Stay with me, hold the line and on my command, unleash hell!

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That’s the battle cry tonight Grovers, straight from the greatest film ever made ‘Gladiator’.

The World make Liverpool favourites, so we have our backs to the wall, just like we did against the scousers in 89, Parma in Copenhagen, Madrid at the Bernabeu and Milan in the San Siro.

The common denominator in all of those games? We won, and with the team fired up after two worthless draws, we can go and win this, shut their obnoxious crowd up and leave them with nothing this season.

Win tonight and we can win at Old Trafford on Sunday and go on and win the double.

What we need today is positive vibes from all our supporters all over the world, the team will feel it if we shout loud enough, this season was meant to be ours, remember the last time we were written off with a young team? It was Real Madrid away in this same competition, we can do it, but you grovers need to do your bit, a fired up day on the blog and it’s ours I feel.

Onto Quaresma, they say we’re on for a cut price deal but I’m not convinced he’ll come to us when the others can pay more for his salary, I’m also not sure why they think because Porto are in trouble he’ll go cheap???

I think he would be perfect for us, as I think Ben Arfa or Benzema would be but if I had a choice, it would be a tough one, we can’t have them both as they have fallen out by all accounts.

I am going to pick my team for tonight but I’m not so sure he’ll agree, but here goes.


Eboue Gallas Senderos Clichy

Hleb Cesc Flamini Theo

Robin Ade

I picked Eboue over Kolo as I think he’s a better right back than Kolo, but not a lot between them, I’d favour Hleb out wide with Theo on the other side as one has impact, the other has something to make up for his decision not to shoot on Saturday.

Robin and Ade up front so we do a 4-4-2, I may be tempted to start Robin with Bendtner but he won’t drop Ade, he won’t drop Kolo either so in truth the team will probably look like this.


Kolo Gallas Senderos Clichy

Eboue Cesc Flamini Diaby

Ade Hleb

With Robin Theo and Bendtner on the bench with Hoyte.

Check out the reincarnation of the guest blog here and leave your thoughts. Maybe you could drop me an e-mail if you fancy a crack?

It’s a must win tonight, so get plenty of beer and wine inside you, strap yourself in and pray the boys read this!

Have a great night Grovers, we need it, England expects – Lord Nelson on the eve of Trafalgar!

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  1. Big Raddy

    Fuck me, I am pissed off this morning. What a ride that was.

    Eboue….. Cunt
    Ade…….. Cunt
    Almunia….Half a cunt but cuntish nonetheless

  2. Goona P

    Worst i’ve felt as a gooner for a long long time.. not last nites result as i didnt really think we would qualify anyway. I cant remember a time as a lifelong fan where I have disagreed with so many of decisions that have been made regarding Arsenal FC.

    Firstly i dont think we can seriously compete with Man Utd, Chelsea or even Liverpool’s squads. Reason Arsene Wenger

    I dont agree with his squad, his team selections, his transfer policy, his tactics, his substitutions, his formations….

    Why do we play 4-5-1 when we need to win games? If you score more goals than other team you win games…

    Our one striker Adebayor cannot control a football, the secondary forward is Hleb who can’t score, supported on the wing by Eboue an average right back that was replaced (Sagna) & now required to score & supply goals from midfield ala Ronaldo???

    At the back we have 3 liabilties in Clichy, Toure & Senderos….. Plus when does Alumnia ever make a world class save to bail them out?

    The one player who has made things happen & scare defenders is Theo Walcott why did he not start as a striker?

    We have gone from having idols such as Rocastle, Adams, Wright, Bergkamp, Vieira, Henry, Pires……….
    Too players such as Adebayor, Hleb, Eboue, Senderos, Alumnia & Bendtner………??? who will remember these in 10 years time

    I personally think big things need changing at Arsenal & i dont think one summer if enough time to do it & i dont even think the right people are in place at Arsenal to make it happen……………….. we’ve been through same thing for last 3/4 years!!!

    I am still a gooner & always will be, & before people say anything i will still probably be buying tickets next pre-season getting excited when new kit comes out etc………… Im just not happy with the way things are being done at the club & cant see an end to it at this moment in time?

    Well played to Cesc, Gallas, Theo & Abou last nite you done us proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! along with Sagna & Flamini the only players IMO in currect squad good enough to wear the famous Arsenal shirt

    (Diaby gets a hard time but he performs in big games playing in a position not natural to him.. he looks like Patrick at times & i miss that, he could be great for us i think… he runs with ball beats people & actually shoots at goal..)

  3. ethan_gunner

    no need for depression to set in geoff !
    We have been ejected from every cup this season .. Are we really that surprised?
    With the quality left in the C.L competition i didnt really expect us to Win …
    I did feel it would take a AC MILAN style game for us to get anything out of this !

    We should feel vindicated that we were correct all along that this squad isnt good enough
    and the arsene knows brigade, AS EVER are wrong ..

    I know we are not whining lil bitches that are never satisfied !
    We want to be winners ! and see our club back to its glory days
    We should be feared in the EPL ! And ARSENE ‘doesn’t’ ALWAYS KNOW !

  4. ethan_gunner

    gooner P

    Too players such as Adebayor, Hleb, Eboue, Senderos, Alumnia & Bendtner………??? who will remember these in 10 years time

    they probably will remember them in 10 years time , just not NOW ! because none of them are ready !

  5. suicidalsam

    ade is a shit player and he thinks he is world class (tries to emulate henry). He is getting too big for himself and the club. wat the fuck, just look at his celebrations, he thinks he is henry (ADE you are not even 1% of wat henry wat so go fuck urself.) Ebout is another liability.

    I said in my last comment before the 1st leg game against liverpool that senderos could cope with torres. senderos is good against smaller teams but against a top quality striker like torres, he doesn’t have a chance. Toure should have started in the center with eboue as a right back and theo on the right flank. Wenger picked the wrong man to for some positions. WE NEED TO BUY. We could have got torres couple of years before but wenger decided he was too expensive.

    we need some world class strikers and some defenders. ADE is not world class and I don’t think he will ever be. Don’t be a miser WENGER, buy big and world class players. Just look at the bench of Mancs, pool, chelshit and compare it to ours. we can’t play the whole season with 11 players.

    We will have to wait until this summer to find out. our season is overrrrrrrrrr :@:@

    well I will stop here as i dont’ want to think about this season anymore (second half of the season). we could have won it all and we threw it all away.