Arsenal kick start their season with the most important OG of the season!

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Get in!

‘Cesc’s shot rolls agonisingly over the line!’

Those words my friends are the sweetest words I have heard in weeks!

Dipstick Diaby got himself sent off for a horror challenge, we had loads of possession and still managed to find ourselves a couple of goals down.

Adebayor and Walcott came on and changed the game!

Willy G knocks one in at the back post from a corner… get in!

RvP smashes home a penalty to level… get in!

In injury time Cesc (Samuel OG) duffs it in… queue pandemonium in the house of Pedro! Get the fuck in!

I’ve just seen the boys on TV going nuts.

Winning the game in the manner we did will have huge ramifications. It will bring back the belief, it will bring back the confidence and hopefully it can be the starting point to a successful end of season run!

Next up, Liverpool… its going to feel like ground hog day for a while!

Come on you GOONERS!

More thoughts tomorrow!

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  1. GMR

    I can’t get excited by this result at all. Bolton are s*** & yet again a team has scored with their first attack which has put us on the back foot. The only plus point was the fighting spirit but you have to question why the players couldn’t motivate themselves (or why they wasn’t motivated) until they were down to 10 men & 2-0 down. If they showed that spirit in every game we would still be top!! Really disgusted.

  2. Big Raddy

    No time to think about this, but my first impressions are of an awful performance. Great result, but my god, what the hell were we doing today.

    Apart from Clichy, and maybe the Flamster, they were all pants. Hleb got better as the game progressed, but he was dreadful. Cesc had his worst game this season. Defensively, we looked shaky against a really poor Bolton attack. RvP couldn’t have hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.. Bendtner was off the pace. Almunia could have got the first, but WG should have blocked the incoming attacker – one man in the box and he scored..

    Diaby……. Why?? A truly diabolical performance. The ref did him a favour by sending him off. And it was definitely a straight red card offence.

    Positives? A fighting comeback. 3 terrible defensive errors that gave us the win. We never stopped fighting, and really gave it everything. Oh, and we won !!

    So 3 points and we are on the run we expected… Come on you Reds

  3. Phil


  4. IL-Gooner

    I don’t think it was an awful display at all. We played great football in the 1st half, but made three sloppy individual mistakes, which saw us 2-0 down with 10 men. We then started badly, until Gallas’ goal, and then it was a frantic game which could have gone anywhere. When you look at the conditions we played in, I think the lads did very well. I just hope we cut out those stupid mistakes at the back, get lady luck back with us (she remembered to join in just at the nick of time today) and return to being more ruthless up front.

  5. stonroy

    Seriously! What are you talking about? When the weather is as bad as it was you are not going to play beautiful football. It’s expected that they would not be at their best. Arsenal isn’t suited to tat weather. BUT! They did it, evrything else doesn’t matter. They’re still in it.

  6. Jon G

    Whatever the peformance, hopefully that may be the kind of result we needed to change our season round. I dont think we’ll win it but I think it may at least be the catalyst for some sort of run by bringing the players together again after the last few weeks.

    Come on boys .. encouragement not discouragement! First bit of light in a few weeks of darkness!

  7. Avendesorax

    What a result I was sure we had messed this one up, come you gunners it’s not over till the fat lady sings !!!!

  8. Pedro

    I don’t care about the performance… the win was all we needed… the win is all that will go down in the history books!

    Lets just be thankful our god awful run is now over and we’re back!

    Diaby is out for 3 games, so Theo takes the wing!

    Brilliant stuff, I am over the moon! I can buy the papers tomorrow… have a good night… write something positive!

  9. Big Raddy

    Well said Pedro. All things considered, it was a fine win, and who could not be excited by it. But for 60 minutes, I was swearing like a trooper.

    And as you know, I am back on the site and get us our first win since I went away.

    I am no Jonah !!

  10. GMR

    I don’t see anything exciting about beating a Bolton team, let alone a Bolton team missing two of their best players. Its great we made a comeback, but the fact we were 2-0 down to such an awful team is humiliating in the first place. The bad weather was more a disadvantage for Bolton not for us & besides which if our players can’t cope with the English weather then they shouldn’t be playing in this country. The fact people are so happy at beating a Bolton team that going to be relegated shows just how far we have fallen!!

  11. Odub

    fuck the perform we’ve played well and got fuck all a billion times this season! we won! 3 points end of!!

  12. Phobia

    If we had lost today,we would have probably gone into a meltdown.Arsenal at last have produced a performance that Arsenal fans can be proud of.

  13. Big Raddy

    All Prem games are shown live on cable TV here. I get to see all the Arse games, when I can’t get to the Grove.

    As I said, let us enjoy the victory today, but tomorrow or Monday we should analyse the game in the cold light of day. It was poor

  14. herdee string

    make no mistake – all of the assholes who get on Gallas’ back, he drove us to that win. outstanding captaincy. simple – Gallas went zen.

  15. Stone

    Pedro, I hope you are right about Theo. But is would not surprise me if the shithead Eboue will play against Liverpool. We will have to rotate though.

    When Gallas scored I said: If we win this game we will win the league. This game was so much more then 3 points. I would have taken this victory over 5-0 trash any day. This is what we needed, a fight, a huge momentum shift. The momentum we gained in this game is invaluable.

    I still believe we can win the League. We had to win 7 games to have a chance, now one is out of the way. We have to win Liverpool and then Man Utd and we will be well on our way.

    Is there anybody else who saw a Gilberto in Gallas today. By that I mean the captain Gilberto was last season. Gallas might have underachieved in the last few games but this is what being a captain is all about. The team is playing bad and he comes and scores a goal. Gallas doesn’t score against Derby, he scores against Chelsea, Man Utd or Bolton when we are 2-0 down.

    Come on you Gunners, we can do it. Just win the next 11 games and we will probably win 2 titles.

  16. Pedro

    I am chuffed Gallas stepped it up today… I don’t think he is a bad captain, I think the table proves that.

    I think Theo has to step up now, I am confident in him. This is his big chance and if he doesn’t take it he jeopardises a possible starting slot next season. Prove everyone wrong Theo.

    Stone, bang on the money – Shame the Mancs are smashing it…

    Anyway, I’m off out now chaps!

    Have a good one!

  17. tt

    I agree about Gallas, he kept us going when we could not string two passes together and never stopped fighting. As for the rest of the team maby Clicy and Senderos played well enough but the rest and expecially Hlep ( am I the only one that thinks that he is simply not interested anymore) and Toure was also very bad and Fabregas was sh#te.

  18. Gerry Gooner

    Great comeback. Sorry but I saw the game on setanta. We were shocking for 60 mins and it was one of the worst performances i’ve seen defensively. We should have been four nil down before we got one back. The result should not gloss over what could have beeen a shocking result against a bolton side which are a pale shadow of the one under fat sam. Our back four were all over the place. Our midfield four were non existant. Flamini rallied but was badly robbed for their second. This result will be important mentally before liverpool but really our weaknesses at the moment are there for all to see. Don’t get carried away by the result. This was bolton.

  19. gazzap

    I am stunned. of course by the comeback but also at some of the comments above slating us. no further comment on that.

    I thought the character shown today was unbeleivable. I saw the whole game and I have to say Arsenal at times were superb. Bolton’s only period of dominance was 15 minutes at the start of the second half. I know they scored 2 goals in the first half but they were their only 2 shots on target and the second was incredibly flukey. we were actually far better than them first half. every bit of luck went against us and of course Diaby was very stupid with that foul. in some ways I am glad he cannot be used for 3 games but I bet wenger wants to use him in the CL- hope not.

    credit to wenger for his subs for once. they changed the game. when we went from 4-3-2 to 3-4-2, it totally changed the pattern of the game. walcott’s pace always does the trick. can he do it from the start of a game? I still dont know becasue we have never seen it.

    hey, Fabregas’ goal was the first from open play since Milan! it was sort of an OG though!

    Fantasic day to be a Gooner and please ignore all the doom-mongers.
    that might just give us the momentum we need to win some important games in the rest of the season and who knows what might happen yet.

  20. El Tel

    Waiting for MOTD. Will watch only our match as the ads are already creaming them Mancscum cunts. Villa probably bent over and said take me just like most of their mates. Boro Us at their place and the Chavs away will decide how great they are. If they win them all they deserve the title. We are going to give them a go though. Beeb slagging us already. Hate the shit cunts.

  21. El Tel

    Thats that done Shearer was atop man the piece of shit Lawrenson is fucking dim. We were lucky with the goal at last. Diaby good riddance I say. Take Coco the fucking Spanish waiter clown too, Shearer said he made a great save, it looked like it hit him and it was straight at him. We would have been smelling the duraglit now if the Looney one was in goal. We will need to score more than 1 in all our matches now if we are to win anything. Kolo looks poor too. drop him or stick him in midfield. great player but no positional sense, has Kolo gone backwards since the ACN.Mental strength was immense.

  22. El Tel

    If we don’t win the Prem at least it was a good day helping Bolton to the drop. The pundits said it was the best they played all season. They dropped their pants for the Mancscum.

  23. El Tel

    Michael mate just read your earlier post. I watched MOTD. We were first thank fuck. Switched to Terminator on the other side as soon as those cheating pricks were mentioned. We can do it guys Have faith.

  24. charybdis1966

    My thoughts:

    Almunia sould have stoped the first goal,it seemed he reacted late to the bounce of the header.

    A little unlucky with the defection on the 2nd when Flamini dwelt on the ball a little too much.

    Yes, we should have rolled over Bolton a lot more simpler than this, but what character to come back from 2 nil down and plying for 60 minutes with 10 men.

    The team have to be laudedfor digging themselves out of a hole they made themselves – especialy Diaby’s stupid challenge- (Does anyone see sopmething similar in some of the challenges Vieira go tsent off for early in his time with us?)

    Did anyone see the look of unbridled relief and joy on Cesc’s face as he wheeled away towards the Arsenal supporters ?

    Moments like that make you proud to be a Goon.

  25. Malaygooner

    What is there to be excited about?? Do you seriously think we would be able to challenge for the title come next season? The arsenal today just dont seem to be able to score from open play.

    I dont see the quality of a title winning team at all.

  26. Kilo G

    Wow, watched the game on football first and and managed to avoid the score all day. When their first goal went in from their first attack after outt intial dominance I thought here we go again it was like watching a car crash, Diaby got sent off and they got another and I had to laugh, well it was either that or cry. When we came out for the 2nd half I was scared of them getting a third but we withstood that initial pressure and slowly the sun started to come out. And then we got the first and it snowballed from there. A good fighting performance from the boys, lets hope it kick starts something and we go on one of those undefeated runs. Just think if we go undefeated for the rest of the season we could win the Premiership and the Champions League. Oh we can dream!

    Robin is shaking off that rust, hopefully he can take out the frustration of the last 5 months out on Liverpool with goals. Gallas did a captains job, but overall I think we looked shaky and unsure of our selves both in defence and attack.

  27. Bud

    Interesting read… A lot more negative than I’d have imagined!!!!

    Here’s a contraversial thought though…. Arsenal are a better team without Toure… The table doesn’t lie…. What position were we befoe he went to the ACN, what position were we whilst he was away and what position are we now he is back????

  28. RvP Fan

    I wouldnt blame it fully on Toure Bud, but interesting point anyway. It is true he hasnt been as strong as usual, or as strong as other defenders we have. Other teams could have capitalised on that…

  29. GMR

    After my last comment yesterday I decided to take myself away from football for the evening to let the dust settle on that result & see if I was being too negative after the win. I have woken this morning & still feel exactly the same & some of the comments above talking about a fantastic performance, that everyone should ignore the doom mongers & Arsene’s subs were great, well sorry but thats a clear sign of the ‘Arsene Knows’ brigade if ever I heard it. I watched the whole 90 minutes & we looked a second rate side, yes we had all the ball & Bolton didn’t create loads of chances, but neither did we until late on when Bolton had virtually given up having thrown away a 2 goal lead. Their keeper had 1 save to make in the first half which is pathetic. If we perform like that against Liverpool we’ll lose by 5 or 6 goals!!

    Also going back to my point the other day that Arsenal now have Wenger fans as opposed to Arsenal fans, well that was backed up when Bolton scored the first goal. Instead of hearing support for the team the away fans start singing “There’s only one Arsene Wenger”.

  30. terry

    great result not a great performance!but who gives a shit if it gets us back on track with liverpool up next you got to take every positive form the game.Big Phil & Walcot should start every game until the end of the season

  31. Evo in OZ

    Diaby might be a dick, however i like is play, but i reckon if he didnt get sent off, we would never have had the determination to win! It would have been same old same old at the reebok!

    Funny how some reports say Fabregas had a stinker, yet others say he was the world wide miestro pulling the strings of his last musical!

    Fucking press and newspapers, no idea!

  32. mark

    GMR ….. and you are still as right today as you were yesterday … some of the overly positive comments astound me …. please people face the reallity …we are NOT good enough at this moment in time to win anything …. if we couldn’t get momentum and be inspired to win the league when we were 5 points clear …what’s the fucking point now when we have given that impetus and momentum to Man Utd …. and for those of you that do not watch them they are moving the ball forwards (not sideways and backwards) with speed and cutting defences apart. We have lost that ability and until we regain it we will win nothing. To get so excited about beating Bolton when we didn’t play that well and have thrown so much away in recent weeks … is like getting excited about having diarrhoea following constipation. And as for the comment above about we can’t play in bad weather ??????????? Stonroy …. this is England …not bloody Brazil …as GMR rightly said if they can’t play in such weather they shouldn’t be here anyway.

  33. Gerry Gooner

    I’m with GMR and I still feel the same today. We need to judge ourselves on our supposed rivals- man Utd and Chelsea and quite simply neither would have conceded the goals we conceded yesterday. Oh yeah Gallas is a hero- not when he turned his back on goal 2! Yes it was exiting stuff- I didn’t expect them to get back in it and yes i was jumping up and down with exitement but in the cold light of day this was Bolton- relegation material. We had a good start to the game but really created little until going behind. By the 60th minute we could have been 3-4 down. Like I said an entertaining comeback but really its not the stuff champions are made of.