Ade, Hleb and Flamini to go – 300 Spartans to come in!

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Ok so here we go, the rumour mill kicks in to gear, already AC Milan want Adebayor, why? because they see him as a young Drogba, a handful and someone that can mix it up, precisely why we should be excited about the future, I know he has had his moments with poor first touch and missing sitters, but he has scored a lot and I remember the chavs saying the same thing about Drogba for the first two years, I honestly believe we’ll see the better Adebayor next term, I know a lot of you don’t but Wenger won’t sell him so only time will tell.

Hleb off to Barca and Milan at the same time and Wenger says he thinks he’ll stay, but mention his favourite Cesc and a firm ‘he’s going no where’ pipes up, funny that.

Flamini is looking less likely to sign, though I always believed he would, if he doesn’t know by now, perhaps it’s best to bring on Diaby, buy someone else and say goodbye to the French, Italian greedy twat.

Young Jack Wilshere had another blinder and even some of you Grovers are calling him the next Gazza, I hope that doesn’t mean he’s a mentally ill drunk, and that he is a footballing genius instead.

The list of people coming in goes on, from Kirkland to Ramos this weekend, I would like to think we’ll get a center back, winger and forward but we’ll have to wait and see, I have a feeling he knows already and will move at the end of the season, I also think Robinho is a good bet, as he won’t be playing in the summer.

Next up Derby County so that should improve our goal difference, the Champions league kicks off tonight and we can only reflect on what could have been, So a Liverpool Barca final for me, with Barca winning and proving that anyone can win the European Cup, so we’ll win it next year instead.

Anyone but the Chavs, please.

Have a rumour filled fun fest today Grovers!

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  1. Geoff

    Frichie, try Sylvian Wiltord, the year after we won the league at Old Trafford, we paid £13 mil for him and let him go on a free, I think he went on to Lyon and scored a shed load.

    Letting one go is careless, letting 3 go is stupidity.

  2. Paulinho

    Hleb is on a different level to Flamini, lets get that straight.

    I can’t think of another player that can do what Hleb can do, apart from the players who are untouchable like Kaka and Messi. He is the ultimate team player who even has the ability to make Emmanuel Eboue look good. In other words, he is a miracle worker.

    Then you have Flamini, a stumpy legged journyman who spends alot of the time pointing and looking all snarly and aggressive but yet gets swatted like a fly when a Chelsea or United decide to run over him, like Chelsea did twice this season and United did in a 25 minute spell at the Emirates just before we equalised in the last minute.

    I want Flamini to go. He’s a good all-round player but we need a big tall guy to protect the defence aerially and also stick their chest out in midfield and slow the pace down. Flamini is usually found sliding on his arse when this time comes. Fabregas needs a proper athlete next to him as he is slow and plodding as well when the tempo is raised against us.

  3. Finestcuts

    Ajax and PSV aren’t really aiming to win the CL, so it’s not a fair comparison,….and they don’t buy massive players.
    We can do what Ajax and PSV do at PL level. Make a fortune selling players who aren’t up to Arsenal standards, use that to bring in a few ready made players.

  4. gazzap

    Arsenal should not avoid signing class players for fear they are blocking talent. if the talent is good enough to be in the team then it will be in the team. If wenger beleives he has a 19 year old who is better than a 27 year old in the same position then he will come through. Our problem is too many mediocre youngish players. they are players that wenger found years ago when they were in their teens. sure they have improved but its a massive ask to expect every teenager you buy to go onto become one of the worlds greats in that position. many of them are really only good enough to be backup players at Arsenal – not first team material.
    wenger is flogging too many dead horses for my liking. I appreciate we had to do that to an extent, with the stadium being built but its time for wenger to shake off the shackles and be a proper big club manager…the premier league is a long way ahead of the dutch Erevidisie.

  5. GMR

    We already make a fortune selling players, but Wenger doesn’t reinvest that money in proven quality.

    Why is our wage bill so high considering we have a strict wage structure?? Its because we pay unproven kids fortunes & thats why they join us over other clubs. Its about time the club stopped paying youth players so much money & started using that cash for first team signings & wages!! The kids can earn the big money when they actually prove themselves.

  6. GMR

    I’m just hoping that Wenger’s recent comments about Flamini having to decide his future by the end of April because after that you don’t have much time to move on the transfer market means that he’ll be making any signings early this summer.

    I don’t think I could stand another summer of will they or won’t they sign anyone!!

  7. BB

    GMR .. quite right indeed .. if you talk about our best youngsters, hopefully you put big Phil in this group .. 🙂

  8. Pedro

    This may have been said already…

    I see the problem as this…

    We used to sign players who had played at a shit club… moved to a good club… then we picked them up on the cheap.

    Travelled players are more likely to move to you in their prime and less likely to move as they know which side the grass is greener.

    e.g. Sol Campbell, Henry, Pires, PV04, Overmars

    Young players make all their mistakes with Arsenal… by the time they have been with us 5 years they are 22… Then they decide its time for a new challenge and it is the other clubs who benfit from their prime.

    e.g. Cashley, Flamini (Maybe), Ade (Next year I bet)

    Sign now players and get 4 years of great service, not 14 years olds who will give you 5 years of crap, 1 year of greatness then get you a nice transfer fee.

  9. Odub

    Yup!! I’ll believe it when I see him wearing the red and white next season!! Who was it that said they asked him the same thing after an away game recently and his line was ‘somethimes a player needs to be respected’ whatever the fuck that means!!

  10. GMR

    Hleb has been charged with violent conduct so thats his season over & possible his Arsenal career if he decides to tender his resignation!!

  11. gazzap

    what was Flam going to say when asked by yet another fan whether he was staying. Oh No I’m buggering off to Juve, but thanks for the award anyway! I dont believe anything til I hear it from!

    Pedro – yes thats pretty much the cycle we are in, in a nutshell.

  12. GMR

    It was a pretty pathetic slap!! Is must be even more humiliating for Murty though, going down clenching your face & staying on the floor for 3-4 minutes!!

  13. Finestcuts

    Call it cynical, but Hleb doesn’t seem to want to play the remaining games.
    Flamini has also suddenly come up with an injury which’ll keep him on the bench until it’s crunch time.

  14. Odub

    gazzap that’s hilarious!! If you’re going to get done, get done smacking him real and proper!! not a fucking handbag job!

  15. gazzap

    We need to buy players who are making their big move. Most big players make one big move in their careers. these days Arsenal seem to get the players before their big move ie when they are still teenagers. so they always have this itchy feeling that they want to play somewhere like Madrid or Milan.
    As pedro said, if they came to us as their big move, I think they then stay until they win something. the older players know that trophies dont come every year.

    doesn’t explain why Hleb wants out!

    also about our wage bill – we have way too many average players, I’m talking about our squad players. they hardly play but they are still on 20k a week. Multiply that by 10 players and its a lot of money. I think we need to cut away some deadwood and invest in fewer but hgher quality players.

  16. Frichie

    So Gazzap do you want our 22 man squad all on 60k a week?

    Only 11 can play, so unless you want a squad like Chelsea or Liverpool, where we rotate every weekend, destroying all consistency. If it was choice of affording one injured rosicky or daby/denilson/song, i would go for the 3

  17. Pedro

    No, I think he is saying why the fuck does Traore need to earn £15k a week at 18? That is a shed load of money for someone so young.

    We pay our crap players a lot… and our great players to little…

    (Unless your name is Thierry!)

  18. Odub

    Pedro, he needs to earn 15k a week so he can drive a 100k motor like Geoff saw him driving! At the age of 18 ffs!! At his age I had a flipping Datsun!

  19. Frichie

    It is unbelievable what these youngsters are earning. My brother in law was telling me his colleague’s brother is 17 and plays for some club up North, i forget the name and he is on 8k a week.

  20. Pedro

    That is true… how would he be able to afford his flat in St Albans if he earned £4k a week?

    I take it back… PAY THE KIDS MORE!

  21. Odub

    so how the fuck wont they start moaning about earning 5k a week less than their mates at a different club? when they’re earning ridiculousK a week at age 15?!!!

  22. GMR

    My mate ‘One Size’ was earning £4500 when he joined Crystal Palace after they got promoted back to the premiership (now premier league). I’m not suggesting he’s the best player in the world, far from it (although he was f*****g great for my former sunday league team), but when players like Denilson & Traore are earning 3 times as much despite never having a full season at the top level it says it all!!

  23. Frichie

    yeah but they both Internationals in their respective age groups, Denilson has been captain of the Brazil, U17 and u18 teams. There are various factors that come with it!

  24. Odub

    well the average wage for the PL is 13k a week I read on the BBC site, and that average includes reserve players and the squad at the likes of derby! I rest my case!

  25. gazzap

    I was saying you should only earn 15k a week when you are worth 15k a week. a lot of prem players at crappy clubs who are scoring goals or keeping clean sheet every week are on less than some of our players that never play for us. thats just wrong.
    when they can show they are good enough to play then they should be paid that amount, until then they should be on far far less.
    More wages should be paid as bonuses if they win trophies or even appearances in the senior team. why are we paying Traore to bolster the reserves. its not like other clubs are swarming around for him and they wont do until he has come into the first team and had a blinding season – then they will round us like flies on shit.

    We actually have a similar size squad to Man U purely in terms of numbers of players, but they have proven experienced players where we have kids. And the wage bills are almost the same – ours is a bit lower. That just does not seem right to me. I think we are a soft touch.

  26. GMR

    Just read this on the young guns site:-

    “Arsenal have signed 15 year old Oguzhan Özyakup from Dutch outfit AZ Alkmaar, on a five year contract according to Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.

    The Holland Under 17s International who is of Turkish descent, is rated as one of the biggest prospects in world football, and last night AZ accepted a substantial offer from the Gunners after interest from Ajax, Barcelona and Inter Milan for his services.

    The terms are two year scholarship with the option of a further three years as a professional, however he will not link up with the squad until he turns 16 in September 2008. In a similar way to Spanish defender Ignasi Miquel.”

    So more substantial money going to a club for a young player & no doubt massive wages to go alongside it!! No wonder there’s no money for established quality players.

  27. gazzap

    agreed. he will either be shite or have a blinder when he is 21 and leave for Madrid. wengers heart is in the right place but if everyone is going to keep shitting on us then we need to get wise and act a bit smarter.


    I shall get one of my old arsenal video’s out and watch it……..YES I AM AN OLD BITTER AND TWISTED ARSENAL FAN.
    GOAL KEEPER – I WOULD LIKE Gomez, Probability some third rate keeper
    Centre Back – RAMOS, ZAPATA, Probability The boy from valencia,
    Winger- ROBINHO, YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PROBABILITY The kid from lyon,
    and i would go after huntelar, or villa, probability , The lad from congo who was at arsenal on trial in the winter,
    please arsene spend some serios cah and pay cesc what he wants and make him captain next year and lets say goodbye and good riddance to that arrogant blue Gallas.

  29. gazzap

    If we lose Hleb then wenger has no choice, he has to spend. Vela, walcott, Rosicky, Gibbs and Eboue just wont cut it. he will have to buy a class winger.
    same goes for Flam. Song and Gilberto wont cut it – we should not be a 4th place team!! these guys are almost good enough, but almost is not good enough!!

    couldn’t give a monkeys about tonight. it will like watching paint dry either way. just hope barca win it.

  30. GMR

    Anyone else sick of hearing about the supposed Anfield atmosphere!! It was as quiet as anything when Arsenal were there & it only got lively when Liverpool scored the 4th goal & that was in the 90th minute!! Yet big nose Thompson was on sky saying it was the “Anfield Factor” that defeated Arsenal & you have Torres saying how he nearly cried because of the atmosphere at anfield during that game!!

    Of course if Thompson’s talking about the Anfield factor meaning the referee bottled it & gave the softest penalty you’ll ever see to win the game for them, then fine, but he made it clear he was actually talking about the atmosphere.

  31. Geoff

    I hope that Barca win the cup as well, not because I’m not patriotic, because I hate the Mancs as much as the chavs, and none of the 3 are English owned unlike us, 2 Septics and a Commi.
    Go Barca go!

  32. GMR

    I can’t bring myself to support Barca. They spend summers trying to unsettle our players & will continue to do so, I have no respect for them at all. I can’t stand any of the teams involved.

  33. BB

    trinidad .. the guy plays a really 2nd half of the season in the bundesliga..please, go and watch foreign many players that peolpe tout on here are Diego/Van der Vaart, tec..
    we must keep Hleb .. this is a fukking joke!!

  34. Trinidad_Gunner

    Well we’ll see just how much crap Van Der Vaart is when he’s playing against us next season, after he joins Chelsea, and not a mediocre team like Hamburg.

    They’re 4th and for most of the season pushing Bayern. With 5? games to go they are 5 points from 2nd place.
    In 2003, and 2004 they were 8th. Then he joined and they were 3rd.

    Games – Goals
    01/02 : 15-16
    02/03 : 26-20
    03/04 : 32-8
    04/05 : 37-8
    05/06 : 28-14
    06/07 : 34-12
    07/08 : 32-16

    I wouldn’t mind 16 goals from someone who can play on the wing, or in the center as cover for Fabregas

  35. Trinidad_Gunner

    When you have basically one player trying to carry a team, he will most likely be crap the 2nd half of the season.
    Look at Ade and Cesc before and after January/February

  36. Pedro

    Who is saying Van Der Vaart is crap?

    I thought he was a piss head and heading for Juve?

    Thank fuck we didn’t get Malouda… french Div on player of the year last year…

    You just never know with imports!

  37. Trinidad_Gunner

    BB thinks Van Der Vaart and Diego are crap.

    I havent heard about him and Juve. He was headed for Valencia last summer but HSV didn’t want to sell. Thank God.
    He is going to leave this summer though.
    Barca and Chelsea are after him.

  38. Trinidad_Gunner

    With Dutch imports you have a better chance than French imports though.
    Look at the recent ‘big name’ Dutch imports: RVP, Ruud, Robben, Sneijder. And previously, DB10 and Overmars. Quality is Quality.
    There have been more French failures than Dutch.

    He’s already shown he can do it in two different countries. He’s put HSV into Europe for the past 2 years and they’re going to be in Europe again next year.

    I think it was 06/07 … he was injured and HSV were in the relegation zone.
    He came back from injury and they got a ticket for Europe.

  39. El Tel

    Trinidad man you talk sense. I think like me you like Dutch players. Van the man would be a good move, If Valencia offer 18 Mill for him and they are skint then they must be selling their jewels.

  40. El Tel

    Trinidad good sense buddy. The Dutch league is very similar to our most over rated Prem. The only reason the Prem is good is because the football is non stop. Someone the other day said the best defenders play in the Prem. What a load of bollocks.

  41. Pedro

    I don’t think anyone can say Diego… tappped up by Madrid and Juve… is crap. The guy is an immense player!

    Rafael Van Der Vaart was supposed to be the next big thing out of Holland… we took RvP instead and I think we got the better deal!

    I didn’t think he was doing to well? I have seen a few of his goals and he has a wicked shot on him!

    Dutch players encapsulate the English attitude better than the French… I don’t know whether you can say either or are the better imports?

    Population wise, you’d give it to the Dutch! 16million versus 64 million in France!

    Torres wouldn’t have missed that against us… useless cunt…

  42. El Tel

    Some one earlier was slagging Ajax and PSV. They are massive clubs and always will be. They have won the CL and we haven’t yet. Lets try Huntellar. Yes Villa is good but will he fade into our dark cold winter nights like most Spaniards have. Thats why Cesc is different class, he started here as a kid in the cold damp weather. Another reason for getting foreign players at a young age. They then know how to adapt to out weather etc.

  43. El Tel

    Hi Pedro. I can’t watch these cheating cunts mate. AsI don’t want Barca winning it I would rather them than any of the others. At least they ARE a big club who tap our players up and not the self proffesed giants that the Mancs and Chav cunts keep telling us they are. Both of them are skint without their suagrdaddies

  44. Trinidad_Gunner

    He’s doing as well as you can expect at HSV .. look at their squad.
    With VDV, they went from a mid table team, to a top 4 team, and are challenging for 2nd place !

    About that 06/07 season. Before winter, they won only one game in the leage.
    1 win in the first half of the season
    He comes back from injury, and they finish 7th, and qualify for Europe. Thats what you call impact.

  45. Trinidad_Gunner

    Everyone taps up our players.
    ManU and Chelsea don’t do it THAT much as Barca and Milan because they know we would rather sell to another league.

  46. Trinidad_Gunner

    Why don’t we tap up other teams players?
    Like when a fan put a Barca shirt on Henry’s shoulder while playing for us.
    If a crazy fan drapes an Arsenal shirt on Robinho, we’d be noticed

  47. Pedro

    Erm…. woo hoo?

    Anyone is preferable to the chavs winning, right?

    El Tel, I’m doing some work with it on in the back ground, its pretty boring… quite painful to watch if I am honest.

    Man U – Barca will be more interesting.

    Trinidad, I would be interested in anyone who is a winger that can score 18 goals! That is more than Ribery right?

  48. Trinidad_Gunner

    Yeah .. a winger who can score goals, take free kicks, score from distance, and also play in the center to give Fabregas a little rest now and then.

  49. stevie

    For those saying Gerrard is not quick, well you are wrong! Perhaps thats why hes so good in the tackle cos he has that extra yard of pace.

  50. El Tel

    I know Pedro the tv is shit at the best of times and your right rather the cheating scousers than that little Chav cunt team full of druggies. Take Essien off their hands though and maybe J. Cole before I heard of Wilshire.

  51. El Tel

    Stevie pal your right he is quick. Not sure about his tackling though I think he’s dangerous with the 2 footed lunges. Doesn’t he take a tumble a lot too, that seems to go unoticed because he’s English

  52. El Tel

    Is TH14 playing for Barca tomorrow. Would be great to see him smash the Mancscum. Lets hope Ronnie dino has a blinder and Messy(i) mucks it up for the scummy bastards.

  53. Paulinho

    Van Der Vaart has always struck me as being a bit slow to be top class player. He has all the technical tools but a real lack of dynamism is the reason he is playing in Hamburg at the age of 25. He scored a good goal against us last year but was pretty much anonymous from that point on.

  54. Paulinho

    Van Der Vaart hasn’t really got a set position in my book. He’s the sort of a player who would suit playing on the left side of a central three. I’m not sure how good he would be partnering Fabregas in the centre or playing left wing in a 4-4-2. If he had pace, he would be a perfect signing because he could conceivably play those two roles quite effectively and kill two birds with one stone but as it stands I don’t think he’s quite got it. Hamburg paid a pittance for him which doesn’t reflect too well on his quality.

    I would go for Hleb type player- Arshavin or Modric- or get a direct player like Ben Arfa.

    In midfield I would for a diego. I think we have enough defensive cover in Gilberto and Song although to honest that is not ideal either. I’m more worried about a lack of genuine cover for Cesc.

    I would buy at least four players overall.

  55. El Tel

    Does anyone else think Drogshit looks like a very ugly woman. Check it out next time he’s chewing grass. Fucking cow.

  56. El Tel

    Paulinho you know your stuff. We need a no nonsense dirty bastard for them cold dark winter nights up North. A Dane or Swede type player. Or just a fucking hard as nails German, especially as our Mad German is leaving us. Is there any one out there who fits the bill.

  57. Trinidad_Gunner

    They paid around 6Mil for him, but rejected a 18 Mil offer.
    That could also tell you something about a player’s quality

  58. El Tel

    Great to see the scouse cunts crying (on the news) but hope they do the Chavs. Want us to be first London team to win CL

  59. El Tel

    I have seen and like Van man play Trinidad and I agree he has the technique. Paulinho says he’s a bit slow though. AW likes pace.

  60. Paulinho

    Good point TG. Didn’t Valencia pay an obscene amount for Banega? Not sure where they’re getting this money from.

    Van Da Vaart has a great shot and technique. Maybe these clubs are willing to overlook the pace aspect.

    He would be handy in a five man midfield.

  61. El Tel

    I am Almunias number 1 hater. This man is simply not good enough for The Arsenal. Do you agree and who do we need to replace him?

  62. Trinidad_Gunner

    He is also good in a free role behind the striker that Hleb sometimes plays in. Only Hleb doesn’t shoot.

    Arsene is going to adopt a new policy … “For every shot you take, i’ll buy you an ice cream”

  63. El Tel

    Going to sleep up early for work. Geoff can you get us guys talking about raising the noise again at Le Grove. The clapper slappers at the Reading game could have worked if the product was noisier. Of course we would need to have a noisy product that would not break AFC tough ground regulations. Also mate how the hell does Almunia escape criticism for the worst defence we have had in many years. Looking at the defenders we have, most people would be very happy to have them. The keeper is suspect and how about the fact that the defensive cover from midfield isn’t what it should be. The Flamster is a good player but has anyone noticed that during our poor spell he went walkabout in games and was at times our most forward midfielder. Was this AW making a mistake again or just desperation after conceding another goal. Yes going all out attack with smart football means risks are taken but we give goals away against the poorest of teams. Bolton away and even Sunderland at home were dominating us at times, this is where it was going wrong. Ade takes lots of stick but with more strike support we could be the real deal. We do have a great team and with the right tactics and some stronger back up players (plan b) we could fulfill our potential.

  64. harryo

    watched liverpool chelsea game tonite .woefull borin crap. rather see arsenal winning nothing playing brilliant football than have to watch 90 minutes of that shite every week .the grass is for playing on chelsea and liverpool . you 2 are killing the game

  65. Ollie

    1-1 guys at anfield… as if you didnt know already..
    Speaking above of the Anfield atmosphere, the Liverpool fans really summed it up when they were saying “Cheat cheat cheat!!”
    I was really annoyed that i couldnt get that song they sung, the one that went “Chelsea, oh Chelsea, how well do you cheat….” i forget the rest now (seeing as it was about 4 in the morning when they showed it), but did anyone else see it?