Stay with me, hold the line and on my command, unleash hell!

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That’s the battle cry tonight Grovers, straight from the greatest film ever made ‘Gladiator’.

The World make Liverpool favourites, so we have our backs to the wall, just like we did against the scousers in 89, Parma in Copenhagen, Madrid at the Bernabeu and Milan in the San Siro.

The common denominator in all of those games? We won, and with the team fired up after two worthless draws, we can go and win this, shut their obnoxious crowd up and leave them with nothing this season.

Win tonight and we can win at Old Trafford on Sunday and go on and win the double.

What we need today is positive vibes from all our supporters all over the world, the team will feel it if we shout loud enough, this season was meant to be ours, remember the last time we were written off with a young team? It was Real Madrid away in this same competition, we can do it, but you grovers need to do your bit, a fired up day on the blog and it’s ours I feel.

Onto Quaresma, they say we’re on for a cut price deal but I’m not convinced he’ll come to us when the others can pay more for his salary, I’m also not sure why they think because Porto are in trouble he’ll go cheap???

I think he would be perfect for us, as I think Ben Arfa or Benzema would be but if I had a choice, it would be a tough one, we can’t have them both as they have fallen out by all accounts.

I am going to pick my team for tonight but I’m not so sure he’ll agree, but here goes.


Eboue Gallas Senderos Clichy

Hleb Cesc Flamini Theo

Robin Ade

I picked Eboue over Kolo as I think he’s a better right back than Kolo, but not a lot between them, I’d favour Hleb out wide with Theo on the other side as one has impact, the other has something to make up for his decision not to shoot on Saturday.

Robin and Ade up front so we do a 4-4-2, I may be tempted to start Robin with Bendtner but he won’t drop Ade, he won’t drop Kolo either so in truth the team will probably look like this.


Kolo Gallas Senderos Clichy

Eboue Cesc Flamini Diaby

Ade Hleb

With Robin Theo and Bendtner on the bench with Hoyte.

Check out the reincarnation of the guest blog here and leave your thoughts. Maybe you could drop me an e-mail if you fancy a crack?

It’s a must win tonight, so get plenty of beer and wine inside you, strap yourself in and pray the boys read this!

Have a great night Grovers, we need it, England expects – Lord Nelson on the eve of Trafalgar!

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  1. Odub

    Pedro, every time Ive made a prediction in the last month it’s not gone welll…

    However seeing as it’s do or die, make or break, the definning moment, last man standing, squeaky bum time, the last of the mohicans…I havent got anymore….. 2-1 Arsenal we wont keep a clean sheet but we’ll beat them!

    Count down begins!!!

  2. ethan_gunner

    i think we will only win if they score 1st !

    if we score 1st .. they will come back and push for a win !
    id rather give them a lead and let them get defensive and complacent .
    we get level and then we will dictate play !
    it will be nail biting stuff anyways !

    id like to think we will come out like we did in the 2nd leg V ac ..
    but i doubt we can muster that ‘one off ‘again !

    we can always hope !!
    and you know with our thin squad ! it could be a blessing to get out of the C.L and concentrate on the title ! id rather win that in all honesty !

  3. Pedro

    Well played Geoff! and Odub…

    Ethan… that sounds like fence sitting?

    I need definitive?

    Chary, I’m taking your prediction as a bluff… I like your style.

    Did anyone read about Petr Cech needing 50 stitches in his face because he got caught with the blade of Haim’s boot?

    Fucking barbaric…

  4. Stupid

    not sure if it has already been mentioned lads… but the ref tonight is the chap who ref’d the 2nd leg quarter final against juve 2 years ago.

    a legendary night awaits us, i kust know those kunts giving it already about 6 times and visas for moscow etc are in for heartbreak.

    i just know it.

  5. charybdis1966

    Yes Pedro, I’m trying to be like Andrew Castle on GMTV before the Williams-Sharapova Wimbledon final of a few years ago.

  6. Odub

    Pedro, saw the Cech story this morning, bloke’s going to have to wear body armour to play footie at this rate!! Needed surgery to his nose, lips and eye!! Nice!

    What amazes me is they reckon he’ll be fit in 2 weeks!! If that was an arsenal player he’d be out until 2010!!

  7. Odub

    ethan just saw your post re gogo bars and footie, fuck the emirates, that’s the best way to watch footie mate!

  8. Pedro

    2 weeks? That is amazing… poor cunt will look just like Ribery Ethan! Brutal joke… just brutal.

    I think we’ll win 3-0, liverpool will capitulate and we’ll have the game wrapped up in 20 minutes…

    Over confidence perhaps?

  9. ethan_gunner

    I heard RVP will start with ade !

    i also heard raffa said he’s going for the win !
    as geoff described its rather like the romans Vs the barbarians (germainian hordes).

    but which one are we ???


  10. Stupid

    they can’t handle us at anfield when we want it.

    the intense atmosphere only serves to drive our boys to better perfromances.

  11. Stupid

    the fuckers tried to play for a draw in the league game at anfield, we murdered them

    they got lucky with the first goal…. the luck always levels out

    they are due monsterous bad luck tonight, and its gonna happen..

    this ref tonight sent of 2 juve players 2 years ago 🙂

  12. ethan_gunner


    if any of you lads ever want the guided tour !
    let me know when your coming !
    i usually sit with a Sheffield united supporter !
    i could do with a gunner lad carrying me out after too many slippery nipples


  13. Phobia

    Adebayor-Van Persie
    Liverpool 2-Arsenal 3

  14. Odub

    Cheers ethan, a mate of mine practically lives out there! Goes every 3 months. What puts me off is the flying. Can just about do the states and have to do that pissed and that’s only 6 hours!!

    You never know I might be able to find something that knocks me out for 16 hours!

    My first nomination for a red card would be carragher, hae that cunt.

  15. ethan_gunner


    he will look like ribery with a shower cap on ?
    sick yet funny 🙂

    its hard too show too much emotion to another team !
    when you saw what happened too dudu !

    that was horrific !
    that was horrific !he said he looked down and saw his foot pointing the other way !
    fuck that would hurt .. !

    morphine anyone ???

    re cech: plastic surgery , job done in 7 – 10 days !
    dudu on the other hand might never return !
    and even if he does where will he be mentally RE the EPL ! ???

    he might do a reyes and pack up his lunch box and leave !

  16. Odub

    would you blame him if he upped and left?
    another brummie defender got sent of on saturday for almost an identical tackle to the dudu one, but hey he’s not that kind of player, so no intent! Dirty cunts!

  17. edlass

    I’m trying to be positive for tonight.
    And now I’ve managed to convince myself that 1-1 draw at the Grove in part I might be a blessing in disguise – Poo may just sit back and settle for 0-0, which will undoubtedly give our lads chances, if they’re really up for it.

    C’mon gunners!!!

  18. agentmorris

    Pedro, Ok, my predictions:

    What I really want:
    Liverpool 1, Arsenal 2

    What we’ll probably get:
    Liverpool 1, Arsenal 1—AGAIN!!
    Extra time and THEN we do the business.

    Please, get it done for us today!!! Come on Arsenal!

  19. charybdis1966

    Well f**k me, Rio could play tomorrrow as ‘ole 65% proof nose says his injury is not that bad.

    Needless to say if that had been one of ours he’d be out for the season FFS.

  20. Odub

    How the fuck can Rio be fit for tomorrow?! I poen a bottle of chile’s finest to celebrate him hobbling off on sunday!! Why dont we have players that manage to play thru the injury barrier?!! Ours tend to take 6 months to recover from a broken toe nail!!

  21. gazzap

    how the fuck do man u players recover so quickly. all those bloody drugs!

    I am feeling relatively positiive about the result as usual. I will spread my bets 1-1, 2-1 or 2-2! If it is 1-1, I refuse to predict the winner of pens. I cant take pens. by that I mean I cant stand the tension not that I cant take a penalty, which I can.

  22. Goona P

    “I have three other dream teams and I want to win trophies, Fabregas admits he could leave if Arsenal end up empty-handed”

    Surley Wenger must realise players play football to win trophies?? Being praised for the way you play football is great but does not fill the trophy cabinet!!

    I dont blame Cesc in the slightest he is being honest.. Other players have hinted in the past they want to play alongside winners not ‘prospects’…

    When will things ever change???

    My ‘DREAM’ team for next season….

    Sagna Richards Zapatar Clichy

    Quaresma Cesc Flamini Ben Arfa

    Benzema Eduardo/Theo

    Its not gonna happen but in my Football Manager game 2009 it may well do!!

  23. charybdis1966

    Not just the ManUre players – same for the Chavs, as the posts for Cech’s injury show above.

    Maybe they are being paid pay as you play bonuses that would motivates them to play with minor injuries.

  24. Pedro

    History repeats itself…

    Paddy + Terry leave because of Cesc + Ade

    Cesc + Ade leave for trophies because they dont have any experience to play with.

    Cesc and Ade are part of the problem!

    In fairness to cesc, there is this quote from today:

    “I am happy at Arsenal. I feel valued here,” Fabregas told Marca.

    “I am made to feel an important player, I am relaxed, I live in a city I love, I have a perfect understanding with my team-mates.

    “I have a coach who believes in me and that is fundamental because in Spain a trainer signs you and three months later you are out.

    “There are so many good things here that I am not thinking about leaving.”

  25. Gooner from Pakistan

    Superb post Geoff. A good rallying call. We’ve got to get behind our team today as this game can have long term effects. At last Eboue gets the LE CHUMP award for which he was working so hard for. Now expecting some good from Eboue. I HOPE. Great jokes about the scousers ETHAN GUNNER. Stupid I hope the luck is with us tonight. UP THE GUNNERS.

  26. Pedro

    Liking the positivity guys!

    Gooner from Pakistan, I like to look at Le Chump as motivational factor! Come on Eboue… a shot on target tonight! Or make that diving count for something!

    Good vibes about the Ref Stupid.

    So its,

    Positivity 9 – Negativity 1


  27. ethan_gunner

    Goona P

    i agree with you on goalie choice !
    he is legendary .. he will have a long career , hes good already and cant be over 25-26 !
    im up for that but would Moscow ? let him go ?

  28. Mike (the neighbour)

    Alexander the great

    “Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.”-

    Cmon Gunners

    2 : 1 to gunners

    Havnt drunk for 2 weeks -tonight I shall return !!!

  29. ethan_gunner


    lets hope le chump is on le bench 🙂

    i hope toure takes RB .. and sender’s partners gallas !
    since the ACN i think sender’s and gallas look more of a sure bet ..
    and toure did a great job filling in for sagna the other night ? or was i the only one who noticed ?

  30. ethan_gunner


    toure aint too bad .. i think clichy is more prone to a fatal odd error !
    and you know what you should do re going to thailand ! split the trip up ..
    i often have 5 days in india and watch a test match ! … (thats cricket 🙂 )

  31. Pedro

    Mike, where have you been all this time?

    How are the eyes?

    Positivity 10 – 1 Negativity

    Good shout Ethan… Theo should take the right wing tonight, and remember his defensive duties!

  32. Pedro

    Fuck me, Pete Doherty actually went to jail for once!

    Its a good day already!

    Lets hope some more justice is dealt out tonight!

    Come on Arsenal!

  33. Odub

    Yeah lads positivity all the way, just had a flash back on that goal cos i saw the game live!
    Kolo’s a legend at arsenal whatever he does for the ivory coast is their problem! Fancy a defender to score today, and one from a forward to boot!

  34. Stupid


    thats the magic word, i am so happy already… i have popped open the malbec in celebration 🙂

  35. Odub

    Chaps have a good one!

    Hopefully when we next speak it will be as supporters of one of the 2 teams to have so far qualified for this seasons UEFA champions league semi finals!!!

    COME ON YOU REDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By far the greatest team the world has ever seen and its Arsenal……. and the rest!

    COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Geoff

    Pete Doherty probably asked the judge, for his CV.

    Peter Cech probably had a 2 inch cut, that would necessitate 50 stitches for a narcissic footballer and someone needs to tell Cesc he’s signed a contract to 2014. …a contract.

    Having said that why stay if the manager isn’t interested in winning trophies.

  37. Pedro

    Libelfootball special:

    Arsenal are ready to pounce as Robinho becomes increasingly unsettled at Real Madrid.

    DiarioSport says Gunners boss Arsene Wenger is monitoring developments closely as Robinho has instructed his agent, Wagner Ribeiro, to demand clear-the-air talks with Real management.

    Robinho has become increasingly frustrated with the lack of game time he’s been given by coach Bernd Schuster and is now seriously considering his future in Madrid.

  38. Joaquin

    alright gentlemen just called in sick with the flu to watch the match. Great thing is over here in the states no one suspects you would do so to watch football.
    I will be off to a pub full of scousers in an hour but I will keep my voice strong!

  39. Geoff

    Make sure you don’t park your car nearby Joaquin, the wheels and hubcaps will be missing if you do!

    Enjoy the match, it’s all ours.

    Robinho will never come Pedro, an Arsene scorned etc.

  40. Pedro

    No it wasn’t, he tried the year before as a replacement for Vieira and he blew us out at the last minute for Madrid.

  41. Geoff

    I know he did and that was that, he wouldn’t have gone back for him had the problem not been Reyes, it was do a swap or Reyes won’t play, so he did it, but never intended to keep him.

    I remember he bid £17mil for him at one stage.

    When a player turns Arsene down, or leaves, that’s it in his eyes, he’s a sulky cunt.

  42. Joaquin

    2 1 to the Arsenal in regulation. Winner coming from Cesc from a distance like in Milan. Torres getting their only goal and it will be against the run of play.
    Someone brought up an interesting point to me yesterday. Liverpool have started all their second prior matches chasing victory and roar out the gates the first 15. This is when they have actually looked a quality side. If they try to sit in all game again they have no chance because we will break them down.
    I think Robinho would be a great addition, but same as the others can we pay his wages? And you know the transfer fee will be massive.

  43. Geoff

    I’m going for a drink and will be back. If the wages thing were true, we wouldn’t keep the players we have, I think we just keep quiet.

  44. Joaquin

    Speaking of sulky cunts I thought Reyes could have been a fine player for us if hadn’t been such a bitch. I still have his kit but that’s mostly because he wore my number and we share the same last name.

  45. Joaquin

    fuck it while we are at it lets bring in Joaquin from Valencia. He is a true winger! And Valencia arent going to have any European football next year. The can send Villa too.

  46. Geoff

    I agree with you, I’d take anyone decent!

    Off to psych myself up with some Budweiser, be back shortly.

  47. Pedro

    Joaquin looks a very good player… big fast and skilful.

    We’d have to fork out of £6 for him though?

    Can you see that?

  48. Pedro

    I meant fork out more than £6… so out of our price range!

    He was Valencia’s record signing I believe? Chelsea were chasing him as well!

  49. Joaquin

    Joaquin Also bring upwards of 10 goals with him, but at least 5 as well as pinpoint crosses and quick feet. When he is on he terrorizes the left side of defenses in la liga.

  50. Stupid

    right lads, off to watch the game with the family.

    have no fears, look forward to a great, great night for Arsenal Football Club.

  51. Geoff

    So I’m now going off to have some more, 45 minutes before the programme starts, if it were ManU it would have already started, Manc cunts.

  52. ethan_gunner

    30 minutes and counting .. got ESPN primed and screw it ..
    im going to make a 4 row of b52’s !

    who knows i might need to pass out by 1/2 time anyhow 🙂

  53. ethan_gunner

    no mate a brit in thailand !
    too late to hit the pub ..
    well its never to late to hit the bars here ..
    but my favorite watering hole closes at 2 am !

  54. ethan_gunner

    ade … fuck 4 offsides in 8 minutes ..

    ade’s 7 touches all changed possession ! this half !
    rule of thumb ..
    Dont pass to him !

    and alumina !
    coming off his mark ! kicking the ball out instead of up field !
    they attacked from the throw in ! he knocked it out for the corner .. the same corner which they scored !
    I cannot fathom why almunia does that .. Just give the ball to a defender .. keep possession !

    possession ! we are giving it away too willy nilly !

    more B52’s needed !

  55. Geoff

    1-1 it’s ok we are by far the better team, belief Arsenal, belief, and we still have Bendtner, Theo and Robin to come on!

  56. suicidalsam

    WTF has the refs got against arsenal?????????? motherfuckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs
    I am soo damn pissed. It was not a PENALTY u fucking cut refs.

    FUCK it I m out

    :@:@:@:@:@:@ Fuck The REFEREEs

  57. ethan_gunner

    scousers paid the ref off again ..

    but we left ourselves open with the long ball shite !
    ade can only score if someone spoon feeds him !
    Theo needs to play more !
    ade needs to play less !

    i knew we needed more goals at home ..

    too gutted to type anymore 🙁

  58. GMR

    Yet again we f*** it up!! My thoughts right now are that I want Wenger out. He has completely screwed this season up & all for the sake of getting more money in the bank!! If he isn’t capable of finding world class talent (his words not mine) then he should leave & let someone else have a go & see if they can find a Ronaldo or a Torres etc (although using Wenger’s logic they aren’t world class but the likes of Eboue & Adebayor are)!! I think I’ll have an early night & see if things look any better tomorrow!! Just remember everyone ‘ARSENE KNOWS’

  59. andy c

    fuck me readers, what happened there? walcott shows why he should be starting AGAIN tho eboue started ok we went back to type after 30 mins, think the penalty was harsh, a bit too easy for the ref to give, shame we never had him last week! well thats it for another year boys, at least we might win the emirates cup next year! cant see myself being positive about scum united or the league



    We will no longer have to be the victims of bitter disappointment until at least 5 months!

    How is that for some positivity?


  61. ethan_gunner


    dont start me off on ade !!!
    you know i think he’s great !!!!!

    the F@@@ing bum couldn’t even hit an open goal !
    he coughed up more possession than any player known to man ! ,and for someone so psychically big to look at he’s so friggin powder puff weak !
    He NEVER wins a challenge , he NEVER beats a man !

    he has to be the NEW LE CHUMP !!! 5 star ***** he’s got my vote ….
    least eboue took a shoot from over 12 yards and was on target !!!!

    OHHH crap … im going to sink some more alcohol and pop a zanac’s or 2 !

    nite fellas … !


  62. BB

    eboue and toure are shiit .. toure made a mistake on the penalty..whatever the decision afterwards..and eboue is the ugliest cunt i have ever seen
    btw where was cesc in the 2nd half..
    i forgot senderos .. if we continue to play these type of underachievers, we will never win anything really hurts..waiting for the excuses from wenger now

  63. Odub

    How was that a pen and Hleb’s wasnt? No way did they deserve to win 4-2 cheating cunts!
    I’m pissed every fucking way possible

    And what is it with Theo having a great game and we dont win?

    Chavs in the cup final last season 2-1
    brummie away 2-2
    And now this!! FFS play the boy from the start so we can fuking win games AW!!!

    We didnt deserve that, but chin up we’re a good team asnd we’ll do stuff next season, as long as AW fucking buys some cuntinf twating fucking world class players!! FFS


    BB, you are right. But TBH, the result tonight has aosidhfasdfo me so much that I’ve lost interest in the remainder of the season…for tonight at least.

    Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up, the sun will be shining and the birds will be chirping lovely Mozart symphony’s, and the pain from this whole ordeal will be long behind me.

    Anyways, time to focus on Sunday and the last few matches of the season, and pray and sacrifice and trust and hope and wish and everything else that the Chavs + Mancs fuck it up big time.


  65. Ray Gooner

    This game tonight sums up the whole season!

    So close but still so far away….

    By the way, if only we had the swedish referee last week we would have won 2-1, and if we had the dutch referee tonight we would have drawn 2-2!

    That’s football, what can you do…

    Now i’m hoping Barcelona wins the Champions League, cause i couldn’t stand seeing Man United, Liverpool or Chelsea win it now…

  66. Finestcuts

    After that, a Manyoo away win is almost out of the question. We’re blatantly running on empty. Now we need a Gilberto revival.

    Why bother trying to play defensively on the right wing….Walcott should be given the time.


    Toure, Senderso, Gallas, Clichy
    Walcott, Fabergas, Gilberto, Hleb
    RVP, Adebayor

    This is the only hope with the players we have available to not get beaten by Manyoo.

    The squad is always short…some quality backup needs to be brought in, too many players have been overplayed.

    If we don’t beat Manyoo, I’m sure we’ll see plenty of Carling Cup style teams picked by Wenger to experiment for next season.

    Ever since Eduardo got injured, we’ve only won 2 games. From having a team that was on par with the invincibles at the beginning of the season to finishing with the worst form Arsenal has had since Wenger has been the boss, serious questions need to be asked.

    How did we get so good in the first place, and how has everything collapsed so spectacularly?

    Wenger has been brave enough to experiment with his team and face the backlash. I hope he’s brave enough to take a gamble on some top quality., eleven top class players is not enough, you need 22. You learn your trade in the lower leagues, not in the Premiership….Premier League level is for those who have already accomplished great feats for their age. We have a few of those in our ranks but certainly not enough.

  67. Bren

    Arsenal did not deserve that result tonight. Not one shred of luck over the two games. The Babel pen should never have been given. The game swung on two pen shouts. They got theirs and we were fucked in the a-s

    I am an emotional wreck after the game. Mr Wenger looked like he was near a heart attack.

    Tonight he realised for sure that he should have invested last summer and again in January. We badly need a top class centre half, a right sided midfielder and a class centre forward. Please god he will flash the cheque book – I think he will. He cannot take much more frustration.

    Big Phil was a disaster waiting to happen from the off tonight. He looked nervy straight away. Babdly caught for the first two goals. He simply is not good enough at this level, and neither is Eboue who had a half decent first half but reverted to norm in the second.

    What a run by Walcott – that should do his confidence no end of good. Let him start on Sunday.

    I need a drink !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Until next season ?????

  68. BB can we play so well and disintegrate so badly after 25 minutes 2nite
    this has happened before when the invincibles fell apart at OT and then our season went into oblivion
    seems that wenger does not know how to deal with a certain digging people out of a hole situation
    we did not have 11 top guys on the pitch way eboue senderos even kolo ade are top class players
    nor is almunia


    forget about the penalty , Toure was shit what a lazy challenge ,but what about the second goal another long ball didnt win the challenge what a joke!WHAT DO THEY DO ON THE TRAINING GROUND ,HOW MANY GOALS HAVE WE CONCEEDED FROM LONG BALLS THIS SEASON ,WHAT ARE THE COACHING STAFF DOING,
    and now onto sunday, MANURE this could be embarrising ,
    I dont want to hear the usual WENGER SPEAK about Giving every thing face it we are not GOOD ENOUGH,
    and this is PISSING ME OFF BIG TIME ……

  70. terry

    A fucking rollercoaster ride and I felt as sick as a pig and shattered after that.fucking refs fucking pissed off to think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. terry

    what happened to eboue tonight he passed to his team mates more than once chlicy had a good game.We need to build from the back for next season

  72. BB

    simon .. gallas was great 2nite..senderos/toure were shiit
    eboue cant play midfield
    but would eboue have conceded the penalty as a right back .. 100% FUKKİNG NEVER NO FUKKİNG WAY! PLAY PEOPLE İN THEİR BEST POSİTİONS!AND THİS WOULDNT HAVE HAPPENED!

  73. terry

    What a run by Walcot outstanding love to see more of that should get his game more often in his best postion not out wide

  74. Just Stick It In !

    wenger’s got to buy this summer.
    we are not stocking up the right players to challenge for trophies for as long as i can remember and everybody can see that except for the manager.
    tonight’s damning result is very hard to swallow.
    arsene should be forced to address our shortcomings.

  75. Odub

    fOR SALE

    Eboue, Senderos,Almunia,Adebayor,RVP,Rosicky,Bendtnenr,lehmann,Gilberto. Either not good enuff or too injury prone!!

    Im off to bed, post mortem in the morning!

  76. Michael

    I thought the majority of the team played well tonight. Senderos was at fault for the first goal and maybe should have closed down Torres better for there second goal, Toure should have dealt better with what proved to be the penalty award, unjust as it was, but as a team game there has to be an element of collective responsibility and quite frankly our defending as a whole over the last 2 months or so leaves a lot to be desired.
    Its a tough defeat to accept as Liverpool really are n’t that great and like Chelsea a couple of weeks ago were there for the taking tonight. but we have ourselves to blame for not taking our chances especially at the Emirates, and not just against Liverpool but against quite a few teams.
    Im optimistic though, keep most of the squad together with the exception of 1 or 2 and then add maybe 2 or 3 new players and nights like tonight will be few and far between,


    THE BUCK MUST STOP WITH YOU, its embarrasing listening all week to aw saying that the league is still there and we will win the champions league,Just SHUT UP,

  78. AN Steve

    I am cunt I hate life I have just made myself look a complet wanker in front of many peopl by shout to the liverpool supporteters in the pub to go and fucking die Arsenal I I hate you you are ruining my life ahh just fucvk it………

    ok now thats off my chest I thought we were a tadge unlucky tonight

  79. Pedro

    Steve, I know your pain.

    Tune in at 0845 for a big fuck off rant… it’ll make you feel better!

    I am going to bed…

    Fucking miserable… till tomorrow grovers…


    Pedro cant wait for your rant as i’m still ranting to myself as the missus has gone to work , wenger you have made me offically INSANE!!!!!!

  81. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Is it stupid to be this upset when the writing has been on the wall for months?

    Arsenal have zero luck, we’ve known that for decades, but it’s not that. Fuck whether it was a penalty or not, HOW THE FUCK are Liverpool driving into our box, beyond Kolo and ECunte and getting a shout for a penalty 30 seconds after we scored??? I mean, it was embarrassing that our lead at home lasted 3 minutes but 30 seconds??? How the fuck was that allowed to happen? Foul the prick in the middle of the pitch, stop their rhythm, get organised FOCUS!

    So sick….I’m just going to go back to my tears, Until tomorrow Grovers.

  82. Gooner from Canada

    I really enjoy reading this blog, never posted before but I have to get it off my chest. Just finished watching the game with a Scouser and a Manc. I am gutted, depressed and generally feeling lousy. Why do they have to tease us like this?? I know my expectations weren’t that great at the start of the year, would have settled for top 4 and a quarter-final spot in CL. But the problem is it was all there for the taking this year with a few OBVIOUS decisions. Everyone can see that Ade should not be starting for a team like Arsenal, perhaps a 4th choice striker but that’s it. Eboue???Don’t get me started. Why the hell wasn’t Walcott starting. Senderos?? Please!!
    Wenger has to Sort this out, If I hear him say we don’t need replacements in the summer, TALK ABOUT UNLEASHING HELL!

  83. Evo in OZ

    how good was theo’s run?!

    Kanu Jnr is the new Wiltord, always offside! His first 3 touches in the first 15 mins were all offside.

    so pissed off!

  84. arsenaldo

    Its RIDICULOUS! JUST HOW UNLUCKY ONE TEAM GET EVER BE??? how is that posibble the same teams to go through every year in CL, and others to go out so easily??? Dont tell me they R better than US because they R not……….
    Uterly gutted………..
    Senderos was and will ever be rubbish ,and not good enough 4 us. Our best player Flam gets injured in the most important moment………..ref sees soft penalty in 85min?? but didnt see in last week??
    Something is wrong with the world. call it black magic or I dont know what but someone has to break it. Call me insane but milans prezi Berluskoni has personal foreteller and I believe in things like that….

    live sucks

  85. arsenaldo

    your right Evo -Im counting Ades offsides every game-its ridiculous 4 a striker to be so unaware where defenders are….

  86. Evo in OZ

    Its all about the footballing gods, we had them onside for the invincibles year and also the champions league of 2006 as all the luck went with us, but so far it has run out in the most recent seasons!

  87. arsenaldo

    yea but which team gets so desperately unlucky -I cant think of one. Last year we were put of every cup in 2 weeks time, this year we r still hanging but getting there as well. I want this season to be over now and stop thinking about football .its painfull , and we still have to watch mancs ot chlski winnig trofies………..sick

  88. arsenaldo

    well Valencia got to the final of CL 2 consecutive years and lost it, and Bayer Leverkusen were very good team for 5 years but never won title, so its not just us ……….

  89. Evo in OZ

    it will be super depressing if we dont win on Sunday, i cant believe the off season is just around the corner and we have won nothing!

  90. arsenaldo

    our team is very good ,but if we change our weak links will be great team. we will be smashing teams like pool easily. AW was so angry on cameras in some moments, but he is the only one to blame. His favourites-senderos,eboue , Ade- they let him down, and still have place in the team …..bizzare . And we’ve been saying this obvious things here 4 ages…. hope his anger and disapointment will make him see the truth..Go Gunners!!!

  91. arsenaldo

    After this loss I dont see us beating Mancs-the team will still be demoralized and gutted I suppose-hope IM wrong

  92. Evo in OZ

    I totally love Senderos, but he was at fault for both goals. He didnt mark Hypia and Torres totally sucked him in to Torres’ left and then pulled the ball back onto his right and bang – goal! Torres was never going to shoot on his left, the angle was too tight, he simply made the angle better by bringing it back onto his stronger foot. Both their first 2 goals looked like goals before they were even in the net.

    No excuses, we should have won the game at 1-1 and 2-2.

  93. ethan_gunner

    try 4 offsides in 8 minutes !!!

    i counted !

    total of 7 passes accepted before the1/2 and 4 were offside . 3 he lost possession !
    100% failure rate ! – possession lost !
    But this is not new ! He does this EVERY FRIGGIN GAME !


    Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up, the sun will be shining and the birds will be chirping lovely Mozart symphony’s, and the pain from this whole ordeal will be long behind me.


  94. ethan_gunner

    1979 gooner ?

    you cant blame alumina for the 1st goal ??
    toure or clichy had it covered, alumina came out of his box and kicked it out into touch !
    instead of thumping it up field ! .. AGAIN he’s throwing possession away , in a game where we only had 49% or less in the 1st half ! And his poor decision making kept the pressure on us ! which lead to the goal ! he could have easily kicked it up field and job done !
    And who can blame sender’s for not marking hypia ! If alumina kicked the ball up field
    there would be no corner to score from !

    But i will say the REF decision on toure was fuckin poor ! No One that late should push there influence into the game like that !!! ! ( short of a broken leg !)
    All i can say is if we swapped referees we would of won !Hleb would of got the penalty last week and mr ‘von dutch no call’ would surely wave toure on ! and thats quite a poor state of affairs to say the refs can change the outcome of the game like that !!!
    especially over 2 legs !!
    AH’s !

    I expected more from C.L refs ! Typical Euro trash Ref’ing …

  95. ethan_gunner

    stupid …

    you know the worst thing is he always sends on walcott too late and walcott
    ALWAYS provides inspiration for us !

    I remember reading a blog when we signed theo and i said with all these clauses
    that theo would cost us more money if he fore filled certain criteria and i said bet you its either number of starts or goals scored , and theos price will mount up 15 mil …

    Im sure thats the reason wenger is holding him back !
    it is to not give his former club more cash on the deal !
    its just a gutt feeling but im sure thats why wenger
    is holding him back !

    And i dont believe its to make him an impact sub !
    And id rather see him use his pace at the start of a game and give us a lead !
    not come in and continually try and salvage the crap ade gets us into !

    did you see ade celebrate !? i wanted to vomit !
    he did F.A again just stood there camping in the 6 yard box waiting for a christmas present !
    He should of ran over to theo and lifted him off the ground !!!
    I love my team but to have such a loser in the team grates on me !
    lift your game then ill give ade the respect ..

  96. ethan_gunner

    we need a few world class players to turn the tables .
    a real TH14 style striker who can strike fear into the hearts of any defense
    a rock solid wall of a defender who just is so reliable you’d put your wages on him !
    and a REAL winger instead of this months le chump !
    Also alumina is not giving the ball to the back four much recently !
    he’d rather boot it up field and give away possession !
    or put it into touch !
    It seems he only feeds the ball to a defender on the counter !
    and that needs to change !!!

    I think Hleb did well .. he was always double teamed but held onto possession .
    cesc went on holiday again !
    and the refs…
    all i can say is no neutral should influence the game in such a way !
    but i think unlucky and inexperienced runs hand in hand !

    we were too naive we were too naive
    we were too naive we were too naive

    Arsene’s new saying of the year !


  97. Geoff

    At least the blog is successful! that’s all I can say, reading your comments cheered me up.

    He needs to buy, but he won’t. Theo needs to start, but he won’t and Senderos and Eboue need to go, but they won’t, how fucking depressing.

  98. GMR

    Well after having an early night I’ve woken up even more annoyed than when I went to bed. Reading & Wenger has come out with more of his pathetic quotes which are designed to fool the idiotic ‘Arsene Knows’ brigade. One such quote being “We lacked a bit of maturity defensively”…..Is he serious?? Almunia (30), Gallas (30), Toure (27), Clichy (22) & Senderos (23) infront of them they had Gilberto (31) doing the defensive work. If they lack maturity now then they shouldn’t even be on the pitch. Clichy & Sagna are our only decent defenders, Clichy makes mistakes but is getting better & better, Sagna is already fantastic, Gallas needs a proper partner because Toure (who looks like he has lost some of his pace) doesn’t defend properly & that first defensive blunder by Senderos should ensure he never pulls an Arsenal shirt on again (although we all know he will).

    What other manager of a supposed top european club would get away with losing several games this season by scores of 5-1, 4-0, 4-2 & 3-1. I’m sick of hearing the team is improving, no it’s not. We have a squad of average players that are capable of performing for 20-25 minutes in a game before falling apart!!

  99. GMR

    Knocked out the CL by two players Babel & Torres that Wenger could’ve signed last summer!! Of course though, they aren’t world class because as Arsene himself says “I don’t see any world class players at the moment only world class prices”. How long can this bloke get away with such ridiculous comments & such blatant lies??

  100. Geoff

    Spot on GMR, spot on. Almunia for me should be added to that list, we need a goalie that we know will stop shots, like Seaman used to.

    We are a few players short of being great, we did them for most of the game, even Diaby looked good, Theo is the future, add a couple of world class center backs a winger and a goal machine, if we had Torres we would have been 5 up at half time, Flamini going off cost us.

    We he learn from it? Arsene knows right, he’s the only fucker that does, he has the purse strings.

  101. Geoff

    Gooner from Canada if you’re reading this sorry it took so long to get your comment on, it was stuck in awaiting moderation, you’re on now and hope to see you again.

  102. ethan_gunner

    dead right geoff

    we know arsene too well to know that things will change any time soon !

    you know it will be a REAL fuckin surprise if he gets robinho – ben arfa etc..
    Id rather hear that he is tapping them up and all our players like cesc are making plea’s
    for them to join us (a LA BARCA re;- TH14 and cesc)… Instead we keep hearing the bollocks that we will win , we must preform and we will this week ! You guys don’t have the mustard, just shut it and roll over !…

    ARSENE just pick 3 or 4 players you REALLY WANT !!and GO for them ! screw the cost ..
    just get the right personnel ! flatter them publicly ,throw wild wage money at them to make them join us .. (because you know if we keep losing like this.. fruitless season after season we wont attract any GREAT player soon !)

    and if you still are giving us excuses next season its time for you to manage REAL !..
    But you know that wont happen with the board muppets either !

  103. arab gooner

    Dear GMR wenger has been getting away with these comments for ages now.There is no one to stand up to him.does he thing we all fools when before the match he boasted that we will win the double.The bloody board built a bust of him.

  104. GMR

    Geoff, just watch now we’ll lose again on Sunday against Man Utd but after that we’ll go on a run until the end of a season against such greats as Derby, Reading, Everton & Sunderland. When we win those 4 games I can already see Wenger’s quotes such as “This four game run has shown the quality my squad has & proved that not much is needed, we have a year’s more experience & I feel the answer is within this squad of players & buying more players is not the answer”

  105. Geoff

    Wenger is in denial, he must be watching a different game to us. I am so depressed and I still have to face everyone, I stayed in the office last night so have not seen a paper or watched TV.

    I want to sleep, wake up and be at the first game of the season with Ben Arfa, Eto’o, Diego, Richards, Lescott, Schweinsteiger and Jack ser line un in the starting line up.

    I am asking too much?

  106. Geoff

    Your probably right again GMR and you ethan, what worries me is all the young kids choosing teams to support will go to teams that sign big players.

    What’s the point in having a big ground and big money is we act like a small club doing the houskeeping.

    Real, Barca, Milan, Bayern, ManU, Chelsea, Liverpool and fuck me even Sunderland (£29mil) spend big.

    If he wants to build a side for 17 shillings, drop the price we pay to watch, we pay more than any team in the world, it’s not fair.

  107. Geoff

    Pedro’s promised me his best ever post at 8.45 and says it will cheer us all up, it better be fucking amazing, I’ve not felt like this since we lost the FA Cup to Ipswich.

  108. GMR

    What incentive does the board have for getting rid of Wenger?? It isn’t going to happen because he is making them money. Edelman always says the same thing, that the money is available but he makes sure after saying it that he quickly follows that up with something along the lines of Wenger doesn’t spend big money he likes to see young players grow. I think the ideal job for Wenger would be to oversee a national centre where he can watch youngsters grow to his hearts content & Arsenal FC can get a manager that doesn’t say stupid things like “Trophies aren’t important”.

  109. Odub

    Still cant believe 3 defensive mistakes in one game!! We might have been unlucky yes but we created our own problems!

    Hung over, pissed as fuck and cant wait to read your rant Pedro

  110. Geoff

    I’m going to play golf today, I can’t handle the shit I know I’m going to get, I feel like I’ve been cheated on.