Brainwash online TV conning us all + £25mill Budget myth.

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So Arsenal fans have been talking a lot over the last few days regarding the amount of transfer cash we ‘could’ have over the summer.

Can I just say firstly, I am no expert in finance, but if Keith Edelman says we have £70 million to spend… I am going to trust his words on the matter. An amateur assessment over the size of our transfer kitty based on the same facts any fan could view is not going to get me worried.

It is interesting that the story was not published on the AST’s website which would again reinforce my opinion that the article was speculative.

When you run a business like Arsenal, you are responsible to shareholders and customers, in other words the supporters, you can’t go public with a statement which says you have £70 mil for players if you haven’t. Simple. You can’t tell porkies in an annual report that’s audited, it’s illegal.

This is the cave man assessment of our debt, in other words a very rough guide.

Out – £450 million for the stadium.

In – £150 mil from Emirates up front, £50 mil for the shirt sponsor (Emirates) up front, £250 mil from Highbury.

That’s kind of washing it’s face. Now then you add to that match day revenue, concerts, International matches, prize money from the EPL and Uefa, TV money, Nike, Internet, shirt sales and money that hasn’t been spent over the years, I think you’ll find he easily has £70 mil to spend purely on players.

Salaries come out of cost of sales, same as with any other business.

Foreign Ownership

So the debate rages…

Argument 1: If we are skint why don’t we get a big old sugar daddy to takeover?

Argument 2: We need stability and a board that have the interests of the club at heart.

My argument…

Actually we don’t need either?

We have been prudent as a board and have a well run club, Wenger has a £70 mil transfer fund, why? because Edelman publicly said so. If ‘intellectual’ blogs try and tell you he doesn’t and you believe them, that’s your prerogative. We don’t believe them.

The budget is Wenger’s and if it’s not spent, that’s down to him, not the board, a sugar daddy won’t cure that.

Arsenal TV are very cleverly showing you the new generation of kids, and we’re all salivating at the prospect of the new Gazza, the new Bergkamp and the new Liam Brady, that way if no significant signings come in, we won’t care because we’ve been pre conditioned.

Very clever Arsenal, but that’s papering over the cracks, bring in some players and some silverware so we can brag to the rest of the premier league, we already brag that we’re still English and not owned by people that don’t care.

David Dein said this,

“As a devoted Arsenal fan I don’t want to see them left behind.”

He was a fool for selling up, but you can’t deny he is Arsenal through and through. Maybe he is right with what he is saying? Could another summer of underinvestment see us lagging behind the rest for a 4th season running?

Lets hope that Wenger is bluffing when he says he doesn’t have much money available… otherwise Usmadein and the Kroenkenites may find themselves with a little more support than they had last summer.

The measure of any well run business is the dividend it pays to its shareholders. The measurement of success of a football club is silverware, that is the dividend a football club should look for.

Don’t forget people, we are supposed to be a Football club, not a case study for a well run business…

Anyway, enough of my thoughts… how about a few of yours!

See you in the Comments section!

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  1. YangKamp10


    Stop blaming him for our collective woes this year, or he will be off to Milan or somewhere and then where will the goals come from!?!?

    I watched Eto’s struggle to get a touch of the ball last night against the Manc’s…Yet we all rave about him being world class and curse Ade who has and will continue to score past them. Ade puts Rio and Terry to the sword game after game, he IS in the class of the better strikers in the world. And if last year was anything to go by, has a fantastic rate of improvement.

    He will never be a better finisher than Torres, but he has a better all round game, the same number of league goals and contributes more to the team game!

  2. Finestcuts

    Adebayor has to be given a chance to score some goals at Derby, he’s a few short of the 30 mark at the moment.

  3. mark

    However much Wenger has for transfers the fact is he needs to get rid of 5 or 6 players and bring in some experience. This team has proved that it is weak mentally and has not got the balls to win a major trophy. It is no good saying we are 90% there and we only need one experienced player because that’s rubbish. By being 5 points clear and just disintegrating (in all competitions) proves this team has not got the mental strength to compete (and win) at the highest level. To stick with these players, as Wenger says he will, is poor management nous. Wenger, and all of us, have seen how weak this team really is, and once the pressure was off they saunter past Reading …BIG DEAL …. we need a spine and backbone to this team with players that can handle the highest pressure. If he doesn’t make some drastic changes this summer we will be in the same boat come next season …pretty football … but no balls. …. and no trophy. Wenger …stop being loyal to these lightweights … act like a manager …. cut out half this team and rebuild with players who have skill, determination and some mental strength, it’s the only way we will win anything.

  4. ScubaGooner

    Finest – I reckon he’d need about 50 chances to make that!!

    Diaby has joined the injured list btw

  5. Pedro

    Yangkamp… Eto’o was rubbish last night!

    Did it break anyones heart to see Thierry so marginalised? How can you bring a player of that calibre on for only the last ten minutes? What a jobe Barca are!

    Krkic got on before him! Nightmare! I wonder if he’ll stay another year?

    Diaby is close to taking over the Presidency of Le List… he fucking lives on it…

  6. TJ

    Firstly I think that was a great post. The issue as stated is that a football club is a football club first and foremost should be handled like that. It is apparent that AFC s being run primarly as a business with football it’s main product line.This is the single most imprtant reason why we are behind and continue to fall behind the bigger clubs of Europe. Obviously we would not like to see a situation wherein in the club is so heavily indebted where it reaches the state of a Lazio and or Roma.

    The problem with the model is that at some point in time young footballers become world-class players or above average. At this point in time they command top dollar and if they cannot be paid accordingly by their existing club – they will sekk pastures new. Especially when the club is not winning trophies.These players leave- you are again left with more youngsters and the situation becomes cyclical.

    The established players may not want to come cuz of a) lower wages b)the prestige isn’t the same and c) playing with a bunch of younger plyrs can be disnoncerting.
    Imagine urself @ 28-30 hanging out with soem youngsters-I find it hard to do with a 19yr old. So i don’t see why footballers are any dfferent. We need to get that balnce now so that we are integrating younsgters and seasonal professionals with oru developing team.

  7. david

    Henry broke my heart when I heard he took a £6 million pound signing on fee and £4 million in wages in his last year at Arsenal

  8. Pedro

    Even the players are happy with second best…


    “So that is the trophy we have won this year – respect and lots of it.

    Brilliant… Arsenal should rent a topless bus and parade your respect trophy Robin…

    Spot on TJ.

  9. Gelbs

    What do you expect mate? Same old shit mentality from Wenger. Can’t win shit, but boast about playing the best so-called football. Pathetic really. Cut from the same cloth and brainwashed. How sad eh? Where are your medals guys? Oh, who cares shit, we play free-flowing football. That’s a myth anyway.

  10. Patdig

    People remember it is disrespectful to question le boss. I ask you , just who does he think he is? I would question an awful lot of what he did especially his strategy with Eboue and the RB position in the abscence of Sagna. Given the lack of any rational logic to those decsions what choice are we left with other than to question did he actually know what we was doing over the last 8 weeks ???

  11. Evo in OZ

    Tomik – why would we pay 5mil for wilson palacios when we sent him to birmingham already, he would have been free if we wanted to keep him after his trial…