Flamini don’t kid yourself, you weren’t that good.

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So it’s now official, Flamini has gone, well, if we were losing Cesc I may be upset, the way I see it, is now the boss has a great opportunity to buy a world class replacement, one that can offer us more than Flamini did, as I said yesterday most of us wanted him out last season and hoped he was going to Birmingham, he didn’t and had a great season, take note Matty, one season doesn’t make a summer, we remember the other 3 crap ones.

I think you’ll at best be a utility player at Milan, good luck to you, they’ll find you out and you’ll end up as left back, your favourite position.

Nobby Stiles you were Ok, but you weren’t great, so good luck son, they’ll soon work out they didn’t buy Kaka mark 2.

We should now look for a goalscoring midfielder, who? I don’t know, but I’d like to know soon, so boss get on with it!

I hope the powers that be at the Arsenal learn from this experience and don’t let contracts run down, I think that’s why Edelman went, or was he just a scapegoat?

The time now is to get behind the boss and see where he’ll take us, he has an massive opportunity and must seize it with both hands, get the cheque book out or get left behind.

I really think he has something up his sleeve, but then I thought Flamini would stay, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Will Hleb go? I don’t think so, but as you all know, I’ve been wrrrronnng before, there, I’ve said it!

Have a great day today Grovers, let’s have some ideas on signings.

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  1. charybdis1966

    I’m trying to be positive today and seeing the departure of Flaminin as a good opportunity to get in a huge, physically omposing, hard tackling midfielder.

    We’ve been lacking in aerial power since Vieira, Bergkamp and Edu left – they were big and intimidating for opposition players in the tunnel.

    We need someone like that now – but who ?

    Whowever it is they must be an established, experienced player from the Premier league.

    We also need a scaery centre back in the Vidic/Stam mould.

    Potential is simply not good enough now. The fans deserve a signing of quality and high profile to reward is for the last 3 years of disappointment.

  2. Pavlo

    Flamini’s departure should hopefully give us scope to improve the squad in a key position and bring in someone who has a real presence such as Vieira did a few years back. Its time the club gave the supporters something to look forward too by giving us those world class players we were promised prior to moving to Ashburton Grove.

  3. Mike (the neighbour)

    well at last stupid your mate at the telegraph was right after all as regards Flamini.
    Youre right Geoff contracts shouldnt be left to run down -Its so bleedin obvious youd think they didnt need this to learn from it .Lets hope Arsene has fuckin big sleeves
    and geoff you used the wrong word -thats a big first ehhh -youll be using SSSSSSSORRY next
    No comment on the ladies success yesterday ????? or is it expected now after 9 years
    Have a good day grovers -Arrods beckons as I am in London today and Mrs mike insists aaaggghhhh

  4. Ethan_gooner

    yes hleb will go for sure i think geoff ..
    can buy out his contract , and rumoe has it he clearly isnt happy with winning nothing
    and the clubs stance on transfers and more importantly WAGES !

    so from feast to famine in the midfield .. or from freast to flamini in the midfield πŸ™‚

  5. Brian

    What we need as flamini replacement is a skilful playa with a powerful shot and great tackling ability. Personally i want veloso to come. Who else do u think might fit the bill?

  6. Brian

    What we need is a skilful playa with a powerful shot and great tackling ability. Personally i want veloso. Who else do u think might fit the bill?

  7. BB

    ethan..terrible aint it??
    our club is slowly disintegrating..as happens often in life, maybe we need a big cataclysmic event to force change.. I think that we will struggle next year..that we will not fill the stadium any longer and thats when it will hit home .. the big old truth..Wenger will come under tremendous pressure and will probably resign and then the board will have to open up to either of the 2 big shareholders..
    this is what I forecast for next season..a big problematic season that will have a long lasting impact on the club and from which the club will be shaken to its foundations with a series of unforeseen events leading to a complete revamp of who does what at arsenal..
    maybe thats what we need for a better l/t future as the club seems to operate out of a comfort zone that does not yield sporting success any longer..which should after all be the ultimate aim
    get the seat belts on..its gonna be an ugly ride..yet fascinating at the same time..

  8. tiny

    why is everyone saying hes gone but it6s not on arsenal fc website…..strange because when henry went last year it was on the website first….not believing it until then

  9. Chris

    This is when we should be proud of being Arsenal fans, when we see our club’s policy to invest in the youngsters rather than spending money left and right the way Chelsea and Real Madrid and Barcelona do. And I’m even more proud when I see players like Flamini leaving a great club and a great family to go in a different country simple for money reasons.

    It’s rare to see someone stay loyal to Arsenal, unfortunately. Dennis Bergkamp was one of them and Fabregas seems to be following his footsteps. Let’s hope we’ll discover more.

  10. Chipo

    Hleb will stay I think, I was at the end of season lap and fabregas was clearly pointing at flam and waving goodbye, whereas hleb wasn’t acting in the same way.

    So let’s sign a “scary CB” – completely agree charyb – like vidic or skrtel. Tall, rapid, strong, skinhead. Preferable looks like he’s killed people in an eastern European conflict.

    As well as this, obv we need a flam replacement, and I think AW will splash cash for this one, as he knows we need someone who can slot right in and not take 6 months to get used to the prem. Would love to see Barry, but more likely to be a 10m frenchy who a few geeks have heard of. I’m not worried.

    Lastly…. RIBERY! Please!

  11. eddy

    I think Yaya Toure would be ideal.

    Although he doesnt score many goals, he would add steal to our midfield. He has looked good for Barcelona in the Champions League games against Man Utd and im sure Wenger would get the best out of him.

    I’d love to see Kranjcar at the Arsenal. He is a very skillfull, hard working link up midfielder, WHO SCORES GOALS!

    Also, i think Diaby should be given a chance in central midfield. He is never gonna be a wide left midfielder as long as he has a hole in his ass. Given a chance the replacement for Flamini could be right under our noses. He has to shake off all these injuries though first.

    Regarding Central Defence, Micah Richards! Why not!

    If Man Utd, Chelsea wanted him they would get him. He is an Arsenal Supporter so why not take advantage of the problems at Maine Road and go get him.

    Last but not least, is anyone else worried about it not looking like us signing a goalkeeper?? Almunia is average in my book. Fabianski too young.

  12. Johnny Gooner

    Flaminis departure is a big blow to us and to Wenger, he was key to the way our midfield interchanged passes with each other along with hleb, cesc, and when fit rosicky. I dont think alex song and gilberto together can handle the strains and demands of a whole season so wenger has no option now to enforce some strong signals of intent that we will be ready to compete on all fronts again next season. We all know that is what is needed now for sure but we then have the worry that these players will need to bed in considerably fast if we are to consistently win games. If wenger goes into the campaign with song and gilberto we could be heading towards another 3 years of transition again. You cant keep a player like gilberto in the squad when his performances and stats are on the decrease he has had a terrible season when hes played and i dont think we should let a few decent games now at the end of the season affect our judgement of him. I cant personally understand why flamini would have that much desire to go to milan, how much money do you need mate !!!!

    Flams, Hleb and cesc had a excellent relationship together and if his move jeopardises hlebs future at arsenal Wenger WILL HAVE TO spend all our transfer money

  13. Patrick7

    So Flamini’s gone: shame ’cause I thought he’d got the passion/winning mentality and organisational skills to captain Arsenal. No point crying over spilt milk though………
    Don’t mind if Hleb goes as his stats show his weakness on assists/goals although he looks pretty and may draw defenders to him to asist others in the process providing he can get his pass through those needle eyes!? If he’s leaving, I hope he tells Arsene quickly so we can make the moves for players before their prices rise or they get snapped up by our rivals!

    Can’t wait to see the re-organisations/new signings but would also like to know along with everybody else where our money is going. Is Highbury 90% sold? If so we should have more than 25M to invest. Karren from Brum sounds the best choice of MD of the names put forward to date: sound experience where it matters and a gooner so she’ll go the extra mile for us!

  14. Chipo

    BB I will remember you next season when we win the premiership…

    I truly believe next season is the one. We’ll win the double (its like what they say about buses, you wait so long for one and then two come along!)

  15. Geoff

    Mike the ladies were great, I locked myself in a room so I could be alone! James, Diego could be the big name and Eddy, Ya Ya would be perfect, but Diaby would be a good back up.

    Wenger needs to sign players for us the fans as well, we’re fed up with the work in progress.

    Stupid was wrong though when he said the Flamster was going to ManU.

  16. stevie

    As the whole episode was longing out, it was so obvious he wasn’t going to stay. He was great for us this season but now we can be provided for the excitement of replacing him. The next it then on the agenda is whjo to replacement him with. Who do I think currently? Well hes english, a great passer of the passer of the ball, has a good engine, & is a solid tackler. If I remember rightly after we beat them 2-1 at their ground earlier on in the season he came out saying how much he admired the way we play. & who is this player? England midfielder Gareth Barry

  17. BB

    chipo.. we had two seasons to sign him.. Ribery I mean.. do you really think that now, after Bayern spent 25MM Euros, they will sell him for anything less than that which was already too much for us at the time..
    lets not be naive..
    eddy..why would Yaya come to us.. for less money and to a lub which is gonna win fukk all in the near future..lets be realistic..aint gonna happen either..

  18. Mark C

    I think it is going to be a long Summer, with player arriving at the end of August, rather than the begining of July !!!

    I would like to see Toure play DM for a while

  19. Rupert

    With such a lengthy waiting list for season tickets I doubt Arsenal will play to an emptying stadium. For years, after so many big players have left there have been the doom merchants like BB but it never happened then and I doubt it will now. Flamini had a great season but was he the kind of player who could win you the odd game like Cesc, Patrick, Dennis etc… No is the answer. Keegan’s interview yesterday was powerful and worth thinking about. In essence what he said was that it is ALL down to money. I am sorry we didn’t win anything this year but, when you look at what Manu Utd, Liverpool and especially Chelsea have spent and then see that we are going to finish a tiny handful of points behind them and that our future is not dependent on the whims of dodgy owners I believe that the team’s achievements this year have been remarkable. KK is right. This the most boring league in the world and without Arsenal it wouldn’t be worth watching at all. So let’s not sink into apathy but be very grateful for what we do have. If Hleb wants to go, then let him.

  20. jasonz

    flamster is gone…so whose the replacement for him?barry?johnson?or….?we are lack of backup….AW must bring on replacement useful like flamster and a quality CB like vidic…

  21. arse&nose

    I would move Song to midfield, he has great ability in the air, is combative, improved his tackling and short passing and always shows 100% commitment.

    In defence we need a new commanding CB to partner Gallas or Toure, if Wenger had any belief in the Gallas/Toure partnership he would have played them together-but he hasn’t done that for a while.

    I think Hleb is going, I just hope we get a good offer, we need to use that money wisely on a productive winger who can add goals and assists.

  22. patthegooner

    Still nothing on Arsenal.com

    Someone there seriously needs sacking

    I agree with you for a change on this one Ethan, Hleb is a goner or at least he should be.

    I actually think Flamini has turned his head. not 5 months ago he stated he loved the club and would stay here his whole career, now he is pimping himself to anyone who will pay. The difference is though Flamini was free to talk to other Clubs, Hleb was not

    Honestly dont let Flamini back near the training ground, he will be onto Cesc next, leave his kit at the gate. Thanks for your efforts though flamster and good luck in Italy……You will need it

  23. eddy

    What really gets to me is all this talk of us not having much money to spend and not being prepared to break the wage structure.

    It makes me feel angry as what would happen if the fans didnt break there wage structure and stayed away from the Emirates for lack of money?

    No, we spend money we cant afford on tickets to support our team.

    I just feel we are owed a big signing. Something for us to get excited about. Who wants to go to Boreham Wood this summer and watch the same players?

    I do agree with Wenger not spending like Man Utd but one player. Not just for us, for the team too. Show the ambition.

    Etoo, Richards, Robinho, Buffon……………………………

    Any of the above will do.

  24. Evo in OZ

    so did anyone mention yesterday about Bendtner’s interview after the game saying he thought Flamini and Kleb would both stay, what planet was he on?

  25. Ethan_gooner

    Yes BB

    we need an event like a nuclear winter to take the minds off other clubs chasing our players ..
    Its funny how our roller coaster ride has panned out .. we where in the box seat ,it was a thrill a minute .. until the big clubs like man U and chevski decided to put the foot down
    .. they past us like we were driving mr beans mini .. 1 blue and 1 red 2008 model astin martins past us like we were standing still ! ..

    And didnt you just feel something in your gutts when Wenger said ! My priority is too keep the players together ! PLAYER SSSSS together ! meaning it aint over .. in fact i think its only just begun .. No up and coming player will want to stick around too long ..
    and win F.A !

    We can never keep a squad together long enough to be a force ..
    there is some fatal flaws in the concept of wengers plans . and we were talking about
    filling a few holes after we were out of contention for the title race this season.
    And now we have more holes than the titanic !
    Back too 2 or 3 good players and a shite load of average ones…
    even the goalie situation is now a gray area..

    someone has taken the jam out of my donut .. and believe me there wasnt much jam in there for the past 3 or 4 years anyhow !

  26. arsenal tom

    i reckon diaby will get the games in CM, when we didnt get ya ya diaby was signed straight after instead and he looked class in his first few games there, micah richards, ben arfa and robinho plz, i think we’re ok for center forwards.

  27. Ethan_gooner

    Liverpool have already bid for barry !
    sorry lads get used to hearing this sort of shite ..
    you need money to live life in the fast lane !

    AFC has to take the bus ..
    does eboue have a younger brother ???


  28. Geoff

    We need to sign some big players to keep Cesc and co happy, don’t replace Flam with Flim, replace him with Barry and replace Hleb with Robinho, this of course Wenger can’t do until the season ends, he must now know he has to get some big players in.

  29. eddy

    I agree with you Ethan. I think we will be hearing that other clubs have outbid us a lot in the up and coming months!!

    Look at the positives. Yes positives. Im gonna be brave here.

    If we can start the season and keep players fit such as Rosicky (he was a czech player we signed, small, longish hair), Van Persie, Diaby, Eduardo (bit later in the year). That will be like 4 new signings really.

    We also have Vela coming. Ok he is gonna need time. But, who knows, he could be an instant hit. He certainly can put it about and has great pace.

    Who knows we went close this year.

    Well, that was my attempt at being positive.

  30. Geoff

    Positive maybe, but we weren’t strong enough last year, 3 out of the 4 you named have zero chance of avoiding injuries and we need to get new players in for us, it’s so fucking boring.

  31. herdee string

    Great great piece.

    Rare that someone is able to write so clearly – Flamini put in ONE decent season – would have been a great great great piece if you called him a devious, disrespectful money grabbing pigfucker.

    Personally I think PLEB will go too – and it will suit me fine. He can’t shoot and he’s not decisive enough to take us to the next level.

  32. Geoff

    Evo Sky sports rated him 5 out of 10 – 2 weeks ago, he’s African and we have enough of those with ACN probs.

    He’s also 3 foot six inches tall.

  33. Michael

    Potential midfield signings, i would go for, either Barry, Hamsik, Zapater or Palombo. Would also love Wenger to go for someone like Di Natale or Quagliarella. He will more than likely sign some Zambian under 18 international, and a couple more Ivorians. And lets not forget Rosicky will be “like a new signing”

  34. chris

    evo, regarding nikki’s confidence about they guys staying, to be fair, no one talks to him so he knows about as much as we do!

  35. arsenal tom

    i reckon vela culd be anoter reyes… great when left aone but will probably get the shit kicked out of him by cunts like gary neville. hope im wrong but we cant expect anything from the kid

  36. Evo in OZ

    ok scrap makoun then….i suspect it wont be anyone thats been named so far…

    whos betting on that?

  37. Chipo

    I agree with Rupert, we are a great team for the RIGHT reasons, not like Chelsea and Spurs (United to a lesser extent, as they play great football and got a head start on everyone else with OT)

    But seriously people why so much DOOOM AND GLOOOM????

    -We’ve lost a player who last season looked like a headless chicken and has since looked like a great ball winner but NOT a world beater.

    -We have finished this season with 20 MORE POINTS than last season, as well as one place higher.

    -We celebrated St. Totteringham’s Day in MARCH!!

    -A striker who at the beginning of the season was predicted to play a supporting role and get 10-15 goals got 30.

    -Cesc has started scoring goals

    -Theo is starting to look world-class

    -Bendtner has proved we have depth up front (ade, rvp, theo, edu and bendt – every team INCLUDING UNITED would kill for that strikeforce)

    -We have money to spend in the summer and we will bring new faces in.

    -We have the two BEST FULL BACKS IN THE PREM

    -And no one knew about Sagna when Wenger signed him and look how that has panned out!

    -We have the much hyped Carlos Vela arriving to give us more pace down the flanks

    And many more…..

    So please can we stop moaning, sit back, and enjoy the silly season – its gonna be a good one!

  38. Frichie

    One thing on letting Flaminis contract run down if you recall, Flamini didnt establish himself in the team for 3/4 years. He was practically on the verge of leaving last season, but either Wenger convinced him to stay for one last season, or maybe Flamini didnt like his options back then, and decided to put his head down work his hardest ever so he could get the move he wanted. If Flamini had established himself after two seasons of arriving, maybe then he woul dhave been offered longer contracts worth more. Fact of the matter is he wasnt great, never looked like being a first team regular until this season!

  39. Mike

    Flamini leaving isn’t terrible news and I don’t believe we need to spend huge amounts of money in replacing him, a skillful hardworker is what we need, a Sagna of the midfield would be ideal. Has anyone seen Makoun from Lille that’s on newsnow? The big money needs to be spent in attack and in defense, get Jolean Lescott and David Villa, maybe Deco as well. Bring in Vela, Merida, Gibbs and Lansbury for the pre season tournaments, see how they get on.

  40. charybdis1966

    Someone said earlier that Wenger’s dilly dallying over signing his contract sends out the wrong signals when ti comes for players to sign also.

    While I don’t believe in using profane and personal insults at Wenger he has got that wrong completely and it annoys the hell out of me – players see him stringing the club along bwefore he re signs and they follows suit.

    As for Richards – he;s not that tall either; he seems like another Toure type player to me – plus I bbelieve he has a “big time Charlie” attitude – likes partying in night clubs with WAG’s/Starlets and loves the bling.

    I’d prefer someone dedicated to football and self improvement – like DB10 was- a model professional.

  41. Pedro

    Great post this morning Geoff, you summed up my feelings perfectly.

    See you later Flamini, good luck establishing yourself at milan…

    His replacement for the ‘now’ should be Gattuso. Powerful, nasty and an eye for goal. Bags of experience as well. He wants to play in the Prem, so sign him up Arsene! He would be a fantastic stop gap for 2 years!

    Fuck Makoun and all the other crappy average players that are being bandied about. Now is a great time to prove we are a big club! Hleb leaving could be good for us too… we could get a really tasty wide player in and give our midfield a production injection!

    Come on Arsene… prove the AKB brigade right for once! Show us you know!

  42. herdee string

    And as far as Flacuntface goes, if he plays a minute at Sunderland, the cunt should be booed.

  43. xeeez

    With Hleb staying I would like a similar player as a backup for him and Rosicky. Krnakjar tops the list.
    We can let our fringe players go; I am sure about Hoyte, maybe Djouru as well. But Djouru has the potential, its a question if he can wait behind Lucio, Gallas, Toure and Big Phil coz I intend to bring in the Giant defender from Bundesliga straight into our starting 11.
    A like for like for Flamoney will be required and I’ll leave it for Arsene to sort out ! πŸ™‚

  44. Ethan_gooner


    Hey whilst i agree about the fitness issues , especially dudu’s , I think it was down to
    lack of depth that got our players injured ! play every game without a rest here and there and every player will get injured ! its a fact .. the other top teams rotate a bit more often to keep the players hungry and more importantly 100% fit and happy .. We didnt have much in the tank past our 1st 11 .. and in the end we paid the price 4 it.. losing flamini and possibly hleb wont help out or bench problems , and evo if you want me to take a pill straight from your stock (zanacs?) no thinks id rather be high strung


  45. Odub

    Morning all,

    Great post Geoff, and nice to see some comments getting stuck in already.

    Flam’s gone, he wont be missed, and he will be replaced, all I want to know is who else is leaving?

    Hleb looks like he’s just s greedy so he can fuck off too, and I think Lehmann, Gilberto, Senderos and maybe Hoyte will also leave.

    As much as I’m praying for it, I dont thine AW will sell Eboue though.

  46. Evo in OZ

    Flamini wont play at sunderland, no way!

    Edu played against Everton and was given the penalty kick as he left with our blessing and he appreciated it. This situation is the opposite, so no dice i say!

  47. Mike

    How do you know Makoun is average? If someone told you know we’d be buying Sagna from Auxerre you’d probably say ‘fuck Sagna and all the other crappy average players that are being bandied about’, just because someone is unknown, unexperienced in the premier league doens’t mean they’re not good enough, Vidic was virtually unknown but look at him now. We can prove we’re a big club by buying big players but they don’t have to be to replace Flamini.

  48. Ethan_gooner


    Hey whilst i agree about the fitness issues , especially dudu’s , I think it was down to
    lack of depth that got our players injured ! play every game without a rest here and there and every player will get injured ! its a fact .. the other top teams rotate a bit more often to keep the players hungry and more importantly 100% fit and happy .. We didnt have much in the tank past our 1st 11 .. and in the end we paid the price 4 it.. losing flamini and possibly hleb wont help out or bench problems , and evo if you want me to take a pill straight from your stock (zanacs?) no thanks id rather be high strung


  49. Geoff

    Mike you say we don’t need to spend big and in the same breath say we should sign Lescott, David Villa, maybe Deco as well, how much do you think they’d cost then?

  50. groovy-wenger

    LOL!!!! During the season, you all praised flamini sky-high! Now that he’s gone, you choose to assasinate him. Flam’s not good enough?? Kidding yourself or what, because obviously wenger thinks otherwise and wanted to hold on to him badly! Stop fooling yourself! In wneger’s eyes, it’s diarra that’s not good enough – another hugh wenger mistake to sell him.

    Hleb will definitely leave when the right team comes for him, …… and Real madrid is keeping at eye still on fabregas! Maybe they will all leave before reaching 27-28 years old; who wants to stay on at a club which does not extend beyond one year contract at age 30, and get dumped? Such is Wengeronomics!

  51. Mike

    I didn’t say we didn’t have top spend big, I said we didn’t have to spend big in an exact replacement of Flamini,

    Quote- ‘The big money needs to be spent in attack and in defense, get Jolean Lescott and David Villa, maybe Deco as well’.

    Everyones saying, I wish we could have another Vieira, who was a cheap, inexperienced unknown who took zero games to acclimatise to the premier league. You don’t need to be a a big name to be a good signing.

  52. chris

    groovy, flamini has been called a moeny grabbing cunt for a long time on this site, and now we are all vidicated as we were right, a bitter sweet victory however

  53. GMR

    My last few comments have never appeared. The only one that has was the one asking if I’d been banned!!

  54. Geoff

    No we’re not, we’re saying he’s not worth the money he’s being paid, that’s not assassination that the truth, he played above himself, we all said that.

  55. Paulie

    Fully agree Geoff, Flamini was no great shakes. Only downside to his departure is we’re another player lighter that wont be replaced except by some young lad that will take years and if even he becomes sucessfull will be off due to our lack of ambition and inability to attract top players. No top player wants to play in youth teams indefnitely.

  56. Geoff

    Real Madrid interested in Cesc again, surely it’s time to report these cunts to Fifa, it’s like Barca and Milan, they keep going at us until we sell, they are playground bullies, but it’s time we realised we are in fact in the best league, with the most money and started acting grown up.

    Signing a few big names would help.

  57. Kevin

    We need a winger like Overmars, who can provide 20 assists and 15-20 goals a season!

    Helb is nice to watch but with limited output.

  58. GMR

    Wenger’s not going to sign anyone of note, the sooner people get used to that idea the better.

    Flamini has gone, Hleb will follow suit & even if he brought 2 players in the squad would still be the same size as this season (which wasn’t good enough).

    Prepare yourselves for unknown africans & reserves players from clubs in the french or spanish leagues!!

  59. Ethan_gooner



    Im in agreeance with groovy-wenger (this isnt really wenger is it geoff ? his web name ??
    sounds a bit like a swinger if it really is arsene ? ) πŸ™‚

    I do think we should not say anything about flamini isnt good enough !
    sure call him a a greedy fuckin cunt faced french wog .. But he will be missed with our beer and chips budget and was good enough for AFC.. He vacates a spot that will cost the club money that we could spend elsewhere .. Now everyone one wants to replace him with ronaldo for 100 mil .. and blow the budget in one fowl swoop !

    we were not supposed to be spending any cash in this AREA !!!
    if wenger and the contract signers did there job ..
    also why let him leave on a free at 24 years old ?
    fuck we could of got 2 mil for him even if he have 4 years of being crap !!
    management decisions lately suck plenty !

    we could even get 4 million for eboue …..
    maybe ..

    there would of been some club that would have bought flamoney even if he wasnt a raging success this season ! ..

  60. Big Raddy

    We will hear all summer about Spanish clubs coming in for Fab4. And all our other stars.

    Starnge we never hear of offers for Eboue !! And I agree with Odub, Eboue will stay. Much to the fans discontent

  61. Chipo

    Cant remember who said it but you’re right- i think Flam was playing out of his skin this season to get a big deal. His agent obv said to him

    “listen, you can leave this summer (2007) and go to Blackburn or Atletico Madrid on a slightly improved contract, or you can wait one year, put 1000% in, break the first team, and leave in the summer to go to Milan, Juventus or Read Madrid.”

    I think his mind was made up before the season even started.

  62. Chipo

    and for the record, if we’re talking strictly business, it’s a great decision.

    bye bye FLAMONEY

  63. GMR

    Apparently Spuds are about to announce plans to build a new 50000 capacity stadium.

    I bet firstly they don’t limit it to 50000 like we have done with the emirates & secondly it won’t in anyway affect there ability to sign players. Infact they have already signed Modric for 16 million when they are in the middle of getting finance for the stadium.

    So why is it Arsenal had to stop all transfer activity until they had secured funding & then spent the rest of the time saying they couldn’t afford to make signings!!

    Maybe we should just accept spuds are a bigger club despite the fact they don’t win anything either (other than the cc). After all if they are always cash rich & us cash poor then something is wrong our end, they even manage to do better shirt sponsorship deals than us.

  64. Geoff

    GMR, the trouble with Stadium building is you’ll never see a stadium like ours built for that money any more, I think if spurs built one then it would be 50,000 because that’s all they could afford, and it would be out of London, which is good as so are their fans.

  65. Big Raddy

    And we are complaining, but how about Barca? With a forward line where every sinlgle one of them would walk into the Arsenal team, they won sweet FA. And a superb midfield.

    If they had AW as manager they would be world beaters. As it is they don’t !!

  66. Shank Barki

    Bring in Podolski from Bayern, Vidic type defender..thats enough..
    Podolski has pace, power and super shot as well..he can play as a left winger as well as a striker..Le Boss says he plans to play Theo up-front next season..so no need to bring in any striker…As far as a CM is concerned, Gilberto will do that..he is someone who always tries hard and clicks 9/10 times…Give captaincy to Toure..he is a loyal Gunner..
    Sagna, DF, Gallas/Toure,Clichy

  67. GMR

    Apparently it looks very similar to ours & will cost 300 million!!

    Ok the talked about capacity is 10000 less than ours, but I wait to see if thats true & whether they have an option to expand!!

  68. GMR

    I said in a previous message which disappeared that I re-read some of Arsenal’s accounts last night.

    The set I read actually said Arsene had 74 million to spend last summer (& that was before player sales) but that he got all his targets for far less than his actual budget.

    That being the case, why has his budget now disappeared especially when you consider the huge amount of extra revenue we’ll receive this season from the new tv deal & league prize money?? He should have at least the same amount to invest & in truth it should actually be even more.

    It appears lies are being told!!

  69. Chipo

    Why would you go to a team that were embarassed by Arsenal in the Champs League apart from a decision based on MONEY

  70. nbizzle

    I Doubt any1 would show loyalty to there boss if you got head hunted and an offer to double your doe.

  71. Andy

    flamini reminds me off another money grabber oh yeah batty cashley. he goes to milan because they’ll win trophies and yet we knocked them out. i think we should go out and get gareth barry i always have been a big fan of him

  72. GMR

    Last summer he signed Eduardo (8 million), Sagna (6.5 million), Diarra (2 million) & Nordveit (1 million). Thats 17.5 million.

    He has since sold Henry (16.5 million), Diarra (4 million), Ljungberg (not much) & several reserve players like Connolly (1 million). So he made a minimum of 21.5 million in sales but clearly it was more than that.

    Even allowing for contract increases the club would still have broken even, if they are truthful then they’d have actually made money.

    That means his budget should certainly have increased, so why are the club leaking stories about such a low budget & what is really going on??

  73. Big Raddy

    Yes Chipo I would. We are talking about going to one of the world’s great cities. A fantastic club, more money, better weather, better women, and sadly an easier country to live in. All in all, I would take the same decision as Flam.

  74. Geoff

    GMR add to that Β£74mil the money from players sold in the summer which I think was Β£13mil plus Champions league money, plus EPL money, plus Diarra, plus matchday revenue should take us closer to Β£140mil, you’re right though, porkies are in abundance.

  75. charybdis1966

    How quickly an optimistic mood drains away…..

    We only attract youngsters as they know we are a good club for developing youth and there’s no pressure on delivering trophies as we always have the perennial excuse of “we are developing potential”

    Once any of these youngsters get good they’ll leave for a bigger club who will pay them what they are worth

    No established players wil want to come to AFc due to their miserly wage structure (but then some people seem to be exempt from this structutre ?).

    If any good player does stay till their late 20’s the dumb AFC board only offers them 1 year extensions -this stupidity is what lost us Pires, Edu and others.And we recovered well from their loss didn’t we ?

    But AFc never learn from their mistakes.

    Oh woe.

  76. Big Raddy

    Here’s a thought.

    If I am negotiating for an expensive item, one of my favourite tactics is to say that I am potless, in an attempt to reduce the price. And it often works. If I go in like Johny BigBolocks, flashing my wad, I am going to get ripped off.

    Is there any possibilty Arse are doing the same?

    Of course not !

  77. Chipo

    Raddy i’m afraid the weather is Milan is pretty shit – it rains almost as much as manchester! πŸ™‚

  78. Geoff

    I don’t believe the wage structure shit, look at Freddie, Henry, Campbell and Gallas, do we think Cesc would still be here if he was paid Β£55k a week?

    Raddy, the birds in Milan either have moustaches or they’re ladyboys, I don’t know where you were but I occasionally go there for suits and I’ve not seen much, a church, a gallery and an Opera house, we have those in abundance in England, Ok so they do us on the weather, that’s all.

  79. Odub

    Cheers Geoff,

    Nice to see matters of discussion havent changed in the last week!!

    We’re still broke, and havent signed anyone!

    And to top it all off, spuds are now thinking of building a new stadium!! Where are they going to find 50+k fans?!!

    BTW watching Eboue on Sunday, anyone still think Juve will be intrested in taking the cnut off our hands?!!

    On a positive, Song seems to be getting better by the minute, and Traore looked ok too.

  80. Big Raddy

    Geoff, I have a house close to Milan, and I am afraid your argument doesn’t hold !!
    Milan is a really cool city, especially for shopping

    Though you are right about the women, once they get over 30, they get hugley fat and grow facial hair.

  81. GMR

    I wonder if Arsenal are going to announce Flamini’s departure before Wenger’s usual Friday press conference??

    It has p***ed me off so much that they cannot even be bothered to tell the fans officially. To be honest I don’t even really care that he’s gone at the end of the day he was just an energetic workhorse & can quite easily be replaced, but the lack of communication from the club shows utter contempt towards loyal fans!!

  82. Big Raddy

    That no-one is interested in Eboue is no surprise. What is a complete mystery is why AW keeps playing him. What does he see that we don’t?

  83. Chipo

    GMR i dont think they will confirm until July 1st when his contract expires.

    Nothing to do with arsenal really- its not like they are getting paid anything. A player’s contract is expiring and he is leaving on 1st June- end of.

  84. Geoff

    Odub I think I’m the only person that thinks Song is ordinary, I just can’t see what everyone else does.

    I think if we don’t sign some big players, others will walk.

    Players like Cesc aren’t at Arsenal because they like the colours, Wenger has to know that, surely???

  85. Odub

    Geoff, he has improved slightly do you not think?

    I think Hleb will be next to walk, and I also see in the press today that Real are back to their dirty tricks in trying to get Cesc, they are apparently intrested in him, but will wait for the player to kae the first move!! what cnuts!! How the fuck do they get away with this every season?!!

  86. WelshGooner

    I am afraid that no one is to blame for Flamster going. Don’t forget he was going to go last season. He has had one outstanding season out of four. So goodbye and fare well.

    We need to reinforce the mid field though with a tough tackling dude. Who?? I don’t know but it needs sorting out before the Euro championships or the price will start to go up and up.

  87. Geoff

    No Chipo, they’re in denial!

    Raddy, I like Milan, as I said I go there to shop, but the City isn’t a patch on London, you can walk round it in no time.

    Fuck me you can’t even get a decent cup of tea, their milk is that Carnation shit.

    Third world I’m afraid.

    Nice view of the Alps though!

  88. Ethan_gooner

    i wonder when arsenalfuckin dot com will catch up with the rest of the fans ?
    its like the old story of the turtle Vs the hare .. only in this story the hare laps the cunt and still has time to eat a carrot … whilst arsenal dot cunt crosses the finishing line ..

    i was hoping to stop talking about flamoney and look at some other arsenal news ..
    well i wished i hadnt , after yesterday barca saying they are after cesc , but they arent really because there not being a cunt about it .. but we will talk to him when he’s ready
    (which means they want him without really saying so ! ) Now you have real putting there 2 pence in because some fresh cheese attracts all the rodents !


    or inter on hleb !


    the news is looking so rosey isnt it !
    and EvO wonders why my spirits are shattered !!

  89. Gnarley George

    I reckon Hleb is a bit soft to be honest, so reports that he might go don’t bother me @ all. I long for the days when our players were getting red carded. It was a signal that you don’t fuck with the GOOOOOOOONERS!!!! And we won trophys, & plenty of them. So I vote for the Vieira type mid fielder that can score, or more to the point do anything he damn well wants. P.S Does this blog go during the off season?

  90. charybdis1966

    We all know Wenger should do his buying before the Euro tournamnet when the prices will sky rocket. Will he?

    Don’t f***ing think so.

    Everyone makes the odd error of judement but he (if it is indeed his sole responsiblity post David Deins’s departure) carries on like he has been it becomes a pattern of behaviour.

    And the losers in all this – us the long suffering fans who are permanently attached to the club.

  91. Ethan_gooner

    yes choy

    great dancing skills if you have a large fire and a big black pot with flamini inside it !
    how ever id like him to pull that dance off in a london night club ..

    thats if they let the cunt in πŸ™‚

  92. Ethan_gooner


    dead right .. you know ade – hleb flamoney – even cesc will leave ..
    the only poor mugs who have to put up with this shite year in year out is us..
    wenger will be 60 soon and retire ! he’s leaving a good legacy .. thats all i have to say about it !

  93. Big Raddy

    AW is a man who plans. He says that they have a constantly updated list of three playes in each position that he would like to buy if the need arises. (I read that somewhere!) and he will know already who he wants.

    If he says that there is a mjor signing coming in summer – which he has – then that player is already in the bag.

    Hope it is someone we have heard of !

  94. Ethan_gooner

    i put cesc at even money to leave this season !
    with his spice girls gone .. he will bail just like TH14 ..
    theres too much media pressure on the kid ..


  95. choy

    nah cesc won’t…

    flamini and hleb will always be under cesc’s shadow had they chosen to stay.

    hleb was/is a great player…but running around circles with the ball and all looks great but doesn’t win you games…

  96. Spanish Fry

    I have to say that I respectfully disagree with this article. Flamini was THAT good in my eyes – his three ‘crap’ seasons were not ‘crap’ because he performed poorly but because he had limited opportunities. Every time he was given a chance he took it with open hands.

    Flamini always had brilliant energy but the difference this season was that he coupled it with great skill as well. There’s no reason why this should disappear when he moves to Milan. Without sounding too negative I just feel that Milan have done a great bit of business and Arsenal has lost one of their true stars.

    The manager will have to do a great job to adequately replace him in my opinion – yet I wouldn’t doubt him to do so. Farewall Mathieu – all the best!

  97. Geoff

    Yes Gnarley will will be posting throughout the close season.

    We’re going to see how it goes and maybe sack the weekend posts, you get all the AKB’s on then as school is finished, so it won’t be a huge loss.

    Thing is we now have responsibilities to our Grovers to keep the banter going, otherwise it will be a long boring summer, won’t it!

  98. eduard...0

    morning grovers,

    some mixed views of flattuso’s departure, do we really mind? its not the be all and end all is it? sure we all bought into the spice boys thing and how flattuso had reinvented himself as a bad ass but fuck me we are the arsenal and it feels like we are being treated like a fucking feeder club to so called “european giants” like barca, AC, Real at al. Football365 mailbox is overloaded with comments like that from gooners and non-believers alike. it doesnt seem to happen AS MUCH to the other big three and NOT AT ALL to any of those cunts on the mainland, why?! what makes them so fucking important that WE CANT TAP UP and unsettle any of their so called stars?

  99. Peter

    Flamini wasnt that good? yes he was, he was pretty much our best player this year
    We need to replace him with a goalscoring midfielder?? Whos going to protect the defence then? Fabregas?
    And he wasnt shit for the last 3years, he was good but never got a run in the team
    Im not surprised he left, im sure he remembers playing extremely well at fullback and making it to the champions league final, only to be dropped so that ashley fucking cole have his place back…
    They should bring back Pires, although not as a replacement. Djourou or Toure for DM and a new centre back

  100. Rico









  101. Ethan_gooner

    Spanish Fry

    i agree … he was good enough ! i think its just a case of sour grapes .. but fair shout to us fans , we can only vent to get out the loss of him in such bad business circumstances ! My biggest gripe is now we have to find a replacement and stretch a budget that was already thin to begin with

  102. Ethan_gooner

    peter sagna is the best this season by a country mile a PFA squad player of the year in fact .

    he should of gave us 5 more if he signed !

    yes look to future spending to replace him !

  103. gazzap

    I think we can handle the loss of Flam but I dont think we can replace 2 important players in one summer. One or the other is OK but not both so now Hleb has to stay.

    If hleb does go, just the act of changing so many players at once will lead to instability at the start of next season and could see us have a slow start. Hleb must stay.

  104. david

    What would Nike think of Cesc if he were to go, they are spending thousands on this Cesc Fabregas show thing and it would be out of date if he went to Real or barca?

  105. Gooner

    1.Bye bye Flamoney et Hlebscream

    2.need Toulalan or Cana

    3.need Gomes or Juusi

    4. need Per Mertesacker

    5. Wenger needs a WC winger.

    And oh, Arsenal.com sucks.

  106. Rico

    I dont think Cesc would do the programme if he was thinking of leaving – watch him with players and boss – he wont leave our club all the time Arsene is boss – look back at Milan, the final hugs. The man was crying -that shows he loves our club

  107. GMR

    Big Raddy,

    I think you’re talking about a different Arsene Wenger from the one that manages Arsenal.

    You say he always plans?? What like when he sold Vieira & planned to sign Baptista (even though he said time & again he wanted to join Real Madrid), or maybe when he planned for Flamini’s loss by keeping hold of Diarra……..Oh no he sold him as well. There are so many examples of Arsene failing to have an adequate plan it would take all day to list them.

    Wenger has said for the past 3 summers now that he was going to sign 2 world class players & each time he has failed. Why will this summer be any different? Infact he actually used Henry leaving as an excuse last summer for failing to land his intended targets!! How does that work exactly??

    Wenger’s biggest problem is that he doesn’t plan in advance. He should already know who Flamini’s replacement is going to be & he should have known that for months now.

  108. Peter

    Im not worrying about him leaving or moaning about it

    I just think ur deluding urselves to say he wasnt our best player

    True sagna was excellent, so was clichy , adebayor and fabregas and some others, but personally i felt flamini was our best, if not u must admit he was pretty exceptional nontheless

    I dont agree we need all these changes tho, with vela coming back, traore stepping into midfield

    We need to replace flamini, either with toure or djourou or another from the squad, or buy a new one. We need cover at left back cos traore isnt good enough, and he was meant to be it. We could also do with cover at RM instead of eboue, with eboue our second RB.
    Thats 2 players minimum, and barazite may be able to fill the RM slot

  109. doubleghooner

    Fuck Hleb, sell him & collect what we can now. he’ll be worth fuck all next year & you can guarantee he’ll have flattered to deceive once again.

    His meeting with Inter at the time we had a massive game was disgusting to the club & the fans. He has been the type of player with no backbone, who never plays well unles the team plays well. He;s unable to have an effect when the team’s needed that inspiration

    Well documented his poor goal & assist stats. Rosicky, if you manage to stay fit for more that 3 games in succession, take note.

  110. david

    He signed Sagna the best right back in the premiership, and even if he did know Flamini was going what can he do until the transfer window opens? He won’t do the tapping up like Chelsea so his hands are tied.