Writing on the wall for 2? – Theo and Cesc at war – Kaka on the cheap?

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That’s how excited I was about this potential bore fest… I noted that Cesc was sporting a new hair cut with some super trim sidey’s… but not to be outdone… Theo has gone pure mutton chop! Seriously Theo, you actually look like you could pass for 15! Excellent news!

So the only shock regarding the line up was that Eboue managed to worm his way into the side! Arsene wont give up on him will he…


Toure Gallas Song Clichy

Eboue Cesc Denilson Walcott

RvP Nikki B

Does anyone think it’s over for Big Phil? Dropped, even for a reserve game and in place of a defensive midfielder. I think Liverpool was the final straw for Arsene and as much as I have defended Big Phil in the past… I think a move could do him good.

There were many goals, so I can’t really go through the whole game… Here are the key points.

The first goal came from Nikki B intercepting a bad pass from Issac Hayes (Stick to soul and South Park my friend), he laid it off to Robin… who slotted it back through to Nikki B who cooly finished. How many of you were waiting to see who would hug him? Well, you’ll be pleased to know everyone did! No surprise Theo was in the huddle… he’d hug anyone, he is such a brown noser.

Did you spot him at centre back?

Derby then managed to claw one back from a set piece. A cross was whipped in from the left, the keeper stayed rooted, song jumped feebly and Nikki B rose about 8 foot high but missed. How many times have I said before…


Oh well, you never felt a shock was on the cards. I did feel for the away fans though… the players looked distinctly uninterested.

Oh, Eboue tried a cross.

Next up, Clichy played a ball about 30 yards backwards to Kolo (I’ll admit I cursed his ball), then Kolo played a sublime chip into the path of RvP who held his line superbly (Take note Ade), took the ball down and rifled home in one slick motion. Great goal, Bergkampesque… but Grovers, there was a price to pay.

After 7 games uninjured, the footballing gods felt it was only fair that they take the boy wonder back… so they gave him a thigh strain. Do not curse the Gods, for they are just testing you (DeeOzGooner, you cursed him yesterday with your insistence on me removing him from Le List)…

Did I tell you Eboue, tried a shot?

So the second half started, and Adebayor came on. We started with a bit more purpose and pinged the ball about in 2nd gear fashion… it was embarrassing how poor Derby were.

Theo burst through the derby defence, held off a challenge, then cut it back to Eboue who tried his best to err… well I don’t know what he did, but he fell over and the ball sat up nicely next to Adebayor who slotted home! He looked mightily pleased with himself… Go Ade!

Then Clichy slotted a ball through and Eboue slid at it… ten minutes after it had whistled past him.

We carried on in much the same way as we normally do, squandering chance after chance… it was amazing how poor some of our finishing was, but we were never in any danger.

Then Derby broke football league rules by bringing on Earshaw, half man, half monster (If Ashley Cole interbred, his kids would all look like Earnshaw)… he unfairly used his monster powers to do what our talented players could not… have one chance… and score.

Some would call it world class finishing, some would say that most strikers only need one chance against Arsenal. The stupid dance was probably one of the most irritating things I have ever seen.

Stick to movies Mr Earnshaw…

Willy G, what the hell was up with that? You are supposed to be our best defender! You’d have never let a crap striker get past you like that at Chelsea. Could he be off if the captaincy shifts? He has been here 2 years, so surely he can buy out the last 2 years of his contract? Never say never…

Well we needn’t have worried, Bobby Pires picked up the ball, cut inside and rifled it into the top corner! GOALLLLLL! Theooooo, Theooooo, Theooooo! He really deserved that didn’t he? Blogger Geoff called me up especially to say that Theo played like Bobby tonight. The more I watch him, the more you realise half his problem is that he looks for the perfect pass all the time… if he’d just speed up his distribution he would be much more effective.

A special mention goes out to Nikki B, who I personally thought had a blinder. He was all over the park, his touch was superb and he loves to get everyone involved. I would be very sad to see him go this summer.

Goal 5, Clichy played Ade through… Ade belted home!

Queue the funniest thing I have seen all season… Ade and Eboue ripping the piss out of A-Lister Earnie’s annoying touchdown dance! How the hell did they do it in time so perfectly? It was Eboue’s best moment of the season! It was the funniest thing Ade has done since he last spoke in an interview! Classic.

Finally, Ade rounded off a solid nights performance by rounding the Derby keeper and slotting home!

Well played Arsenal… the least exciting 6-2 win in history, but who cares! Our goal difference is the second best in the league!

So in conclusion.

We need a 25 goal a season striker… oh wait, we have one! So what if he has scored 24% of his goals against Derby! We have Nikki B and Theo who look good prospects for next year. I don’t think we need bolstering up front, unless of course Arsene can find a decent thigh on the black market this summer… RvP’s has clearly had it.

Fabianski looked weak in goal, being nervous against Derby is like being nervous about taking a penalty with no one in goal… he’ll have to improve if he wants to give the ever reliable Almunia a run for his money next year.

The Midfield looks ok, we are short a decent winger… Eboue is a good dancer, but as a footballer he falls short in many areas.

I think if we need strengthening anywhere it is in defence. Will Big Phil go? Will Willy G go? Who knows… all we know as fans is that Gallas has been shown up a few times since his mental breakdown at Birmingham and Senderos is not going to cut it at the highest level.

Lets just hope the Flamster and Hlebinho sign up for another crack at the whip. We are more than likely going to finish the season 4 points off the top… it is not good enough, but its a marked improvement. If we win our last 2 we will be 15 points better off than last season… make a similar jump next year and we will be taking home some silverware…

So the season has been a disappointment, but at least we won’t be talking about the Spuds over taking us this summer… we are contenders again and hopefully Wenger realises where we need to strengthen this summer.

So here is my advice Arsene, bust out the cheque book Arsene and buy Kaka

“To get the books back in order it would be enough to sell Kaka for £55m.”


See you in the comments section!

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  1. Pedro

    Setantasports.com can reveal that Lille star Jean II Makoun is discussing a move to a London club.

    The Cameroonian is speaking to ‘an ambitious’ club from the capital, although Manchester City are in the frame for the talented midfielder.

    Agent Jean-Christophe Thouvenel has revealed that Makoun has a gentleman’s agreement with LOSC to be transferred in the summer and the representative is planning a big-money move for one of Ligue 1’s outstanding players.

    “The discussions are very advanced with a London club,” Thouvenel told setantasports.com.

    “It is not West Ham, no. Tottenham? Well, I cannot reveal it to you right now.

    “To give you a clue, without naming the club, their manager is not English, they are a very good club that have a very ambitious project, they want to attack well and defend well.

    “Last year Mathieu Bodmer and Kader Keita left Lille, and the club asked Makoun to stay one more year to help them with their transition to a new era.

    “A new cycle will start there and I expect a very important transfer for the player.

    “I am also in contact with Manchester City’s general manager.”

    Surely not Arsenal?

    Good to see Simpson bang another one in… he must have something to be able to score for a shite club?

    Even Gibbs is getting a game now!

  2. DeeOzGooner

    spurs always talkin same ol crap!!…no superstars wud go there, they aint even in the c.league nx season

    modric’s an up n comer…anyway theyre jus preping him for sell-on to manure or chavski nyway…

  3. DeeOzGooner

    time to hit the hay guys…gota getup at 5am and hopefully watch henry give the mancs some grief…catch ya later grovers

  4. choy

    lol sven getting fired? what does thaksin want?

    so what are the transfer rumours today..

    heard that we have signed dmitrov.. the bulgarian winger.

  5. Ethan_gooner

    its not a rumour .. its fact ..
    and not surprising .. they finished 9th and out of contention for
    euro football .. taksin tyrant shittytwat stated it at the start of the season
    in an interview , his 1st step .. get Euro football next season top 4 ..
    saw the interview on football focus asia .. things were going ok at that time for him ..

    is it really any surprise ? only 4 teams below man city have kept there managers this season .
    the problem was they peaked too early .. just like the AKB brigade spins to us ..
    Oh if we didnt start so well and where in this position now you’d say we did well this season …blah blah fuckin blah…

  6. chris

    Arsenal sealed a resounding win at Pride Park yesterday with Emmanuel Adebayor’s second hat-trick against Derby this season making the Togo star the first player to score two hat-tricks against the same team in a Premier League campaign.

  7. chris

    The Gunners striker is also the first to net a treble as a substitute since Robert Earnshaw for West Brom back in March 2005 (Charlton 1-4 West Brom).

  8. BB

    fact that Derby scores twice against us doesnt bother me that much
    we are an attacking side and therefore likely to concede more
    we cant be everything to everybody
    but we miss a strong centreback nevertheless and it aint gonna be neither Phil nor Alex Song
    Pedro..most likely Spurs for Makoun.. good player though from what I see
    we need to get this Bosnian wonderkid from Metz !! he is terrific

    now on to Spurs.. they are being kinked to all kinds of superstrars right now

    can anybody please explain how they are going to pay them????????

    their best paid man is Berba right now.. and he is a far cry from 80K

    u reckon Robinho/Eto’o and whoever else will join for 50K a week

    got to be kidding .. its one thing buying Modric/makoun and another buying the big stras

    from what I have seen also is that Capel isnt that great

    fairly one dimensional player of which we would find enough if we wanted to

  9. chris

    Arsène Wenger has allayed any fears about the injury Robin van Persie picked up at Derby on Monday night.

    The Dutchman scored seven minutes before the break to give the visitors a 2-1 lead. But he was substituted at the interval because of a thigh problem. Van Persie has been sidelined with injuries to both his thighs in 2008 but, speaking after the game, his manager was not overly concerned.

    “It was his thigh,” said Wenger. “But the substitution was precautionary. There is no problem.”

  10. trasman

    Spurs seem to be tracking the same players as us, after gunners links. Modric (£20million???), huntlaar and now David villa. Seems they lack scouting talent.

  11. t-buzz

    Adebayor….making history!! lol

    Yeah Geoff, I see him fitting in nicely and he’ll have Song/Eboue to dance with ‘if’ he scores!!

  12. t-buzz

    Trasman, we knew that form time imemmorial.they havent a clue at spuds.
    If we announced today that we were looking to buy Senderos(eventhough he’s still with arsenal), they’ll jump on the queue to buy him!!

  13. GMR

    Arsenal aren’t after Makoun so no doubt it’s the spuddies again. He didn’t deny it was tottenham so it probably is.

    In all honesty I don’t want anymore african players, every two years they are at the ACN at an important part of the season. Its ok having 1 or 2 that you can replace for a few weeks but we have Song, Eboue, Toure & Adebayor already.

  14. t-buzz

    Once in 4 methinks.
    Well spotted Geoff, Eboue was miss kicked, was about to start rolling on the floor(exhibiting his dentures)only to realise Ade scored.
    I liked the Eboue of old that used to defend properly, i think the fact that he was able to keep Lauren out of the squad got to his head and now feels he can get away with anything..He better shape up or ship out!

  15. chris

    you will find teh ACN is held everytime arsenal are doing well in the league and our boys will be missed teh most!
    Since 1968, it has been held every two years

  16. t-buzz

    I stand corrected.lol every 2years!!
    Valid point by the way Chris, Touré came back broken after ANC and hasnt recovered since.

  17. charybdis1966

    Be fair to Eboue, he did seem to have got a blow tothe head as he slid in for the cross. I’m not his greatest fan but I don’t want to take away credit where it’s worth being left.

  18. t-buzz

    On a lighter note………

    A Chinese walks into a bar in America late one night and he saw Steven Spielberg.

    As he was a great fan of his movies, he rushes over to him, and asks for his autograph.

    Instead, Spielberg gives him a slap and says, “You Chinese people bombed our Pearl Habour, get outta here.”

    The astonished Chinese man replied, “It was not the Chinese who bombed your PearlHarbour, it was the Japanese”.

    “Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, you’re all the same,” replied Spielberg.

    In return, the Chinese gives Spielberg a slap and says, “You sank the Titanic, my forefathers were on that ship.”

    Shocked, Spielberg replies, “It was the iceberg that sank the ship, not me.”

    The Chinese replies, “Iceberg, Spielberg, Carlsberg, you’re all the same.”

  19. John

    Big Phil to stay. AW will give him another year. Akineev to the Emirates.Hleb/Flamster/Gilberto & Lehmann all going.
    Song to replace Flamster,Diaby for Gilberto. Bringing back Vela to bolster L midfield along with Merida. Rvp may go.Ben Arfa will come along with a CB.
    Thats it.

  20. trasman

    Hes brazilian ROFL!!! John Knows NOTHING.. Only Wenger knows. Every year its the same.. Speculation and then BAM! Wenger throws a curveball. He probably starts the rumours himself..

    Maybe John IS WENGER…ohhhhhh!!!

  21. Pedro

    Didn’t Akinfeev bust his Achilles?

    He looks great, but I think Almunia has been fine.

    The Flamster is going to sign! I have a positive feel about the situation. If he doesn’t, we will get Geoff to call up Eddie McGoldrick and ask him if he could play effectively alongside Cesc next year. If he agrees, we will be fine.

    Chary, I will give Eboue credit for one thing and one thing only this season… actually 2 things…

    1. Injuring JT
    2. That dance last night.

    If you can think of any other positives, please let me know.

  22. GMR

    Whats the betting that come friday when Wenger does his press conference & is asked about Flamini’s situation he says “Theres still no news at the moment on that” & then the interviewer won’t dare say “But you gave him a deadline or said thats it”!!

  23. chris

    charyy give it up no one is going to give eboue credit!
    i for one hope he breaks thru next season i genuinly feel sorry for him and i want him to do well

  24. choy

    the game is on sunday right against everton… premier league.com says its postponed..

    arsenal.com says its a 1pm KO

    so are we the only ones playing on sunday?

  25. Pedro

    Seems Arsene was an Ade doubter too…

    “I didn’t think Adebayor would reach 30 goals this season,” said Arsène Wenger after the game. “I thought he would get 15.

    “In this team you can score goals when you play up front because we always go forward and you get good service.

    “But, I feel there is more in his locker than what he is doing at the moment. You cannot ask a striker to score 50 goals but if he repeats this amount every year, that is a mark of class.”

  26. charybdis1966

    Good news that RvP was only removed as a precaution. While he was on he still looked a class act – swift, incisive movements forward. Fingers crossed he has a less injury marred season next time round. It could hardly be more injury prone.

  27. hunt

    A win against bottom clubs, especially the bottommost, is nothing to boast at all. NO discredit to them, but measuring yourself against weaker teams doesn’t say anything. If at all, the defense looks suspect at times. Only a bad display by Derby allow arsenal to score a lot. Why? because against other teams with better defense, arsenal always struggle. Even the spuds are no walkover now, much less the manure.

  28. Geoff

    Pedro Eddie’s favoured position was sweeper, hey we need one of those don’t we!

    Flamini will sign this Friday then be paraded at the Everton game, bit of drama in his thinking…I’m thinking.

  29. Rob

    I understand everyones’ annoyance with Adebayor, but c’mon!
    3 goals, A HAT-TRICK and he still isn’t even considered for ‘Le Champ’… think about the effects that will have on his confidence.

    Anyways, another frequently common and usual goodly entertaining read.

  30. chris

    hunt if anything this season and last season we were slated for not doing the lower teams, buddy everyone has an opinion on last night, but to put it simply we won away from home with nothin to play for,

  31. choy

    hunt.. the wins against the lower teams give you trophies and golden boots

    if you win all games outside the top 5

    30*3 and lose all your matches against the top 5 u end up with 90 points…. which i think is enough to win the title.

    and this is not taking into account draws/wins against the top 5.

  32. charybdis1966

    Hunt is highlighting how playing relegation fodder is a no win situation for us.

    If we don’t win we’re slated for being to feeble to put them away.

    If we do win we’re told it’s meaningless.

    Dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t.

    Heads they win, tails you lose.

  33. choy

    3 points is are and always will be 3 points…

    in the first game or in the last game.. though the significance probably depends on the situation.

  34. Geoff

    So another blog site says a Bulgarian newspaper has said we’ve signed Nikolay Dimitrov for £700k rising to £1million.

    I’ll be excited if it’s true as he’s a proper winger, but at 20, still a kid.

    It’s not on Arsenal.com but nothing ever is!

    We’ll see.

  35. chris

    When Bentley was at Arsenal, he kept putting in transfer requests which were rejected. He went on loan at Norwich, came back, and the same thing happened.

    In the summer of 2005, he was completely fed up, so had some special boots made. On one was written “English and proud” and the other, “So I’m never picked.” The next morning at training, he called Wenger over and showed him.

    The next day he was moved on to Blackburn

  36. charybdis1966

    Had a thought, wouldn’t it be nice if the FA showed some cajones and deducted points for the Stamford Bridge shenanigans ?

    But wait, Arsenal weren’t involved so we can brush that under the carpet.

  37. Pedro

    Yeah, I hope they start him up front. Frank Rijkaard is an idiot for buy the best striker in the world and putting him out wide?

    What a fucking idiot…

    Did you read Clichys comments about welcoming him back?

  38. GMR

    Dimitrov for a million whilst spuds will sign Robinho!! Sorry but that signing doesn’t inspire any confidence whatsoever. Even the guys youtube clips aren’t impressive.

  39. Chipo

    Why do you keep referring to Song as a defensive midfielder?? He is (and has been since the end of last season) being groomed by Wenger to be a centre back. He did the same with Toure and that worked out fine (and i dont see anyone referring to Kolo as a midfielder!)

    I thought the signs were good at Derby- i know its only Derby but it was a good tester to see how we would perform without the creativity of Hleb and the dynamism of Flam.

    Fabregas answered that by playing both roles which is great, but at the same time i feel we need someone to back him up if indeed those two do leave. If we dont replace at least one (preferably Hleb over flam given we have Diaby and Denilson who can play DCM) then our game will become too predictable, Cesc will be marked out of games and our Defense to Attack throughpoint will be neutralised…

    Imo i think Flam will go, and Hleb will stay. If its only about the $$$ then


  40. GMR

    Pedro, sorry I forgot about that. We buy players go through all the growing pains then sell them when they have a good season. We’re like a bigger version of a league 2 side.

    So our left wing next season will be Rosicky (for his annual 2 appearances) & the rest of the games will be split between Vela & Dimitrov. Watch out premier league, the new Pele & the new Maradona are coming to get you!! Oh the excitement!!

  41. Pedro

    The same reason I would refer to Theo as a striker… 3-4 games for Arsenal as Centre back doesn’t make you a centre back! I am pretty sure he plays the holding roll for Cameroon as well.

  42. GMR

    Can Merida be the new George Best instead then we’ll have Maradona, Best & Pele!! All for under £5 & yes I do mean pounds!!

  43. terry

    can we cherry pick players from man city now that seven is gone.maybe dunne as back up c b or young steve ireland

  44. GMR

    Yeah he can be Gazza, he just has to eat loads of pies now!!

    Dimitrovs stepovers are worse than Ljungbergs, if you don’t have quick feet you look ridiculous. He has to cut that out straight away.

  45. GMR

    Is Wenger trying to get the shortest midfield in league history?? Wikipedia have him at 5’9 but he looks more like 5’4.

    We could possible have Flamini, Vela, Dimitrov, Walcott, Cesc, Clichy & Sagna all playing in the same side. The opposition will just have to play head tennis to beat us!!

  46. GMR

    Good, can’t say I’m disappointed!! However despite it being made up this time the fact we had him on trial & all the media are linking us to him again (not just one sucked in paper) makes you think its still a deal that could happen!!

    I hope not!!

  47. chris

    Eduardo has been in Rio de Janeiro attending Ronaldo’s Clinic R9 every day.

    As we have reported first on this site his doctors who Arsenal entrusted for his recovery programme headed by the Brazilian National Team doctor,Jose Luis Runco, have come out and put his expected return on the training field in four months.

    This has encouraged Eduardo who said to Brazilian Globosporte.com that he wants to shorten his time of recovery even further.

    “I prefer to look forward and I am dedicated to my physiotherapy programme. If necessary, I will spend 24 hours on the treatment table. If God gives me the right to hope, I will fight for it – completely”.

    He also revealed that Martin Taylor has not yet apologised to him!

    When asked about the punishment of a three game ban that Taylor received he said that it was disproportionate to the damage done to him.

    He compared his situation to Dutch player Niels Kokmeijer who broke his leg after Moroccan Rachid Bouaouzan (now with Wigan) tackled him. He was sent to prison for six months by a Dutch court.

    He thought that Rachid Bouaouzan’s punishment was too excessive.

    “I think Rachid Bouaouzan should have been removed from football for the same time that the victim remained in recovery. As the player can not go back to work, the aggressor deserved to be excluded from football”.

    Eduardo’s return is now expected in September of this year.

    This will probably encourage Arsene Wenger to utilise any transfer funds he has in strengthening other areas such as in central defence and in midfield especially if Flamini leaves.

  48. chris

    terry as we are both irish we both know why he fuck off on the national team, telling lies, and all that shit,

    id take richrd dunne no problems

  49. Finestcuts

    As far as transfers go, it’s not only Arsene who knows, but also our Director of football Ken Friar.

    Ken Friar knows.

  50. terry

    were are strugling for good irish players chris but Ireland is a good player a mad fucker but good and will be back playing for rep of Ireland sooner rather than later

  51. GMR

    Seeing Man Utd get to what will now be an all English final has made me feel completely gutted & utterly sick. Never has a bigger bunch of c**ts got to a final by being outplayed.

    For all the good players Utd have they still spend all their time defending whenever they play a footballing team.

    I won’t be able to watch the final, Man Utd vs Chelski or Liverpool is the worst outcome that could possible have happened.

  52. BB

    GMR .. no need to watch .. game was crap..all i hope for is that chelsea hire rikjaard
    he is a lousy coach
    iniesta on the left is crazy
    play him in the middle instead of deco
    anyhow lets welcome back TH14
    and how poor was eto’o!!!!!!!!!

  53. terry

    Henry looked off the pace tonight not so sure he should come back a lot of players shone since he left .As much as I love him you should never go back!

  54. BB

    terry .. even the best player looks crap in current barca set up
    and Messi is a guy who plays on his own with little end product
    anyhow i take your point into consideration, but to me Henry’s problem is not physical or technical, but purely confidence
    he is not liked there.. and you can feel it
    dont forget .. talent is eternal 🙂

  55. terry

    BB dont get me wrong henry is still a world class player , but I think Arsenal has moved on just like henrys ad dont think of the past think of the now I think it goes like that anyway

  56. El Tel

    Couldn’t watch these cunts no matter what plus it just boosts their tv ratings. Watched a film instead. Lets hope neither of these cunts win a double. What a shit season.

  57. david

    Was the Arsenal side that played Derby the youngest ever premirship side?
    Did RVP get his thigh strain doing those stupid knee slides across the turf?
    Will English clubs be banned from europe after Man U and the Liverpool/Chelsea supporters travel together to Moscow?

  58. Finestcuts

    “I read all this in the news about the rise of English nationalism and pride on the rise. I don’t see too much of it from these Man U bashers on this forum. Arsenal, Chelsea (how many English play for Chelsea?) or any other “London Darling” team would’ve been given a big “Well done, Welcome Home” party. Anyone who calls themselves English and proud, yet happy to see England’s best lose in the world arena are nothing more than hypocrites and should be ashamed of themselves.”
    Leon Oxley, English, US resident

    Typical Manyoo knob, everybody should support them in their opinion.

  59. Finestcuts

    It sounds like forward planning by UEFA David, it’s a good idea for them to host it in Moscow should hooligans start trouble, the Russians will bring out the tear gas, and beat the shit out of those they arrest with rubber hoses, torture them by pulling on the underside of their finger nails, stuff that doesn’t leave marks, is very painful and difficult to prove…..they’ll do stuff that in an EU country would call for an investigation, it looks like they were preparing for an all English final. And anyone granted a visa will be vetted by the KGB so if there are hooligans there, it’s not because they don’t know they’re hooligans…

  60. DeeOzGooner

    fark cant beleive its an all english final…so pissed off!

    manure get thru with some dodgy defending, allowing barca over 65% posession at ol trashford…jammy bastards!

    still pissed off abt those penalty’s againsts ‘pool…cuda wuda shuda….

    the olnly silver linning is that etoo will now wana leave, hopefully to the emirates!

  61. Stupid

    dodgy defending?

    you must be having a larf mate… the only difference between us and manure is that they CAN defend a lead.

    barca may have had more of the ball, but can you remember van de sar making any real saves?

  62. Stupid

    big tone was spot on when he said the best defence always wins the league.

    ferdy and vidic have been outstanding for 2 seasons – manure 2 titles

    terry and carvahllo were outstanding for 2 seasons – chelski 2 titles

    we have phucked about with toure, sendeors, gallas, song, gilberto and the rest as centre halves for the last 4 seasons and did get a good partnership going up till xmas with toure and gallas, surprise surprise we were top of the league,

    We need another top class centre back to step in and be on his game if injuries/suspensions kick in next year.

    big phil will never be quite good enough, he has cost us so many top games over the last seasons and its pretty clear that wenger has made his mind up on him.

    i like song, but would prefer to see him in centre mid.

    for me, squillaci at lyon is ideal, total domineering old skool hard nut no nonesense centre halve…. no pissing about, he either gets the ball or gets his man.

    end of rant.

  63. Ethan_gooner


    i think he needs to re-term the phrasing to CONSTANT defending !
    why the fuck do you sit back and defend ? when you have talent like man U >?
    give away 65 % of possession at home ???
    Honestly ? Frustrating boring shite to watch .. and thats the difference between us and them , there play makes you pour a coffee just to stay awake ! its like watching a game of pin ball at the back .. long ball clearance only to start the build up again ..
    occasionally hitting a team on the counter , and the jaggy bastards always scoring from
    the 3 opportunities they get per half !!

    Not sure how they keep winning with that strategy … i think with the players they have they can win anyhow .. Well its an all English final .. as much as im pissed orf because we ain’t in it .. It does go to show you what spending big does for a club !!!
    I mean this isn’t no co-incidence is it now ???

    U buy players and you get the rewards .. We arent far away .. and wenger has done well
    to remain close to these 2 … but i have to say that its still a bitter pill to swallow that
    a few years ago we could beat both these teams with our eyes closed !

    franky is a stupid stupid head case ,he should be sacked this season , not playing TH 14 from the start ..
    feed him the ball , set up his offense around TH and you wouldn’t be losers this year .

  64. Ethan_gooner


    do you really think we play defensive crap like the chevs and man U ??
    we are an attacking team .. quick movement , possession keeping , passing …
    We dont sit backand defend and havent been able to since adams left ..
    we’ve had TH 14 db10 and pires – freddie all attacking goal scoring players who
    played good attacking football .. I take the point about defending .. but parking a bus doesnt win us games .. scoring goals do .. and after christmas ade closed up shop
    with an 11 game no goal scoring strike ! like BB said playing attacking football we will let in chances .. we just have to score more than they do …

    we dont play like Man U and chevski ! and im quite happy we DONT !

  65. Stupid

    rijkaard is gone.

    they all know that at barca, did you see the way some of the players completely blanked him at FT?

    sylivino in particular very abruptly pushed by frank at the full time whistle.


  66. A

    This has been a very strange season. I really don’t get how people’s opinions have changed. Before the start of the season we were gonna struggle for 4th place, probably be pipped by Spurs, then we were going to walk the league, and now we desperately need at least 2 world class players to compete…. Wheras Utd are the best team in the world etc etc etc. People don’t realise just how close Arsenal, Chelsea, and Utd are, and Liverpool in the Champs League. Should Liverpool or Chelsea beat Utd in the Champs league final, and Utd fail to win both their games, they’ll end the season with no silverware, exactly the same as us, and one league position higher up.

  67. DeeOzGooner

    yeh cant understand why ud purchase henry and then bench him…ronny wasnt playin so why not create the plays round henry?…granted messi was there, but hes just come back from injury(though u cudn really tell!)

  68. Stupid

    ethan – do you have to play a boring defensive game to have a good defence?


    did we play a boring defensive game en route to the double in 98? NO

    did we have a solid defence ? YES

  69. Stupid

    and to suggest manure play a boring denfensive game akin to the chavs is beyond comprehension.

    yes, they playev very tactically over the 2 legs of the semi, they will now play in a final in 3 weeks time.

    if you cast you’re mind back to our semi against villareal, we also played a very tactical 2nd leg, and scraped through via a last minutes miracle penalty save by mad jens.

  70. DeeOzGooner


    its more that our squad weakness has become more and more apparant/relevent as the season has gone on…

  71. A

    Yes Dee that is what people are claiming, but people wouldn’t claim the same about Utd, even if they end the season in an identical position, despite not having had anything like the bad luck we have when it comes to injuries and bad refereeing decisions. Football Manager has got far too big – people are looking at the teams on paper and deciding that there is an imaginary gulf between Utd, Chelsea, and Arsenal, which is in reality non existant. Yes there are areas that we can improve, and they may be more apparent on paper than with the other two, but in reality the differences between the teams are very very very small
    all the teams are pretty much on the same level, and when that is the case the winners overall will be the ones who have luck go their way, which simply wasn’t us this season.

  72. Ethan_gooner

    ethan – do you have to play a boring defensive game to have a good defence?

    No your correct you dont .. but im talking about the Man U game last night !
    it was bollocks .. you have the player of the year on your team and you park a bus in front of goal and sit on a 1 goal lead .. Im sure red nose wanted another goal in the 2nd half ..

    Barca reminded me of us last night – superior possession – always attacking ..
    and came away empty handed ..

  73. Evo in OZ

    Barca were rubbish lads. Eto’o was utter shite and Henry was sitting on the bench twiddling his thumbs…what a joke. Cant wait for Rijkaard to get sacked. you cant have all that talent and not win anything….

    Messi to the gooners and Kleb to barca!

  74. DeeOzGooner


    I have to disagree that the diff is vvv small

    manure have injuries to vidic & rooney for a cl semi and call on hargreaves & tevez

    if we had injuries to kolo & persie we’d be calling on phil & nik

    …i dont need to write it down on paper to know theres a big big big diff there

  75. Evo in OZ

    i reckon Tevez is good, i would take him!

    Barca’s game is pass to messi and let him do everything!

    Henry just sits out on the fathermost left you could imagine and has a picnic.

    i forgot they still had Gudjonsen on their list, man he must be pissed off even more than henry!

  76. DeeOzGooner

    tevez wuda been awesome in our setup!

    he wuda definately topped the league in assists & goals…dont think he even got injured this season?

  77. Ethan_gooner


    i hope they keep him , it means henry will definitely leave then ..
    im sure the only doubt in TH14 about leaving barca is that next season they might get a new manager that gives him time on the pitch ..

  78. Evo in OZ

    ethan you’re definitely right, i did think about that, but i just cant believe how bad Rijkaard has been