£7 Michael Johnson, DD to return and Kolo urges Henry to come home.

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The latest rumour on the mill is that Man City starlet Michael Johnson is being eyed up by Wenger, this is a signing I would like, he reminds me of Carrick/Flamini with a bit of Petit rolled in there, I would prefer Barry but that’s looking unlikely.

There’s talk of Mark Milligan from Sydney coming but that has to be nonsense, not that I have anything against Aussie footballers, but it’s hardly premiership quality in that league and we need finished products, not more hopefuls.

With the departure of Edelman yesterday, talk is of bringing Dein back, I would welcome that as he knew where the cheque book was stored, but that’s a long shot, and by now they may have moved it to a shoebox that Dein doesn’t know about.

I thought that Dein had fallen out with the board about overseas investment and there was no way back except through Trojan horse Usmanov, but why has Edelman gone then? Stranger things have happened.

Unless of course he got canned for lying about how much we had in the transfer kitty, time will tell, but getting rid of him with two games to go tells me something is about to happen.

Kolo has said he will call Thierry and urge him to come home and that I welcome, come back on a reduced salary and help coach the kids through, I know he’s injured a lot, but who isn’t at Arsenal these days eh?

I know a lot of you will be against it, but it does make sense to have some experience back in, a bit like Dennis was and he retired at 36, so with him, Henry and Adams back, it could be a match made in heaven.

Today’s press conference will let us know whether or not Flamini’s going, but if he does I hope to hell we replace him with someone either proven, or ready.

Gattuso isn’t the one for me, he hasn’t the flair we need, Kolo can do a Gattuso job if needed.

There has been talk of Sergio Ramos but I can’t see Madrid letting him go, Robinho would be great, but where would we get the money, unless of course we could peruade them that Eboue would suit them better than what they have currently.

Back to Everton, we need to win not just for the chance of landing the league, but as a send off to us, the fans.

Why Wenger is resting Robin is a mystery, what precaution boss, it’s the end of the season?

Finally with all this talk about climate change and carbon footprints, what would the carbon footprint be to send two lots of fans to Moscow for a day? Or should I say one lot as the Chavs don’t have any supporters.

I know a chav (formerly a Leicester fan until he got free tickets) and he’s going to Portugal to play golf instead, imagine that? Well that’s a Chelsea fan for you.

Finally many of you new bloggers were held in moderation in the early hours, sorry about that, you’re on now, so a belated welcome.

Have a speculative day Grovers, we may know more tonight!

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  1. Trinidad_Gunner

    People in Scotland would know of him … played for Porto, Boavista, Hibernian, Rangers, Dundee, Falkirk (still playing for them .. player-coach at 40)

  2. GMR

    Well the liverpool bid for Barry has been confirmed by Martin O’neill. Wenger won’t compete with them or anyone else for that matter.

    It seems all the clubs are doing their shopping early this summer, except of course Arsenal who will dither around for the next few months!!

  3. Ethan_gooner


    Emmanuel Adebayor’s agent says Arsenal have not received any offers for the striker.

    The Togo international, who scored a second-half hat-trick in the 6-2 thrashing of relegated Derby on Monday night, has recently been linked with a move to AC Milan.

    However Adebayor’s representative Stephane Courbis denies the player will leave the Emirates Stadium in the summer.

    “We have not received concrete offers,” said Courbis.

    “Obviously, it is logical that Emmanuel is demanded.

    its like his agent is begging some club to be stupid enough into bidding for
    ade’s services ! 30 goals and he’s bigger than TH14 without the skill !

    this makes me sick to read !!!

  4. Paulinho

    BB… read it on another forum. Apparently he looked like Kruger out of Top Gun when Maverick guides him down in the plane. He looked stressed and concerned that the Hlebster has the old blower on silent.

  5. Geoff

    It’s amazing that the players we want to get sold never go, just talk about it and the players we want fuck off.

    What does Ade think we’re all going to say when this shit happens.

    Sell him and bring in Villa, or someone that keeps his head down and gets on with it.

  6. Paulinho

    Okay, the spazzo who said that Wenger could not contact Hleb misinterpreted the comment. Wenger just said no clubs had contacted Hleb.

    I’ll just have to see the interview for myself later on to make sure.

  7. Paulinho

    I think they’re both gone anyway. Flamini and Hleb can both bum eachother in Milan, albeit for different clubs.

  8. Evo in OZ

    ive had 100 too many beers, im gonna have to check in tomorrow lads…i presume we’ll be after another midfielder by then!

    bloody flamini, another edu, wiltord, reyes…

  9. BB

    ethan..its well know nthat Arsenal are a feeder club .. the only way to keep players is by (a) winning trophies and then (b) paying markets wages

    Arsenal are failing on both counts

    we have been seen losing our best players year after year

    people come to us to make a name for themselves and then fukk off

    thats why our own guys dont moan if they dont win trophies..they can win them somewhere else later on

    sad but true .. Cesc might be the exception ..

    as somebdoy wrote in the online gooner, we were always 3 players short over the last few years and therefore won the league less then our absolute playing level should have warranted .. and thats why we never won the CL

    but the bottomline is that this will be Wenger’s last trophyless season as he will go .. so lets see what the outcome will be .. its gonna be interesting..

  10. Abnet Arsenal

    is any of U have seen Montolivo playing Floretina Vs Rengers last night he is the player i rate to replace Flamini this guy is great and cheap I think he is $4-5 good for Arsena and get jonson for $7

  11. Bud

    Been elusive AGAIN today, sorry Grovers !

    Anyway, so some of you at Small & Beautiful on the Blackstock road on Sunday. Meeting at 11am, so make that 11.30, although saying that, my dearest brother Steven is cadging his own lift up there, so I probably will be on time !!!!!!!!

    By the way, I heard a rumour that there was a rumour about a rumour that we were rummoured to buy lots of GREAT players, well lets hope the rumours are true !!!!!!


    SO ITS AMONTHER 48 HOURS FOR FLAMINI , AFTER 8 MONTHS Why fucking bother , and dont pick him if he’s going to piss us around, rather see landsbury involved if fit…
    bollocks wenger this is the obvious piss take no matter how talented he is ,his record over the last two seasons prove that he will never play a full season for us in that case fuck him off in the summer and let some one else pick up the tab………..


    I know Bud, Still Feelling pissed off about blowing the league, and the grat champions league robberry!!!!

  14. Bud

    I know, but they say adversity makes you stronger, so with that little bit extra, next year hombre, next year……….. if we fail next year though, I am definitely jumping on your rage wagon !!!!!!!

  15. Arsenaldo

    If adversity makes us stronger we should be world beaters next year…
    Something like Ajas from 70’s, Barca of 80’s, Real of 90’s and Milan of early 00’s combined:)))

  16. Geoff

    Yeah right, I make you right Simon, what right does Wenger have to save RVP, then let him go and play all summer, then get injured, then come back, not play for most of the season and not replace him with Villa or Benzema because we still have him.

    If you understood all of that you’ll be as pissed off as me and Simon.

  17. Ethan_gooner

    If adversity makes us stronger
    we should be fucking Iron man now .. !
    or if enraged we should be 15 feet tall and fucking green !

    Im passed it .. both those 2 stages ..
    I cant believe we have the recipe for being world beaters
    and we cant even beat an egg !

    lets all think about 6-2 result of derby and pump or selves up a bit ..
    As for saving RVP … well the clubs last important game is tomorrow
    who cares if RVP is injured to july after that ! does the holland national team pay the cunts wages ?

    Great weve got to look forward to ade in the starting line up !
    wenger said Flamini was fit for tomorrows game so im sure
    thats why we havent heard the bad news yet!.. So we dont throw
    coins wrapped in foil at the cunt !

  18. James73

    The RVP thing pisses me off as well.

    Wenger’s comments on Arsenal.com about measuring success in the long term do nothing for me either. I think he is conditioning people to accept another trophyless season next year and it doesn’t wash with me.

    Glass still half empty here!

  19. Ethan_gooner

    Flamini Demanding Sky-High Wages For Gunners Stay

    Arsenal midfielder Mathieu Flamini is almost certain to leave on a free transfer this summer, insisting the Gunners must match the £144,000 per week currently tabled by Milan to persuade him to stay…

    FUCK OFF!!!

  20. Geoff

    Just reading about Hleb and Inter and how Wenger is reporting them for talking to him etc, etc.

    How about sacking the disloyal cunt for talking to another team whilst under contract?

    Before anyone screams that if I was offered double my salary, don’t, he’s under fucking contract.

    If he got injured whilst playing for us, he’d expect to get paid wouldn’t he? or do we stop peoples salaries when they get injured? no we bastard well don’t. I was being sarcastic.

    These greedy cunts want it all ways don’t they, sack the turd. Then sue the shit out of Milan, we know what a bunch of lying cheating cunts they all are by what happened to them in Italy last year.

  21. Arsenaldo

    if thats true fuck him -let him go , big deal. It will take milan at least 2-3 years to win something as they will start to build new team with new younger players. So flam will be next example of the Curse of The Leaving Arsenal players-hahaahaa

  22. Ethan_gooner

    if that happened geoff RVP would be busking out the front of the emirates with a parrot on his shoulder

  23. Geoff

    Who does Flamini think he is for fucks sake, Wenger take a long hard look at what your failure to make him sign a contract has done, and don’t stick up for Hleb, he’s not a victim, he’s a greedy shit.

  24. Ethan_gooner


    i agree there .. he doesnt have much chance of playing week in week out .
    you know flamini needs to play every week for 90 minutes to gain some
    form ! with kaka- gattuso -pirlo etc in the midfield im sure he would be
    getting less time on the pitch than theo !

    good luck to the greedy twat !
    mind you i wouldnt think twice if someone offered me that cash for 5 years !
    i have to be honest ..

  25. Ethan_gooner

    144k in euros obviously .. still its a HUGE wage .. thats gotta be like over 110k in pounds Stirling ..

  26. Ethan_gooner

    thats why arsene is stating this BS about respecting our wage structure ..
    he’s the board room muppet again ! The writings on the wall !
    unless flamini is the pope , im sure for that sum he’d be off like a thai girls knickers !

  27. Bud

    He cost us fuck all, so won’t cry if he goes for fuck all…….. he refused to sign a new contract with Monaco and walked to Arsenal on a free, so he is only doing what he did for us…….. besides that, we tried to sell him last year, we treated him shoddily by playing that mobile phone loving cunt in the CL Final, so fair play. You gave us a good year when you should not have even been with us as we tried to sell you for 2 or 3 mill !!!!!!

  28. Ethan_gooner

    now wenger didnt even talk to him …
    do they work in the same city ???

    The tactician also gave his thoughts on yesterday’s departure of managing director Keith Edelman, who left in pursuit of a fresh challenge.

    “It was a surprise because he didn’t inform me that he wanted to leave,” revealed Wenger at Friday’s press conference. “I don’t know why he left. I haven’t spoken to him.”

    How can you not even speak to him ??
    i mean he didnt clear out his office ?
    was wenger in the CIA ?
    was wenger the 3rd gun man ?
    it all sounds like total bollocks to me !

    was Edelman caught stealing ?
    so thats where ribery’s money went too?!
    escorted off the premises ???

    ok paint a pretty picture that everything is rosey within the Arsenal
    management , i get it .. i think id rather him just say NO COMMENT !
    least thats more believable ..

    How many places has anyone worked and not known someone was
    getting the sack or leaving … the workplace is the worst place in the world for rumors .. even more so than blogging 🙂

    yes leave on a thursday night !
    yes thats not uncommon ! if you parting on open terms !
    Sorry the total watergate feel to this is just too much to bear !

  29. Abdenor

    Hi chaps

    Well….. Flamoney is as good as gone , Alex (can’t shoot or score) Hleb has been doing the dirty on us behind our backs & no sign of any iminent big signing!!

    What a way to kill optimism for next season….

  30. david

    How about a new rule?
    If you talk to other clubs during your contract, you pay any wages that you have already received during the contract, then you get the golden rivet (fuck off)

  31. Ethan_gooner


    the problem is we got to replace him on 2 shirt buttons , 1 lump of lead and 3 rusty fish hooks ! We dont have the transfer kitty OBVIOUSLY to replace him and get 2 or 3 quality signings ..

    and some dipstick let diarra go when common sense at the time called for
    lateral thinking .. Dont say it was hind sight , i picked up on this !
    and i aint wenger , surely he must cover his bases in business and football !

  32. Bud

    Early doors Abdenor……. what will be will be…….. try and enjoy life in the meantime and if any nice signings arrive its a brucie !!!!

  33. Bud

    But Diarra was a Klingon (or however you spell it) from StarTrek…….. we are a traditional British Club and can’t be having one of those Aliens on the payroll !!!!!!!

  34. Ethan_gooner


    tell me about it ..
    i thought arsene was trying to keep the team together ?!
    looks like he’s still doing a good job of it !


    Hleb should be fined !
    and a hefty one at that !

  35. Ethan_gooner

    arsene is more worried about inter !
    shouldnt he be worried that our player left the hotel of his own free will ?
    its like telling your wife that you dropped some money on the floor and a hooker picked it up , so you felt you had to bang her !

  36. david

    Ethan I missed the word back out, He should pay the 2 years wages that he has received back to arsenal.
    thats a proper fine.
    As for Flamini what morals did he learn from being dropped in the European cup final when he helped get us there,
    Then Arsene brought in cole when he knew he was leaving.
    If I was Flamini I would have left earlier!

  37. Ethan_gooner

    david we created a monster pure and simple ..
    he didnt rate himself then …

    but weve gave him the tools to be skillful .. aided by the players around him .
    just like ade , if people cant see the bigger picture its to there folly .

    problem with flamini is he does work well with cesc .. and to us he is valuable now !
    listen i think theres better players out there .. but im sure we have limited funds
    and if we spend 8 – 10 million replacing him .. we will only get 1 or 2 players ..

    TOTAL !

  38. GMR

    Come monday Flamini’s deadline will be extended again & it will continue that way until Flamini decides one way or the other. Maybe Flamini is holding out to see if AC Milan can beat Inter & give themselves a good chance of being in the CL. To me Wenger is gutless, he never makes a decision & players take the p*** out of him. We had it with Henry for years, we had it with Vieira & we had it with Reyes.

    Instead of being the manager he wants to be their friend.

  39. david

    I thought Vieira wanted to leave for years, then Wenger got him to sign a contact then got rid of him when he didn’t want to go.
    Thats what I read in an article at the time.
    As for being a feeder club we ain’t very good everyone who has been fed has been sold a past his best player it’s a bit like a lot of the Forest players in the eighties (Clough Birtles etc) I don’t know why clubs and players don’t learn.
    When they go we should give them a CD of the Berkhamp testimonal so they can learn about loyalty and respect to Arsenal.


    David now your talking DB 10 LEGEND, In the same group as ADAMS, Brady, Rocky,
    To the gooner who wrote the piece on Falmini stringing us along top man, your right,
    wenger needs to tell these arseholes,That if they have a contract and are looking to manufacture a move he will play them in the stiffs until an offer that is good for the club is accepted or make them stump up the dough to buy themselves out of there rich contracts ,this would be great i’m sure all these sports manufacturers would love to see there clients playing reserve team football at underhill on a wet november night , and why dont the club evoke clauses in new contract developments that state because of the webster ruling players over 26 , will have a base salary which increases only on a pay as you play basis , funny how quickly they WILL recover from groin, thigh, hamstring strains the TAKE NOTE NO’S 11 AND 7…..

  41. choy

    144k… who the fuck does he think he is…

    did he wake up one morning…. look at himself in the mirror.. forcing the mirror to look back at him..

    smile and say “i feel like i am worth 144k today”

    cnut… get the fuck out…

  42. david

    Arsenal won’t break there wage structure (£60.000 per week?).
    Flamini wants £144,000 what is there to talk about?

  43. patthegooner

    I personally dont think that the £144k a week pay demand from Flamini is true, and if it was then although I would like to see him stay….sorry good riddance and if AC are willing to pay that much seriously more fool them. But come on if the difference between the offer and the demand was that much then we would not even be talking.

    Not only that but for 144k then I would expect any player in the World to jump ship and he would have done it by now, I Still believe that Flamini wants to stay at the club but if it was to be paid that much I would struggle to begrudge his payday. Hey I would play for Spurs for 144k a week

    I dont even think Gerrard or Messi or Kaka are on that much.

  44. david

    Patthegooner say you would still score a few own goals if you did.
    I think Flamini will take less money to play for Arsenal but they wouldn’t be talking if it it was that gap.

  45. suicidalsam

    man, i would like nothing more than to see david villa at arsenal next season. henry would be a good addition but it is very unlikely. but u never know. would also love robinho. I don’t think we need barry. song can do the central midfield job or even toure but we need to buy lot of players this summer if we are to mount a challenge for the title and win it.

    any legit news on david villa and robinho or anyone else linked with arsenal?

  46. Bud

    Just posted on that site……… fuck me that is the most Red Chavski site ever……. great read !!!!!!!!

  47. Geoff

    Nice one Patdig, they had 30 comments and 29 of them were gooners slagging them off, ha, ha!

    To close on the Flamini thing, I think they are offering him a signing on fee, which is normal as it would cost £10mil to buy him, then pay him what we’ve offered and it probably adds up to £144k over 4 years.

    Like I’ve said a zilion times, it’s bad business on behalf of the club not to have made him sign a contract last year or before Christmas, or said sign it or we’ll put Diarra in, but we did neither, I’m sorry but that has to fall squarely on the shoulders of the manager.

    Go into the archives, I’ve been saying it since September, it’s not rocket science just prudent business.

    Now we’ve got no Diarra and probably no Flamini and how much for a decent replacement? which we can’t afford, so Diaby or Denilson will get it, not good enough I’m afraid.

  48. GMR

    Geoff, I think you’re underestimating Denilson & Diaby. Both are very good players but I do agree as instant replacements they won’t be good enough simply because just like Flamini did they’ll require time. Neither has had enough first team football this season & thats Wenger’s fault, he likes to talk about giving youngsters a chance but the facts don’t back him up. They only get a chance in the CC, when games are irrelevant or when the team has an injury crisis.

    I do agree about the contract though, I don’t see how Flamini can really have been that committed to the cause as the fear of injury would’ve been playing on his mind. A serious injury sustained could’ve ended his career as he would be out of contract at Arsenal & unable to get a deal at another club due to the injury. Infact if you go back to Liverpool’s goal at the Emirates in the CL it was Flamini’s lack of a real challenge that allowed them to score, now we know the reason why.

  49. Geoff

    GMR I’m not saying they’re not good enough, I’m saying they’re not good enough yet, Diaby, who I thought was immense against Milan will be so much better center midfield no doubt, but he gets an awful lot of injuries for one so young.

  50. patdig

    Grovers i have just been back to that site , I am full of Gooner pride ,proper Grover back up, do you think that Chavs dont have the internet or something….

  51. gazzap

    all our players get injuries. Den, Diaby, Theo all get them too much. if these were players you were relying on to play every week, you’d really notice how many games they miss through injury. Given that, the squad still needs more players and mre quality players at that.

  52. Evo in OZ

    looks like Grant is unhappy with Curbishleys comments about it being an injustice if Man U doesnt win the title!

    I would be unhappy as well!

  53. Ethan_gooner


    Now we’ve got no Diarra and probably no Flamini and how much for a decent replacement? which we can’t afford, so Diaby or Denilson will get it, not good enough I’m afraid.

    thats what ive been saying all along ! and if we are getting 25 mil in transfers
    alot of that will be chewed up on a position we thought we had covered !
    from wanting a striker – winger -defender now we can only get 1 or 2 !
    It shits me because if some wanker in thailand (me) knew this was gonna happen in November ! Im sure the club realized losing diarra might be
    detrimental to the club, he only wanted to be on the pitch, since playing for portsmouth he hasnt said squat ! he wanted to play .. cant blame a footballer for that ! we should of gave him the chance and made flamini
    less popular by rotating them ..

    grant should be pissed , he took over when the special one was not getting results .. if you look at the figures grants done better than the special one .
    if he had started the season with grant and his results they would clearly be on top and clear !

    we dont do weights training .. if you get a bunch of strong lads with a bit of muscle, you wouldnt see half the injuries .. problem is there all fragile !
    do some iron pumping and strengthen up all your joints you wouldnt get half as many pulls and strains .. work the muscles it will be more flexible and stronger .. they might be a bit slower .. but i aint seen too many players other than theo take on a man anyhow ! passing is the key not foot speed .. not Ultra foot speed anyhow ..

  54. alfred cutajar


  55. Ethan_gooner


    wenger never keeps his players if they want to leave ..
    plus hleb can buy his own contract out ..

    its not up to wenger

  56. Geoff

    Still think they’ll stay,

    Hleb will stay for definite. Flamini not so sure, but Ethan, bang on with the Diarra assumption.

  57. Geoff

    Alfred, thanks for the heads up, we didn’t know he was small, that makes it all the more improbable.

  58. Ollie

    Goodness, that article just shows the intelligence of chavs eh patdig.
    “Bub” – Loved ur comment, but i think those gunners will be staying there. Why come to a site about your favourite team when you can slag off at another? 🙂

  59. Ollie

    Ethan, Reguardless, its nice to see Le Boss come out and actually use some backbone for once. While it is technically true that he can leave, Wenger is making sure that no-one else comes and makes bids for other players. Hes using Hleb to say basically this: “Unless they are out of contract and dont want to sign, then BACK OFF!”

  60. AFC53

    Memories like the corners of my mind,I remember the excitement i felt when i heard Bruce Rioch had signed a certian Arsenal legend for 7.5m which was a lot at the time.

    I felt the same excitement when i heard that Big Sol had signed for us too.

    But all the excitement for me has now gone we spend a lot of money on Reyes,Wiltord,Jeffers, and all of these materialised into nothing(reported 34m Spent)

    Then we get players who we all loved Petit,Vieria,Henry,Overmars,The incredible sulk these were all diamonds when we had them but times are now we are a selling club and although the boss is a legend and has transformed the football we play i want to feel the same excitement liverpool felt when they landed Torres,Man utd did with Rooney,Chelsea did with Shevchenko,

    But we are talking about signing a young unproven kid from man city for between 7-14 million and a Aussie under 21 captain.

    Summer wish list not over the top carried away but reasonable

    Gallas – 7m Overpaid and overated
    Jens – 1.5m Great keeper we need to buy younger though
    Eboue – 4m Headless chicken
    Gilberto – 3.5m Thanks for everything time to slow down in Italy
    Hoyte – 1.5m not gonna make it for a few years
    Hleb – 15m cash in on him why hes hot and fond of Ice cream

    Rosicky & RVP give these two time to heel if they dont play next year then get rid

    Kompany – 7.5m
    Richards – 9m
    Arteta – 9m
    Villa – 16m
    Joaquin – 8m

  61. Ollie

    AFC53 –
    I think your being a bit easy on Eboue mate! I would add Deco to that list – it looks like hes going on the cheap, maybe 8-10 mil, which is a reasonable for a player of his callibre, and maybe instead of Villa, Robhino? Id love either of them.
    But nice post, ita about time we signed a big player like Torres. Time to feel the elation!

  62. GMR

    Milligan is 5’11 so compared to Flamini he’s a giant!!

    Geoff, is it worth spending 8-12 million replacing Flamini, who is ultimately just a work horse when we have Diaby & Denilson?? I do understand your point but if Wenger buys another player for that position when he already has 2 then how are either going to get the playing time needed & if he does buy a player then he should sell both the others.

    With regards the injuries its clear thats down to the players training, Too much time is spent on stretches & speed training & none is spent on the players bulking up. I’ve said before on this site that Ronaldo (the man utd one) wouldn’t be the same player he is now if he was at Arsenal, when he arrived he was lightweight & couldn’t handle challenges but Ferguson got him in the gym & his game has moved on. At Arsenal he’d still be that lightweight player that first arrived.

    Wenger won’t allow players to bulk up because he thinks it slows them down.

  63. AFC53

    We all trust in the boss and we all appreciate all we stand for and all he does and although he takes these players and makes them i still want to be able to have a little hope.

    3rd or 4th place just dont cut it anymore yes i love being entertained but i now find myself watching Arsenal gold and thinking what if!!!

    Look at Chelski dont play teams off the park but what Arsenal fan wouldnt trade places with one of those right now.

    we are not a million miles away from competing but we are all craving silverware and buying players who will be the finished article in 3 years isnt good enough for us anymore we want some world class players now because if we have anothe season like this come the end of next season so long FABREGAS…. You heard it here first.