Do we kid ourselves about the brat pack? £25mill Brazilian striker linked!

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Sorry for the delayed post, I’ve been experiencing technical difficulties over in Spain!

Well, yesterdays ‘come and get me’ plea from David Villa certainly raised the spirits but at the same time there wasn’t a Grover out there that really believed it would happen, though, never say never.

The last time the sun carried a ‘come and get me’ headline to Arsenal was when George Graham was in Charge and a certain John Barnes, who played for Watford, begged George to take him. George didn’t think the risk was worth it and John went to Liverpool where he went on to become the worlds best player for me he was better than Ronaldo, he really could change a game. George also had two youngsters, Andy Cole and Kevin Campbell; he sold Andy Cole because he thought was Kevin Campbell was the better prospect. So thanks for that George!

The moral of the story Arsene, is when a great player comes knocking, open the door, learn from the ‘Barnes’ mistake.

I thought Torres might struggle over here; he hasn’t, so that will tell you something about Villa, Huntelaar maybe like a Kuyt signing, so if I had to, it would be Villa. I think if we’d have had Torres in the side we would have won the Carling Cup and still been in the other 3. I don’t think Phil will become the player we want and Eboue is not a winger, Rosicky is a great player but his medical record is worse than Darren Anderton’s, so I would get shot of those three.

Lehmann has to go as his attitude to his own team is both appalling and damaging, so that’s 4 players, we need to buy replacements because we don’t have enough coming through the ranks and we were woefully short this season.

A lot has been made of the reserves and the talent coming through, but it wasn’t us contesting the final of the youth cup was it. I do find it confusing, academy, under 17’s, under 18’s, and reserve, but the two who stood out for me were Murphy and Wilshere, I wonder how long they’ll take to filter through, I mean they didn’t hang about with Cesc did they.

Finally, we are being linked with 17 goal striker, Amauri. He has a £25million price tag and it is rumoured Madrid, Liverpool and Juve are also interested. Apparently we have made it clear we will pay him £3.2 million a year. I’ll leave you guys to chew the fat off that one!

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  1. Trinidad_Gunner

    But Toure at RB doesn’t work either. So it’s either keep them together, or drop one.
    Neither would settle as a bench warmer.
    Sell Gallas and buy Mexes?

  2. Odub

    Either Gallas or Toure with 6ft+ partner works, because we keep getting found out when we play against the likes of Torres, Crouch and Drogba who are over 6fr 2.

  3. Odub

    Chaps I’m takiny my drunk ass home!

    Have a good one, and hope we have a good build up to saturday’s game tomorrow!

    Night all.

  4. ethan_gunner

    ethan.. when was the last time toure and gallas played together in the middle…
    arsene will def get someone “experienced” in there…
    toure and gallas’s honeymoon is over.. now they are back to reality… it ain’t working…

    trinidad answered for me

    But Toure at RB doesn’t work either. So it’s either keep them together, or drop one.
    Neither would settle as a bench warmer.

    Im sure we will get cover IN SOME FORM .. .. and one of the above 2 will slowly be phased out ..
    but if its gallas expect him to take a leaf out of jen’s book ..and go down screamin like a lil byitchee

    Odub i hear you .. but then i think what would wenger do what would wenger do ??

    the answer is nothing .. pray and hope they come good !

  5. Pedro

    Raddy, I wont be in attendance this Saturday… but you can bet your bottom dollar bud and the gang will be and maybe Odub if he gets a ticket + Steve if he is going.

    Shouldn’t any player be attainable for a team like Arsenal? We are the glamour team? I would have thought most players would be attracted to us!

    We do pay good wages and you’d be surprised to read this quote from the Milan chief:

    “Perhaps we pay a little less than other sides, but we give them a lot more glory.”

    Interesting comment eh? There was us thinking they pay mega bucks to everyone!

  6. Paulinho

    I mean in terms of a club being willing to sell. Alot of clubs like Lyon play hardball and even Ben Arfa said he doesn’t want to leave. Cuellar might be happy at Rangers.

  7. Trinidad_Gunner

    Another young potential player is Urby Emanuelson at Ajax. He plays LB or LM, is good going forward. He’s 21, made his Holland debut 2 years ago I think.

  8. Big Raddy

    Potential? We don’t need potential !! We have lots of potential.

    Nic B, Theo, Lansbury, Freeman, Fabiansky, Norstedt, Denilson, Diaby, Song, Traore, Sunu, Wilshire Vela etc etc

    We need an established World star.

  9. Pedro

    Agreed, that Emmanuelson struggles to get in the Ajax team! I don’t think we need anything on the left with Traore coming through!

  10. Trinidad_Gunner

    Alot of the players that people are excited about ARE potential … not reserve team potential, but by potential I mean first team, young 20’s, good, but not at the peak.
    Ben Afra isn’t a world star yet, Vela is only 19, Richards isn’t really a world star yet

  11. Big Raddy

    I agree Pedro. Shame you or Geoff won’t be there on Saturday. I would have liked to meet you both. Next time….

  12. gazzap

    Where’s Phobia?

    Eboue Toure Gallas Clichy
    Walcott Cesc Gilberto Hleb
    RVP Ade
    Bench: Diaby, Denilson, Bendtner, Senderos, Fabianski.
    3-0 Arsenal.

  13. Big Raddy

    Trinidad,. I would prefer AW not to sign Richards. Primarily because we don’t need another CB – we need our present CB’s to improve. Our first 4 are all great players.

    I don’t know enough about Ben Afra, but if he isn’t fisrt choice at Lyon, then he isn’t good enough to take us from being top 8 in Europe to being no.1.

    We should no longer judge the team against just the EPL. We want to be the best in the world. And for me MU are that, yet we were really unlucky against them. So, we have to tweak not crop !

  14. Pedro

    That is a shame Raddy, next time for sure!

    Phobia… a man of few words, a man of bad predictions…

    He has been on every week for a long time now!

    Is Sagna still out?

  15. Pedro

    The only thing I like about Ben Arfa is I imagine King Arthur when his name is said… if he is a warrior down the wing, I’ll take him, but like Trinidad said, its potential isn’t it?

  16. Trinidad_Gunner

    Ben Afra isn’t first choice at Lyon cause he and Benzema aren’t the best of pals … that rules them out of going to the same club.
    It might be Benzema to United and Ben Afra to Arsenal.

    We need experience in CB and CF (Mexes and Villa?) but I don’t think that raw natural wingers would be a bad idea.

  17. Big Raddy

    I agree that we need wingers. Our first choice team has the width we need. Mybe we should look at the performance of the team prior to Xmas rather than post. We need a better squad, not a better first team, and I support AW’s policy of promoting from within.

    Except, we need a player to come into the dressing room with a big reputation. Someone that the young guys have heard of, and then Cesc will think…. hey, Arsenal are going places, so I am going to stay

  18. Trinidad_Gunner

    Our first 4 in defense are all great players yes, but they haven’t been playing great. Cliche and Sagna yes, but not in the middle.
    Everytime we have to defend, we look shaky. Great players don’t let in 4 against Liverpool, or can’t keep a lead for more than 6 minutes.
    They were great against Milan and kept them scoreless for 180 minutes, but they needed more of that and made stupid mistakes.
    Every game for the past 8 weeks we let in goals due to defensive errors.

  19. Big Raddy

    But this is a squad issue, and the problem of the reserves being too young and untested. And all players need a few games to gel. Just look at the difference in Golberto now he has played a few on the trot. He looks quality again

  20. YangKamp10

    This is the team i’d love to see run out for us next season. We’d run away with the title too.

    Adebeyor Villa
    Robinho Cesc Flamini Hleb
    Clichy Gallas Kompany Sagna

    Second team, rotation players competing for places

    Rvp Eduardo
    Vela Rosicky Diaby Walcott
    Traore Toure Djourou Eboue

  21. Trinidad_Gunner

    Its unfair to blame the entire defence because Clichy and Sagna are world class, but each of them out of Toure, Gallas and Senderos have made alot of mistakes recently.

    Gallas is too old to improve. He’s not a work-in-progress like most of our other players. Also Toure, they are supposed to be our rock.

  22. Big Raddy

    I would like to see:

    Sagna Ferdinand Cannavaro Alves
    Ronaldo Cesc Flamini Essien
    Drogba Messi

    They would win the league too !!

    And we have as much chance of seeing this team, as we have of signing 4 big names !!

  23. Pedro

    Did anyone read what King Arthur had to say?

    “I am disappointed not to be playing more often. My future is not an issue, so far, but we will see in the summer.”

    Gallas is a good defender, I feel he may be a touch complacent? Maybe I am wrong… maybe he just needs to play next to someone like JT or Carragher?

    I think we need to shore up the defence, but an attack that has been as impotent as ours lately needs a look at to.

    More goals from midfield and more clinical finishing from our strikers.

  24. Trinidad_Gunner

    Sagna Toure Mexes Clichy
    Quaresma Flamini Fabregas Hleb
    Villa RVP

    only 3 signings there, and add ben afra
    Thats not bad at all

    Big Raddy, only 3 of our players are good enough?

  25. Trinidad_Gunner

    Wenger won’t replace Almunia.
    He made a statement by replacing Jens with him, and kept the German on the bench all season.
    He won’t undermine himself by moving him now.

  26. Big Raddy

    It was a joke TG 🙂

    I really think we will be seeing very little change in the squad. hough I think that if we don’t firm up the squad then we will fall short agian next season.

  27. Trinidad_Gunner

    Firm up and stop playing Eboue on the wing.

    He is killing Eboue’s reputation, if he left him as a RB .. Eboue would be referred to as a (half) decent defender.
    Now, he’s a waste-of-time winger.

  28. Big Raddy

    I agree, it has done Eboue no good to play out of position. He would have been fine as a back up to Sagna.

    As it is his confidence must be destroyed, and he must hate getting the ball, knowing if he makes a mistake, 60,000 people will be shouting at him

  29. SFO Gooner

    Lots of Transfer speculation to kill time till August. Any body have ideas to fill in this time with other sporting events ..?

    1) How about NBA Playoffs?
    2) TwentyTwenty Cricket with the Indian Premier League?
    3) Euro 2008 (though not until June)

    Anything else ..?

  30. goonerjay

    Ben Arfa is class… i have seen him play several times and when i have seen him play he is THE Lyon player that stands out for me… great ball control and dribbling ability (most youtube videos show you that) and he has a wicked left foot.

    He aint small neither so won’t get bullied in the EPL… I’ve been saying since December that we should have gone after him in the January window but i’ll settle for the Summer… i think he is already on par with Quaresma and at 20 can only get better.

    He actually reminds me a bit of Ronaldo apart from he’s left footed and isn’t a cheat

  31. Trinidad_Gunner

    The excuse is that Theo isn’t ready yet, and I know he isn’t a finished product, but … Theo for 90 mins is better than Eboue for 60 and Theo for 30 !
    It is better for both Arsenal, and Eboue’s career, if he is on the bench or filling in for Sagna

  32. A

    Fabianski will be slowly introduced next season so I very much doubt we’ll sign a keeper and certainly not a top keeper. We could do with a top commanding centre back, but players like Mexes aren’t good enough, it would only be if players are available. The only rumour that fits that bill would be Lucio, who would be absolutely fantastic for us, but I doubt it’ll happen. Micah Richards likewise would cost too much. Quaresma won’t happen, he wouldn’t fit in with our style of play. Modric, Diego, Ben Arfa are all distinct possibilities and would be fantastic additions. That’ll be the position we’ll definitely buy someone. Possibly a tall commanding centre back but only if a top top player was available. Possibly a Poom style solid keeper. Any other signings will only happen if players leave the club.

    That leaves the squad as Almunia, Fabianski, then Mannone or a signing with Lehmann very unlikely to stay.

    Right back Sagna, Eboue reserve, Hoyte may well leave or be a third choice if not
    Left Back Clichy, Traore as reserve, Hoyte likewise as third choice
    Centre backs Toure, Gallas, Senderos, then a new signing, or maybe Djorou if he isn’t sold, maybe Song if he’s considered a centre back now.

    Right Mid Hleb, reserve a new signing, and Walcott can fill in if necessary or playing 4-5-1/4-3-3
    Left Mid Rosicky, reserve a new signing, and Vela can fill in if necessary or as above if differ formation, as can VP, Eduardo, and Diaby
    Centre Mids Fabregas, Flamini, Denilson, Diaby, Song, maybe Gilberto although he’ll probably leave, maybe a new signing

    Up front Van Persie, Bendtner, Adebayor, Eduardo, Vela and Walcott

  33. Pedro

    I think I’d rather read a book!

    Euro 2008 will be a good watch… I haven’t decided where my affiliations lie this summer?

    France, Spain or Holland? I am such a plastic national…

    If Flamini stays and get into the French starting 11, that is where I am supporting! I always have a soft spot for the Dutch.

    Raddy, are the Danes there?

  34. goonerjay

    Pedro the Danes aren’t there mate… I was listening to Bendnter blame it ‘on a few mistakes by some team mates’ on Arsetv recently

  35. A

    unfortunately denmark aren’t there, or we’d have got to see Bendtner prove all the doubters wrong with how well he plays for them!

  36. Trinidad_Gunner

    Been supporting the Dutch since I was 8
    But look at the group .. Holland, France, Italy, Romania.

    Their Midfield-Forward lines look like one of the best though :
    Sneijder …Seedorf … Van Der Vaart
    Van Persie ..Huntelaar .. Robben

  37. Big Raddy

    No. We got knocked out when a crazy pissed Dane ran onto the pitch at the Parken, when we were playng Sweden. He attacked the ref and the game was abandoned. Then they gave the game to Sweden,

    Very funny

  38. Big Raddy

    That is some team Holland have. But then so do France and the current World Champs (god, they are boring to watch).

    I would put a bet on an outsider.

  39. goonerjay

    i think db10 had a big influence on all us gooners because i must admit i always look out for how the Dutch are getting on in internation comps

  40. goonerjay

    Raddy i quite like the look of Spain too but i must say if my money was going anywhere it would be on Portugal

  41. Trinidad_Gunner

    I always likened Arsenal, Ajax, and Holland.
    A big part was Bergkamp, but the way Arsenal play isn’t very different from the Dutch.
    Wenger built his attacks around Bergkamp?

  42. Trinidad_Gunner

    Spain is quite like the Dutch where they look good on paper and play good ball, but never go all the way.

    No to Portugal. Too many cheaters.

  43. goonerjay

    TG… Portugal are cheaters but the players they’ve got coupled with the coach i thinkwill go all the way… as much as i dislike them… specially that little nancy boy Ronaldo i think they will win it

  44. Trinidad_Gunner

    Bergkamp IS a legend, and doesn’t get enough credit for it outside of Arsenal.
    And things are looking good for him to replace Wenger at some point in the future.
    Arsenal-Ajax partnership, DB10 doing his coaching internship at Ajax.

  45. goonerjay

    I was watching a Legends program on ArseTV a little while ago on Bergkamp and he was saying on there that one day he would love to come back and work with Arsenal… the man was a genius on the pitch. I don’t think there is a gooner alive that wouldn’t want to see him come back to North London

  46. Trinidad_Gunner

    Did anyone see the Holland-Portugal game in the World Cup?
    Worse cheating I’ve seen. Robben took a kick to the head in the pentalty area, Figo head-butted Van Bommel, then a few minutes later Figo drops dead when noone touches him.
    All this time, whore-loving Ronaldo is crying on the bench because Bhoularouz kicked him on the thigh and took him out of the game.

  47. goonerjay

    Figo, Carvalho, Maniche, Ronaldo and Nani would all be int he final 10 if there was a Fifa Worlds worst cheat award

  48. Trinidad_Gunner

    I liked Rivaldo as a player, but whenever I hear his name the only image is get is the WC semis against Turkey. He’s about to take a corner and the guy kicks the ball to him (from a distance) and it hits him on his thigh. He falls to the ground clutching his face like he’d been shot by a sniper.
    The turk gets a red, and Brazil win 1-0

    Rivaldo should make that top 10 list just for that !

  49. fuck u eboue

    arsen get Fabiano Santacroce (born 24 August 1986 in Camaçari, Bahia)he is a Brazilian-Italian footballer playing for Napoli.guys look at him;)

  50. daddyb

    how about palacios to cover flamini,,,he looked quality to me even nzoqbia juss so we can rotate our squad we got a good first 11 we need a monster center back and a winger and a class finisher …then we can get get quality role players that can come off the becnh and do their job like ….the reason we faultered was coz we lack depth how can all of sudden a team that led up until 10 games to go be that bad..but we all knew we were just an injury away from disaster…but even though we we won like 2 games in like 13 games and we still had agood shot if it wasnt for poor defending against drogba,.liverpool and man u ,,,games we were comfrtably with a lead,,..our defence is the worst it puts pressure on our offence…our offence is only 2nd inthe league ,,,,,

  51. stevie

    The more I think about it the more I think we need a quality centre back. Someone who is big, strong, quick & dominates in the air. Then this would help solve our problem of defending set pieces. Yes we need a new keeper if Lehmann goes & maybe one more attacker but generally I think our midfield is our strongest asset if a bit lightweight at times.

    Does anyone else agree?

  52. Pedro

    Stevie, I would agree with you. Its such a tough ask though! I can’t really think of anyone? I don’t even think Micah is 6ft tall?

    How about this… future Arsenal Managers…

    Van Basten + Bergkamp?

    It works for me should the worst happen. Total football at Highbury… or total football continued!

  53. stevie

    Well yes thats the only thing, Im not too sure who would fit therole…..euro 2008 might help us decide but Im sure Wenger has his eye on a few,….Micah is very good, could be a great buy, wonder how much hes worth £13M?

  54. Pedro

    I reckon £20million… If Rio was worth £18 all those years ago, Micah has to be worth more.

    There is no way Wenger will buy after Euro 2008… I would think he’ll try and do all his shopping pre tournament.

    Who plays in the back line for Holland these days? They always seem to have good centre backs.

  55. stevie

    Your right leaving it til after euros would be a mistake, dont think he will the cos we know how coy he is with his signings.

    Dont know about the dutch side but Im thinking Micah would be great, he already has plenty of experience in the PL & at international level at such a young age.

  56. Trinidad_Gunner

    For Holland they’re usually playing Heitinga from Ajax as CB … he’s already agreed a move to Spain though. I think Atletico Madrid but I could be wrong.

  57. Pedro

    So who are the players to watch out for in this years Euro 2008?

    Did Serbia make the tournament?

    I wonder if Cesc will start for spain?

  58. stevie

    I duno but its gona be interesting. No doubt alot of quality players will emerge from it. Dont know if Serbia made it, yer I reckon Cesc might start for Spain

  59. Pedro

    I tell you what, if Diarra plays ahead of Flamini in the middle for france, I will be disgusted.

    If RvP goes out there and gets injured, again, I will be disgusted!

    If Rosicky strings more than 2 games together I will… well, you get the picture.

  60. stevie

    Diarra is quality though, we should have given him more chances. Not sure who I’ll be supporting but Ive always liked Cech Republic so probably them.

  61. alex

    im going for germany for the euro.

    i would LOVE for lehmann to win so people stop talking about how almunia is better.

    and the passing the team does is beautiful. i watched a friendly and 3 people from the defense get an assist. long balls are dangerous.

    id like to see croatia but without eduardo i cant see them going too much furthr

  62. steve pires

    Personally I reckon the only likely signings will be the two Malian goat herders spoken about the other day!

  63. Trinidad_Gunner

    Croatia still has a good team even without Eduardo though. I don’t see them winning, but they could cause some problems.

  64. Pedro

    I’m hoping he doesn’t have Owenitis!

    Out for 8 months… into the international setup… out for 8 months…

    Steve Pires, can you dig me out a video of this goat herder you speak of? He sounds better than the Spanish gypsy we signed from Sevilla!

  65. chris

    speaking of videos
    if bored in the future put “monkey ed” into youtube, i only found it today and very funny, might be old to some of you though, totally off topic i might add

  66. Finestcuts

    Pedro, you’re right about the Van Basten and Bergkamp duo,, I think thats what the Ajax Arsenal partnership will involve. Van Basten and Bergkampf will already be very familiar with our squad and when they move on, bring in any of their favourite Ajax players to boost the team.
    Wenger has another 2 years, and after all this specualtion, I’m anticipating what transfer we’ll make this summer.

    I’m still a fan of Wenger’s work, and with a clean slate, I think another successful season lies ahead.

    We’ve progressed since last season but not as much as we could. The only step forward is 1st or 2nd next season, preferably 1st of course, and I’m confident we’ll get more points next season.

    Wenger might decide to call it a day in 2011 (hope he doesn’t) and retire as a football manager, I can’t see him managing any other club. However Trappatone is 69, so if he goes for as long as Trappatone, we could have 10 more successful years under Wenger.

    I believe Wenger will achieve the ultimate team by the end of his careeer, and that next season will be much better than this one.

  67. Finestcuts

    I hope Poland win (they have a good chance of qualifying to their group, and if they do the form book says they’ll be knocked out in the first round) win, and if they get knocked out, I’ll keep supporting underdogs, i’m hoping for some big upsets, and they always happen in the cup!

  68. Trinidad_Gunner

    Poland has a great manager in Leo Beenhakker .. former Ajax, Holland, and Real Madrid. He took Trinidad to the World Cup in 06 (where we lost to England due to Peter Crouch’s hair-pulling tactics)

  69. Finestcuts

    Yeah bug time Trindad, you’ll know how lucky we are to have him, he’s made a major change. He’s a master tactician, we finished first in our group, and got a win and a draw against Portugal with Ronaldo playing.

    With Germna, Croatia and Austria in the same group, Poland are 3rd seeeded. Eduardo played a major role in helping Croatia, and Croatia could misss him, but he’ll be there with them so that’ll make them extra tough to beat, they’ll fight hard. Austria are the home nation, they could pull off some upsets even though they have a low ranking. Germany are not safe at all, this is a tough group.

    Being in the same group as one of the host nations is calling for upsets to happen, refs are biased for them, and then dropping points against anohter underdog it’s easy to get unlucky.

  70. Trinidad_Gunner

    Austria suprised me in their last friendly, against the Dutch. Austria was 3-0 up inside 40 minutes !!
    Holland then scored 4
    (2 by Huntelaar)

  71. Finestcuts

    Yup no surprises there, the deadliest striker in the world, he can turn any game.

    I hope he’s the one, people who haven’t seen him play don’t understand what the hype is about…

    This week my tip you can take to the bookies is:

    Ajax v Hercales Alm

    Ajax win

    Arsenal v Reading

    Arsenal win

  72. Finestcuts

    There is also a case of whether Van Basten can convince Huntelaar to stay another season, since he’s their Thierry Henry he’s quite happy where he is…..

  73. El Tel

    Big Raddy and Trinidad Gooner have you not loved the European Brazilians from way before DB10s time. Cruyff and co were probably the best ever team never to win a world cup. The Dutch are a small nation who produce world class players every decade. Van Basten for Manager NOW with DB10 alongside him, fucking awesome. Am I the only one who thinks our midfield is the problem plus my boo boy Almunia. The keeper is usually only troubled 3/4 times in most matches yet we always concede.The Mancs best signing in years was the old Dutch keeper Van Der Sar. The midfield are all great players who would fit in to any other team BUT. They all play in the wrong positions and the defensive cover isn’t there. Yes the Flamster is a good player but in the past few months the Flamster has been playing further up the park with Cesc covering. Cesc is fucking awesome but he isn’t a defensive player. Diaby on left wing, that prick on the right wing. Hleb all over the place and Bert being unable to play in fits and starts. We have the best midfield in the Prem when Cesc, Hleb, the Flamster and Sicky are together. In recent months that hasn’t happened. The midfield goals dried up and we started conceding by being hit on the break or just plain fucked. The Keeper, well lets just say some of our fams are very easily pleased. He is a sad joke. The blame rests solely with AW. I do love and respect him but does he not see how easy it could be to win the Prem.

  74. Finestcuts

    Wenger is trying to build a dynasty that will keep the club ticking along for years after he’s gone, some of you might only appreciate the things he’s done after he’s gone.

  75. El Tel

    Hunt the Huntellar. I havent seen him play but if he plays for the mighty Ajax he will be technically good and strong. We could also get Villa and use him on the wing, Aw likes using strikers out wide. The keeper Gomes played well against us but again I personally havent seen much of him. A winger is a must and controversy from me here. How about Robben, our penalty ratio alone would improve and he would be a perfect match for our No.1 diver he also has won a Prem. Ronaldinhio let AW relight a fading star and not many complaints about season tickets me thinks. If not how about this one. I will get lynched by most Gooners for this but here goes Berbatov. if not Ronaldinhio then use him as our new DB10. Thats up front and midfield sorted. Defence now. Lets test the Chavs and nick their best defender Carvaliho (appologies for my spelling) if not then Gareth barry as I remember him playing CB before i think. and Micah Richards. Bye Bye and thanks to Eboue, Hoyte,Sicky and I think he’s the nuts when he plays Bert and either Bendtner or Ade.

  76. El Tel

    AW doesn’t ever have to leave us and yes he is a legend but move him up to Director level. Let him negotiate transfers and oversee the new kids on the block Van the Man and DB10. This would be the ultimate as AW will not manage any of our rivals. He is the Professor so let him teach the new guys. How wonderful would that be.

  77. El Tel

    This is how Liverpool dominated the League for 18 fucking years the Managers all came through one after another till the Mighty ARSENAL done them for good 89. The Mancs could end up like they were before that sick red nosed tosser arrived when he has gone. AW could be our Bob Paisley

  78. Finestcuts

    Yeah but that’s after he’s finished as a manager, the earliest that would be is 2011, meanwhile I believe we’ll make progress and get more points next season.

  79. shayed

    the only reason arsenal didnt win anything…is because we have adebayor!!!

    he is pants!!!

    i cuda scored the open goals he misses every game…

    he misses at least one tap in every single game!!

    if we had torres…i bet his prem goal tally wuda been around 40!!!!!

  80. Wong meng

    Read modric/mudruc maybe signed by Arsenal.I think he might be a bit too diminutive for the epl and could be unable to withstand the physical challenge.
    Yes I know he’s far and skilful but bigger built players have been mugged.

  81. ethan_gunner

    As ever i expected wenger to say it .. and here it is …

    Arsene Wenger has admitted that the 2-1 reverse at Old Trafford last Sunday, which halted Arsenal’s title charge once and for all, still wrangles. But he insisted that his team must aim to finish as high in the table as possible.

    Speaking of Sunday’s defeat Wenger said,
    ‘It will never go out of my system, but we want to focus forwards and what is in front of us,’

    ‘Now is a good opportunity for us to show mental strength and to finish as well as we can, as high as we can because second place is still possible.’ Wenger told the official website.

    I expected this , and it just shows how predictable wenger is ..
    and his lust to show improvement with this squad to save face !
    predictable yet sad …

  82. AFC53

    From the last few days i have noticed that we all want the same sort of players to grace the emirates we all recognise we need a GK,CB,LM,CF

    We should get rid of Eboue,Gilberto,Lehmann and in my opinion Gallas a legend in his own mind

    and the names we are all shouting about are basically all the same Villa,Richards,Modric,Kompany,Quaresma,

    I think the only way we all will get our way is to buy a copy of football manager and take control of our beloved club that way because unfortunately we all know

    Villa – will not come,we will sign a CB we all have never heard of anyone remember signing Stepanovs,Cygan,Senderos,Djourou,

    A keeper who never meets our expectations – Wright,Manninger,Taylor,Almunia,

    I appreciate everything AW has done for us and more often than not he has got the transfers right but heres a team he might not want to own up to

    Boa Morte,

  83. ethan_gunner


    i concur,
    You know all i wanted wenger to come out and say is he will consentrate on giving some youth a much needed run in the last 4 games, and keep 1 eye on the title race to ensure we maintain our position , and say to all the fans , dont worry next season ill be getting a FEW players to fill the gaps ..

    END OF !

    this,’ we will be 2nd’ theory , is just another act of denial which i stated a few days ago
    knowing wenger would come out with it sooner or later .. Im sure after the everton game he wished he’d never said it .. As much as 2nd would get a slice more of the money than 3rd , its still a losers spot ! What is more important is giving some youth some experience !!!

  84. Odub

    Morning all,

    Message for ScubaGooner, cheers mate, spoke to Tony and got the tickets for tomorrow’s game and will be linking his mate tomorrow.

    I’m off line from around 11.30 as I’m moving offices so if you need to get my no off Pedro via Bud.

    Anyone else going?

  85. AFC53

    Ethan, dont get me wrong AW is a fantastic manger and has brought in a new era for us but the last 3 seasons have been hard to swallow

    I celebrated like mad when we beat the spuds to the 4th place spot now i look back on it and think 4th thats not good enough.

    We have the facilities,Youth set up,Money,Backroom and Management to dominate for years to come but what we lack is REAL WORLD CLASS PLAYERS

    Come On The Arsenal 3-1 Tomorrow

  86. AFC53

    I have just read about Chelskis clearout and saw Maloudas Name on there I think he would fill a gap on the left

  87. Bilal

    tbh i don’t think wenger should go for amuari as he is one year older than a certain david villa and after what torres did here in one season, i certainly think villa can achieve and maybe even double that as i rate him as a better player than torres…so mr wenger please go for villa but if you really want amuari than buy them both…you have got the money si why not

  88. Danish Gooner

    Dont go believing all the tabloid tosh ??? remember the fake story circulating the web last year that landed on the front of the sun(cunts).Wenger have already stated that he wont by big and that he want the squad to stay together.25 mil for Amauri is a joke by any stretch of the imagination but if rafa wants himself another completely overrated,good luck to him.

  89. Danish Gooner

    ….and would Wenger please stop these prediction games.Everytime he states this or that he ends with eggs on his face.Wednesday he said that we had to go all out for second spot,thursday night it bacame impossible when chelski won.We have just blown the most promising second in years and then he keeps on with his stupid predictions that just ends in nothing.It is time someone but a gag on Wenger he must stop talking till we win the championship because frankly i am tired of all his bullshit.

  90. stevie

    U must be having a laugh about Malouda, he has been overley average this season.

    Aside for transfers Ive left it a bit late to get a ticket for one of the last home games…theres a few tickets availble for tomo but Im not paying £66!!! Never mind

  91. charybdis1966

    Anyone ging tomorrow ? I’ve managed to get a ticket,area 1. Hoping for a right, royal whooping for the berks from Berkshire !

  92. stevie

    Nope left it a bit late to get one, will be watching it at home with high expectations….we’ve been playing so well attacking wise lately.

  93. We hate Tottenham!!!

    Ok everyone, the thing I’m most happy about in reading these comments is that you all have the same sentiments as me. After I post this comment I’m gonna email Mr Wenger and attach the link to these comments so he can see that EVERYONE is saying the same thing! I especially agree with ‘TH14’s sense of arrogance’.

    When I was a kid I used to go down to Highbury ON THE DAY and go watch my heroes, WRIGHTY, THE MERSE, BIG T.A., LIMPAR, SMUDGER AND OF COURSE ROCKY, ROCKY, ROCKY, ROCKY ROCASTLE. We would regularly pay £5-10 and no waiting lists! I appreciate that the extra revenues we have now are supposed to have taken us to the next level but what is the use in being on the next level if we aren’t gonna compete??? Now I have a season ticket that I waited 8 years for and then had to pay £1300 for! Now that works out at around £50 per match (alot more than £5-10!!!) Now I don’t mind paying that type of money IF WE ARE GONNA COMPETE AND WIN THINGS!! We moved into a new stadium to compete with the biggest clubs in the world, we have consistantly got into the last 16 of the CL which makes us one of the top 16 clubs in the world, LETS START ACTING LIKE IT!!! This is how the simple economics goes, Mr Wenger has a masters degree in this subject so will know the maths already!

    1. A full Emirates Stadium for the 2nd year running @ £3M per home match plus cup matches (we’ll be consevative and say 6 home cup mathces) = 25 home matches which then in turn equals £75M. Times that by 2 and its clear to see that we have generated AT LEAST £150M and thats not including the friendly Brazil matches and concerts that we have at our new home.

    2. Merchandising – Not sure on the figure but its gonna be a good few million isn’t it?!

    3. The sale of players last year. In the summer we made £25M profit and then you can add another £5M from that idiot Diarra, Thats £30M.

    That makes £180M without the merchandising or the rental of our stadium and that is conservative!

    4. Our repayments are going to be a chunk but we re-financed not that long ago so what is it? £60M Altogether for 2 years?

    Well that gives us at least £70-90M in surplus cash and heres what I would love to see happen!

    Firstly I believe very stongly that we need more players at our club that actually supported the club as a boy. As much as our current crop is good, they won’t have the same passion a gooner would have. I don’t want to see Adebayor laughing and joking with Ronaldo after we got beat by Manure, what was so funny?

    Here are the players we need to lose…..

    EBOUE – A true liability, he has made us a laughing stock at times, doesn’t score goals and his final ball is diabolical.
    LEHMAN – Has given us decent service but with his age etc its time to move on.
    HOYTE – Just not good enough.
    ROSICKY – Too injury prone! When you are taking Bobbys place in our team you need to score at least 15 goals a season.
    HLEB – The only one I might convince can possibly stay, BUT he takes on the world and has no final ball or goal scoring killer instinct, which aint good enough!

    We need players to replace these lot and then we also need to add to the squad.

    Heres who I would buy……..

    ASHLEY YOUNG – A self confessed gooner, English, yet to peak, very fast, very skillful and great at dead ball situations!
    GABBY AGBONLAHOR – Is a brummie lad but WE HAVE TO STAMP OUR AUTHORITY AND START ACTING LIKE A TOP 4 CLUB. He’s fast, pacey, very direct and again ENGLISH.

    We could certainly use Rosicky and Eboue as makeweights plus about £20M

    MICAH RICHARDS – Another self confessed Arsenal fan who is the right age, the right strength, technique and pace to be an Arsenal legend plus he can play right back or central defence, ENGLISH.
    JOE HART – A top keeper in the making and ANOTHER, YES ANOTHER ARSENAL FAN!!! David Seaman was his idol apparently and guess what…He’s English!

    Again we could use Justin Hoyte and Jens Lehman to soften the blow to City plus around £15-20M.

    The last player I would bring in is one of the following 2.


    Either one of these 2 please and it will boost our squad no end as everyone has been discussing. Hopefully we can get a deal for around £15-20M for one of these. And maybe use Hleb as a makeweight if we really need to.

    Then we will obviously bring through a few youngsters:

    Kerrea Gilbert – Back from Cardiff
    Carlos Vela – Back from Ossasuna
    Jay Simpson – Back from Millwall
    Nacer Barazite
    Henri Lansbury, etc etc

    I strongly believe that these signings will add majorly to our club and this spree would cost no more than £60M, remember, you need to speculate to accumilate!

    As someone said earlier, we should have more of a say. We believe very stronly that we have one of the 3 best managers in the world, BUT we are the ones who pay week in week out, we buy the tops every year and programmes every time we visit. WE WANT TO SPLASH SOME CASH, THATS WHAT US THE FANS WANT. WE DON’T WANT TO SEE LIVERPOOL BUYING TORRES AND BABEL, WE SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THEM BOTH!!! WE WOULD HAVE WON THE LEAGUE WITH THEM!