Official News: Star is staying

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So despite all the rumblings that Hleb can buy out his contract, Le boss has come out and said twinkle toes has 2 years left on his contract and he is not for sale. I am no expert in ‘Websters Law’ but I thought you could only invoke it it if you had 1 year left on your contract… something Wenger seems to believe.

“Alex Hleb has two years’ contract [left],”

“He is not for sale.”

Good for you Arsene, that sounds distinctly like you are telling a player he can’t go? Are you finally showing some back bone when it come to players? If so, Le Grove salutes you! A contract is a contract, end of.

In other news, the Flamster still hasn’t decided what he is doing. Le boss said,

‘The deadline moved for negotiation problems. Only he could tell you [whether he will go or not]. For me yes he stays, but does he tell me the complete truth, I don’t know.’

What a marvelous guy Flamini is, he is most likely waiting to see whether Milan make it into Europe next season before he decides… all at the expense of his current club. If he goes, I would wager some cash on him not making it. Arsenal suits his game, and only this particular team… he has never looked that great in seasons past (Centre Mid), and I would say a few other players are responsible for raising his profile.

Anyway, I’d like him to stay, but if he leaves… so be it. He has certainly shown a lack of class and respect for the fans during this contract debacle. Only at Arsenal eh?

Wenger was in bullish mood in the press conference yesterday,

‘If we won at Man United, which we could have done, we would be champions.’

‘You cannot say just these two have been good and the rest are rubbish.’

‘It was very tight between the three teams.’

I believe there is a saying that goes,

‘If your Aunty had bollocks, she’d be your Uncle.’

I agree that it has been tight this season, but at the end of the day Arsenal capitulated. We weren’t in the chasing pack all season… we led, then fell away with some costly draws.

Lets hope he has some plans for the summer, because a little tweak in the right areas could give us the extra 6 points next year.

At least now you can enjoy your breakfast safe in the knowledge only one player can leave.

Have a good day Grovers!

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  1. Ollie

    Nice post Pedro, About time our boss came out and used some backbone. Probably using hleb as an example to say to the other clubs “If they have a contract, back off”. Really what we needed to do to keep the team together.
    I want to see a theo hattrick tomorrow. That would really shut the media up. If Eboue scores a hattrick tomorrow, then this site, along with many other Arsenal sites, would be stuffed. His soul purpose in the team is Ade’s dance partner, and hes there so bloggers and fans can make jokes about him. Just like a really dodgy version of David Beckham, without the goals and skill. And money.

  2. DeeOzGooner

    great to see wenger making those statements…at least we are clear on hleb now!

    i think we’re taking evertons game too lightly and are at risk of losing at home…wenger will put out a weak team, and the toffees will take advantage…

  3. Pedro

    Cheers Ollie,

    If Eboue scores a hattrick tomorrow I will bbq my own arm and eat it. Almunia has more chance from the bench!

    Cheers for the pic, I stuck it in the funnies.

    If the Flamster goes, I am intrigues to know who Wenger has lined up? Gattuso says it is his dream to play in the Prem… could we go wrong with him? I don’t think so… he is 29, experienced and he has had a taste of British football.

    He’d be a great stop gap and he’d inspire the others.

  4. Ollie

    Everton werent far from getting Fourth. For pretty much the whole time we were First, they were 4th. At no point should they be under estimated. We pay a weak team, were stuffed.

  5. Rico

    Moring all – good post Pedro, but if Meeeeelan come in and offer good money for Hleb, maybe we should let him go as he is obviously unsettled and has been since the injury to Dudu..

    If Flamster stays, if i were Arsene, I would play Diaby in the middle and leave Flam on the bench – teach him a lesson ( i know, childish really of me!) I still think the boss has this sorted already, he was confident when he said
    ‘if he goes we will cope, dont you worry’

    Anyway, we will know soon, i for ne will be glad when it is concluded, either way.

  6. GMR


    I can’t agree with you on this. Like you I’m no expert on this ‘Websters Law’ but it does state that below the age of 28 & having served 3 years of a longer term contract a player can buy out his contract for a fixed fee (believed to be the wage he’d had received had he stayed, so in Hleb’s case approx 4-5 million over 2 years).

    I think Wenger saying only one player is free to leave was actually talking about the fact that Flamini is free to talk to whoever he chooses & sign for whoever he wants, in Hleb’s case the club that want him still have to go through Arsenal. Its complicated but I’m sure thats what he’s on about.

    The part I disagree with you on is holding onto Hleb. You & Geoff have slated the club for allowing the players to run down their contracts so they can leave for free, but now you are telling them to hold onto a player that wants to leave & come next summer they’ll get next to nothing for him anyway as he’ll only have a year left & by then he could decide to run his own contract down knowing he’ll get a great signing on fee somewhere else.

  7. patthegooner

    I am not sure he can wait to see if AC Milan get into the Champions League as that may not be decided until the 18th May.

    The problem with Arsenal is that everything is kept behind closed doors, and whilst that is the best way to run a club, it does not help the fans one bit as it leads to us semi-believing the likes of the Italian and Spanish media that are used by the clubs over there to unsettle transfer targets.

    All I can go on is the latest official news which is that Arsenal want to keep him, and that the boss says he wants to stay. I cant remember the last official quote from Flamini himself but I know he has stated his desire to stay in the past.

    I just think that if he had wanted to go to Italy, then he would have done it by now. He has had 4 months to discuss a move with other clubs and yes ok, he has had 7-8 to discuss a new contract with Arsenal as well, but there must be something holding him from the bore of Serie A

    I remain optimistic but hey if he goes he goes, and I am not going to cry over the Diarra situation, he has not exactly lit up the premiership at Pompey and I dont think he was ever the long term solution at CM with Cesc. Also people complain about Ade’s ego well sorry but Diarra carried an even bigger one. What Diarra gave us though was the strength in depth in the middle of midfield and that needs addressing. And if Flamini leaves, I dont think Denilson or Diaby are the answer, again they are squad players. If a player leaves he needs to be replaced one for one, and this is something we have missed the last few years and it has led to lack of squad depth.

    A problem we do have though is that our strict wage structure will cripple us if continued. I struggle to see how we can’t pay the wage demands given that we pull in more revenue per game than any other club in the world. I am not talking 144k a week here for a Flamini (He is not worth it) but we should be paying market rate, otherwise firstly we will be in this boat every summer, and secondly we will always be a feeder club to the real big 4 in wage payers (Barca, Real, AC and Juve)

  8. GunnerShabz

    if one player is free to leave, mr flamini

    so senderos, eboue are going to stay… oh man

  9. georgesydaust

    Aw said he’s also reporting Inter to FIFA, regarding ‘gelato-gate’. I still think we’re going to have to change our wage structure though, big teams pay big money and although you and I might think our players are getting big money, I think we will constantly be getting carrots dangled in front of our better players by the other ‘big clubs’. We need to stop that, we need stability.
    I like it when Aw gets the shits though, it’s good for team & supporters morale.

  10. Pedro

    GMR, this is the site where you have to agree with the author?

    Just kidding. Me and Geoff slate Arsenal for letting players go on their terms… Diarra should have been made to see out the year. Letting Hleb go now would be ridiculous… especially as it wouldn’t appear he wants to leave, he just wants a new contract. If you have a link to an article where he is quoted as saying he wants to leave, let me see it!

    The Flamini issue shouldn’t have been allowed to get this far, it wouldn’t have at ManU or Chlesea.

    Pat, does the slow boring football of Milan suit a high tempo midfielder like the Flamster? Its like putting a sprinter in a marathon…

    Maybe our pay structure will be loosened with the departure of Kieth Edelman… its about time we started using our profits to our advantage!

  11. GunnerShabz

    how long will it take to pay off this 360m debt, thats the only time when we be able to piss around with money.

    i have given up on signings, really have.

    Gattuso will end up at spuds

  12. GMR


    Thats why I love this site because everyone is free to have an opinion.

    I wasn’t suggesting you & Geoff were the only ones having a go at the club about contracts, I only metioned you two as you’re the site authors but I happen to agree with you both about this subject. In this instance I think selling Hleb for a profit would be better for the club than losing millions just to make a point.

    Hleb clearly wants out, so sell him off to Italy & let him rot!!

  13. patthegooner

    You are right Pedro, I do not see Flamini doing well in Italy,

    It did not suit Vieira and it will not suit Flamini, I think Hleb would do ok there though.

    I have been to a game over there and it is beyond me why any foreign player would want to go and play there, the stadiums are in the most part old and decrepid, the atmosphere only really comes alive in the big games, and most are played in front of half empty stadiums…..oh and the football on show is boring……and the Italians are supposed to be full of passion… arse

  14. El Tel

    A bit late for Arsen to grow bollocks. Changing the subject just a bit. While watching the news early hours this morning I heard A. Grant’s press conference, he said things that we all know and I have wanted AW to say for many years. How Mancscum have referees on their side and how they have previous players helping them in other teams. Curbishley is also a piece of shit for saying the Mancscum deserve the title (cunt) I wonder if we would have been deducted points by the Forces of Darkness if AW did make a similar statement. Both these teams are as bad as each other cheating no good cunts who deserve each other in the CL final. I really don’t give a fuck who wins and I will be touring Europe on my bike when they play so minimum fucking coverage as Europe will most probably switch off till Euro’s start. I didn’t sleep much last night so maybe thats why the anger. Please don’t ban me Pedro and Geoff. 🙂

  15. Pedro

    Thanks GMR.

    I don’t think Hleb wants to leave. He has said a lot of nice things lately. If he did leave and we made a load of cash on his transfer, I’d be pretty pleased… then we could go out and get a more productive winger.

    The problem with Hleb is that he binds our midfield and he does a lot of the back room work, drawing players out of position, opening up space, holding the ball up…

    It would be tough to lose either of them, but we are not in a situation like we were with PV04 or Thierry. They are both very replaceable.

    I don’t understand Flamini’s mentality in going to Milan, they will go through 2 years of transition like us before they are a dominant force again. Arsenal are hopefully heading into a successful cycle as milan are coming out of theirs.

    Bar the glamour, it is a step backwards.

  16. GunnerShabz

    Flamini can go if he wants, he probarly going to watch the milan derby on channel 5 on sunday and see that fit Laura Esposito she is gurjus

  17. DeeOzGooner

    skysports linking us with kranjcar…his father has said “Arsenal plays creative football and Wenger recognises this in Niko and he would be a logical replacement for Hleb.”

    interestin player…

  18. rico

    sky report we are interested in Kranjcar again, his father has made a few comments,
    if hleb goes, do we think he could be a good replacement, only 23, and croatian

  19. Goons_with_Guns


    What you say about Flam is mostly incorrect in my honest opinion: he doesn’t owe the Gunners a thing.

    He patiently played his part at right back during our CL Final run-up in 2006,

    then impatiently played his part as a squad player in 2007.

    This year, he turns things on as he knows that his contract is up at the end and other big clubs come knocking with big money.

    He neither can nor should be blamed for his new (and more lucrative) opportunities–that is life, good riddance.

    So Arsene just buys another holding mid like Appiah or someone of similar ability like that.

    I think it is time to forget him, even though he hasn’t left yet.

  20. Finestcuts

    A lot of people have forgotten about Diaby, Pat Viera rates him, so does Wenger and just like Flamini blossomed this season I think Diaby could blossom in that role and get a few more goals than Flamini.

    Diaby will do a good job for us I reckon, and I believe Wenger won’t be selling this summer, that he’ll keep the team together and just bring in a few extra “top quality”. If anyone thinks we can’t win the Prem next year with Wenger, and that we won’t win any trophies has got to ask themselves, do they believe Wenger has lost his winning touch? I don’t think so, and with what we’ve got and some extra backup in the team + one or 2 quality players we’ll hjave a huge team filled with Arsenal quality players. So what we’ve got + returning loaness + a couple of bits of top quality and we have a team ready for the challenge, no shortage of players, lots of top quality.

  21. Finestcuts

    Fabregas + Diaby could be much better than Fabregas + Flam, I reckon next season Diaby could step into Viera’s shoes and we’d be winning trophies while Flamini prances about with Shevchenko trying to figure out how to score a goal.

  22. Goons_with_Guns

    Diaby is two or three years away and Gilberto is either out or a squad player again so Arsene will buy.

    What a fool he let Diarrhea go to Fratton Park.

  23. steve pires

    Morning all,

    I have to say that I hope Flamini f**ks off. I cannot believe people actually think he is anywhere near the quality we have come to expect at Arsenal over the Wenger years. I think Diaby should be in the midfield with Cesc.

    Worse news for me is that the ice cream muncher is going to stay. Alexander ‘pass the buck’ Hleb. He would look much better scurrying around in Serie A than in the premier league.

    This is definately a bit of a rant but I just want to see some quality signings.

  24. Finestcuts

    No Diaby can do it this season, he can step into Flams shoes, I think Wenger beleis he’s ready which is why all this Flamini nonsense is happening.

    If I was Wenger I’d seal a deal with Flamini but the only way to do that would be to sell him next season to get the money back, a move which I don’t know if Wenger would be prepared to make. We can make 10 m by selling him in a couple of years which would pay for his wages but Wenger wants to keep the squad together, besides Flamini’s transfer fee would all go into his pocket unless we sold him after the first year. I’d reneogtitate, pay him as much as AC Milan and then sell him next season since the transfer fee would pay for his wages….thats a deal that pays for itself. We could then knock Flamini onto AC Milan or even Aston Villa for 10-15 mill , Flamini would get about 4m cos of wages….

  25. Finestcuts

    Goons, if you put in whom it could make it questionable because whom could mean TO someone ie. sell to which individual. when I wrote who I was referring to the subject of Danish Goon’s post,

    I wasn’t directly replacing him/or her,

    Danish Gooner said him.

    Who is ‘him’?

    Not whom is him…

    To whom does pen this belong to? (Ownership)
    Who did you see yesterday? (Which person?)
    To whom it may concern. (PLURAL, pertaining to those “concerened” about the informationed below. Who is used as an unknown PLURAL group of people who MAY read this statement.)

  26. Secret Squirrel

    Over the last few years I have watched Vieira, Henry, Pires, Bergkamp, Ljunberg & even Campbell to some extent (cashley was different) leave the club. Prior to them There was Keown, Adams, Wright and many many others. The point I’m trying to make is that we have all seen past heroes sold or leave after retirement, real Arsenal legends & proper players.

    Flamini, as good a season that he’s had he is no legend and does not have the same impact emotionally on me should he leave. I like Flamini, he always tried but lets be honest here he’s doing whats best for him, nothing wrong in that, just making the point hes chasing the money.

    At the beginning of the season he was given the chance to move on. It was widely publicisised but as I understand he had nothing that really suited him and so he stayed. He also stated around that time that he weren’t going to be used as a left back and we all thought he would sit on the bench for the bulk of the season, seeing out his contract. As it transpired he had a good start while Gilberto was recovering from the Copa America and he became the first choice defensive midfielder ahead of Diarra too.

    I have no problems about him leaving, he has had a good season and has acted professionally throughout but I still dont view it as losing a great.

  27. Ethan_gooner

    Hleb could be made to stay another season possibly .But would that be wise ?
    Hleb would be in the same boat as flamini the season after ??
    It makes sense to flog him now and get funds to secure someone else LONG TERM !
    Its the smartest financial move and for that reason (arsenal being arsenal)
    im sure he will go !

    As for flamini i can think of 144 000 reasons a week why flamini WONT STAY !
    this is a debarkle on so many levels i think AFC have only themselves to blame
    in not handling contract signings correctly …

    If Hleb wants to leave , we have to let him leave .. its as simple as that !
    It all stems back to lack of ambition at club level for the past 3 or 4 years .
    And no point in saying flamini is waiting to see if AC get C.L football
    or we will have to wait until mid may to see if flamini re- signs ..
    plus theres plenty of rumors going around that he has already told his fellow players
    HE’S OFF ! the Italian press say he’s OFF ! arsene’s deadline is LONG PAST !

    are we really going to sit here and be so desperate , praying for hope ?
    id rather club bare its dirty laundry and move on ALREADY !

  28. choy

    arsene wants to sign a couple of quality experienced players….

    lets see how good and experienced they really are..

    happy saturday people.. the best day in the week

  29. terry

    Finecuts you should take over all transfer deals.I agree that diaby is ready for the middle of the park

  30. Finestcuts

    Yup Terry we’re sorted, I’d definitely do some good deals for the club, but as Wenger has stated, he’s not willing to “play” with Flamini, and the club could lose out because of that, we could ease Diaby in while getting ready to sell him onto a club that’ll pay him even bigger wages next year.

    But it looks like we’ll be throwing Diaby in the deep end, and we still have Gilberto so we’re sorted for the next year.

  31. Finestcuts

    And who says Gilberto’s contract might not be extended, I can see a lot of contract extensions happening to keep the team together.

  32. edlass

    For Diaby+Cesc to work, our defence must be strengthened.
    Flamster was doing defensive role superbly, hence masking some problems this season in that area. Diaby, on the other hand, I cannot see him running box-to-box, providing some sort of cushion to the our CBs, as Flam did.
    But I’m quite pissed with Flam (not Flam contract situation), although I believe if he really wanted to find pastures new in serie A, he’d have done it months ago.

  33. Finestcuts

    The clubs stance is, we expect ALL players to stay meaning it’ll only be through buying out their own contract that a player would leave which would mean tapping up, so I think Wenger can remain confident that all of those under contract will want to stay, it will only take someone coming up to Wenger , like Thierry did, and saying “I want to leave”. I don’t think many of the team are willing to do that knowing that they have another season of playing for Arsenal to look forward to.

  34. terry

    another question for next season who will be captian.I would for cesc to be long term for stabilty of the team

  35. Finestcuts

    Yeah Cesc for me as well, we need one of our top talents who has pledged his long term future to Arsenal to lead us to victory on the pitch. He’s a trophy winning captain and we be as good a captain as his game is, the lad knows how to play football and he has the respect of all players, even those on opposing teams.

  36. Ollie

    Yep, cesc. Making him captain also makes it more likely for him to want to stay, even more incentive. not that hes even thinking about leaving…

  37. Finestcuts

    Cesc should be captain in all games, Carling, FA, CL and PL matches, we would win lots of trophies with him as captain, he could be Arsenal’s most successful captain ever.

  38. Ethan_gooner

    besides the fact diaby is erratic , edlass is right diaby is an ATTACKING MIDFIELDER ‘NOT’ a defensive one .. sorry lads its either denilson or gilberto .
    in fact im sure that will be arsene’s cover when flamini makes it official
    ! gilberto in start of next season phasing him out and denilson in by the end of next season … Hardly a positive for the club ..

  39. Ethan_gooner


    not sure i want to see cesc take on the poison armband .
    PV4 gone
    TH14 GONE
    Gilberto Almost gone
    Gallas On the outter !

  40. Pedro

    Bang on the money, Diaby is no Paddy…

    Denilson! I can’t see him being good enough yet. I don’t think he plays the holding role? I see him more as a Cesc mark II?

    I think if the Flamster goes, he’ll have to purchase a big star.

    I read earlier that Flamini didn’t owe us because Arsene played him out of position! WHAT! He is a professional footballer, minutes are minutes when you are young… beggars can’t be choosers! He may not owe the fans (I disagree), but he owes Arsene an answer.

    I don’t like it when people say players don’t owe the fans anything… without the fans, they wouldn’t earn the money they do… simple as that really? Well done for becoming great at a sport, but if the fans didn’t fork out to watch you, there would be no £140k a week.

  41. Ollie

    West Ham have a thing over Man U, dont they? The Mancs do really bad against them. The Chavs have Newcastle, but they should do better there…

  42. stevie

    Well that looks like great news, Hleb staying. Probably my favourite player this season. I think strengthen up the squad at the back with have great effects to the rest of the season. Flamini situation is a joke, its obvious hes leaving otherwise he would have stayed but now. Hes been our most improved player along with Ade this year but hes replaceable.

  43. Ethan_gooner

    yes ollie make ade captain and eboue VC..
    in fact sell them and get real replacements ..
    a bit of wenger magic is needed in the off season that is for sure ..
    I cant see us getting a single KNOWN world class player ..
    Not on our beer and chips budget ..
    They better be sanga class , how much down time will they need to
    be at full speed with the EPL ?

    cant help but think the Edelman resigning and this crap isnt related,
    i spose its the conspiracy theorist in me

    I agree pedro denilson isnt ready currently .. he will need to do a flamini
    and improve overnight .. thats why i said gilberto will re-sign obviously
    and lets face it HE WILL … he loves us… unlike woggy french twats like FLAMONEY ..

    Im sure they are just not releasing his departure statement until after the last home game .. Or the fans will throw beer bottles at the cunt ..

  44. Ollie

    heres the literal translation stevie, thanks to babel fish translator:

    After many doubts, the future of Mathieu Flamini one is hour certainty. The French centrocampista of the Arsenal has chosen the Milan and has signed with the club of via Turati a quinquennial contract from 5,6 mln clean to season. The Milan prank therefore the Juventus that in the scrose weeks had conteso to the rossoneri the 24enne of the gunners.

  45. finestcuts

    Everyone was giving Flamini stick last season, I think Diaby might make a similar change.

    Someone like Barry would be brilliant, but our cheapest bet is Stephen Hunt, he could improve with us and is certainly a bigger player than Flamini.

    It won’t take too much to improve upon Flamini, this is football, he replaced Gilberto..and there’ll be someone to replace Flamini.

    Besides Wenger has assured the fans he has a good answer, and I’m in no doubt that he does.

  46. nr790

    yeah 3-1 to the mancs but nani got sent off for head butting lucas neil god i love lucas neil hes australian

  47. Geoff

    Let’s not get carried away, Flamini has had 3 appalling years, 3 good games in the champions league filling in at left back and one good season, now he’s worth £200 zillion, who’s he fucking kidding, fuck off if you want.

    GMR my point is we sell stars when they want to go or they go for nothing due to bad business, we should say no rot in the reserves.

  48. finestcuts

    I’m gonna watch Blackburn v Derby, that should be a good one, hope Santa Cruz gets a hat trick.

  49. Pedro

    Regardless of the outcome this season, at least we were still in it up until the last 2 games… I know doesn’t make you feel better, but the last 4 seasons we have been about 20 points off the lead!

    I was trying to think of the Holding midfielders of the national teams.

    Makelele (FRA)
    Xavi (SPA)
    Van Bommel (HOL)
    Gattuso (ITA)
    ??? (SWZ)
    ??? (SERBIA)
    ??? (Russia)
    Barrry (ENG)
    ??? (CZH)
    ??? (GER)

    There are some gaps there, but I bet we will get someone from the shortlist.

  50. Ethan_gooner

    the pedro space challenge
    there you go mate ..

    rapheal wicky (SWZ)
    igor duljaj (SERBIA)
    alexey Smertin (Russia)
    tomas galasek (CZH)
    Bastian Schweinsteiger (GER)

  51. Fendtner

    Good article pedro. Did u see that ronaldo is looking to join Spurs? He heard the strikers are Bent and Keane!!

  52. israeli goonner

    Every year it is the same all story-insted of buying top players to make the squod stronger,,,,the “ARSEN KNOWS” fighting with his top players in order to keep them in our team!!!!
    And now Mr’ Wanger is seying that we will wait till we will pay our debt,and then we will buy players with a “big bucks”.
    Tell you fellow goonners,i don’t blaime Wanger,i blaime YOU fellow goonners,for letting these men dreg our grate club down the drain!!!!
    I erge you to make the math of the expansess plus the yearlly payments for the new stadium,minus the money that our club earn every year(including the extra money from the new stadium),you need to look ten years back and you will understand that something is abeat fishy!!!!!!!

  53. bob

    You are mistaken if you think Hleb cannot buy out his contract. The Webster case confirmed that last year. Arsene is just speaking out to protect his position

    Arsene messed up over Diarra. Why the hell did he not tie up Flamini before he let him go?

  54. Ethan_gooner

    go read arsenal . com then !
    and what is mis-leading about optimism?

    arsene stated flamini is the only person to LEAVE ..
    so what is your problem with the author thinking hleb will stay ???

    get a life fruit cake !

  55. Geoff

    Hleb will stay unless we get a substantial offer make no mistake about that one.

    What I find amusing Ethan is this time last year 99% of Arsenal fans wanted Flamini and Hleb gone.

    Who cares anyway, get the cheque book out.

  56. Ethan_gooner


    i actually didnt want either of them to go ! last season
    especially hleb ..
    i thought flamini was an ace in the left back position
    and still think he played his heart out in that position for us better
    than his role this year .. shame that he is such a greedy and ungratful git ..

    but you know what geoff ,
    thats the short fall of signing foreign players.
    I mean you get your DB10’s and TH14’s Freddies etc.. But loyalty comes with winning trophies .. Thats what this team needed !
    Ade’s mr 20% is talking trash about ade being wanted !
    hlebs eating ice creams , and flamini has having trouble with his ball point pen .. then you get cesc coming out and stating every 6 months that he is loyal .. I can see the signs !

    we need trophies ! thats the long and the short of it …

  57. Pedro

    Kingley, we don’t need hits because we don’t have advertising… idiot.

    The headline wasn’t misleading.

    Well said Ethan, cheers for the holding midfielder update… so what do we think the chances of the German guy if the Flamster leaves?

  58. Pedro

    Guys, you need to start thinking about your Le Champs – Chumps of the season…

    I have a few in mind, but any ideas would be welcome!

  59. Ethan_gooner

    pedro i dont think you have to go any further than sanga for champ
    or eboue/ jens/ gallas for chump

  60. Ethan_gooner

    Schweinsteiger is obviously competition for ribery too ..
    the understudy.. can play left wing .. holding role ..

    i think arsene needs to contract the collective brain power of le grove to become his director of new signings 🙂

  61. Pedro

    Yeah… Sagna is up there, obviously Cesc… Clichy would be if he didn’t make so many mistakes towards the end of the year.

    Chump… well, is Eboue just a little to obvious? Lehmann has been a prat, but he always is… Gallas is a definte shout… RvP and Rosicky for their injuries? Gary Lewin for making the physio room so appealing to a majority of our squad – Hleb for Ice cream gate?

    So many to choose from!

    I wonder if Bayern would let a holding midfielder go so soon after Hargreaves left? That is traditionally Arsenal behaviour!

  62. Ethan_gooner

    id say cesc , but he hasnt given 100% every game like sagna
    or theo but his time was limited and confidence at the start of the season makes him not 1st choice .. maybe le chump could go to flamoney if you want to get high tech !

    his burst into stardom followed by the decline … he’s definately got chump written all over him for this month if he goes !

  63. arsenaldo

    Hey groovers! So title dreams r now gone completely-shit. we will come back dont worry.
    Pedro talking about Schvainstaiger or whatever his name is I was impressed with him on the last World cup with germany. I watched him the other day with Bayer M on the semi against Zenit-he was one of the best . He is strong, fast , has a good shot -perfect right winger for us- I like him very much , but doubt we will get him.

  64. Ethan_gooner

    you said barry before .. i think hardgreaves is definitely 1st choice for england,
    my opinion of hardgreaves has declined since he joined the EPL ..
    i used to think he was a legend ! now i hate the man ! Vs chevski the guy was a real pratt …

    funny no one has talked much on here about the ballack freekick ..
    that was disgraceful teamsmanship !

  65. Pedro

    haha, I just binned a comment from someone saying,

    ‘Why are you talking about signings, who is there? You don’t think long term with your blog’

    Ok, lets not sign anyone then… idiot…

  66. Ethan_gooner

    fuckin hell pedro ..
    Is arsenal a place that all Euro clubs come shopping to for players?
    is chevski or man U getting pressured like this by Spain and Italy for their players ? I hope this crap from the daily star is exactly that ..

    Barcelona are ready to make an audacious bid for Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas by offering the North London club £15 million plus former Gunners legend Thierry Henry. (Daily Star)

  67. Ethan_gooner

    just rape us of all our talent which takes years to come to fruition ..
    are we a nursery for great future players ? are they just going to pick up and leave after every big club courts them ??

    the spanish media do this SHIT ! every season !!!!
    im sick of this bollocks … this is the way TH14 left ..
    constant BS in the papers turns speculation into reality .. !

    im more pissed about this issue than icecream gate ..
    i mean if hleb did go and talk of leaving least it was in his mind !
    this sort of trash talk shit , makes a stable player…. waver !!!

  68. El Tel

    Please don’t kill me for this but how about Barca take back Super Cesc and we take Ronaldinho and TH14 off their hands, we have Merida and Willshere coming through and these 2 super super players will sooth our pain. We could also tempt Kaka or anybody we wanted if we had Goofy in our team, Cesc is already one of my all time favourites but if Merida and the young Wilshere are that good we will progress. Le Champ Sagna. Le Chump The over rated Gallas.

  69. El Tel

    Think on the positive side guys. Our players are the best and thats why the biggest clubs want them. Not many of them leave as everyone has suggested. We had PV4 for most of his career. T14, DB10, Gilberto, Fred, Bobby, They gave us their best and all were loyal. That cunt Cashley wasn’t foriegn and he shit on us just as Sol shit on the spuds, they are not foreign. Jens is not a favourite but in my eyes he has been very loyal. Wouldn’t you getthe hump if you were dropped for an inexperienced average replacement.

  70. JaGunner

    Hello everyone. Well all the results today went to my liking except the Man U game of course. I am very glad Fulham beat that stinking Birmingham. they may be the ones that cost us our title. I mean two draws with those jokers one of them being controversial plus the fact that they killed Eduardo.

    Over the weeks I have been reading I know most of you would have liked Bolton to go down. I am Jamaican so from my perspective I dont want them to go down because Ricardo Gardener(Jamaican) is on the team. Therefore I would much rather they stay up and stinking Brimingham go down and rot in the championship.

  71. JaGunner

    Also knowing Arsenal’s budget, why dont they buy Marlon King from Wigan as another back up forward. It seems they have him rotting on the bench.

    I mean we know Eddy will not be back to himself for a while. Then they could spend a bit bigger on the backline/wings.

  72. Paulinho

    Torsten Frings is Germany’s DMC I believe.

    Schweinsteiger is an attacking winger whose career has gone a bit south truth be told.

    Still, he would be a darn sight better than Nico Kranjcar.

  73. JaGunner

    Why doesnt the premier league move to stamp those careless challenges.
    The guy from Brimingham gets only a three game ban for doing that sort of damage.

    I mean those kind of tackles can end people’s carreers. I mean this is how footballers feed their family. I say 3 match bans are too slight. I say if you cause a player serious injury then the culprit should be banned for the same amount of time it takes the victim to recover.

    So if you put a guy out for 6 moths, then you miss sixth months of football.
    Once its proven that the play was dangerous and/or malicious.

    Plaers would then think twice b4 maiking dnagerous or malicious tackles.

  74. El Tel

    Having fun with some Mancscum on Wrighty 7s Post. They really are the lowest of the low. They think they are so superior . Cunts. I am so glad I lobbed 3 of them out when they played us at home this season, unless I get the sack I will double it next year. The cunts think its ok to wear their colours in our end. Sorry I went of the subject.

  75. Pedro

    Sorry about the blog hard man everyone.

    Weak people sometime use blog comment sections to make themselves feel powerful. Very childish and now very blocked.


  76. Pedro

    … and if you think a headline might be misleading… don’t click it. Retard.

    Try, it would be more suited to someone like you. They actually get paid by advertisers.

    Arsene Wenger says only one player can leave this summer. It is on… take your issue up with them.

  77. finestcuts

    Correct scores and match predictions anyone?

    I say first goal Fabregas, Yakubu with the equaliser and a late goal from Adebayor to make it 2-1.

  78. Geoff

    Someone giving us some shit Pedro? fucking half wit. Should go on and Arsenal TV they have no opinion.

    Hey arsehole if you’re reading, mail me your real email address, I’ll share it with our Grovers, I’m sure they would like to hear your opinion.

  79. patthegooner

    Just think we will continue from where we left off at Derby. There is no pressure on us, 1st is impossible, 2nd is a dream so the lads are free to express themselves and I think we will run out easy winners.

    I think an announcement will be made on Flamini after the game too. Sky Italia are apparently saying he has signed already, but I think they are just quoting the italian press .as I have had a look on their website and there is no mention of it, yet you would think it would be a fairly big story.

  80. gazzap

    I actually want flam to go now. I dont have any positive feeling towards him now and if he stayed I would struggle to really get behind him. I heard flam has gone – fine by me. I still want Hleb to stay but i beleive it is right in the balance at 50/50.

  81. Minnesota Gooner

    The is so freaking funny about Eboue and Sanderos. It made me lough out load!!!

  82. Pedro

    Just some idiot coming on the site complaining about being ‘duped’ by a legitimate headline… what a boring little man…

    Anyway, I’ll see you at the station at about 10 tomorrow! Hopefully there will be some good news regarding the Flam situation…

    Gazzap, I am confident on Hleb, negative on the Flamster…

    Pat, my only worry is if we take the same approach against Everton as we did Derby, we might get punished early on as Everton still have 5th to play for.

    I hope they put on a show for the fans a nice 5-0 will do me!

  83. Ollie

    Lol Pedro, im sulking atm cos i missed all the action!! Rtards.. havn’t had a lot of them to deate with recently…
    I think people are forgetting the obvious here for Le Champ of the Season… Eduardo!
    Reason 1 – Was an amazing play maker, we suffered a LOT without him, no matter what Gallas says!
    Reason 2 – Put his body on the line for the team, then
    Reason 3 – Accepted the apology of Taylor or whever it was… even when he was out to it with painkillers.
    Reason 4 – Remains optimistic all the way through.
    Can anyone argue that that sort of person should be denied Le Champ?
    Le Chump has to be the Increble sulk, Yells at Clichy for giving a Penalty away, then gives an easier one away himself… Prick..
    I found that tool in our shed the other day…
    I would have said Eboue for le Chump, but after that dance, it just doesnt seem right… 🙂
    4-2 to us guys – 2 for theo, one for Nick and one For Ade. 2-2 At HT, with Theo saving the day!

  84. Ethan_gooner

    Everton will be a tough match with our walking wounded ..
    id like to think we can win it 3-2 scoreline for me ..
    pedro a clean sheet ? holy shite we couldnt keep the sheet clean against derby 🙂

    who will play in goal will be vital … i think it could be anyone of them
    fabianski should be , but he might show faith in either alumina or jens ..

    I agree gazzup i want flamoney to go too !
    No loyalty ! Disruptive speculating hamster that he is !
    im sure he likes to see his fucking name in the paper every 3 days !
    wanker !
    we should give him a pay reduction … I hope everyone will remember how bigger cunt he is for giving the media a field day and making the club come under the spotlight !
    This will scare prospective replacements off joining arsenal .
    thinking we are tight wad assholes ! (which we are)
    but it didnt need to be public knowledge !

    and if ronaldo isnt for sale even for 100 mil (realistically 80 mil)
    then henry is worth 12-13 this year or even 10 ..
    as the cunts didnt play him !
    cesc is worth 40-50 mil to us !
    barcas deal should be 35 mil + TH14 ok id take it !
    else fuck off !

    i think straight swap eboue for th14 is more like it !

    hot off the rumor press

    The Daily Express claims that the former Arsenal striker will be allowed to leave Barcelona after just one disappointing season at the Nou Camp.

    And the paper claims that his favoured destination would be Stamford Bridge, home of the Gunners’ bitter capital rivals.

    Henry joined Barca last summer for �16million amid a blaze of publicity.

    But he has so far failed to find top form in Catalonia as Frank Rijkaard’s side have endured a frustrating season.

    The Express says Barca are willing to let him leave at the right price, and also claims that the player’s representatives have made initial contact with the Blues.

    Linking up with French international team-mate Nicolas Anelka is reportedly a lure for the 30-year-old Henry.

  85. Ethan_gooner

    Arsene Wenger feels the achievement of Champions League finalists Chelsea is ‘morally not right’ because of the huge influx of money brought in by billionaire owner Roman Abramovich.

    this is arsene’s ugly side .. i think he should keep these comments to himself .. it makes him look like a little poor kid who cant afford the toys that other kids have in the playground .. SHUT UP ARSENE these comment should be kept to yourself !!!

  86. Ethan_gooner

    arsene said

    “We want to keep the team together, I do not change my mind every week. I am quite stable on that front,” said Wenger

    “Under the new rules a player can buy out his contract, but not Inter Milan. If Inter Milan wants to buy a player they have to call me.”

    looks like he can buy himself out .. even arsene said it pedro

    this was in the guardian

    Wenger is aware that Hleb, 26, has the option to buy out the final two years of his contract under Article 17 of Fifa’s regulations and leave for a fixed sum.

  87. Hughsie

    I think Arsene is incredibly stubborn, nearly to the point of it inhibiting the club when it comes to his unwillingness to spend serious funds to build up the club.

  88. Ethan_gooner


    i think so , especially in the past .. maybe the stadium had something to do with it then … but now it seems he has a compulsive disorder and cannot stop ..

    I think edelman leaving had something to do with transfers this season , there was alot of gamesmanship present in this years effort
    arsene feeding the media that we already have the squad .. and for a while it looked like he could prove the critics wrong .. but he didnt …
    Now we need money and it seemed edelman wouldn’t part with the funds to secure flamini earlier .. i think its a knee jerk reaction ,too little too late .. i just hope arsene and the board learn from these
    problems .. and do something about it in the future ..

    I personally think there isnt any smoke without fire .. and im convinced hleb and flamini are gone … I spose it will all unfold in time , but i got a feeling in my gutt that flamini has been offered too much to turn the move down , and arsene is making to bigger deal out of inter-icecream gate meeting than he should if there wasnt truth to the rumor ..
    i hope im wrong … but im usually not 🙂

  89. Geoff

    Ethan, Hughsie I’m about to post and will be tackling just that.

    I’ll be at the game today so you may have to do some patrolling from the AKB!