Wenger wants Ribery banned for life, Diego rumours continue and Pennant needs another club

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Arsene Wenger called for Bribery cheats to be banned for life, but it sounded like Ribery cheats when I first read it, and as it was probably him anyway I thought I’d put it in the headline. So shame on me!

If the boss wants to get players banned for throwing games he ought to get Nikki Bendtner checked out first eh! Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone.

The Diego rumours won’t go away or the Ben Arfa ones, when they hang around there’s often some truth in them, remember Rosicky and Hleb? They all started early.

And look what a cracking buy Rosicky turned out to be.

I have to say I would prefer Benzema as I think we are really suffering with our forwards, Robin is fast becoming a waste of time as a result of his not stop injuries and since he’s been here, not just this season and Bendtner just doesn’t look anywhere near it yet, probably 3 years off.

With the exception of Anelka how many are ever that good at 19?

I know Benzema is young but he’ll be good and prolific, you can see that, but after the Euros, his price will double.

Great to see Merida and Almunia have signed for another 4 years and Cesc says he’s putting pressure on his mate Flamini to stay.

Wenger is certainly bigging it up for tomorrow and beyond, but you know what? if he doesn’t drop Eboue we’ll win fuck all I’m afraid.

Get Walcott on from the off, that’s why you bought him wasn’t it???

Finally a word for Jermaine ‘pissed at training’ Pennant. You needed to leave Arsenal to get first team football, you needed to leave Birmingham to enhance your England career, well you jug eared twat, you finally found yourself a manager that likes the English even less than Wenger does, didn’t you?

Or is it because you’re fucking hopeless? Try a smaller club where you’ll look good, like Notts County or Newcastle, you used to say it was your dream to play alongside Michael Owen didn’t you?

Have a great day today Grovers, Pedro and I are leaving early doors to go to the game so you’re on your own for a bit.

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  1. Geoff

    We are now being linked with Bayern Munich’s winger Bastien Schweinsteiger. I’ve never heard of him, but at least we’re being linked with a winger.

  2. stonroy

    if that’s true that will be good. Schweinsteiger has a rocket of a shot. I don’t know if he has the fast pace to sustain a career in the league though..

  3. Big Raddy

    I watched Scweeinsteiger play for Bayern Thurs night aganist Getafe ( managed by a Laudrup). He looked top quality. Sort of a stronger and not so skillful Pires. Though he played on the right. He has a strong shot. Could be good for us.

    But I can’t see Bayern selling him. They are rebuilding and have a good team of youngsters, mixed with some experienced internationals. A forward line of Ribery, Luca Toni and Podolski is quality. The Stein fella played as a quasi right winger, sort of a better Eboue. But AW always seems to move players from the original positions.

  4. Isaac

    really Geoff? Schweinsteiger is good. He was the only truly creative player in the 2006 Germany line-up. great right foot.

  5. Big Raddy

    Sorry, that was very rude of me…. God Morning everyone. Good day to beat the Scouse, they are there for the taking today, though much will depend on the team AW selects.

    I fear we will witness another demonstartion of futility from Eboue.

  6. sam

    schweinsteiger got a hatrick in the third place playoff against portugal
    hes a great player but recently his form has dropped… might be a snip from bayern…

  7. Finestcuts

    I absolutely agree with the Eboue opinion, he should not be in the starting 11. For the time being he should be n the bench, and Arsene should prioritise tactical solution without Eboue at the start. With Walcott that all important early goal is far more likely than with Eboue. Eboue is useful as a sub in case of injury, so I’d put him on the bench.


    Toure, Senderos , Gallas, Clichy
    Walcott, Fabergas, Flamini, Hleb
    Adebayor, Bendtner

    Lehmann, Justin Hoyte, Eboue, Gilberto, Song

    This team can beat Liverpool, there is enough goal scoring power to get one against Liverpool, stopping them will be crucial. Ideally we need to score early and late.

    I’d stick to this team as along as possible in the match, and only make substitutions very late (or when necessary due to injury/poor performance) for a final bit of energy, like a triple substitution on 85 minutes to add a bit of power to the final attack.

  8. Geoff

    guys sorry if you are new and your comments get stuck in moderation, as I said we’re not around much but will be back, bear with us.

  9. ethan_gunner

    Not sure about all this talk RE : dropping torres and gerrard.
    If raffa does im sure he will cop his fair share of criticism for rotation again !
    Its possibly a ploy to make wenger field a weaker side ..
    But if raffa does rest them he might as well give us the 3 points at 10.30 am in the morning !

    Ohh thats right ade is playing ..

    hmmm maybe another draw is on the cards after all !

    THEO THEO THEO ! give him a go !
    i mean wenger 🙂

  10. Mike

    Hi there,

    Good site. First post.

    Could you please lay off Bendtner, he needs our support not condemnation.

    Enjoy the match, I know I will.

  11. Finestcuts

    We really need to get some players in. Imagine if Fabergas got injured? Or Flamini? What then?

    There need to be serious improvements in the squad next season, there will be no quality sitting on the bench which can turn the game unless you count Gilberto.

    Bendtner is not a first class striker.

    Arsenal need:

    Better Right and Left back wing back up, Replace Eboue, Traore, Justin Hoyte
    Better Central Midfield options. Replace Gilberto
    A better striker, keep Bendtner, but Sell him When Eduardo is back.

    So we need,a left back, a right back, a player who is versatile and can play on both wings that scores goals, an attacking midfielder, a striker.

    Those four out, and five (bacuse Eduardo is not being replaced)new in needed.

  12. Big Raddy

    Ethan, whilst I understand your concerns about the limitations of our lanky Togolian. He is our main striker, and will remain so until AW uncovers another gem.So, let’s get behind the man and give him the respect a 24 goal man deserves.

    Having said that, Ade should have intense ball control training through the summer break.

  13. Phobia

    Arsenal 3 – Liverpool 0

  14. Finestcuts

    And Van Persie should be sold as much as I hate to say it. Someone with somilar experience who is better than him should be brought in. This would definitely improve the team, so Arsenal in fact need two world class strikers to play up front.
    In fact, replacing both Van Persie and Bendtner would be crucial for a title winning side, we can’t just rely on Adebayor, he has already played a huge part. That and the above would strengthen Arsenal no end.


    Well said big raddy, i know ade is not the best striker in England, however, he does the job. As for RVP Arsene is an expert in the field and Gary Lewin is very well accomplished. Should RVP need replacing im sure it will happen. Im my opinion if RVP played all season then he would be up for player of the year and Arsenal would be going to Trafford looking to go top with a win, at least. Im gonna see what happens this summer, remember this form has come a year early so anything could happen next year with this team. I read alot of people telling Arsene to buy big for the league, i hope he stays true to his philosophy and we stay Arsenal Football Club rather than spending big to win. I think we will go out on away goals to liverpool which is our fault because Gerrard should not have got through. It was their first chance and they scored. To common for me, we need to be stronger defensively, clean sheets win leagues, we score enough goals to be champions. COME ON THE GUNNERS

  16. Reef Raheem

    Will someone please take off that retarded, so called midfielder, Eboue. I think the guy should be packed off to a rehabilitation center. For God’s sake why are we having players like Eboue to represent Arsenal. Are we that short in depth or dried up for funds to buy a quality wingers in the absence of Rosicky.

    Each time , I see Eboue in the starting XI, I get frustrated and pray that he is taken off immediately. No seriously, is AW a relative of that Blind referee from Netherlands who refereed our CL match, not to have recognised what a waste of a time he is. Play Theo if Rosicky ain’t available. Eboue is simly not Arsenal material and i hope he will be sold off during summer.

    we need a quality winger like Ben Arfa or even Yoann Gouffran and move abou Diabi in to a more central midefield role to fight in the likes of Flamini, Denilson and even Cesc.

  17. Finestcuts

    All Wenger need to do is buy 2 Eduardo style strikers, strikers who in their own luagues have scored 30 + goals a year…these are natural goal scorers that can score in any stadium.

    Huntelaar is one, and another one to replace Bendtner.

    Ebi Smolare would be a good versatile winger. Gilberto would go for about 5 mil, that would pay for Smolarek.

    Traore could be sold, he won’t make it as an Arsenal first 11, Ne9ither will Eboue or Hoyte. Promote from within for those positions. So if any many would be spent it would be on strikers.

    Traore, Bentner, Hoyte, Gilberto Van Persie and Eboue sold = 30 million approx altogether and I definitely think 2 quality strikers could be bought for that + Versatile goal scoring winger.

  18. Finestcuts

    The team’s foundations should be 2 20+ goals a season strikers.

    We have Adebayor, we don’t have a second one, that is the problem.

    We can’t be held to ransom by Van Persie’s fitness, he’s a fantastice player, but there are better available who managae 20+ a season, because that would be the criteria to replace RVP. That can be done.

    Bendtner should be replaced now rather than later, he won’t be a top draw striker, he’s a Sunderland player.

    There could be Premier League teams who pay like 10 m for Benmdtner (I mean 16 mil for Darren Bent). A top quality 20+ a season from outside the Premier League would cost about 15 mil.

    RVP Could be sold for 15 mil, Barca, Milan, teams like that would take a gamble on him.

    RVP + Bendtner combined = at least 25 mill

    So it would cost only 5-10 mill to upgrade, Eboue and Gilberto’s sales would fund that……and we can promote from within for those positions….we already have Denilson, so someone from within replaces him….simple. We can upgrade the team with our loan returness replacing Justin Hoyte, Eboue and Traore can all be replaced from within. Remember Harvard Nordveit, Fran Merida, kieran Gibbs, all those chaps…..they can replace those positions.

    There is a need to buy, but if it went over the budget, it would not be by more than 10 milll, a price the club could easily afford if it wanted to, meaning the club could spend 40 mill easily, but I think once again, Arsenal will make a profit in the transfer window, and improve the team, just like last time.

  19. Big Raddy

    What abot Song? This guy will be a big player for Arsenal. There had at be a reason why AW kept him despite all the booing he got. Song has shown at the ANC that he has the ability to become a real class player and in the position we need. i.e defensive midfield. He can cover CB for when Senderos gets a red card, and should Flam not sign.

    Hope he plays today…. Cesc on the bench to get a rest prior to Tues.

  20. jaSON

    I’m on my way to highbury to see lpl hope in my heart I dreamt Eboue scored a hat trick and then I woke up another bad dream

  21. Ollie

    Hey All,
    Changed my Posting Comments name thingy From RvP fan, Though Geoff and Pedro have been Calling me ollie anyway so to stop confusion, i changed my user name!
    Been Raining in Perth, Aus today… Then again, It rained when Arsenal came back from 2-0 down, so its not an omen! If were linked to Schwienstiger, then things look up – he is top class. Ben arfa also sounds good, and if they are hanging around, then it should have some truth behind it!! Big Raddy – Totally give song a go, and maybe give flam a rest as well..
    Finestcuts, while i hate to agree, you have some good points, but id still rather see us bring some quality in before selling out!

  22. Odub

    Morning chaps, good post Geoff, you loot enjoy the pre match boozing btw.

    3-0 today can feel it in me bones.

    Schweinsteiger is a top winger with a hammer for a shooter!! We get him and I’ll be amazed. good player.

    Catch up during the game


  23. Adam

    I agree with you about RVP. I feel really sorry for him with his constant injuries, but when you consider that in the last 2 seasons, he’s only played only 50 games of the 100 or so we’ve played in that period – it’s just not good enough.

  24. Ollie

    Whoa! a very different lineup!
    Manuel Almunia
    Kolo Toure Justin Hoyte Armand Traore William Gallas
    Emmanuel Eboue Gilberto Cesc Fabregas Mathieu Flamini
    Theo Walcott Nicklas Bendtner
    Geoff, Pedro, Due to my change of name, my comments are pending moderation, I know u r at the game, but can you sort this out asap? if possible? cheers!

  25. Evo in OZ

    Arsenal recall Gilberto, Nicklas Bendtner, Armand Traore, Justin Hoyte and Theo Walcott, while Emmanuel Adebayor, who scored against Liverpool in the Champions League on Wednesday, is on the bench. Liverpool make eight changes, handing French midfielder Damien Plessis his debut and starting with Peter Crouch up front. Steven Gerrard is among the substitutes as only goalkeeper Pepe Reina, Jamie Carragher and Martin Skrtel retain their places

  26. Angelo

    Schweinsteiger is average with a touch of quality… at best. I have been watching Bayern all season and we should really be looking to buy players who are playing every week and starring in any specific league and team. Bastien doesn’t. The guy who said he was like Pires [with more strength and less skill] is like a genius but more imaginative and much less intelligence. Wake up everyone this is arsenal you’re supporting, not Middlesbourgh. Ribery is a great signing. Schweinsteiger……..CHRIIIIIST!!! Thank God I know Wenger will never sign him. Like Pires??? Pires?? Did u ever watch Pires? Have you seen more than six Schweinsteiger games?

  27. Finestcuts

    This is a test game, who will stay and who will go. This a real 50/50. Is Walcott Playing on the wing or in a 4-4-2?

    This proves that the Champions League is our priority. The bench is packed with players who can change the game, it’ll be interesting who is subbed. This game really measures the strength of the squad….is it good enough.

    This is a big experiment by Wenger, I hope it goes well, although if Liverpool win, major changes need to be made. I commend Wenger for having the bravery to do this.

    Hopefully two top class strikers will be bought, we cannot have Bendtner to rely on, we need at least one other striker who scores 20+ a season, preferably two. You need 3 top class strikers to win a season, we have one.
    Huntelaar and some other striker is the answer. Maybe someone who shows talent in Euro 2008, lets wait and see.

    We have only two natural wingers, Hleb and Rosicky…..we need two more. We have enough defensive midfielders.

    Arsenal need luck today to beat Liverpool, the team is good, but it’sa poor imitation of a full strength Arsenal team.

    I can see why Toure is in there, he needs to proive himself more than Senderos. Gallas is the captain of course. Gilberto needs to do his bit in Diaby’s absence, and Walcott goes up front to replace Adebayor.

    It really is a bang up job of a team, but it could work. Gilberto on the left wing with Traore behind him and Eboue with Juston Hoyte behind them. It looks like Midfield will be playing quite defensively and the emphasis will be on the piuvot. Walcott/Bendtner to score a goal. I think one of them will and we need Fabergas to be on form today to get a second one. I don’t think we’ll manage a clean sheet. 1-1 or 2-1.

  28. Odub

    What a pile of shit! Everyone of them has been piss poor!! What the fuck is going on?
    We havent deserved anything from this game, and the way we’re going we wont get anything.
    Man this is pissing me off!

  29. mark

    Humiliating and they deserved every booo they received at half time. This is the premiership we are playing for (even though Man Utd won’t throw it away no matter what happens) but we could at least show some passion and keep the heat on Utd in case they slip up. Are we now treating the premiership like the carling cup…. Need changes at half time and some fire in their bellies to save this game.

  30. Odub

    We cant cross, we over play, over pass, we havent got an out and out striker, Wenger brings on Bendtner and plays him as a left winger! Eboue still keeps getting games, Cesc looks dead on his feet, Flam can barely walk, but hey the squad is good enuff AW so we dont know what we’re talking about!

    i could go on and on and on!!!

    Let’s not delude ourselves anymore, we are not good enough to win anything this season, Liverpool did a job on us in the 2 games, and will do the same in anfield.

    I’m done.

  31. Jon G

    Just back frm the game and want to cry and put pins in my eyes!

    i’m sorry monsieur wenger and it pains me to say it or even criticise you but you have effecitvely lost us the league:

    1. selling Diarra
    2. not buying in January
    3. playing a second rate team today when a win was needed to keep us in the title race

    a team with hoyte, traore, gilberto, eboue and a lone 19 year old striker who has only scored 6 goals is not good enough, I nearly walked out the ground when i saw the line up.
    If you’re 6 games from the end of the season and still with a chance of winning the premier league why put out a second string team!! I am disgusted and have not said that many times since Arsene arrived 11 years ago

    What a way to throw away a 5 point lead.

    If he had no money to spend then I hold my hands up and say fine, we did as well as we could on a shoe string budget and in fact should be proud of how well we did but if he had money to spend then it’s makes a shambles of the money i scrimp and save to afford a season ticket!

    If Adeabyor hadnt had his scoring streak we’d be battling with Everton and L’pool for 4th spot again and if he doesnt spend in the summer we will be next year.

    imagine if Fabregas or Flamini get injured next year! Rosicky and Van persie has been unfortunate and some other incidents havents helped (eg Eduardo, bad decisions etc etc) but ultimately I’m afraid Mr Dein was right .. without money you cant compete with Chelsea and Manure’s foreign investment!

    Am gutted! We could have won the league this year and once again we have handed it to United on a plate like we haev done 4 times previously (’99, ’00, ’03, and now ’08)!

    Pains me so much some times when I think how many times we could have won it with just a little bit of spending!


    I know we’re spoilt but I just want some f^*^g glory!

  32. Angelo

    This is retarded. I see a pattern emerging. We concede first, come out second half and play marginally better, equalize and then play out the remaining quarter of an hour as if we’re on a cocktail of red bull, ritallin and crack. This is not what a top team does. [Mainly because a top team actually wins]. This is tiring, but what is more tiring is silly little people accusing people like us of not being ‘real fans’ because we actually want to achieve success.

  33. gunslinger

    AT 1st, carling cup is not our priority,….. then, FA cup is not priority, ….. then now, League title not priority bcos of CL. Can we win the CL? Dont bet on this.

    We’re not good enuf probably means arsens not good enuf?

  34. mark

    I have continued to say that Bedntner is not quality and should never pull on an arsenal shirt. I know he scored today but that doesn’t alter my opinion. As many of us have continued to say …he and some others need to be shipped out and good players brought in. I also made another point the other day that we are a team waiting for a train crash to happen and that could come at Old Trafford and that it could be anything from a 4to 10 nil thrashing. Nothing has changed this fear and it really worries me. What team will Wenger play at Old Trafford now???? We are out of the title chase …whatever we do against Liverpool on Tuesday he will rest players … there is really nothing to play for at Old Trafford now …………… we gave them the title when we chucked our 5 point lead away. For all the good football we have played this season we are ending up a pathetic joke …we have again flattered to deceive ..and have ended up with no silverware …egg on our faces … and the laughter of all other supporters ringing in our ears because we have gone from sublime football to playing like a pub team….. DISGRACEFUL ………. Bob Wilson said at half time that the fans who paid to watch that first half had been cheated …and I agree with him.

  35. mark

    I’ve just re-read my last entry and when I say there is nothing to play for at Old Trafford I could say (and would have said about other Arsenal teams) PRIDE …. but I really don’t see that in this team …for all the kissing of the badge when they score … turning out excrutiating performances like the first half today…when so much was at stake …proves to me these playesrs have no pride …all they want is the money, prestige and respect …well lads that all has to be earned and for the last couple of months you haven’t earned or deserved any of the above………pride !!!!! …don’t make me laugh

  36. terry

    Mark that was a very tough comment. But very true we need to build up the squad for next season.the team looked good for over half of this season so good singnings should help improve it.Fabergas and the flamster looked dead on their feet today

  37. terry

    Mark I meant your comment before last .I think they have pride but needed new players bought in janaury

  38. mark

    Yes terry … you tell me thay have pride …and I’m sure they are feeling really proud of themselves as they drive home in their top of the range cars to their palatial pads tonight …proud in their hearts of the performance today and their performances since throwing away a 5 point lead…….. They can sleep soundly and at peace tonight knowing that they have given their best in all these games…… Really proud they they have done all they could and given the fans (many of whom struggle and scrape together the money for a ticket) the performances they deserve to see !!!!!. I think they have more pride in the luxuries they own and their bank balances than they do for their performances. So yes terry …they do have pride but not where it counts …on the field.

  39. terry

    very harsh Mark,but you cant blame the players alone,the boss needed to sing new players in janaury but sold instead


    To true ODUB, Cant believe that wenger thinks this squad is good enogh to win anything , we do not use this pitch diameters and play as narrow as we did at highbury, and another goal is scored through the middle of our defense from a long ball , more of the same on weds night me thinks!!!! .The reality is that after weds night, and back in the league we should now be seeing people like Barazite, Landsbuy , Norveldt play, looks like fourth place is in the bag so now we have nothing to loose, and for next season,
    EBOUE!!!!!!!!!!! (SHIT HEAD)
    sort this out wenger!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Geoff

    Complete shit I’m afraid, shit.

    I left the ground with 15 minutes to go because I lost interest. Traore is like a youth team player, crap right know.

    I actually thought that Gilberto played well, but if that’s the way you want to win the league Arsene, you need to go to another country.

    I pay enough, I thought today the team selection was amateurish, and you personally have let me down.

    That’s it.

  42. mark

    terry I agree, and have said for ages, that the team needs strengthening ….but these are the players Wenger has put faith in and picked …… Watch someone like Anderson come on for Man Utd or play full games when Ferguson puts his faith in him …. you can see the pride in him that he wants to do well and he shows it …. If the players Wenger brings on can’t show that pride then what is the problem ???? is it because some of them don’t have the skill in the first place and what I’m taking to be lack of pride is just plain lack of footballing skill … and they can’t actually show any more because they are not quality footballers. I know that 5 or 6 of those players out there today should not be playing for Arsenal and are not good enough …… but I did expect more …perhaps I should excpect us to be a West Ham type team and be thankful for small mercy’s …like finishing 4th ….. If that is the case then gone are the days of Arsenal being one of the elite teams in the premiership.


    We have no pace apart from Theo and he’s criminally used in the wrong position dont think my nerves will take tuesday night!!! will have to have loads of beers and sit in the dark!!!!!

  44. mark

    Chris …I like it …succint, precise and to the point ….who needs Big Raddy’s educational prowess.

  45. Big Raddy

    Mark, be specific. Who hasn’t got pride in the shirt? Even Eboue with his extremely limited game puts everything into it. They ran themselves into the ground today, and no-one could be accused of not trying.

    I agree that there are problems in this team, but pride isn’t one of them. Nor is greed.

    If anyone was to blame for today it was AW. His first half tactics were dire.

  46. Big Raddy

    And Bendtner is a 19 year old kid FFS. He hasn’t even played 10 games in the EPL. Give the man a break. I believe he will be a top class player, but not for a couple of years.

    He was meant to be our 4th striker, not play on his own upfront !

  47. Odub

    the team selected, the way we played and our whole team play for 50/60 minutes does not belong at arsenal fc. we need a clear out sharpish! Half the players we call first teamers would not get in any of the other top 3 teams squads. and that ius down to the manager.

    Too many of these players are limited in their ability but have performed far and above their station so far, but now theyre getting found out. if the chavs got rid of 5 players this summer, clubs all over the world would sit up and want to see who’s going, could we all sit here and confidently say the same about out current crop of players?

    I think a lot of arsenal fans have began to realise what some of us have known for a while, we are not good enough end of.

    Someone mentioned a while back that we havent played sublime football since villa away before xmas… since then we beat everton 4-1 and beat milan, apart from that we’ve done fuck all since.

    But one fact remains we’ve got worse since one particular game…Manure away in the cup, when Wenger’s team selection again cost us dear.

    I’m just sick of this shit! 3 seasons in a row now! Nothing to show for our efforts!

  48. El Tel

    This time last year I said AW has to go this time the year before i said AW has to go. Aw your time is up. I look as stupid as can be saying I have faith because we are Arsenal. I understand guys having their own boo boys as I am the worst of all Coco has signed for 4 more fucking years. Yes referees have robbed us these past 9 matches but why can’t anyone at AFC have the bollocks to say these refs are bent. So what if the media don’t approve fuck them. AW you chose what you believe to be a good team today. Hoyt is a park player, Eboue a cheating waste of space, Bertis spent and instead of being a legend he will leave us and be forgotten. Bendtner well if thats a forward then lets buy Dion fucking Dublin. Theo on the wing not good enough, down the middle he could be top drawer. Now for the fucking climax. We have a prick in goal who has very little to do but still he picks the ball out of our net. This arsehole makes more mistakes ineach game he plays than Mad Jens has made in his whole AFC career. Thats why we don’t have a5 point lead Thats why we are fucked for the next four years Thats why AW should walk. Well done AW you have been great but now is the time to take on the best Manager in our History.

  49. andy c

    flamini ran up and down the pitch all day trying to make things happen and breaking into the box, he looked fucked when he came off and so did cesc at the end. We need players who can be trusted to step in and give these guys a break, i just dont see that we have them right now, look how many players liverpool changed today (7?), they created as much if not more than ourselves, and i do agree eboue is a cunt, bendtner needs more time as he is young, right now you are all right, he isnt good enough, but at least he has a first touch unlike ade, he needs games, time and most important the backing of the fans! eboue is still a useless cunt though, hes had his chances!

  50. Danish Gooner

    Wenger has got it horrible wrong for two seasons now……….i for one as a fan for many years would like to know how much of a restraint on money he actually has..If arsenal are close to bankruptcy i think it is okay neglecting squad strengthning but if we have 70 mil in the bank waiting to be used……………..why on earth isnt he using some of it ??? I know he made a few quid in the summer.And by the way fellow Gooners if Fabregas etc are knackered now just wait till they have completed an entire euro 08 campaign…….I would bet a few quid on wengers first excuse for failing next year will be fatigue caused by euro 08.

  51. Gorgeous George

    Relax all ye Gooners of little faith & brain.
    Artsenal will beat Liverpool on Tuesday and go to the semi-finals where they will face Fenerbahce – yes Fenerbahce – who will grab a late 1-1 draw against Chelsea. That will be a stroll for us with 5-0 agg win to go to the final in Russia and face Barcelona. The revenge will be sweet.

    Arsene Knows.

  52. El Tel

    The stupid thing is most of these players have the technique its the tactics that are wrong. Aw wants us to be the best thing since Ajax 70s edition. They had players who could play anywhere but they knew their positions. We had Eboue, Hoyt and Toure in the same team all right side defenders who can’t defend they all are pretty much worthless when we attack. Theo on the wings? Carragher is a carthorse let Theo run past him with some Cesc slide through passes. Flamini is excellnt but he was more forward than Cesc most of the game. Who was fooled them or us. Bendtner alone up front at home? Gilberto just strolling about, he still has quality but not the engine anymore. What tactics are these. If it was a disguise and we do them on Tuesday night I will take back my comments but for the first time this year I think we are sunk.

  53. El Tel

    Big Raddy you are right about being positive but mate I was getting frowned at today by our fans when I told them I think we could still win the League. In my heart I thought we could but as soon as I saw the team line up with the full backs, Eboue and Toure and Coco in goal I guess my head knew it wasn’t to be. AW has been marvellous for us but we haven’t won enough titles under him. We should be the biggest team in the world but we are still looking up at them Manc cunts

  54. A

    We do not need a forward. Bendtner is a 4/5 game run away from being a top top forward. Theo a bit further away but should be there or there abouts by the start of next season, and still good enough to make an impact this season as we’ve seen. Vela is arriving next season who arsene has said he considers a forward. Van persie should have his injury problems sorted by the start of next season, and eduardo will be back around the turn of the year hopefully. There is NO chance we’ll sign a forward, as Wenger has already categorically stated.

    The only positions we need to sign back up players for are on the wings. Hleb and Rosicky are fantastic, but we have no back up at all, Walcott, Eboue or Diaby have all been playing out of position when playing there. Rosicky will either be sold or his injury problems will have been sorted by the start of the season. Either way wenger will sign one or two attacking midfielder/wingers of the rosicky/hleb role such as Modric/Diego.
    Eboue is a good enough right back, he was incredible the champions league final season, and is still a good full back.
    Traore has a lot of potential and is better than Clichy was at his age. He had a good game today and kept pennant in his pocket.
    Senderos is fantastic and vastly underrated as a sub centre back, and Djorou had potential a while back but has disappeared.
    Denilson and Diaby looked like fantastic reserves in the centre but Denilson has had a horrific season with injuries and Diaby has had injury problems and had to play out of position. Song was also fantastic at the African nations and was the best player on the park in all the recent reserve games.
    Almunia is ok, but not a top keeper, but Fabianski is very highly rated and could be introduced soon, Arsene won’t sign a new keeper if he rates Fabianski.

    Hoyte and Gilberto are no longer good enough and will be gone in the summer.

    We’re still just about in the title race, despite Van Persie and Rosicky having been out for nearly the entire season. If Rooney and Ronaldo had been out most of the season I’d have to guess that Utd would have been out of the title race some time ago. We are also still in with a chance on tuesday.

    The fact that we’re still in the hunt for both the premiership and the champions league at this point of the season is a fantastic achievement when you consider the ridiculous injuries we’ve suffered, with two of our best players barely playing, as well as injuries to important squad players. Our squad is one or two signings away from being as good as we’ve had whilst arsene has been manager, and I can’t wait to see how Hleb, Cesc, Van Persie, Rosicky (if he isn’t sold), Bendtner, Theo, Vela play together next season.

  55. Big Raddy

    Let’s get real here. Does anyone really think we are better than MU. Sure, up to Xmas we were punching above our weight, but not now. I am a Gooner through and through, but this seasons MU are an outstanding team and deserve to win the EPL.

    I am saddened that we will finish below Chelski, and I really think we had a shot this season. AW SHOULD have signed Anelka.

  56. Odub

    Good luck with the positivity. I’m fucking off.

    I cant see us winning on Tuesday,that’s my opinion and I’m enititled to it. Anyone who thinks we’re going to go from drawing 1-1 at home twice to winning on tuesday can obviously see something I cant.

    I’m off before i get called a bell end again. Hope I’m wrong and we’re celebrating Tuesday night.

    Have a good one grovers, catch up when I manage to buy some rosetinted glasses.

  57. Big Raddy

    ANd ….. I am really pissed off with this David and Goliath stuff. We have the money, lets’s spend it established International class players. If Ronaldinho is available – sign him. He would pay his wages in shirt sales alone, and he woul;d certainly add to this team

  58. El Tel

    1. Buffon 2. Sagna 3. Clichy 4. Flamini 5. Gallas/Toure 6. Senderos/Alex 7. Hleb 8. Cesc 9. Annelka 10. Huntellar 11. Gerrard

    Subs. Fabianski. Vela. Adebayor. Walcott. Djoroue. Rosicky.Dennilson

    Manager. Van Basten

    This would do the trick


    well thats me then Franny I’m BELL END THEN , AND YOU Know fuck all about football if you think that team selection is the way to go forward. One thing ,Wenger has been Fantastic for this great club but all good things come to an end .
    When you here wenger speaking its as if he’s watching another team, sure they run around but so do headless chickens ,The FACTS ARE THAT TAKE OUT GERRARD AND THE DIVER THE MUGMASHERS ARE ORDINARY AT BEST AND WE STILL CANT BEAT THEM.

  60. Smelly bell end

    Hello Hleb. I hope you are reading. I have some ice cream. Do you want some? (It’s very nice)

  61. mark

    Franny… most blokes brains are in their Bell Ends …………….so us Bell Ends know what we are talking about.

  62. El Tel

    Man Utd are vastly overrated Raddy yes they have a couple of good players but outstanding I think not. They have a Cunt managing them who wouldn’t put up with the shit Aw does. They tell the FA what they want and they would never have decisions go against them as we do every week. We play better football than them and have better players bar 3. Rooney, Ronaldo and Vidic. They are tactically better and show more heart. Thats down to the boss and nothing else. Let Aw coach the team but someone tactically better Manage them.

  63. geometry

    AW should go but will not. Why? The whole club management is in love with him and idol-worship him, so AW can’t be wrong in their eyes, ever! Like persistently playing eboue in first 11, giving another 4 yrs to the english-wannabe keeper, selling diarra, not buying in january when there’s tons of $$ now, etc..etc.. Why is Theo not used more often in his best position.., and why is Theo not playing more than eboue???

  64. Danish Gooner

    I am sick and tired of this Wenger brigade like franny telling me i am an idiot for criticising Wenger and his squad Selection.I am a fan since 1981 and strolled along not expecting anything from Arsenal my proudest moment came with the win in the littlewooods cup against Liverpool where we ended the Ian Rush scoring and LIverpool winning sequence.But Wenger have raised the stakes enormously since he came and kudos for that along other things stating his belief that we would be the biggest club in the world.Dont get me wrong i am not a fickle fan but when i am sold bullshit like “it is not all about winning trophies” and we will focus on cl and pl selling the fa cup down the river and handing Manure the initiative i get seriously pissed off.when i am told that this team is the finest since sliced bread and they constantly fail at the last hurdle when they put in a spineless performance like the one at ot and whl i start to question if i am told porkies instead of the truth

  65. israeli gooner

    Fellow gooners!!!
    I am saying all along-th arsenal board,just dont give a dam about you)the best fans in the world),and they dont give a dam about the titles and glory ,they dont care about the prestige of the name arsenal-they just care about saving collecting huge amounts of money from us,,,and keep it in their benk!!!!!!!!
    If we where ateam named westham or bolton i could understand,we dont have much money but the board is doing their best for the club and the fansBUT-with all off OUR MONEY’the board are abunch of CHITTERS.
    And what about Mr’ Wanger?????what about his share of these catastrofy???
    My opinin all along(and i was critisised about by you fellow arsenal fans)that these guy bilt a huge ego,and by his ego games he is betting on our clubws succsses!!!!
    Dont understand me wrong-Wanger is avery clever maneger and agood tactition,but the ego’O the ego,,,,,,and we are suffering so much!!!!!!!
    With three world cluss players Wanger could complit the pazel and make arsenal the best in the world,and make us and HIM so so happy.Arsenal football club HAS THE MONEY for those three stars,but Wanger and the board just DONT CARE!!!!!!!!AND WE ARE SUFFERING!!!!
    MR’ DEIN WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!

  66. kaz

    need to sign

    versitile defender
    and attacking/definsive midfielder

    what do u say?

  67. Pedro

    Sorry chaps… I noticed a bit of slagging of each other… so I deleted the comments.

    Please be nice, this sites not about slagging each other.

  68. Geoff

    Franny, fuck off to another site. We don’t call each other bell ends at Le Grove, come back when you grow up and can be civil.

  69. Evo in OZ

    Bendtner needs another season, he usually achieves something when he plays. you cant expect a bloke to head goals when all the balls into the box are shite!

    what foot is traores strongest? i dont want to slag him off as he’s only young, but man, i could cross into the box better than that!

  70. gazzap

    what about not using either Diaby OR eboue on Tuesday since they are both quite shite. bendtner might be a better winger than Diaby, cant be any fucking worse. keep Hleb behind Ade with Theo on the other wing? not maybe not. but at least get that wanker Eboue off the pitch forever.
    fans may be leniant to him now but I tell you if he is still here next season and playing on the wing, he will be getting boos from a very patient Arsenal crowd. wenger should be using him at Right back ONLY as back up for Sagna – Hoyte needs to go and will.

    5 home draws in a row shows we are too tired to compete. the squad is thin and not prepared for the rigours of a title run in etc. this is down to wenger 100%. he has the money. furthermore, wengers tactics are often shocking. sometimes he does the things we fans scream for and then we do well. but he reverts to type and does his own thing again.
    now we need to dredge up every last sinew of energy for Tuesday night. everything we have needs to go into that match. THEO simply HAS to start. Eboue is awful. its not about tactics. if eboue cant pass or tackle as well as a pub player then he should not be on the pitch.

    Toure senderos Gallas clichy
    Diaby Flam Cesc Theo

    This team would win.
    Nik B on for Diaby if needed later and go 4-4-2. liverpool could not deal with the height at set pieces. we need to exploit that.

  71. Evo in OZ

    We need Flamini to re-sign and then a major strengthing in the off season with some new players to back up the injured ones who will hopefully return. currently we have no world class back up players

  72. James

    Wenger needs to buy some Germans – like Schweinsteiger, and some more German who will just run and run, never say die, solid, reliable, experienced, trustworthy, hard as nails.

    Instead we have puffs like Eboue and Hleb.

    Honestly next season our bench (7 subs remember) should be Almunia, Toure, Diaby, Rosicky, Hleb, Van Persie, Vela – NOT Podolski, Senderos, Hoyte, Denilson, Gilberto, Walcott, Bendtner.

    This gives you some idea about who should be out on the pitch, new signings that’s who. The babies can play in reserves, go on loan, or leave as far as I’m concerned. This squad needs depth, instead Wenger is trusting on players who will not fully develop for another 3/4 years.

  73. Mike

    There’s a history at Arsenal of not buying established star players or spending huge amounts of money in transfer fees. Even in the time of George Graham Arsenal never bought in players who had really proven themselves to be classed in the top echelons. While Spurs bought established players such as Lineker, Gazza and later Klinsmann Arsenal were winning league titles with home grown players and relatively unknown imports such as Anders Limpar. This is still the case, while other clubs spend large quantities of money to gain success with some becoming bankrupt in doing so Arsenal have continued still to be successful and keep their traditions intact. The future is extremely bright for this current team and a little more patience is needed. I for one am proud that this season we held top spot against a team who spent close to 60 millions in the summer, money may buy success but it will not be as sweet as gaining without spending. Sure the squad needs to be strengthened but there’s no need for a 30 million pound Benzema or a 20 million pound Quaresma. Arsenals policy has worked before and will work again.

    There’s no better man to bring more success than Wenger, can the people who post blogs criticizing him please say who they think could do a better job? Mourinho? Rijkaard? I doubt it.

  74. Stupid

    guys the players just look knackered, there is nothing wrong with the core of this squad… but look at what utd chelski and pool can do with there squads compared to us

    fab and flam both badly needed a rest today before tuesday..but we had nobody to cover… eboue needs dropping bigtime, but who we got to bring in for him?

    injuries have killed us, rvp, rosicky, eddy, denilson… and that stupid tackle from diaby done us aswell, as he could have played today instead of flamini.

    he really looks cooked to me, not the same energiser bunny as earlier in the season, hopefully he playind within himself a little, to hold back for tueday.

    we need reinforcements in the summer no doubt, but it aint all that bad.

    onwards and upwards…. the luck will level out… liverpool are HEXED for tuesday

    let the spirit of rocky and the arsenal 89 team guide us to a famous victory… its gonna happen.. i swear its gonna happen.

  75. The Mass Posse

    I love you all. I am Baz. From the loins of uncle Sharkey. I am the one who done the freak up the pooper at Buds gaffe. Caused a giggle at the Arsenal today. 1-1 oh dear.

  76. Ollie

    Whoa… Calm down guys. Yes its frustrating, and yes, our chances for the prem are realistically over. Just find a way to let it out, and calm down, you will think better that way. Think about it, we were all shocked that half out theam hadnt hardly played this year, but as someone noted up before, the team is stuffed – they need a rest. Add to that we are already down to our ‘b’ team if you like, because of injuries, and the people we would usually use for games like this to give the team a rest have already been played for most of the season, so we had to go even deeper. I know, if we had players brought in, we wouldnt need to, but maybe, just maybe, that might be getting through wengers skull. If these rumours about schweinstiger and Ben Arfa and co. keep hanging around, then maybe we are about to splash out a bit.. Come on, keep the faith, we now have a half rested team, and we came back and supposedly did the impossible against AC milan, so why not here at anfield on tues? Come on, the team is already in enough trouble, so why add to that a pile of irrational thinking fans? we can rant on, but at the end of the day, we can do little about it untill the end of the season. So just let it out, and move on, and we’ll see what happens in the summer. If nothing happens, or Wenger fails to bring in enough players to strengthen the squad, then in my opinion will we have licence to rampage…

  77. Bud

    still running Geoff………… althoug the Massenhove/Adams duracels are very quickly dieing !!!!!!!

    In one word to describe us all…… no two words, hlf, SNORING, half playing POOL !!!

  78. Bud

    Going to Bed Geoff !

    You are weak and pathetic………….

    Sunday is ano go for Buddy Boy and Seve is computer illiterate, so see you Monday Lightweights !!!!!!

  79. shockwave17

    That was a major blow for the Gunners innit? Never looked like a serious threat and looked hagged at times…maybe the gunners should just throw the towel now…its a point gained for Liverpool and points dropped for Arsenal the way i see it…

  80. arab gooner

    The problem with this team is not players but someone called Wenger.I seriously believe even if we buy 2 or 3 new players it won’t make a difference.Wenger has lost the plot long back.Tactically he is rubbish,he can’t motivate his players enough,he is stubborn,he does not have the courage to face players who do not deliver like Mourinho or Fergie.He does not know how to deal with superstars,that is why he never bought one.He buys kids and they grow up under his tutelage and they only play for him not for the team.He has this ego about him.He has already cost us countless titles and trophies,in fact much more than he won us.He has to go

  81. mat

    we shud buy taylor 2 break eboues leg!
    calling for arsenes head is wrong at this stage but he needs sum action in th transfer market … i reckon the majority will support him unless we are at the same stage this time next season … promising without delivering
    its starting to frutrate
    cmon arsenal