For England, for Arsenal and St George, do us proud boys, we’re with you ’till the end!

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That’s the battle cry gone up men, the stirring tune that won the day at Agincourt by King Harry aka Henry V and against all the odds.

For Harry read Arsene, for England read Arsenal and for the Frenchies and their allies read the Scousers.

Just like the French army we are out numbered with them having more players, out numbered by their money, but with our tactics and our fighting ability (Bolton, say no more) we WILL carry the day.

My army would line up like this

Almunia (Pikeman)

Eboue Kolo Gallas Clichy (Archers)

Hleb Cesc Flamini Walcott (Infantry)

RVP Adebayor (Cavalry)

I would play Senderos in place of Kolo and drop the big hearted Ivorian, but I think he’ll go for Kolo over Senderos as he’ll want pace to stop Torres.

The rest pick themselves but I just hope he plays Theo in place of anyone else, get that bite in early and take the French by surprise.

I don’t want to see Song or Djourou, I think they need comeback games first.

I want to see the last 10 minutes at Bolton become the first ten minutes at the Grove.

Go get ’em Arsenal and don’t concede like Inter did or we’ll struggle at their gaff.

We talked about making a noise at the Grove, we also wrote a tribute to Rocky Rocastle this week, what we want is the spirit of Anfield ’89’ where Rocky played his part, we would like to hear you raise the roof tonight starting with ‘ooh Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky Rocastle’ then move on to out singing the hubcap stealers, I get sick of constantly reading about the Kop effect, if we Londoners can’t out sing the scousers, we don’t deserve a ground this big, so stewards, let us have our night, EL Tel you tell your mates this is Rocky’s night.

Let them know what singing is Arsenal!

If you are driving home tonight at about 1700 remember to tune into Talk Shite to hear Inside Arsenal plugging the Rocky noise campaign with Wrighty! Good luck with that chaps!

Fantastic day yesterday Grovers and plenty of merriment in the comments section, over 10,000 of you logged on and if the same 10,000 log on today and tell their mates what we need tonight, we’ll carry the day for the men in red and white.

One team in Europe, there’s only one team in Europe! As Arsene says, the next 10 days are the biggest 10 days since we won the double, with our help, we can win the double again.

Update: Inside Arsenal have just e-mailed me this link. Well played everyone, a victory for the fans, the atmosphere and Rocky! Make sure you ROAR up for the boys and Rocky tonight!

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  1. Big Raddy

    Don’t worry Odub, we will do them at Anfield.

    Maybe Mozart will be back? He would have been great tonight, and an added bonus would be that Eboue wouldn’t have played. What does AW see in the man? Had we played Theo from the start and we would have done better. If Eboue is supposed to support Kolo , where was he when Gerrard went into the box? You tell me……

  2. Mean Lean

    Cunts! Fucking Cunts, Utter shitty stinking cunts.

    What? So is that it then? Do we just say the ref made a mistake. What fucking mistake. You cannot make a mistake when it is that clear cut infront of your fucking cunting face. 99% of the worlds population would tell you that it was a penalty.

    Eboue, I have backed you up for so long but you have handed in your cunt form, you are a waste of cunting space. What is the point of you being on the pitch?

    Van Persie? Why the fuck are you injured again? What could you have possibly done to be injured again? I am lost.

    Where in gods name is Rosicky??? ARRRGGGHH!!

    So we have to score 2 goals at Anfield and keep a clean sheet? Fuck off!

  3. Stupid

    FAO OF PEDRO & GEOFF – you must report this tommorow in your write up

    No joke, the ref who did not give the penalty against fellow dutchman duck kite, was born 5 miles down the road from him, their parents are friends.

    NO JOKE – was on SSN about 1130pm and on arsenal tv fans fourm

    LIVERPOOL MAFIA strike again in europe, nobbled the ref against inter got a red in each game and robbed us tonight.

    fucking joke.

  4. ethan_gunner

    Every single thing ade touched in the 1st half coughed up possession ! EVERYTHING!

    F**K ME arsene , didnt you say you were resting the the big log !
    walcott and RVP would have been fine !

    Now look whats happened ! RVP injured again ..
    Theo’s effectiveness is lessened by being out there on the wing !
    He can beat a man, but beating them from midfield position is too much to ask !

    Moronic for playing ade when he clearly is OUT OF FORM !
    anyone watching a replay look at all the possession he has !
    and what he does with it !

    no point in blaming bendtner ! we would have been more threatening in the final 3rd if we had a real striker and not ade !

    it was like playing with 10 men ! Vs 12 !!!

  5. Harun

    1-1 in the first leg is not a bad score to take to Anfield….in fact it would be extremely good since we will be looking for a goal from the beginning instead of sitting back and the scousers would be in a dilemma whether to sit back and play out a goalless draw in front of their home fans or come out and take the game to us which is when we are doubly daangerous….so all in all not that bad a result…..The ref I feel was extremely conservative during the entire game…he didnt dish out any yellow cards even though I remember late in the game when Torres nutmegged clichy on the touchline and got fouled which would have meant a 2nd yellow for Gael meaning he would have missed the 2nd leg… .although the ref missed a blatant penalty I think I would rather go to Anfield 1-1 with Gael rather than 2-1 without our most trusted left back….so no cribs ppl…I believe we will knock em Scousers at Anfield…we always do well in the big European away games…
    More importantly now we need to win our league game with our squad members( Song, Denilson etc) while restricting our main players( especially Fab, Hleb, Ade, Flamini) to a last 30 min run out if necessary…we need Theo, RVP, Bendtner,Song to step up to the plate on Saturday and show they can win the big games for the side singlehandedly…

  6. Evo in OZ

    cant believe liverpool played a 10-1 formation in the 2nd half, they are gay!

    That was a definite penalty to kleb and we are going to anfield to win our place in the semis. lock it in!

  7. Odub

    I still can’t figure out how we didnt win that game! bags of possession AGAIN, but no end product!
    Put Gerrard in our team and we would have destroyed them! We just looked laboured, lethargic, call it what you want! we just looked so deviod of ideas at the end!

    We defo missed a trick last night, despite them defending for a third of the game we should have done them!

  8. Evo in OZ

    yeah Odub, we definitely should have stitched them up, good it wasnt a league game with points dropped. We just need to put them away in both of the next 2 games and we have achieved maximum result!