A message to blogsite bullies and Arsenal to have their best week of the season.

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I would just like to set the record straight for a few people that came on yesterday to say if we didn’t agree with you, we would block you, this is simply not true, let me explain.

If a parent beats their kid, it doesn’t stop the kid loving the parent that does it? but if the kid doesn’t like being beaten, there’s nothing wrong with the kid saying ‘hey dad, can you stop beating me, it hurts’ that’s how we all feel with whats gone on this past 3 seasons, we still love the boss, we just question what he does sometimes, this is Arsenal football club, not Arsene football club.

Having an opinion and questioning decisions is what we all do in a pub, respect that, it’s called debate.

This is a blog site yes, freedom of speech it isn’t, if we allowed freedom of speech we would be open to every crank, racist and zealot out there, we protect the majority who are Arsenal fans first and sensible bloggers second, thirdly we are people who like a frank exchange of views.

People who say things like ‘you’re all muppets, go and support Chelsea and don’t be a cunt’ are not welcome here, go to another site.

Yesterday we had 7,433 hits, 322 comments, 2 stories in the NewsNow top 8, one in the previous top 8 and about 6 comments from that lot were from people that aren’t interested in debate or having fun, not a bad return for a Sunday after a draw.

Also sometimes it’s often the same disgruntled person using a different name, we know that because the IP address is the same.

We have more comments and hits that most of the other sites combined, we must be doing something right. There are a small numbers of blogsite bullies out there that have no interest in having fun, so please, if you’re one of them don’t blog here.

We have a great relationship with other sites and often combine with them on joint ventures, we are all Arsenal fans, so once again if you don’t like what we have to offer, go elsewhere, or we’ll block you.

Onto tomorrow, I have a sneaky feeling we’ll have Robin and Tomas back for the run in, if we don’t I won’t be upset if he puts Diaby out there, he had a great game against Milan.

We need to treat this as our last game of the season, shut them down quickly and don’t allow their players room, Torres and Gerrard can hurt us in a heartbeat.

Get our shooting boots on and we can turn them over, ManU without their centre backs won’t be the same team, ask Middlesbrough, this could be the best week of the season, or the worst, I’m going for the latter.

Get at them from the off and we can pave the way for Fernabache in the semi’s.

If you want to get heart from this season, look at Barcelona and Milan, we can do this Grovers, let’s start believing.

2-0 Arsenal, spirit of 89, go Rocky go!

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  1. Geoff

    Well done Odub, todays blog is a rallying cry and goes on within half an hour, it brought a tear to my eye!

  2. Odub

    Good! We need another battle cry. look fowrad to it.

    in the papers this morning they reckon this is the make or break one, we win tonight and old trafford on sunday will look alot more tastier a prospect to look forward to!

  3. Odub

    It’s not going to be fun today I tell ya!! I’m thinking that previously planned liquid lunch might be cancelled as it’ll only make me a nervous jittery wreck!!!

  4. Geoff

    Steve and Odub, I’m not starting until 5.30 when I start early I can’t remember the game, and as we’re going to win this one, I’ll start a little later!

  5. Odub

    2nd that Geoff, saving it for later. Going round a mates straight after work for a quick session and then home to some chilean red and off we go!!