Barry, Pjanic, Dimitrov in? and new Young player of the year Cesc

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Gareth Barry will be on his way to one of Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal, Panjic, the young attacking midfielder all the top clubs are after and Dimitrov who has had a trial at Arsenal are all being linked to join.

Cesc Fabregas rightly wins young player of the year and says ‘this is for all the team, and all the fans, because all together we have had good season even though we haven’t won anything at the end’

‘This is thanks to them as well.’

Now that sounds like he will be staying and hopefully as captain, I don’t think they can give it to Kolo as he and Gallas are similar and if that did, Gallas would be off, Cesc has shown great tenacity this term and deserves it after this award.

Hleb has again stated he wants to stay and Flamini has to make his mind up this week. I would prefer a premier league replacement if he went and Barry or possibly Nolan would fit in, and find there form quickly, overseas players take too long, aka Flamini, Hleb and Rosicky.

Rosicky I think is a great player, but a long term crock, which is a shame, but we have to realise that, and move on. Robinho looks like a shoe in swap for Berbatov so we will still need a winger and that could be one of the above two, and I confess I know little of them, maybe SWP would come too..

We had a few weekend knobbers on, and for you Grovers I have saved a couple so you can see what we save you from.

When you consider how many new Grovers we got at the weekend, so 6 bores from 7,000 good ‘uns is not a bad return. Tonight I think we’ll see Ade, Robin and Theo start, with maybe Denilson, if fit, starting in the middle.

I expect nothing short of a big win tonight and am going for 4 nil to the Arsenal

Don’t forget though we need to add to the squad as this season we were woefully short of good cover in many positions.

Thierry to return? don’t bet against it, maybe a Hleb swap, I’d prefer them both, Henry will come back very humble, but his experience could see the kids through.

Have a great day Grovers, we are running out of games, and this week we should see how next season is shaping up.

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  1. stevie


    Tonights game proved everything I have been thinking for a while. We have the right strikers/attacking midfielders but need to strengthen up in defence. A centre back & world class keeper is needed. We should have scored bout 12 goals tonight! I know it was only Derby but still we were too much at times!

  2. patthegooner

    Happy with that tonight

    I dont think we even broke sweat.

    Although we scored 6 I still think that we were not clinical enough and had enough missed nailed on chances to have made it 10 to 12.

    Good to see Theo, Nic and RVP on the score sheet,

    and as for Ade what can you say, I know it was Derby but he still had to put them away.

    Ade can be a frustrating player to watch at times, but hopefully he is continuing to change the opinions of those that dislike him (he convinced me). To even think about shipping Ade out is crazy in my mind, imagine him with a Villa or Benzema rather than being replaced by them.

    Lat word for Denilson, again I know it was Derby but I thought he was MOTM tonight until he came off, good to see him getting back to his form last season.

  3. patthegooner

    I was a bit gutted that Wenger did not get quized on Flamini though

    still nothing official from player, agent or clubs

    see what rubbish the press print over night

  4. charybdis1966

    Quick thoughts – Fabianski looked awful on corners and crosses – too short to be imposing/commanding.
    Denilson got better and better as the game wnet on and his tackling as rugged.
    Eboue again did fairly well – a couple of useful crosses but of course the obligatory scuffed/wild shot.
    In conclusion – I’ll be nervous if Fabianski is in goal against a better side – like Everton or Sunderland !

  5. patthegooner

    I thought that about Fabianski too, but it was his debut and he needs time to see what he is all about. I dont think he could have done a lot about either goal though

    I would still play him against Everton and Sunderland, but as Man Ure play 24 hours ahead of us at the weekend, I think the result of their game will decide how strong a team we play on the Sunday.

  6. charybdis1966

    You have stronger nerves than me Pathegooner (are you a fan of the old newsreels by any chance?) but you’re right the results of the previous games will probably decide if our Torquay waiter plays or not.

  7. patthegooner


    I lost them after Boro, Wigan, Villa and Birmingham.

    Typical of the Arsenal to tease us on how close it could have been

    In fact it would not even have been close, we should be 4 points clear with two to play

  8. charybdis1966

    I always felt that the Wigan nil-nil is where it crumbled. We had the chance to build on the fantastic 2-0 win over Milan and we didn’t.

    Tonights win was a plaintive/bitter-sweet reminder of what might have been.

    Bit like seeing a girl who turned you down say to you after you got married to someone else you don’t like that she wants you now.

    Ah, what if?

  9. Evo in OZ

    Good to have 4 strikers on the score sheet!

    Bendtner looked the goods, great passing and set up play from him and a good clean strike for his goal!

  10. MeanLean

    I assume that there will be some unhappy people here after Adebayor’s hat trick.

    What do I hear all the time? If it was any other striker then they would have scored loads more.

    What like Bendtner? Or Van Persie?

    We should have scored 10 against Derby tonight. Nice to get a few goals for a change.

  11. DeeOzGooner


    u can put rvp back on le list now…lol!…sorry for troubling u to take him off it, what abt 12hrs ago?

    decent result…typical eh? after days and days of gettin slated in the blogs, ade scores a secong half hatrick!

  12. Finestcuts

    Dee, he played in defence, imo he didn’t have a spectacular defence, tonight was all about our strikers, for Derby to get the second goal against us is not good enough, but hell, i’d rather win 6-2 than 3-0, the first half was pretty good for Derby, they created quite a few chances against us, but their defence is awful.

    There are too many positives in this game to dwell on the problems…..even Eboue had a good game, and I loved his and Ade’s pisstake of Robert Earnshaw….and then he they did it again….and Earnshaw didn’t!
    It was a really good game to watch.

  13. Evo in OZ

    it was difficult for walcott in the first half, derby closed him down, he didnt get many runs, but in the 2nd half he had a better game! should have easily scored 2!

  14. Finestcuts

    Tonight Wenger quite strongly insisted Hleb will stay, but his tone completely changed when talking about Flamini, whohas 48 hrs to affirm that he is going to stay. Maybe tonight’s display might convince him that Arsenal is the best place to become a Legend, he’d have to sacrifice about a million euros to stay meaning he’d effectively be paying a million Euros to play for Arsenal.

  15. t-buzz

    Yet, they say Adebayor is sh!t.

    Ronaldo Man Utd 28
    Adebayor Arsenal 24
    Torres Liverpool 22
    Santa Cruz Blackburn 17
    Berbatov Tottenham 15
    Mwaruwari Man City 15
    Keane Tottenham 14
    Carew Aston Villa 13
    Tevez Man Utd 13
    Yakubu Everton 13
    Defoe Portsmouth 12
    Rooney Man Utd 12
    Agbonlahor Aston Villa 11
    Anelka Chelsea 11
    Gerrard Liverpool 11

    I think I WILL stick with this “sh!tty” stricker called Adebayor!!

    Waclott is seriously on a mission to finish strong. Welldone that boy, and congrats to Nik B and RVP. Fabrianski…welcome to the Premiership, a long way to go.

  16. DeeOzGooner

    manure have 3 players in that top 15…thats where we got done this season, if only rvp stayed fit for an extra 10-12 games we’d be up there lads…

  17. Hughsie

    Unfortunately for us i think if we lose Flamini, which is looking increasingly more likely (surely he would have signed by now if he was going to) and Hleb, which is looking less likely the clubs going to have to make some pretty hard decisions on which way we go forward.

    Flamini and Hleb are both part of our first choice midfield, along with Fabregas and i guess Rosicky (ha! usual line up is more like hleb-flamini-fabregas-whomever is fit and can play on the left). Losing one or both of those players puts the club in a position where they’re going to have to decide whether bringing in a new first choice midfielder is the go or playing someone who hasn’t been a starter this season is the right move.

    Surely Arsene and the coaching staff can see that selling, or not doing everything possible to keep their first choice players together, epecially after the improvement they’ve shown this year is the way forward. We just cant afford to lost Hleb or Flamini and hope that Gilberto and DIaby can replace them, if we’re to really challenge next year we need to keep our current first choice team together and develop our replacements, at the very least to give them time to adept to the EPL because as we’ve seen there is almost always a period of adjustment required for new players.

    End point – the club needs to keep our current ‘first’ team together, shed some dead weight and use those funds and the-pick-a-number-between-50-and-100-million that we’ve apparently been given by the board for transfers to buy some quality to add depth to the squad.
    Arsene has shown a knack for selling players in their prime for good money in the past, but surely he’s got to be able to see that gutting the midfield at a time when we’re in a position to build on a good season and really challenge in oh-eight and oh-nine is’nt the way forward.

    Only just discovered this blog yesterday, i like your thinking (except for Henry back to Arsenal, a myriad of problems there, not least his massive ego and so forth).

    Keep up the good work, Hugh.

  18. Evo in OZ

    yeah agreed. our midfield goals also dried up a bit, compared to when pires and freddie were banging them in!

  19. DeeOzGooner

    not yet…been back in oz for 6months now, before that was in london for 3yrs.

    heading back there nx month…need another season at the emirates!

  20. Evo in OZ

    hahaha….awesome, wish i was heading back. been 5.5 years since i lived there!

    I have foxtel on the 58 inch plasma TV!

    I like to watch the games in the pub if theyre on early enough, otherwise its beers at home!

  21. DeeOzGooner

    hmmm foxtel and 58inch plasma…mate i would never leave the house!

    yeh i try to get down to star city as much as poss…but only if theyre realistic kick-off times

    it sux being back, having to listen to non-stop news on NRL & AFL!…craving for non-stop skysports news!!

  22. Hughsie

    Our Midfield goals definitely dried up. Hleb and Flamini arnt really goal scorers, Fabregas has been much improved and provided lots of assists but probably a few less goals than his cracking start to the season promised and whomever else we played – Diaby, Rosicky or Eboue usually didnt provide.

    Eboue burnt so many good chances this season, he absolutely cannot shoot, Hleb chooses not to shoot, but Eboue just cant, the amount of times he’s come onto the ball in heaps of space coming from the right wing into the box and put it high or wide or high and wide is a joke. Has he ever scored for the club? i cant remember but according to wikipedia he’s scored ones in the League cup and once in the champions league this season. Seriously, if we’re going to get rid of someone can it be him? I felt like he was just wasting time out there until the 60th minute until Walcott could come on and run at tired defenders.
    Add to that his awful on pitch attitude, which im amazed he still has – how Wenger or Pat Rice or his international team mate Toure hasn’t smacked his head against the wall whilst saying “stop” -smack- “freaking” -smack- “diving” -smack- “you” -smack- “knob” -smack smack smack-.
    He must be taking cues from his international captain (Drogba) but can we please offload him? please? Some silly Spanish team like Valencia will probably give us somewhere between 5 and 7million for him.

    Rosicky I’ve got faith in, he’s been permanently broken but as was reveled around the turn of the year it’s been an issue with how he’s trained his whole life, leading to some of his hamstring muscles developing in a strange way. No one knew about it until a few months ago and that’s why hes been shipped off home and set on a new training regime to fix him up. I feel that his absence was absolutely telling in the run home – he provided lots of attacking spark in the middle and had a fantastic on pitch attitude. His constant gut busting running to arrive in the box late to provide another option or pick up the ball that’d skipped past everyone was magic. If he can get his act together and fix himself i’ve got high hopes for him.

    Diaby – Meh. Maybe, maybe not. Seemed to lose confidence somewhere along the season after a promising start. He’s got all the attributes to be a star, but seems physically and mentally frail.

    Gilberto – the “wall” lived up to his name for most of the season by not moving.

  23. Ethan_gooner

    evo .. my sister still lives in sydney .. not sure where ..
    i grew up in perth .. well if you call 12 -30 growing up ..

    Odub picked the starting line up at 10.59 am !
    ok it was ade for bendtner .. but good to see
    some free flowing scoring for a change ..
    what did i say about ade only can score against shite teams ..
    thats 2 hat tricks against derby now .. out of his goal tally 6 goals where from
    derby trash .. work that into his averages and he’s really lame !

    2 were against sunderland too .. so maybe i will have to donate my nuts to research 🙂
    but he had a better game .. still missed so blinders and gave up possession to easily ..
    but scoring 3 does make up for it ..

    However his 1st goal was a photo copy of the C.L goals, theo around the back of the defense
    ( a trademark move ?) slot home a pass to ade on the far post .. for a golden tray tap in …

    happy with the score line .. 3 points in the bag ..

  24. Paulinho

    Love the way Ade comes in, scores a few gimmes and hogs the limelight from the real star of the nite, Nicklas Bendtner. Not for the first time Ade is the stat king!

  25. Ethan_gooner

    villa would be nice and get TH14 back .. those 2 up front …

    Kompany in defence ..
    and well in the midfield until the dust settles its pretty hard to judge who you need .
    a natural winger ..

    And i think a goalie ! i think poor young fabianski .. is still some time off being good

  26. DeeOzGooner

    jaaskelinen for goalie! and a no-nonsense defender…maybe someone from the german league, theyre tactically strong and no-nonsense

    wish this whole hleb & flam stuff wud be sorted soon…well we’ll have the flam result by tomorrow i guess, but wud b good to hav it sorted so wenger can concentrate on additions…and so we dont have to keep refreshing newsnow and reading shite abt flam/hleb levin…

  27. Evo in OZ

    for strikers, what about podolski from bayern?

    i imagine they wouldnt let him go, he’s only 22, i suppose we need someone older anyway?

  28. DeeOzGooner

    podolski would be awesome!…and he has been benched alot this season

    even klose or luca toni!…anyone catch the german cup final last week?…man toni is such a great striker…big frame, good finisher…kinda like ade but without the finishing bit..but the stand out player for bayern was ribery…we sooo shuda signed him, wuda been perfect in our setup!

  29. DeeOzGooner

    “I didn’t think Ade would get 30 — maybe 15. But in this team, anyone can score goals….” Le Boss.

    ethan…looks like wenger agrees, knows he’s average…”but in this team, anyone can score goals”

  30. DeeOzGooner

    ribery looks solid & quick…robben wud b great, but wud just end up smokin the funky stuff with rvp on the physio bench…

  31. GMR

    I’m still really annoyed that we have conceded 2 goals against the worst team to ever grace the premier league.

    Beating teams like Reading & Derby is giving Wenger all the ammo he needs to insist we don’t need signings. He’ll say the players have proved how good they are whilst forgetting how poor we were at getting results when it mattered.

  32. Evo in OZ

    fuck Ferrnando Torres is good in EA sports Euro 08 on the PS2!

    we should have signed him!


  33. Geoff

    Yeah GMR but at least we put more past them at their gaff than the Mancs did eh? something to smile about for once!

  34. Goona P

    If Tottenham sign David Villa i will cry…

    Wenger: ‘We are now back to our real level’… wtf?? beating the worst team in prem history & still conceding 2 goals??

    Deluded…. any real fan will not take this result seriously it is meaningless, i cringe everytime i goto nowadays its almost laughable….

  35. Geoff

    Sorry for anyone who was in moderation in the early hours, I was asleep, you’ll get on without next time.

  36. Geoff

    Here’s a thought, why don’t we go after Kaka, and say he would fit perfectly in our team, he could play anywhere, just like Milan are doing with Flamini? what is the matter with us???

  37. GMR

    This was always my worry, but I just knew it would happen. We’ve just beaten two of the worst sides in the premier league & now Wenger is saying we are back to our level & that our level is even better than it was at the start of the season. He even says the poor results we suffered were down to a lack of maturity but they have now learnt from that. He really is the master of spin, this is getting ridiculous, two results & its back to having the best team in the world!! I really am f***ed off with him.

    Those results & Wenger’s words should ensure the AKB will be all over the blogs today telling everyone how wonderful we are.

  38. t-buzz

    Morning guys, Iam sure we all had a lovely evening…well, except for Evo & DeeOz due to time difference,but hey, you guys are an inspiration for keeping the Gooner flag flying down under!! Cheers maties.

    This was the first time in a while we won two consecutive games..I had almost forgotten what that felt like.
    Was pleased with the team sheet, hoping it wasnt going to be dominated by the “yoof-team”. The 1st 20mins in the game was shaky, and they had 2-3 corner kicks which we all know is a threat to us as we normally develop nose bleeds and defend poorly. We were abit lucky with the first goal but creidt to Nik B for cooly slotting in the goal.
    RVP still has a bit to go but glad to see him score in superb fashion.
    Walcott for me almost ran the show if not for Cesc, and what a gal from Thoe!!
    Adebayor..well 3 goals, nuff said!

    As we’ve seen , this looks like us without Flamini or Hleb so hope we do get some decent players .

  39. t-buzz

    Geoff, remind me please, how old is Kaka? I think if we go for him he will be excellent for us, his style of play,speaks the lingo and our young boys will learn alot from him!!

  40. Ethan_gooner

    you know with ramos in charge the spuds would probably scrape it thru .. VILLA SIGNING,its not as unrealistic as it seems .. In his statement he cried out for us to take him , or liverpool .. but if neither do im sure he would go to the spuds before chevski.

    But i think we can agree those are the 4 likely teams in the running ..(for villa)
    and in that order … flamini will be kaka’s new side kick …
    I gotta say , more money , a 1 off cash fee ! playing off kaka … Anyone who trys to
    tell me flamini is going down a peg by moving is just bitter and twisted !
    Its bad management to not sign him prior to the January window and more than a month before he could legally talk to others .. If wenger didn’t play him until he signed thats what i call negotiating .. doing arsene’s way was clearly the wrong way .. you have to be hostile to be a manager , this weakness is going to make us restructure our midfield for the 3rd year in a row . just when we had that area right !!

  41. Ethan_gooner


    well said !
    derby was worse that a Championship team ..
    they really looked shocking , yet we let 2 in ..
    i thought we would let one in , but like i said lets play against everton
    then we shall see … just how good we are …
    we should win it at home .. but now RVP is on the injured list again ..
    our team looks like a cabbage patch doll .

  42. t-buzz

    Wouldnt that be nice Evo, if hes benched all the way

    I agree with you there Geoff, its almost like we’re a factory that mould players into world class and then let them go willy-nilly!!