Writing on the wall for 2? – Theo and Cesc at war – Kaka on the cheap?

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That’s how excited I was about this potential bore fest… I noted that Cesc was sporting a new hair cut with some super trim sidey’s… but not to be outdone… Theo has gone pure mutton chop! Seriously Theo, you actually look like you could pass for 15! Excellent news!

So the only shock regarding the line up was that Eboue managed to worm his way into the side! Arsene wont give up on him will he…


Toure Gallas Song Clichy

Eboue Cesc Denilson Walcott

RvP Nikki B

Does anyone think it’s over for Big Phil? Dropped, even for a reserve game and in place of a defensive midfielder. I think Liverpool was the final straw for Arsene and as much as I have defended Big Phil in the past… I think a move could do him good.

There were many goals, so I can’t really go through the whole game… Here are the key points.

The first goal came from Nikki B intercepting a bad pass from Issac Hayes (Stick to soul and South Park my friend), he laid it off to Robin… who slotted it back through to Nikki B who cooly finished. How many of you were waiting to see who would hug him? Well, you’ll be pleased to know everyone did! No surprise Theo was in the huddle… he’d hug anyone, he is such a brown noser.

Did you spot him at centre back?

Derby then managed to claw one back from a set piece. A cross was whipped in from the left, the keeper stayed rooted, song jumped feebly and Nikki B rose about 8 foot high but missed. How many times have I said before…


Oh well, you never felt a shock was on the cards. I did feel for the away fans though… the players looked distinctly uninterested.

Oh, Eboue tried a cross.

Next up, Clichy played a ball about 30 yards backwards to Kolo (I’ll admit I cursed his ball), then Kolo played a sublime chip into the path of RvP who held his line superbly (Take note Ade), took the ball down and rifled home in one slick motion. Great goal, Bergkampesque… but Grovers, there was a price to pay.

After 7 games uninjured, the footballing gods felt it was only fair that they take the boy wonder back… so they gave him a thigh strain. Do not curse the Gods, for they are just testing you (DeeOzGooner, you cursed him yesterday with your insistence on me removing him from Le List)…

Did I tell you Eboue, tried a shot?

So the second half started, and Adebayor came on. We started with a bit more purpose and pinged the ball about in 2nd gear fashion… it was embarrassing how poor Derby were.

Theo burst through the derby defence, held off a challenge, then cut it back to Eboue who tried his best to err… well I don’t know what he did, but he fell over and the ball sat up nicely next to Adebayor who slotted home! He looked mightily pleased with himself… Go Ade!

Then Clichy slotted a ball through and Eboue slid at it… ten minutes after it had whistled past him.

We carried on in much the same way as we normally do, squandering chance after chance… it was amazing how poor some of our finishing was, but we were never in any danger.

Then Derby broke football league rules by bringing on Earshaw, half man, half monster (If Ashley Cole interbred, his kids would all look like Earnshaw)… he unfairly used his monster powers to do what our talented players could not… have one chance… and score.

Some would call it world class finishing, some would say that most strikers only need one chance against Arsenal. The stupid dance was probably one of the most irritating things I have ever seen.

Stick to movies Mr Earnshaw…

Willy G, what the hell was up with that? You are supposed to be our best defender! You’d have never let a crap striker get past you like that at Chelsea. Could he be off if the captaincy shifts? He has been here 2 years, so surely he can buy out the last 2 years of his contract? Never say never…

Well we needn’t have worried, Bobby Pires picked up the ball, cut inside and rifled it into the top corner! GOALLLLLL! Theooooo, Theooooo, Theooooo! He really deserved that didn’t he? Blogger Geoff called me up especially to say that Theo played like Bobby tonight. The more I watch him, the more you realise half his problem is that he looks for the perfect pass all the time… if he’d just speed up his distribution he would be much more effective.

A special mention goes out to Nikki B, who I personally thought had a blinder. He was all over the park, his touch was superb and he loves to get everyone involved. I would be very sad to see him go this summer.

Goal 5, Clichy played Ade through… Ade belted home!

Queue the funniest thing I have seen all season… Ade and Eboue ripping the piss out of A-Lister Earnie’s annoying touchdown dance! How the hell did they do it in time so perfectly? It was Eboue’s best moment of the season! It was the funniest thing Ade has done since he last spoke in an interview! Classic.

Finally, Ade rounded off a solid nights performance by rounding the Derby keeper and slotting home!

Well played Arsenal… the least exciting 6-2 win in history, but who cares! Our goal difference is the second best in the league!

So in conclusion.

We need a 25 goal a season striker… oh wait, we have one! So what if he has scored 24% of his goals against Derby! We have Nikki B and Theo who look good prospects for next year. I don’t think we need bolstering up front, unless of course Arsene can find a decent thigh on the black market this summer… RvP’s has clearly had it.

Fabianski looked weak in goal, being nervous against Derby is like being nervous about taking a penalty with no one in goal… he’ll have to improve if he wants to give the ever reliable Almunia a run for his money next year.

The Midfield looks ok, we are short a decent winger… Eboue is a good dancer, but as a footballer he falls short in many areas.

I think if we need strengthening anywhere it is in defence. Will Big Phil go? Will Willy G go? Who knows… all we know as fans is that Gallas has been shown up a few times since his mental breakdown at Birmingham and Senderos is not going to cut it at the highest level.

Lets just hope the Flamster and Hlebinho sign up for another crack at the whip. We are more than likely going to finish the season 4 points off the top… it is not good enough, but its a marked improvement. If we win our last 2 we will be 15 points better off than last season… make a similar jump next year and we will be taking home some silverware…

So the season has been a disappointment, but at least we won’t be talking about the Spuds over taking us this summer… we are contenders again and hopefully Wenger realises where we need to strengthen this summer.

So here is my advice Arsene, bust out the cheque book Arsene and buy Kaka

“To get the books back in order it would be enough to sell Kaka for £55m.”


See you in the comments section!

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  1. Evo in OZ

    ive got a head cold so i stayed home from work today. Fox sports showed the hightlights every half hour today, so ive seen the dances at least 12 times i reckon!

    Good Stuff.

    I thought Bendtner was great today! Song had a couple of shaky moments, but still looks a prospect! Clichy is just the best, unstoppable!

  2. AFC53

    I have to say i think Eboue has caught AW in a compromising situation with a small animal he must have the photos to prove it!!!

    Thats the only way he can get a game surely the guy brings nothing to the table.

    I had to have a chuckle and thank my lucky stars we only played Derby because Gallas and Fabianski cant defend our goal for toffee.

    one last thing Bendtner star man in the Sun newspaper did i miss something ???

  3. Matt

    A great report and even a decent summary saying we need to strengthen in defence (and maybe a winger) and then you blow it all by saying let’s spend money we don’t have on Kaka!

  4. gunfire

    i certainly was curious to see who all would congratulate bendtner….what do you know, there were more than one!!! though it has to be said that the XOXOs were were pretty cold

  5. Adam

    One of the more sensibly optimistic articles here for a while. Well done.

    Next season looks good, with or without Kaka. 4 players in the EPL team of the year (& not Hleb or Flam) and all of them were acquired in the Wenger style & without enormous investment. He does this thing well and he will do it again.

    The improvement in this team has been wonderful to watch and next season the team will improve again. I agree, we need depth in the talent but that will happen, even with what we have, though I am confident Wenger will make 2 or 3 wise acquisitions.

  6. Evo in OZ

    One of the best dances was against the spuds when Henry was injured and not playing, but sitting on the bench and Kanu Jnr scored and ran up and they did that jig on the sidelines!

  7. Ollie

    “It was the funniest thing Ade has done since he last spoke in an interview! Classic.”
    Love it. I swear he speaks gibberish, but no-one notices cos its so fast! Well done though for scoring a hat trick.
    Those interested in selling him, now is the time.
    Oh, by the way, can anyone confirm the rumour that RvP gets payed more when hes injured?

  8. Evo in OZ

    i would take Kaka and Ronaldo just to be greedy….

    Ronnies best moment was the day he tried to play that trick ball thru Cesc’s legs and then he was robbed and then Cesc slotted the thru ball to Kanu Jnr to score the winner!

    We need more of that next season!

  9. james kaitaba

    can’t agree with you more about willy G.
    he’s the bad news that is happened to arsenal in such a long time!!
    Arse shd do all he can to keep hleb, flamster could go.
    Kaka may not be that crucial to our success. We need someone in defence and back up in the striking, but not neccessarily Kaka.
    James k,
    Kabale Uganda.

  10. ScubaGooner

    So NikB jumped too high; Song didn’t jump high enough – did anyone check what gallas was doing – yeah, nothing….as captain and chief defender you’d think he’d take control, or is that just me?

    Overall good performances from Theo, NikB, Cesc looked like he was conducting his own training game, Clichy and I thought Song had a good game as well.

    Ade scored his 3 goals; just to shut me up no doubt. even sang his name for change well, he was getting some abuse from the derby fans, wankers!!

    Fabianski didn’t look at all comfortable; not sure about him.

    Hey 6 – 2 away win how can we complain; we can’t but reality check – it was only derby and we only got really stuck in about them after the hour when they did tire and gave us much more freedom.

  11. nr790

    nicklas bedner for lee champ because even with all the crap he gets from us and the media he still plays well

  12. BB

    gallas looks weak .. scubaman..very weak..indeed
    he is a problem as he is too big for his/our shoes
    dont know how Wenger will deal with this situation
    potentially very disruptive
    he somehow has lost it physically
    must say though that for once I agreed with the setanta guys .. neither Theo nor in particular Nik B stated their claims for a bigger run in this side
    RVP injured again .. listen, this is fast becoming a joke..heaint 20 anymore and was very wasteful as well
    is he the most overrated forward at our club??
    people seem to give him te benefit of a doubt whilst his perfs are not there at all
    we should have won by 15 goals..thats how poor Derby were
    lets not kid ourselves

  13. ScubaGooner

    What about the dancing duo for Le Chump?

    Please……that sort of thing should not be encouraged!!

    NikB for Le Champ – deserves the credit for that display last night although Theo has a good shout for it as well.

  14. DeeOzGooner

    agreed gallas should go, he’s holding the team back by having captaincy…being captain, wengers unable to drop him to the bench…thats why irekon he’ll strip it off him, but ofcourse willie wont be happy with that so will want to leave

    we need a big strong technical experienced defender to partner kolo

  15. DC

    don’t wanna put a dampner on things… There were some good performances yesterday, but, the Arsenal didn’t play that well… Derby were just incredibly crap! And I’m still not sure about Bentner; he had a decent game yesterday and against slavia prague. But what about all the other games he’s played in this season??? Eboue.. He should be our 2nd choiceright back and that’s it; stay away from the right wing… Theo.. I’m well proud… Cesc and Clichy… Awesome.. Ade… Well done mate… Denilson, I’m not sure what’s happened to him.. Looked better in the second half and will probably improve with games..

    Oh.. were any of you at the game? Were the derby fans being racist toward Ade?

  16. ScubaGooner

    Sorry BB have to disagree re Theo & NikB – sure both started slow but I think their overall game was good and as I’ve said before they need a decent run in the team not 1 game in and then 3 games out…..

    gallas is the big issue; will AW sort it?

    I’m agreeing with re RvP – can’t believe his injuries; time to go I think.

  17. Arselicked

    Sell Hleb and replace him with Robinho, Hleb doesn’t score, Robinho has equal skill with more goals.

    You people are making a big thing about this hugging NikB thing. Why should the team celebrate for equalising? We should be in a hurry to get on with the game. Somehow i feel that the press propaganda is catching on. Divide and Rule.

    Hey what is happening with the 15 man brawl that took place at the ManYoo vs Chelski game, any news? and the steward kicking business? If it was Wenger, we would be fined 10 000 pounds plus red cards and severe warnings.

  18. Evo in OZ

    DC – are you referring to Bendtners time on the bench when i didnt get subbed on?>

    cause all the other games ive seen he play, he’s done pretty well? im not saying he’s the answer, but he has time on his side to prove he can do it surely?

  19. t-buzz

    I think Le Champ should go to either Theo”Speedy Gonzalez” or Cesc “PFA-young-player-of-the-year” cos they both ran the show last night.

    It will be heaven to have Kaka in an Arsenal jersey, play next to Cesc etc.Plus with a solidified defence,we Will be unstopable!!

    Scuba, glad to hear you finally sang to Ade’s name…how did that feel? lol (:0)

  20. chris

    cesc for champ, well played last night but pfa award does it for me plus the fact it was dedicated to the fans,

  21. Ethan_gooner

    yes no point getting all hyped up like we are back in the title race .
    we beat the shitest team to ever grace the EPL .. No need for pats on the back,
    3 points in the bag , lets move on …

    No real positives to take from the game .. fabianski proved he’s still a way off
    and proves ade can score against shite teams .. RVP back on the injury list .
    Flamini and hleb were sorely missed .. And will be next season …gallas showed
    he is passed his best , and song couldnt even hold strong Vs derby…

    the goal difference was the only highlight ..

  22. Frichie

    No mention of Denilson in the report. I thought he had a pretty solid game. Granted he is just coming back and only ever had 60 min in him, but after a nervy start he got more into the game, and he nicked the ball of a few players and played some decent balls to get us going forward. Im not to concerned if Flamini goes, Denilson and Diaby could provide enough cover.

  23. chris

    ethan, we played a pressure free game and scored many goals, most managers will tell you that keeping the levels going for 90 mins can be very difficult especially with zero to play for, both team were playing for pride, we won, end of.
    we are entitled to praise the boys and foolishly expect a ten fold increase next year based on last nights performance, that is what the day after a mtach is for, reality will be back tommorrow!

  24. Pedro

    No positives from the game?

    I though Nikki B looked great again and I though Theo looked much better.

    I know it was only Derby, but considering we played the whole game in 2nd gear… I thought the result was ok.

    We scored 6, but our finishing was still way off…

    I am glad we conceded the 2 goals… another positive. It shows we are way off in defence.

    Some good shouts going on for Le Champ/Chump… shame on the man who said Ade and Eboue should go into Le Chump for that dance…

  25. Evo in OZ

    Denilson is definitely the forgotten man, he played a great 60mins, sold tackles and a few good disposessions of the opposition players….needs to be fitter….

  26. Ethan_gooner

    Cesc for le Champ,
    our only solid midfield player left ..
    and yes cesc for captain also ! gallas needs a boot up the arse-nal ..

  27. Big Raddy

    How good was it to watch a game and KNOW we were going to get an easy 3 points.

    Negatives: Some of the finishing was dreadful. Where were the central defenders for Earnshaw’s goal ? Eboue !

  28. Geoff

    What a wanker, how can we afford Kaka? he won’t come anyway, are you a spud? you should support Chelsea, we won’t buy anyone because we don’t need anyone, we stuffed Derby.

    We should sell Flamini and Hleb and Arsene knows so I don’t care.

  29. Ethan_gooner


    No positives from the game?

    I though Nikki B looked great again and I though Theo looked much better.

    Theo always looks good has done for 2 or 3 months ! and nikB would look better if he got some more evenly spread time with ade .. Do you put it down to their skills that have got better in one game pedro ???? or that we played a pathetic team ??

  30. Mike (the neighbour)

    WEll done Pedro as I missed the game your report combined wth the video highlights (thanks for that Chris) got a good flavour of what went on .The video commentary said Ade and eboue the strictly come dancing team had been rehearsing in front of a mirror -If they didnt it certainly looked like it -fantastic .I quite agree with you as well Chris on your 10.12 post about keeping levels up .
    Missed the game as I was with Mrs Mike Eating and glugging a nice sauvignon Blanc in Spain -A marlborough of course -what else

  31. MAYANK

    i agree with you ethan…this victory shouldnt blind us from the larger prespective ie to challenge for the primiership next year.we have to work really hard and get some able replacements if flam n helb move on.we showed that we can really move the ball well and if we get a quality striker we can win the title next seson.everyone knows that if we had torres instead of our ade we would have won at least one title this season.i wrote yesterday that we lost our cahnce due to a lack of a class stiker and a good central defender.if we can get these positions right maybe next year will be ours for taking and thrashing spuds…

  32. nr790

    apparently spurs want villa. the will buy him for the money they get from spurs according to the daily mail

  33. Big Raddy

    Mike, I am deply envious. Marlborough whites are the dogs.

    But you missed a very enjoyable game. We absolutely humiliated Derby.

  34. Ethan_gooner

    I think we need to create a partition for geoff


    i gotta say , i agree with what your getting at.. lets start poaching some players back off the wankers who think its only a one way street when purchasing players ..
    I think if hleb does leave we must use it as a swap deal !
    then ill say le boss has got some balls !

    pedro you forgot arsene’s haircut .. im sure they model his hair do from MR BEAN !

  35. Big Raddy

    Did anyone notice how the Derby fans all stayed to the end? Despite seeing their team crushed, they sat and watched and applauded the Arsenal.

    Compare that to the Emirates at the final whistle.

  36. Gunnershabz

    hey, adebayor is clearly the best striker at the club, comes on and does a hatrick.
    30 goals this season and he still has people on his back, he reminds me of andy cole who at times looks dreadful but still comes up with a goal.

    anyways, we need to sort the central defence, a winger and maybe a central midfielder

  37. GMR

    If we take a realistic look at the team everyone knows that Wenger doesn’t trust Senderos or Djourou at centre back or he would play them instead of a central midfielder, so both need moving on & replacing. Lehmann is also off & Fabianski clearly needs time so a backup keeper needs bringing in. Thats 3 players straight away.

    In midfield we are losing Flamini (for definate, I’m not even sure why Arsenal haven’t announced he’s gone seen as Milan are talking about him in their team so he must have agreed a deal with them), Gilberto will go. Hleb will probably stay but we can’t rely on Rosicky as anything more than a bit part player so he needs a replacement for when he’s injured. We have Vela coming back so we need another 2 players. Thats now 5 in total.

    Upfront RVP is in the same position as Rosicky so again another body is required.

    Thats a total of 6 players needed & then we need another 3 quality players to increase the strength of the overall squad. 9 players to come in……………..not a chance in hell of that happening, so whatever way you look at it our squad will be even smaller next season & our chances of being successful are about zero.

  38. Mike (the neighbour)

    Didnt have much choice Big Raddy -Its just like when you had to go to the Ballet -mind you -you didnt miss much but I clearly did .
    To get a Marlborough S B in Spain is a rarity and it is the Dogs -Chris is a big fan of the new world marlborough SBs as well

  39. Evo in OZ

    Mike — im just hooking into a huge glass of the Marlborough Sav Blanc right now – The Saint Clair Estate – Vicars Choice!

    Bloody beautiful!

  40. Geoff

    We should have a bet to see if more players go than come in, I don’t think Senderos will go any more than I think Djourou and Eboue will.

    He only lets players go that we all rate, like Pires, Edu, Henry, Flamini and Hleb.

  41. Gunnershabz


    i hear what u saying, we do need minor surgery on the team but we do need a commanding centre back, but wenger has a bad history on it, stepahnovs, cygan etc…

    Liverpool have bought good cheap centre backs, srkdel and agger both i wont mind having at arsenal

    I swear if we buy some panama internatinonal or some unknown am going to just scream, its frustrating to see what we do in the transfer market, i know he loves to buy gems and polish them.

    But we have loads of them in the squad right now, we need a good balance of youth and experience

    Carlos Vela situation, he may even be in spain again next season we have to wait till june or something, but we need width and we need it badly, get that bulgarian guy nikloai dimirtiv on the cheap and then buy a class winger like Ricardo Quaresma, Robinho, SWP

    Up front well it all depends on how wenger see’s the situation we got eduardo out, bendtner is doing ok, walcott is not ready yet and RVP just gets injured and Hleb is fancied out there too…. David Villa we all can hope for

    Rumors around that Spurs are going for David Villa!!!! Robinho when they sold Berbatov

  42. Pedro

    Ethan… positive from the game.

    Big Phil didn’t start?

    Wengers hair cuts are truly atrocious… great shout!

    Theo has been good for the last few games, but things weren’t going his way last night and I thought the agression and desire he showed for his goal was brilliant.

    I love to see Nikki B doing well also.

    I know they were a shite team, but the Mancs struggled, as did the Chavs.

    I am not saying we are great, just saying there were some good things that came out of the game!

    Any news on Flebgate?

  43. YangKamp10

    Good to hear that people are coming round to believing we CAN attract the likes of Robinho.

    And hopefully all the Adebeyor haters feel significantly embarrased about slagging off one of the leagues best players this year. He has now been praised by JT, Ferdindand, attracted interest from ManU and AC Milan and has just made the team of the year ahead of the golden boy Rooney. But some sections of the Arsenal faithfull seem to know better and want him sold?!?!

    Second highest goalscorer in the league…And if consider Ronaldo’s set piece goals…

    Adebeyor is the best all round Striker in the league. Scores more goals than Rooney and does more off the ball than Torres. Which of those two players would have scored 24 goals in the league this year playing the majority of games up front alone?

    All i’m trying to say is that he IS a quality player and if he has Robinho playing off him/supplying quality balls from the wing, I expect more of the same, especially in the CL.

    Oh and 29th April and no news on the Flamini situation. He’s a gonner then. And for free?!? Disgusting, the board drops the ball again. I look around the PL and Europe and cannot spot a quality replacement! I guess thats what football manager is for eh!

  44. Evo in OZ

    I think Senderos is only on the bench for 2 reasons….

    1. To give Song a go now that he is fit again and it falls into Wengers comments that he wanted to see a few guys before the season runs out.
    2. Big phil has been carrying a couple of injuries for a fair portion of the season, so no point in flogging a dead horse!

  45. Gunnershabz

    I really want to see Alex song in midfield you know, i thought denilson done well yesterday, good aggression in the second half and was getting stuck in

    or maybe next season we wil see jack wilshire runing rampant on teams

  46. ScubaGooner

    YangKamp10 – feel absolutely no embarassment whatsoever….but I knew as soon as he scored what the comments would be – however I’m not getting into that today let’s enjoy a good win despite who we played etc etc etc we won and I’m enjoying the moment!!

    Pedro – I was that man and I feel no shame either!! 🙂

  47. Ethan_gooner


    yes i agree .. its all to easy to adopt an arsene attitude and say , wow we are back to our best !!!!
    Its like trying to arm wrestle a new born child and claim victory ! pathetic see- thru shite we are fed …. Buy some players you cheap ass ! Soon he will believe the shit he’s talking again !(over the next 3 games) then we will have another year of bollocks .. and make 3 signings under the age of 18 !

  48. chris

    so scuba what you are saying is i” know i was wrong but i chose to ignore you today”, that is the best argument deflater i have ever heard, a life in politics for you!

  49. Geoff

    It’s like I said, we don’t all hate Ade, he just needs to spend time on the bench, look what happened last night!

  50. ScubaGooner

    no Chris not at all; just 3 goals against derby doesn’t change a thing as far as I’m concerned so what’s the point in going on about it?

  51. Gunnershabz

    I just think we need good healthy competition in our team thats all

    guys like eboue, he is out of form but still he still got the right wing slot

    hleb as well, and adebayor….

    we need good healthy competition to give players a kick up the back side and they will perform.

    hence we need 3-4 players this summer and if flamini goes 5 players in my opinion

  52. casicky

    i have a feeling we defnitly going to lose one of the two i guess um wondering who i would like to hold on to????Flamster brings a bite we all need but Hleb is jus unbelieveable the way he goes past players holds the ball and all that thing he does is great but i have a feeling Hleb will be the one to go….i really dont get y he wasnt happy to come off yday was he jus looking for a reason out???

    Song has really jus turned my views around yes yes i was one of those that dreading him even being on the bench but my goodness me um so confident when his on the pitch now hes outshown Gallas in all the games they have played together

  53. Pedro

    Scuba, the proof is in next year.

    If Ade scores a similar amount next year… hats off…

    I think what you are saying, is maybe this season is a one off?

    I know what you mean. I’ve watched him play poorly in many games, then he pops up with tap in. Will he still be in those positions next year?

    If he does do a job for us again, will he still be underrated…? Much like Andy Cole was at ManU?

    Next year is a very big year for him.

  54. Geoff

    I still don’t rate Song, to me he is ordinary. I just read that Spurs are after Diego Capel as well.

    Fuck me that’s Modric, Robinho, Villa and now Capel.

    Are we not interested in anyone?

    Sometimes it’s boring being an Arsenal fan!

  55. ScubaGooner

    No seriously Chris I want a life in politics; have you seen the expenses those cunts get!! 🙂

    Pedro – exactly; I said it yesterday and before, if he does it again next year I’ll be the first to stand up and say I was wrong. There; end of , I’m no more about him this season….promise! 🙂

  56. arsenal tom

    i watched the game on the sopcast last night which had the comentary from the arsenal tv highlights, they said near the start that hleb and flaminis agents have been talking with arsenal over the past few days… ill think we’ll hear somthing soon but if they are still talking then the flamini cant be as much of a done deal as we think, as for hleb who knows

    and please stop mentioning SWP as a ‘quality winger’ the guy is awful… if he aint good enough for the chlesk then he aint no where near arsenal level

  57. A

    Fantastic to see Denilson back playing, I think he could replace and be better than Flamini anyways if he can stay fit, and great that Bendtner has seemingly patched things up with the rest of the lads. Next season could be incredible, our ability up top is fantastic, the fact that Adebayor having scored 30 goals this season will most likely by xmas be behind VP, Bendtner, and maybe theo in the pecking order is fantastic. He’s a very good asset, but cannot be a first choice forward for a team like Arsenal, he just doesn’t have the class or intelligence.

    Just please please please let Hleb sign a new contract or at least agree to stay next season and talk next summer. Flamini is replaceable, Hleb would be much more difficult. Fabianski showed very good hands last night, and is good enough to be back up. The goal was the fault of song and gallas, again. We need a top commanding centre back to stop goals like that, and I’m sure Arsene will find one. Get some competition for Hleb and possibly another centre mid and the squad will be as good as any since Arsene arrived.

  58. YangKamp10

    The difference between us and the spuds is that they’re desperate. They will never get Robinho. He could walk into almost any CL team in europe. Why would he opt for a Uefa side?
    Modric went from an Arsenal target (if you believe Tribal football etc) to Chavs to Newcastle and ends up at Shite hart lane. There was no holding out for better offers once the silly season starts and thats because Modric’s agent had sounded out the big clubs and got feck all response.
    In short they’ve just signed another Hossom Ghaly.

  59. Finestcuts

    Overall I’m satisfied with our display last night, we totally controlled and dominated the game as expected, our style was fluid and positive.

    It doesn’t matter how well we play, there will always be those who only want to focus on what went wrong. There is definitely room for improvement, without a doubt, but credit must be given where it’s due.

    Problems? In the first half we allowed Derby to create too many chances, they weren’t really clear cut but were a threat and one of those resulted in a goal. For me Denilson didn’t do enough at the back, Gallas didn’t organise the back line properly and gave Derby too much space on two occasions, both goals were close range strikes heading for goal, giving the keeper no chance to save.

    For a team of Derby’s calibre to get a second goals against us exposes how fragile our defence is. The back line kept going forward, far too much to keep things watertight. We need to Tony Adams or someone of equal ability to coach our defenders, and hopefully we’ll dip into the transfer market and get a bit of quality in that area.

    But our attacking patterns were sublime, even though they were created against Derby’s pathetic excuse for a defence. We made sure we fully took advantage of their mistakes, our players in the right places at the right times up front. Ade had a very good game, to come on and score a hat-trick as a sub is a big achievement….who else has scored a hat trick against Derby even though they’re so poor?

    A really good game on the attacking front, below average in defence is a shot summary. We needed this game to make it crystal clear where we need to improve but we’re back to the “you score one we’ll score two type of game”.

    We’ve never really replaced Sol Campbell, we need someone similar to him to make a difference. However Arsene has made some top class signings over the years. We lost, Cole and gained Clichy, we lost Lauren and gained Sagna, we lost Wright we gained Henry, we lost Viera we gained Fabregas. I’m not concerned about Flamini going, we’ll get someone good to replace him with. It’ll cost us a fair bit but we have a transfer budget and it’s there to be used to replace players who move on, that’s what transfer budgets are for regardless of whether we like it or not. Survival is about adapting to your current conditions and being big enough to accept that we don’t and can’t preside over entities which act of their own volition…..in fact we must expect that every so often something which isn’t in our favour will happen and that we’ll have to deal with it appropriately.

    Good stuff overall from the team, it’s all about using this game as a stepping stone and gathering momentum, and thankfully it looks like we have the ability to continue this season in a winning fashion and start it off in a similar way albeit without conceding as many goals as we have recently.

  60. A

    Modric is a good player, but Spurs paid well over the odds for him. He’s been very good in the Croatian League, but hasn’t had the same impact as Eduardo did, and they paid much more than we did for him.

  61. GMR

    I think Senderos will definately be sold this summer. He’s too unstable to play at the top level of football & when you consider that he wouldn’t even listen to a player like Martin Keown when he tried to offer some advice it all adds up to someone who shouldn’t be playing for Arsenal. Thinking about it though I’m sure Wenger will keep Djourou as a back up player.

    Thats still 8 players needed.

  62. casicky

    wat pisses me off is Wenger will do wat he wants and if he ends up with nothing then all he says is i made mistakes but my team will get better that all he says and he moves on…..

    wat bout us who have to work with scum going on bout how they have more silverware than us this season its crap and that all he has to do is jus sit infront of cameras endure a few ?s and then its over he carries on with his academy policy thats jus shit

  63. Frichie

    My only wish for the season, if we dont buy anyone, is the Eboue Never plays for us again. I only hope he got a game because we had no other options. Atleast Walcott wasnt dropped for Eboue. Honestly, when Eboue plays Arsenal might as well have only 10 men. he offers sweet F all!. A few times I saw Toure, Cesc, and Eboue in a triangle trying to work their way forward, but everytime the ball came to eboue he would take too many touches, while Cesc and Toure were running around like idiots finding space, and whats Eboues magical touch, pass it back to Gallas under pressure, because toure was too far forward. I think we need to sign a petition! Get him off!

  64. Big Raddy

    If we had said that Flamini was leaving last summer, no-one would have cared. His rise has been based on getting a good run of games, and developing confidence. The same could easily happen for Diaby/Denilson/Song all of whom can play that role.

    Hleb is different. I love him but if we go by stats. then we should replace him with a more efficient player. A goal scoring midfielder is an essential in this team

  65. Evo in OZ

    there are never as many rumours about us as there are about other clubs, because wenger plays his cards close to his chest so no one latches onto his ideas….

  66. YangKamp10

    Fair point about Flamini Raddy. But at the same time, i went into this season fearing 5th place. Flamini and Adebeyor pretty much saved our season by performing far better than any fan could have expected and giving us a solid spine.
    What are the odds that another squad player can come on so well this year? And lets face it, we still werent quite good enough, anyone coming in will have to be better than who he’s replacing. in Short i say we need to sign someone to replace him. Diaby and especially Song have much to prove.

  67. t-buzz

    wise decision Scuba. lol

    Geoff, Iam with you on Song. Fine, these past few games he’s been alright, but nothing special.He really needs to step up his game or he’ll be back to square one.

    Frichie, Eboue used to be good,remember when he kept Lauren out of the team?
    I dont know what happened to him after that(maybe changed dentists or so…)he tried becoming a midfielder which didnt work, went back to RB, that didnt work…ONLY Wenger thinks it works!!

  68. charybdis1966

    Pedro, you have Cesc AND Fab in the Le Champ – unless you mean Fabianski I think you’ve doubled up inadvertantly.

  69. Big Raddy

    Good work Pedro.

    Though how a hatrick man doesn’t get a mention from anyone on the site is strange. But then again, maybe it’s not !

  70. Moray

    I think Kaka is not as impossible as it sounds. Exactly the kind of player Wenger would get the chequebook out for – young but experienced and already covered in medals. And remember the fortune we paid to keep hold of Henry. Expensive but a merchandiser’s dream. He could play in front of Fabregas and a defensive midfielder, and off Adebayor or Bendtner, or instead of Fabregas, giving him a rest at key points of the season. He’s talented enough to fit into our tight and quick passing routines (many aren’t), and would love to play for Arsenal, I’m sure. We could also offer Gilberto and Senderos/Eboue in part xchange. And remember Milan are 4 points outside Champions League qualification currently…

  71. Pedro


    I did a big section on him in the report Raddy.

    His goals were great, but I thought the team work from the others was fantastic.

  72. choy

    what a game…

    loved the way nick was spraying passes all over the field..is that going to be a good position for him.. just behind ade?

    theo and rvp missed a sitter…. but they made up for it…

    the team spirit is looking better… gallas was in la la land for the most part…

    did djourou even touch the ball?

    rvp is suspended for the second half henceforth….

    could denilson replace flamini? maybe… you don’t captain your country for nothing…technically he’s there… just that stupid haircut and needs to put on some weight…

    loved how ade and eboue took the piss out of earnshaw.. what a dance!!! haha

    fabianski… first PL game… i’m sure he was shitting scared.. even if it was derby… needs to get a bit more aggressive.. not like jens though.

  73. brendon gunner

    great game, it’s nice seeing us play a woeful derby with no pressure.

    but it was so annoying to see rvp had a good game and then getting injured again and again. i still think that he’ll be our top scorer if he had played throughout the season like ade did. i’m growing to really like rvp as a player .
    and i do not ever want him to leave no matter how bad his injuries are, that’s how much i rate this guy.

    And i still think that he is our next bergkamp! wishful thinking, i know.

    Oh and great post as usual!

  74. t-buzz

    Pedro, Good call , as long as Theo & Cesc got a recognition Iam pleased with Le champ. Le Chump was between the whole Derby squad vs AW,s hairdo and Iam glad Le Boss won Le Chump and Iam sure he’ll see the funny side to it if we “present” him with the award. lol

  75. Pedro

    He is quite a lump Choy. I would say he is the same build as Ballack and he is a class act.

    I am not saying sign him, but it would be nice if we chased players of the calibre.

    I think he earn’s £150k a week… is that out of our wage structure?

  76. Ethan_gooner

    Hey i dont hate ade !
    i just call a spade a spade ! if someone is not preforming or creating an UN arsenal like
    feel within the team , im gonna say it .. sure gallas screws up once or twice ade does a lot more and we think thats fine .. No one had a bad game last night other than Song or fabinski .. everyone made a few blunders but when your playing against QUOTE the worst football side to to EVER grace the EPL . its pretty hard to find positives or negatives ..

    Its not like we will probably play them for another 6 years now .. or more …
    We cant gauge what happened last night to any other team in the EPL .. because they are not EPL quality .. They still scored however and that is a concern ! but our free flowing style will always leave us exposed on the odd occasion ..

    So pedro , yes its 3 points in the bag .. as we all expected .. lets hope for a strong finish 2 the season , the only thing that resembles a test for us this season is next weekend when we face everton who is top 6 material ..
    Then if ade scores a hat trick or bendtner is dominant then we can raise our glasses !
    But next week im sure we will be exposed as per usual , dont let arsene blind you .
    WE NEED PLAYERS these ones arent ready yet .. well most arent ready yet ..

    theo however has played well for a long time now . and provides good chances !
    more time on the pitch will yeild more chances ! natural !
    but it isnt something that we dont already know RE : theo ..

    bendtner has more class than ade … he’s been with arsenal longer and knows our style
    of play ive always rated him potentially better than ade ! bendtner in 5 years time .. (same as ade now ) there will be no comparison , he needed more time this season , but arsene didnt want to take risks , yet he has a youth philosophy . No point in having promising youth if you dont play them .. and thats the only way they will get better…
    experience .. we need to buy about 12 – 18 years of experience this summer !

    translates to 3 players of 24 years of age … and 6 years in front of them
    then we can give the top 2 a shake !
    but i fear they are settled now .. and every year we prognosticate we slip further behind .

  77. Evo in OZ

    fellas i think my 12 hour blogging session has come to an end for today.

    Kept the fires burning with DeeOzGooner through your wee hours, so im gonna have to hit the sack, as i was also up early for the game and no nanna naps throughout the day!

    catch you all later on!

  78. t-buzz

    Adios Evo and DeeOz…hope youve got a lovely weather to enjoy later on…its dreadful weather down London!! Happy Days!!

  79. Pedro

    So my outs for the summer:-

    Gilberto (I hold out hope for his stay)

    What do you think?

    Those are who I think will leave, not who I want to leave!

  80. chris

    “I love this team and I think they have a great future,” Wenger told Setanta Sports.

    “It was a typical performance from us – mobile, clean technically and we were always dangerous but as well we had moments where we lacked concentration and we were punished.

    “Derby gave everything but the longer the game lasted the more you could see we could score goals. They didn’t look a team who are down and had no confidence.

    “They had a real go and were dangerous at set-pieces. But in midfield we were dominant and the young players did very well.”

    The Gunners are now closing on their points target for the season and Wenger feels they can get within touching distance of this when they play Uefa Cup-chasing Everton at the weekend.

    “We’ve set ourselves an 83-point target,” Wenger said. “We can get to 80 against Everton so let’s do it.”

  81. chris

    there is talk that jens will just retire, that is sad,
    senderos may go but id imagine someone would need to step forward and make an offer as wenger does not wnat to break the team up
    gilberto may leave but i hope not, he still has a role to play

  82. kenny smith

    our defending last night was poor! song poor foul for first goal and even worse defending from the resulting free kick and gallas pussy’d out of the challenge with mcevely and turned his back and didnt even attempt a jump to win the ball.

    Fabianski didnt look confident at all. Toure and clichy played well but song and gallas werent at the races. if we played a half decent team last night we could have had a few put past us and im even ashamed Derby scored 2 against us even though we scored 6!

    We squandered a hat full of chances and the man who was the most clinical infront of goal in the end was Adebayor who alot of people come on here and slate every week!

    Apart from a few games he was totally knackered he has been pretty good this season! He is the first person i have seen score 30 goals in a season and still be slated every week….. i think some fans need to get real!

    cesc was quaility and did anyone notice denilson’s tackling??? i think he was tryin to show “le boss” that he could be a replacement if “flattuso” leaves!

  83. useroz

    just my observations;

    * the team didn’t look comfortable at all in the 1st half of 1st half especially in midfield; it’s like lacking conviction and they couldn’t keep ball other than cesc – missing one of flamini/ hleb

    * walcott is fine but still lightweight; against top tier defenders he’d be less effective/ rampant

    * song was okay except a couple of loose balls; but still not sure if he’s CB material

    * in this game only, ade managed to put away what’s expected of him- i thought people don’t dislike ade when having a go at him … it’s just that he wasted too many chances and was poor at passing– with the slim margin to the top 2, just imagine if ade put away several more of those he missed, notably at birmingham (let’s forget one moment he should have passed it to bendtner!)

    * overall strikers still wasteful; it’s ‘fine’ playing derby but we get punished when playing other top teams… it should have been 10 goals easily last night!

    still enjoyed the game but we should not have conceded 2 goals (TWO actually) to honour derby for god sake

  84. Finestcuts

    Jens wants to stay in the London area and I’m sure a few London teams could be interested, such as Charlton and QPR, if he wants to keep playing first team football thats a good option for him unless he wants to retire as an Arsenal player.

    Gilberto….there is a chance he could stay, it depends on what role Wenger has him in mind for, but it’s highly probable his days are done.

    Senderos….many people CL villain, but to be fair he has had some very good games. Maybe the stigma is too much for him to bear and it’s understandable he might want to head for pastures new. I’d rather he went on loan than moved on, despite what many think, he has great potential.

    Flamini…..it’s all about the money.

    Hopefully no massive unexpected moves by players we don’t suspect. Everton will be a good test of how we cope without Flamini with players we’ve already got.

  85. chris

    he will be the downfall of man city, i for one wnat them to stick around, g’teed points of the scum every year if nothing else

  86. Geoff

    Kenny the reason that people slate Ade (I’m not one of them) is because he doesn’t understand the offside rule and he misses a lot, he could have had a quicker hatrick at Old Trafford than he did last night, and if he had we may still be in the title race.

    So I understand, but having said that I can’t think of a player in history who came on from the subs bench ad scored a hatrick.

    Can anyone?

  87. Pedro

    Geoff, great shout on the ‘wants’. I am surprised you put song on there, I thought you liked him?

    Sacking Sven after the season city have had is mental…

    I wonder if Wenger will do a press conference tomorrow regarding the Flamster?

    Can anyone remember Lampard doing this last year (Hleb)… I am sure there is a cut off point for handing your notice in?

  88. kenny smith

    Geoff i dont think its ade who should be being slated…. for example have u seen how long it takes us to pass a ball sometimes…..ade makes his run and then players delay and delay until they have a player tight to them and then they pass…… if some of our midfielders would speed up their distrubution then he might not be offside all the time!

  89. Geoff

    No I think he’s the worst player we’ve got Pedro.

    Sven deserves getting sacked given the money he had off the FA, and he brought celebrity culture to England and he made that dunce Beckham captain and he didn’t play Theo.

    So I suppose I’m glad the bent ex president of Thailand sacked him.

    And did I mention he’s a fornicator? I suppose he had to have at least one good quality!

  90. Geoff

    Finest, I could score a hatrick in Australian football! Kenny, if that were the case he should slow his runs down, he managed to last night.

  91. trasman

    Eboue should be called Jigsaw cuz he falls to pieces every time he is in the box. Theo should challenge “Rosickly” for a place next season…

  92. Finestcuts

    No it was in Brazil for Vasco da Gama, they were winning 3-0, he came on as a sub and scored another three.

  93. Geoff

    Quite right I read it wrong, it said ex Adelaide, still even you could score a hatrick for Vasco de Gama Finest!

  94. DeeOzGooner

    bak frm a long boring dinner…whatd i miss?

    whats this abt sven gettin sacked…say it aint so! typical one of the few other managers that play attacking football, and he’s at the whim of a crazy ladyboy who doesnt pay taxes…

    has flam gone yet?

  95. charybdis1966

    A few more points from last night

    – did anyone see Gael when he put the turbos on and made up ground on Derby players? He’s as quick as Theo and he slips over less.

    – I thought Songs best position would be as a central, defensive midfielder. He looked fairly solid all night and with a run of games can look very impressive.

    – Fab was masterful as usual but Denilson did start biting into the tackles well – when Gilberto came on we lost some of that steel.

    – Fabianski is clearly not ready, Wenger rates him but I have yet to see why.