Oh Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky Rocastle!

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I think that’s the way the song goes.

So it’s 7 years since Arsenal through and through David ‘Rocky’ Rocastle, passed away.

I won’t dwell on his history save to say he never stopped running his whole Arsenal career.

My abiding memories of him were scoring against the spuds in the semi final of the League cup and crying his eyes out when Georgie boy told him he was going to Leeds for £2 million quid, or something like that.

Letting Rocky go was as strange a decision as Wenger letting Merson go some years later.

Rocky you may have gone to Leeds and the chavs, but you’ll always be remembered for being a gooner, I seem to remember you coming back to Arsenal and being employed by the club in some role years later, but I can’t remember what.

If you’re up there reading this, the team need you now, so do what you can if you would, again!

You’ll always be remembered for being a true professional, a great and tenacious midfielder and a fantastic role model to all the then kids, many of them now grown up Grovers, so thanks for the memories Rocky!

Two days to go until we play the first leg of our quarter final Champions league game against the scousers, I’m quietly confident only because we’re a better team, Diaby won’t be playing and everyone will be up for it.

I’m sure they’re always are up for it but with the season rapidly coming to an end and the premiership cruelly drifting away, this team is playing for it’s future.

I think the boss may have had a tough decision coming up with Kolo or Phil but with Kolo playing right back he may have had his hand forced and the problem solved.

So the only decision for me now is to start with Theo, don’t screw around, we’re a better team with him playing, the rest pick themselves.

Click here if you want to buy a Rocky Rocastle ‘T’ shirt and click here if you wish to contribute to the Treehouse Charity or do both!

It would be great if you could post on the official Rocky7 website, leave your messages of support there, I know Rocky’s family will read them!

Have a good day Grovers, and enjoy the video clip!

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  1. Steve

    The man was truly a legend. His memory will live on in me as being part of the first successful Arsenal team I had the pleasure of watching.

  2. Steve

    I think it was the first game of the season after we were crowned champs pedro. We lost 4-1 if memory serves me correctly.

  3. Steve

    It is nr790.

    Wenger is unlikely to play him after Saturday though.

    Maybe we can sort something out then Geoff. i have a lunch so i’m likely to be small pissed.

  4. Steve

    lol Odub. You can tell I’ve not been out much.

    Just looked in the desk book and see I have a lunch planned with a fellow Gooner. I must have booked it when I was last pissed.

    It’s funny how one win can get us all excited again. I’m really looking forward to Wednesday now.

    What was the general thought at the weekend of our stunning comeback? I thought we showed a great deal of spirit. Excellent attitude from the lads and one in the eye for those cunts that say we lack bollocks.

  5. Geoff

    I thought it was vintage never give in Arsenal, I hope we play with that conviction from the off on Wednesday, we can’t afford to concede cheap away goals, Torres can hurt you.

    We need to get an early goal and make them come out I think.

  6. Odub

    Just remember to pace yourself young grasshopper!! lol

    Mate, I think we didnt play well for 60 minutes, Diaby was an idiot for making the tackle he did, we never gave up and kept going, both their goals could have been avoided as Toure and Gallas should have done better on each goal respectively. And finally, it’s about bloody time we started winning games despite playing badly.

    Most of all, kudos to AW for making the 2 changes which brought us back from the dead! Going to 3-4-2 completely overan bolton!!

  7. Steve

    I think Gallas deserves a special mention. He has never really been accepted by most as a true Gooner, but he grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck when we needed a leader at The Reebok.

    Flamini done well to step things up after his fuck up for the second goal aswell.

  8. Pedro

    Ahhh, a piss up organised already! Excellent news!

    Does anyone else find you jump out of bed when you’ve won? I forgot what it feels like to feel happy on a monday… its been so long?!

    So come on people, what are your thoughts on the pending 4 games… its a fucking tough run in!

    Torres is on fire… but Liverpool weren’t that great were they? Everton squandered many chances and Reina was at is flapping best again!

    Chavski were so lucky to come away with a win yesterday… the Mancs were good though… thanks Villa for bending over!

  9. Odub

    Yeah their goals were not our best moments defensively, but to come back with a man down in the manner we did, well just outstanding, dont care what anyone else says, that shows bollox as you said Steve.

    For wednesday, we need to make sure we’re 2,3 ahead for the 2nd leg because the scousers will be banking on the ‘european’ 12th man atmosphere that’s carried them thru in the last few seasons. If we’re 2/3 up by the next week we can play them on the break for 90 minutes, works for me! As long as AW does not pick Diaby and Eboue we’ll befine!

    Torres doesnt tend to click away from home for them, but agreed he is on form at the mo.

  10. Pedro

    Does anyone know why Wenger played Diaby instead of Theo? It seems madness to do that?

    I don’t think Diaby is ever going to be good enough to take up a central position and he is not good enough for the wing?

    I think he could be departing this summer, along with the Flamster.

    Bolton was a big win… we went down to two sloppy goals and fought back admirably with 10 men… that will do the confidence the world of good!

  11. chris

    euro competition means low scoring game i think, before sat i felt we would go thru with two score draws that still may happen,

  12. Odub

    Amazing how Boro couldnt convert all those glorious chances they created and the Alliadierre miss was just amazing! Didnt have any problems drawing at our gaff did they the twats!
    Villa might as well have stayed in birmingham with the amount of resistance they put up! Then again they havent beaten the mancs in a gijillion years so it was asking a lot for them to even get a draw!

  13. gazzap

    Heard this morning that Torres has only ever scored 2 goals for Pool away from Anfield. You just know that this will be his time to make it 3 dont you?

    We need Rocky back in the team. what a great player he was. Hard to beleive that GG got rid of him in favour of Hillier and the other bores. he was a gooner to the core.

    I sincerely hope Diaby does not play any part in any of the upcoming CL games. its not he’s any good when he does play is it?

  14. Nate

    Great Words for a Great player.
    That has nearly brought tears to my eyes, such a talent that was never reached the heights.

    I do remember in his comeback season after we won the title and Rocky scoring Home and Away against the Mancs, but there are so many other memories.

    How we could do with a 21 year old version in the team now?!

    R.I.P David.

  15. Geoff

    Apart from against Milan, he had a blinder then, however, it has to be Theo, he will want to prove how good he is.

    So, no Eboue and no Diaby please boss.

  16. Steve

    I think it’s worth mentioning that Ancellotti was also banking on Milan’s 12th man.

    The atmosphere in the San Siro is far more daunting than Anfield.

  17. Evo in OZ

    Lads might i say how loud were the gooner fans at the game when RVP banged in that penalty, they were off the richter scale! Just watching the highlights again!

  18. Pedro

    The year we despatch with all the European Giants… I’d prefer to deal with Barca in the Final.

    Wouldn’t that be amazing? Despatching with Theirry’s new team!

  19. jimmyfingers

    Loved Rocky, so fucking good until the injury problems. One of the most skillful players still to ever pull on an Arsenal shirt. Great vid

    Hope everyone took the opportunity to point and laugh at the Spuds. I see their ‘brave, new dawn’ may have changed back to endless night after a spanking at home to one of the most clueless teams in the Prem

  20. Odub

    Saw the both the Barca and Villareal games. Bobby Pires now plays centre mid and he ran the show for them!
    Barca went 2-0 V Betis and started swaggering around, 2nd half they got ripped apart and Henry kept throwing his hands up in the air every 2 minutes a la last season with us!! They are now 3rd!!! ha ha!!

  21. Steve

    They have conceded 55 league goals this season Jimmy. 30 at home.


    What happened to Barca. I watched the opening 1/2 hour and they were 2-0 up and cruising. I hear they lost 3-2. Betis didn’t go down to 10 men by any chance did they?


  22. Odub

    My new spud work collegue chose yesterday to go and see his first home game of the season. Came into the office today with a brand new spuds mug!! Insert puncline here please!! ………….

    I couldnt help ask how his weekend went!! lol

  23. Steve

    Henry must be gutted. He stands out on the left wing, fucks around with the ball for a bit, then lays a five yard sideways pass for Xabi to find someone in the box. How exciting.

  24. Rob From Oz

    Haha after watching that clip, the way he skins the shit outa everyone reminds me of the way Henry does it, just continually taking the piss then a sublime finish…. What a Legend.

  25. Odub

    In Barca’s desperation to claw something back from the game, upon going 3-2 down they brought on that well known legendary goal scoring machine….Eidur Gudjohnsen!

  26. Steve

    2 more things I noticed at the weekend.

    Chelsea fans had another fancy dress party at the weekend. This time only 10,000 odd went dressed as shiny blue seats.

    Tony Adams has got even odder. Watching him on MOTD2 last night was embarrassing. If that is what years of binge drinking does to you I’m stopping now. He thinks he is a fucking intellectual all of a sudden. Lee Dixon was trying to help him out of a hole most of the time.

  27. RvP Fan

    Here is an interesting thought:
    If Henry Threw in the towel with barca, and wanted to come back, would we take him? and if so, would he fit in?

  28. Evo in OZ

    speaking of players, did anyone see Obafemi’s goal for the geordies, it was a cracker!

    could he fit into our team?

  29. Odub

    Yeah the empty seats at chavski was embarassing! A team with designs of challenging for the title can’t fill a 40,000 stadium!!! Poor!

    Wouldnt take Henry back if he offered to pay his own wages RVP, we’ve moved on mate!

  30. Rob From Oz

    No way we would take Henry back, why would we? all of the players would climb back into there pre-henry days shell, not worth the risk i think…..

  31. Steve

    Whilst I would now never have Henry back I don’t think we should undermine what he did for us. The man was a Gooner legend in every sense. Just a shame he got too big for his boots.

  32. RvP Fan

    The Risk of course being henry turning into an arogant tool, and dominating the ball possession. I wouldnt take him back, but i wantd to throw the idea out there!

  33. Geoff

    Henry is getting what he deserves I’m afraid, he broke my heart when he left and all the will he? won’t he? shit he put us through, he can stay where is is.

    I loved him like no other, fuck I had a huge picture of him and signed by him in my meeting room, I took it down.

    His ego and all that shit about Dein going done for me.

    I thought Bobby was a bigger loss.

  34. Rob From Oz

    Have a read of this!

    Arsene Wenger has been taking a close interest in Feyenoord attacking midfielder Jonathan de Guzman and has sent Arsenal scouts to watch his progress. Guzmann has been in free flowing goal-scoring form in the Eredivisie and the Canadian born player has now been cleared to play for the Dutch national team

    Bullshit you think?

  35. Odub

    Steve saw TA on MOTD2 last night, and agree, he just seemed very slow to respond to most questions thrown at him and Lee Dixon seemed to be helping him out a lot!

    didnt realise that Lizard look alike Adrian Chiles was a WBA fan, TA ribbed him a couple of times about that as well re FA Cup semi.

  36. Steve

    Evo, I sat through the highlights of 2 other shit games I’d already seen to watch the Newcastle highlights. It was a cracking goal. The funny thing is that Newcastle also hit the underside of the bar early on (Beye), hit the post in the second half (Barton) and big fat Robbo made 3 decent saves. So it quite easily have been 9.



  37. gazzap

    all the stats say that chelsea had 39,993 inside SB yesterday. how did they do that because on the radio and MOTD they mentioned that there tons of empties.

  38. RvP Fan

    Only 15000 Geoff? Seems like more than that… one for every u16’s team in the world, one for every u17’s team in the world…
    Seriously though, that would be no news if it was paying off, but it isnt…

  39. Steve

    gazzap, I’ve been at the Emirates loads of times when there are clearly quite a few empties and they always say the attendance is over 60,000. MOTD2 highlighted the empties at Chelsea and there were literally blocks of them. Even the commentators made a point of it. I think they include season ticket holders that don’t turn up and the like.

  40. Rob From Oz

    I reakon Abramovich bought the 38000 odd tickets and payed little russian homeless folk to sit there and go rabble rabble rabble evry time the blue team touched the ball…..

  41. Geoff

    Steve when Arsenal give the figures, it’s always people through the turnstiles and not tickets sold, they told me that ages ago, so the empty seats must be people in the bars.

  42. RvP Fan

    hope not evo.. i want 4-4-2, thats what won us the game on sat, minus diaby of course. but definitely 4-4-2
    Lehmann, Nick, Eboue, Song,Gilberto

  43. Steve

    I can’t see that Geoff. I’ve looked round many a time and seen plenty of empty seats and they announce it as 60,000+. The ground only just holds more than 60,000 so unless people are standing at the bars the whole game somebody is telling you porkies.

  44. Odub

    lol!! Was laughing hysterically last night! Hope ramos never learns English because it’s more entertaining watching goose give an interview after they lose!!

    Evo hope it’s 4-4-2.

    Same starting 11 as at Bolton with 2 changes, Ade in for Nicky B, and Theo for Diaby

  45. Evo in OZ

    yeah im up for 4-4-2 please!

    can anyone comment on the back three formation when the subs were made with 30 mins to go in the bolton game? Senderos went off and we must have gone to a back three, or did someone else float back a bit?

    gutsy move by Wenger, good to see for once!

  46. Odub

    Evo we ended up playing 3-4-2 while attacking with Gallas and Kolo and Clichy beside him, and when we lost the ball, Theo was playing right back! By the end Hoyte came on (instead of Eboue – noted!) for RVP and we went to 4-4-1!

    Masterstroke by AW!

  47. Steve

    Back 3 it was mate. And Clichy spent most of his time in the Bolton half. Add to the fact that Gallas got our first, you could say it was a back one.

  48. Steve

    Right, i’m off to lunch. Happy blogging chaps.

    It’s nice to have a smile on my face on a Monday for once. I was beginning to forget what it felt like. No wonder all those poor Spuds have always got the arse.

  49. gazzap

    AW could use the same 11 but put Hleb in the hole and RVP on the wing. I think that he will do that at Anfield but prob go 4-4-2 at Emirates.

  50. Geoff

    Wenger said the team that wants it most will go to the semi’s, that sort of comment staggers me, how can anyone not want it?

    Either team should run it’s bollocks off to win, die trying, what do they say if they don’t win eh?

    Well we didn’t really want to win the Champions league did we, what’s on telly tonight love?

  51. Pedro

    Odub, WordPress haven’t updated their times yet… so I posted the article at 0900 this morning and it didn’t post as it still thought the time was 0800!

    Pain in the ass!

    RvP is a conundrum… do you put your best striker out wide when your other striker arn’t scoring!

    Its a tough one!

    If Nikki B got injured… we’d only have 2 real strikers right?

    Thats a bit shambolic isn’t it!

  52. Odub

    Cheers Le bosses!

    RVP hasnt quite got his shooting boots tuned in properly yet, but playing him out wide won’t improve that, so I’d play him upfront. Good pen on saturday though.

    Another classic comment from the world of AW!!! Maybe it was a veiled message to the team to get them charged up, but it’s still a strange one!

  53. Bud

    HAPPY ST TOTTERINGHAMS DAY (Can’t believe its been overlooked????) !!!!!!!!

    A fitting day in memory of Sir David Rocastle…….. my hero as boy and man !!!!!!

  54. Bud

    We meeting up in S&B Wednesday or in the ground?

    Don’t forget Pedro & Geoff (and anyone else who fancies it)… Saturday’s game is the now not so inaugural annual family Arsenal piss up (the Adams arm of the family will be in attendance). Due to the early kick off, it will be a 10.30 start at S&B for Pizza & Peroni breakfast !!!!!!

  55. Odub

    I’ve so far been unable to nab a ticket, still hoping against hope that I can get one. If I can’t get one foe Wed or Sat will have to make do with my sofa and a few bottles of guiness extra, I’m sure you guys will have 1 or 10 on my behalf!!

  56. chris

    quote of the day
    “David Bentley is David Bentley, he ain’t bloody Maradona,” said Hunt. (reading)
    did u see Bentley moaning about not gettin into Europe, boo fuckin hoo,

  57. RvP Fan

    Steve, sorry mate, didnt see that.. at least we agree on something!!
    Teaches me to pay attention! though that isnt a requirement to being a manager is it?
    Since its gettin late over here, id better head off too..

  58. choy

    good day people… what a comeback it was!!! i love this club….

    onto the champions league now… i think we can go for pretty much the same squad that started against bolton.. but i do reckon that ade will come in for nick…

    and i think diaby will start.. coz he can’t play on sat anyway…

    do u guys think he is going to make any changes?.. our boys are going to get knackered by the time we reach OT…..

    we could allow TH14 to train with us.. thats all.. could teach his best friend ADE a couple of moves.

  59. chris

    i dunno choy the fact we are not travelling into main land europe for games does give us a bit of an advantage over man u

  60. Odub

    What’s up grovers! Good lunch, hearing spud collegue rant and rave about his shit experience at their game yesterday, plus the half bottle of vino, has made this the bset start to the week for a while!!

    Quiet day I see, no repeat of the 300+ comments day then!

  61. Bud

    WHY WENGER WHY ????!!!!!!!!!!

    Every bloody time he says it (we’d rather not know that you were too tight)……………..

    “I rate Torres,” said Wenger. “I believe he had quite a good start after a spell when he was in and out. Since he is back on a regular basis, he is extremely dangerous.”

    “We have known about him for a long time, but I never tried to sign him. We were interested when he first started at Atletico Madrid, but we never made any offer,” added the French tactician

  62. choy

    heheh.. 25 mill.. of course he’s not going to make an offer… our whole team doesn’t add up to 25 mill i think…

  63. Pedro

    Good morning people!

    So the I’ve asked my Liverpool mate what he thinks about the next 3 and here is what he had to say:

    First leg is at your place on Wed? Thats where the tie will be decided. A victory to nil for Arsenal and they WILL progress, im sure of it. Liverpool will need a 0-0 or even better a 1-1.

    Arsenal always always always score, so on that basis id say 1-0 Arsenal or 1-1

    I don’t think either will gives a rats arse about the game on the weekend, so you should win that.

    and then the result at Anfield will all depend on how the first leg finished!

    What are the rest of you thinking?

    Fuck torres, he’s shite…

  64. Odub

    I’m going for 2 emphatic wins at the emirates(2-0 in CL & 3-1 legue) and a score draw(1-1) in scouserland!

  65. Odub

    I thought we were all brimming with positivity and buoyancy after the escapades of the comeback kids on saturday?!!!

  66. Bud

    The only positive I got out of Saturday was Van Persie getting on the end of lots…… was about as usefull as I would be in front of goal, but we know he is a clinical finisher, so once he gets his match legs, a bearing on where the goal is and his radar fully retrained, he is going to score A LOT of goals…….. if he stays fit that is !!!!

    Lets hope he gets his touch back in time for the Mugsmashers trilogy and gets 3 hatricks !!!!!!!

  67. ScubaGooner

    Clean sweep in the three games – 1st leg 1 – 0, 3 -1 in the league and 2 – 0 in the away leg!!

    Of course; we might decide to go 2 – 0 down at the Emirates and comeback to win 3 – 0 at Anfield……not sure my heart would hold out that long though!!!!

    I also fancy the turks to upset the chavs as well…… come on we need another trip to Europe before Moscow!!

  68. charybdis1966

    “Mugsmashers” ? I’ll bet that has an interesting a story behind it as for “Monkey hangers” for people from Hartlepool.

  69. Pedro

    I think we’ll nick it 1-0 on Wednesday, 1-0 at the Weekend and we’ll draw away from home.

    As long as we don’t concede at home we’ll be fine. I really don’t think Liverpool are that great? I know Torres and Gerrard are great players, but the rest aren’t.

    We should deal with them, and like bud said, RvP is getting on the end of a lot… maybe he’ll come up with the goods?

    My confidence is brimming and its nice to see Scubagooners is!

    Come on you gooners!

  70. charybdis1966

    Ah right, I only knew the “shell-suit wearing, hub-cap nicking, dole claiming moustachioed scallys” type of name for them.

  71. Pedro

    I too was shocked that a regular could blaspheme like that?

    I prefer your description Charybdis1966.

    Theo on the right or Eboue?

  72. ScubaGooner

    Pedro – so long as they play with the belief and desire they showed in final 30 minutes at bolton then the scousers won’t stand a chance!!

    RvP is as good as Torres once he gets his sights set!!

  73. charybdis1966

    Yes Pedro, it’s a mildly mocking description but I rate Liverpool fans over most others. The opposite to them re. class, knowledabiltiy and dignity would be, of course, the Chavs.

    I think Arsene will start with Eboue on the right as his season is over domestically.

  74. choy

    i think eboue… we need to be defensive at home.. worrying about the away goal rule …

    and seeing that toure ain’t all that in sagna’s position…but i think theo could handle babel…

    well its a debate.. m confused…

  75. charybdis1966

    I see ex-scouser Hansen backs us to go out of the CL. He says Liverpool have the momemtum with them.

  76. ScubaGooner

    Choy – have to say I agree, Kolo didn’t look all that on saturday but he got better as the game went on… still think theo is the option….. let’s give them the worry; and besides we never play it right when we try to be defensive. When we win 2 – 0 away their away will count for fuck all!!! 🙂

  77. Pedro

    I can see how getting spanked by ManU gives you momentum!

    I’d like to see Theo stretch Liverpool at the back, I worry that Eboue’s temperament might be taken advantage of.

    Its gotta be RvP and Ade up front…

  78. jmj89

    I thought it was going to be like Rocky from the movie.
    Anyone ever see that. It is a great movie. I know this is soccer and if you wanted
    to see a soccer movie the only one is Air Bud part 11.

  79. ScubaGooner

    jmj89 – a couple of good soccer(?) movies for you to catch up on:

    Arsenal – The Italian Job (Inter 1 Arsenal 5); part 2 soon to be released starring AC Milan losing home record to Arsenal

    Arsenal – One Nil in the Bernabeu

    Magnificent 7 – Arsenal 7 boro 0

    Rocky – no don’t think I’ve seen that one

  80. gazzap

    walcott and Eboue both have to play. dont get me wrong I dont like Eboue but as an attacking right back, Toure just wasn’t as the races and anyway I want his pace used in the middle versus Torres. Senderos will not be able to cope with that pace beleive me.
    Liverpool wont attack anyway. they will defend like mad and play on the counter hence why we need pacey centre backs.

    I doubt diaby will play even if he wasn’t sent off at the w/e. Hleb, walcott and RVP must all start and I am sure Ade will be restored. wenger’s only decision is whether to go a straight 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 with RVP wide and Hleb in the hole.

    My guess is 1-0 or 0-0 first leg. league game 2-0 to us. Anfield 1-1. we will progress.

  81. gazzap

    “I’d like to see Theo stretch Liverpool at the back” !?

    You dirty pervert. Theo aint that sort of boy.

  82. choy

    lol pedro…

    senderos should be there.. crouch might play.. and we ain’t doing well by any means on long balls…

    toure is too attack minded me thinks to be a CB… don’t see vidic or terry or carreghr lashing at goal .. do we…

  83. Bud

    Just read the main post today again….. re Rocky coming back:

    He never actually came back. When he was diagnosed seriously ill, Arsenal told him when he got better there would be a position for him within the club. In all hoesty, nobody expected him to recover and I believe it was more as a gesture to a sick man as a beacon of hope if you like. A class thing from a class club to a class player.

  84. Pedro

    Yeah, I like Arseblog! I like quite a few of the others! I’ll read anything Arsenal related!

    You’re damn straight I am there Saturday! Are you on for Wednesday as well?

  85. Bud

    Yep re Wed !

    On Saturday, we are doing a large cession back in the hicksville area of Mayland (well Steve’s local on the river!!!!) followed by a Chinky…. me, paul, steve, lyle mark, barry, jody etc…….. you are more them welcome to come back to the badlands, stay at chez mass…….. not sure your thing, but curteous to ask !!!!!!

  86. Big Raddy

    I have read Arseblog everyday since he started. The man just makes me laugh out loud, and he really is Arsemad.

    But, I find their bloggers incapable of reasoned argument. This site kicks two colours of shit out of Arseblog’s forum.

    Vive Le Grove

  87. Tommi G

    Great write up Pedro/Geoff -loving the Rocky image too…. lifted straight from an old version of Allgoonerdup too!! No worries though share and share alike!

    Rocky Arsenal hero – a true legend!! We all miss you,

  88. Pedro

    Tommi G! Sorry buddy!

    I lifted from some Italian site on Google images, they must of had it off you…!

    Cheers Raddy!

  89. Geoff

    It has to be 2 nil Wednesday, 3 nil Saturday and 1-1 at Anfield. Eboue at right back and Theo out wide Senderos and Gallas at center back, Kolo’s out of sorts for me and should be dropped.

  90. RvP Fan

    The only place i can see L’pool scoring is at their home. We should play better at home, and in general, from now on. We Have worked to hard for that not to happen.
    Yes to theo out on the right! Only play eboue as a sub IF REQUIRED!! the team arsene played should be the same, minus diaby for the CL. I would give Song, Eboue, Gilberto ect a run in the EPL or 2nd leg, just so we arent completely stuffed. But, of course, we wont want to completely forget about the league….
    Does anyone have odds for fenerbache beating the chavs? im not gong to bet, but ill be interested to see what they are, considering that they have had a fairly easy run till now. DEFINITELY barca in the final.

  91. Paulo Gooner

    What a legend Rocky was. This year he will be missed more than ever as we celebrate 20 years since that glorious day.

    RIP. Gone but NEVER forgotten