Diego Capel and Zapata yes but no to Huntelaar.

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Three players have suddenly become linked to Arsenal, two of them, Diego Capel a young Spanish winger who would fit in well and is tricky and Zapata who is a good solid center back and would be a great addition, also they are both the age that Wenger favours but for once it wouldn’t bother me, Senderos is not good enough and we don’t have a right winger.

Huntelaar ha been linked with us since he scored the first goal at the Grove at Dennis Bergkamp’s testimonial, I wouldn’t have him though, he is not quick like Theo and scoring in Holland is no guarantee of scoring in England. Talking of Dennis Bergkamp, he is taking his coaching badge at Arsenal and I think that could mean he’s being groomed, also his advice may not be a bad thing.

Cesc has said he needs to start winning trophies or…. so I see that as a good thing, a wake up call if you will.

I won’t talk about Sunday’s game yet as I’m still hurting from last night, I’ll leave that until tomorrow.

Record day’s commenting yesterday Grovers 428 and counting, which I think is cracking and some great stuff on there as well, which makes the fact that when we say something like ‘Arsene has got it wrong’ or ‘we’re really pissed off at winning no trophies’ why do we get so many nutters on saying we’re glory hunters, or we should support Chelsea.

Well when I say so many, I mean about 6 out of 428 so if I let them on that would have been 434. Pedro likes to give them a chance and we had a couple of odd ones on yesterday, heck we even had a boy named Sue!

If I see anyone that’s about to abuse any of you, they don’t even get a look in and their crap goes straight to trash, I don’t even see them anymore, so apologies for the few that actually got through, they won’t again.

And for those that do, don’t bother, they don’t even get read, so in effect they are talking to themselves, which in itself is no bad thing.

Can you imagine a real Arsenal fan being happy with this season and no silverware, I have a theory, I don’t think they are real fans, I think they’re spuds pretending to be gooners, or other blogs, I know two of them are, that’s a fact.

Having said that we also get a bunch of regulars that write other blogs and they are great guys and of course welcome.

So the next few months will be full of speculation about signings, I hope if he does, he does it before Euro 2008 otherwise we’ll never buy anyone. Tomorrow we talk ManU.

Have another fun day Grovers.

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  1. Finestcuts

    ScubaGooner, nope, I’m pro-Wenger all the way, I believe he’ll sort things out by the time his contract expires. He’s had his cage rattled and he’ll come up with the goods for next season.

    There have been plenty of factor’s beyond Wenger’s control this season, but I’ll think he’ll learn from that, be better prepared, correct what’s in his power to and hopefully we’ll start next season as we have this one….and finish in a similar fashion.

  2. Gidster

    Scoob… depends on whether you can tolerate The Special Twat… the reason none of the big clubs have moved for him is because he is insufferably obnoxious. However, he was dead right in his comments about Wenger recently, even if he does make his point in the most repulsive way possible.

    Personally, having supported Arsenal for 30 years, I dont mind going several seasons without winning a trophy. No new news there… What I dont like is being in a position where its ours to lose… and then losing it.

  3. terry

    I dont think we need a new manger he just needs a bit of help T.A sounds perfect for the defence I dont know what P.R does just take the bllocking from A.W when it goes wrong me thinks

  4. jimbo

    fair enough geof–as long as the rules about abusing people apply to everyone (inc regulars) i’m cool with that!

  5. Geoff

    1979 this one is for you, I know you weren’t the same person, I see the addresses, I was being sarcastic, all you’ve done all day and previously is take the high ground and argue with others, you made your point so move on.

    This is not an argument site, it’s a site for like minded people, if you’re not one then don’t come on.

    This is a place for people to let off steam, not wind people up, you’re welcome back if you stop.

  6. ScubaGooner

    Gidster – no; I couldn’t tolerate the that cunt for one minute, I asked the question tongue in cheek.

    Whilst I understand where you’re coming from; can’t agree with going several seasons without winning a trophy – said earlier AW raised the bar and now we expect, DEMAND that he keeps us there…..

    We’ve been in that “ours to lose” position before and lost it – I just hope he reacts and makes the changes… only time will tell.

  7. ScubaGooner

    TA made a comment recently -Times or Telegraph – that AW was just keeping the seat warm for him!! I think he would want to come back – he was/is Mr Arsenal afterall – what about him and DB10 for the future?

  8. jimbo

    SCUBA-if that happened and it worked it would be unbelievebale-BUT if it didn’t work i’d be gutted that the last thing those two legends did for us was be crap managers!

  9. ScubaGooner

    hmmmm…….never considered the downside to that – fair point.

    I think the risk would be worth taking though…..

    Maybe keep AW locked in a cupboard upstairs for any emergencies though ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. jimbo

    yeah i guess it could be a risk worth taking-it worked for graham after all! surely AW, with TA and DB at his side would be the most phenomenal combination-adams for the defence, dennis for the creative players and wenger for everything else. would be a dream!

  11. Abdenor

    Hi lads

    I just like to say that i am a big fan of the blog, been reading it since new year & it’s almost becoming part of my daily routine .
    First of, i agree with most people here regarding AW, the man has done a great job & no one can deny that, but he needs to wake up & smell the cofee!
    He needs to spend serious money on at least 3 world class players, CB, Winger & classy forward. otherwise we’ll be fighting likes of Everton & Spurs for 4th next season.

    The ciniq side of me feel he doesn’t want to spend the cash so he would have no pressure put on him ( must deliver if you spend big), there’s not point building a big stadium if you don’t have a geat team. (they go hand in hand)

  12. AN Steve

    I have often though about TA and DB together as a management team but the TA record as a manger has been poor and has Dennis got the personality?

    The fact that we are talking like this is interesting

    Still feel fed up when will it get better have had work mates treat me as if someone has died, keep telling time is a good healer

  13. Geoff

    This is for you 1979. First of all, you weren’t arguing with me today, you were arguing with just about everyone else, so my opinion doesn’t matter.

    Secondly we can criticise Arsenal and the manager as it’s our football club and this is not the Soviet Union under Stalin, if we didn’t talk Arsenal, there would be no blog.

    You have your own web site, why don’t you concentrate on that?

    We have a happy blog here and your input was threatening that, so I took you off.

    As I would anyone that was upsetting the flow of this site. Jimbo is back on as he promised to follow our rules of engagement, which are clearly written at the top of the page.

    I also said if you stopped acting in a high handed manner and stop looking to irritate you were welcome back on.

    Threatening me is not the way forward and it’s not very smart for someone who has taken the moral high ground all day.

  14. Geoff

    Welcome to Le Grove Abdenor, I have to agree with everything you’ve said.

    if only that cheque book would come out eh!

  15. jimbo

    geoff-in fairness the blog has been pretty good and interestting today and personally i feel everyone has contributed to that in their own way (inc myself and 1979). i understand you have regulars but i don’t really i’ve upset anyone and i certainly haven;t been as abusive as some people have been towards me. i like the concept of this site (i.e. a break from the norm where everyone can have an opinion), but it did feel today like cos we’re the new guys and we had a different opinion we were treated harshly by yourself. anyway just thought i’m mention that to you to see what you thought.

    tomorrow is another day and at the end of the day we’re all gooners who want the best for the team, we just show it in different ways!

  16. ScubaGooner

    466!!! Fuck me another record breaking day despite the aggro ๐Ÿ™‚

    AN Steve – I think TA has learnt alot under Harry but you have a valid point. DB – he’s apparently a great guy with fantastic personality; I think he’s seen outside as the Iceman but within the Highbury walls he was well respected by all the team/management/backroom and not just for his skills – I think his personality would surprise a lot of people….. I think he’d be a better choice than TA if I had to choose one or the other

  17. AN Steve

    well I am off back onn the road for a couple of hours SCuba proberbly right DB10 would be very interesting as he is the AW mould.. ie got brains

    But the TA maybe trained up now I suppose could do it

    as Harry hill would say teher is only one to find out FIIIII….

  18. terry

    jimbo that would be a great idea AW TA & DB lighten the load for Wenger.We might have to kidnap tony from pompy Geoff

  19. Geoff

    Jimbo as you said tomorrow is another day, same goes for 1979, but I have to keep order as I have people that have been blogging for a lot longer than a day. And I don’t want to lose them, and it was getting argumentative.

    Start afresh tomorrow.

    Scuba you’re right on both counts, a record breaking day and the Iceman, I think he’ll start to have a say on all sorts, including influence on transfers, dare I say?

  20. Patdig

    Geoff, I think that your appraoch is even handed , i have only recently began bloggin here , the rules seem clear and fair enough to me.

    I like the fact that I can be truly open about my current feelings without reprisal or blinkered ridicule.

    Keep up the good work !!!!

  21. ScubaGooner

    Jimbo – I’m new as well the secret is to make the point and move on – I haven’t agreed with every comment on here by the regulars but I make my point and then move on – BB and I disagree totally about Gilberto; today we had a lovein about ade, and so it goes…read some of the previous posts and comments not everyone agrees word for word…

  22. Odub

    Whats up chaps?

    just got in and seen Flam’s out for 3 weeks!!! Oh well we’ve got Gilberto to fill in.

    Doesnt 3 weeks mean he more or less misses the rest of the season? If so has he played his last game for the arsenal?

  23. Geoff

    I don’t know Patdig, but surely this is a great opportunity to see what Diaby can do in the middle, I think he has Viera qualities, or even Hleb, trying something strange, like playing a center midfielder in the center, it may work!

  24. Patdig

    Personally I am still mourning the lose of Diarra , I would love PV4 to be re-incarnated in Diaby. Not sure Hleb could cope as we would still need to shoot .

  25. Odub

    I dont think he’s worth anymore than cesc or Gallas. What are they on?

    people bang on about how dynamic he’s been and all that, but if he starts holding us to ransom, I’d show him the door, shame we wont get a penny for him now aye!!

    Good player but I prefer the old make up when we had 6 footers all round the park! intimidated the fuck out of people when Vieira,Petit and co came running at you!

    I remember harry redknapp once saying he watched arsenal come out against his team once they were all bigger and fitter, and would win anything from a 100m dash to a wrestling or football match!!!
    looks like he’s modelled his team on that doesnt it?!! he’s got big lumps all over the park at pompey hasnt he?!!

  26. Patdig

    Odud he isnt worth the same as CESC , no way , he is versatile , but for me he is replaceable.

    In essence he carries water well !!!

  27. Gooner from Pakistan

    Good post guys. My net fucked up yesterday so I wasn’t able to visit the Le-Grove. I read a post on arsenalanalysis.blogspot, still there were ARSENE KNOWS comments going on which is beyond me. It is clear that Arsene had the opportunity to strengthen the team in January but all he did was to sell DIARRA and sign a fucking 15 year old. The team really got tired afterwards and let the title slip. There, I have to say ARSENE DIDN’T KNOW. The most ridiculous thing is Arsene knows brigade even support Eboue saying he was the best fullback in the road to final against barcelona. I hope that cunt fucks off to AC milan as their have been rumours that they want him and clear the way for our amazing THEODONA. I bet my life Eboue couldn’t have make that run in all his life which THEODONA made after just 7 minutes on the pitch.

    Today we are linked with another 20 year old. Capel. I’ve seen him I don’t think he’s something special. Ben Arfa is much better than him. As for Zapata I haven’t seen much of him. I would prefer a big commanding Centre back along with Gallas. As for Toure although he is a very good all-round player he is not gr8 defensively. How about signing Cannavaro(keep on dreaming) although he is not big he’s the most astute defensive player along with Nesta. Imagine having a back four of:

    Also replace that fucking cunt ADE with some quality. RVP and ROSICKNOTE make me sick. My friend told me yesterday that their medical bills are much more than their wages but ARSENE loves charity so he won’t dump them and bear all their medical bills along with wages. My friend a cunt so is Arsene.


  28. ScubaGooner

    Its time to see if Diaby can begin to fill PV4’s shoes; we’ve heard the hype but now I like to see if its going to happen.

    As Geoff rightly says now is the ideal opportunity; it’ll also give us some insight to what AW thinks about him too.

    He ain’t a left winger that’s for sure

  29. Odub

    Diaby is been missued on the left, better in the middle and agreed he has got a touch of PV4 about him!

    Patdig dont worry about it mate! I’ve been called a lot worse things in my time see above!!!!

  30. Gooner from Pakistan

    Good post guys. My net fucked up yesterday so I wasn’t able to visit the Le-Grove. I read a post on arsenalanalysis.blogspot, still there were ARSENE KNOWS comments going on which is beyond me. It is clear that Arsene had the opportunity to strengthen the team in January but all he did was to sell DIARRA and sign a fucking 15 year old. The team really got tired afterwards and let the title slip. There, I have to say ARSENE DIDN’T KNOW. The most ridiculous thing is Arsene knows brigade even support Eboue saying he was the best fullback in the road to final against barcelona. I hope that cunt fucks off to AC milan as their have been rumours that they want him and clear the way for our amazing THEODONA. I bet my life Eboue couldn’t have make that run in all his life which THEODONA made after just 7 minutes on the pitch.

  31. Gooner from Pakistan

    Today we are linked with another 20 year old. Capel. I’ve seen him I don’t think he’s something special. Ben Arfa is much better than him. As for Zapata I haven’t seen much of him. I would prefer a big commanding Centre back along with Gallas. As for Toure although he is a very good all-round player he is not gr8 defensively. How about signing Cannavaro(keep on dreaming) although he is not big he’s the most astute defensive player along with Nesta. Imagine having a back four of:

    Also replace that fucking cunt ADE with some quality. RVP and ROSICKNOTE make me sick. My friend told me yesterday that their medical bills are much more than their wages but ARSENE loves charity so he won’t dump them and bear all their medical bills along with wages. My friend a cunt so is Arsene.


  32. ScubaGooner

    Goodnight all!!

    Sagna, Cannavaro, Nesta, Clichy – it’ll be dreamland tonight…. can I include Kaka and bring DB10 back for another 3 seasons?

    Oh how I wish!!

  33. BB

    to me Diaby looks a bit like Muntari..good shot and can take people on.. he aint no Vieira as me thinks he lacks defensive mindedness .. Wenger said the same .. still doesnt make him a left winger .. rather an offensive central midfielder

  34. Odub

    that’s typical you isnt it chris??!! 2 comments all day, and just ‘happen’ to pop up for post 500!!! glory hunter!

  35. Michael

    Diaby on the left is the equivelent of a criminal offence in footballing terms, the guy is about as central a midfielder as you can possibly get, i’d much rather Traore played there or even Walcott. I know Wenger transformed Henry from left wing to central striker and Petit from left back to central midfielder, but his experiments this season have been baffling. theres Diaby, Eboue, he’s used Bentdner left wing. Eduardo left wing, Toure right back, Van Persie played left wing against Chelsea. Is it Wengers’s ego or stubborness making him do this, i swear he’s on a one man mission to prove to the world he can win things by not spending money and unless he swallows his pride and splashes the cash we can kiss goodbye dreams of winning the title and keeping players like Fabregas and Clichy.

  36. Odub

    I know!! I got the hump earlier luckily i could leave the office early or i would have had to put up with some cnut telling me i’m an idiot!! I come here for light hearted banter not to be insulted, I doubt he’d pull the samething in a local pub and leave with his teeth intact!

    Anyway Geoff’s in charge of all that!

  37. Odub

    you are wise young patdig!! lol

    not a lot of world class strikers about at the mo is there?! We’ll see what the Euros bring.
    messi, borjan young and exciting talents to add to the list.

  38. Patdig

    Agreed problem with the Euros is that I will start dreaming again , only probaly watch all the best talent head to Barca ,Real, Spam U, Scouse land, Chelski and probably Bayern Munich , before it heads our way .

    Never mind I am sure we will sign a 12.13,14 & 15 yr old. Still here’s praying Vela can come through

  39. Zouca

    Anyone want to see Lehmann start over almunia?
    almunia has been great this season but if ronaldo gets past our defense would you really want almunia the person to try to stop him for the weekend?

    All you need to do is watch Lehmann against argentina in the World cup in 06 to find that answer.

    Id LOVE to see theo and RVP start against man u. adebayor wasting chances makes me fucking sick. He would be a great back up but just the fact that he just cant put it a way enough should let the start over him.

    and we need a tall quick center back like Mertesacker or even sergio ramos who can basically play any position and the back while still come forward to help the attack.

    i think eboue should be kept but as a backup rb and we should sell hoyte.
    traore, for only 18, is good so we should hang on to him.

    and for flamini… He is NOT worth over 60,000 a week. he isnt that quick and he is 5’10 so he isnt that big. we were linked with miguel veloso at the start of the season and that would be an amazing signing because he can defend AND score.

    for the weekend id like to see diaby start with cesc in the center with hleb and (sadly the only “rw”) eboue, because there is basically no other person to go there unless he brings in gilberto and pushes cesc out, but then cesc has no say in what happens in the game.

    Hopefully we will see the good german back in goal.

  40. Gidster

    Berbs for sure… he is the most classy player Ive seen in our league since Bergkamp. Putting aside the Spuds thing, and our deep rooted love of the Berg (Henry was great, but Bergkamp is Cult..), I think Berbs is as good as Bergs… he is of the required class to make us great… Cesc to Berbs would give me a much warmer feeling than Cesc to RVP or Cesc to Ade currently does…

  41. BB

    Berbs would suit our style best .. as he can play too..Etoo is very much a goals obsessed man without too much cares about interplay .. doubt though whether that spuds cunt would come to us . he really looks like a sulking dick..what about raiding west london for our own Nik?

  42. Pedro

    1979 Gooner, read what Geoff said.

    If you can comply, welcome back… if not, well…

    I’m off for half hour, so comments might be slow getting through.

  43. Finestcuts

    A thought just ran through my head. What if some club offered 25 mil or some massive sum for Adebayor. Would Wenger turn it down? Could there be an Adebayor fan out there willing to splash 20m + on him? I have a feeling some club could make an offer he could not turn down. Or maybe Newcastle, they don’t mind getting ripped off. Can you imagine Kevin Keegan rubbing his hands together and rejoicing that he’s got Adebayor?

    Oh and shit, I’ve just thought of the most evil touch….some club buying Henry and Adebayor together….Kevin Keegan would love that.


    For me make a statement and be serious ETO’ , Ronaldihno, either one would be great and the money obssessed board would get the money back on shirt sales alone, can you imagine the buzz around the cluc on the first day of the season .
    But The reality is scrooge wenger will not sign either and another crop of south american 15 year old paper boys will be signed and loaned out to our spanish feeder clubs for 10 years until they get a passport!!!!!
    Finally I just heard the funniest thing for a long time on sky sports news, That Useless fat dirty bastard Grame Roberts said that spurs are a big club with big plans for a new 55,000- 60,000 stadium ,which he says they will fill, and in his thick concussed stupid head says that there as big as arsenal if not bigger.

  45. Finestcuts

    Sven would pay top dollar for Adebayor as welll……he bought Benjani…, Shin likes big names (which is why he got Sven as manager)…..

    Harry would as well, but he’d want a discount, he can have Eboue, Gilberto or any other bits of dead wood.

    Steve Bruce of Wigan likes Arsenal didn’t make it’s/ past it’s as well.

    Plenty of clubs to flog the dross to.

  46. Gooner7

    Get Ronaldinho.

    We don’t remember only the trophies, we also cherish dennis bergkamp, Henry, or Pires. Like that, we need great players. So, please Bring Ronnie. First, we need David dein back at the club. He will get us the Henrys, Pires, Dennis bergkamps, and the Vieras. (Remember that all four players were all playing for their country, and proven talents before joining arsenal, compare that to this team!? None. So it’s high time we get proven talents than wait for our Arrogant old man to groom, and grow talents)

  47. Finestcuts

    I wonder how many of those on loan and in the youth team will come into the first team next season. Maybe Wenger will buy a striker to replace (temporarily Eduardo), someone for Rosicky (plus he might decide to keep him), and just promote from within. Stick with the same players, Buy to replace the above 2 and any others that may leave could be promoted from within. I could see that as a possibility, so less senior players such as Denilson , Diabyand Song could take senior positions, and those that were on loan + reserves couild take their place.

  48. Finestcuts

    Arsenals future maybe??


    Eboue/Sagna, Senderos/Toure/Nordveit/Gallas/Djourou, Clichy/Traore
    Walcott/Vela, Fabergas/Denilson/Diaby, Flamini/Denilson/Song, Hleb/Diaby
    Van Persie/Adebayor/Eduardo/Van Persie

    I think Justin Hoyte, Rosicky and Gilberto could be the two most likely to go, and to replace those who replace them, i think those coming back from on loan who have done well will get those slots.

    Maybe Huntelaar or Eduardo in front in future, and the rest could keep their roles, so Denilson busier, taking Gilberto’s role and taking on the matches he would.

    Wenger can replace all those he has sold from within and maybe buy for key positions, I can’t wait to see who he buys and sells.

  49. Finestcuts

    We’re NEVER gonna get Ronaldinho, lets get serious…..these are not the kinds of players he buys. He buys players like Eduardo…..Huntelaaar maybe.

    He hven said himself that Ronaldinho is no longer considered the best in the world. Wenger doesn’t buy a player after their peak.

    There are up and coming players who are performing better than Ronaldinho, and available for less.

  50. Pedro

    It would be nice to get him! Fallen star turned great again under Arsene… but signing him would be the most unarsene thing ever!

    Give me a young Eto’o or a young Zidane! Dreamland I know!

    Although I am getting good vibes about Gourcouff for this summer, he seems to fit the bill, young… played for a big club so would appreciate some playing time and a 2nd crack at the whip and he’d be relatively cheap.

    We shall see though!

    Great days blogging chaps!

    Till tomorrow!

  51. 1979gooner

    I may have no taste in players but I reckon N’Zogbia could do a job for us.

    Quick, great left foot, good engine and could give us some width down the left.

    He’d be a french Ray Parlour type with a tad more class (sorry Ray).

  52. papa bear

    Huntelaar is several orders better than Walcott. He would be an impact player straight away.
    All I know is Wenger needs to spend a little more money than usual otherwise it’s going to continue being good not great teams that scrape by into the top 4, play pretty deep into CL and fizz out every year.
    A 1 year run like that for a smaller club would be great, but Arsenal has to expect more of itself.

  53. A

    “Can you imagine a real Arsenal fan being happy with this season and no silverware.” I’m sorry but that’s a ridiculous comment. Saying that fans are not real fans (real fans being a hilariously over-used and made-up concept), if they do not vent anger just because we havn’t got any silverware. The only people I’ve heard obsessed about shiny cups in their trophy cabinet is spurs, some of who’s fans genuinely believe winning a cup that no real team takes seriously makes them better than us. I’d much rather be “always the brides-maid never the bride” than marry the fat ugly girl who noone else wants despite the fact if they wanted they could have her.
    Our performances as a team and as individuals has improved greatly from last season, and will continue to do so. We’ve got more point already than we got in all of last season, and are much closer to Utd than we were this time last year. No Arsenal fan will be celebrating this season'[s achievements, but fans should be happy and contented in the knowledge we would have won the league already had it not been for a ridiculous number of injuries to the squad, not to mention diarra’s tantrums meaning we had to sell him. The squad on paper was and still is very strong. The only real area with a lack of good cover is out wide, and with rosicky out so much that has hit us hard.
    In terms of the size of our club we are a big club, but we shouldn’t expect to beat a team like Man Utd who are the biggest club in the world, and Chelsea who have probably the most expensively assembled squad in the world. However we were still on our way to winning the title, despite our best forward by a fair bit in van persie being injured nearly all season, our main central midfield back up being injured (denilson) or leaving (diarra), and our main goal threat from midfield (rosicky) being out for most of the season. The Eduardo injury was an injury and incident too far, not just because we were already stretched, but also with the impact id had on the minds of young players already exhausted from having to play non stop because of injuries and such like.

    If we win on sunday our incredibly young, tired, and injury hit squad are still very much in the title race, and have only gone out in the champions league due to poor refereeing mistakes. Arsene will make signings in the summer, but there is no need whatsoever for wholesale changes, we have an incredibly talented young squad who for most of the season were the top team in the country, and will only get better.

  54. ethan_gunner


    Iโ€™d much rather be โ€œalways the brides-maid never the brideโ€ than marry the fat ugly girl who noone else wants despite the fact if they wanted they could have her.

    -does that mean you think chelsea as a bride is ugly ?
    (currently he’s the 2nd best looking guy on the block !)
    -or arsenal so UGLY it couldn’t get past the 1st date ??


    dont worry odub we gave 1979 some bollocks !
    i was especially nasty ๐Ÿ™‚
    You have to be stone wall crazy ( or american ) to come on and debate the trash
    he was ranting on about , like A said

    โ€œCan you imagine a real Arsenal fan being happy with this season and no silverware.โ€ Iโ€™m sorry but thatโ€™s a ridiculous comment.

    I agree with that 110% , trying to find solace , or a silver lining in this season is just pathetically stupid .. I dont think he realizes that this is just another photo copy
    of last season minus freddie and TH14 .. And that its just another year thats past
    with the same old BS excuses re-hashed from the previous season before ..
    And most people are sick of it ..

    Also to back ade and eboue is just naive and shows that for a man who runs a blog how
    ridiculously 1 eyed the man is ! No footballing acumen what so ever !

    11 games with no goals in the EPL ! and during these games we’ve gone from 5 points clear to 6 point in the red !!! HELLLLLLLLOOOOO?

    Spelling it out, for me would just be going over old ground . But its not just ade’s lack of goals .. its his touch and refinement as a player . Im not saying he’ll NEVER be any good . Because whilst there are people like flamini around , you can never 100% know
    that any one player will always be doomed to fail forever! but currently yes !

    Even if the cunt scored 2 goals a game with touch like his has id still ride him !!!
    Because its UN-Arsenal !!!

    Enough said on ade ! and never get me started on the topic
    because unlike some i blame his lack of goals and lack of touch for ruining this season in the final stretch ! 100% I blame wenger for playing him also !
    and wenger for never starting theo up front !!! UP FRONT !!!
    I want to see theo as the spear head for 1 game (with no ade in the team !)
    I want there to be no excuses for theo not to receive the ball !
    just to see what he does with it …

    I cant believe wenger is so stupid for not trying it !
    and i believe that RVP and theo upfront
    is 100% the way to go !

    We all know RVP is a point and shoot style of player the old 1 – 2 ..
    pass off ,get into space to get room
    playing ade with RVP is just bollocks ..
    might as well play with 9 men !

    Every fucker is wondering why RVP isnt scoring ! and thats because
    ade’s turned into a ball hoggin – coughing monster !!!

    No possession = NO CHANCES TO SCORE !

    END OF !

  55. Dazza

    some arsenal ”fans” are very very fickle on ere. goin on like our club is in some sort of crisis wot rubbish! we have over achieved this season no one in the world of football gave us a chance at the start of the season. its has been thrilling watching arsenal this season, real edge of the seat stuff, but football can be cruel. you need alot of luck 2 win silverware, clearly we have not had alot of that with injuries and real bad decisions going against us. i no its not all about luck and i also no our squad lacks depth but com on who could predict rvp being injured for most of the season, rosicky out for this long or eduardo breaking his leg…. no 1 could! these are key players i could go on about injuries but i wont. dont get me wrong i no the team havent helped because of the lapses in defence and not shooting or killing teams off when they should. but those of you calling for AW`S head should be sectioned he is a great manager, i mean who would you replace him with? dont say jose cuz he would have to bankrupt the club. i have faith in wenger and i trust him with our club, we just need 2 or 3 quality signings. IM PROUD OF MY TEAM, IM HURTING LIKE HELL BUT MY CHINS HIGH MAN! for all the good fans on here rememeber ”ARSENE KNOWS”

  56. Gunnin'










  57. ethan_gunner


    your obviously an aussie ! wot do you know about football .. oh i mean soccer

    what part of over achieving has happened in your eyes ?
    the fact that we where 4th last season and now are 3rd ?
    Im pretty sure wenger told us the squad was GOING to improve
    this season .Please justify your OVER ACHIEVING STATEMENT !

    . We still need to qualify for C.L football .
    We still dont have any squad depth , We still have won nothing …
    We still are getting excuses from arsene ..

    How on earth did we over achieve ?
    Did you expect us to get relegated ?
    Blinded by rose tinted arsene know best glasses !

  58. X



    We over-achieved in the sense that everyone was writing us off at the beginning of the season, and yet we are still, barely, in the run for the premiership.

    We did well in the Champions League, and we definitely deserved more had it not been for Benitez’s policy of having his squad take drama class, and swimming lessons; though it was incredibly “ridiculous”, to quote Clichy, to have conceded those goals.

    I have to admit that the last few weeks have been horrendous, but we did over-achieve. However, I do agree with most of you on this blog that Arsenal should be aiming for more, and not a humble remark of: “We over-achieved by not fucking up like everyone else expected us to”.

  60. RassHenry

    We need good quality, strong, pacey, skillfull, experience worldclass player’s in additon to our squad now, in order to succeed accordingly. Adebayour is a fucking shitte. Just get rid of this bastard. Sell injury prone Robin as well. Please, get Karim Benzema & Robinho to replace this two useless strikers upfront. Offload, injury prone Rosicky & move back Ebue to the right back position as Sagna’s backup, then bring in Quaresma & Ben Arfa to the right as well as left side of our midfield to complete our midfield engine with Flamini & Febregas. In defence, just bring in Micah Richards to partner Toure with Sagna & Clichy makes a perfect defence unit. Almunia can be our number 1, without doubt. Lehman, Fabianski, Gallas, Ebue, Sanderos, Djourou, Traore, Hleb, Denilson, Song, Vela, Eduardo & Walcott will be our quality subs.

    Players to offload : Adebayour, Robin, Bendtner, Rosicky, Diaby, Gilberto, & Hoyte to make some $$$ millions to add to the transfer kitty allocation to buy the player’s as listed below.

    Player’s to buy : Benzema, Robinho, Quaresma, Ben Arfa & Micah Richards in order to compete in BPL & Europe as well.

    My Dream Arsenal team :

    3.Sagna 5.Toure(c) 2.Richards 22.Clichy
    8.Quaresma 16.Flamini 4.Febregas 12.BenArfa
    7.Robinho 11.Benzema

    Subs :

    24.Lehman – GK
    10.Gallas – CB/LB
    27.Ebue – RB
    13.Hleb – M
    19.Vela – M
    9.Eduardo – S
    32.Walcott – S

    cHEERS ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Just Stick It In !

    ever since the famous back five, bergkamp, pires, vieira & henry left i keep telling myself the kids are allright.

    who am i kidding here?

    but then again these so-called kids are actually seasoned campaigners cesc, clichy, toure, senderos, denilson, ebola. ,ade, sagna (sure he’s new but he looked like he’s been there for ages)

    and theo’s case is the most disturbing , i mean the boy is waiting to be unleashed and all arsene does is use him sparingly. how the hell is he going to improve?

    arsene will continue to buy & train kids, recalling those on loan, blood out the ones at the academy through the carling cup, yadda- yadda…

    arsene has yet to win anything with his philosophy of developing talents.

    will we see another repeat of this year’s champs league disaster? i certainly hope not!

    i am wishfully hoping that we can still nick the title…

    c’mon gooners, even spuds have won something this season, ffs!

  62. Geoff

    That proves my point that people can come on here that don’t agree with the masses, providing their points are reasoned debate and don’t insult the majority.

    If Arsene truly knows we would be winning more than the Emirates and Amsterdam cups.

  63. Patdig

    Go Ethan , Dazza sorry I have to agree, what exactly does Arsene know? I am not proud to get bashed by all and sundry including pathetic spuds who beleive winning the league cup is the best thing ever, by the way is that where you want us to end so starved of succes than any old shite tin pot will do?

  64. ethan_gunner


    that was just the media , drumming up henry’s departure ..
    We have never been out of the top 4 since arsene has been king ..
    over-achieved ?? more like stabilized AGAIN

    Dazza got that spiel for the gallas interview i knew that , straight word for word vomit ๐Ÿ™‚
    gallas said it so it must be right ??? right ?

    As for 1979 geoff ,

    he was pretty rude to odub ..
    it got my back up !
    i know him from my time at another blog .
    he is just argumentative git ..
    and he’s the sort of person who just needs to
    prove everyone wrong .. he will go thru archives of things you’ve said in the past
    and use them to discredit them …

    Instead of having a laugh he’d rather be a preacher – converter ..
    I know a few like that .. you feel like your always on the defense ..
    justifying this and that ..
    Thats why Le grove is a breath of fresh air .. People saying it ..as it is..
    no sugar coated wenger sweets here !
    Just who isnt preforming / who is , good opinions on what should be done and an unbiased view of the club in general !
    Who isnt frustrated with the club recently ?
    i just question how these guys like them can rationalize the sort of things they say
    its got me fucked ???

    happy with a mediocre life ??
    of not winning a cracker for the past 3 + years ..
    delusional – insane – unpassionate freaks of nature !
    why watch football to begin with ?
    go fly a fuckin kite !

    So far i like what i see and well done to you and pedro .
    Plus bring on the arsene knows brigade !!! ..
    I used to feel like 1979 did last night in reverse !
    can you imagine me and 100 – 1979’s !

    but i realized you can speak til the cows come home but those people are just blinkered from common sense !

  65. Big Raddy

    Over 500 posts !!

    And all by people who care. I don’t agree with much of it, but people are entitled to talk bollocks !! Healthy discussion is the only way to teach.

    I still think Huntelaar is not the answer.

    Now for some positivity. We can still do theis. We have the chance to go to OT and win . We can do it !!

    And tell me, if we were to win the league, what would all you guys say about Wenger? For me , he would still be the manager who was mistaken by not buying in summer, and not having a good enough defensive coach

  66. Geoff

    Thanks ethan, you summed it up, I’ll be spending a paragraph on him in todays post, he’s so wrong, I even let him back on as he had a reasoned comment, arguing is not on though.

    Raddy we never said there was anything wrong with Wenger other than strengthining the squad and spending money, so we won’t change regardless.

    Eboue on and Theo off, tell me why?

    That’s the point, reasoned discussion, people get on the bandwagon that we don’t like something and they all come out of the woodwork.

    Go see how many people read his blog.

  67. ethan_gunner

    big raddy

    Im not against Huntelaar
    until he gets here adapts .. its a pretty hard call for anyone to make .
    who thought that baptista would flop so badly ..
    reyes didnt set the world alight either .
    This is always the risk of bringing in foreign players to the EPL ..
    he could be just the dynamic we need .. or he could be just another baptista ..
    I dont want to use the phrase arsene knows but if anyone knows about scouting
    wenger would be in the top 5 !

    and i think i can safely use the phrase that arsene knows better ..
    and im happy for him to make those judgment calls ..
    but i will say it will either make him or break him next season !

  68. jules

    the worry is that we will probably be dissapointed again with getting hopes up again in the summer and not signing anyone , can see it happening and then how we all gonna feel . pretty pissed off ? you know how stuborn arsene is , do you really think he will want to seen as being wrong with his policy , if this the same situation next year and the same has happened , i think he will come under some serious pressure.
    prepare for being linked with everyone , getting exicited and hardly signing anyone .
    franc ribery ring any bells ? i thought he was coming last summer , shame he did’nt.

  69. Gavin

    Fantastic speculation. Wenger stated several acquisitions will not be bought.
    He will buy ONE experienced central midfielder to replace the leaving Gilberto
    No one else will be bought. He believes in this team and buying will halt progress of those he has. This is alien to his philosophy. I can accept this to a point. I am not clammoring for buy buy buy. But please God buy someone tricky for the wing or all us gooners will be as frustrated next season when we draw all those matches in next season league and find one too good in the CL.

  70. gunner17

    can see wenger keeping faith with eboue on the right
    gilberto won’t need replacing cos he’s not playing anyway, besides, song will come in more

    i get the feeling he’ll bring in a striker. ade has been playing on his own. rvp’s body isn’t up to an entire season. bentdner hasn’t convinced. if ade gets injured we’re screwed.

    are you sure it won’t be huntelaar?