Ok boys, one last push for Arsene, one giant leap for mankind.

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Come on boys, don’t let the carpet baggers win the league again, either of them, we still have a chance and if you beat the Mancs, it’s all up for grabs again.

Ok I decided to use today to be positive and talk about how we can beat the Mancs, watch the Chavs draw with Wigan then lose to Everton and be right back in it when the Chavs draw with the Mancs the week after.

So that’s how it will happen, we’ll win the league and be happy again. Then we’ll have the summer months to ponder the transfer news and which special player we’ll sign.

Firstly though to make any of this fantasy happen we have to do part one, which is beating the Mancs.

We can do that if we play like we did at Liverpool, but without conceding, how you may ask, will that happen, if we play Philipe Senderos? I don’t know, I have to be honest, but I think he’ll go back to a back four of Eboue, Kolo, Gallas and Clichy, with a midfield of Hleb, Cesc, Gilberto and Theo, with Robin and Ade up front.

He may well put Song in the midfield or Djourou at the back, but I really don’t know how fit they are.

Does make you wonder though, if I’m struggling to find a team, how we can be signing just one player.

So, at them from the off, like we did at Liverpool and Chelsea, fight for every ball, shut them down, but this time try not to concede. If we can do that, we may well upset the apple cart, and go on and surprise the fuck out of everyone this season.

I would love to see the looks on the BBC muppets faces on Match of the day if we won the league.

Have a great Saturday Grovers, there’s lots to ponder

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  1. Ollie

    Relying on the results of the other teams is a bit shaky, but its the only chance we have. The Chavs and Mancs are pretty even on orm at the moment, so i think a draw is likely. Everton will fight to the death – remember how close they were to snatching 4th? its not entirely out of the question! oh, by the way, i was looking at the fixtures, and it skips a week. Anyone know why, or was the fixtures i was looking at wrong?

  2. Gooner7

    we have nothing to lose now..

    win and get back into the title race..

    lose, but take heart from the season, and work on the weaknesses, and go for it next season..

    come on lads..

  3. GMR

    Geoff, you & Pedro do a fantastic job with a great blog, but even I have to call you on this post. You have put an optomistic spin on this match which is great for the ‘Arsene Knows’ lot but this blog is all about the truth. Just from you’re comments over the past couple of days I can tell you don’t believe for 1 second we can do anything this season or in this match.

    My only hope is that we can catch Chelski for 2nd place & avoid the damn CL qualifier as that instantly means 2 extra games & having a league match postponed!!

  4. Ollie

    correction, i skipped a page. keep up the good work Geoff and Pedro! We need to remail positive atleast until the start of next season!

  5. Loudspeaker :E

    You really think Arsene would buy one? That would too much for him, i guess he would be another 19 yr old midfielder from belgium 🙁

  6. Big Raddy

    I like the positive spin today. Sure, I am aware of the problems inherent in the SQUAD. But, I believe that had Dudu/RvP stayed fit we would have won the league.

  7. Geoff

    I put the positive spin on because the weekend brings out all the you know who’s and it’s difficult to police.

    It’s also our last chance so I thought I’d give it a try!

    I defy the Arsene knows mob to defend yesterdays ‘I’ll only buy one’ conference.

  8. GunnerPete

    Hi …sadly AW has confirmed to us that in his mind its better to finish galant but pretty losers. I agree with BRaddy, that if we had had a ful team for most of the season we would have walked the league and cups, but we never do have a full team EVER. Worse still it seems that Arsene looks at his squad and assumes that we will have them all around for the best part of 40 games. It has never happened since George left. Why we get so many injuries in training is a mystery and why they take months not days to mend is another.

    Having said the Bleedn obvious Ill finsih with another fact. Arsene mistakes have always been that he does not understand how important an airtight defence is. He never has and never will. The only time AFC have won a lot under AW is whist we still had the remnents of the fab six at the club. Sincethe last one went we have seen the development of the best outfield football in Europe with the most unstable & soft centre since Blockley (and if you dont remember himthink Stepanovs, but slower.)

    Arsene is already boasting that he will only look for one experienced player. Well thats it then, in will come someone like Zapata or Thuram, in Arsenes eyes to shore up the defence. I agree Aw is the greatest but he in obstinate and this time unless he is conning the press and us, we will come up short towards February next year again.


  9. Finestcuts

    Adebayor can do a sing along n all. If they lose, put it on in the dressing room after the game and make em all sing it afterwards.

  10. jimmyfingers

    Seems like I missed all the fun over the last few days. having read through the comments section and found my way to 1979’s blog I just gotta say:

    Aren’t we all Arsenal fans? That someone comes and marches onto our blog, lets debate turn into arguement, gets banned then runs back to his blog to whip up the three people that read it into unleahing various profanities toward us beggars belief. How does that line go:
    Wife: come to bed dear.
    Husband: no
    Wife: why not?
    Husband: because someone on the internet is WRONG

    Anyway, back to the good stuff. Gotta hope we can spring a surprise tomorrow, although Flam out ain’t the best. Whatever the result, and even if we win the league, I still believe there is a lot of rebuilding to do, and question marks over Le Boss. Someone talked about bring in the Mr Arsnal and the Iceman as supplement to Arsene and to me that’s like the dream ticket

  11. Finestcuts

    I think today’s game will have goals in it, both teams are looking for all 3 and won’t settle for less, I can’t see a draw today. If we win today, win all our matches, Chelsea do us a favour AND someoone else does a favour against Chelsea, then we win the title. 1% chance.

  12. Finestcuts

    Manyoo have Blackurn away….local Derby, Blackburn could get a draw.
    Then Stamford bridge away, Chelsea could beat Manyoo. They have West, then Wigan away, so the can drop points in any of their upcoming games,. We need all 3 to be in it tomorrow.

    Chelsea have Everton and Newcastle away, they could drop points at either Goodison or St. James’s.

    The only way is to go on a winning streak starting from today. Every games is like this until we lose.

    Kenyon is already talking of Grant’s style being not entertaining enough, I wonder who theirr next manager could be.

  13. jimmyfingers

    For once Fergie being quite gracious about Arsenal, citing injuries as the reason for our poor form. Unlike the fans, who claim United ‘broke’ us at Old Trafford in the Cup

  14. Finestcuts

    Jimmy, I don’t think anyone think Manyoo broke us, it showed we were deficient in many areas. Since Eduardo has been injured, Adebayor’s PL goals have dried up, we haven’t had a top striker availvble to play with him, hopefully RVP will stay with Adebayor up front for the rest of the season.

  15. Chipo

    Hi guys, havent been on for a while due to the grieving process. I think the recent posts on this site have been a little too pessimistic (apart from this one).. I for one am very excited about this team and what it can achieve. Yes it needs a bit of strengthening but Manure only bought 3 players in the summer- with a couple of new faces we can run away with it.

    Just remember that in the 88th minute against Birmingham we were GOING 8 POINTS CLEAR. That pen was the turning point, and if that doesnt happen (or its not given) imo we wouldve won the league already. As it turns out luck was against us and now people are calling for Wenger’s head. Bullshit. I think its pretty sad that some people are that short sighted. (this is a generalisation- not aimed at anyone)

    I think we can beat man U, but i dont think we will. Wenger will start with 4 5 1 as usual – Eboue, Fab, Gilberto, Hleb, Walcott across the middle hopefully. Im doubtful, but we can do it.

    Come on you reds

  16. BB

    chipo .. this is exactly what is wrong .. you think we can , but then you say we wont
    same as with the Pool game.. thats not good enough..İ am afraid
    we want to win .. we need to improve
    our performances since the turn of the year have been both poor fron a football point of view and unsuccessful .. lets be honest.. we dont create 10 chances a game anymore
    we struggle to find our firing power and on top, Kolo lost the plot
    any how, anybody commenting on the Hleb story
    Channel4 says on their website that a deal has been agreed with İnter ..

  17. Big Dave

    Good cause for Excitemnt next season….

    As a life long gooner and season ticket holder, I like the rest of you have been very down lately, I’m currently doing the knowledge and finding our results are affecting my results.

    Anyhow after sifting through the various rumours and stories from todays papers/blogs/websites, I suddenly felt very optimistic for next season.

    I feel we have overachieved this year and was thinking we would struggle a little to stay in the top 4, but if you take a step back we have had a great season, and who knows without injurys to key players we may well still be top of the league and in champions lge.

    Anyway next season we will be getting Fran Merida,Carlos Vela back (more kids I hear you say) but I have seen these guys in action and they loook very good.

    I believe arsene will sign 2/3 players max. looks like Ben Arfa will be one, I would like to see a Micah Richards type all rounder deffender brought in and an out an out right footed Striker (ian wright mould)

    Jens,Bert (great servant),And Eboue (please god let him go) will be off.

    With impact players like Walcott and Vela to come off the bench.

    Denilson,Diaby,Bendtner pushing hard…We really do have a good squad, capable of winning the lot…

    So keep the faith gooners next year could be our finest, Just need a bit of luck with injurys!

    Imagine Ronaldo Broke his leg few months ago , would united be where they are now?!?

    You need a hell of a lotta luck!

    Be Lucky Gooners

  18. ethan_gunner


    I agree might as well be hopefully one last time ..
    i’m sure even the U know who’s , will SHUT THE F### UP !
    after this game ..

    They are all holding out for this game .. their chance to say:-

    was Prophesied and will hold true …
    All non -believing fans will be burned at the stake
    after the game !

    by lord wenger !

    I Gotta say the wish list of game results is close to a bible tale !
    i wonder if we had a punt at sports bet .. how much the odds are on your above wish list coming true.. Sorry im a gambling man .. and the only thing i can see happen even if we do beat them is open the door for chelsea to win..

    Some people might call it doom and gloom . Im calling it getting ready for the fall !

    Arsene is also borderline lunacy if he thinks 1 signing will turn this team around ! what area arsene ? striker ? goal keeper ? a Much needed additional defender ? a winger ?
    Fuck the signing better be multi-tasking thats all i can say ..

    I think its fair to say gilberto is leaving , im sure after mid weeks comments jens is already packing ! and senderos and even gallas and flamini look in doubt ..
    and lets not mention dudu who is out for a long time !!! total 6 !

    All replaced by 1 $35 million signing !

    brilliant !

  19. GMR

    He didn’t say it was going to be an expensive signing, just an experienced one. Cygan was experienced when he arrived & its probably someone cheap like him that Wenger is after!!

    Chipo makes the point that we nearly went 8 points clear, fair enough, but nearly isn’t actually doing & since then we have gone on the worst run since Wenger arrived. So he was nearly a success but ultimately he WAS a failure, sounds like the Spuds to me!!

  20. ScubaGooner

    On a positive note – 3 -1 win for us tomorrow; if we can show the same spirit as Tuesday night and hold it tight at the back it shouldn’t be too much to expect, should it?

    I’d go with –

    Eboue/Gallas/Swiss Phil/Clichy

    4 4 2 –

    I’m going with Eboue over Toure/ Senderos over Toure – surely Phil can’t play as badly as he did Tuesday night? And as much as I don’t like the cunt I think Eboue is better at RB than Toure right now.

    Bendtner over ade cos right now he’s better at winning the ball, holding it and then maybe just maybe finding Theo/Hleb/Cesc or RvP with it. I know I’ll get slaughtered for him being in but hey ade ain’t on it and he ain’t gonna be – just how many chances do we give him?

    I’m not sure RvP is going to be totally fit but this is a shit or bust game and I strongly believe that we need to take it to the mancs no holds barred!!

    Even if we win tomorrow I don’t think the title will come our way – we blew that several games ago but by beating the mancs in a great game of football we can restore loads of much needed confidence and belief – and given 2/3 superb AW signings in the summer; we’ll have the platform to do it next season and beyond!!!!

  21. ethan_gunner


    Chipo makes the point that we nearly went 8 points clear

    yes we nearly signed berbatov – torres – yaya too
    Yes great thats something to hold onto when we are 4th spot come end of the season looking back on it all ! ade nearly scored goals for us too in the last 11 games !

    chipo is right about something NEARLY describes our season !

  22. ethan_gunner


    i think wenger will go with eboue- toure-gallas-clichy .
    its hardly earth shattering against the likes of Man U .
    with bert mopping up at the back ..

    As long as Theo starts we always have a chance to score !
    my only Saviour is Theo .. play him for 90 minutes and we always
    will have a chance ..

    I thought we were doomed V’s liverpoo at home ..
    so its not surprising that ill go for a home win for the Manure boys. 3-1
    .. Id like to think with my heart and not my head ..
    but reality takes preference over fantasy ..
    With inner turmoil at the club and alike currently .
    with half of the players wanting out .. Cesc, flamini,hleb,bert,jen’s.
    and lack of respect for gallas , i cant see any team unity !

    Unless all our team take a Ac milan pill 2nd leg , i cant see anything but a
    Man’ure win .. remember they’ve let in 5 home goals all season !!!!!

  23. mark

    Be as optimistic as you like ..but the reality is we are not good enough …and for Wenger to continue to talk as though we are ..and only looking to bring in one pl;ayer next year …meaning we will continue not to be good enough season after season …is an insult to our intelligence and our football knowledge ………. being a fan does not (necessarily) mean being an idiot and to treat us as such is an insult.

  24. nr790

    one thing ive been noticing is how a lot of players dont pass to wallcot that much , after watching a few matches with wallcot cameos i have seen that every team puts about three players on him as soon as he gets the ball

  25. ethan_gunner

    here here mark !

    we all expect much more from arsene !
    he was a proven winner 4/5 years ago !
    im so disappointed he thinks his way is working !!

    borderline lunacy !
    you reap what you sow !
    this is the end product !
    of 3 fruitless years !

    Average players that have a good understanding ..

  26. Evo in OZ

    nr790 – ill back you up on that one mate, he sits out on the wing and has a picnic as no one passes the ball to him!

  27. Malaga Gooner

    Tomorrow we have to just go for it. There is nothing to lose. Relying on not one but two teams to mess up is difficult. If we do win tomorrow we will win the other four games but will it be enough???

    It is ckear that we have been in the end of some dodgy decisions over the last two months but I totally agree with Tom Watt that we should have finished games off and these decisions would have not affected us.

    Missing clear chances, not passing when we should, overplaying things, looking like giraffes on ice in the opponents goal mouth, falling asleep when defending etc etc

    Team tomorrow has to be
    Eboue Toure Gallas Clighy
    Theo Cesc Gilberto Hleb RVP

    Flood the midfield and get forward hoping that Ade will hold the ball up!

    Come on you gooners!!!!

  28. ethan_gunner

    dead right evo ,
    He’s wasted sitting out there !
    and then the arsene knows best brigade say , he’s great as an impact sub !
    but when he starts a game he’s useless .. Yes thats because he never gets
    passed too ! they all are looking for ade ! with hleb and cesc cutting thru the middle what do you expect ?

    He needs to sit behind RVP ! then watch him go !!!

  29. mark

    Yes Ethan .. you’re quite right when you say this IS the end product. A lot of us have continued to say that we can’t keep calling these players kids anymore and that they are still learning their trade. They have played in some of the biggest games on the biggest stages and have been found wanting. This is the end product ..we either stick with it or we change. It appears Wenger prefers the former …but at what cost to Arsenal Football Club and at what gain to the likes of Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea over the next few seasons.

  30. ScubaGooner

    nr790 – yeah i’ve spotted that one ; I sometimes wonder if Theo is on our team!!

    Ethan- I’ve taken a whole bottle of Milan awayday pills!! 🙂 I’m heading up there tomorrow after Tuesday I needd to convince myself the trip is worth the effort!!

    I do think a win is possible; this is Arsenal remember – so always expect the unexpected!!

  31. GMR

    To be honest in the build up to this game I’ve never been so relaxed. If we lose as I fully expect then we’ll still finish in 3rd place because we will beat teams like reading & derby & if we win its just an unexpected bonus so I’m completely stress free for once!!

  32. Geoff

    Ha, Ha, great analogy Jimmy! Ethan I hope I’m wrong but however positive I try and think it keeps coming back to me we’re not deep enough with the players we have.

    Chipo the Birmingham game and 8 points clear, bang on, but we didn’t did we, why, because our defence wasn’t good enough and Ade didn’t think team, he still doesn’t.

    The Dudu thing would have made me more determined, not less, so that can’t be an excuse.

    We need more players, as someone said ManU only signed 3 players, all world class, I think Tevez, Hargreaves and Anderson, but they also got Nani and that makes 4, but fuck me, they won the league, we didn’t.

  33. ethan_gunner

    scuba .

    I spose you have to think about if we do win and you didnt go !
    you would regret it ! keep the faith !
    But dont put any money on the game unless its with Man U 8)


    i think its because we know that its over …
    i mean if we do with the chev’s and man U are 3 points ahead .
    they play each other the week after , so one of them for the next 2 weeks
    will get 6 points in all probability ..

    We screwed our season up about 4 or 5 games ago !
    its still mathematically possible ! but highly improbable .

    The classic was just prior to the liverpoo EPL game arsene came out and said
    5 wins and a draw will win it for us !
    90 minutes later ! well arsene you got the draw out of the way !
    well done !

  34. Geoff

    Sorry Grovers, I feel a bit like Theo today, a bit in and out! if any new bloggers have to wait, my apologies, I’ll keep checking to see if anyone is awaiting moderation, talk soon.

  35. ethan_gunner


    the real reason is obvious !
    why im so deflated ! we played Tuesday with a SUPPOSED full strength squad
    and old red nose rested rooney – ronaldo – ferdi etc …
    Plus read all the media hype , red nose is OUT very much for a win !
    There at home ..
    theyve only let in 5 goals all F’ing season !
    Im just looking at the stats .. All our in house banter and inter ice creams .
    nothing on flamini etc..
    Just bring in the wrecking ball someone !

  36. Chipo

    Geoff i know what you’re saying and agree with u. All im saying is that luck is a factor. If by “the defence isnt good enough” you mean clichy then great, ship him out, not even the best left back in the premiership should be allowed to make a mistake. And at the ripe old age of 22! Get him out. And while we’re at it, we might as well ship Ade, Kolo and Gallas out too, they’ve all made mistakes this season. And Flamini- what the fuck is he doing, spraining his ankle at this crucial stage of the season! what a twat, sell him too.

    Sell Wenger as well to a scrapyard cos he’s no good.
    What about Emirates? If we’re not winning anything fuck it lets sell that and move in to finsbury pk athletics stadium down the road. We would make a bit of money from that and then we could buy ROONEY KAKA ETOO and hey lets bring Henry back too cos he’s God

    And fuck it, i’ll sell my ticket for Man U Arsenal this weekend cos there’s no point going to watch this pathetic team anymore.

    I’m off to buy a Tottenham shirt…

  37. Geoff

    Chipo you’re in danger of sounding like an Arsene knows blogger! ethan just said it, ManU have let 5 in at home, we let 2 in against a shit brum team, I wasn’t blaming Cliichy and I didn’t say ship him out, you did.

  38. Stupid

    Gallas mouthed off Pat Rice in front of the rest of the squad at training friday morning. HUGE row apparently.

  39. Finestcuts

    Fine, maybe dropping Gallas would do us some good. I’d rather we sold him and changed captains, maybe would could trade Gallas for Lescott and pay Everton a few quid as well?

  40. Gooner7

    Sell Gallas, and yes, Pat Rice is of no use. He’s just useless. We need someone like Carlos Quieroz, who could help the team. Not some old ex-Gunner legend who is of no big use tactically, or as a confidant to the manager.

  41. ScubaGooner

    Finestcuts – would get my vote!! It’s time Wenger sorted these fucking prima madonnas out – starting with crybabygallas!! Should have started at brum but better late than never –

    Just watched the end of the Queen of the South v Aberdeen semi final; what a game, 4 -3 QOS and they really took the game to Aberdeen; led three times before getting the winner……. fucking heroes!!

  42. Ray Gooner

    Players in:
    Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus), Micah Richards (Man City), Dani Alves (Sevilla), Diego Capel (Sevilla), Yohann Gourcuff (Milan), Karim Benzema (Lyon).
    Players out: (and reason why):
    Jens Lehmann (don’t need to tell you why, do i), Vito Mannone (will not get a chance in the 1st team so he might as well go), Justin Hoyte (has fucked it up everytime he gets the chance & has done so ever since he signed the new contract!!!??), Philippe Senderos (hasn’t improved at all like i thought he would do), Emmanuel Eboué (no comment!!!), Gilberto Silva (feel sorry for him, really, but he is past his prime, that’s it), Tomas Rosicky (injured, injured, injured).

    The team will then be as follows:

    GK: Gianluigi Buffon, Manuel Almunia, Lukasz Fabianski
    RB: Bacary Sagna, Dani Alves
    LB: Gaël Clichy, Armand Traore
    CD: Kolo Touré, William Gallas, Micah Richards, Johan Djourou
    RW: Theo Walcott, Yohann Gourcuff
    LW: Diego Capel, Carlos Vela
    DM: Mathieu Flamini, Alexandre Song
    CM: Francesc Fábregas, Denilson
    AM: Alexander Hleb, Abou Diaby
    ST: Emmanuel Adebayor, Robin van Persie, Karim Benzema, Nicklas Bendtner & Eduardo da Silva (when fit)

    That’s all we need folks!

    I know some of these new players would be near impossible to get but i’m allowed to dream, right….

  43. BB

    stupid ..do you know why the row started?
    i actually think that we got too many nice guys at the club ..Gil/kolo .. Vieira/Adams werent nice blokes .. nor was Keown .. Gallas aint a nice guy either .. and he is a winner
    not that he is perfect.. but somebody has to burst the we-are-such-a-great-side bubble
    even ferguson starts to like us .. means he aint fukking respecting/fearing us any longer

  44. Finestcuts

    Wenger is only going for one player, and my money is on Huntelaar…..he is the natural replacement for Eduardo.

    Wenger’s logic is simple, it worked last season with who we have, so it’sll work again. The only thing missing is Eduardo, hence 1 experienced player needed. We have everyone else available cos Rosicky will be back cos it’s just a maatter of time till he gets sorted + cplayers coming back from loan + Harvard Nordveit wyhio he can stick in the squad, give em shirt numbers, and we’ll be guaranteed not to be short of numbers. It could be a success yielding plan.

    Plus while we’re doing that we’ll be working on our new generation to replace them in partnership with Ajax, as well as sending youth out to them for experience.

    He’s going back to how an old fashioned club used to be, developing their own players, but with world class training methods.

    It’s the model of self sufficiency meaning the club can weather any economic storm, and buy any players it chooses to.

  45. Finestcuts

    Arsenes solution is not more meat, but more young potatoes. That should fill the stew up should we be short of numbers again. Since they’re Arsenal players, I assume any of them given a shirt number are top quality. Gibbs looked good at the Emirates tournament.

  46. ScubaGooner

    BB –

    Sorry mate; Gallas is a fucking whinging crybaby up his own arse cunt – you’re right he’s not a nice guy but not in the Vieira/Adams/Keown way – he’s just not nice; not such the great player as he and others like to think he is, and the world’s worst captain!!

    Yeah; its a worry when old red nose begins to like us!!

  47. Finestcuts

    Give Fabregas the armband, he’ll be around for years to come and with 3 yrs experience now, he has what it takes to be a good skipper. Fabregas is a proper Arsenal player….Gallas is not.

  48. BB

    i can understand where you come from ..scuba..i dont think he should have come to us after Chelski
    but he has been playing well recently .. now we have/had a perfect captain to be at our clum – Flamini .. he is not nice, massive fighter and a clever guy as well.. unfort maybe for somebody else in the future

  49. Finestcuts

    On the topic of Lehmann, he told him he might not play, so instead of tryng to advertise that he’s available, he should maybe wait till the end of the season. This time there is no excuse for him to stay, if he wants first team football every week he should give Charlton a call, they might need him.

  50. Ray Gooner

    When Wenger says he will only buy one experienced player it doesn’t meen that he won’t buy anyone else does it?

    If you look back over the years he hasn’t bought that many experienced players at all (and with experienced players i only count those that were at least 26 years old or older and that had made a name for themselves at that time)

    I can only recall these players:
    Emmanuel Petit (97/98) – 27 years old
    Davor Suker (99/00) – 31 years old
    Robert Pirès (00/01) – 27 years old
    Sylvain Wiltord (00/01) – 26 years old
    Giovanni van Bronckhorst (01/02) – 26 years old
    Sol Campbell (01/02) – 27 years old
    Gilberto Silva (02/03) – 26 years old
    Jens Lehmann (03/04) – 34 years old
    Tomas Rosicky (06/07) – 26 years old
    William Gallas (06/07) – 29 years old

    That’s 10 players in 12 seasons…
    And if you look closely only Petit, Pirès, Campbell, Gilberto & Lehmann has been really successful (maybe Gallas will be but i doubt it).

    But if you look at the players that Wenger bought when they were 22 or younger you’ll find more players that has been successful…(some not in Arsenal but simply as a player, and some of them surely will be successful in some time to come)
    Just listen to these names:
    Patrick Vieira (96/97) – 20 years old
    Nicolas Anelka (96/97) – 18 years old
    Freddie Ljungberg (98/99) – 21 years old
    Nwankwo Kanu (98/99) – 22 years old
    Thierry Henry (99/00) – 22 years old
    Kolo Touré (02/03) – 21 years old
    Cesc Fábregas (03/04) – 16 years old
    Gaël Clichy (03/04) – 18 years old
    Robin van Persie (04/05) – 21 years old
    Mathieu Flamini (04/05) – 20 years old
    Abou Diaby (05/06) – 19 years old
    Emmanuel Adebayor (05/06) – 21 years old
    Theo Walcott (05/06) – 16 years old
    Denilson (06/07) – 18 years old
    Carlos Vela (06/07) – 17 years old
    Lukasz Fabianski (07/08) – 22 years old

    Buying experienced players isn’t always the best thing, but of course you always need some players with experience to keep the balance in the team.

  51. ScubaGooner

    BB – I have to say that I was pleased when gallas joined from the chavs but I just haven’t seen in him what I saw when he was there. I don’t really see that he has improved our back 4 greatly; in some respects its still our weakest link – granted not always down to gallas but if he’s the man he should stand up, organise and marshall the troops – I don’t see that. It’s also interesting that Kolo has only gone off the boil the last couple of seasons since he’s been there —- prior to that remember Kolo was KING!!! What has gallas done to bring him along further – fucking zip!

    I think we should maybe have bought JT 🙂

    The other side of the coin- have the chavs suffered greatly since his departure – not that I’ve see.

    If Flamini was to stay (but I think we both know he’s going) then yes; agree he would make a good captain – he fits our V/A/K mould – he’s not nice, he’s a fighter; he’s full of passion, he’s a leader – and more often than not he’s him that I see leading the troops in recent games – he was behind the Bolton comeback!

    Cesc is another obvious choice – if Flamini does go – then give the armband to Cesc… get Nesta in and tell gallas to fuck off!! 🙂

  52. Stupid

    got no more details on the ruck, but it was not just a slanging match that quickly died down.

    there are going to be repurcussions.

    good point about ricey… yep sure he is an arsenal man through and through but tactically we have been naive since the old guard (keown, adams et al ) left.

    for me, big tone is out of contract this summer at pompey , MAKE him the biggest signing of the summer.

    we have been fucked over by small margins, bad defending, kunt refs and injuries.

    it aint all that bad, but the spirit in the camp is dwindling.

  53. Ray Gooner

    Hey Geoff! Only buying one experienced player doesn’t meen he won’t buy other players, right!?

    If we could get a player like Diego Capel, (20 years old but for me already a world class winger), and maybe some more young player to add to the “one” experienced player then we’d be alright i think.

  54. Ray Gooner

    Kolo Touré hasn’t been himself since he came back injured from the African Nations Cup, but he will be back better next season i’m sure of it!

  55. ScubaGooner

    Geoff –

    AW doesn’t want to admit that we’ve been right all season. He knows he has to buy; he says only one but then he’ll sneak in another 2 or 3 under our noses and we’ll be so happy (hopefully) we won’t complain about it and he won’t have to admit out right how wrong he’s been!!

    If he came out and “I’ve fucked up — I need to rebuild the team — I need to buy 6 or 7 experienced players — I’m going to spend £100M”……. well; what would the “Arsene Knows” girls have to say then???!!!

  56. mark

    Geoff …. like you I just can’t believe the “one player” comment …what planet is he on.

    As for the captain I don’t think it should go to Cesc we need him free of that rsponsibility so he can get on with his creative play … I think giving the armband to Henry was not that clever as he became too involved with other elements of the game rather than concentrate on his own skills and this could happen to Cesc as well. I think Flamini would be a good choice (if he stays) as his style of football will suit the captains role. I don’t say I dislike Gallas but whether he should be captain is another matter.

  57. Stupid

    also, why woudl he gon on record saying he is going on a major rebuilding exercise over the summer, only to let extra millions get added to the transfer fees.

  58. Ray Gooner

    2005/2006 Season – Just made the 4th place in the league by passing Tottenham in the last game…
    2006/2007 Season – Came 4th in the league (this time with no problem at all) and nearly came 3rd (only to lose by goaldifference to Liverpool)
    2007/2008 Season – Probably will be 3rd in the league (although we’re still in the title race)…
    2008/2009 Season – If this team continues to improve we’ll do even better…
    Maybe i’m wrong but i only see good things happening in the future for Arsenal!

  59. Stupid

    i think we need 2 wingers and a top top striker

    quaresma, ben arfa and benzema

    25, 15, 30 = 70m

    how much we got in the bank again?

  60. Stupid

    but in reality, he will buy one winger and maybe a CB… been linked with squillaci from lyon for a while, looks a solid no nonesense type of player.

  61. ethan_gunner

    I think your right scuba !

    but it isnt a fact of us fans where right ..
    its more like following suit with chevski and man U is an admission of failure 4 him !
    but lets face it how can you compete with world class players ?, wenger has done well to pick a bunch of young lads that can maintain a top 4 position ..
    But falling off is either a matter of to many foreign players who do not care enough to win the EPL title or too young to dig deep when it counts due to lack of experience …
    But id disagree with the fitness issue !
    90 minutes a week ,getting paid 60 k a week ! if a 21 year old cant do that 38 times a year we definitely have the wrong young players .we might as well kept our old guys ! I work harder on my fitness than that ! .

  62. ethan_gunner

    i think he will do exactly as he says .. buy 1 player
    and replace whoever leaves

    END OF !

    In his eyes he dont need the squad any bigger ..
    Yes he’s that delusional .. obviously ..

  63. Ray Gooner

    I just realised something.

    If we had a team like this:

    Sergio Ramos, Kolo Touré, John Terry, Gaël Clichy
    Lionel Messi, Cesc Fábregas, Mathieu Flamini, Robinho
    Samuel Eto’o, Fernando Torres

    And if we won every game we played, (and then of course won the league, the CL, the FA-Cup, and the LC.

    Then what?
    What would we be complaining about?
    What would happen to this blog?
    Although i would be in seventh heaven, what would there be to talk about?
    No other teams fans would want to talk to us, cause they’d have nothing to say…
    The game it self would lose it’s interest, right?

    We need difficult times just because when we “do” win something it feels so much better!

    Arsenal can’t be on top all the time, every team has a period of some years when they don’t win anything, but it’s how you build for the future that counts and that Wenger has done i believe, maybe he could have done things differently but he has chosen his way of doing things (and that has never changed since he came here) and he will probably continue to do so (as long as he’s in charge).
    I, for one, am in a very difficult time in my personal life at the moment and where Arsenal is the only really good thing in my life.
    Last season i suffered all season and never got a happy moment at all.
    This season we have been up there again and the team has made my life better for most of the season (although last tuesday was maybe the worst night in years) but i’m pleased that they have given me the chance to be more joyful over most of the season. And if God listens it could be one more great thing left for me and everyone of you to cheer this season…

  64. ethan_gunner


    what would happen to the blog ?
    nothing ! the only difference we’d be gloating instead of fretting

  65. Geoff

    Mark, Scuba and Ray, he said one player, unless others leave, he then said he intends to keep the team together so that means only one player.

  66. ScubaGooner

    Ethan – totally with on the fitness issue – forget the financial element.

    Yes; maybe the game is quicker etc etc but the training methods, the diet, the medical side have all improved 150%.

    Merse, TA & Razor’s idea of pre match preparation was to go out; have 10 pints of lager, a ruby and snort a few lines back in time to catch the team coach at 9am!!!

    I really don’t see the fitness issue with the games played – bigger squad, rotation (expect AFC of course) – it’s all bollocks and more excuses!!

    Ask Frank Mac and the real Big Raddy – they played 60 odd games a season; and had a squad of what – 14 players?

  67. Geoff

    Absofuckinglutely ethan, we’d be having a great time, blogs are for conversation, which is what we do, we’re only bitching because we hate losing, what’s the problem with that.

  68. Ray Gooner

    I’m going out to celebrate tomorrows game now!

    Cause i believe it’s better to do so before the game, if we win it i can celebrate once again tomorrow, if we lose then at least i’ve already celebrated…

    Get the logic in that?


  69. ScubaGooner

    Actually Ray; I like that team and you know what? I’d be quite happy to have nothing to say!!! 🙂

  70. ScubaGooner

    Geoff –

    Wenger lies!!!

    I know he said only one but he also told said we would win the league and the Champions league – he’s just lying again!!

  71. mark

    Ray Gooner .. but the future is now …this is the team he has built … what future are you looking at? It needs a change in this team to create a better future.

    ethan_gunner … Wenger’s comments that we are not getting the credit we deserve shows how delusional he is … what credit does he want for throwing away the FA cup and League cup by fielding weaker teams because they were not important enough competitions? what credit does he want for recently fielding a weaker team against Liverpool in the premiership when we all knew it was a game we had to win to keep hold of Man U’s shirt tails and keep Chelsea at bay. What credit is there in coming 3rd or 4th in the premiership. Of course we have not the god given right to win all the time but asking for credit when we keep failing to win any competition we enter smacks of desperation and arrogance.

  72. Ray Gooner

    When has a team really bought 3-4 players without losing/selling some others…?
    Considering that Lehmann & Gilberto will leave and maybe Flamini that would meen 3 more new players + the “one” experienced player!
    So, i still don’t understand your point Geoff?

  73. ScubaGooner

    Ray – we need to replace the players who leave but we also need to increase the size of the squad by 3 or 4 experienced players — might not be Geoff’s point but that’s my stance!

  74. ethan_gunner

    Re: wenger and the jan transfer window ..

    Arsenal have not kept a clean sheet for six games and let in four at Liverpool this week as they exited the Champions League. Whenever a team fails to pass such a critical hurdle in their season, fingers are always pointed. Wenger admits he has made mistakes this season but argues his decision not to sign another centre back is not one of them.

    “Well I expected Djourou to come back from Birmingham [after his loan spell] as a centre back but he was injured,” remarked the manager. “Also you have to accept that to find a centre back who can play for Arsenal Football Club at the top of the League in January is not easy.

    “Of course, I’m not pretentious enough to say I didn’t make mistakes. Even if I managed for 150 years I would still make mistakes. In this job, you can never prove afterwards that you were right and nobody can prove you were wrong. Only results prove that. I’m humble enough to accept I make mistakes and I will every year. But I don’t know if I made a big mistake this season.”

    humble enough to accept I make mistakes??
    understatement of the season !

  75. Geoff

    That’s excactly my point Scuba, he didn’t buy enough last year, 6 out 2 in, ha says he’ll only replace players if players leave.

    He then says he wants to keep all his players.

    That says he’s buying no one, except for the 1 he said he was going to buy.

    He hasn’t got a squad big enough to compete in all comps.

    He has the money so what’s the problem, go buy.

    What’s there to understand Ray?

  76. Ray Gooner

    I would also love it if we won everything all the time, but that’s not realistic is it?
    And am i the only one here that can see that this team IS developing still?
    They WILL get better, and there WILL come in some new players next season.
    When Chelsea won their first title in “50 years” they didn’t buy a team over one season, they started spending “BIG” money back in 2002 and it took them 3 years to get the title! Wenger won the title 1998 (his 2nd season), then build another team and won 2002 (took 4 seasons) and also won 2004 (with some new additions to the squad). It takes time to build a winning team, and if you get the winning team it is far more better if the team is still reasonable young so they can win it for some straight seasons, otherwise it will most likely be one winning season and then straight back to form another team again…
    You gain more by creating a winning team from the scratch!
    They will be more “TEAM” players than a bought up team of stars!
    I still truely believe this…

  77. Ray Gooner

    He only lost Henry, Freddie, Aliadiere and Baptista (who was on lone)
    I don’t count Reyes (who were out on loan) and Muamba & Larsson (that didn’t play anything last season anyway)

    He bought Fabianski, Eduardo, Sagna, and took Bendtner back from loan.

    That’s 4 out and 4 in for me?!!!

  78. mark

    Ray Gooner … perhaps the credit would be coming Wenger’s way if he had (like many of us were asking) strengthened this squad and had players available to pick and choose in important games like FA cup ties. His stubborn refusal to do so meant we chucked away trophies this year we could have won. The history books tell you how successful clubs are by the amount of trophies they have won. This season should have brought us at least one trophy but Wenger got it wrong and has handed them to other teams. I think that is why there is so much anger amongst fans now , because we know we would have won one or two of those trophies but the manager was too deluded and not shrewd enough tactically.

  79. ScubaGooner

    Ray – 4 forwards out and GK, CF & RB in – how can you count Bendtner when you choose not to count Reyes and the other two?

  80. ethan_gunner


    What helped us at the start of the season was other teams bought players
    torres babel-nani anderson and they needed time to settle with our luck of fixtures and team cohesion , we got off to a cracker .
    Now we will be in semi transition again if key members leave and others like eboue arnt good enough , I expect the reverse to happen next season ..
    Other teams are settled and we will need time to get back to full speed ! ..

  81. GMR

    What hurts is that OUR football club is fast becoming a laughing stock. Not particularly because of performances although those as OT & WHL didn’t help, but more due to Wenger & his constant ridiculous whinging. Every team has injuries so he can’t use that as an excuse, every team has bad decisions go against them & I’m damn sure pretty much every other premier league manager could point to an occasion when Arsenal have had decisions go there way against their club.

    I just wish Wenger would shut up now, take responsibility for his f*** ups & get on with it. Why can’t he praise the opposition after a defeat, even if he doesn’t actually mean it, at least it stops more massive headlines which turn even more people against the club!!

    On top of that he doesn’t care one bit about the fans as proved with his comments yesterday regarding the FA cup, everything he talks about is purely about him & his players, talk about excluding the people that pay his wages!!

  82. Ray Gooner

    Do you really think Wenger wouldn’t have bought in some player/players in January if he thought he needed it?

    It’s always easy to judge afterwards, but no one can predict that Djourou would come back from the loan injured, that Touré & Song would come back injured from the ANC and that Rosicky and van Persie would be out for most of the season and that Eduardo would get such a bad injury, right!?

    If Wenger knew this before hand, do you really think he wouldn’t have bought in some players then?

    In my eyes, it looks like you think that Wenger doesn’t “WANT” to win titles!?

  83. GMR

    Our team isn’t anywhere near as young as Wenger would have us believe. If we are supposed to wait 3-5 years for the odd young player we have to grow up then our other better players will either have retired or been moved on for being 30 or over, so he’ll have another load of 17-19 year olds to bring in & will still be using the same excuse. When exactly does that circle end??

  84. Ray Gooner

    I don’t count Reyes cause he didn’t play for us last season (he played for Real Madrid) and Bendtner has played for us this season!
    Do you need it more black and white Scuba?

  85. ScubaGooner

    No Ray it pretty clear that Wenger is trying to win titles on the cheap; without spending money.

    To answer your question; it’s not hindsight or after the event – I thought we should have bought more players last summer and then again in the Jan window – not after thouight at all!!

    Maybe I should be the fucking manager cos maybe just maybe if we had had a bigger squad we might be winning this year!! It ain’t rocket science!

  86. ScubaGooner

    Ray Gooner are you a secret FAKB member?

    Reyes was on loan – he played the season before – who replaced him?

  87. GMR

    Ray Gooner, that list of players you mention, Rosicky & RVP have a history of injuries (should’ve been taken into account), Wenger knew Toure & Eboue were going to the ANC (again several games in extreme heat over a short period of time can easily lead to injury, he even said so himself when Toure came back). As for Djourou & Song neither should be labelled reliable back-up just yet. After all it was only a year ago that Song was so badly jeered at Fulham that Wenger pulled him off at half time, so that doesn’t qualify him to be a quality replacement. Besides which, RVP, Rosicky & Toure were all injured prior to the January transfer window closing, so Wenger did have the opportunity to strengthen, he chose not to!!

  88. James

    Discoved this website recently and have to say it is a big relief to find somewhere where Arsenal fans think the same as me and my friends do (all been doing 40 plus games a season for 20 years now). I am absolutely sick to death of the “Arsene Knows” mob. Wenger has been a great manager for us but I do question whether he is the man to take us forward and I think his attitude towards the domestic cups stinks. The reality is that they are our best chance of silverware and Wenger has tossed them aside this season because he does not care about them. If our squad is that thin that we cannot compete in these competitions then surely he needs to strenthen the squad but I just read that he intends to buy just one player in the summer. Who is he trying to kid? This current squad will only let us down again next season. Forgive me if I am ranting, just the way this season is turning out is getting to me particularly hard today. While Wenger is only interested in winning the Premiership and the Champions League I fear we may wait a long time for our next silverware. Am off to Old Trafford tomorrow and struggling to find confidence for that game. I hope the team surprise me. Cheers.

  89. Ray Gooner

    Next season (if we have the same players left) with exception of Lehmann & Gilberto we will have these players:
    Almunia (31 years old), Fabianski (23), Mannone (20), Sagna (25), Hoyte (24), Touré (27), Gallas (31), Senderos (23), Djourou (21), Clichy (23), Traoré (19), Eboué (25), Walcott (19), Fábregas (21), Flamini (24), Diaby (22), Hleb (27), Rosicky (28), Denilson (20), Song (21), Adebayor (24), van Persie (25), Eduardo (25), Bendtner (20), Vela (19).

    This is a young team but with more and more experience with every season that goes!
    I don’t want the circle to end, with this squad the back-bone is the “TEAM” not the one odd players like before…
    And with “STAR” potential on a few players like: Fábregas, Walcott, van Persie and Touré to name a few…
    I hate it when people are saying that Arsenal needs a great goalscorer!
    We have great goalscorers!
    We don’t have to have a player like Ronaldo, Torres or Henry that scores 30-40 goals per season, We have Adebayor, van Persie that can score at least 20-25 goals and Fabregas, Rosicky, Walcott, Bandtner, Vela, and Eduardo that can score 10-15 goals each!
    Look at Chelsea, they’re still up there and they haven’t got a player that has scored more than 20 goals this season i think!

  90. ScubaGooner

    Ray –

    I’m sorry mate but I beg to differ that the squad of players you mentioned are good enough but I’m going to leave it there because this is only going to go around and round and so on.

    Unfortunately; I think Wenger’s vision and way forward is a lot closer to yours than it is mine and unfortunately; that’s what’s going to bring us no trophies for a long time yet.

    I don’t disagree with the principles and the thoughts behind it but reality is a little different.

    Great goalscorers or great goal scorers? We don’t have anyone who has proved that on a season to season consistent basis – that’s just one flaw to think about.

    I’m off guys; have fun and try enjoy the match tomorrow.

    Remember we are all just fellow GOONERS!!!!

  91. GMR

    Ray, that list shows a good mix of youth & experience, therefore there is absolutely no reason why Wenger keeps going on about a young squad. I’m sure Man Utd’s squad with the likes of Nani, Anderson, Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez, Hargreaves, Pique & co are just as young, but Ferguson doesn’t keep using it as an excuse for not winning.

    I think you misunderstood my point about the ‘circle’. I’m happy that younger players replace the older ones but what I was actually talking about is when will Wenger stop using the young players as an excuse?? As I said in 3-5 years time we’ll have another load of 17-19 year olds involved in the first team & Wenger will still be saying they lack experience!! In reality all he’s actually doing is developing youngsters & then selling them off for profit before starting the cycle again. It seems to me he’s become obsessed with being known for making money as opposed to having a winning football team!! What other top european manager says “trophies aren’t everything”?

  92. Ray Gooner

    When you compare the last season with the new one you should only count the players that played last season and was sold as “players out” and new players that play a part in the new season as a “player in”
    So of the players that played a part in last season and was sold before this season it was only Henry, Freddie, Aliadiere and Baptista!
    And the players that came in and has played a part in this season are Bendtner, Sagna, Fabianski & Eduardo!
    It’s very logic to me!

    If you look at the season before that:
    Players out:
    Ashley Cole, Robert Pires, Lauren (though he played half the season), Pascal Cygan Jose Reyes & Sebastian Larsson
    Players in:
    Rosicky, Gallas, Denilson, Song & Baptista.
    That’s 5½ players out 5 players in!

    Players out:
    Patrick Vieira, Jermaine Pennant, Owusu-Abeyie & David Bentley
    Players in:
    Emmanuel Adebayor, Abou Diaby, Theo Walcott & Alexander Hleb
    4 players out 4 players in!

    And the list goes on….

    You always lose some players and you always get new one’s

  93. Geoff

    What do you mean hindsight??? go and look at all the previous posts around the year end through to January, we were fucking screaming for new signings, saying we were way short, Diarra there’s another, so he sells him.

    He said judge me at the end of the season, so that’s what we’re doing, just what he asked.

  94. Geoff

    James I hope you are still reading, sorry it took so long I’ve been away from the site, you won’t get held up now, Terry welcome aboard.

  95. BB

    james .. absolutely .. Wenger wants to have it both ways
    go and win something for fukk sake .. at least go for the FA Cup
    but dont go out and fukking humiliate us as fans

  96. Ray Gooner

    It’s difficult to be a consistant goalscorer when you haven’t played more than a few seasons at the club…
    Adebayor has played for 2 ½ years when this season ends
    He only played 13 games the first season and scored 4 goals
    Last season he played 44 games and scored 12
    This season he has played 43 games and scored 25
    I think that proves that he does improve!
    van Persie has played in Arsenal for 4 seasons
    The first season he played 41 games (mostly as a sub) and scored 10 goals
    The 2nd season he played 38 games (mostly still as a sub) and scored 11 goals
    Last season he only played 31 games (out injured for a long period) and yet scored 13 goals
    This season he has only played in 20 games due to yet another injury spell but has managed to score 8 goals
    If he stays fit he will score more goals (easy as that)
    And for Walcott (he will score more goals for us for some long time to come) but for me i’d rather he did what he did at Anfield and supply others with the goals with runs like that…
    And don’t forget Bendtner, Vela & Fabregas, they will also score a few…
    And with Eduardo back he will produce goals also
    He only played 31 games this season before he got injured (and most of them as a sub) and managed to score 12 goals

    The problem isn’t goalscoring it’s staying fit, but how can you handle people like “Taylor” the cunt, other teams get frustrated when they can’t get the ball in long periods of the games against Arsenal and then this kind of thing happens…
    The FA needs to put out longer suspensions for actions like this to keep the game flowing…
    When that’s the case, it will be like Arsenal have got 10 new players!
    Just a though…

  97. Ray Gooner

    Oh would i love to see Theo score a solo goal starting yet again from his own half and past 5 or 6 United players and roll it past van der Sar to make it 0-1 in the 89th minute…

  98. Gooner from Pakistan

    Well, I’m not giving myself any false hope but still I hope Arsenal win. For me the only chance Arsenal has is Walcott. Wenger must play Walcott. Clown from Ivory coast Eboue should go back to RB and Toure should move inside. WALCOTT show CR7 and company who’s the daddy.

  99. arsenaldo

    AW lies when he says hill buy just one player. Berto and Lehman are going 4 sure, Hleb maybe ,Flam(I hope not) , so thats 4- worst case scenario . Vela is coming , one new player , and….. noone else??? I doubt it.
    Im so gutted AW wont kick senderos out -he defends him, likes him -why??? His blind sometimes. Some players get so many chances, only to make us look stuped in front of football world. I hope Jorou gets his chance and keeps Sende out of the squad and he eventually decides to go. thats the only chance obviosly.

  100. arsenaldo

    Guys why dont we sign petition against Senderos and Eboye or show on the stadium(by whistling,waving white cloths ,whatever ) that we dont want them in our team. Might sound crazy but when players see they are not wanted by the fans they leave their clubs somethimes…

  101. James

    I agree about tomorrow, may as well just go there and have a go at them, nothing to lose.

    The sad thing is there is clearly the basis of a squad here that can win things but Wenger seems determind to do the job with one hand tied behind his back. I guess he knows that if he goes out and spends his warchest he will be under pressure to win things whereas if he spends nothing people will keep telling him what a great job he does without spending money.

  102. Paulie

    “Nobody expected us to be in the top four so why is it suddenly a huge disappointment that we might not win anything” this is todays latest Arsene statement. This man sure can spin some bullshit. Hes even saying its ok for us to lose against Chelsea because they made a loss of 100 million whereas we made a profit of 50 million. I think we’re pissing against the wind with this guy, hes even spiolt next season for me allready with his threats to stick with this team of chokers again and only adding mabey one player. Its a mystery why hes ruining his legacy by refusing to admit hes wrong.

  103. Pedro

    He said that?

    Fuck me… that is terrible? Don’t tell us we’ll win the league all year if its ok to lose it.

    This summer is going to be dull as any. Its a real shame, I wonder how long before the board start to wonder if he has gone mad?

    I think we could spring an upset tomorrow, I really have good vibes about it! If we do though, it is almost a certainty that Arsene wont recruit heavily in the summer.

    If we’ve massively over achieved like so many of the AKB seem to think… what makes them think 1 signing will do the job in the summer?

    I’m getting depressed about football again! Fucking hell… I don’t think I am going to deal to well with a poor result tomorrow!

    I haven’t read the papers or listened to talk sport in about 5 weeks!

  104. Paulie

    I think even if we are hammered that Wenger wont back down and admit hes fucked up with his little experiment. I cant ever bring myself to want Arsenal to lose, but if we were to get hammered tomorrow then id welcome the intense pressure it would put on Wenger to strenghten , but as ive allready said, I couldnt ever bring myself to wanting us beaten so ill put that thought out of my head.
    One last piont Pedro, the board will never think that Arsene has gone mad, I mean where would they ever get a manager again who could make them so much money without having to actually win something. The amount of shit they spin in favour of Arsene is absolutely outrageous and whats even more outrageous is the way theyve actually suceeded in painting the man as a genius despite the fact that hes won nothing now in nearly 4 years and the last trophy he won being the fa cup, in a game in which we bored the life out of everyone playing for penalties, the same way that the Arsene knows brigade are up in arms with Liverpool over doing to us last week coincidentally, and also the fact that in 12 years his european record is dismal. This apparently is the record of a genius. I think the pr people at Arsenal deserve a huge raise as the job theyve done in spoofing everyone over Arsene is amazing.

  105. Geoff

    Paulie you’re so spot on! but tomorrow is another day, and if we can win, we’re back in it.

    So let’s all get behind the team and say fuck, who knows! maybe tomorrow we will!

    An Arsenal win an we’re back in it.

    So fuck the Mancs, it’ all Arsenal!!!

  106. gazzap

    how can Arsene possibly ‘know’ when he admitted himself that he makes plenty of mistakes and knows when he made mistakes.
    If he makes mistakes then as far as I am concerned he doesn’t always know.

  107. gazzap

    while I despise eboue and like senderos as a man, if I had to replace one this summer it would be Senderos. our defence is a bit too leaky for my liking and Eboue can return to being a right back backing up Sagna. also if we do get a massive injury crisis next season at least you then have Eboue to step into that role.
    assuming that Vela is coming in to play on the wing, the first priority for wenger should be centre back followed by a winger cum striker player. Flam and Hleb must stay of course. you get the feeling wenger will be battling just to keep or replace players that decide to leave us in the lurch.

  108. Pedro

    Pretty quiet tonight!

    Another monster of a game tomorrow, even if it is a case of putting the title into the Chavs hands!

    It will great to win, I just wonder what is going through the Managers head? 1 player! Fuck me… Lehmann is leaving, Bertie is leaving… that’s 2 replacements there!

    We are not 1 player away from competing, we are a few…

    I hope Arsene knows what the fuck he is doing because it sure as hell doesn’t feel like it!

    We owe an upset, lets hope the Mancs have an off day!

    Come on you gooners!

  109. Pedro

    Wenger already blew the Henry idea out of the water!

    Ronaldinho to Arsenal… thats the rumour…

    I just made it up though, but spread it regardless!

  110. Ollie

    Will Spread Pedro! Reading Rays comments above, what would we do? Personally, I wouldnt want to support a team who won so easily all the time – I like a bit of a challenge! Wenger said he will sign one EXPERIENCED player – so say he buys Benezma or Kaka for about 28-30m then thats still 5 m to bring in other backup players + money that we get from leavers…

  111. ethan_gunner

    Ronaldinho to chevski
    or so a little bird told me pedro !


    “We will continue to do what we’ve done,” (LOSE !) said Wenger on the club’s official website. “I will buy but not too much in the summer.(WHATS NEW ?)

    “My priority is to keep this team together because we are still young,
    (TELL THEM THAT AND STOP GOING FOR ICECREAMS !)especially in some departments of the team.(ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT ?)

    “If we can add one player we will do it (IF ? FUCK ME ! IF? ), not one in each department just one experienced player.” (YES WE HEARD YOU 1 TOTAL ! CONFIRMED ARSENE IS A RETARD !)

  112. ethan_gunner

    RVP Although youve been injured 80% of the season i still rate you as a player
    so please dont come out and say anything , yet alone something as total fuckin stupid as this ….

    Robin van Persie says Arsenal’s players should be judged on entertainment value rather than trophies — because they are in a form of showbusiness.

    Fuck me then !lets sign Micheal jackson then and beyonce ! even jack nicholas !
    elton john maybe even bono from U2 !

    If you want an english signing maybe we can sign coldplay whilst we are at it
    ! or the white stripes !

    Totally ridiculous statement ! tell the people that pay 60 quid for a ticket that they only come there to see you entertain ! Im sure we will be littered with more bollocks like this as the season comes to a end !

    depressing !

  113. ethan_gunner


    Despite Arsenal being a well-run club with a new, revenue-generating stadium, Dein believes foreign investment is vital.

    David Dein still yearns for Arsenal homecoming
    Just good friends: Wenger and Dein have a relationship of over a decade

    “As a devoted Arsenal fan I don’t want to see them left behind,” Dein told May’s edition of World Soccer magazine.


  114. Geoff

    Well DD if you an Arsene still meet on a regular basis, tell him to spend some of the £120 million he has stashed away, tell him his team isn’t good enough and he has to buy…please!

  115. Gooner7

    Arsene is overhyped.

    12 years without a Champions league medal is abysmal. Just 3 league titles in 12 years, that’s about 1 in 4. Not good enough in retrospect. We need someone like Ancelotti, Del Bosque, or Arrigo Sacchi who have a good track record, and tactically sound to win the major trophies. Wenger isn’t mentally equipped to lead his players. He frowns almost always, and looks like a diseased old man, which doesn’t help the players much.

  116. alex

    i personally think arsene is gonna surprise us all and sign someone great.

    he knows just like most people do that at MOST, he has one season left to impress or else he might end up jobless soon.

    So i look forward to the summer, we are probley going to be linked with big players, but unlike recent years, lets hope some are true.