Stadium excuses getting boring, spoilt Barca bored with new toy.

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At the time, we decided to build a stadium, which cost a lot of money. We decided to go for a policy where we could survive without buying too much. We knew the resources were short and we suffered a little bit’ This is a direct quote from Arsene.

Okay the stadiums built and we’ve been raking it in now for 2 years, not to mention International matches, conferences and concerts.

The stadium is named the Emirates because we got £100 million up front, we have 8 years of shirt sponsorship which we got £50 million up front for and when we sell the old stadium we get a further £250 million from the sale of the flats, 90% of which are sold, so the property market reversal will have no great effect on that.

I have it from an insider (Director) that at the end of the 2009 season, we will not only have paid for the stadium, we will be debt free with cash in the bank.

No other club in football can boast this.

That is all based on published knowledge, this doesn’t include matchday revenues, prize money, Premier league money and other sponsorships such as Nike etc.

We were the only club that had made money from the transfer market last year, the only club, we sold Lassana Diarra in January as well, so how on earth can we still be pleading poverty? ManU don’t and they owe £850 million with annual interest charges of £63 million.

So please boss, stop using the Stadium as the annual excuse, if you add up the money you haven’t spent compared to your peers in your tenure, you could have bought the stadium outright, we are not paupers, enough with that one, it’s getting tired.

We’ll lose Flamini through our own stupidity, I understand the wage structure, but if we can’t compete with other clubs, how can we keep players like Fabregas happy? is he content to earn less?

Barca have now tired with new toy Henry, after relentlessly chasing him for 4 years, all that time unsettling him and then last year they finally get him, now want to discard him, what a bunch of wankers, do you want him Arsenal? OK, we’ll give you Eboue and Senderos for him, good deal, now move on.

Aston Villa won’t get European football next season, so time to move for Barry, maybe Eboue again plus cash? O’Neil hates Liverpool so we’ll not get a better opportunity to get one over on them.

Everton and last day of our home season, get behind the team and hope for a 4 nil to the Arsenal, I hope Flamini stays and we can cheer him, but if he plays and goes on Monday, I will feel humiliated and cheated, so if he’s going Arsene, don’t play him.

I’m at the game today with Pedro, so please any AKB’s out there, I know you won’t be at the game, don’t show yourselves up by coming on in our absence, you’re not welcome, go to

Have a great last day Grovers, tomorrow the transfer season begins.

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  1. Gidster


    to a degree I agree… no doubts, if we’d have had a bit more strength in depth we may have won the whole show. But then again…

    Rosicky is one of our better players, a ‘name’… so is Eddie… so is RVP… Wenger will have looked at those 3 at the start of the year and thought that, with the other players also available to him, he’s got enough… but all have had short seasons. If, say, 2 out of 3 of them stay fit, we might well have won something. We might not though. Who knows?

    What we must assume is that those 3 contributing 30+ games each this season would have brought us a few more points. And a few more is all thats required. So if we sign 1 or 2 players who can contribute 3 points each per season (a top class goalkeeper might be all we need, when did Almunia last get us any points?) then we ARE challenging. In fact, I think we did challenge. So do we need to spend big big money? Like £30 / 40 / 50 million?

    I dont think so. We need a trim round the edges (Eboue) and 1 or 2 more. Certainly dont need 2 or 3 massive signings on huge wages unbalancing the squad.

  2. patthegooner

    Yep it is on Reuters as well, looks like he has signed for Milan

    On that, how poor of the Arsenal PR wagon to not let us know first. How many times does it happen that we find out from other avenues about things like this. Arsenal do treat their fans like dirt at times. Are you telling me Wenger did not know about the fact his player was flying to Milan tonight…Very Poor

    My feelings on this are not too bad, I remember being pretty down and gutted when Henry and Vieira left but Flamini leaves me with no real feelings. He has had a great season but that is that. I still think he wanted to stay with us but ultimately when you get offered a huge amount of money it makes the decision very hard, and I think he was just holding out to see if Arsenal would get somewhere close to Milans offer.

    I Personally think we have done the right thing. I dont think Flamini is worth more than 50k a week, and if we had broked the wage structure it would have opened a flood gate of agents knocking on Wengers door next week. That wage structure does worry me though, firstly because how do we attract the type of world class player such as Torress or Villa or Messi to the club, and secondly we are the most expensive ticket in town so where is all the money going

    As for saying we should not have let Diarra go, well it is not always that easy, I got the impression from Diarra that he had an Ego fitting of a Real Madrid player yet the skill level of a Portsmouth player. I don’t think Diarra was the answer anyway, certainly not long term partner for Cesc. He was a squad player at best and in some ways I am pleased we got him off the books.

    Replacement wise, please not Diaby or Denilson and not back to Gilberto either, we needed depth anyway so please Mr Wenger work your magic, and get in someone in who can start their come August, not someone who is going to develop for 2 years.

  3. patthegooner

    GMR, Gidster

    My worry with RVP and Rosicky is that they have never given us a worthwhile contribution of games in any season. I think some players never shake off thier proneness to injury and in my mind you should not count on these players as being part of your best 11

  4. Pedro

    Afternoon Grovers!

    Just got back from Le Grove with Geoff… we were underwhelmed by the result but there you go.

    Nikki B was brilliant, we like him a lot. Don’t flog him because he is a talent.

    We heard a few bits of goss…

    Flamini is torn about whether or not to go
    Hleb is gone
    Lewin is leaving for England.

    I don’t know how much truth there is in any of those sources, but the news comes from someone who is close to the team.

    Cheers to my brother for going on AKB watch today, sterling work!

  5. Gelbs

    When will people learn that Wenger is just a lying cunt end of? Why do you think he said “Monday deadline”? Purely because he knew he was already gone. Said the same shit about how Henry be an Arsenal player next season (last summer) when he wasn’t. What a prick. Just fuck off already please. Had it with that moron.

  6. Gidster


    i think we as fans all suspected RVP and Tommy wouldnt do a whole season. But from Wenger’s perspective, he cant go signing extra top class players just in case some of his other ones get injured (only Chelsea can do that). If you think, just 5 more games from each of them might have been enough, it might have got us a few more points. Shame… even from the players we did have available, the ones who stepped up, just a touch short. So frustrating, but not a complete disaster or plane crash.

    As for Flam… he’s done well this year. My brother summed it up best. A central midfield of Flam and Cesc isnt good enough to win the league. Cesc ticks loads of boxes (skill, vision, desire, energy, goals) but Flam in the enforcer role isnt quite good enough. He has plenty of energy to react to situations, but he doesnt dictate or anticipate that well. Thats why he has to make so many desperate challenges (which he does well)… a good player doesnt make last ditch tackles coz he’s already read whats going on.

  7. david

    Barry isn’t on your list at the top of the page Pedro.
    Can Song do the Flamini role he seems to be improving every game and if we get a tall centre half that free’s him up.

  8. arsenaldo

    Yes -Milan presi Galiani confirmed Flamster is leaving 2nite to sign ……:((( what a wanker and a HYPOcRITE . During the game the cameras showed several times our 3 best players of the season- Secs, Hleb and Flam talking a laughing TOGETHER. IS THIS A SIGN OF A LEAVING PLAYER-NO ITS NOT . If he knew he was leaving at least he wouldnt show on the stadium -but he wouldnt care ,would he……….

  9. Gidster

    Bit harsh Gelbs. Flam has fucked Wenger around for months. Look at the classy way Mellberg handled his freebie to Juve for next year. Flam doesnt have that class. So Flam has fucked Wenger and Arsenal over, and Wenger has never restorted to his level, he has maintained a dignified position whilst a player that he made has given him the shaft.

    If Wenger comes out on Friday and says “Flam is signing for AC on Sunday night” then thats the story of the weekend. He’d rather we concentrated on the game, and the performance of Nic B, Theo, Alex Song, Armand, and Denilson, who all played a good game against tough opposition…… and won.

  10. Geoff

    Just got back from the game with Pedro, and it was close! First of all, thanks James!

    THERE ARE SO MANY SAD CUNTS OUT THAT I FEEL I HAVE TO COMMENT, they have nothing to say, so , don’t come on again, you sad cunts, fuck off to

  11. patthegooner

    I agree with that Gidster but as soon as Rosicky picked up an injury, we were straight away playing Diaby out of position. I think if we had bought just one more player pre-season then we would have improved the chance of winning something. That player being Robinho, he could have covered and fought for a position with Rosicky and also covered RVP and Eduardo up front.

    I think it is the quality past our best 11 that frustrates me, we are so close but for some reason we hold off getting that one or two players to really sustain the fight till the end

    Barry would be my choice to partner Cesc, with Diaby, Denilson and Gilberto (if he stays) as backup.

  12. Gelbs

    I am glad Flamini is gone. Greedy, fucking cunt and looks odd as well. Looks weird. But I agree with what someone else said earlier. No-way in hell Wenger didn’t know he was leaving. Everyone else knew it it seems. Don’t blame him if he wants to join a better club. Least they win Champion Leagues and they be back challenging for the title next season as well. Whereas we will no doubt drop out the top 4.

  13. Pedro

    Gelbs, that was a bit harsh.

    From what we heard today, Flamini was hugely torn over his decision. His buddies play her, he loves the club and the fans… but he was offered bundles…

    If he doesn’t know, he can’t tell us anything can he?

  14. Gelbs

    Still a cunt mate. If you love the club and being offered 50k a week, what the hell is the difference if your getting 100k at another club?? For 50k a week, you can still have severe financial freedom and is already well off anyway!

  15. Pedro

    Fair shout… me and Geoff had that convo earlier.

    £20mill vs £15 mill… in the grand scheme of things, you are still fucking minted!

  16. Gelbs

    I understand in parts, but as a whole, it is pure greed. Obviously they get taxed, but that’s probably okay with all sorts of loopholes and shit. Any ideas what you’d get taxed on 50k a week? Unless he thinks Milan are a bigger and better club than Arsenal I don’t blame him.

  17. BB

    pat .. for fukk sake, Rosicky cant play 2 games in a row.. he had never done it before at dortmund.. and RVP is vastly overrated as a player
    we need reinforcements .. other clubs are beefing up..what are we doing??
    fukk our cunts who run this club

  18. patthegooner

    Geoff Pedro

    How did Hleb come across to you on the walk round after the game

    They did not show it on TV, and how about Nic Bendtner, did he join in with his team mates. I thought the Bendtner loner thing was just press talk but would like to know.

    Gidster, I dont think Flamini has Fucked us over at all, if he had, surely he would have signed for Milan back in Jan. I just think he had a huge decision to make and it was pretty torn up on which way to go. Hey I have moved companies before for more money so I Can’t criticise Flamini. Lets just wish him luck, Hleb would piss me off more

  19. patthegooner

    I think it would be around 20k tax on getting paid 50k a week

    I wouldn’t get out of bed for that…. 🙂

  20. GMR

    What I’d like to know is why Flamini has been given permission to fly to Italy (whilst supposedly injured) to sign a contract?? Until the end of the season he is an Arsenal player & Wenger should’ve said to him you can’t go until the season is over just to make him wait! Instead of that Flamini is going over there & signing a lucrative deal whilst being paid by Arsenal & ultimately the fans to do it.

  21. Gelbs

    If Arsenal had won the league this season, Flamini leaving wouldn’t even be an issue period. Get use to it. More the seasons go by without winning shit, all the best players leave. And quite frankly, who the fuck can blame them?!

  22. patthegooner

    I bet your Silly Season gadget is going to take a hammering this week

    Every agent with a Defensive Midfielder will be touting around stories of being contacted by people representing Arsenal

    It has just started with Makoun on Setanta

  23. david

    What was Flamini saying to Fabregas? You mug signing that long term contract I’ve just doubled my wages, Ain’t we Alex jump ship with us next year…

  24. patthegooner


    Yeah that does suck but I think he actually has the right in his last six months to go and talk to clubs. Arsenal probably aren’t training tomorrow so he may have the day off, either that or as Wenger did not mention it in the interview, maybe he has thrown a sickie

  25. patthegooner

    Anyone else watching Barca

    Henry is playing well, scored two very Henrylike goals already

    Carlos Vela is on later too playing for Osasuna against Real Madrid

    Time for Stella Artois and a Chinese, my Misses will be happy, I have been watching football all day

  26. GMR

    Yeah he has the right to speak with clubs, I wasn’t talking about that though. He doesn’t have the right to fly off to Italy when he’s supposed to be injured & whilst the players will have tomorrow off, injured players would be required to go in for treatment. Its just another example of Wenger letting players do what they like, just so he can be called their mate or father figure.

  27. GMR

    Yes I shall be watching Osasuna, they have fallen back into the relegation zone. Vela really hasn’t impressed me whenever I’ve seen him so far (apart from one nice piece of skill against Ramos in the reverse fixture). Hopefully he’ll show up tonight & actually perform, seen as he’s our new world beater thats going to win us the league on his own!!

  28. patthegooner

    Wenger admitted that on his post match Interview Geoff

    It was indeed Lehmanns last game.

  29. arsenaldo

    Yes -Thanks Crazy JensLehman- although crazy sometimes you were very good gooalie for us durinhg the years. Thanks for your services and good luck in your life. We all saw when he came on that he has the respect of the team and the stadium appreciating his last game for us.

  30. patthegooner

    I am the same GMR,

    Everytime I tune in to watch him, he has been anonymous yet other blogs who watch him in detail do rave about him so we will hopefully see some promise tonight. Lets face it if he can perform against them then he should do ok in the Premiership

  31. BB

    GMR .. indeed people who think that Vela will be the saviour are far off th mark
    or rather bloody delusional .. he is still a kid .. doesnt speak a word of english .. so we are talking 1 year here
    there is one playing right now .. good old TH14 .. if only Ade had a fukking clue

  32. mark

    5 or 6 of these players should be out the door (including Nikki B) he’s nothing and will be nothing special …it’s ok playing well now when it means nothing but when the pressure has been on this season half this team just couldn’t handle it and buckled (including Nikki B…Pedro). This dancing and grinning amongst our players since they got booted out of every competetion is sickening and shows they have no undertstanding of the words humiliation and humble. We are not good enough and if he keeps this team together for next season we will be looking at another empty trophy cabinet. We are psychologically weak and need players with mental strength …not a bunch of johnny come lately’s who dance and smile when when nothing matters anymore …except their huge paypackets of course … I’m sick of theitr attitude and about time they bloody grew up.

  33. BB

    mark on .. you could also see again 2day how immature Eboue is .. he was utter utter shit..yet he was constantly moaning .. absolutely pathetic.. this team has never and will never win anything .. do you think that RVP will ever become a match winner??

  34. mark

    BB …I don’t think RVP will ever remain fit enough to be our match winner on too many occasions. Which is a shame because I do like him and when he’s on form is something special … the problem that he’s not fit enough to give us the consistency we need from him will always be worrying.

  35. Paulinho

    All the youngsters are average in my opinion apart from Bendtner. I think its unfair to call him a bottler. He’s got alot of it and if had been given a chance to front our attack when Ade was playing shite after the eduardo injury we could have stayed in the title race. He makes more intelligent runs than Ade.

  36. Benny

    I’m watching C.Vela vs R Madrid & he’s not doing much, he’s had about 5 touches of the so far , i’d be very surprised if he makes any sort of impact for us next season!

  37. Pedro

    Who called Nik a bottler? He is a classy player, I really don’t know where people get off slagging a 20 year old down like they do (1 year older than Theo I think!).

    Slag Ade off, , he is 24 and has been round for a while (The same goes for Eboue), but I don’t think it is fair to knock a player who has made great strides this season. You ask anyone who watched him today what they thought and most will tell you that as a football player, he looked great.

    His attitude might be questionable, but who wants a team of 11 Henrys on the pitch (Saint Henry)? I certainly don’t… a bit of arrogance and aggression is refreshing!

    Makoun is the guy ManU were trying to sign last year… I hope we don’t get him…

  38. Ray Gooner

    I’ll give you something to be proud of at least:

    We stayed unbeaten at home this season!

    In the Top Division we have only stayed unbeaten at home 6 times EVER!

    1970/1971: 18 3 0 41-6
    1980/1981: 13 8 0 36-17
    1990/1991: 15 4 0 51-10
    1998/1999: 14 5 0 34-5
    2003/2004: 15 4 0 40-14
    2007/2008: 14 5 0 37-11

    At least that is something worth celebrating in the time of misery…

  39. Ray Gooner

    By the way, this was the only season EVER that we also stayed unbeaten at home in the cups…

    I know it’s not worth that much, but still…

  40. patthegooner

    Great Stats Ray

    I thought Bendtner did alright today, he tracks back, is full of energy and scored a good goal. He did get MOTM but for me Song was our best player, he looks casual and makes everything look simple. He is quickly changing my opinion.

    Nic just needs a run of games and at least the others seem to be warming to him now.

    The only player I have a problem with is Eboue, but to be fair to him, it is not his fault he is being played at RM. He is a very good RB but a lowsy RM.

  41. Roy Nuzrat

    No doubt Arsene has done a great job ever since he joined Arsenal. But despite all his incredible contribution, there are a few things that I could never understand. Pascal Cygan is one example. Does any one realise how many games Cygan’s selection cost us when he was around? When Arsene dropped Lehmann after his blunder at Blackburn earlier this year, I thought Arsene has finally learned from his mistakes. But then he kept doing the same mistake by playing Oboue, again and again, despite his horrible performances. I believe Sendros is also a player who does not justify his presence at AFC. Had any one at Manure done such horrible mistakes as Eboue and Sanderos did, I am sure Alex Ferguson would have either kicked him out or let rot in the reserves.
    Another problem is Arsene’s failure to keep hold of big players. Apart from Bergkemp, Tony Adams, Seamen – maybe a couple more – all other players left Arsenal at their peak – Henry, Viera, Anelka, Petit, Overmars, Ashley Cole…. if you count players like Edu and Sol Cambel, then the list goes on and on.
    To be honest, I feel scared these days to even read news about Arsenal as there is always a news about a big name player either leaving or planning to leave Arsenal for our supposed peer clubs. I simply can’t understand why it is not other way round. Just for change, I want to read a news about Arsenal raiding the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Milan, Chelske, Manure, etc to bring their star player – not a starlet.
    I think Arsene or may be the AFC owes some serious and honest explanation to its supporters.


    Gidster is right flamini is a cunt, Eboue is a useless cunt and i really hope he gets injured in training this week , again today a fantastic example of not tracking back when he makes a mistake , FUCK OFF YOU LAZY BASTARD ,YOU ARE LUCKY TO HAVE WENGER AS A MANGER NO FUCKER ELSE WILL PLAY YOU……
    Great piece Geoff using the excuse of the stadium for our lack of a squad is pathetic,
    THE BOARD LIE TO ALL OF US , AND NOW AS THEY BEGIN THEIR SEARCH FOR A NEW M.D. We are told that this will be a no expense spared operation
    In todays game the evidence is there for all to see , packed stadium , money from T.V.

  43. James

    Hey hey. Been to the the game and then the pub so a very late post but I wanted to say Geoff that that was a good post and agree 100%.

  44. gazzap

    Eboue was shite again today. song was good though so I reckon he can take over from Sendy when he is rightyfully sold. still need a top centre back.

    also heard Vela was not good for Osasuna. dont pin your hopes on a 19 year old. he is not as good as walcott yet.

  45. patthegooner

    Something along the lines of

    As announced in the afternoon by Milan Vice-President Adriano Galliani, Mathieu Flamini, arrived in Milan in the evening and is now having dinner in the restaurant owned by his future team companion, Kaladze, near the central station.

    The French midfielder landed at 20.45 at the private Linate airport, on board a plane from London. In the afternoon he was on the sidelines at the Emirates Stadium for the last home game of Arsenal’s season.

  46. Pedro

    Not a good sign generally?

    Oh well, we will replace him… Maybe with Gareth Barry next week!

    Who would you fancy?

  47. patthegooner


    Unless Arsene really knew nothing of this (Which I cant believe) I feel dissapointed that the PR people at Arsenal have let us find out officially through other means. They do suck at communication to the fans. Surely they would have known he was booked on a flight to Milan this afternoon

    So the process of replacement begins.

    Watched Man City earlier and dont know what the fuss is about that Johnson lad, he was very average

    Watched Vela earlier too, he is not ready yet, has bags of pace and likes to shoot but his decision making was poor and he is his waving of imaginary cards will get him nowhere at Arsenal

  48. DeeOzGooner

    wenger aint gona sign any1…his thoughts will be song for flam, promote traore on the left wing…and he’ll be content wit our fwds saying theyre progressing well. as for defense…theres always nordveit…the only place we may see some action is 4 GK…but with fabianski getting a constant run-out its not lookin good!

    very dissapointing!

    only hope is that players get injured at the euros which will force wenger to sign…and then once the others come back from injury we may actually have a fat enuf squad!

  49. patthegooner

    Barry would be nice but he is going to cost a fortune.

    I think we will be linked all week with people, I just hope we dont promote from within as I am still not convinced by the candidates.

    Maybe Gattuso the other way, he seems to want to come to the Premiership. I know he is 30 but in that position you dont need to rely on pace to much and maybe a old head could do us good

    Or how about De Rossi at Roma

  50. DeeOzGooner

    barry wud be nice, but now that ‘pool have registered their interest it will count us out.

    they can offer carson + cash…we will offer em hoyte + performance based bonus, which would u take?

  51. Paulinho

    I think Hleb is gone. Wenger seems to pick his words very carefully when discussing his future while with Fabregas he categorically states he is not for sale and gives that ‘not over my dead body’ vibe.

    Hleb wants to go and if Inter make a sizeable bid Wenger will sell. That I am sure of.

  52. terry

    not a bad day today some of the squad looked good a couple of good players to join in the summer and we are sorted .Alot better than last season.If we were to get a new manger who would it be I would go for sven he knows how to spend money for players

  53. Hughsie

    Wow, some pretty knee jerk opinions have been flying round since i was last on.

    As far as squad outs this season, Flamini is as far as i can see 100% gone which is okay. He’s had an excellent season and really provided us with some energy and tenaciousness in the middle but he’s by no means the finished product or even proven he can consistently perform at this level (to coin an NBA-ism, it was a ‘contract year’) to be sure he needs to be replaced but there are options aplenty when it comes to good quality defensive midfielders going round. Barry would be a great deal, O’Neill hates ‘pool too so we might be able to get him from under their noses.

    With Hleb, he’s definitely been excellent this year but for all his intricate dribbling and so forth he’s got no finished product and with Rosicky injured and Eboue wasting away on a wing it’s been up to Fabregas to create nearly everything. I wouldn’t be shattered if he (Hleb) left, it’d be a good opportunity to bring in a real creative passer to aid fabregas in distributing the ball. Kranjcar would be great, he’s EPL proven, young and wouldnt break the bank. Frankly Robinho is an unknown quantity, i wouldnt be comfortable dropping the 20m required to pick him up.

    Definitely it’s time to give Eboue and Gilberto a send off. Two new wingers, move Toure to the defensive midfield role and buy a psychotic easter european center back and one more class player and i think we’re set.

  54. Paulinho

    Sorry, Nico Kranjcar couldn’t carry Hleb’s jock strap. I’m all for getting new players, but lets not undersell the players we have. Hleb has created just as much as fab in open play. In fact I think he has been our chief lockpicker all year. Stats don’t do that guy justice. The stats aren’t great on Kranjcar in any case.

  55. DeeOzGooner


    barry wud be great, but wenger wont be drawn into a bidding war, thats guaranteed!

    cant see hleb leaving this season as wenger will report inter and then they wont be able to buy him…but nx season will be the same as what we just went thru with flam…

    eboue is so woeful its ridiculous…that move he does where he dribbles toward the box and then passes is sooo fkn predictable its crazy, actually i dont think he’s ever tried anything else, cant understand why wenger is so persistent with him!

    flam leaving means gilbert is goin no where…which means our mf will not grow in stature, infact it probly means the opposite

    toure to DMF is a good shout…has the speed and tenacity or flam, but is arsenal thru and thru…

    agree wit d kranjcar call…hopefully wenger made the diarra deal with an option on kranjcar this summer!

  56. Ethan_gooner


    Unless Arsene really knew nothing of this (Which I cant believe) I feel dissapointed that the PR people at Arsenal have let us find out officially through other means. They do suck at communication to the fans.

    You cheeky bugger you give me grief for reiterating my view ! then you say the bloody same thing ! Hence internal problems at the club and people leaving !!!!
    cheeky bugger ! rip into me for half the blog and you gripe before you log off !
    Enough said TIME FOR THAT BEER MATE !

    I know im ahead of the curve when it comes to these issues but please dont rip into me
    when your of the same opinion !

    EVO !
    not pessimist IM MORE LIKE A REALIST !
    im not looking at the club with sugar coated views and rose tinted glasses and blind hope , ive been hoping for 3 years !!!! and thats got me no where !

    Problem is if you all view it as a victory this year (winning nothing AGAIN !)arsene will do fuck all about it !AGAIN ! like the prior 3 years ! maybe money issues were a problem before but if you read geoffs current blog

    chapter 3.18.2 the geoffs prayer

    youll see i was venting on pretty much what pat said prior to the bugger logging off !

    What i said flamini will leave or and hleb will probably follow .. im not often wrong on these issues ! ask pat 🙂

    the club is playing secret squirrel with us ! they set a deadline of the 1st of may
    for flamini and you cant tell me arsene didnt know ! (thursday/friday)
    he was set to start yesterday before he had some bogus ankle injury which didnt hamper him getting on a plane to milan several hours later ..
    he isnt playing because arsene is giving players a run who will still be at the club next season !
    end of !!!

    if you all want to play ostriches with your heads in the sand fine .. but dont give me shit for a fairly realistic view i have .. Things are far from rosey at the club and not airing club decisions is not helping the fans get over these issues !

    I hope that also proves what i said about nikB Vs ade yesterday !
    the guy can pass , he has the skills and he’s 5 years younger than ade !
    But by and large going forward was nothing short of pathetic last night !
    no finishing – no presence shown from ade !- weak final 3rd shite for 90% of the game
    ifyou think we have issues with defense , i think you should open your eyes and look to our strike force ! WE NEED A CLASS STRIKER ! maybe 2 !!!

  57. Hughsie

    Ahhh Ethan.

    Where on earth is these two class strikers going to fit into the squad? i certainly dont advocate selling any of Adebayor, Van Persie, Eduardo, Walcott or Bendtner.

    Adebayor is the one of best strikers in the league, Van Persie and Eduardo have the whole offseason to get their body’s right, Van Persie really needs to perform next season or ill change my tune on him whilst Eduardo took a couple of months to adjust but started showing his class before he was injured.
    Walcott and Bendtner have started to fulfill their potential and it would be insane to sell them now unless we were offered money far above their market value.

    Please confirm your off your rocker by saying we should play a 4-3-3 like United. It was fairly obvious last night when Traore came on what options a naturally left footed winger offers us, think of what we could manage if we bring in a top line natural left winger instead of writing off that position completely by playing someone who cant manage it there.

    Wingers, an attacking mid and a central defender are what we need, Toure to the defensive midfield slot.

  58. DeeOzGooner


    ade one of the best strikers in the league???!…sorry but have to disagree

    would gladly take the likes of mccarthy, owen, anelka torres over him…hes just banged in so many goals cuz he plays for the arse…u put any of the forementioned players in his place and i guarantee another 10+goals….and a league title!

  59. Hughsie

    Oh come on, he’s only had one season leading the line in the top flight and has had to do so with a constantly changing strike partner due to injury’s and is younger than all you’ve named bar Torres.

    Not the easiest brief and hes performed admirably, if not outstandingly in my opinion. He’s still young and there is definitely room for him to improve his finishing, which is where he really lets himself down.

    As far as those you’ve named, Owen is as injury prone as RVP. Anelka has probably only played three good seasons in the EPL (two at city and his best at Arsenal) and Mccarthy hasn’t backed up his first seasons brilliance.

    Torres is the only one you’ve mentioned who’s truly class.

  60. DeeOzGooner

    point taken…but i wudn say his finishing is the only place he lets himself down, his first touch is attrocious! the amount of times the ball will just bounce off him when he tries to control it is shocking

    am not saying we shud sell him, but i dont think he’s good enuf (yet) to be in our first 11…for me, if your playin for the arse then it shud be world class…nuttin less

  61. Hughsie

    Yeah i see where you’re coming from and agree with you up to a point but i guess the problem is that for various reasons in the last 5 or so years (mainly fiscal conservatism due to the new stadium and unwillingness to put the club into more debt) we’ve had to restrict our spending to really just spending what we can turn over from outgoing transfers.

    That said we’ve been able to bring in some exceptionally talented youngsters for far less than the market value they’ve attained whilst being at the club and been unable to really splash out on the big money transfers that have elevated Chelsea to title challenger, allowed United to top up their squad without a significant drop off in performance and meant Liverpool fans can say ‘this WILL be our season’ at the start of the last few.

    The financial ‘crisis’ is largely over at Arsenal and according to reports we’re going to be out of debt by 2009 seasons end, which means we will be in a position to spend up big on transfers and release more funds into the wage pool to improve the squad.

    That said, as i stated in my last post we’ve got an exceptionally talented striking group who’ve (in my opinion) all got potential improvement through time in them whilst there are far more glaring holes in the squad (broken record time “PLEASE BUY A NATURAL WINGER”) that’s fixing would benefit the team far more than bringing in David Villa or whomever you’re suggesting.

  62. DeeOzGooner

    i do agree that a natural left winger would bring alot to our squad…but there will still be that diff of abt 10-15goals a season from say an ade/nik/walcott to someone whos worldclass…no pt havin a top winger giving great crosses if there aint anyone who will put them away 90% of the time…

    …dont ‘pool fans say that every yr??! LOL

  63. Hughsie

    Well that’s part of the problem, we’ve been unable to utilize Adebayor and Bendtners exceptional ability in the air often enough because our best crossers of the ball are our fullbacks rather than wingers.

    The options we open up with class wingers who can cross the ball in the air rather than ground passers like Rosicky, Hleb and Fabregas would be what added the ten or 15 goals your asking for.
    I dont like harping on about it but look at what happened when we brought on a 17 year old natural left footer and put him on the wing. Extrapolate that to a proven 23-25 year old and you’ve got the extra goals.

  64. DeeOzGooner

    23-25yr old winger?…nah thats too old for wenger!

    fair point…but i dont have much faith as u in ade/nik’s ‘exceptional’ ariel ability!

  65. Geoff

    Whole heartedly agree guys, a left winger and a right winger for me, no more midfielders, two propers wingers, a center back and maybe a Flam replacement.

    We need a Ray Parlour.

    I’m reading all your comments and the ‘Milan have signed Flamini’ Italian press comments, fuck me you would have thought they just signed Torres, or Kaka again, he really isn’t that good Grovers, good yes, great, no way José!

  66. RassHenry

    Yea, Wenger has his points but first of all he must get rid of useless & injury prone player’s to make some $$$ to add to whatever the transfer kitty allocation to buy some experience, quality, reliable, strong, skillfull & pacey player’s in addition to the squad left after the offloading is done. We are playing the best football in the world under Sir Arsene Wenger, without doubt. We need to score goal & protect the lead in order to win matches. We need couple of skillfull player’s on th wing too. Eventhough our football is breathtaking but there is no use if the end product cannot be found. We need to score as many goals as we can from the chances created in order to kill the game off, early. Some changes need to be done in order to compete in BPL & Europe. We are not midtable team !!! We are the title contender. Our main rival’s are Man U, Chelsea or maybe Liverpool. We need a big squad with a lot of quality player’s including the subs & this will make all the player’s to compete to improve or prove their worth. Wenger will have all fired up player’s available for each & every game. We don’t need this kind of statement from one of the blog’s : “The Arsenal Way – Sell your best players, Keep your Doo Doo players”. For me this already becomes a reality, a good manager will do anything to keep their best player’s. Just raise Flamini’s salary to 65k for godsake to keep him as well as Hleb too. Wenger must come out of his shell or else, he have to leave.

    Those useless & injury prone player’s to offload :

    1. Adebayour(15m) – Fucking poor first touch, no guts/skills to take on defenders, poor ball control, too slow, no body stability, cannot link play, selfish & too arrogant.
    2. Robin(15m) – This guy is damn good, but he is made of toilet tissue paper. Injury prone, can’t even play 5 games in a row & cannot recover fast (too soft).
    3. Bendtner(8m) – Total useless. At his age there are too many good & talented player existing. Benzema, Ben Arfa, Pato, Aguero, Walcott, Santos, Bojan, Messi & many more.
    4. Rosicky(15m) – This guy is damn good, but he is made of toilet tissue paper. Injury prone, can’t even play 5 games in a row & cannot recover fast (too soft).
    5. Diaby(8m) – Not good enough to play for Arsenal. Lazy & useless.
    6. Gilberto(Free) – Contributed a lot & now the time to move on.
    7. Sanderos(5m) – Useless donkey.
    8. Hoyte(3m) – Not good enough to play for Arsenal.
    9. Gallas(6m) – Not good enough to play for Arsenal. Too arrogant, lazy & not a team player or leader.

    Total $$$ earned from selling useless player’s : 75m.
    Transfer kitty allocation : 25m.
    Total to buy player’s : 100m.

    Experience, good quality player’s to buy or buy back :

    1. Thierry Henry. (15m) – For godsake, please buy this genius back. He can be our striker’s coach as well.
    2. Karim Benzema.(20m).
    3. Hatem Ben Arfa.(12m).
    4. Ricardo Quaresma.(10m).
    5. Micah Richards.(20m).

    Total to spend : 77m.

    Total to buy player’s : 100m.
    Total spending : 77m.
    Balance to use for wages & other’s : 23m.

    New Arsenal team for 2008/2009 season (Mixture of Young & Experience) :
    4 – 4 – 2 : (With new numbering).

    Manager : Sir Arsene Wenger.
    Skipper : Kalou Toure.

    1. Almunia
    3. Sagna 5. Toure 6. Richards 2. Clichy
    7. Quaresma 19. Flamini 4. Febregas 8. Ben Arfa
    10. Benzema 14. Henry

    Supersubs :

    24. Lehman
    27. Ebue 23. Djourou 25. Nordveit 26. Traore
    13. Hleb 15. Denilson 16. Song 12. Vela
    11. Walcott 9. Eduardo

    Guyz, how is this line-up ???

    Cheers 

  67. Gelbs

    Sack Wenger and the board of directors. It is the only way forward if Arsenal are to win trophies. They’re both fucking cunts. Lie to the fans. Just because Wenger wants to do it his way and bring on shit kids and basement buys etc. 360 million in debt is a hell of a lot. But not if you put into consideration Highbury being sold, overpriced season tickets, matchday revenue, merchandise etc, new flats being built. Absolute fucking joke. Plus, you pay off for loans with a small amount each month, probably what Arsenal make in one or two home games. Total disgrace and lies. Man United might be in debt, but at least their trophies and success will go a hell of a long way in paying it off. Campbell, Wiltord, Edu, Pires and now Flamini all on a free and gone. A potential of at least 20 million lost inside 3 years due to the way this cunt of a team is being managed and controlled. Might get some anthrax and send it to Arsenal. Kill all the cunts. All spin and lies, just like the government. 25 million on one player nowadays certainly for a big club, should be the equilavent of 7-10 million 5-6 years ago.

    Probably why Edelman was booted out because if I recall, he was the one who last year or so, claimed Arsenal were in a fantastic position financially and had 70 odd million to spend if wanted. Hill-Cunt and co, probably thought it blew Wenger’s cover and booted him out. In order to protect Wenger on his fucking shit policies and lie about having no money so Wenger has the perfect excuse when they come up short season after season.
    Plus, Wenger harps on about our fantastic improvement and points tallie and be better next season. Funny that. Seeing as they just lost a key player (Flamini) on a free transfer who played a key part in that. So in fact, they are actually WEAKER already!

    And people defend Wenger (Arsene knows brigade and apologists) stating the board are letting Wenger down in regards to transfer money. Wenger is the fucking man behind it!! He wanted to move to the stadium and do things on the cheap and brainwashed the board to the point they are now BOTH to blame. Wenger wouldn’t even spend 100 million if it was all good and wouldn’t effect the debt at the club.

  68. GMR

    Personally I hope Flamini fails the medical, then he won’t have a club at all. I’m disgusted that a player contracted to Arsenal & being paid by the club until the end of June has been allowed to fly to Italy to complete a medical for another club. That is truly disgusting!!

  69. GMR

    I think Arsenal will make a signing in the next week or so, it will no doubt be Milligan or Makoun who come in to replace Flamini.

    So far the summer hasn’t even started & we’ve lost Lehmann & Flamini. Now I’m aware Lehmann was no longer first choice but he did do a job & whichever way you look at it thats 2 players already gone from a very small squad. Its also plainly obvious that more will go.

    So if Wenger wanted to increase the squad size by 2 then he already needs 4 players. It just won’t happen, well certainly not with quality players anyway. He may buy 2 players & a couple more kids but that doesn’t help the squad.

  70. Gelbs

    Plus, Wenger said success can only be measured in time. Okay then. Have it your way:
    7 trophies in 12 years not bad. But add up a total of 6 years of not winning anything, no back-2-back titles EVER, no Champions League, 3 league titles in 12 seasons, and no title for 4 seasons, and a trophyless 3 seasons on the bounce.
    Overall, shit ratio. Well done Arsene!

  71. Geoff

    Guys I have posted early, I think it could solve a few problems should the boss read it, what do you think?

  72. Ethan_gooner


    your blind mate , ade is crap !
    did he look like scoring yesterday ?
    yet another example of his expertise ..
    dudu will be out most of next season and RVP is more injured that available
    theo is being played on the wing to give us pace , i cant see wenger any time soon making
    theo a striker .. that leaves us with nikb and ade .. 2 plan B’s …
    someone needs to be sold or move on !
    simple as that ..

  73. patthegooner

    Ethan I think you missed my gripe

    When I said that I was dissapointed that Arsene did not know about this and that the Arsenal PR machine had failed

    I meant regarding the flight not the whole affair. I am not sure if you got the interview over in Thailand, but Nic Bendtner said he was confident that Flamini was staying and boss gave no indication that his player was flying out to Milan an hour or so later