job if we’d bloody taken that guy!
    Another cockup in the transfer market

  18. david

    According to Deloitte we payed 2 million pounds less than Man U and 14 million pounds more than Liverpool in player wages year ending 2007.
    So what with a smaller squad less players are taking that money so we must be paying pretty good wages if that is true.

  19. Geoff

    Yang when did we ever get a Madrid player that wasn’t a makeweight in a deal? Anelka went and we got the Croation bloke, Reyes went and we got Baptista, then there’s the wage structure fallacy, so we couldn’t afford them anyway.

    If we wanted any of their players, they would say Ok, but we want Cesc.

    Odub I wouldn’t put him in my pub team I’m afraid, but I admire your loyalty!

  20. Trinidad_Gunner

    Deco is past his best, most Barca fans want him out of there

    Barca is planning a sale of players though, maybe we’ll see who can be picked up

    The thing is, I don’t think Barca or Real will sell to us without a player in return (Cesc)
    The only way we’ll sell Cesc to Real is if we get Sergio Ramos, Sneijder, Robben, and Robinho in return. Fair trade. Oh, and throw in Casillas too.

  21. Odub

    Trinidad, I wouldnt have Robben, too injury prone, Ramos is a nut job, he’d spend more time suspended than actually playing, I’d have Sneijder,Robinho,Casillas and maybe Diarra, Drenthne and £25 mill, then we’d think about giving them Fabregas as long as they take Eboue (for free) as part of the deal!

  22. choy

    we don’t have a small squad.. we have a full nursery of kids… and the likes..

    we gotta pay them… that’s why we have a huge wage bill!!!!

  23. Trinidad_Gunner

    Is it possible that since Arsene didn’t use the 75 Mil, the board used it to pay off debts instead? Maybe he gave it back?

  24. choy

    we don’t need martins… he’s too inconsistent… and he’s on a 90k a week at the barcodes!!

  25. Bud

    I would be happy with anyone really, because lets be honest, if he buys 2 or 3 more Sagna’s that no f*cker had heard of, then happy days……… as Geoff would say, leave it to Arsene, he knows apparently !!!!!!!

  26. YangKamp10

    Fair play Geoff.

    Lets face it, as far as Cesc “partner” goes, we dont need a footballing genius. There has to be a number of quality inforcers in Europe that could fill the role very well in a side that keeps posession as well as we do.

    I mean really, is their much difference between rio coker and Flamini? Someone called Barry second rate. Recently he has looked more composed and precise than Gerrard and Lamps in an England shirt.

    Basically put him in with some decent players with a specific role and he’ll do a great job.

    Right back to work!

  27. DennisDaMenace

    IMO the defence was priority number one, and i’d buy Kompany as CB and Richards as CB and cover for Sagna, that way we could finally offload that fuckwit Eboue. Then you’d have a nice, big, tough, uncompromising defensive unit………

    Then second priority was a wide player, not some mug who can play there, but a proven wide player who doesn’t fill in up front, but plays wide coz that’s what he’s fecking good at, someone like Robinho or Queresma

    Unfortunately we now need a ball winner in midfield, so that may screw-up all other potential purchases, i’ve no idea here, any ideas chaps??

  28. chris

    who is using buds word press account, its far to positive to be him!!, what happened to angry dave?

  29. alex

    i really want to see song play in flamini’s role this weekend and put toure back to cb and eboue down to rb or give hoyte a game at rb.

    i REALLY think song can do it. then we can sign another cb and help us out. denilson can rotate into cesc’s role when he needs a break and diaby can play in songs role. i know everyone wants to see all these additions to the squad but other then defense, the role for traore to lw and maybe the introduction of whilshere? we need to seel djourou or senderos because they both deserve first team football just not for us THEN add a world class CB and a rb/lb maybe someone like lahm? i heard he wants to leave and he can give us a surprise edge with those long balls and superb crosses.

    i hated song last year but now that would leave us with 4 cm.

    if hleb goes then we need to def. add someone. if he doesnt we could have him rosicky vela whilshere maybe? and traore.

    you also have to remember traore is only 18 and after yesterday he did more then eboue has done almost all year.. scare the other defense shitless while also maintaining composure to nick cheeky crosses in. something walcott does and niether hleb or sicky can do. they both like cutting in. vela i think we should do wiyh him what we did with walcott.

    when the defense was tired we put him in to run the hell out of the defense and thats why i think we beat milan. the old defense could handle him running full pace in the 80th minute. vela looks to have quite a bit of flair and i think we will be set. maybe another midfielder that xcan play anywhere in the middle of the pitch over christmas if we need it. but remember we have rvp AND eduardo(when hes back) who can play on wings and sadly we will probley have eboue still anyway.

    and there is NOTHING wrong with getting a good amount of the future. yes i understand no one wants to wait forever but in 5 years everybody reading this blog will have thanked arsene for looking ahead.

    rather then having to buy them for millions of dollars we will have them and form a team thats outstanding.

    HAVE PATIENCE GUNNERS! there has to be something special otherwise arsene would be gone by now

  30. Trinidad_Gunner

    Odub, Robben is injury prone, but he’s played more than RVP and TR this season !!
    But thats not saying alot is it?

    Is a player still considered injury prone if defenders try to break his legs at every opportunity? The last injury he had, he was in mid air and took it full on the ankles.
    I mean, you can’t really call Eduardo injury prone cause Taylor is an idiot.

    Now Rosicky, he’s injured when the wind blows, thats a different story. I think his czech model wife contributed to his bad back !

  31. BB

    Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann has criticised manager Arsene Wenger youth policy.
    He told the Daily Star: “Something is wrong. The way we tried to do it with just young players playing beautiful football didn’t work.”

    Lehmann also felt the club should put more pressure on the manager to deliver success, saying: “It’s not a club to say ‘you are a great manager here, you can do anything you want and everything will be ok’.”


  32. BB

    alex..your post is idiotic..you dont know what you are talking about
    this is the worst garbage of AKB shiit I had to read in along time

  33. Geoff

    Alex no one will be thanking him in 5 years time as most of them would have gone by then.

    Will someone explain to me the big deal in having a young team? what are they better than older players?

  34. alex

    BB whats stupid about it?

    the fact that looking at our current manager its probley true?


    the fact that im not dreaming of 60 million dollar signings like most other are?

  35. arsenal tom

    wilshire in the first team next year? no way… a few good reserve games and now hes the answer? what a load of bollocks… i trust wenger but fucking hell we gotta be having players that can ruin teams like pires did.,… not players that are starting puberty!

  36. alex

    i could see arsene getting lucky singing one good young player but when u sign people like cesc viera henry people like that all young then obviously he knows what he is doing.

    yeah you guys are right we do need experiance but we dont need to give up on ALL of the youth , we just cant rely on it like we do.

    i just think arsene is still the right man he just needs to stop being stubborn

  37. BB

    alex..the fact that you believe that our needs will be catered for by young inexperienced useless players .. what about winning .. and how about charging us exorbitant amounts of money to go and watch??

  38. Odub

    True Trinidad, but his injury record wasnt great with the chavs, and unfortunately our league is physical and will continue to be that way.

    We all know Rosicknote’s probelms stem from his encounters with tranny hos!!!

    Geoff, the advantage of having a young team is that you can use their age as an excuse for not winning anything, and keep saying if you are able to keep them together they will improve next season… Notice I said improve, not win somnething!

  39. arsenal tom

    we should get ashley young and barry from villa, give em hoyte and a few quid… ashley young can play anywhere along the midfield and his crosses would be bread and butter for ade and nik b

  40. alex

    BB great point, but like i just said maybe a young team isnt the answer but having a generally young team with some experiance may help. someone with international AND domestic experiance. i think song can hold down a first team place though. he is def. more solid then our captain.

    and the reason i dont want to see a bunch of older midfielders is because you can have 7 good midfielders in a team because they are gonna moan about not playing infront of the starters, thats why i like having four experianced ones and then a young team that can sub for them and what i was trying to say earlier, not really a team of teens but teens IN the team to get the playing time needed to be able to mold into class players.

  41. BB

    alex..even Lehmann is rubbishing our strategy..guys like him are winners.. we will lose all our decent players.. we have turned our club into a base for 18/22 years olds to gain experience and then fukk off
    its a joke..Cesc will leave.. I agree with Ethan..there is a 50/50 that it will happen this season..but 100% the next one..Ade will also get his head turned..we will only be stuck with lame ducks ..
    Arsenal = feeder club’ but chraging the highest ticket prices in the world
    and Wenger is the only manager that doesnt need to win trophies!!!!!..now thats great

  42. charybdis1966

    Did anyone see that old 65% proof noses’s mate Steve Bruce has got Wigan to cancel the rugby league game that was due to be played at the JJB the day before Wigans game with ManUre ?

    Why didn’t they f***ing do that before we played them on their dumb ploughed field excuse for a football pitch ?

    And they say the ManUre aren’t given preferrentia treatment…

  43. charybdis1966

    This is the quote from Wigan:
    “The last thing we want is a worldwide TV audience with the pitch having suffered from heavy rain, and Wigan rugby league club having played a game on there a couple of days prior to the football match,” said Ian Lenagan, who bought Whelan’s majority shareholding in the rugby club last winter. “We have been wrongly blamed for the poor state of the JJB Stadium pitch and I don’t want Wigan’s name, and rugby league’s name, to attract wrongful criticism.”

    F***ing hypocrites.

  44. Odub

    Ade’s agent’s already been making noises about Milan and Madrid so watch this space! It aint gon change I’m afraid, we’ll get players young, pay them peanuts, znd watch the G14 make comments in the media about liking our players, and then they’ll fuck off!!

    We’ll be giving testimonials to players for 4 years of service soon!!

  45. BB

    the club needs to get punished .. so that the big guys are forced into change.. sub 50K attendances after a series of bad results next season
    they will only understand the hard way .. unfortunately and we as fans have to endure this

  46. Pedro

    Lehmann back on form:

    Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann has criticised manager Arsene Wenger youth policy.

    He told the Daily Star: “Something is wrong. The way we tried to do it with just young players playing beautiful football didn’t work.”

    Lehmann also felt the club should put more pressure on the manager to deliver success, saying: “It’s not a club to say ‘you are a great manager here, you can do anything you want and everything will be ok’.”

    Well said old boy!

  47. goonerjay

    I’ve had a relaxing 5 days away and i come back chilled…. for 5 minutes until i saw news now.

    Flamini is gone FOR FREE… Hleb looks like he wants to go, not sure he will though.

    So now we are a man down and have an even thiner squad… well that’s the bollocks that is.

    We had a weak squad and now we have lost a 1st team player for nothing and have £25m (which i think is bollox) to get a quality CB, A world class winger and now a replacement for Flamini.

    this summer is going to be thrilling for us gooners… if you were feeling nervous before this season started you’re gonna be pissing yourself next season.

    We have become a feeder club for the likes of Milan and Le Boss seems chuffed to bits about not winning anything again and look s clear to me we won’t sign anyone of note and next season we will see the same trend of players like Rosicky and RVP not lasting more than 12 games all season and our backup players not being good enough.


  48. chris

    chary, RE: wigan, you are dead on there buddy, fucking gits getting superior treatment, its bolox

  49. GMR

    If you go to arsenal.com the opening advertisement is for the emirates cup.

    It starts in big letters with the words:


    & underneath what they should have put is:


  50. goonerjay

    fucking helll… Lehman talking sense… amazing.

    Problem is if he wasn’t known for being such a fruit loop Wenger might take some notice

  51. charybdis1966

    And just to add to our woes we have our Torquay waiter as our forist choice keeper and a jittery Pole (with ants in his pants) as back up.

    Cos – bloody -mic !

  52. BB

    to me Milan made the classic mistake..they bought a player who had an outstanding game against them .. big clubs tend to do that .. now I am in two minds about Flam succeeding there
    I for one think that he fits the Italian game as a destroyer, but he might get found out due to lack of any kind of technical ability.. but then again, did Gattuso/Deschamps etc.. have any?? and they were brilliant down there.. small terriers .. advantage for him will be that he doesnt have to be big ..

  53. Odub

    goonerjay same here mate, came back to Edelman’s gone, Flamini’s gone, Hleb’s going, and Lehmann also gone, but not before he had one last slagging off session!

    Should have stayed on holiday!

    And I bet you AW sepnds all summer at the Euro’s doing journo work for CANAL TV telling anyone who cares to listen that he has got a squad goon enough for next season and they will come of age!

  54. chris

    GMR, i done a photo shop of it, the bosses might put it in the funnies!
    although we are taking the piss out of ourselves,

  55. BB

    odub.. its actually TF1..the biggest French channel that he does his commentary for so even bigger audience.. and boy, do they blow him off down in France??

  56. goonerjay

    I’m really pissed off about the current state of our beloved club… if we have another trophyless season next year i won’t be renewing my season ticket… they can get fucked.
    I’ll become an armchair fan

    I’m not going to keep paying through the nose to see the downfall of my club every year… for the last 3 years now i have continued to pay to watch the team deteriate. Look at this squad and look at the squad of 3 years ago and tell me where our money is going because it aint on bettering the team… Our team has got worse and the club has made profits on net transfer spend.

    How much is a season ticket for the womens team?

  57. david

    How can Lehman critise the young players when he cost Arsenal two valuble points aganst Brum, he was part of the team that failed.
    It’s like Hleb moaning we arn’t good enough (how many goals did he score and he played in the DB10 position)

  58. GMR

    We may as well take the pi** out ourselves, after all everyone else is!!

    Fancy advertising a tournament for pre season when you’ve only just recently crashed out all competitions & you’ve allowed a player to leave for free, all whilst trying to pretend you’re broke just so you don’t have to sign anyone!!

    The PR at our club is an absolute joke!!

  59. Bud

    It was “Dave Angry”, and I have retired him. From now on you can also call me “Clive Smooth” an altogether calmer and cooler character in the World of Bud and his many mists of doom !!!!

  60. Odub

    David as much as we slate Lehmann for his comments, he is making a valid point.

    Also he was in decline this season so I’d rather remember him for the season he helped make the invincibles.

    Fuck the emirates cup, I’m not buying a ticket until they sign someone Ive actually heard of, not some Burkina Faso right winger or Albanian centre back!

  61. david

    He has but I could handle it from someone who has been on top of his game but he made two outstanding fuck ups one cost us two points.
    Then Wenger dropped him forcing us to play a number two keeper all season whom I quite like but most people think he isn’t good enough.
    I haven’t heard him say my fault all he has done is slagged of Almunia and caused bad feeling in the camp.
    I think Lehman, Diarra and even Bendtner caused too much shit thats why Wenger let Diarra go (look at his speech when he joined P mouth).

  62. Bud

    Why has Arsenal’s website not announced that the ONE THAT HAS A BIG MOLE ON HIS FACE has signed for Milan?

  63. Ethan_gooner

    dennis ,

    have to disagree there ! they only view us as a selling club because we have young enough players who have played more football than any others in top flight clubs ..
    the only reason they buzz around us is the fact that we have so many that play week in week out .. more choice ..

    not like others who give them the last 10 minutes of a game here and there ! Most clubs have players hlebs age .. not theos – cesc etc.. your definitely right about
    they can come along and offer them more than arsenal Money wise (tyhat will need to change soon or we will sink !) .but thats up to us to be more aggressive with contract negotiations in the future . look at bojan and pato ..
    both will be worth more than we can afford .. it seems some clubs are playing young talent now too .. Arsene has the right idea i think but his players others than theo and cesc havent been up to par in the past ..

    lets hope merida – vela – and bazorite – wilshire will be better quality than eboue – diaby – senderos – song etc ..

    pato – bojan – that young cech guy .. are the class we need to capture in our academy
    People want drogba – ronaldo-gerrard etc too from other clubs here , the only difference is WINNING MAKES PEOPLE LOYAL !!!!!and clubs that win can sway there player better!.
    like man U and ronaldo .. your not going anywhere , and why would you if your winning !?

    Our players dont really have loyalty 1 .. and there foreign .2 we dont win anything .3!
    3 things against us !
    until that changes – expect more of the same ..
    pat touched on it earlier ! and thats the reason people
    stick around .. is when you WIN something with the club you bond with the club !
    thats why pat said earlier

    A few have resisted the money in the past
    Henry and Vieira did it for a few years, as has Wenger
    Yes!!! why ??
    because winning makes them loyal ..

  64. goonerjay

    won’t make adifference to me what the weathers like… i’ll still be stuck in this fucking office sweating my tits off and worrying about next season.

  65. Odub

    I am amazed they still havent announced that he has gone! Do they hope to pick him for Sunday’s game or something?!!

    Agree david, he’s a gobby cnut, but Almunia should only be viewed as a stop gap because he’ll never be a 1st choice goalie like say a Buffon, Casillas or Cech.

  66. Odub

    got on the tube this morning and all the talent were half nekkid!! 2 minutes of son and the world’s gone bonkers!! Aint complaining tho!

  67. Ethan_gooner

    flamini won fuck all with us .. he’s off mate for more money .. Hlebs packing as we speak too .. soon No mate cesc will buy a suitcase too .. sagna’s been offered another contract , i only thought he just signed one a month or 2 ago ????

    we need to win soon or no one other than juniors will join us ..
    arsene has tainted us as some youth academy training ground style of club to breed
    potential ! once the potential is reached there off mate !! to suck in the real bucks

    – age policies
    – wage policies
    stupid way to stunt a football club at the top level if you ask me !!

  68. goonerjay

    that’s how the world should be Odub.

    Women should be half naked, Cricket should be banned, Beer should be 10p a pint and Arsenal should be top of the league with Robinho, Eto’o, Kompany and Rob Green coming in, in the summer

  69. goonerjay

    tried not to sound too perverted Pedro. But yeah i am a firm believer of never do things by half.

  70. Odub

    Pedro, half works because it leaves something to look forward to!!!

    goonerjay and petrol should be 50p a litre, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron and Eva Mendez would be my next door neighbours and sun bath half nekkid everyday with clear view of course, and spuds,chavs,bolton and bimingham get relegated!! Now that’s a perfect world!!

  71. alex

    the thing that irks me is that we were supposed to come in 4th or 5th this season the fact we held 1st so long then finished in 3rd is like progress for arsene. yeah its better then the last two years but the problem is its like the board is ok with finishing third and we need a director that understands you cant keep players coming behind the winners.

    i mean we cant win everything but the players gave it everything but we cant ask for 100% all season from one players thats why we got screwed in january when we didnt sign

  72. Odub

    goonerjay I wouldnt even walk my dog in that shit hole! I’d build a whole load of loos on it, and be happy in the thought that folks would be taking a crap on spuds for ever!!

  73. Geoff

    We should go after Benzema and Villa, see what we can get them for and tell Ade to fuck off, the up himself cunt.

    We won’t though will we? the only time Wenger treats people with disrespect is when they hit 30, then he treats them like cunts and discards them.

    Whenever we get a player flirting with other teams we should buy someone new, right in front of them, let them stew, then sell them, cunts.

    Did I say cunts? If I didn’t I apologise, I meant to, cunts.

  74. Odub

    cheers t-buzz!! that was pure panto!! lol!!

    choy the chavs have got to be the worst team to ever get to the CL final, that’s not sour grapes is it?

  75. arsenal tom

    well said geoff… no one is bigger than the arsenal, not sure about your ade views tho… sellign him would just cause more problems with other players

  76. Odub

    True! they do just bore the fuck out of the oppostition and then sneak a goal or 2 to win games though, I would have half their team to make up our missing half though!

  77. goonerjay

    4th it is then Geoff.

    Lets just hope the Spuds don’t keep spending money because if they over take us next season i will lose all faith in Wenger

  78. steve pires

    Good riddance to that mediocrity sh*t. Shows how far backwards serie A has gone if they think thats the next big thing. Also shows why we were wrong to get over excited about beating them as well. I hope that crapbag Hleb leaves too as not only do I think that he is a waste of time but I also think it will make Wenger wake up and smell the coffee. Hopefully he will realise that his youth policies are a waste of time if not backed up by quality matured signings that often cost a bob or two.

  79. goonerjay

    to be honest Steve i can see Wenger being pushed out of the club before he changes his youth project

  80. AL

    Loic Perrin was a name bounded about a while ago as Flamini’s replacement my money would be on him. Micah Richards would be a great signing aswell.

  81. Arsenaldo

    …Anyway is allright now.


    AW how about strenghtening the squad to start from No1- this guy Gomez is better IMO than the goallies we have now, and he is available 4 not much, so go 4 him Wenger!!!
    And cut that sh#t about ” we need to give the guys coming trough the team a chance”. If someone better comes -GET HIM!!!

  82. Bud

    arsenal.com have announced it now and wished him good luck…………… I say NO, they should have said, “everyone at Arsenal wishes Big Mole the every bit of bad luck possible and hope he breaks his leg on his holidays before he officially signs and they pull the plug” !!!!!!!!!!

  83. steve pires

    Your probabably right goonerj and maybe thats what the Edelman affair is about?? but surely Wenger must sometimes sit down after a few too many cabernet’s like the rest of us gooners and stick on his ‘Arsene Wengers magic hat’ DVD, you know, the one that includes ‘Double Double’ and see Overmars scoring at old trafford and Pires doing Gerrard at Anfield and slotting the ball to the on rushing Ljungberg who scores and think “ahh, real players and real glory”

  84. GMR

    Arsene should force Flamini to play against Sunderland’s hatchet men next week. Lets face it we cannot go anywhere league placing wise & its not a home game so who really cares about the result & AC Milan will be scared sh**less that he might get injured & spend half next season on the bench earning a fortune.

    Of course though that would never happen as Wenger being his mate will ensure he stays nice & fit for his move to Milan. After all we wouldn’t want to upset them by letting them have an injured player would we!!

  85. goonerjay

    there’s always hope steve.

    Bye Flamini… hope you have an horrific injury some time soon… no hard feelings… cunt

  86. Finestcuts

    I think Stillic and Huntelaar should be added to silly season, at least our scouts are watching them.

    This whole Flamini and Hleb business is a good thing overall, we were not as much above average in those areas as we’d like and those 2 didn’t really help much with the finished product. For me Flamini was just a squad player made good, don’t tell me if we had a super midfielder like Barry, Gerrard or Elano that it wouldn’t work. Elano is our best bet from within the Premier League, although Petrov is a corker as well.

    We need to buy this season. I think Song and Nordveit will be our future CB’s so I don’t think we’ll buy there. We need to strengthen the wings and in midfield, that looks like where the main issues are. If Theo starts playing up front Wenger won’t bring anyone in there, especially with the return of Vela.

    2 or 3 midfielders is where I think we’ll bring players in. I actually fancy Stillic, he could do a very good job for us, brilliant cover for Hleb and Rosicky. If Hleb cuts his contract short we could see a mass exodus of players being offered better deals, we have to be prepapred for the most serious bargaining ever. This is why the transfer system won’t work anymore, clubs will need to develop their own players as they’ll lose money with big fees, and only loss making clubs like Chelsea would accept that.

  87. Big Raddy

    What’s with all the negativity on the site today? I guess it is because most of you poor sods have to sit in an office whilst we lazy foreigners soak up the sun and the semi-clad ladies.

    The team needs tweaking, nothing more. 4 more players (GK, CM, LB backup, CB)will win us the league, as long as the squad stays fit.

    Who could argue that had RvP, Dudu, Mozart, Sagna stayed fit, we wouldn’t have won the league. We would have done and you know it.

  88. Trinidad_Gunner

    Why do some think that foreign players is one of our problems?
    English players are no better (Ashley Cole, Bentley)
    An example for all to follow is the great DB10
    And people like Pires, Ljungberg.
    We’ve had great local, and foreign players over the years, lets not say our problem is foreign players. English players fuck off just the same.

  89. goonerjay

    If Hleb leaves we’re fucked.

    Hleb and Flamini aren’t the best players around and provide very little end product but at the moment we don’t possess any quality backup for them and don’t have the money to be replacing 1st team players when the main objective for this summer was to add depth. At this rate we are going to be back to square one if not worse.

    Raddy…add to that list a winger… that is something we haven’t had for a long time now and was something we was all calling for at the beginning of this season and if Hleb leaves the only wide players we’ll have will be Theo, Vela and Rosickly… now compare those wide players to that of the other top 3 clubs

  90. Trinidad_Gunner

    At least they know Adebayor is not good enough YET.
    Arsene will get that extra 20% out of him (first touch?)
    Then he might go looking for that famous Italian ice cream

    “I believe if Ade keeps his work ethic, there is still 20 per cent more to come from him. Does he want it enough – to get this extra 20 per cent out? Well that is where his future lies. If you lose that desire, you quickly become a nobody.”

    Wenger continued: “He was never prolific at Monaco, but he has worked hard for it at Arsenal and it highlights that our offensive game favours the strikers.

    “You will never starve as a striker at Arsenal – you get the quality balls to work with. Ade will be the first to agree with that.”

  91. GMR

    Sagna did stay fit. We had already as good as lost the league by the time he got injured. RVP & Rosicky are injury prone & have been since they joined Arsenal so that should have been taken into account prior to the season starting.

    The only player we’ve been unlucky with is Eduardo & whilst he had scored some goals his overall performances had been pretty woeful up until the time he got injured, so I don’t really buy the if Eduardo had stayed fit statement.

    We’d have won the league if we actually had a squad rather than just a first team!!

  92. Trinidad_Gunner

    Real Madrid won the league last year and still spent about 100 Million on 8 players … including Sneijder, Robben, Drenthe, Heinze ….. so they won the league again, by a long way.
    Take note Arsene

  93. goonerjay

    And even our 1st team contains a few dud players.

    Wenger knew Rosickly and RVP were injury prone and when you have 2 of your most talented players out for a large part of the season you need to have quality cover… we didn’t have that and doesn’t look like we will for some time to come neither

  94. Trinidad_Gunner

    I think we’ll get our transfers done between the Sunderland game and the Euros.
    Knowing about Flamini now is a good thing, and hopefully we know Hleb’s fate soon.

  95. Big Raddy

    Sagna was out at MU. And had he and Flam been fit, GS wouldn’t have played which ultimately led to our loss.

    That Dudu and RvP were injured at the same time was disastrous, Bendtner had had no time on the pitch, and with Mozart out no-one had the attacking creativity we needed.

    Furthermore, we were hit by some of the worst refereeing decisions I have seen. We would have beaten Liverpool twice with a decent ref.

    As to the winger… we have Traore and Vela coming through. But I gree we could really use someone who can beat a man and then accurately cross.

    Whilst I am not glossing over our deficiencies, I really believe we are close to having a winning team.

  96. choy

    with eboue playing as RM for most of the season and we still end up third.. that is an achievement itself…

    1 assist.. that itself speaks for itself.

  97. Trinidad_Gunner

    Raddy, if I remember correctly we were 1-0 at Chelsea when Sagna got injured. That may have turned the game. Sagna and Toure picked up knocks and everyone stopped concentrating for the rest of the game.

  98. GMR

    It would have been nice for Wenger to release a statement of intent after the official confirmation that Flamini had gone.

    He could have re-assured the fans he has a plan & will be strengthening the squad shortly etc.

    Why bother though we are just consumers & its all about him & his players!!

  99. goonerjay

    whilst i agree to some degree Raddy i just feel that this current team as it stands won’t win anything… not while Wenger refuses to open the cheque book.

    Considering the stature of our club the current squad is quite depressing. We should be competing with Man U and Chelsea but we’re being left behind

  100. Big Raddy

    I agree Jay, I am not saying we do not need new blood. I am just saying that but for bad luck we would have done better this year.

    I am praying for a big name signing just as I do every year. The last time I got really really excited about a new signing was when I heard Sol was coming. It is too long ago for a club of our stature.

    MU got Tevez and Hargreaves last year ( and Anderson / Nani). Big name players, and I want the same for my beloved Arsenal.

  101. Trinidad_Gunner

    Raddy, not exciting when we heard Rosicky was coming to Arsenal?
    And then a few weeks later he scored some crackers in the World Cup
    I think he was our last big name signing, and he isn’t even playing !

  102. Big Raddy

    Fair play TG. but Mozart as good as he is, is not what I call World Class. Sol was, as was DB10 when we signed him.

    To be world class, a player has to be the best (or 2nd best) in his position in the world, TH14 was world class. Cesc will be. Sagna, and Clichy too.

  103. El Tel

    We are all upset after seeing what could have been. I think AW was at fault like a lot of other people do but I also think we have real quality players in our squad too. If our players were so shit then why do the so called bigger teams want so many of them. I agree that the likes of Eboue playing RM is a joke but until Sagna came most thought he was a decent RB. We all hate his stupid antics and this doesn’t help endear him to the fans. Hoyte is a joke player and so is the so called Goalkeeper. Senderos was better than most think and was playing very well until Kolo returned from ACN. Maybe Big Phils confidence was shot from within just as Theo’s as been until he decided to rap on AW’s door, since then he has progressed faster than we have seen over the past couple of years.

  104. Big Raddy

    Gotta go . The wife has put dinner on the table.

    It is our anniversary, which means champagne and a guaranteed shag !

  105. El Tel

    Jay isn’t 4 points behind competing mate. I am surprised at most of the anger seeing as we were being touted for a Eufa cup spot pre season. Yes we are dissapointed because we saw success but it really was about the incidents, injuries and AW mistakes that failed us at the end. Most of the players did well, especially as most of them were played out of position.

  106. goonerjay

    Must say Trinidad i was excited when i saw Rosicky score those 30 yarders at the world cup and he is a fantastic player… probably our most gifted player technically but the guy has played 30 games in 2 years (not even sure he’s played that many).

    This season i would love to see Robinho and Kompany come to the Emirates Kompany is a very good CB but equally as good as a DM. But i think Diaby looked the real deal before his ankle injury in the DM position. Diaby actually played there a lot in the pre season friendly’s this year and i was really impressed so you never know he might be a revalation next term but i still think we need a replacement for Flamini.

    Robinho i have said for years would be perfect for us. He can play right wing, left wing, second striker and even first striker. skills to match if not beat Ronaldo, loads of pace and plenty of end product… perfect… and when you consider what you could get out of Robinho for £20m he is well worth the money and he would make that money back pretty soon

  107. Big Raddy

    Now that is funny El Tel. I did 23 years once, man and boy. Much better now I have a new foreign built model.


  108. goonerjay

    I know what you mean Tel but i was actually referring to the strength of the squad rather than this years achievements mate… the other top 3 have big and quality squads… we don’t and it doesn’t look like changing any time soon neither

  109. Trinidad_Gunner

    I see 4 signings this summer. Wenger says we don’t need a new keeper.
    CB, DM, and 2 wingers.
    2 “real quality”
    2 young unknowns

    With Vela coming in as a squad player, Rosciky after successful surjery

    Thats 6 players. RVP fit? Eduardo recovering? 8

    Trying to stay positive here

  110. goonerjay

    Sounds good to me Trinidad.

    I think Vela has the potential to be a real star for us too… if he knuckles down and adapts to the physicality of the EPL with his pace, trickery and eye for goal he could be a god send of a player for us

  111. GunnerShabz

    Lucho Gonzalez is the player, skilful, good tackle and good engine

    javier mascherano would been a perfect signing actually.

    jean makoun seems like a good strong player along with Mo diarra