Arsenal in for Kaka, Ben Arfa and Ben Alin, it’s official.

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Arsenal have made it clear that they will sign Kaka and Ben Arfa however much it costs, and also Benylin, the well known cough medicine, should Rosicky feel unwell next season, and it will be a huge bottle.
17 year old Superstar Syrup is on the verge of Arsenal deal
Sources close to Arsene Wenger have said he has £120mil to spend and he owes it to all those poor Arsenal fans to spend it, compete with the biggest clubs in Europe and win some much overdue silverware.

This is a complete departure from his buy them young policy, but he says ‘enough is enough, our fans spend shed loads, and I intend to deliver’Ok, that’s what we all dream about and on this April fools day, I thought I would deliver it.

This is not a ploy to get hits, as we don’t gain money from advertisers, it’s merely an April 1st piece to make everyone happy, if only for 3 paragraphs, happy April fools day!Onto the real world, Kolo says,

‘Liverpool are scared of us’

I’m not sure that was too smart, but if the team believe it, it surely can’t be a bad thing, I really think Robin, the boy wonder is set to explode and with Torres facing him, this could be the game he decides to show who’s the daddy, go Robin, go!

Cesc will be the same with Gerrard and Alonso, and the Flamster, like Gallas may see this as the last chance saloon in the Champions league.

Great days blogging yesterday Grovers and nice to see that you all share the same fondness to the memory of the great Rocky Rocastle as we all do, if only he was in the team tomorrow, like Ray Parlour but with more skill.

We need a result against the scousers, and we obviously need to stop them scoring, but hell, if we win both games, or score more than they do, it doesn’t really matter does it?

I don’t think Liverpool are as good as the BBC muppets says they are, they’re a long way behind us in the league and we were all over them at Anfield, if we were playing Everton, we’d be booking our hotel room for the Fernabache game now, wouldn’t we?

One day to go now and I’m already getting nervous, for those of you going, we’re all meeting up in the small and beautiful, you’re all welcome, for those of you not going, keep the faith and feel the force.

Let’s out sing the hubcap stealers for once eh?

Have a great day and sorry about the hopeful and very misleading headline, I’m a very naughty boy!

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  1. bob

    is wenger gonna buy anyone this summer? we ant won anything since pv left.its sad coz we wel never win anything with kids.

  2. Pedro

    Is it wrong that I am pleased about Vidic’s injury?

    Its about fucking time one of their players got injured!

    Next up please… a few Roma GOALS!

  3. ethan_gunner

    Flamini is over rated ! sure he make cesc look good but he’s scored like 2 or 3 goals all season i really think we need to get a midfielder who can score ! ..
    And as for flamini stalling , money hungry AH springs to mind ! Talk of a joining fee ,obviously more wages that arsene will offer him ! I spose you cant blame him , but is he REALLY THAT GOOD ?

    flamini – jens-bert -eboue -ade ! out you go !

    With the cash arsene buy 2 decent players !!!
    A world class striker wouldn’t go astray !

  4. Ibrahim Smith

    it’s good that Kaka should come to help the gooners he deserves. i’m sure Wenger got me well. go ahead The French go!!

    but don’t sell Arsenal to any billionaire Shut uop!! That’s a sheer no-bushit!! Stop it Stop Jose Where?

  5. Phil Bradley

    “I think that ‘you know who’ comment was straight out of the Arsene knows brigade fan club.”

    the brigade has a fan club?

    “a blog where you can have an opinion, not get one”…
    … just make sure you don’t post it in the comments countercurrent to a groupthink.

  6. Phil Bradley

    I mean, thing is, we reportedly have just one player (Gallas) in the top 50 best paid footballers in the world (plenty of ex-gunners in there though). And yet these are players that consistently get Arsenal into the later stages of the Champions’ League.

    We, the fans, get scalped on matchday, whilst players that we know do a good job for the team, are underpaid by comparison to ‘the market’ and leave. I think it’s brilliant that our players are here for other reasons than the money (the average age also plays a factor in the sub-par wages), but honestly, is the club so tight that it is prepared to lose a known quantity when we already sold his best backup (Diarra), and the others are Denilson and Gilberto, one far too young, the other far too old? Are we that confident of being able to buy one in and get him gelled with the team soon enough for the new season, in a Euro year?

  7. Pedro

    Phil… you’re in the wrong day mate! Post in todays blog!

    Interesting point… I don’t think Arsenal’s wage slips were leaked because Willy G did not take a pay cut to come to Arsenal.

    We have a monster wage bill.