Victory. Theo. Flamini. Raul Albi-oh-no on the radar. Ade-off?

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So I have been firmly out the loop with Arsenal for 3 days and let me tell you, it wasn’t nice.

I had about 6 text messages from my brother on Saturday, here are a few:

  • Yes! No fucking Eboue, theoooooo!
  • Theo’s been outstanding, Van Persie just hit the bar and post with a free kick
  • Theo just hit the bar
  • We won 2-0 but should have been 10, hit the post twice, hit the bar 3 times, 1 off the line and song played amazingly well.

So I don’t turn up for one sodding game and that happens!

I haven’t seen the goals or read much about it… all I know is that the boys were back to their best and Theo has given Arsene a real headache for next season.

So, we know that Flamini has about 10 more days to decide what he is doing, I understand from sources close to the club that Wenger has £14,000 set aside for a top class replacement plying his trade in the Morrocan 3rd Division. Good old Arsene!

I understand why a deadline has been set, but what if he doesn’t sign? Is he barred from the training ground? Does his locker get given to Justin Hoyte? I hear that poor chap still has to get changed outside…

I’ve also read that Gilberto may stay on for next year…. good on ya Bertie. We need all the experience we can get and he has started to show signs that he may be rekindling some of last seasons form.

We are in for Raul Albiol according to the Evening Standard.

No Comment.

Actually, yes there will be a comment. Why are we chasing after a 22 year old defender plying his trade for 16th position Valencia? If that rumour is true, I will be miffed to say the least. I don’t want to see potential, I want to see ready made world class talent at the Emirates.

Oh and Ade maybe off to Milan… this is old news rehashed. He is the younger Drogba according to reports. I would be very surprised to see Ade making his way over to Italy. Football wise, they are a spent force… this is where the cash is, this is where the best players play. Simple as that really.

We shall wait and see on both of those stories.

Anyway, I’m off for a catch up on the news.

See you in the comments

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  1. Finestcuts

    The only thing that can motivate players more than money is being on the team which wins trophies.

    Flamini may be asked to sign on current terms for a year, and offered a bonus should we win a trophy equating to what Juventus would have paid him, plus a pay rise.

    Arsene will also have to explain his plan forward to those he wants to keep, and if he does keep them together it’ll be make or break, in other words if they don’t win a trophy next year, some first team faces could go.

    To make sure this doesn’t happen, and we win silverware, Wenger must spend on the players to make it happen.

    Next season I believe we’ll get some silverware, we’ve gone this far on so liuttle, when the final ;piece of muscle is added to the new generation team, we won’t go through a rough patch…the occasional loss or draw, but nothing on the scale seen this year.

  2. Trinidad_Gunner

    I agree that we need to win to keep the players.
    I think that Wenger recognises this. He has said that if players leave, it is not because of trophies, because after this season, we have as good a chance as anyone (Real, Barca) to win.
    But does this mean that he is going to spend to improve, or does he believe that next season we will be better with the same players.

  3. alex


    good point but if our current back up for defense improves then i cant see it happening because we have four.

    depending on how the season ends, if gallas stays we wont be getting a starting cb because toure is quality and gallas would be the captain.

    i hate gallas honestly but if he stays he will be captain. and one thing NO person here can argue is how he played before christmas.

    topped off solid defense with crucial goals.

    i think wenger needs to get a cb that can play on the sides plus a goalkeeper(depending on how fabiankski plays if he does on the weekend)

  4. Trinidad_Gunner

    A CB that can play on the sides is Sergio Ramos. But he will command a big fee and salary. And won’t be satisfied on the bench.

  5. Trinidad_Gunner

    Clichy and Sagna are quality, but the Toure-Gallas partnership ony looks good on paper, not on grass.
    Even Wenger notices that.

  6. alex

    sergio ramos would be an amazing signing and he could take gallas’ place as cb he is tall. and could cover for the side backs.

    lets only hope

  7. Trinidad_Gunner

    If this is our shopping list then i’d be happy:

    Huntelaar / Villa
    Sergio Ramos
    A 3rd choice keeper

  8. Finestcuts

    Our biggest threat are Manyoo, Chelsea can’t attract quality and Manyoo are building a super football machine with Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez, Ferdinand, Vidic….all great players.
    We can’t have one weak position…..we need an undisputed top class player in each position and Ferguson is going to improve his team this year. The development period is OVER, this was the last season of transition, we’ve had it for two years now and either we have players READY NOW to stand up to the champions or we risk the whole team falling apart.

    Wenger cannot give into Flamini’s demands, if he does other player will try and extort Arsenal meaning Flamini’s argument of 5 million Euros goes out of the window. Such a policy could cost Arsenal hundreds of millions of Euros over the next ten years, so it’s cheaper to spend on someone who has agreed to the contract offered rather than let players dicate salaries, once an offer is made, if the player wants to continue to be an Arsenal player for the amount offered, and if not, time to find someone whp’s satisfied with the offer made by the club.

    On the flipside Wenger could have someone whose salary is lower than Flamini’s, is just as good if not better meaning the transfer fee pays for itself because of the lower wage.

  9. Trinidad_Gunner

    Chelsea can still attract quality though, not because they play quality attractive football, but because they will be up there at the end of the season, and they pay well.

    So players who value money and trophies more than style, will still think about Chelsea.
    This summer I don’t think many players would be dreaming of Liverpool though.

  10. Trinidad_Gunner

    They’re offering to double Flamini’s salary from 25,000 to 50,000. What more does he want?
    Really, after one good season, wtf ?
    We’re saying we want him, he’s saying he wants to stay.
    He can sign, and earn a pay rise, after a year or two more of good (better than good) service.
    Most people don’t make that in a year.

  11. Finestcuts

    But 5 million extra euros is a huge amount to turn down.
    Chelsea can attract good players but any player with a chance would rather go to Manyoo, it’s as simple as that.

    Liverpool have pulling power, with Torres there and a good second half of the season they look attractive.

    And for them to get a top class manager is difficult…..who would want a job where you get spat onif you draw a game and when Roman gets ants in his pants he’s ready to pay millions and say goodbye.

    Avry G is too average, Jose didn’t entertain enough, he won’t be happy until they’re winning 3-0 every weekend.

  12. Trinidad_Gunner

    Liverpool isn’t looking attractive with their off-field stuff though.

    I don’t think that Chelsea would scare someone who managed in Spain (Frank?)
    Capello got the axe after winnning La Liga.
    Alot of managers would drool when they see the squad list and the money available for transfers

  13. Trinidad_Gunner

    But Anyway, no team attracts every player and every manager.
    Arsenal, in itself, attracts its fair share of quality players.
    It’s up to management to sign them, players wanting to play for us is not the problem.

    In the back of their minds though, they will know that Arsenal won’t pay as much as Milan, Inter, Barca, Real, ManU, Chelsea, Liverpool.

  14. El Tel

    Why oh why do the same Ade haters also think Almunia is the answer. We have looked far more solid since he hurt his wrist. The twat must have got to one in training. Ade misses all those chances because he actually works to get into them positions. If King Henry had worked harder at finding space instead of scoring just special goals we would have seen the best player to ever play for AFC. Ade does get offside but so too did TH14. How about Berbatov for Ade with Huntellar and either Robben or Robinho. Keep the Flamster at all costs. He did play well in all sorts of positions before this season so he isn’t a one season wonder. Get Essien, he is a dirty powerful bastard who will make an enormous difference to our right mid. Kirkland, Gomes, Buffon,Jussi just four better keepers than our 3 put together. How about Valencia take Manuel and let us have Abiol and Villa in return.

  15. Trinidad_Gunner

    Robben is a great player but he’s injured more than RVP.
    I don’t think its that he’s injury prone as much as he’s always getting hit really hard.

    Like RVP on the weekend. If he got injured, we couldn’t really blame it on him can we? They kicked his ankles at every opportunity. They could’ve done damage.
    It wasn’t Eduardo’s fault that he got injured either.

  16. El Tel

    All our competitors will strengthen but will they get any better. If any team get better they will be closing in on our unbeaten record and we can’t let that happen. Barry could be interesting so to would Gerrard. Don’t laugh Stevie G always bigs us up and I believe he would come and play for us. We must get Huntellar before the Mancs and Chavs. Anything more would be a bonus.

  17. Trinidad_Gunner

    But I said before, Robben is a luxury player, like Rosicky.
    You always need quality cover and have to be prepared to see them sit out alot of games. Robben plays more than Rosicky though, maybe we should swap luxury players with Madrid.

  18. El Tel

    Spot on Trinidad, Robben could get injured and one of our injured players could fill in (sicky). All our players get kicked at will usually without punishment.

  19. El Tel

    Your right pal. But we have luxury players everywhere and our fans want more of them. Ronaldinho could be our DB10. Just thinking like a PC football Manager game.

  20. Trinidad_Gunner

    I would love to see Robben or Ronaldinho in an Arsenal shirt.

    If we sign someone like Robben though, he can’t be our one signing or someone to plug a hole. We would need cover, a bigger squad.

  21. Trinidad_Gunner

    To be realistic though, Real Madrid chased Robben for 3 years, they won’t sell him after one season.
    They targeted Robben, Kaka, and Ronaldo.

  22. Pedro

    Robben… are you guys kidding?

    Robben and Rosicky share the same gene pull… we don’t need more injury prone players!

    I’d be happy for Ronaldinho to join… but the old, ‘I have something to prove’ Ronaldinho.

    Robinho would be my choice of winger… he has it all in front of him!

  23. Trinidad_Gunner

    I agreed that Robben has too many injuries.
    Robinho is 1st choice
    Robben only if you have a huge squad and can afford luxuries. Like Madrid. Half of the season they see his genius, and the other half, they have capable players to fill in.
    All we have is a good first 11

  24. Pedro

    You ain’t wrong there Trinidad! I’d like to have first teamers that are fit at least 75% of the season… is that to much to ask for?

    I bet if you put Rosicky on a piece rate wage he’d play a bit more!

  25. Trinidad_Gunner

    Hopefully with his surgery, Rosicky will come back strong next season.
    Does anyone know if he tried that surgery for his problem before?

  26. Nick

    I see in todays newspaper that Flamini has signed for Liverpool. In that case we should sign Mascerano for 17m pounds as retaliation plus Kranjkar.

    Plus Tevez & Villa and Lucio. Arsenal will be Champions next year.

  27. Paulie

    If You Are First You Are First; And If You Are Second You Are Arsenal
    – Liby Thomas

    If you are a die-hard Arsenal fan who begins every season hoping this might just be the season when Arsenal could win some silverware after the long hiatus, then you need to ask yourself a question:

    “Are Valencia going to win La Prmera Liga, and are Roma going to win Serie A?

    If the answer to this question is a resounding NO, then you can rest assured that the answer to “Will Arsenal win the EPL?” is also a definite NO.

    Now ask yourself another question, “Are Valencia going to win the Copa Del Rey and are Roma going to win the Coppa Italia?” If the answer to this question is “maybe,” then the answer to “Will Arsenal win the Carling Cup or the FA Cup is also a maybe.

    The fact of the matter is that most teams that pursue real glory avoid risking their top-class players in irrelevant tournaments, which gives the likes of Arsenal and Barnsley a chance to fight it out for these minor trophies. Honestly speaking, if you are a neutral, would it not be a shame for soccer as a sport if Arsenal, with the likes of shameless Senderos and clumsy Clichy, actually won the EPL ohead of a team that can boast of the likes of Vidic and Ferdinand?

    Arsenal with Wenger at the helm have won three EPL titles in 12 years, while Mourinho won two EPL titles in three seasons, and Sir Alex has won six titles since the arrival of Wenger and is almost certain to make it seven this season.

    Not to be critical, but if there are only three genuine contenders for the EPL season after season, are you not supposed to win more than three titles even by the pure law of averages?

    So where exactly is the genius of Wenger? He is a genius in the sense that he can find excuses for not having won anything since the 2003-04 season (apart from the FA Cup in a penalty shoot-out in 2005).

    If Eduardo were fit we would have won. If Van Persie were not injured we would have won. If Sir Alex had retired as he promised we would have won. If Roman went broke we would have won. What is it for next season, Wenger?

    What I most fail to understand is the Arsenal fascination with Arsene. Is it the name or the fact that they cannot win in Europe even if they played alone. Arsenal have not won any silverware in the last three seasons now, and don’t look capable of doing so in the next three. By the time the so-called future stars reach their true potential the cash rich clubs from Europe will come calling and a penny-pinching Arsenal have never been, and will never be, in a position to reject the millions that the likes of Cesc, Hleb, Flamini and Adebayor will command in the near future.

    So he is good at turning young prodigies into good footballers. I am confused – but is that not the reason why most clubs have football Academies? Somewhere along the way the professor seems to have lost the plot that he is at Arsenal to try to win trophies and not to raise youngsters for the cash rich clubs of Europe.

    There was a time when, if Manchester United had a Giggs Arsenal had Bergkamp, if Manchester United had Ruud Arsenal had Henry, if Manchester United had Scholes Arsenal had Vieira and Arsenal were as good as Manchester United . Now if Manchester United have Vidic Arsenal have Senderos, if Manchester United have Ferdinand Arsenal have Clichy, if Manchester United have Ronaldo Arsenal have Denilson. He seems to have got it into his head that he can make an Henry out of any Tom, Dick and Harry – which probably explains the likes of Denilson, Almunia, Senderos and Clichy playing at Arsenal.

    The man is so used to finishing second and being shameless about it that if the Liverpool great Bill Shankly were alive he would have changed his famous quote to “If you are first you are first and if you are second you are Arsenal.”

    Maybe it is time for Arsenal to get over the Arsene Mania and get in a no-nonsense manager like Mourinho who can actually win some trophies rather than just talk about how close they came to actually winning the trophy. With Wenger at the helm Arsenal will always be a there or thereabouts team, always thereabouts and never quite there.

    How long is the Arsenal management going to persist with Wenger just because he managed to go a season unbeaten? It is about time Wenger opens the purse strings for once instead of his mouth, goes out and buys the best that is there on offer and gives himself a season or two to win some genuine silverware. If he still cannot then maybe it is time to move on.

    Liby Thomas

    Couldnt have said it better

  28. Trinidad_Gunner

    That article is being pretty unfair to Clichy though, he’s the best LB in the Premiership.
    You can’t compare Ronaldo to Denilson either. Denilson is a squad player right now.
    It’s like comparing Fabregas to Eagles.

  29. Trinidad_Gunner

    We all know that 11 to 11, they have better players in most of the positions.
    But ..
    Clichy > Evra
    Sagna > Brown
    RVP > Rooney
    Fabregas = Fabregas
    Rosicky (when fit) > Giggs
    Flamini > Scholes

  30. Trinidad_Gunner

    Chelsea have kind of skewed things in the recent years, and man u have caught up earlier than us, we’re taking too long to recover from the Bergkamp-Henry-Pires-Ljungberg-Viera era.
    They all left in a short space of time.
    Man U still kept Giggs and Scholes to blood the youth after the Yorke-Cole-Beckham-Giggs-Scholes era

  31. GMR

    Flamini can’t have signed for Liverpool because until his contract expires he can’t speak with teams in this country only european teams. Anyway its clear if he does go (likely) then it’ll be to an Italian team.

    “There was a time when, if Manchester United had a Giggs Arsenal had Bergkamp, if Manchester United had Ruud Arsenal had Henry, if Manchester United had Scholes Arsenal had Vieira and Arsenal were as good as Manchester United . Now if Manchester United have Vidic Arsenal have Senderos, if Manchester United have Ferdinand Arsenal have Clichy, if Manchester United have Ronaldo Arsenal have Denilson. He seems to have got it into his head that he can make an Henry out of any Tom, Dick and Harry – which probably explains the likes of Denilson, Almunia, Senderos and Clichy playing at Arsenal.”

    Paulie, I agree with most of that post (whoever its by) apart from the paragragh above. Nobody can compare Ronaldo to one of our reserve players or Ferdinand a central defender to Clichy a left back. Besides which Clichy is a fantastic player.

  32. Pedro

    You can tell its been written by a bird…

    Ferdinand – Gallas

    Vidic – Toure

    Ronaldo – Cesc

    Not bad comparisons there… she could have gone the other way

    RvP – Fletcher

    Sagna – O’shea

    Cesc – Ben Foster

    I make her right on becoming a feeder club though…

  33. Paulie

    I see Van persies being compared to Rooney. I dont think so. Hes a half decent player for the 5 games a season hes not injured but totally overrated by all of you and constantly being used by Wenger as our saviour when he returns from injury which we all know never happens. If Wenger wont buy then he should give Bentner an extended run as in my opinion hes got the most potential of an average lot apart from Eduardo.

  34. Paulie

    Also im seeing that Wenger has said that we’ll win the premiership next season for sure. Is anyone taking this guy seriously anymore, with this bunch of chokers, I dont fucking think so Arsene

  35. Trinidad_Gunner

    Its true that Arsenal is becoming the feeder club.
    Closer to Ajax than Sevilla though. Sevilla supplies mostly to Real Madrid … Arsenal supplies its top players to clubs outside of England.
    You would notice that Ajax players don’t usually leave for other Dutch clubs.

    Arsenal-Ajax link there again.

    I rate RVP over Rooney
    You can’t compare one player with injured to another when fit. Either compare them when both fit, or both injured (lol)
    A fit RVP is better than a fit Rooney. The problem is that Rooney is fit alot more often.

    We all love Eduardo, and we all have a soft spot for him, but we didn’t see THAT much of his best. RVP is more potential than Eduardo. He is younger. Eduardo is closer to a finished product.

  36. Stupid

    young jack wilshere played another blinder tonight for the reserves, fuck lads i really am not kidding, we have the new gazza.

    he set up the first goal and scored an incrdible curler from 20 yds for the 2nd of the night.

    wenger was there to watch it aswell.

    some MASSIVE clues for next season…. diaby started the match playing CM and traore again as a left winger.

    flamini is 100% gone, you will all read about it next week. so lets move on. fuck him.

    diaby can do a job with cesc in the middle. his extra height and presence may be a blessing in disguise.

    again, i cannot telll you how amazing jack was tonight, the best arsenal youngster i have seen in my 30 years on planet earth.

  37. Paulinho

    I know, this Wilshire kid has rekindled my love for the beautiful game after the depressing end to the season. He looks a genuine star and the great thing about him is the type of player he is. The Hleb-type player than England seemed to have stopped producing. He surely is worth a place on the bench for the next few games.

    At last it seems Wenger has struck gold in the shape of Jack Wilshire.

  38. Finestcuts

    In the unlikely event that Wenger would sell Ade to Milan…..and Berlsuconi’s plan to bring back Shevchenko…can you imagine Ade and Shevchenko up front??

  39. Finestcuts

    As for Diaby replacing Flamini, bring it on, Pat Viera Mark 2 next to Fabregas. And the lad has scored more than Flamini in half the appearances. Gilberto back to his best would be great as well, last season the Gilberto Fabregas combo as a success, Gilberto’s form dropped to lack of games ad loss of confidence.

    Will Flamini go for the extra 5 million euros and leave? It’s a lot of money…

  40. GMR

    Trouble is Jack Wilshere is only 16 & small so Wenger won’t even consider him for the first team squad for another 3-4 years. We’ll probably end up losing him as its plainly obvious he’s too good for the reserves so after next season he’ll go on loan & then won’t want to go back to reserve football.

    We have 3 games left, Hleb will be banned for them & now we have lost Diaby & Djourou both injured again. Wilshere should be given a couple of premier league games to see just how far away from first team football he is!!