Usmanov worth £5.7 billion, maybe a gift called Villa would swing it.

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So the official Sunday Times rich list is out, with Alisher Usmanov worth a staggering £5,726m which is considerably more than the £2 billion we all thought he had, now that could put a different spin on things, with him the largest shareholder, he could easily give us a gift, a show of good faith if you will!

That gift could be David Villa or Benzema, go on Alisher show us how much you love Arsenal, that would be beer money to you, if you did, I for one would start warming to you.

My feeling is that Flamini and Hleb will stay and Henry will return, we may sign a center back and a third rate goalie and that will be it, disappointing, but that’s it, unless of course our Usbeck friend comes to the rescue, it’s up to you Mr Usmanov, it’s now in your hands.

Not much else to talk about other than the title is still mathematically up for grabs, so the Derby game is still hugely important, we can’t lose third place now but we can get 1st or second and like in 1989 when we thought it was all over, it’s not, so keep going boys.

So boss, no resting those well paid players, first team out there, we only have three games to go and win all of them, we may enrich our transfer kitty.

Unless of course Alisher Usmanov does it for you.

It was quite sickening to see how many footballers were on that list, and how much they get for kicking a ball about, and we didn’t have one in the top twenty, interesting that eh?

Have a great Domingo Grovers, tomorrow we start talking big!

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  1. Paulinho

    I’m two minds over whether I want to finish close too the champions- whoever that is. Because if we do acheive 83 points you just know Wenger will be clinging on to that stat for dear life and repeating like a mantra in every press conference in the summer. How losing three games and getting 83 points shows the ‘tremendous quality in the squad’ and then not buying anyone.

    On the other hand if it gives confidence to the players I’m all 4 it. Although I think they know stats mean feck all when your one nil up at the Bridge or Old Trafford and you choke away the lead both times. That’s the stuff they should be concentrating on.

  2. Geoff

    Every year we go a step forward then lose more players than we sign, this season looks the same, if we should lose Hleb and or Flamini, the only way to replace them is with Premiership based players, or they’ll take forever to bed in, that’s why I favour Barry.

    Having said that if we keep them maybe we should buy Barry and Nolan, we’re still short from last year and Rosicky will be injured all season.

  3. El Tel

    Hope your right Ray Gooner. Never give up till the end. I have been told that TH14 has only seen his daughter twice since he left. Newcastle could be where he ends up.

  4. El Tel

    If Sicky plays a full season we will win the Prem next year with or without Hleb and Flamini. His movement and goals/assists were badly missed, he also defends reasonably well for one so slight. A goalkeeper we desperately need.

  5. Geoff

    Trouble is El Tel, he won’t be will he? 2 years on and he’s been injured for most of it. He gets in the way of getting a replaceent.

  6. El Tel

    How about getting Gomez from PSV and Alex form the Chavs. They know each others games and looked the nuts against us, no pun intended. Barry in midfield/defence. Huntellar up front with either Robinho or Ronaldinho doing our creative work?

  7. El Tel

    Geoff ur right, just a shame we can’t get him fit. It was only a wish mate. He contribute enormously when he is fit.

  8. Rob Moir

    “That gift could be David Villa or Benzema, go on Alisher show us how much you love Arsenal, that would be beer money to you, if you did, I for one would start warming to you.”

    I, for one, don’t put my feelings for Arsenal or anything else I care about up for sale. Either you believe someone like that has the best interests of the club at heart or you don’t believe. The guy isn’t an Arsenal fan, he just wants either a toy or an “investment”. If it’s an investment, how do you think he’ll make money from the club? If it’s a toy, what happens when he gets bored?

  9. Geoff

    It’s a shame you’re quite right but what do you do? I like your wish list though, I’ll include some of them tomorrow.

    Have a good’un!

  10. El Tel

    Think of the players who are unsettled apart from ours at the moment who we could go for. Drogba, Berbatov, Etooe, Ronaldinho, Robinho, TH14, Bentley, Modric, Ballack, SWP, Cudicini, Essien, Micah Richards, Barry.

  11. GMR

    Some genuine news to cheer you all up, Robinho’s agent is in talks with a club in North London regarding a summer move, the team he’s talking to……………….Spuds!!!

    Real Madrid have agreed a deal to take Berbatov to Spain & Robinho (despite saying he wasn’t interested in spurs previously) is apparently happy to work with Juande Ramos who he knows well.

    Whether Robinho agrees to the move in the end will ultimately decide it, but should the deal go through spurs will get Robinho & 10 million!!

  12. Donjohnni

    Gooner: “great article, but i don’t hope we become the next chelsea.

    i mean. where would they be now without abramovich?”

    In third place like us.

  13. Ethan_gooner

    ray goon

    At the beggining of the season everyone was saying that Arsenal would have to fight with the likes of Tottenham & Everton to even get the 4th place in the league! Very few people thought that the new players bought in were enough! THEY WEREN’T !

    Is there much difference between 3rd and 4th in this league???
    we are still battling it out with liverpool ! clearly leap frogged by chevski – manu
    for the 4th season in a row !!! for FUCKS SAKE !
    Your optimism is stifling . And if ade scores 8 goals in the next 3 games ill donate my nuts to charity ! Also id say liverpool won the current round with us ,we couldnt even beat them at home … twice !!! .. so yes ..
    suedo 4th spot we are !!! Because with torres firing … we can expect no more than 4th next season .. Unless we buy players !!!!

    gotta agree TH14 .. tried and tested !.. clubs top scorer ! still in his prime .
    suffering with barca a bit out on the wing .. limits his effectiveness !
    Might make ade come down a notch or 2 … Its all good !
    he would be a stop gap for our other strikers coming good ..

    and pedro MORE LIKE TH14 and WALCOTT ! or RVP
    not sure why you have so much faith in a person who cannot pass – spills the ball
    instead of passing off like the rest of the arsenal team .. offside due to bad positioning on the pitch .. cant shoot past the 6 yard box.. Is there anything good about the cunt?
    oh yes .. due to everyone being injured ade’s scored more goals ! And missed x 30 more chances per goal !! frustrating striker to watch … Un arsenal like ..
    Thats it in a nut shell ..
    cant see to many big names truly interested in buying the twat ..
    and that is a shame . it would be good if 99% of the managers felt the same about ade as some arsenal fans do ! we could sell him for 20 mil this year if so …

  14. Ethan_gooner

    Man U are a counter attacking team who sitsback on there defense .
    they currently have more goals than Us …

    We create id say 10- 20 more lead up plays than they do a game ..
    if we had someone to finish those goals off this year we could of easily beat ronaldo’s
    record and topped the league in goals scored !! I have no doubts at all !

    A TH14 in his prime and villa upfront would be all this team needs to win the title .
    Maybe still not compete on all fronts but definitely knock one of them off there perch (manU – chevs)
    a defender and goal keeper would be good .. robert green standard or above ..

    But then you have the problem of players leaving .. they realized we haven’t got anywhere this year so why cant 1/2 of the arsenal fans ?!?!?!

  15. Ethan_gooner


    ill take that beer now mate !

    Mathieu Flamini has dashed Arsenal’s faint hopes of keeping him by agreeing to join Milan, while the Premier League club face a crunch meeting over Alexander Hleb’s future later this week.
    It had appeared that Juve were the favourites to sign Flamini but they have been out-bid by Milan who are willing to pay him four million euros a year – a million more than was an offer from their rivals – which includes a significant signing-on fee spread over a five-year contract. They have ear-marked Flamini as the eventual replacement for Gennaro Gattuso – which is ironic considering the midfielder was nicknamed after the Italian by his Arsenal team-mates.

    a significant signing-on fee – 4 million euros a year .. sound familiar?
    what did i tell ya pat ???
    didnt you call me names in ACLF for that ???

  16. DeeOzGooner

    seems to be so…damn we gona lose half our mf, another yr of re-building then

    will be interesting to see how le boss responds…no doubt it will be promoting from the reserves time.

    im not too fussed abt flam levin, i rekon song will do a great job as a replacement…actually not to fussed abt hleb levin either…didnt contribute alot in terms of assists and goals, well not in terms as a top notch mf shud…granted he’s awesome to watch, but maybe it’ll be a blessing in disguise and someone that will contribute more will come in…but then i doubt it…

    modric wuda been an ideal replacement

  17. Ethan_gooner


    these 2 players were the backbone of our season .. the 2 most improved players by far !
    not playing diarra whilst flamini was always set to leave on a free was always a dangerous gamble . Arsene paid the price for bad management..
    Sure hleb didn’t score enough , but he is great with the ball at his feet , and is responsible for the beautiful football we played this season .. Replacing his caliber for the price will be tough .. and Song as looked out of his depth against leading teams .. he is another senderos as far as im concerned .We Need players in ..

  18. DeeOzGooner

    guess when we get down to nitty-gritty your right…

    the biggest mistake this season was lettin diarra go…cant beleive he was only wit us for half a season!

    sadly i rekon hleb’s abt to errupt as a player…and in the italian league he’ll get an age and a day on the ball, so his trickery will be nx lvl

    wengers gona rely on diaby & song…and guess bert wont be levin now, so theres no chance of a super-quality dmf comin in

    as for hleb..well he’s not gone yet, but flam levin will probly tip him over the edge…he cost close to 11mil, and will go for close to nuttin, that will make wenger go into even more tight mode….sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet…

  19. Ethan_gooner

    Song diaby ade all could come good .. even eboue … well maybe ..

    But when ?? We cant have any weak links in our squad !!!
    thats the difference between us and the chev’s or Man Ure

    If they do play a player of the above quality it is only one because someone is injured .
    there team doesnt consist of 50% of that quality . liverpool are the same ..
    they need 1 more striker and 1 or 2 more midfield players .
    liverpool are closer to having a complete team than us .. especially as half of the top clubs seemed determined to bid on out players at the end of every season ..
    and thru stupid wage structures , they more than likely will leave !!!

    fuckin depressing .. !
    this club needs a shake up , not optimists coming in smoking weed and and thinkin everything is fuckin groovy ! That somehow winning nothing again 4 another season is
    a REAL achievement .. ???

    WTF ? grass smoking AKB brigade hippys !!!
    burn them at the stake


  20. DeeOzGooner

    eboue?…lets not go too far…lol

    but yeh sittin around waitin for them all to turn into world-beaters is shite…if this keeps up i rekon cesc will leave soon, he aint gona hang around season after season, waiting for players to mature and then leave! cesc, hleb & flam were very close friends this season but looks like that wasnt enuf for two of em…

    hear what ur sayin bout ‘pool too…we had the chance to go in for torres & babel…babel wasnt that expensive either…and he basically begged wenger to sign him

    if u ask me, our first squad is as good as the mancs&chavs…but thats where it ends….how many times this season have we had our first squad…wud be surprised if it was more than 3 or 4 games(if that!)…the prob lies with our second string! our second string are second rate!…whereas mancs&chavs have the likes of tevez,nani,makele,swp on the bench…we have diaby,eboue…FFS!!!

  21. patthegooner

    Never called you names Ethan, I only put forward an opinion and try not to trade insults

    There is still no difference in the stories today than there were yesterday, I will wait for a direct quote from the player or one of the clubs

    We play tonight so I would expect the question to be put to Arsene in the pre-match news conference or after the game