Least popular player revealed as offers stack up for star + Gattuso possibility

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So, I went through the comments from yesterday and it is pretty apparent the least popular player at Arsenal this season appears to be our 26 goal striker, Emannuel Adebayor.


I said yesterday I thought he would become a great player for the club, but apparently 70% of you disagree.

So let’s go through the pro’s and cons of Adebayor and see if we can come to a conclusion as to why Shannon Matthews Mum appears to more popular than our dearest Togolese goal machine.

What we like about him:

  • He scores against the big teams. For many years we have had to put up with a striker who was the greatest in the world until a big game popped up… Now we have King Ade who mostly likes to score against the big guns… Milan, Man U, Liverpool… so on and so forth.
  • He works his bollocks off. No matter how many times he fucks up, he just keeps plugging away at it. He runs up and down all day, he harries, he gets in peoples faces and he does it all without picking up too many bookings or red cards.
  • He briefly helped us forget about Thierry. Don’t pretend you didn’t think at one point this season we had found a new goal scoring hero. I certainly did, he was banging them in for fun and was neck and neck with Ronaldo for a while. People also love the fact that for the first time in ten years, we have an aerial threat.
  • We like the fact that he speaks English… but you still need subtitles. Have you ever heard anyone talk so fast in your life? I wonder how much the BBC have to pay someone to translate whatever the hell he is saying?
  • We have a great song for him… yes, the Arsenal fans made up a new song which is quite fun to sing. Kind of like one nil to the Arsenal, but more Adebayorish.

What we don’t like about him:

  • His constant reference to Thierry Henry. When I break up with a girlfriend, I don’t want the new one to keep talking about her… especially if I really liked the old one. I actually did a count up of interviews… he did 38 between September and February and in 37 of them he spoke about his respect/love for Thierry. That was a complete lie… but you would have believed it if I’d left it in.
  • He needs 4 clear cut chances to get a goal. I don’t know the exact stats, but I know Ray Gooner will dig them out for me later. People will say Thierry used to have to most shots on target and the most off in the Premiership… Thierry rarely missed guilt edged chances and Thierry would score half his goals from half chances.
  • He has an ego larger than Usmanovs fat gut. Can you imagine at 23 years old (He was that old when he said it) saying that you would keep Eto’o and Thierry on the bench if they were at your club? That is like saying I could whip up a spread sheet better than Bill Gates… my V-Lookups just don’t match up… just like Ade’s footballing skills don’t compared to Thierry’s.
  • That he keeps straying offside and it looks like it is down to his lazyness at not getting back. I think that is what narks people. It is an effort to stay onside, and when you see a Premiership footballer caught offside 4 times in 16 minutes (Cheers Ethan) it gets your back up a bit. Oh and while I’m at it, I don’t like the hands on hips prima donna thing he does as well… that really peeves me (nice word…).
  • His goals disappeared with his hair! That was a crap point, but it is a mysterious coincidence…? One for Scoob and the gang I feel.

Daphne offered herself up easily after she found out Shaggy was left mid for Arsenal

So my conclusion is this.

Adebayor is not the lead striker at Arsenal. Like no one expected Arsenal to contend this year, no one expected Ade to turn into one of the most feared strikers in the league. He has done a hell of a job this year. If I’d told you that Rio and JT would say they hate playing against Ade the most and he’d score 26 goals this year… you’d have laughed me out off of this site!

At the same time you can’t deny his dip in form has been costly. It’s great scoring 26 goals, but going along the ‘You’re only as good as your last game’ line of things, even the fiercest Ade fan would have trouble defending his form of late. It’s been shoddy to say the least.

For me, the disdain for Ade comes down to the fact that no one rated him before he started scoring… then he silenced the doubters… then he started trapping off in the media about being the best… then he stopped scoring… then the doubters came back with a vengeance.

Being humble can win you many fans, Ade failed to learn that trick from Thierry and now he is paying for it. So he either picks himself up, dusts himself off and starts to play like a man who wants to prove the doubters wrong again… or he carries on as he has been and loses his place to Theo, Bendtner or Eduardo.

That is what having a good squad (I use that term loosely) is all about, and if one of the others starts doing the business next year, I hope Ade isn’t too arrogant to realise Wenger will bench him (I wrote that sentence fully aware Wenger doesn’t drop his favourites).

So onto things of a more tranfer like nature.

Juve and Bayern are interested in the Flamster.

Who’d trust Juve eh? One minute they don’t want Flamini… now they do? That’s Match fixers for you…

‘We have not yet made him an offer, but we are thinking about it.’

Can we be surprised if he leaves? No way… He is 24 and about to embark on the most important contract of his career. If Juve offer him £4million a year and Arsenal offer him half, he’d be a fool not to take it… but beware the ex Arsenal player curse, the grass is NEVER greener on the other side!

How about this for some suggestive linkage… as Matty considers leaving… Gattuso may consider coming!

‘La Repubblica says Gattuso is seriously considering asking away at the end of this season.’

Why not, he is 30 (Chav Mak is 34 and still doing the business)… he would be a mighty fine stop gap if the worst was to happen. What the hell, he’d be a mighty fine signing regardless of what Flamini ends up doing. You couldn’t get a better leader in the middle of the park, he is experienced, speaks English and has more medals than most players in world football today.

It is just a thought, why not discuss it in the comments section along with your thoughts on Ade. It could be fun, and that’s what Le Grove is all about.

Have a great day.

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  1. CaribKid

    Let’s all stop complaining about Ade,. Yes he misses quite a few chances, so does Rooney, Torres and our legendary hero Henry. He is still learning his trade and can improve as he did last year to this year. Worthy of note is that he the 4th best in the EPL based on goals per minute played, only bettered by Ronaldo, Defoe and Torres.

    Not to say that we can’t get another clinical striker but it would be absurd to get rid of Ade at this juncture. He has proven he can score in the EPL but just about any other striker we get will need time to acclimatize and get their feet wet and who is to say they will score 20+ goals in the EPL. Another factor to consider is that he has not really had a chance to form a scoring partnership due to injuries of RVP and Eduardo and has many times had to play up front by himself. He also brings other attributes to the game Arsenal style with his pace, movement and defensive backtracking which had defenders like Rio Ferdinand saying he was a nightmare to play against.

    Yes, he needs some humility, yes, he needs to improve in order to become one of the best, but for right now he is still one of the top EPL strikers. In fact, ACTIM, the highest profile and well renowned statistical entity rated him as the 3rd best player in the EPL.

    Yes, although I have not seen the games, all reports about Traore at left wing have been dotted with superlatives as with with the second coming of a new 16 year old English midfielder Jack Wilshere who is already playing for the reserves a few months after being signed to contract.

  2. CaribKid

    Get your facts correct, Ade had 3 assists, Eduardo 5, Bendtner 3, Flamini 2, Hleib 7, Sagna 4, Clichey 4, Fab 17, Denilson 2, Rosicky 2, Walcott 2.

    Read that as you may as per the official EPL site. Only Fab and Hleib had more assists, and Ade is playing as the striker.

  3. ethan_gunner


    what ever makes you sleep better at night .
    im not conserned about missing chances ! i can live with that !
    its quality ! NOW that we are missing ! ..

    I dont think youve listened to a single thing people have said about the chump !

  4. Bops

    I think big man Ade has been terrific this season. He is the second best striker in the league and has scored just 3 goals less than Torres( incidentally T scored 4 in a carling cup match against reading). Rooney & Tevez dont even come close even tho i agree that rooney has more assists. So wat is all this criticism about ?? Yeah he has the big E bug but who hasnt.. I would give him a break..

  5. t-buzz

    Couldnt agree more Bops!! Iam tired of hearing how $h!t Ade is ,yet the same critics cheered like mad when he scored on sunday and against Man-Ure last season!! he Edu incident seemed to have shaken him and most of the squad who were nearby that witnessed the horrible tackle. I think they need terapy to get over that incident.

    Dont care what anyone else says, Ade’s kept himself fit most of the season, worked very hard to get where he is and yeah, he’s missed chances but so did Henry the Great and Ade doesnt throw a strop or blame others if he fails to score!

  6. GMR

    So David Villa & De Guzman want to join us, no doubt come August they’ll be lining up in a spuds or liverpool shirt. The moment anyone says they want to join us Wenger ignores them.

    Can’t say I know too much about De Guzman but Villa is a completely different prospect.

  7. t-buzz

    yeah GMR, that usually is the case.Ryan Babel’s a good example, he claimed a few times that arsenal were interested and in talks with his agent, only to find out that wasnt the case.I was really pissed off when he signed for liverpooh.

    Youan Gouffran and Ben Afra have both been linked with arsenal and wenger said on the arsenal.com site that he’s an admirer of Ben Afra…lets see what happens coupled with the fact Wenger has said also that he’s no afraid to splash out”if he has to”!!

  8. El Tel

    Enjoy Saturday big Raddy. How about Born is the king of Highbury (Brady) . Can anyone make up the words to a song for the Perc, try using Mercy by Duffy. Robin Van Persie Etc. Ade bashers you can fuck off. He scores tap ins eh. Well for fucking years people complained that TH14 and co don’t score tap ins and headers so what happens. We find a player who does and then say he is shit. Yes he misses shed loads,however he has played alone up top almost all season, another reason for lack of assists maybe. He scores spectacular goals too. Spuds away, Newcastle away. Ade also gets in to the position to either score or miss chances unlike some god like hero’s of yesteryear who hugged the touchlines when a CB gave out some punishment. Ade isn’t the best striker around but he will be. Hopefully at AFC. Other teams CB think he is a monster of a player and the red nosed cunt tried to pach him last season. He stayed, he is loyal and with a partner up front and a Goalkeeper we would have pissed the Prem this year. Theo down the middle with Ade and RVP floating around the edge of the box or RW as he did for NL. Keep Jens in for rest of season and sign any fucking keeper playing for an half decent team as they will be better than what we have at the moment.

  9. El Tel

    Big Raddy, Born is the king of Highbury ( Charlie George, Charlie Nicholas and king Liam). Walking in an Ade wonderland (DB 10s) song. Sagna you have been the nuts this year man keep it up.

  10. Paul N

    The first dude is a bit crazy! anyway we are close and believe me would have won the league given better and fairer referee decisions! we are third and cauld finsh second, now how could this team need that many changes? come on dude!