£100 million man to Arsenal! Who else could be arriving this summer?

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In the Times yesterday they talked about the shortcomings of Arsenal football club this season, the captaincy and of course, what might have been, they also talked about who was available that would make us a title winning team again, mostly I agree, but I’ve made a few additions, what do you think?

Zapata is a big centre back that does look good, I think we should think about this kid, Senderos is not the answer, he’ll never add pace to his game and his one customary howler per game has now become two, he has to go.

With the constant debate over strikers, we would do no worse than sign David Villa (He has a £100million buyout clause!), he would cost more than Benzema but looks the ticket already, Eduardo may never be the same and Bendtner may not make it, Robin is a liability so that leaves Ade and Theo, I believe every top side should have 4 top strikers to win the league and be able to compete for all trophies. David Villa says we are his choice as he loves our one touch passing game, the other option is Sergio Aguero who at 19 would be the right age for Wenger, but Villa is ready now, so a possibility.

Midfield, even if we keep Flamini I believe we need to add to our midfield, but we have enough young talent already plus the ressurgent Gilberto to cope, so add to those Diaby, Hleb, Cesc, Denilson and Song it should be enough, but we do need Wingers, I think two but I’d settle for one.

That one has to be an out and out winger, Robinho would be my choice but Ben Arfa would do me just fine as well. Rosicky won’t make it and if he does, he won’t last, so we shouldn’t put our eggs in his basket, he’s not a real winger anyway, another possibility is Wright Philips, Chelsea are having a clear out so he could go, he’s an Arsenal fan and he’s 200 times better than everyone’s favourite hate figure, Eboue. Another great option is Quaresma, I like him but I’m sure the big spenders already have him lined up.

We need a goalie, a world class goalie and Almunia isn’t it, Fabianski is way too young and Lehmann has done far too much slagging to be in this team, he also is prone to howlers so he needs to go. We should try for Buffon, perhaps now he’d come now he realises that Italian football is lagging.

Luka Modric looks too slight to me and if we have players like Lansbury and Wilshire in the production line we don’t need to spend huge sums on big time Charlies when we are adequately covered in that department. However if Diego came available he would be worth a gamble.

Which ever way you look at it we have to challenge for all the trophies this year, if we do, he needs to spend and this shopping list would go a long, long way towards it.

If he doesn’t want to seriously compete for four trophies next season, then he needs to tell the board they should rebate the season tickets holders for not even attempting to deliver what we pay for.

As I said yesterday, West Ham play pretty football and win nothing, but West Ham fans don’t expect to, so the West Ham board charge them accordingly, Arsenal fans on the other hand get charged more than any other fans in world football, that’s right, more than ANY OTHER FANS IN WORLD FOOTBALL.

So Arsenal, make your mind up, we’ll pay it if you deliver, you can”t have it both ways.

Finally, if you persist in stiffing us the fans and not spending money on players, you’ll switch young kids away from Arsenal and you’ll be open season for a takeover as the fans will begin to dislike you, so far you have the mob, but it won’t last.

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  1. Finestcuts

    If Wenger can take away the armband from Gilberto without whom we wouldn’t be in the Champions League this year, why can’t he dish out the same treatment to Gallas.
    Is it Gallas’ right to be captain or a privilege bestowed upon him by the club?

  2. Arsenaldo

    good blog guys – from all players U mentioned I like Gomez from PSV -hes much better than Almunia and Lehman and still 27. If 10-12 mil quoted is right I would say -GO 4 HIM WENGER!
    Zapata is good but how about BenHaim -hes very unhappy now and we could snatch him for not much as he went to chavs 4 free.
    Robinho I like alot but he is not in our spending league , Im afraid.

    As for strikers-I would love to see Villa joining us ,but I dont see it happening. As Wenger thinks Ade is irreplaceable, Bendtner will be ready next season(read it somewhere him saying that) , in which Im not convinced at all. RVP , Edu….. we dont know about them ,neither AW knows.

    PEDRO- about our little convers yesterday. I checked the facts you gave me about Benzema but they R not correct. 70 games -23 goals in 3 years is what you said, but His record is 50 games -30 goals for Lyon only this season-that from LYon website. I would recomend dont rely ot wikipedia too much as their info is not 100% accurate

  3. Paulinho

    I don’t think Flamini has been that vital although I like his attitude.

    On Sunday we produced one of our best performances and Flamini was nowhere to be seen. When Gilberto is awake, he can do things Flamini can’t, while the Flamster does things Gilberto can’t. One thing they both have in common is giving away stupid free kicks.

    Without Hleb on Sunday, we would have been in trouble.

    Players in order of importance taking into consideration squad depth and team style:

    1) Fabregas
    9)Van Persie
    11) Toure, Bendtner etc

  4. Odub

    Paulinho I’d move Gallas to 9 and move Sagna higher, we’ve only just began to realise how important he is now he’s injured. Almunia didnt even make your list mate!!

  5. gazzap

    both goals were Gilberto’s fault on sunday. he should have been covering the area between Carrick and Gallas for the pen but Carrick was totally unmarked. Flam would have been on him like a rash. Gilberto made the foul on Evra that led to Hargreaves’ winner. we may have played well but the key moments in football are goals and Gilberto is often at fault for goals conceded. I think he has played in nearly all our defeats this season (other than Chelsea?) and has only won a handful of the games he’s been involved in.

  6. Gooner from Pakistan

    Well I disagree with you. If that’s the case that we produced our best performance without Flamini then we can say we still lost didn’t we? And if Gilberto is the better one why Flamini was given far more starts then Gilberto.

  7. Arsenaldo

    gazzap-this foul was never a foul mate. Berto didnt touch Evra at all, but noone mentioned this . maybe because clever pricks from TV never showed replay of it…

  8. brendon gunner

    after reading all the comments here, i found out that i agree with Finestcuts’ comments the most especially the one where you said we shld buy villa(my mouth just waters with the thought of him playing for arsenal) and huntelaar. those two are proven goal scorers. at the back anyone big and strong like micah richards will do good. think of it, rvp, villa, huntelaar, walcott, and ade. damn, that’s much better than rooney,tevez and ronaldo.

    and i hope arsene thinks for the good of the club not himself!! arsene, a top european striker clearly declared that arsenal is his first choice team in england. come on arsene, do the right thing! please, we know you’re a great coach, please! please.

  9. Pedro


    I’d check that again.

    ESPN have the following Stats

    85 Appearances
    31 Goals

    I would recommend sending a letter to Lyons site administrators!

  10. Arsenaldo

    its mistery-3 sources-3 diferent stats:)))
    maybe OL lie and push his stats up to sell him 4 more money?
    I dont know.

  11. Trinidad_Gunner

    Wenger won’t sign Benzema because Madrid and ManU will be after him, so he won’t break the (big) bank.

    If we have to settle for 2nd choice (cheaper) players, does that mean we have to settle for 2nd place (at best) in the league?

  12. Geoff

    They may help with Villa if the others are after others! Truth be known he has no intention of signing him, I’m just hoping that Cesc has a say.

  13. Odub

    I’m sure AW’s signed players on other players’ recommendation, but can’t remember who it was. Any ideas?!

  14. agentmorris

    David Villa to Arsenal!!!???? Oh from your lips to God’s ear!

    He would be exactly the kind of player we need, given our current striker situation.
    That would be a dream come true for me. If we lose Flamini in the summer, we’ll also need a world-class holding midfielder. Whoever we can get. Regardless, Arsene must open his wallet a bit or we’ll go without silverware again, I’m afraid.

  15. Odub

    this david villa chappie’s only 5ft 9, does that mean we all envisage him playing off Ade or NB?! Because he sure as hell aint leading the line by himself is he?

  16. Arsenaldo

    I guess Pedro this is getting boring 4 both of us , but since when Americans know football( or should i say soccer -sorry)?

  17. Pedro

    I wish he’d signed Torres on Reyes’ recommendation!

    I didn’t realise Benzema had scored quite so many goals this year Arsenaldo! He looks good too… he is quite tall and his control looks amazing (youtube can cloud!).

    I don’t know why people think we can’t afford him? We can afford whatever Madrid or Barca can… we are number 2 in the world now and we haven’t shelled out anything substantial for a while.

  18. Odub

    Wouldnt count on it!! Seeing as our 70 mill then went down to 30, and now we dont even know how much he has to spend!!

  19. Pedro

    I think that is PR odub… pretend you are skint and someone will buy you a pint type behaviour.

    We seem to always get away with it, I am surprised Arsenal even release their figures… we’ll be the first football club to get in trouble for suppressing profits!

  20. Arsenaldo

    I really dont think we can afford him Pedro-especially from Lyon. They R tough negotiators-wont sell him 4 less than 25mil 4 sure, and AW will never pay so much money unfortunatelly:(((

  21. Pedro

    In an exclusive interview with Arsenal TV Online, Philippe talks about his love for basketball. He discusses:

    * why he loves basketball
    * the team he supports
    * being a basketball pundit for Sky
    * his basketball heroes
    * how he is going to quit Arsenal for a crack at the NBA

    I made the last bit up…

    What a stupid interview to put out when he is up for so much criticism?

  22. Odub

    I hate to admit this but, I have a sneeky suspicion he wont even go as high as 20 mill for anyone player! which means half the wish list above aint gonna happen!

    Anyone see Giles Barnes is up for sale? Anyone think he’s worth a look at 2 mill?

  23. agentmorris

    It should be an interesting summer to say the least. Hopefully not an aggravating one as well. But I guess The Sun can report whatever they want. Deep down as much as it would be wonderful for Villa to go to the Arsenal, as was said earlier we will probably end up with some kid from a French Ligue 2 side few have ever heard of.

    I want to be wrong. I really do.

  24. Odub

    What’s the point of the senderos interview?!!! Makes him look like a bloody plonker!

    I know what we’ll do, we’ll interview one of our players on a different sport and not talk arsenal at all!! Genius! stoggies all round!

  25. Arsenaldo

    tribal football says AW gave phil a rest,because he was wreck after his mistakes. So except he is shait phisically hes the same mentally- unstable. Phil why dont you try some other sport-because you r suitable for a centre only but not high enough- so why not rugby??//

  26. ScubaGooner

    Giles Barnes showed real promise and talent a couple of years ago; haven’t seen that much of him since – £2M is nothing these days

  27. Michael

    I highly doubt that Wenger would sign Villa, anyway I thought he was going to sign that Gouffran guy from the French 2nd division, now thats more Wenger’s style.

  28. alex

    if villa came to arsenal i would freak out. ade cant lead the line but i think him and villa would be a great partnership, villa would bring the best out of all the chances ade wasted this year.

    since rvp usually plays behind another striker, him and villa would make us probley one of the most feared teams. and then we would have villa with the finish and if the teams defense is to tall we could have ade to play aswell who is more then capable of being a solid back up.

    maybe this is the year arsene does us proud over summer.

    as far as wingers go, i watched the reserves on arsenal tv and traore looks great playing on the wing. quick, powerful, and can cut in or run down to cross which will keep the defense guessing. plus with vela coming back i wouldnt mind seeing an experianced winger but def. not a young one with all the talent we have coming up, because fuck, isnt that wengers whole plan. and this year might be his last to show that his system works.

  29. Arsenaldo

    Villa is a bit of Eduardo style player-fox in da box , so I dont think Venger will buy similar striker, or striker at all to be honest. In fairness we have 4+1 strikers for next year , so we r not buying one at all guys . Sorry to kill your dreams but thats the reallity…

  30. Gaza

    Three words… Ribery, Benzema and Richards

    And we need a clear out too… Get rid of Eboue, Gilberto, Senderos, Hoyte, Eduardo and restructure our fragile and error prone defence. Whenever Man U or even Chelsea take the lead I feel they will win, whenever we take the lead (providing we aren’t one down already) I don’t feel so secure!

  31. Odub

    Have to agree mate, We’ve got 2 giraffe like, one fox in the box, one technically gifted and one speedy gonzalez! Don’t think he’ll get a striker if you look at those options.

    He’ll probably draft Jay Simpson in and call it a day! Shit!

  32. BB

    arsenaldo .. Villa for a start got a viciously strong shot .. he is also a great freekicks taker..unlike Dudu .. Dudu wont be back anytime soon..if Wenger plans next season with Dudu in his mind, then he deserves to be kicked up his backside as hard as he can take it and more if necessary

  33. alex

    arsenaldo , yeah your right but everytime eduardo sees a person run at him hes gooing to be scared shitless so his confidence will take months maybe even a season to come back, plus re-adjust to english football ontop of the injury time. and bentdner is what like 19? and he barely gets first team time. i cant see him sticking around too much longer when he can start for the denmark national team but can barely get 20 min. in 5 games for the starting squad.

    but who knows what arsene will do because of the of the thousands of people that try to predict what he does over summer, i dont think one has been right yet because i hadnt ever heard of eduardo da silva before this sumer.

  34. BB

    michael .. Caen are playing in the 1st division this season .. but Gouffran has only scored 8 goals this season .. hopefully we wont buy him

  35. Odub

    ok so that’t the fox in the box out of the options category…I’m thinking we’ve got more chance the replacement will be Jay Simpson not Villa… Iknow how AW thinks trust me!

  36. Geoff

    He won’t sign Villa but he fucking ought to, he should be ashamed of himself for being so bastard well stubborn, if he’d bought Torres or Tevez we’d have won the league by now.

    Eduardo won’t be any use next season so nothing else will change, Robin will get injured in the summer and Bendtner will get pissed off.

    Ade will…

  37. Odub

    Dont forget Geoff we have Jay Simpson, Theo Rhys Murphy and Rui Fonte as far as AW’s concerned that’s plenty. We’re doomed!!! I jest!

  38. BB

    geoff . right .. derby’s reserves are some 10 years old icecream sellers .. forget it .. no relevance whatsoever.. watched the game against the spuds reserves.. the only 2 players that looked senior material were Djourou and Traore . no joke

  39. Arsenaldo

    BB- Ive seen couple of DUdu’s goals and they were crackers, as well as volleys, so I dont think hes shot is weak at all. Also I havent seen him take free kicks at Arsenal, but as a technically very gifted player I dont think he has a problem with that either.

  40. Matt K

    Need a campaign to get that spanish bastard into our squad one way or another!!! Shouldn’t have to put up with his ‘the current squad will be one year more experienced’. Fuck that, We’ve not won the league for yearrssss, we need world class sparkle!

  41. Finestcuts

    You guys crack me up…Jay Simpson, Gouffran. How about Gary Alexander from Leyton Orient while we’re at it.,…maybe Michael Chopra….he scored against Tottenham.

  42. Finestcuts

    Either Huntelaar or Villa for me, ideally both but it’s not feasible that Wenger would splash 40 mil up front for a goal machine.

  43. brendon gunner

    matt k, i’m with you to start a campaign to get villa in.
    where and how can we start one?
    i just dont want to hear another “we dont need another striker, we have adebayor up front who’s capable of…….” you know how the rest goes. Plus all arsene’s other excuses that we are more than capable of winning the major trophies without the likes of villa in our attacking force. it just drives me insane sometimes. it hurts to see manutd adding world class players to their already great squad while we sign another 17 year old french ‘starlet’.

  44. BobbyPires

    A class centreback (like Zapata from what Ive heard), a winger (might be Vela, but lets not ask to much of him just yet) and a world class forward (like Villa) will win us the league next season.

    BUT we know Wenger, Villa is too expensive for him.
    Anyway, Arsene knows, and I have a feeling he will bring us glory next season no matter what he does!

  45. BB

    arsenaldo .. in any case, we will never buy the tapas muncher as both his purchase price and salary tag will only be slightly above our bean counter’s figures

  46. QQ

    sell adebayor,, very bad finishing,,gilberto too slow, rosicky, hoyte, lehman go to retired
    buy villa,benzema,benarfa, nasri,
    promoted barazite, havard nordvet, lasbury, vela

  47. Matt K

    Get the Banners out Boys!! Villa IN!!! lol.
    A massive march from the Spanish embassy to the Emirates! Haha

    i’ll even pay his air fare over here!

  48. James73

    The place needs a signing like Villa to give us all a boost ahead of next season. And he is a great player and would suit us down to the ground.

    Unfortunately I am not holding out much hope. I am waiting for the old reasons such as price tag, salary structure etc etc to come out.

    One can but hope!

  49. kingsley

    why do people keep saying we should sign zapata? he cant even get in the udinese team at the moment….he is far from a class act. quick and strong yes but so is bobo balde!!!!!!

  50. J.Sanderson

    as much as i love this blog guys, dont get drawn down the transfer speculation bollocks route.

    We all know we would never buy Benzema, and signing the new contract confirms it.

  51. jimmyfingers

    If Wenger is making noises like he will spend money on the right player then maybe he recognises the fact that perhaps if he had more than inquired about Torres our season might be ending differently. He has a case when he points at the injuries we have suffered as a major contributing factor to our awful run in but every team has injuries and defensive fraility and a lack of real leadership probably are the real reasons for the malaise. We played well against United, Chelsea and Liverpool and scored first in every game. That says the team could have won the games with more solidity at the backs and more experience within the team

    Villa sounds like a great signing BTW. I’m hoping for an exciting summer and some significant additions to the team. Also hoping that Flamini and Hleb aren’t going to fuck us around. Flamini has said in the past that contract negotiations are secondary to the football but that no longer applies. The fact that he hasn’t signed yet means he’s open to offers. I’m not saying he wants to go, but he may use other’s interest as leverage in any negotiations. I say pay him what he wants

  52. goonerjay

    I think it is safe to say all Gooners are getting sick and tired of Wengers reluctence to bring in world class talent.

    Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd, Real, Barca all spend big and they win things… the last signing over £10m we got was a 16 year old Theo Walcott who 2 years later has only just started to come good… while all the other members of G14 are year in year out strengthening their already strong squads while we strengthen our reserve squad.

    Look at Bayern… Not won anything in years… make a few big signings in the summer and now they are top of the league in Germany and look to be favourites to win the UEFA Cup.

    Wenger… we all love the idea that we have all these exceptional 17 year olds coming through… the future looks good. But while i’m paying a grand every year for my season ticket i want success now not in 5 years time.

    I think Henry, Ljungberg, Viera and Pires all lost patience with Arsenal not bringing in any fresh blood to help… top players want to play along side top players and i fear Fabregas will eventually lose patience with not seeing any progression and ambition from the club and leave like the rest because he wants to play alongside the best.
    The more worrying thing is that if something isn’t done this summer is i can see a lot of the supporters losing patience too.

    Villa (one of the best strikers in the world) would be an outstanding buy for us and he is basically saying ‘come get me Arsene’ why would you not make a bid?

    A lot of people are saying we don’t need strikers but i beg to differ… we can’t rely on RVP to play more than half a season, Dudu i honestly can’t see coming back at all next season and if he does wont be til the very end of the season and will be very rusty, Bendtner for all his promise is utterly useless at times, several times this season when we have started with Bendtner we have struggled to get a shot on goal because he drops too deep and leaves us with no outlet plus he doesn’t play off the shoulders of the defenders so Defenders can afford to push high up field when he plays which restricts room for our midfield to create anything, Ade’s finishing is poor and his first touch is poor and reminds me of Crouch in the air, can score goals and regularly gets his head to the ball but more often than not has no direction to his heading, he just does not have the quality of the lead striker for a top 4 club and anyone who thinks Walcott is ready to be used as a striker in the Prem is dreaming.

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  53. Andy

    i personally think we should go for villa we never got torres and look we that got us lets face we aint exactly got a lot of world class strikers

  54. stevie

    Good article.

    The players I think we should let go are:

    Senderos, Gilberto, Eboue & Lehmann.


    I think keeper wise we should go for Gomes, excellent big keeper who we wouldn’t need to break the bank on. Yes also we need a big strong centre back, not sure who though. Also yes I agree Ben Arfa & Modric could be great additions to the squad. I hear Modric is similar to Fabregas but if hes that good I think it could work. Not too sure about a striker but from what Ive seem Villa could suit us.

    Yes the prices are expensive but Im not overly fussed…but it doea mean I only make 4/5 games a season which is ok with me.

  55. stevie

    Also forgot to mention Vela who will be a great addition to the squad next season. Anyone wanting to see footage of him go on youtube.co.uk

  56. stevie

    After reading a few of the comments above I have a few things to add. Ade has been amazing this season, along Flamini hes been our most improved player. We should keep RVP, once hes fit at the start of next season hopefully he will get back to normal.

    Also I think lots of people myself included have been a bit harsh on Bendtner. Hes scored a few & done well when coming on a fair bit. Hes only 19 so nowhere near his peak yet. Look at how Ade was when he first came to the club, hes made great improvements. I think we should give Bendtner more time.

  57. alex

    one of the best things about villa is he is spanish aswell and what better way to make cesc wanna stay then to add talent AND probley the best spanish striker in the last couple years.

    but above all.

    id rather see iker casillas come to us.

    yeah yeah almunia has done great whatever but. 1on1 he is suspect.

    lehmann showed 3 times against man u that he is better then almunia. maybe not as consistant, but def. better.

    the start of the season yeah he fucked up but come on he is 38 and it was right at the start when he probley wasnt even match fit.

    one thing our defense hasnt done THAT much is have people get a significant break, and thats just because i think we have the fastest defense aslong as big phil isnt on.

    our team had flaws this year but if you think about it. if this was stilldecember. we would not be complaining about ade or big phil(maybe) or gallas because we were doing well.

    and i dont think our players went down in skill. what i think happened is we just ran out of energy.
    so maybe, JUST maybe al we need to do is add a couple players just for depth. nothin world class or more then 10 mil.

    but then again.

    fuck that.


    as for goalies though, fuck almunia. lehmann would whoop his ass anyday. yeah lehmann is probley a dick but id rather have a flaw in chemistry and win then give 4 goals up to liverpool when we already had the game sealed.

    hugo lloris (http://youtube.com/watch?v=mBGezxHGsEQ)

    probley the sickest goalkeeping prospect in the world. best part? hes FRENCH.

  58. Mike

    Bendtner is not that bad! 7 goals and 7 assists, while Hleb has 4 goals and 8 assists! How many more playing time does Hleb get than Bendtner (not suggesting we should get rid of Hleb).

    RVP might stay fit, Bendtner and Theo have experience, Adebayor will improve, Eduardo’s recovery is going well (probably back playing proper football by January as I read he could start training as soon as September) and he strikes me as the type of guy who could come back better than ever. Rosicky and Hleb can both play behind the striker and Rosicky’s our goalscoring midfielder and will likely be first choice for another 1-2 years at least. Oh, and he’s in rehabilitation to fix his injury problems.

    That’s 8 choices for striker. Now don’t get me wrong, I would love to see Villa here and I seem to remember Jose Antonio Reyes’ buy out contract of 80 million euros. Oh and Valencia are mid table and the fans even hate them (booing at the Mestalla) so he could well be bought for cheap, but AW will not buy him when he has 8 choices for striker. He even said we don’t have a problem in attack with Theo and Bendtner having gained more experience).

    As for a winger, Hleb, Rosicky, Vela, Traore and Eboue (although I’d rather see him as cover RB) can all play there, but one’s kind of crap and two are unproven so I would like to see a new winger, but any of the wingers you listed would be unproven in England.

    And mate, even if they raise the price I can still see the Emirates being full.

  59. Alfred

    I can’t believe nobody mentioned frey…the keeper from fiorentina. he’s damn good and we need a replacement for lehmann.

    The other worries i have is that it seems like our team fail to function when cesc’s not playing….and i dont think we should have cesc playing games week in week out again next year look how burnt out he was in the past few games….maybe we should get a midfield playmaker? or should we bank on denilson, maybe even diaby? any players coming up for that spot?

    I thought maybe we could get deco…..i know he’s thirty but if he’s okay with not locking down a starting spot then he’d be great…..give cesc a breather once in a while….and he can shoot from distance too

  60. alex

    great point mike. i personally think a fit rosicky outplays any midfielder in the team even cesc, but if you look at our strikers. rvp is a winger or striker not naturally either same with theo

    leaving eduardo ade and bendtner as the “natural” strikers. ade isnt as bad as people make him out to be, but do you really think he is good enough to lead the attack for arsenal? yeah he had a good season but i cant see him beinga 20+ goal scorer every year. and fuck if he ends up being one then ill owe him a serious apology because i just cant see any of our strikers being able to put the ball away consistantly. RVP maybe but he hasnt had a full starting season to prove him self. ade had his season and he just isnt as consistant as he should be. bendtner looks VERY promising but his attitude on the feel makes him seem too cocky when he looks pissed for not getting the ball, which is quite disapointing because i think he could have had a chance to start, and maybe will not that the season is gone.

    theo would rather be a striker but i like theo on the wing, the cuts he does just scares defenses to death.

    but shit..
    lets just say arsene DID buy villa,
    who said he wouldnt do what barcelona did to henry and have him kind of offset like he is winger. because thats something i oculd see him doing.

    but its just a rumor so no sense in getting all worked up so for now im just gonna concetrate on our remaining games.

    if diaby’s suspension is over id like to see him start in a cm role with bendtner and rvp upfront and theo inplace of eboue.

    if eboue plays i am going to be utterly dissapointed.

  61. jimmyfingers

    I think we do have a problem in attack: a one goal lead after 60 minutes at Old Trafford, an hour where we were the utterly dominant side. RvP, Ade, Hleb on the pitch and only one goal, and considering our lack of goals in general in the run in means there is a case for bolstering the attack

    There’s always a case for bolstering the attack

  62. charybdis1966

    As I’ve been trying to say earlier, I’ve convinced myself Villa won’t come as Arsene will revert to type and be a tight wad.

  63. Pedro

    J, when has signing a contract ever meant anything?

    Ask Thierry what he thought of his contract, ask Diarra, as Cashley!

    Contract mean fuck all nowadays, especially when you play in France!

    A good days blogging people!

    I’m off to now!

  64. ethan_gunner


    senderos3 – eboue4 – gilberto 2- ade11 – jens 0..

    that would get us 20 mil or so..
    it would pay for villa …

    then spend 30 mil .. on 3 more players .roughly 10 mil each to get hleb quality +

    1 goal keeper 7- 10 mil (W’hams green for that English touch)
    1 winger 10 mil ( some frenchie obviously)
    1 central defender 10-13 mil (Richards)

    mix in
    vela – walcott – merida -gibbs -fabinski – traore

    with Keeping
    sagna – toure-gallas-clichy
    hleb-cesc-flamini(pay him the wages arsene!) denilson
    RVP dudu bends


    sagna – toure – richards – clichy
    theo – cesc-hleb- vela/frenchie
    villa – rvp

    gallas-flamini- vela/frenchie-fabinski -dudu

    Some subjects would be raised about keeping almunia
    as after he has kept for us all season i would say sell him whilst his price is good
    you might get west brom or someone who has just steped up to the EPL to flog him at a reasonable price . If so vito should be used .. OR sold !
    i also dont want to say ben arfa as he might not come but im sure arsene will
    scout thru France for another winger .. Or he might just go with rosicky if he’s ever fit .

  65. RassHenry

    Offload Buy

    Emmanuel Adebayour (Fucking useless) Karim Benzema
    Robin Van Persie (Injury prone) Thierry Henry (Just get this genius back to the Emirates)
    Nicholas Bendtner (Fucking useless)
    Tomas Rosicky (Injury prone) Hatem Ben Arfa
    Abou Diaby (Useless) Ricardo Quaresma
    Gilberto Silva (Times up)
    Justin Hoyte (Times up)
    Phillipe Sanderos (Fucking useless) Micah Richards

    Arsenal Dream Team :

    1. Almunia
    3. Sagna 5. Toure(c) 6. Richards 2. Clichy
    7. Quaresma 19. Flamini 4. Febregas 12. BenArfa
    10. Benzema 14. Henry

    Supersubs :

    24. Lehman
    8. Gallas
    27. Ebue – Right Back !!!
    15. Denilson
    13. Hleb
    9. Eduardo
    11. Walcott

    Cheers. 🙂

  66. AFC53

    Got to say here are my Ins and Outs

    Out – Lehmann,Eboue,Gilberto,Rosicky,

    On Loan – Djourou,Hoyte,Bendtner,Fabianski,

    In – any of these would be nice


    First Eleven,

    1 – Buffon or Gomes GK
    2 – Sagna RB
    3 – Clichy LB
    5 – Toure CB
    6 – Richards or King
    4 – Cesc CM Capt
    7 – Flamini CM
    8 – Villa CF
    9 – RVP CF
    10 – Hleb RM
    11 – Joaquin Lm

  67. Goona P

    This is what frustrates me most about being a gooner at the moment……………………

    I can’t see one good reason why Arsenal (Arsene) would not make every effort from now until start of Euros to sign David Villa???

    He’s young, aggresive, strong, natural finisher plays for Spain alongside Cesc….
    Valencia are not doing well & could use money to rebuild etc etc…….

    Seriously what are the chances tho?????????????????

    Even just that one BIG name signing of ‘Villa’ would have me buzzing about next year already……got a bad feeling this summer is going to be exactly same as last 3/4… which means David Villa will be prob be putting on a Blue shirt next year in premiership!! & no doubt making a mug of our inept No.6!!!

  68. gunnershabz

    David Villa is 25 years old and experienced, he has played in champions league, world cups.

    He is a small striker but amazing ability and he can finish, i was watching him play against real madrid him and Silva just toke out real madrids defence within 2 passes and he was on goal and left cassillas with no chance

    lets just do a £100m raid on valencia

    David Villa, Joaquin, Silva and Raul Abdiol

    then we will win everything

    today the mancs are targeting 4 players joao mountinho, miquel veleso, luis valencia and wilson palacios of wigan

  69. lulu arsenal

    100 millions thats big money and we know AW don’t like to spend.But we pray that he change his mind as there r many lapses in this team.

    First of all the players who must go:
    Our fucking captain GALLAS,its GALLASTROPHIC. What a mistake by AW. Toure was the ideal captain and now its flamini that has emerge. So Gallas has not his place as captain. And now as defender also.Against chelsea and united , it’s his fault. And also 1 times in 50games clichy gives a penalty , he goes, why he has not gone when he gave the penalty????I prefer giving a chance to senderos than this nonsense of gallas. Senderos has some level of progressing instead of gallas.

    Then the second one to go is Gilberto. He has served well arsenal for a long time but now he is not at the level , sorry gilberto.

    The 3rd one is Hyote. Nothing to say, its simple, he’s not good.

    The 4th is Lehmann. Almunia has take his place. 39 years old, its time to retire.

    These 4 players must absolutely go.

    Then there is some balance players
    Eboue, he’s good at right back but not at right midfield. Come on AW, u dont see that. The solution is to make him a back up for Sagna.

    Senderos is young and he can progress , give he a last year to prove his worth.

    Bendtner same as senderos, he’s young and can improve. At international level , he’s good, so he has something. I think he’s a bit lazy. He don’t work enough, so he has to work on that to show that he want his place.

    Adebayor don’t be shocked. Yes in football, if u have a ball in front of the goal , u have to put. He has not the killer instinct. He does not control well the ball. But he’s a good pitch worker, runs and press on defender. But he’s not like a villa, torres, inzagi. But i
    see him as a great backup. He has to stay.

    The players that we should bring on.

    Igor Akinfeev- Impressive keeper, he’s young and not very expensive. I think he will be the future best world keeper.

    Central defender
    I see micah richards who is good. Many talk about zapata , i dont know him well to talk. But we need a good one to work with toure. If i can suggest some central defender (pablo (atletico madrid), Raul albiol (valence), coloccini (deportivo), barzagali( palerme))

    we need winger. I suggest quaresma, Robinho(i dont think AW would buy him).May be van der vartand vela will come this year.

    Central midfield.
    I have heard of Xavi, why not?. Diego will be go also. and just for our dreams kaka who will fit well in our playing system

    Villa , villa and villa. He is transferable.He is very good in front of the goal. He is a world class striker. He is the man. we can bring also adriano who has the physical power to play in england and inter want to let him go.

    My team next season is:

    Akinfeev, Almunia , Fiabinski

    Sagna, Eboue, Toure, Senderos, Song, Raul Albiol,Barzagali, Clichy, Traore

    Wallcot, Hleb, Fabregas, Denilson, Flamini, Diaby, Rosicky, Vela, Quaresma

    Van persie, Adebayor, Edourdo, Bendtner,villa

  70. gazzap

    wenger has to do his business in May or early june. it will stop our best players wanting to leave if they can see that wenger has got a couple of top players coming in August. I find the summer unbearable when its week after week of no transfers when everyone else has done their business.
    If we have one more year of no trophies, our best young players will leave, make no mistake about that. Fans might be patient but players are not.

  71. Big Raddy

    Geoff/Pedro must be relaxing somewhere.

    I do not believe many will want to go. Only Mad Jens and perhaps Falm. But if he should leave, Flam is one silly boy. There isn’t a better club in the world than Arsenal. You can ask any of the other players who have left. They all seem to recall Arse as the best club in their career.

    Henry, Overmars, Petit, PV4, . They all say the same

  72. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    I was fairly convinced nothing could depress me in Arsenal terms as much as the last 4 months, but it appears I was wrong. I have just realised that the off-season is going to depress me even more…why?

    1. The constant speculation from now onwards about Arsenal being in for the likes of Villa, Gattuso, Ben Arfa, Benzema, Joaquin, Quaresma, Aguero, Richards, SWP, Henry and the excitement this brings.
    2. The slow churning disappointment as that list reduces rapidly into nothingness with Benzema joining Real, Villa signing for Chelski, Quaresma signing for Inter etc etc while we sit idly on our hands waiting for news.
    3. The realisation that the Euro 2008’s are meaningless for most Arsenal fans and all just praying that the tournament doesn’t cripple Cesc/RVP/Clichy etc.
    4. The countdown to the close of the window where we hear that Arsenal are trying for someone and that it is ‘50% he will come, 50% he will not’. As the deadline looms we are informed that Wenger has agreed a deal for Gouffran [big fucking whoop] and is finalising a medical. At the same time we will hear that Flamini is in Milan completing a medical.
    5. As the season starts with are even weaker squad it will transpire that the player who was 50/50 to sign was not in fact Gouffran but actually Villa or Richards or Benzema but that Arsene decided the price was too high and we didn’t need him.

    So that is basically the dreaded summer I am expecting.

    Don’t you love being an Arsenal fan? Oh and you can add to that watching Ronaldinho/Kaka/Robinho/Messi/Eto’o/Huntelaar/Pirlo/Nesta etc etc all signing up for Chelsea/United/Liverpool while Ronaldo/Drogba/Torres all pledge their future to their clubs with huge bumper long term deals.

    I might start supporting Boreham Wood. Less depression.

  73. Big Raddy

    THSOA. It is the same at every club !! MU fans will be crapping themselves about Ronaldo. Chavs – Drogba. Sp*rs – Bers. Pool – Gerrard. etc etc etc.

    Will they stay or go. Imagine how painful it was for the Scumfans when Sol came to us 🙂

    The bit I hate is the realisation that the club means so much less to the players than it does to me…..

  74. gazzap

    come on, surely wenger will buy 3 more 16 year olds! just think, in 2012, we are gonna be fucking good. shame most of our good players will have buggered off to Madrid or Barca by then!

  75. stevie

    The more I think about it the more I think is we need a quality centre back. Someones who is big, strong, quick & dominates in the air. Then this would help solve our problem of defending set pieices. Yes we will need a new keeper & maybe one attacker but generally I think our midfield is our strongest assest if a bit lightweight at times.

    Does anyone else agree?

  76. VICTOR