Miralem Pjanic looks on – Larsson no chance

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Metz super kid Miralem Pjanic is being strongly linked with us by their manager, he is quick and pacey, passes well and scores goals, Metz for the record is where Bobby Pires and Adebayor began their careers (Petr Cech as well), although only 17, this kid, like Ben Arfa, looks like he would do well at Arsenal.

However that’s the 4th 17 year old we’ve been linked with this week and as I said before I wish we’d go for a grown up.

We had a Palace fan on late last night telling us how good Scannell is and what a good signing he’d be so there maybe some truth in that one.

There was a lot of Ade bashing going on yesterday but I think all the guy needs is some competition and maybe a toe up the arse by leaving him out, I think he’ll be a top player, remember Flamini? He used to come on and get booked within 5 minutes, at least Ade can score goals, give him time I say, but Arsene, drop him occasionally for his own good as well as ours.

Seb Larsson has been mentioned as a possible new recruit, sorry Seb, you’re not good enough and we don’t like how you acted when Eduardo got butchered.

Sagna is out for between 3 and 5 weeks, so that could be his season over but I’m comfortable with Eboue and Hoyte, we also have Kolo and Song who can play there so I’m not too worried.

I read yesterday that our own Henri Lansbury, is being compared to Beckham and Gerrard but is also becoming a bit of a party animal, if the comparison with Gerrard and Beckham are his footballing skills then okay, or is it because Gerrard and Beckham are thick? I hope it’s the former, but Henri, knock the partying son or Wenger with let you go and you could end up like Pennant.

I hope it’s not true though as we’re all looking forward to seeing in the first team next season and he Grovers could be the Flamini replacement.

One more day to go before we can talk football again and I hope we can return to our winning ways.

Enjoy today Grovers for tomorrow we dine in Hell.

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  1. Big Raddy

    I hope AW gives Cesc a rest prior to the ‘poll game. He will be targeted by the Northern Monkeys on what will be a pisspoor pitch.

    This could be a game for Gilberto, Bolton have little pace and that is GS’s main weakness.

  2. El Tel

    We should bring back Mad Jens to beat the fuck out of all of them. We can beat them with 9 men as long as we do a couple of them. I dont mean Eduardo like but just smash them up. We are Southern fucking softies in their eyes. Lets show them.

  3. El Tel

    Cheers Geoff mate. Big Raddy another legend pal. Dirty big Northern bastard form Pontefract. Fantastic for us and shit for the Hammers, did he ever score for them twats. How we could do with Raddy tomorrow. He would smash them cunts everywhere. On my way to Le Grove early this season. Walking over the bridge from the Drayton towards the clock. Speaking to the legend Raddy and super Bobby Wilson. Quality mate.

  4. El Tel

    Got to go fellas. Love Le Grove even though I was banned. I am off work (Holiday) done fuck all decorating and the boss is home from her work very soon. Worth the bollocking reading this though. Be patient and lets hope when the rather large lady starts chirping we are having a massive GOONER knees up. 1 star on our new shirts for next year please AW.

  5. Big Raddy

    El Tel, I am green with envy. Radford was my hero when I started going to Highbury. on my own. Before that it was George Eastham. But Raddy, …. was a top man and fucking lethal in the air. Wonder how he would get on today?

    And Mr Wilson ! I saw him get his head kicked in on more than one occasion, the man was a loonie.

    And that they still go to games is priceless. True Gooners

  6. Geoff

    Enjoy the decorating! But don’t forget you’re not banned now, unlike Arsenal FC we’re very forgiving! everyone’s entitled to an off day.

  7. El Tel

    Sorry guys. Rocky Rocastle. Geordie Armstrong. And any other legend never forget them. Also remember big Ray Kennedy. Oh and a guy most people will never know or heard of. His name was Paddy and he worked at Arsenal for ever. He passed away last year, it was very sad because the cunts who manage our great team got rid of him and I think his heart was broken.

  8. El Tel

    They are true Gooners Big fella. And yes Radford does go there often. Not sure if he is on the Stadium tour team like Charlie, Kenny, and that Loon Sammy Nelson. Bob Wilson really was mad. Poor bloke was kicked everywhere. Sorry to reminisce on this guys but 1 of my finest moments was going to Villa Park in 71 I was 10. Saw fuck all and was standing or sliding on a mud heap of a stand. Awesome. It was a replay we won and went on to do the double.

  9. GMR

    I see Arsenal lost out to Hamburg to hold the 2010 UEFA cup final. Arsenal will never get one of the big European finals because we don’t have enough parking spaces for all the UEFA fat cats.

  10. GMR

    Choy, that article about the spuds is funny. I love the bit where is suggests they won’t be moving stadiums or expanding at the moment due to Joe Lewis (the man behind ENIC) losing 500 million when that American bank collapsed.

  11. Big Raddy

    Thinking of funny….. did everyone see that brilliant youtube clip of Hitler asa Spuds fan?

    El Tel… I went to the third round against Yeovil that year, and we got the shit kicked out of us on the way back to the train. Strange days…. Oh and we won 3-0 (1?) on a frozen pitch.

  12. Geoff

    I think it’s 61,180 or something, they announce it every home game, it’s alway up there and certainly more than 60k Gazzap

  13. robert

    Players ready start playing rigth away.
    I think we should sign ben arfa or diego capel.
    If enyone is worried about the strikers i think wenger should sign gouffran from caen.

    Pjanic does sound like a typical wenger signing.
    Scannell and bostock form palace would also be great signings.

  14. arsenaldo

    wow-316 comments-pity I dont have time 2 read all of them. good blogging Gooners:)))this is definitely the most read Arsenal blog

  15. gazzap

    yeah I thought it was more like 60,107 ie just over 60,000, not 2,000 over. But i suspect it does not include stewards, board members and families, catering staff etc those people would easily add 2,000. so I guess it is right.

  16. Bud

    Late entrant today. Busy day with clients. Anyway, far too wonky eyed to read 321 comments, so will just make my mark with a quick entry, generally, about nothing really !!!!

    Tomorrows prediction BOLTON 1 ARSENAL 4.

  17. Evo in OZ

    fuck a duck, 322 comments, that surely is a record!

    This is the first football thing i have done all week, i have been too depressed after the chavski game!

    I hope ronaldo, ferdinand and van der saar all break legs this week!

  18. RvP Fan

    Whoo.. First And (untill soon) One of the last to comment… Damn the Time Differences…
    Oh, By the Way, I Am Going to Sue the person who didnt pre order the Jaaskeleien Head for tonight/today.
    BTW, apparrently C.Ronaldo picked up a minor injury. Hope it gets worse.
    Cheers to all the people all above for correcting me!! It was a draw.. But still, it wasnt a loss, so they havnt BEATEN us in a while. 🙂