Flamini blow could see Gilberto back at Old Trafford

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Strangely enough the loss of the Flamster could well see the re emergence of Gilberto, he could get his chance in central midfield alongside Cesc Fabregas, or he could play Hleb there.

I’ll be surprised if he puts Diaby there, as he has been suspended!

I would play Theo up front with Ade, I would do that as he does seem to cause (Ade) the Mancs problems.

Capello hails Theo as incredible, as do most of us, so come on boss, play him and see what happens.

I would put Hleb out left and Robin out right, like he does when he plays for Holland (just before he normally gets injured).

My back line would be Clichy Gallas Kolo Eboue

Almunia would be the goalie and Jens would be sacked, for what he said to the German magazine about the boss and Manuel, it has to make the atmosphere in the dressing room horrible.

We have nothing to fear from the outcome of this game as we’ll get 4th place regardless so we may as well go for it and throw caution to the wind, show the world what we all know we can do.

It’s tough to call this but with Vidic out we’ll have a punchers chance, I don’t, however think we’ll get stuffed like in the FA Cup.

So I’m going for a narrow win.

I get really fed up with saying this but I’m going to say it one more time, we welcome ALL bloggers to this site, we only block people that use racist, bigoted or insulting language to our bloggers, as you would in your house, office or pub. We welcome debate what we don’t welcome are people that just want to argue for the hell of it.

As far a we are concerned all Arsenal blogs are just that, Arsenal blogs, full of Arsenal fans, just like we are, we got another blog bent out of shape yesterday and now he using his site to bad mouth us, we’ve had 975 comments in two days against this guys 19 in three, so I rest my case. We must be doing something right and something our supporters like.

I even let him back on this morning as he had a sensible, reasoned comment.

I’m not going to lower the integrity of Le Grove and name him, that’s not what blog sites are for, and I’m not in a pissing contest, suffice to say if you didn’t like us, we wouldn’t be here, so a big thank you to our regulars, don’t forget blogs sites are supposed to be fun.

Anyone is welcome at Le Grove if you are a disgruntled blogger and you want to ask us a question, do it, but please, in a reasoned way, we love Arsenal too, but if they do stuff that makes us unhappy we’ll debate it.

I read some interesting stats today that showed the Mancs had 565 shots. 70 goals and 6,175 passes, we had 450 shots, 63 goals and 6,705 passes.

It shows our shots to goals ratio is better, our amount of shots is lower but we have way more passes than they do to score, that says to me, less passes and more shots are needed and I think we can all agree on that.

I still think we can win this (EPL) but we need to do the Mancs on Sunday, throw on Theo and Gilberto in Central midfield and see where it takes us Arsenal. Have a great day Grovers, this weekend is our whole season, after that as Ade says, it’s time to go on holiday!

2-1 Arsenal and lets rain on red nose’s parade.

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  1. Mark Gooner

    I agree with signing Micah Richards, he’s young, versatile, strong and is decent with the ball at his feet,
    Left sided player id most like is Franck Ribery
    Striker id most like to sign Samuel Eto’o
    add that to Carlos Vela coming in along with possibly Loc Perrin (a back-up for Flamini)
    But we must remember that we have a wage bracket at the club and it must be respected however frustrating it is to us fans, we have done well enough with it for the last 25 years and are not going to break it now (just because we were bit short of winning top honours)
    Anyway in Arsene we trust,

  2. Big Raddy

    I do not accept that Muamba, Larsson or Pennant would have made it a THOF. Bentley is different in as much as it was his decision to leave, not AW’s. Had he stayed, I think he could have become a superb player, whereas he will always be second rate playing for any team outside the top 4 (if LFC buy him they must be mad)

  3. Finestcuts

    Ethan, Fabregas was cherry picked from the Barca youth academy so he wasn’t just any john smith, he was alreadya top talent, trained and ready to be thrown into the team….which is what happened.

  4. Mark Gooner



    “Of course, I’m not pretentious enough to say I didn’t make mistakes. Even if I managed for 150 years I would still make mistakes. In this job, you can never prove afterwards that you were right and nobody can prove you were wrong. Only results prove that. I’m humble enough to accept I make mistakes and I will every year. ”

    Good on ya Wenger!

    “But I don’t know if I made a big mistake this season.”

    Oh wait…

  6. ethan_gunner

    i think he has already bought 2 jamie ..

    the new rooney 2 .. and that other bloke in december Our only signing !

  7. Johnny Gooner

    Gilberto has detoriated so badly its like watching a top businessman turning into a crackhead, he even runs like a crackhead nowadays……WHATS UP WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Geoff

    Big Raddy the point is they never got the chance to see if they would be good, Muamba was captain of the England under 17’s, I’d have him now over Diaby and Song.

  9. ethan_gunner

    mumbva is like the U19 English captain ..
    he didnt even get some time in the sun at all !

    how about stokes !? i know he’s turned into a bit of a piss head recently but talent was undeniable …

    Im just saying why does Arsene buy them if he is only going to give them the flick before
    they can even show there worth ?!
    there is no chance at all that mumbva has peaked !!!!

  10. Big Raddy

    Geoff, we agree to differ ! I think both Diaby and Song will have good futures at Arsenal. Diaby looks a fine player and just needs to make an impact over 90 mins and not 20.

    Song – AW supported him when we were all slating the lad. He played well for us in the CC and as we know had a good ANC.

    Arsene had time to choose which kids were going to make it, and he decided that Muamba was not top quality. He has yet to be proven wrong on this.

  11. Geoff

    Well he was proved wrong this season with not buying enough, 2 in 6 out, he was proved wrong with squad numbers and depth of experience the moment injuries and fatigue kicked in, and now he says he’s sticking with the team and only buying one player.

    How exciting for the fans, groundhog day.

  12. ethan_gunner

    Big Raddy

    how can you say that diaby and song will have futures ??
    who will they displace ?
    you have to think about it logically .. no young player will play 2nd fiddle for long .

    were lucky cashley left or clichy would have been long gone ..
    we have cesc- hleb rosicky how can diaby ever get a run ????
    i think he is ACM but i dont know anymore .. hes a floater with no fixed address !

    we have toure – gallas- song has more of a chance to get the odd game but he wont stick at that for long ! neither diaby or song will want to be handed 8 or 10 starts a year at there age .. Not if they have tabs on themselves that they are stars !

    even Jeremie left … EVENTUALLY !

  13. Big Raddy

    Geoff, we were talking of Muamba not AW’s lack of foresight in the summer/January sales.

    Having said that, he knew we had a deficiency in midfield which is why he bought Diaara. And I guess he was really pissed when Diarra chose to leave. But what could he do? At that time we had no serious injury problems, and Diarra was insistent. If a player states his intentions by slagging you off in the press, then he has to be transferred.

    The player that Arsene missed was Anelka. It was criminal that he didn’t come to THOF. Just so fucking obvious.

  14. ethan_gunner

    mark gooner

    bert had 2 reasonable games for usback to back ..
    he surprised me .. he showed he still had some smarts about him
    and i think this time of the year when things are falling apart he can play a little cameo !
    We need the Experience currently , no one believes in gallas .. so yes ..
    I think he will give us 70 minutes on the weekend ..
    I might be cursing him 2 hours after the game .. but if the last 2 games are anything to go by he wasn’t bad !

  15. ethan_gunner

    do what geoff said ..
    open the cheque book and get some instant !!
    Have a clear out sale too ..
    i think odub might have touched on it before , (he was stating prices for bert etc)
    I think we could raise 20 mil from sales ! .. plus this 35 mil stated…

    wenger could get 5 or 6 players of sanga price and quality players.. we would be laughing ..
    but then i go back to reality .. because we all know wenger !

    you are right raddy .. he will probably develop song – diaby .. 🙂

    we will win nothing for 2 more years .. geoff will be saying ground hog day
    730 more times .. and the silverware cabinet will need pest control due to cob webs !

  16. SFO Gooner

    I just hope we get badly thrashed at Old trafford this Weekend. Then atleast Wenger will realise the error of his ways and buy top talent. Seeing his comments yesterday/today he still believes the squad is good enough and we were robbed by referees.

    If this is the only way we can make him open his eyes and see the reality, then I am all for a good thrashing this weekend. Atleast we will have something better to look forward to next year!

  17. Michael

    I really hope Wenger is just toying with the media and he does n’t seriously believe that signing one experienced player is enough.

  18. Big Raddy

    No Way, Ethan. Get Positive. We are not far off being a fine team. 5 minutes from being in the top 4 teams in Europe, and still in with a chance of the League despite having a season full of injuries to our strike force.

    We WILL win something next season. Probably the Emirates Cup ! But, I believe in this side. We just need a couple of signings to be Champions

  19. terry

    The starting 11 is to young and the back up is even younger. we need more of a balance in the team. still cant get my self up for sunday might be alright on the day

  20. Big Raddy

    Let us not forget what a loss Rosicky has been. It has meant AW is forced to play Eboue, (who isn’t fit to clean Mozart’s boots).

  21. choy

    SFO gooner.. you want us to be thrashed just so that wenger will realise something?

    that is pure madness.. i don’t think any gooner would like us to be thrashed,

    i am sure wenger would be the first to realise that we need a couple of players… but being thrashed??!!!

    that is pure insanity.

  22. Paulie

    I dont know why you guys waste your time defending against some tosspot who slags you off. Ive been on other blogs and only recently found this site and let me tell you its the best by a long shot. Excellent . Theres only one reason for the attacks and thats jealousy. I know you guys dont encourage bad language but ive got to say it, just tell them to go fuck themselves, just like all these nicey nice Arsene knows blog sites tell everyone else who dares question Wenger. He doesnt own Arsenal, we do. We were here long before he ever heard of Arsenal and we’ll be here long after hes gone. Hes not here working for free and so should be subject to our questions and concerns. On here its told like it is and once again I must say it, if they dont like it then dont read it and just fuck off some place else. Keep up the excellent work you guys, L8r.

  23. SFO Gooner

    The reason for the ‘thrashing comment’ is i am frustrated. All day we talk of signing world class center backs and so on.. and he is out there defending senderos and saying he may sign only one player ..

  24. choy

    we all are SFO… we all are… but you know wenger never slags off his players in public.. look what he wrote about jens…

    i’m sure he sees our teams weaknesses… he will spend trust me…

    but this is the last chance (man u game) for us to do anything worthwhile….

    i would rather see them beat rather than get beaten…. but thats just me!

  25. GMR

    Not may sign one player, he said he will only sign one player. He even added that he didn’t mean one in each department he means one overall just to make sure he rams the point home!!

    I want him out, he will never admit he’s wrong & he definately won’t ever spend real money again through fear of being labelled a hypocrite & being laughed at by every manager & chairman he has ever slated for spending money!! Do we have to get relegated before the moron realises our squad is s***.

  26. Pedro

    So one experienced player? Yeah right!

    He is just shitting us, like he used to about how skint we were. I don’t buy that interview one bit.

    I like that he said that he was to blame and that he didn’t always make the right decision.

    “It doesn’t worry me. I don’t mind that I’m questioned. I would prefer that I’m questioned rather than the players,

    Well thank you for giving us permission to question you… and a big fuck off to the Arsene knows boys out there.

    Even the professor understands no one is above criticism.

    Thats the last for the night. Spot on Paulie, cheers!

    Happy blogging Grover!

  27. SFO Gooner

    yeah GMR ..

    how many chances can he give senderos .. ? sometimes it feels like we are running a big training academy and not a football club ..

  28. Geoff

    Paulie we don’t mind swearing, it’s when they swear at our Grovers I get upset, thanks for your support.

    Raddy Diarra can’t choose to leave the dopey little cunt signed a contract and that’s what Wenger needs to tell them, he tells us enough the importance of a contract.

    So we didn’t replace him lost 4 others, brought 2 in, one of which is out for a year, win fuck all and he says he only wants to buy one player.

    I despair.

  29. GMR

    Gilberto is apparently staying because he wants british citizenship, I read he has already passed the first part but needs to stay 1 more year to qualify. That doesn’t fill me with joy & if Flamini leaves that means he’ll go back to being first choice.

  30. Geoff

    Why the fuck would he want to be British when he comes from a country like Brazil and he ha all that money?

    Keep the team together, does he think Eboue and Senderos will grow brains in the summer then?

  31. GMR

    No doubt the player he signs will be injured from day one or need 2 years adaption period. I’m so pissed off about all this, it means our whole summer will be a write off & no doubt there will be endless blogs listing all the great players we have & their fantastic back-ups & pointing out how wonderful our squad is.

    As Pedro said (at least I think it was him), we don’t need to worry because Vela is coming. We won’t even need any other players on the pitch because he’s already the worlds best player.

  32. GMR

    I suppose its the dual nationality thing so he can stay over here or elsewhere in europe when he finishes playing.

  33. Geoff

    Then he’ll say I have to field a weakened side in this cup, this cup and this cup as we don’t have enough players or the depth of quality.

    So this is what we built the new stadium for eh, to compete with the worlds biggest clubs and not get left behind.

    Ok, just so I know.

  34. GMR

    I heard in his press conference where he said our results are not linked to the hammering at OT in the cup, he said & I quote “We weren’t going for the cup this year”, how disrespectful to the fans can you possible be!! I assume based on that quote that Arsenal will be willing to refund my money due to the fact they weren’t trying to win it!!

  35. Abdenor

    Hi Grovers

    I just heard AW press conference, saying we only need one more addition, if he means this then my optimism for next season is killed already.

    I just hope he’s keeping his cards close to chest & not telling us everything, it would be foolish for him to say we need a major surgery and these are the players we are after, this season hasn’t finnished yet & you don’t want to unsettle the players.

  36. Paulie

    Is there any piont in listening to Arsene anymore. He just irritates the hell out of me. Always the same shite excuses when we mess up and never tells the truth about anything, he says one thing and means another, also now hes taken to making outrageous predictions that nobody not even the Arsene knows brigade really believes anymore. Ive long since grown tired of his bullshit and cant bear his press conferences anymore as he just spins bullshit and even his constant smirk has now gotten on my nerves. However as the dust settles on or pathetic mid week result, i find myself starting to calm down again. Although Arsenes constant repetive lies and bullshit have driven me demented, I still think hes an excellent manager and if only he somehow could bring us a few experienced, dont need to be world class, but experienced over 25 fighting players, then I think he could carry on and add to his impressive trophy haul, and I would be willing to give him another chance to manage our club. But if Arsene refuses to do what even the dog in the street knows has to be done and get some experience in then im afraid we’re set for the same annual collapse that has been occuring at the business end of the season for the past few years again this time next year. As much as I admire him as a manager in the past, this cannot be allowed happen indefnitely, so if we’re all having this conversation again next year then the man has to go, if he cant do the right thing then its time to move on and let somebody else have a go.

  37. GMR

    Arsene also said it the year before!! I’m sick of hearing fans defend Wenger’s every word with such excuses as “he is just trying to keep moral up” or “he isn’t going to tell the world what he’s going to do”, what difference does it make if people know he wants to sign players?? Firstly it keeps the current players on their toes & secondly it has no effect on the price he pays. If he goes after a midfielder from say Ajax then they aren’t going to give him a cut price deal just because he hasn’t announced he wants to buy a midfielder!! I totally understand not saying which players you are after, thats common sense, but the rest of this stuff is bulls**t.

    I see on Arsenal.com that Wenger has said “we’ve done well to match the big spenders”. Maybe when they were building the Emirates that was ok reasoning, but for the past 2 years now that excuse is rubbish. At least it does finally appear that he is under pressure, even if it’s not from withing the club. Eventually the unrest will start to worry the boardroom & that can only be good news, Wenger has become far too complacent & needs to pull his finger out. The club is about the fans, not about him & his players!!

  38. gazzap

    i agree. wenger needs some pressure on him. he has settled into a comfort zone. that 6-1 mauling at OT a while back led to big changes at the club which then led to a double the following season. we need some kind of realisation like that again from wenger. we need to make a step up because in truth we all know our squad is weak.

    We cannot compete for 4 trophies. next season the FAcup will have to be thrown again and thats not good enough for a club like Arsenal.

    Its clear to the fans that we need 2-3 experienced players coming in and we also need the bad players out. those players are weakening the team when they come in. Bert, Eboue, Senderos and Hoyte all need to go.

    If Flamini leaves we are in the shit big time. its a really scary time to be a gooner.
    all the other top managers are begging their boards for more money and want to spend £20m, £30million on new players. we are the opposite. Our board say there’s lots of money but wenger says he doesn’t want it.

    our best players will leave if they cannot see a significant team strengthening this summer and wenger will have brought that on us with his stingey policy. you cannot blame the players who leave because of course they want to win trophies.
    wenger is stabbing himself in the back here and ruining his own legend. just a couple more players to fill the holes and I know every gooner would be right behind him again. It hurts to turn on him like this but we all want what is best for our club and wenger needs to wake up and hear some home truths.
    If he does not strengthen the wings and defence as well as keep the midfield in tact then we are in big trouble next season before a ball is even kicked.

  39. Bud

    Just got an email from Arsenal Mailing with the headline “Manchester Utd v Arsenal – Money Back Special”…….. I though halle fucking luya, the board have seen the light and know tht Wenger has fucked us over………. it turned out to be a bet that if Arsenal win whatever score you predict, you get your money back……… fuck me, that is how confident the bookies are of Man U stuffing us on Sunday !!!!!!!!

  40. Bud

    Bonner, that ain’t you is it ?

    Not been drinking. Having a beer now, but been a good boy tonight, been to the gym and played squash……… gonna make up for my ways tomorrow tho !!!!!!!

  41. Evo in OZ

    what do you reckon about jonnygooners assesment of Bendtner?

    BENDTNER…Not ready to help the team challenge for top honours just yet, needs time to integrate, doesnt have pace to save him.

    I reckon he has plenty of pace, just as quick as Kanu Jnr!

    what do you reckon?

  42. Pedro

    Evening Evo! Good to speak to you on your time!

    So… what do you make of Arsenes defence of Big Phil and what do you make of his 1 signing summer statement of intent?

  43. Evo in OZ

    Pedro – yeah i read the comments from wenger on signing just one experienced player, which is good and bad. AT least he has said he will sign 1 EXPERIENCED player which is 1 more than what we probably thought?

    As for Big Phil,i still love him, but i missed out on the comments, can you elaborate?

  44. Evo in OZ

    Terry – yeah Bendtner needs time and needs to improve, however being only 19, he has the time! For me, at least most, if not nearly all the games he played as a sub he provided something valuable to the team, if not a goal, then it was an assist or some nice link up plays!

  45. terry

    I just cant seem to get my self up after tuesday nights game as for sunday I cant call it or I just dont care

  46. Pedro

    I am indeed Terry… geoff is probably still watching from somewhere!

    Evo… he said that he is good enough and if we lose, we lose as a team.

    Fair point and I love Phil to. But does there come a point where you say he has fucked up enough? He plays well sometimes but he is 24 now and still not getting any better?

    He will never be top level… regardless of the champs league run a few years back.

    I’m not up either Terry, but you know you’ll be buzzing on sunday!

    Bring them on!

  47. terry

    There was a lot of slating of sendors after the game but I think it had a lot to do with comontaters trying to prove them selfs right after they said Arsenal would fall apart without Toure at the acn but he proved them wrong.He did look a bit neverous tuseday night mybe it was one game to many for him but he is still young. with help from Tony Adams as our defence coach

  48. Evo in OZ

    i wonder who this experienced player that we might sign will be?

    Are we calling Modric at 22 years old, experienced?

  49. terry

    old red nose is just winding up A W before the game on sunday hope we thrash them the fucking northern cunts

  50. Pedro

    Its a tough one?

    I am thinking experienced is about 26… where does this experienced player play?

    If you had to fill one position where would it be?

  51. Pedro

    Yeah? How old is he though? 19/20?

    He has some experience… I was thinking about Robinho… or Ronaldinho!

  52. Pedro

    So you think it will be a centre back?

    I don’t think the backline needs tweaking, I think the Midfield does… I can’t think of where he’ll replace though…

    It has to be a winger surely?

    He has Bertie in the middle… Rosicky and hleb are experienced… ?

  53. Evo in OZ

    we need a midfield/winger who can score/poach 15-20 goals per season! We still havent replaced those goals missed by Pires/Bergkamp/Freddie…although the start of this season was looking good when Cesc-Kleb-Rosicky laid the bet down between them to see who could be the highest scorer from the 3 of them…they were on fire for a while!

  54. Paulinho

    The only youngster that has talent and the mental attitude to succeed at the club- that I have seen so far- is Nicklas Bendtner. The rest can take and run and jump, or go on loan. Denilson is by far the most overrated youngster in the history of world football, and this was further confirmed to me when future world player of the year Jamie O’Hara looked the better player when the Scum played at the Emirates. His off the ball movement is terrible and is okayish on the ball, certainly not Cesc levels.

    Our best youngster are the generation below or a few years youngers. Players like Fran Merida- who I can see nicely playing left midfield- and Carlos Vela, and then Henri Lansbury looks good. Randall and Gibbs? I can’t see it myself. Nordveit looks good. Traore is the same age as Bale. Doesn’t look so precocious now does he?

    Apparently Flamini is off according to Philp ‘chocolate’ Euclair’ to Juve. That’s another area that will need strengthening.

  55. Evo in OZ

    Paulinho – Wenger says he spoke to Juve and they said they weren’t interested in Flamini, however stranger things have happened at sea as they say!

  56. YangKamp10

    Absolutely what we need. Goals from midfield. Wide men who can run PAST fullbacks. Walcott is probably our most form attacked at the minute and that can be his game, if confident. But we need more. Capel, Ben Arfa, the unsettled Robinho one of these guys down the left.

    But we also need strength in depth, that means cesc isn’t playing 50 games a season etc. Diego would be fantastic signing. Very influential in final 3rd, similar to DB10.

    Zapata, or Kompany at the back this summer. Micah Richards is a gooner, and Englands best prospect at centre half, so its a no brainer, he HAS to replace Gallas.

  57. Paulinho

    It is strange how he still hasn’t signed a new contract.

    The Flamster is very replaceble though. I like the fact that he is not afraid to stay up front and keep attacks going- unlike Gilberto- but defensively he is a bit of a liabilty because he lacks mobility and balance in confrontations just outside our box. Players like Hargreaves, Essien etc just seem to be a bit sharper and Flamini ends up lying on the floor.

  58. Evo in OZ

    Flamini has scored some good poachers goals by flying into the box at the last minute to score some outstretched goals much like freddie used to, but they are few and far between!

  59. Evo in OZ

    Eto’o i would take as well, i think richards is fairly suspect, i didnt see anything to set the world on fire when we played them this season!

    Essien shits me, so no dice for me there! Good for everyone to have a say thou!

  60. YangKamp10

    I saw Richard up against Manure when City beat them. I was sold on that performance. I didnt think they made pockets big enough to fit Rooney Tevez and Ronaldo all in at the same time, but apparently Richards has em!

    Its all speculation and dream signings, but looking at how well Torres Tevez Ronaldo etc have been this year, we are not going back to the summit without some superstar players. Simple. Benzema can be our torres, if we have the balls to bid big and fight of the spanish.
    He has to be the best young and available striker in the world today right?

  61. ethan_gunner

    1 new player .. obviously to replace dudu ???
    Well start booing next home game is all i can say ..
    think of several new songs to sing ..
    so 35 million war chest on 1 player ?
    WTF ???

    This all sounds like utter bollocks to me !
    wenger has never spent that much on one player in his life !
    6 months ago it was 70 million war chest
    now its 35 million war chest ..
    now its 1 player added !

    which 15 year old is it ???
    any takers ?

  62. ethan_gunner

    can anyone see similarities between Arsene Wenger and the sheriff of Nottingham ?.
    What are they doing will all the clubs funds? you would get like 35 mil for finishing in the top 4 anyhow ! robbing cunts ! Our manager is even more delusional than 1979 ..
    ands thats saying something ! because he was a pretty rare individual !

    ADEBAYOR,ADEBAYOR put him in and watch us draw !!!

  63. Stupid

    where did it all go wrong….. that one tackle, on a quite saturday afternoon up in brum has totally fucked the life, spirit and comaradrie out of the team.

    galla’s actions destroyed the team that day.

    if this ruck with pat rice is correct, he has to be fucked off. Give the captaincy to cesc.

  64. Maryland Gunner

    I am an optimist, and think that we could pull out a win on Sunday. Just a quick stroll down memory lane . . . January 2007, Arsenal v. Manchester United. Man U. were playing well all season, and we simply could not get our stuff together. We played our hearts out, and won 2 – 1, with an amazing cross/header combo from Eboue to Henry.

    We witnessed a true miracle just a few short weeks ago. Bolton had us against the wall, with 10 men, and two goals down. I can’t believe that I was the only one that was believing for a miracle . . . and it happened. The team doug deep. They had to take a good look at themselves, and had to ask the question, can we do this? What will we all need to do to walk away with the 3 points. They had to put it on the line. So, here we are again. The odds are stacked against us, with a formidable Manchester squad, ready to run us out, and a Gunner camp that has had a string of tough calls, injuries, and a spell of bad form.

    I say we look for the win. Why the heck not. I will be singing Sunday morning in the states . . . ARSENAL, ARSENAL FC, we’re by far the greatest team, the world has ever seen. It’s just that simple. Cheers to all of you that will be heading to the game, and for those of us in the USA, we will be cheering as well.

    Arsenal 2 – 1 Man U.

  65. ethan_gunner

    I dont think making cesc captain would make the lad stay stu …
    I think , like henry it will make him RUN !
    But your right i cant think of any other player to give tha arm band too !

    plus wenger would never get rid of gallas lets face it ..
    he’s a frenchman !

    I think your right thou .. the disfunctionality of the team isnt bound to improve
    with him at the helm !

  66. Geoff

    Welcome aboard Maryland, Ethan, I admire your staying power! So I went to bed depressed and woke up depressed.

    What if the one signing was Kaka? ow funny was that? sorry guys.

    I think it will be Ben Arfa and at 21 that’s experienced in Wengers book. Won fuck all with a depleted squad of injured players and don’t add to it, strange way to run abusiness.

    If you take out Diarra, as he left in January and he signs one player, then we would have actually signed no one.

    Randall I’m afraid ha never looked anything special to me, Gibbs looked Ok against Milan pre-season, all I can think of is he’s convinced of Vela, Barazite and Lansbury stepping up, because Robin and Rosicky are destined to be like Darren Anderton and Ledley King.

  67. Geoff

    Just read this in the mirror, it kind of sums up what we all say, I wonder if Wenger ever reads the Red tops, or if the Arsene knows brigade do. Here it is you make up your own mind.

    ‘Senderos simply makes too many mistakes to be anywhere near a regular in a team challenging for the Premier League or Champions League.

    Losing Sami Hyypia on a corner, being turned by Fernando Torres and making a mistake in virtually every game should tell Wenger everything he needs to know.

    Wenger does seem to have an incredible loyalty – or blind spot – towards some players like Senderos, Pascal Cygan and Igors Stepanovs.

    Arsenal are not far away from being the finished article, but they lack quality and experience in key areas.

    They need a new centre-half, a new keeper – Manuel Almunia is still not convincing – a midfielder and another striker.’

  68. Big Raddy

    Yes we do., but it is too early in the morning to get depressed about AW’s comments yesterday. With time to reflect, he will surely see that he needs a larger and more experienced squad.

    This w/e is all aout how he prepares a team fo MU. It will be funny to compare the two benches !!

  69. Big Raddy

    At Barca, they had the wonder of the arrival of TH14, the best new talent in the world Bojan (apparently) and Giovanni. Plus others. Did it do them any good?

  70. GMR

    In the cold light of day I do believe that Wenger will sign more than 1 player, I think his comment was probably relating to experienced players. If you consider that some players will definately leave Lehmann, Hoyte, Gilberto (possible unless this visa thing is true) & maybe Flamini. He would have to replace those lot, but they’ll be replaced with more youngsters.

    I have it on pretty good authority (an agent) that a deal for Yoan Gouffran is all but done. When we was linked with him before it didn’t really excite me as Caen were in the French 2nd division but they got promoted last year & he has scored 15 goals this season in the top league.

  71. ethan_gunner

    Bojan yes him and pato wouldnt be bad !
    that is more like a youthful strike force id like to see …
    and arsene MIGHT approve of !

    im dreaming arnt i ! ?

  72. Geoff

    You are dreaming big time, I’ve read most of the nationals and he is in denial I’m afraid, even Graham poll said he should have looked at the Ade miss rather than the dodgey penalty.

    He says the problem was rotation of a small squad, and he’s right, and if the plan is not to add to that, well expect more of the same.

    Pato wouldn’t come to us, he’s only just signed for Milan.

    And he’d cost more than 2s/6p

  73. Big Raddy

    Ethan, I think you are under the influence of a large quantity of alcohol. I think you are i Thailand, and we all know how strong the weed is there !!

    But maybe you are in Croydon or somewhere like that !

  74. Geoff

    Sorry Ollie, the Chavs are cheating cunts, Ashley Cole and Terry combining to put the ball in the corner, remember? My choice would be Barca. No other after that I’m afraid. I hate them all.

  75. ethan_gunner

    yeah .. but hey i figured this of arsene ..
    we had this convo 3 or 4 days ago ..

    He wont spend . that why i listed all those players in the wings ..
    he has got a lot to choose from .. But experience and quality is questionable .
    like i thought the other day .. you opened my eyes the only way to progress is to sack him ! …

    Or we will be clutching at straws ! for at least the next 2 years ..

  76. ethan_gunner

    Big Raddy

    nar raddy i was just getting with the festivities .
    Everyone else was barking out a wish list ..
    We all know we are kidding ourselves .. he wont buy a cracker .

    So i thought if you want youth you got it ! ..

    yes geoff depressing as fuck !
    like you said with diarra gone .. (freddies sort of replacement)
    and dudu injured we will actually be down a player !
    even if we get ben arfa !

  77. GMR

    We won’t sign Ben Arfa. Lyon are notoriously hard to do business with & will want 18-25 million for him. Wenger said just yesterday he can’t afford players at those prices. We all know thats not true but in his head it is. Edelman (who controls the money) & Fiszman have both said openly that Wenger can sign whatever players he chooses no matter the cost. Then you have the manager trying to convince everyone he has no money, he is making fools of the ‘Arsene Knows’ brigade, thats for sure!!

  78. Big Raddy

    I am sorry for banging on about this, but what is needed is the best defensive coach in the world (whoever he is). We need defensive cohesion. How is it that a defence of Clichy/WG/Kolo/Sagna leaks goals?

    They are top players and I wouldn’t replace any of them. It is not true about needing a massive lump as a CB. Nesta and Costacurta (or Baresi) were the best ever, and none are big units. What Milan had was superb organisation? Perhaps AW should have a long chat with the England manager.

  79. Notamong

    1 new player .. obviously to replace dudu ???
    Well start booing next home game is all i can say ..

    That is just pathetic. It really is.


    Ok lets get real we all no there will be at least three in ,Which is not enogh by any means i have said that we need Five Very good Ready made players,
    I CENTRE BACK- TOURE/GALLAS- combination Doesnt work, see last two seasons,
    2 WINGERS- HLEB IS GOING FOR ICE CREAM, NO 7 AND NO11 who could play there will be no doubt jostling to see who gets the best bed in the treatment room .
    1 world class striker, Ade canot control a ball , and you loose count in a game how many times he gets caught offsides , I would go after a keeper as well
    COCO , is not a no1,

  81. Stupid

    thing is, before toure phucked off to the ACN, gallas and him had a superb understanding at the back.

    AFRICA has done us.

    Suddenley, ade score some goals and thinks he is better than henry/eto/wrighty/shearer/kaka/maradona all rolled into one.

    i detest adebayor with a passion, i really do.

    the way he never celebrates a goal scored by anybody else but him tells you all you need to know about this disgusting 3rd rate andy cole.

  82. arab gooner

    people say we need this player or that but after thinking hard on the matter I really believe the only signing we need is a new strong manager fit for Arsenal FC.Keep Wenger as a youth team developer,nothing else.We have seen that he cannot motivate his players especially after defeats and tactically he has become obsolete.Look at our run,2 wins out of 13 matches.Imagine has this happened to Fergie before or Mourinho or even the rubbish benitez,I doubt it.And they call him the Professor and so on.Fergie described the match as torture.Spare a thought for us we gooner supporters,how many tortures we have been through in the last 4 or 5 years.I have been watching arsenal since early seventies and believe me even in our darkest days I do not remember having to go through such tortures.Bertie Mee has won a european trophy and so did George Graham with so much less playing resources.What about our Professor who after trying 13 times won nothing even with world class players available.This shows his managerial skills and abilities.