Do we kid ourselves about the brat pack? £25mill Brazilian striker linked!

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Sorry for the delayed post, I’ve been experiencing technical difficulties over in Spain!

Well, yesterdays ‘come and get me’ plea from David Villa certainly raised the spirits but at the same time there wasn’t a Grover out there that really believed it would happen, though, never say never.

The last time the sun carried a ‘come and get me’ headline to Arsenal was when George Graham was in Charge and a certain John Barnes, who played for Watford, begged George to take him. George didn’t think the risk was worth it and John went to Liverpool where he went on to become the worlds best player for me he was better than Ronaldo, he really could change a game. George also had two youngsters, Andy Cole and Kevin Campbell; he sold Andy Cole because he thought was Kevin Campbell was the better prospect. So thanks for that George!

The moral of the story Arsene, is when a great player comes knocking, open the door, learn from the ‘Barnes’ mistake.

I thought Torres might struggle over here; he hasn’t, so that will tell you something about Villa, Huntelaar maybe like a Kuyt signing, so if I had to, it would be Villa. I think if we’d have had Torres in the side we would have won the Carling Cup and still been in the other 3. I don’t think Phil will become the player we want and Eboue is not a winger, Rosicky is a great player but his medical record is worse than Darren Anderton’s, so I would get shot of those three.

Lehmann has to go as his attitude to his own team is both appalling and damaging, so that’s 4 players, we need to buy replacements because we don’t have enough coming through the ranks and we were woefully short this season.

A lot has been made of the reserves and the talent coming through, but it wasn’t us contesting the final of the youth cup was it. I do find it confusing, academy, under 17’s, under 18’s, and reserve, but the two who stood out for me were Murphy and Wilshere, I wonder how long they’ll take to filter through, I mean they didn’t hang about with Cesc did they.

Finally, we are being linked with 17 goal striker, Amauri. He has a £25million price tag and it is rumoured Madrid, Liverpool and Juve are also interested. Apparently we have made it clear we will pay him £3.2 million a year. I’ll leave you guys to chew the fat off that one!

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  1. chris

    i think there may be some technical difficulties, as i type this the site is all over the place!
    i cant belive we have 5 months of will they wont they ahead of us but will always make interesting reading, perhaps its time to buy a EPL based player to bloster the squad, so fuck it, drogba here is my come and get me plea,
    got to feel for big phil currently, in an age of mercenaries its comforting to see he has heart and loves the club so much that he is devestated,

  2. nr790

    we didnt win the youth cup because of injuries to the main players such as lansbury randal and murphy and etc

  3. gazzap

    £19million for a 27-year-old, i dont see it happening. strange how a player that good playing in a big league has hardly ever been talked about. I guess he has never played international football.

  4. Finestcuts

    Kuyt can’t be compared to Huntelaar, Kuyt has scored 6 goals in 35 appearances,
    17% strike rate.

    Netherlands u21

    Huntelaar scored 18 goals in 22 appearances
    81% strike rate
    Netherlands senior team

    11 appearances, 6 goals (already on par with Kut goal wise)

    54% strike rate

    Kuyt’s Feyenoord form:

    101 appearances, 71 goals

    71% strike rate

    Kuyt’s all time career form.

    368 Appearances, 168 goals

    43% strike rate

    Huntelaar’s Ajax form.

    80 appearance, 69 goals

    86% strike rate

    Huntelaar’s all time career form is:

    113 appearance, 96 goals

    85% strike rate.

    Over the last 6 years Huntelaar has proved himself to be a consistent striker.

    Kuyt on the other hand only got 50 goals in 150 appearances at Utrecht before he moved to Feyenoord.

    In Kuyt’s last season in the Dutch league (2005-2006), Kuyt scored 25 in 38 games.

    65% strike rate

    Huntelaar scored 25 in 26 games.

    96% strike rate

    The same amount of goals in 13 fewer appearance, Huntelaar was already ahead of Kuyt three years ago.

    Find me another player with Huntelaar’s record and consistency.

    Huntelaar does bicycle kicks regularly to score goals, his strike is very accurate.

    This guy can score in any stadium at all levels.

  5. chris

    when i i clicked add comment it went all old school internet, but when i hit submit it was ok it is fine now and ive reloaded a few times, i think the bug is when you are the first to comment

  6. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    As I said on the last post, I’d love to see Villa signed up, I’d love to see David Wheater gone and pinched from Boro and I’d love to see Agbonlahor taken from Villa but it isn’t going to happen. We will sign some two bit french youth player. I have never heard of Amauri and would much rather spend 25m on the younger, more recognised and more proven Villa.

    What really cheeses me off is that this is our money that AW refuses to spend. The £1400 season ticket is my contribution to a fucking transfer kitty. Let’s say there are 45000 season tickets for arsenal (I know thats too many but factor in that 1400 is not an average price and the club level pay shed loads more) thats £63m per season on ground revenue. Add to that all the food, drink and programmes sold every match. We as the fans who pay the extortionate fees should have a say on who we sign. Genuinely I think Wenger should say ‘We have set aside funds for a fans’ target this summer.’ Every season ticket holder at the ground in the next few games gets a ticket with the chance to write 2/3 names on there and drop them into a suggestion box. Most of us would be sensible in our suggestions of who we’d like and when the results are counted and verified Wenger can go after the ones he thinks are most appropriate for the squad but at least he goes for someone we want. Fuck it, it’s our fucking club too and if I want us to take a punt on Villa and 20,000 others want to take a punt on Villa, then the board and AW can take a fucking punt on Villa. It’s not like he’ll be worse than Eboue or Adebayor.

  7. Pedro

    Finestcuts, we don’t allow players agents to promote their player through the site!

    Just kidding, nice breakdown though! Good video too.

    Would you not agree that he would be a bigger risk than Villa?

  8. megat israq

    Just focus on one player to play for us. VILLA is so good and surely he can do the best for our beloved club, ARSENAL……..

  9. ethan_gunner

    sorry Brazilian striker is the sort of thing arsene will probably go for, but at 5 mil less
    and younger, 63 goals in 3 seasons i think david villa has already qualified himself , if arsene doesn’t sign him there will be hell to pay !

  10. Finestcuts

    His first touch is better than Villa’s, he is a prodigy and I have no doubt he could get more goals than Adebayor this season, the risk is only academic. If we evlaute the speed and accuracy of a player, Huntelaar has everything going for him to succeed at top level.

    Huntelaar will score many goals, he’s a player we’ll all be hearing about for the next 5-6 years. This year is his step up to a top club. Schuster of Madrid has already identified him as being a clone of Van Basten and that is a massive statement. He’s been described as a cross between Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Van Basten. What you’d get is a proper fully trained, technically skilled Dutch striker that scores regularly. Top class Dutch strikers have shown their consistency. Kuyt wasn’t even the biggest susperstar in the Dutch League before he left for Liverpool. Sure, a 65% strike rate is good but he was never the best and never will be.

    Huntelaar is the only player to match Eduardo. Huntelaar is as much of a risk as Eduardo.

  11. DC

    I’m not sure what to think… And im really worried that Wenger is gonna be stubborn and rest on his laurels of recruiting within… At minimum, we really need a class stirker and centre back… Villa or Benzema would be perfect for the strikers role.. I’m not sure which quality centre backs are out there to be had to be honest, but someone in the mould or Terry or Vidic; someone who’s gonna throw their head at anything and give Ronaldo or Torres a good kicking…. As for the rest of the squad, of course there’s loads of players i’d love to see us sign, but we have a problem in the wide positions as I too, have given up with little Mozart and Hleb doesn’t score enough.. Perhaps Ben Arfa, Nasri, Diego, Robinho or Quaresma to come in and bolster the squad???… Oh and let’s hope the Flamster stays, but if he goes, does anyone else like the thought of Gareth Barry?? I also like that Migel Veloso, who’s a bit younger….

    We have to buy quality otherwise I can see players (e.g. Cesc) getting fed up with the lack of ambition and leaving… Not to mention that I think we need to write to the Arsenal board about reducing the ticket price if they’re not gonna start spending the money on the squad…. We MUST win something soon.. This is getting ridiculous!! Even the scum have more trophies than us in the last three years… That’s disgraceful!!!

  12. Pedro

    How many strikers have come over from Italy and suceeded?

    Maccaroni and cheese?
    That flop for Blackburn?

    Not many in the recent past?

    I’d go for Villa!

  13. DC

    Oh, and I don’t ever want to see Huntelaar in an Arsenal shirt particularly as Kuyt was seen as a class striker in the dutch league…. He is a terrible excuse for a footballer!!

    Are man!! I’m so frustrated!!!

  14. ethan_gunner


    Not only would i go for villa , he will go for us !!!
    and told the whole world !

    it will be interesting to see if arsene responds ..
    i think he might get asked a question or 2 today or tomorrow !
    I’m praying he will give us some glimmer of hope ..

  15. Finestcuts

    If Huntelaar plays for a rival team, I gurantee we’ll regret it, if he doesn’t come to Arsenal I hope he signs for a Serie A or Spanish club.

    Imagine if people knew about Eduardo before Wenger bought him. I can just imagine…oh but he’s from the Croatian league…can he make the step up etc.

    People were saying that about Eduardo when he joined as well….but Wenger can spot a top quality striker, and if he gets Huntelaar, I’ll have a strong belief that we can win the Premier League.

  16. DC

    Finestcuts…. Isn’t this the point?? We don’t want anymore players who “could step” up to the level… We’ve already got Ade, Theo and Eduardo in that catergory…. We now want players who are already doing it at the top level… i.e. Villa…

  17. Finestcuts

    Villa would have to make the step up as well, Pires himself judged La liga to be weaker than the PL. Villa would make it here no doubt, but so would Huntelaar, and my suspicion is that Huntelaar would score more. all those shots Adebayor scuffed, the easy goals we could have had, Huntelaar would have knocked themm all in.

  18. Isaac

    If we do buy a striker next year of the calibre of Huntelaar or Villa, we would be switching to a 4-4-2, as Adebayor can’t be dropped after banging in 26 goals, surely? If that is the case, I would go for Villa, one I would imagine with more ability and contribution to the build-up play. But really, it would almost bet anything Wenger wouldn’t go for either of them. The most “famous” player Wenger bought were Jeffers and Reyes (Henry, Bergkamp, even Veirra were all playing shit in Italy before moving). but PLEASE Wenger, we’d be the happiest set of fans of either one of them comes. Hell, I’ll be happy if Wenger buys someone whom I know who the fuck he is.

  19. Finestcuts

    Added advantage….Huntelaar already plays alongside RVP for Holland, they would make the perfect pair. Huntelaar would slot straight in, would Villa?

  20. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Realistic wish list in given funds, availability and pulling power from the Club and the dumps too….


    Vela [loan return]
    Villa [Valencia] £20m
    Wheater [Boro] £8m
    Boruc [Celtic] £5m
    Gilbert [loan return]


    Sagna Toure Wheater Clichy

    Theo Fabregas Flamini Hleb

    RVP Villa

    Squad: Almunia, Gilbert, Gallas, Djourou, Traore, Vela, Diaby, Denilson, Merida, Lansbury, Gilberto, Bendtner, Adebayor, Eduardo.

  21. ethan_gunner


    get them both sell ade !
    then we would have an up front combo worthy of the ticket price !

  22. choy

    people… we need to shore up our defence first… coz it really won’t matter how much we score.. we’ll end up letting in a bit more anyway….

  23. ethan_gunner

    DC we have bendtner who isnt ready as well
    what is the point of having ade 24 & bendnter who is 19 and is a similar level ..similar height – both plan B’s ….
    in fact i rate bendtner as far as skills above ade ..

  24. James73

    All this talk of transfer targets is great and I would love Villa to come but I remain (very sadly) convinced that Wenger is going to stay stubborn and stick with what he has, and he will prattle on about this amazing team, what a bunch of mentally strong winners they are etc. etc.

    The trouble is he will make a rod for his own back. Guy’s like us (I think I can speak for you!) do our observing and moaning in the pub, on the internet etc but not in the ground, ie we are not going to be in there booing the team and all that kind of nonsense. But not all fans are like us. If we have an average start to next season the knives will be out for him quicker than ever from some sections of our support and I am sure the media will be waiting to pounce on him.

    If he sticks with what he has I think he really is taking a massive gamble on the fans sticking with him. OK the AKB will but a lot of others won’t.

    If he sign’s Villa, as an example, and he does not work out, then fine, at least he will have tried and no one can blame him for that.

    I worry for him.

  25. ethan_gunner


    who out of our starting back 4 isnt world class ?
    toure-sagna -gallas -clichy ?

    these guys only started having the wobbles once we stopped scoring and started drawing .
    with song-traore -johan-and 1 more CD .. i think we have enough .. And lets face it , you have to score more than our opposition to win ! that was impossible with ade and co. since dudu was injured !

    the more i think about it the Birmingham game did sink our season !

  26. Goonerbeall

    Le Grove, so you forgot to mention Gilberto among those who should take a hike? He’s benn so pant you’d not believe he was once Mr reliable. Toure has also been under par since he returned from AFC and his partnership with Gallas ain’t working so we need two strong centre backs. A Midfielder and forward whose 1st touch and finishing are excellent are a minimum requirement.

    Another thing, we need to get rid of low quality personnel at our disposal: Hojte, Senderos are donkeys that will never become horses. There are others I just cant get on me toung at the moment coz why play people out of position when we have loads of people who are in squad but never play?

    We also need a midfielder who can play in different positions and be able to give Fabregas a breather as he should’nt play as many games as yhe has done this season. The sight of Adebayor chasing lost causes and visibly knackered or Fabregas and Flamini labouring in the middle of the park was killed our ambitions this season. We need strength in depth to challenge coz players at Manure an Chelski look more fresh and up for it while ours just go through the motion- taking lead which they imediately lose or some teams shutting us out. Why cant wee shut up shop anyway? This hurts like hell

  27. DC

    Ethan agreed… our slump started after Birmingham and we haven’t recovered… I also think that the team lacks real characters with the right mentality to keep fighting to the end when things aren’t quite going our way… The Flamster and Kolo are the only players I can think of who try to gee the team up when the team is down….

  28. gazzap

    I think the defence is a bigger concern than the attack. both need strengthening but the defence is first priority. nothing wrong with either Gallas or Toure but together they are not a good pair. we need to invest in a proper well known been there done it aged 25+ centre back who is tall and fast and costs over £10m. we will always score goals under wenger. we always have. we nearly scored as many as united this season and remember all those 4-0’s they had!! at 1-0 every time we look shaky. if we could be a bit more solid at 1-0 then we can go on to 2-0, but if we can’t keep a clean sheet at 1-0 we will never win anything.

  29. amauri

    I have watched Amauri alot this season.
    With better service than he gets he could be a sensation.
    He looks as out of place at Palermo as Anelka did at Bolton.

  30. Finestcuts

    Then, if we sold Adebayor and got in Huntelaar + Villa we would win the Premier league, we’d get 50+ goals altogether from the pair of them a season.

    If we were ever to sell Adebayor and bring in a superior striker to replace him, this is the season, his value has peaked.

  31. Pedro

    Interesting read regarding the clubs finances.

    I can’t tell if it is rehashed old stuff? The writer sounds like a miffed gooner though!

    Goonerbeall! I’d keep Gilberto, I think we need to stop releasing all our experience. I hear he needs to stay over here one more year for citizenship… as a Brazilian, that would be worth its weight in gold I’d imagine.

    Defence is definitely a big worry, lets get a big fucker in who takes no nonsense! Names anyone?

  32. Finestcuts

    The best defenders are in the PL, so we won’t be buying any of them.

    Laursen, Lescott, John Terry….we’ll never get any of them.

  33. James73

    I find it hard to believe that the Birmingham game really affected the player’s that much but it seems it did. Where was their mental strength? (Tongue in cheek!)

    The funny thing is we went to AC Milan ten days after Birmingham and played them off the park. There was no sign of anything being wrong there.

  34. Finestcuts

    We also had detrimental decisions made against us, but we still could’ve avoided defeat had we scored more goals.

  35. Ollie

    Do We Really need an Established keeper? Almunia is doing a good job, and Fabianski can jump up at any time, so if we got one as good as Fab, or slightly better, would that do? Do we need to replace Almunia as well?

  36. Paul

    I would prefer Villa personally, and think that we may be able to add Gilberto as part exchange, so £15m + Gil. I would take that.

  37. DC

    Finsetcuts…. I know we’ve had some dubious decisions against us… But, that’s football mate.. What goes around, comes around!

    And if a certain somebody had finished some of the ‘sitters’ that he has missed in most of the games that we’ve dropped points; we’d be sitting pretty at the top of the league right now!! The difference between a good striker and an average striker… The good striker only needs one chance to score… How many of those do we have at Arsenal right now??? Don’t say Eduardo.. he’s unavailable for a long time and may never be the same player again…. And I’m not sure what to think about RVP anymore….

  38. Pedro

    Paul, weren’t Valencia in for Gilberto at one point? That would be a good deal!

    Ollie, I don’t think we need a new keeper… however, Akinfeev looks a great prospect. With Fabianski and co I dount we’ll go down that route. Almunia has been solid anyway.

    James, the Birmingham game is a weak excuse at best. Its an ‘Arsene Knows’ excuse… that and bad luck.

    We lost it becuase we didn’t strengthen and our weak squad was exposed. I think that is pretty apparent.

  39. ethan_gunner


    yes we played well V’s milan .. It was a game that comes around once a season .
    it it was against a top team ! it was a proud night to be an arsenal fan ..

    But toure and gallas was striking up a good understanding prior to the ACN .
    But dudu got injured the goals dried up .. And confidence levels dropped !

    It must be frustrating for a defender to stand there 90 minutes let in 1 goal but cant score 2 down the other end at home ..

  40. Finestcuts

    It’s funny how in the Key battles, the don’t put Adebayor in…..the shots on target statistic would give us a clear indication of how many he’s missed. Hopefully he’ll feature in the future key battles articles.

  41. Finestcuts

    Maybe we could give Roberto Ayala a one year contract while some of our defenders are being trained up. Argentina’s captain could be just what we’re looking for in defence.

  42. ethan_gunner

    yes but the times ive seen him he looked solid and i think he must be 23 max..
    tall , i suppose you need to look within the EPL pedro if you want proven + experienced .

    woodgate .. ?

    Richards – lescott ..

    But you know wenger he will pool from france quite possibly .. mexes ..
    would be one !!

  43. brendon gunner

    Argh.. Amauri? wtf?
    i dont care if he’s the latest ‘sensation’ wenger found from his ever reliable scout. Arrrgh. I’m going mental over here.

    Wenger, villa or huntelaar will score and compliment our passing movements more than anyone who’s available right now. think abt it,Huntelaar and his bicycle kick goals, villa and his great first touch unlike ade and his shots on goals from 30 yards out. And just the thought of superstar players will lift the players and fans. I cant bear to see any of other teams get villa and we’re stuck with amauri!

    And since wenger likes to look at stats then he shld put ade on the bench. after the one particular stats on the previous post here shows that he had made 0 assist is enough proof!

  44. Trinidad_Gunner

    If Arsenal fans put up banners with “Villa” or “Huntelaar” on it or Arsenal shirts with “Villa” on the back, anyone think the board will be pressured to deliver?

    The calalans did it to take Henry, maybe we should let Wenger know that we’re not satisfied with what we have at the moment

  45. lc

    We’ve already got in Eduardo what Amauri has.
    I say to any Gunner, Huntelaar is the answer. I ‘ve watched the lad on Sportitalia on many occasions. He is not just a top striker, but a top footballer, two footed player and very good in air. He has already scored two goals against us in two games, one at Emirates Stadium and last year in Amsterdam tournament. I would love to see Villa, but the only question with him will be his price.

  46. alex

    i think we need to get rid of fabianski quickly.

    lets face it

    he gave up 5 goals against tot’h*m. yeah everyone has an off day but there is a reason he hasnt started since obviously and everygame i see him in he looks nervous constantly.

    we need to bring height back to arsenal. we only have one person to score on corners and thats ade.

    and defending corners its still ade.

  47. Trinidad_Gunner

    The one thing that would help us get Huntelaar is if we partner with Ajax, we would get first choice on players.

  48. ethan_gunner


    in no particular order:
    Ledley King
    Gonzalo Rodriguez
    Anton Ferdinand

    Rio Ferdinand

    Top 10 best defenders worldwide, in no particular order:

    Van Buyten

  49. goonerjay

    I expressed yesterday how frustrated i am getting with this constant refusal to buy big players.

    Our Defence is shody, We don’t have a single wide player that can compete with the other 4’s wide men, no quality cover for Cesc and not a single reliable striker… Eduardo will be lucky if he gets a game next season, RVP can’t handle more than half a season, Bendter is nowhere near ready to lead the line for one of the worlds biggest clubs, Theo isn’t strong enough yet and Ade couldn’t hit a pigs arse with a cricket bat and has the first touch of a builder in steel toe caps… something has to give and if it doesn’t i feel a lot of the Arsenal faithful will start to lose patience with Wenger and i am very worried about our current crop of players getting pissed off with no big names coming in.

    We have 4 games left this season to try and get our message through to Wenger that we want quality coming in this summer… any ideas?

    Thought you could all do with a chuckle:

    “Mr Guinness went out to Ship and Trades bar to meet Mrs Heineken a foreign national he met while in Malibu. He showed her his Mickey Finn and she went down to give him some Southern Comfort. He was delighted that he got the chance to Miller and put his Guinness head in Cider. He roared in glee as his Spitfire expelled his Snowball up her Jacobs Creek.

    She felt WKD as she lay there in Aftershock at their coming together.”

  50. ethan_gunner

    that list is a year or 2 old .. im sure anton and senderos shouldnt be on there now ..
    and richards and lescott should be added in lieu ..

  51. Big Raddy

    Did anyone watch the Copa del Rey last night? Getafe v Valencia. If you think we have had a tough end to the season, spare a thought for Getafe.

    Tiny club, they get to play Bayern Munich in the UEFA. Draw away 1-1. In the Home leg, they get their main striker sent off after 4 mins. Then Getafe score. With one minute left Bayern equalise. So the 10 men go into extra time against a team with a forward line of Klose, Toni, Podowlski and Ribery…. they should be fucked. But No….. Getafe score twice in the first period of extra time. 5 mins to go – Getafe’s keeper drops an easy cross and Toni puts it away. Last kick of the game….. Bayern score again to go through on away goals.

    Getafe and their fans are gutted but have the Spanish Cup Final to look forward to against a poor Valencia side. Getafe absolutely hammered them and lost 3-1 !!

    Villa was totally anonymous apart from a clever pass to create the first goal.But he was playing in a Valencia team that got totally outplayed. As a result perhaps Villa will choos to stay and Valencia can afford to keep him.

    Sometimes there is no justice !!

  52. ethan_gunner


    nice …

    Ade couldn’t hit a pigs arse with a cricket bat and has the first touch of a builder in steel toe caps…

    im lovin it !

    People are screaming about the denfens e and sure i think we need cover .
    but really AFC plays attacking football ! if you cant get goals in the back of the net
    frequently then we will always suffer .. WE ARE NOT SOME BORING CHEVSKI FC who plays for a 1 – 0 win !

    and with no scoring options upfront what did we really expect this season !
    the sooner you all come out of your denial that ade is good and bendtner will do us
    the sooner we can move on get some great players like villa .. van der haart eto etc .
    and start winning things !

    and yes we can get these players we just need something called money !!!
    but we play attacking football and 20 goals in 34 games just shows you how much we miss TH14 .. and yes TH 14 used to pass to other players as well !
    ade is fuckin bollocks .. HONESTLY ! Sell him now before he ruins our club !

    He will never never never change !!! you either got it or you havent !
    if you think he has it !! then i pity you !

    He has clouded half of you because of his goal tally ! REMEMBER he wont allow anyone else any chance to score whilst he’s on the pitch !
    If we must have a tall plan B option keep bendtner ! he is young enough to improve !

  53. Pedro

    I didn’t read about that Raddy… sounds like an immense game.

    If you want an example of what buying experience can do… all you need to do is take a look at Bayern.

    5th last year I think? They sign Klose, Luca Toni, Frank Ribery, Ze Roberto, Hamit Altintop, Jose Ernesto Sosa, Jan Schlaudraf and Marcell Jansen in a summer… now they are looking odds on for the Uefa cup and the Championship.

    Investment works if the right man does it.

    By the way, I only knew 4 of those players…

  54. norfbank

    lets face it all this speculation is just press talk. The one thing about all of Wengers transfers is they were done in absolute secrecy. Remember the shock of seeing sol Campbell being displayed at highbury. Trying to second guess AW is pointless, i don’t see him turning into a ruthless big spending manager overnight. What we want and what we get are two different things. Personally i’m getting ready for another frustrating summer courtesy of AW . sorry for pissing on the fire but u know it’s true Wenger doesn’t do transfer bidding wars.

  55. Odub

    Hello chaps….Word of advice.

    Never go for a business meeting in a pub at 11.30 am!!! Fuck I’m pissed!!!

    What’s been going on?

  56. Pedro

    We are talking about possible defensive recruits and we are talking about Bayern Munichs resurgence and how investment worked for them.

    Finestcuts has been busted as Huntelaars agent.

    Oh and Ethan owned up to being an Adebayor fan boy.

    Norfbank… Sagna, Theo and Diaby were pretty public signings. We knew about them weeks before they happened.

    Pub meeting at 1130? Sounds good to me. I work from home 2 days a week… I could get away with drinking on my own… it would be a bit sad though!

  57. Odub

    Mate double vision while trying to read a blog does not work for me!!!

    Nesta! Nesta! Nesta!! Nuff said, would solve all our problems! New captain, new defensive lynch pin, bags of experience, and for 20-30 mill Bargain!! Who’s with me?

  58. Trinidad_Gunner

    Roscicky was also known weeks before right?
    Long before the World Cup, which was good cause he was on fire and the price would’ve gone up.

    We need to sign before Euros, Wenger won’t pay inflated prices after Euro, and we don’t want players who aren’t internationals.

  59. Odub

    We’d get 5-6 years out of him, remember Maldini, Bergomi, Baresi, Costacurta all played till quite old (38+) Italians tend to last due to olive oil and fusilli!! (so I’ve heard)

  60. Odub

    True Trinidad Gunner , we need to sign whatever european players we want before the Euros! Any unknows in the Carribean we need to keep an eye on mate?

  61. DC

    And does nobody else think that Gareth Barry could be a good DM player for us if the Flamster goes? And what’s the latest on the new contract saga? Why do all of Arsenals players seem to go through the same painful process when re-newing contracts… Are they really being that tight? If so, perhaps the board would like to review the season ticket price list???

  62. Odub

    So sod the Villa campaign!!
    Nesta, Nesta, Nesta, Nesta,Nesta,Nesta, Nesta, Nesta, Nesta,Nesta,Nesta,Nesta, Nesta, Nesta,Nesta!!!

    DC apparently Gerrard has been sounding out Benitez re signing Barry for pool…cnuts!

  63. Trinidad_Gunner

    Odub i’d say our biggest prospect right now is Kenweyne Jones. There are a few that are looking good though.
    Up until a few years ago when we were in high school Kenweyne was a defender, but he’s looking pretty good as a forward. When we had the U-21 World Cup in Trinidad he played defence.

  64. Trinidad_Gunner

    7 goals and 10 assists, out of Sunderland’s total of 33 goals for the season. Without any service really.

  65. Pedro

    No way!

    He has been getting loads of stick from the sunderland supporters! He is ade without an eye for goal! He reminds me of Adikinbiyi… or however you spell it?

    No goal for 18 games… that is a tough sell for me no matter what club you play for.

  66. Odub

    So him, Nesta and Gomez in goal, and we’ll rule the world!!

    Someone please call Wenger and let him know we’ve solved all his problems! Big up to Pedro and Geoff for providing the forum for the unofficial Arsenal scouting team to sort things out!

    champions by march 2009!! with 2 months to spare! now tell me you dont like the sound of that people!

  67. Pedro

    I like the sound of that Odub!

    Well played, how do you want your bonus paid?

    Odub, did you know that you had your own piece of fan mail in the spam the other day! Someone took particular offence to some of your comments. It was an AKB member, but it was funny that you’d been picked out… they said that they’d been reading your comments for a while!

    What about Cannavaro? He will probably move on this year? Or Wright Phillips?

  68. Odub


    Pedro,I’ve never purported to try and win a popularity contest so fcuk em is what I say!! I bet it was after the rant I posted re the 4-2 @ anfield! Was the same with what’s his name cutting and pasting my comments from the day before, I tend to post comments while emotional from the previous day’s game, so I probably sound like a nutjob! sa la vie!

    Water under the bridge mate!!

    Cannavaro’s about the same height as Gallas and Toure, which brings us back to the same dilemma re short centre backs! Plus he’s not having a great season at Madrid

  69. Odub

    True DC. But we bought Flamster from a struggling Marseille outfit though, and Lauren (Ralph the legend) from Mallorca while they were struggling.

  70. ScubaGooner

    Cannavaro can jump better than both of those…..has a far better sense of timing… mind you, when to comes to gallas; so have I 🙂

  71. Odub

    Mate, KrissKross have a better jumping ability than Gallas!! Ok that was harsh, but what do I care? NO!! blame the vino!!

  72. DC

    Odub… Fair point, I just don’t want us to buy players who aren’t up to the grade and ready to rock as soon as they put on that beautiful red shirt… Is Kenwyn Jones really that good? I haven’t have any decent recollection of watching Sunderland this year so he couldn’t have been that good when they played us…

  73. norfbank

    nesta and cannavaro do you think AW would fuck up his tight wage structure for two 30 year old cb’s don’t think so scuba

  74. Odub

    DC you know what’s going to happen now dont you? KenwyneJones will now play a blinder against us when we play them next month!

  75. ScubaGooner

    The question DC; is can he be any worse than ade?

    Norfbank: I can dream mate!! Please let me dream……

  76. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Jones is a good player, saw him against West ham earlier in the season and he utterly bossed them. Sunderland lost but Kenwyne was utter class; brought it down well, accurate flick ons, good first touch, unplayable in the air and brought others into the game well….reminds me of another certain centre forward playing in the premiership! Yep, that’s right Didier Drogba. lol.

    Adebayor is so shit. Would rather have Kenwyne any day of the week.

  77. norfbank

    if wenger wants to show any ambition he has to go out and buy Micah richards young powerfull, quick, majestic in the air , and an English gooner aswell. Wouldn’t come cheap but you get what you pay for

  78. Pedro

    No… me and blogger Geoff nearly lost our seasons last year because of that… we thought we’d give it a miss this year!

    It’s a good line up though… did you get yours?

  79. ScubaGooner

    norfbank – don’t disagree with you mate but I think that’s about as likely as Nesta & Cannavaro….. more chance it’ll be a previously unheard of 14 year who hails from Mali and has been playing for 2 weeks in the french 5th division…..or something like that

  80. norfbank

    he played more or less a full season last year but has had a few problems this year but surely can’t be worse than rvp and tommy sicknote. plus he’s still so young time to develop

  81. ScubaGooner

    going to book tomorrow – thought I’d go club class 🙂 Real madrid game for me. Went to both last season – bit much to be honest

  82. Odub

    not sure about the emirates cup, might just meet you lot at the s&b, and get tickets on the door, wasnt sold out last season was it?

  83. choy

    lol… look at anelka now.. how many goals has he got for the chavs?

    i’m sure he scored more at bolton….

  84. ScubaGooner

    Odub – it took its time but did sell out – or so they said.

    I fancy club class at the halfway line so going to make sure – plus if I pay early it might help AW’s transfer budget

  85. Pedro

    I don’t think it was? If its a nice sunny day, it is worth a trip up there so we can bitch about how few signings we have made!

    There don’t seem to be many players out there who get away with injuries? Unless they play for ManU… then they are injury free for years at a time.

    Well played Scuba… every little helps!

  86. choy

    we’re all going crazy aren’t we.. when wenger makes a signing we’ll be scratching our heads.. trying to pronounce the names of the players.. checking you tube.. google.. what not…!!!1


  87. alex

    cannavaro is about 5’9-5’10

    gallas is about 5’11 and toure is probley 5’11 or 6’0

    so how would cannavaro help us.

    we need per mertesacker.

    6’6 and fast.
    hes 23 and already has 41 caps for germany with a goal from a corner.

    quick tall young fast and an aerial threat.

    my dreams would come true if wenger got him. probley cost around 10 mil. though but worth every penny

  88. Trinidad_Gunner

    Wenger won’t pay 30 Mil for old center backs who wouldn’t make him any profits in a few years.
    Honestly, we don’t really need them either, there are a good few younger ones who are just as good.

  89. Odub

    Was in Newcastle on a stag weekend, so watched it on a big screen in a sports bar!! Think I got the better deal chaps!! Ha ha!!

    Choy we’ll be checking who’s who africa!!


    Arsenal sign Equitorial Guinea captain Juvenal Edjogo-Owono!!

  90. Odub

    Cheers Scuba, just rang him left a voicemail message.

    Pedro please delete Scuba’s message to ensure the wrong elements dont get the above details! Cheers! 

  91. Zoom Lion

    The likes of Rosicky,Van Persie,Flamini,Fabregas,Walcott,Sagna,Clichy,Gallas,Toure,Fabianski,Denilson,Hleb,Carlos Vela,Eduardo and Song should stay.
    Diaby,Senderos,Djourou,Gilberto,Almunia,Lehmann,Eboue,Adebayor and Bendtner should go.
    Summer Buy
    Diego-Ronaldinho-Zapata-Lucio-Benzema-Amauri-Gomes-Lescot-Robinho and Micah Richards

  92. Odub

    Pedro they already have!!! Emirates stadium!! New Highbury would have sounded better, but no, they decided to sell the naming rights!

  93. Rtist

    Re: Amauri…
    I suggest all of you sit and watch a match wherein Amauri is featured (usually as the lone striker) for Palermo. He is brilliant playing for an underachieving team. Works his socks off for 90+ ..a bigger and stronger and brave…Forget Villa, Arsenal will never spend that amount on a player. Amauri is the real deal and would push ANY of our strikers to the bench.

  94. ethan_gunner


    we can safely say unless arsene gets hit by a bus , that ANY player who gets bought this season will be 27 or under !!

    3 year contract . 1 year extension at 30+
    I think the best we could expect is mexes !
    but could you imagine gallas on the bench ??? and being captain?

    HAHAHA ! as surely toure would be chosen in the starting line up prior to gallas our
    captain … I think your all stroking a dead donkey !

    He isn’t going to let gallas or toure sit on the bench ! he has more faith in them than ade ! and you’ve seen how much faith he had there !

    I would expect someone 23 – 24 who’s proven but still a work in progress and 1 or 2 years off peak ! We all know arsene … and he thinks he has his starting 4 already ..

    sagna – toure – gallas – clichy ..

    who can you see him dropping ..?????????????

    and this worked well prior to us having a goal slump !
    So i think defensively we are dreaming that we will see an overhaul in defense

  95. Odub

    Big Raddy nothing wrong with that!! I had an Afro when AW won his first double in 1998!!!! Havent bought a comb or brush since!!!!

  96. choy

    ethan.. when was the last time toure and gallas played together in the middle…

    arsene will def get someone “experienced” in there…

    toure and gallas’s honeymoon is over.. now they are back to reality… it ain’t working….

  97. Paulinho

    A defender that would give us aerial strength and overall quality would be Carlos Cuellar of Rangers. He won player of the year in Scotland and would be used to the pace of English football. He should be obtainable as well.