Miralem Pjanic looks on – Larsson no chance

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Metz super kid Miralem Pjanic is being strongly linked with us by their manager, he is quick and pacey, passes well and scores goals, Metz for the record is where Bobby Pires and Adebayor began their careers (Petr Cech as well), although only 17, this kid, like Ben Arfa, looks like he would do well at Arsenal.

However that’s the 4th 17 year old we’ve been linked with this week and as I said before I wish we’d go for a grown up.

We had a Palace fan on late last night telling us how good Scannell is and what a good signing he’d be so there maybe some truth in that one.

There was a lot of Ade bashing going on yesterday but I think all the guy needs is some competition and maybe a toe up the arse by leaving him out, I think he’ll be a top player, remember Flamini? He used to come on and get booked within 5 minutes, at least Ade can score goals, give him time I say, but Arsene, drop him occasionally for his own good as well as ours.

Seb Larsson has been mentioned as a possible new recruit, sorry Seb, you’re not good enough and we don’t like how you acted when Eduardo got butchered.

Sagna is out for between 3 and 5 weeks, so that could be his season over but I’m comfortable with Eboue and Hoyte, we also have Kolo and Song who can play there so I’m not too worried.

I read yesterday that our own Henri Lansbury, is being compared to Beckham and Gerrard but is also becoming a bit of a party animal, if the comparison with Gerrard and Beckham are his footballing skills then okay, or is it because Gerrard and Beckham are thick? I hope it’s the former, but Henri, knock the partying son or Wenger with let you go and you could end up like Pennant.

I hope it’s not true though as we’re all looking forward to seeing in the first team next season and he Grovers could be the Flamini replacement.

One more day to go before we can talk football again and I hope we can return to our winning ways.

Enjoy today Grovers for tomorrow we dine in Hell.

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  1. Odub

    I’ve never even considered getting setanta! I pay sky 50 odd quid as it is, anything else I’ll get online or read a bloody newspaper. That will do!

  2. Chipo

    TH14 i narrowly avoided being done on that… they say


    (*audio commentary only)

    Money grabbing $^&*$&%^#$^$%&

  3. choy

    well we have espn star this side of the world where they usually show most arsenal games… but i did catch one against pompey at fratton park… man… streams are dire.. the absolute last option for me….

  4. Chipo

    if youre gonna watch it on livefooty.org i suggest logging on about 1 hour before if youre a first timer, takes a while to download the media player you need and get everything set up. And if you get a good connection (normally done by joining the stream AT LEAST 20 MINS BEFORE GAME) then leave the bloody thing alone- never close and re-open or you will be watching a frozen frame of Mike Riley for 20mins. Not pretty.

    If you want to download the media player u need today i think its Sopcast.com

  5. Gus J.


    Excellent discussion yet again.

    Just a suggestion for a (so far neglected) topic on the board. Breakthrough players for next season.

    Currently, the debate has been centered on departures and arrivals, but traditionally we have experienced great impact from current players raising their performances (case in point, Toure, Flamini, Clichy etc.)

    I for one, do not expect Wenger to break away from his transfer policy conservatisism and foresee that he will attempt to involve current players in more vital roles.

    However, as is often the case, it is hard to predict who will have a great role for next (and upcoming) seasons.

    Think it would be an interesting debate. (or at least, I am curious as to your view on the topic)

    Gus J.

  6. Goona P

    Subject matter has moved on a bit but at time of writing this was relevant…

    The content of todays posts i think reflects the current mood of most gooners.. we are thinking back to when the Arsenal team was full of players we could idolise, Pires, Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira etc…

    To answer someones earlier question I would only have Cesc & Sagna in that team!! At the moment they are only players in my mind that constantly produce on a level expected if you are lucky enuf to play for ‘The Arsenal’

    I’ve even found myself missing Ashley Cole, i know i shouldnt but fact of matter is he was a fantastic left back for arsenal & at the time a ‘gooner’… pls note I am missing his football ability & passion not the person.

    Im going to Emirates next wednesday but unless there is considerable investment into the team this summer it may well be my last match for a while. Im 31 & have been a gooner since i was born courtesy of my dad. I’ve tried to remain positive but honestly every year we go through the same thing & i know i’m no manager but i have seen things in last 2/3 years that i believe needed addressing.

    Players like Thierry & Patrick were worth the entrance fee alone but i dont feel the same about the current group of players. Im not prepared to fund the clubs ‘vision’ anymore I want to be a part of success…

    Sorry if seems negative but baring a couple of miracles in coming weeks im still angry we are having to look ahead to next season already….

  7. Odub

    I’d have Ralph ahead of Sagna, but that’s just my opinion. I doubt Cesc would displace Vieira or Edu or Parlour in their pomp too Goona P. Again, my opinion, dont shoot me for it folks!!

  8. charybdis1966

    A final point on Bobby was his shooting accuracy which I believe was the best in the team for a while.

    As a gooner, due to where I grew up (and a 50-50 choice at the age of 7: West Ham of The Arse, it wasonly those 2 in my class at junior school then) yes it does deflate me slightly how the current squad compare to the 02 double side/Invincbles or even the double side of ’98.

    I hope desperately we get some established players (mid twenties) with their best years just (not in 5 years time) in front fo them.

    Whatever happens though it’s always Victoria concordia crescit, till the end.

  9. Steve

    You have made a point I was attempting to convey the other day Goona P.

    I asked how many of our ‘supporters’ would still be going if we had sustained lack of success.

    I’m sure you’re not the only one, but the fickleness is sprouting already.

    My dad went for 12 years before seeing them win anything, I did for 8 years. FYG, we also went out of the cups early and were finished in the league by September.

  10. Odub

    Steve I remember being at an Arsenal game with a quarter of the blooming stadium missing! Redevelopment they said, and then painted some gooners on the wall to make it look better!! Did we finish 6th that season?

  11. chris

    post disapeared, so ill try again
    goona p ill have your season ticket, i live in another country but ill ryan air everyweek,

  12. Steve

    It fucking amazes me that people are talking about jacking it in because of the situation we are in now. I remember going against Wallsall as a kid in the cup and they got beat in front of about 20,000 people.

    Now we are third in the league and in the C.L 1/4 final with an amazing new stadium.

    I don’t want to sound like my dad but they don’t know they’re fucking born.

  13. Ken

    Arsenal TV is slightly repetitive and the fact it’s not on at weekends is a bit annoying but there’s a show called “Arsenal Gold” which re-runs in full, classic games of the past. I watched the 1-0 win at OT to win the title in ’04 last week, brightened up my whole week. Almost forgot what a bunch of hatchet men Utd were in that game too, Should have had three red cards in the first half.

  14. Steve

    That’s when they built the new North Bank Odub. The murel.

    Even the pictures on the murel covered their faces most of that season.

    If I remember correctly we didn’t score up that end until Man City about 6 games in.

    Wrighty I think.

  15. Pedro

    Apologies for those posts stuck in the moderation!

    They are all on now!

    Fuck me… 172 comments before 1400?

  16. Odub

    Steve most of our ‘fans’ jumped on the Wenger bandwagon 10-8 years ago, to go 3-4 years without a trophy is the end of the world as far as they’re concerned, although they still maintain…Arsene knows!

  17. Pedro

    That little cunt bag tried to get on the other night, he posted,

    Told you I’m not banned… haha

    Three times the little turd tried. He mugged himself though because he was blocked.

    Why are you talking about Ryan?

    Whats been happening? More season ticket selling?

  18. Odub

    Yeah Pedro, that Juvie Ry*n wont be back! Promise!

    As far as Lansbury goes, he looks like he’s living the lifestyle, his web page also gave that impression, so what have we said that’s off the mark?

  19. chris

    i mentioned ry@n air and odub said something yesterday and for a spell we couldnt work out where the messages were going, did u get my email funny?

  20. Ken

    He’s 17/18 years old, plays for the arse and isn’t exactly ugly so I think I’d be doing pretty much the same thing. If he is getting pissed on a regular basis then by all means get rid of him now, cut the losses, but if he isn’t even drinking and he can’t play at the moment due to his condition anyway then I say let him be.

  21. Odub

    I’ll take it back then Pedro.

    Issues so far, the invincibles, Legendary no 7’s (Pires, Rocky), supporting the arsenal thru thick and thin, formations/team for tomorrow, and chris’ suggestions for best places to watch porn online apart from youporn.

    That’s about it.

  22. chris

    ken, i dont have an issue in fact he looks like tremendous craic (fun) i just suspect le-boss wont be impressed,
    he can come round mine anytime!

  23. Odub

    Ken no one’s suggestin getting rid of him! We just voiced opinions based on what we saw on his site, and the fact that his penchant for the celebrity lifestyle has been said to mirror that of a certain D Beckham. He’s one of ours so he’ll always be supported unless of course he starts getting too big for his boots like Bentley and Bothroyd did.

  24. Ken

    Well I’m fairly sure if he isn’t behaving accordingly, he’ll know about it soon enough, like Bentley, Pennant, Quincy..

  25. Steve

    Had to tow the line a bit with the credit cruch and market volatilility lately chris. Normal service will resume Shortly trust me.

  26. Odub

    i’m thinking there’s a pub somewhere in the city about to go out of business from lack of your generous custom!

  27. Pedro

    Thanks for the update odub.

    If I was lansbury I’d be doing the same! He just has to be careful it doesn’t go to his head before he makes himself a regular… remeber Ricketts for Bolton? That’s what happened to him… he believed the hype… like Adriano!

    In his defence I’ve been in embassy when Cesc and the Flamster have turned up… they don’t get shit faced! Unlike JT who was in faces when I was there once… the guy holds 3 bottles of bud in one hand while he drinks… he’s such a role model.

    I can’t really comment on Rocky… all I remember is Geoff telling me he cried when GG told him he was being sold. That makes him a bit of a legend in my eyes.

    Bobby P has got to be one of the most elegant players I’ve ever watched… a master of the wing!

    Formation for tomorrow? 4-4-2… surely!

  28. Steve

    There are a lot of people in my line of work that are out less Odub, so there is likely to be a few establishments feeling the pinch.

  29. Ken

    Chris I hoped so too and was confused when he left but from what I’ve heard since his downfall was his own doing.

  30. Pedro

    Odub, you sound pretty sure ryan won’t be back… it was pretty menacing how you said it?

    Tony Sopranoish?

  31. Steve

    Surely we have to attack a shit team like Bolton. If we sit back it’ll be like hoofball. 4-4-2 all the way. Get the Van Man some much needed minutes to regain his sharpness.

  32. Steve

    It’ll be all over the papers tomorrow

    “Nutty little black bloke in beeny hat murders blogger”


    Sorry pal, i’m grinning to myself here.

    Sad but true.

  33. GMR


    It’s all well & good saying some fans don’t know they’re born, but whilst you & your Dad may have gone for years without Arsenal winning anything you didn’t pay the over inflated prices that they pay today. In terms of charging the fans Arsenal are acting like the biggest club in the world, but when it comes to spending that money they are acting like a Bolton or Blackburn. Why did they need to move stadiums if they didn’t intend buying better players & spending more on wages?? Unless of course its to eventually earn themselves more money!!

    I’ll carrying on going to Arsenal (finances permitting) until I die, but I’ll also continue to moan about how Wenger (or another manager) is running the team until I die unless they bring success.

    It’s the fans that have enabled Arsenal FC to build a new stadium, Wenger brought success & the fans have been very patient whilst Arsene rebuilt whilst spending very little money. That period of time is now over, the stadium is built & the financial side is taken care of. What I think a lot of people object to now is that Wenger still won’t spend money & seems in complete denial about how weak the current squad is. I’ll bet you right now that Arsenal won’t win the title next season or even finish 2nd if they don’t buy some quality players this summer (& that means proven players not 17-18 year olds).

  34. Pedro

    GMR… you are bang on about charging like the biggest in the world and spending like Swansea.

    You are wrong about the wages though, we have the second largest wage bill in the prem (Last time it was released anyway)!

  35. Steve

    GMR, i’ve been singing from the same songsheet for ages. I’m fucked off paying inflated prices and not being in the market when top players are transferred. My point was that in a discussion on here the other day, I made the point that we have a certain amount of hardcore fans and a certain number that will disappear if the seas get choppy. The seas haven’t even got choppy yet and we have s.t holders talking about fucking it off. It isn’t fickle to say that you want or deserve the Arsenal to be in the hunt for top players if you’re paying the money we do to watch, but on the other hand only 3 years without top silverware and a Champions League final would hardly be considered underachieving when we have had a stadium move also.

  36. GMR


    Thats fair enough, I obviously came in late on those discussions as I only sort of joined this site the other day. Apologies for that.

    Anybody who wants to jack it in just because we haven’t won anything for a couple of years isn’t a real Arsenal fan. They can’t be anything other than glory hunters, but unfortunately the club (like any club) also needs them because you’ll never have a stadium full of hardcore fans.

    Pedro, our wage bill may have been 2nd highest last time but it won’t be this time. Henry & Ljungberg etc have gone & whilst others have had pay rises it won’t be anything nearly as much. Man Utd on the other hand have bought several new players on high wages. What gets me is that we pay young kids more than any other club & that really doesn’t give them any incentive to achieve success. Most of them as Lansbury is proving, think they have made it before they even have a medal in their hands!!

  37. Odub

    Would/could today be the 1st 300 comments day Pedro?

    Nice picture chris, just seen the redevelopment one for the first time as well!!

  38. Pedro

    You got that right odub… 240ish is around the record?

    Its amazing how busy we are considering we lost at the weekend!

  39. Odub

    Dont mention that Pedro! Everyone’ll go back into depression and not blog again until after tomorrow’s game!!

  40. Pedro

    Yeah true…

    Happy thoughts!

    What odds do you think you’d get on us doing the treble over the scousers?

    I read on the Guardian site that if Arsenal win the Champions league it will represent a massive loss for the bookies!

  41. chris

    i checked we have 260 to beat for the record in the recent past,
    odub i stuck up for you when raddy called you a jessie for playing squash and you invited me out side! plus the whole ganja thing didnt go down too well with you!

  42. Odub

    All friends now chris!! I dont do violence apart from on PS3!!!!

    I can see us doing the scousers over the 3 games, and then doing the chavs, and we’ll all be off to sunny moscow for the biggest le grove knees up ever!

  43. chris

    did anyone else go via uefa for tickets, the lottery results are april 5th, poxy 10,000 tickets on general release so thats 5,000 pairs, i doubt ill be so lucky,
    i have a felling two score draws is what will happen with the pool, us going thru of course

  44. Pedro

    Oh and just for the record Chris… number of comments is at




    Rafa would get the sack if he lost 3 times! That would be funny.

  45. charybdis1966

    Re. Masceranho, it seems that he’s “owned up” to miscinduct, but still has to attend the hearing.

    Fingers cross they extend his ban – but if he’s such a liability on the field perhaps we should hope for him to be avialble against us ?

    Confusing myself here.

  46. Pedro

    well, i don’t think so Chris? We’ve had 4000 in the spam? So I’m not sure where the 11000 number comes from!

    Still not bad in 7 months

    10,000 comments… nearly half a million hits!

    I think Mascharno will be suspended regardless against us? I bet he gets 3 matches for his much publicized misconduct!

    Still… he only misses one against us.

    Have we got any players on yellow card watch?

  47. chris

    is he generally a liability? if so welcome him with open arms but xavi playing will be rusty as fuck so its a mixed bag really, no toress is what ill be gunning for

  48. Odub

    card amnesty’s kicked in hasnt it? think we should be fine now. cant find any news on Torres, then again if he’s injured that means crouchy plays, and I dont like seeing him against us!! Remember last season?!

  49. chris

    Liverpool’s Gillett says Hicks relationship is “unworkable” good news
    Fernando Torres has overcome any fears that his fitness would be in doubt for Sunday’s 207th Merseyside derby with Everton at Anfield. bad news

  50. Odub

    Pedro you’ve gone from 8 comments on the first post to 250ish today in 7 months!! That is some going! I see Steve was blogging even back then!!!

    Big up the veterans!!!

  51. Pedro

    That wasn’t current steve!

    That was when we were a google blog… no bells and whistles like now!

    We’d get excited if 60 people read!

  52. Goona P

    Im not being fickle or a glory hunter? im a gooner til’ i die, i have bred my nephew & niece to be gooners & are now both junior gunners!! I have been going to arsenal for as long as i can remember. I dont hold a season ticket i am a silver member, as i live in brighton & cannot afford the expense involved in travelling to london for every game.

    I will still be here next season & every season after that, im just expressing how i feel about being a gooner at the moment……………

    I never post of these type of sites normally but I felt this ‘fan site’ had good content where it seemed ‘real’ gooners could express their true thoughts & opinion’s without being called ‘fickle’ or ending a message with ‘arsene knows’…

    It seems i may have been wrong? My views are coming from a fan who was actually sitting in Row 5 against Middlesborough with their Dad & Nephew getting soaking wet painfully watching Adebayor either kick the ball to the oppostion or bounce off his shins? & watching Hleb run round in circles back & forth across the edge of pen box? every attack had the same outcome.. Flamini i thought was excellant as was Sagna again!!

    All im saying is i along with majority of gooners at the emirates that day could sense after 20mins what was gonna happen, we dont currently have a Ronaldo that can suddenly create or score a goal from nothing to win us those type of games.. as a Pires,Henry or Bergkamp could…

    I feel for a team of our statue the currect squad of players are not good enough. I dont care if you call me ‘fickle’ im being honest.
    A round trip for me & nephew/dad/girlfriend can cost hundreds of pounds??? For that money I expect to see a great Arsenal side.

  53. Pedro

    Odubs first post…

    gunnerodub Says:
    January 8, 2008 at 11:03 am edit

    Pedro/Geoff, long time reader first time blogger. Think you guys do a blinding job, and must mention how impressed I am with the way the racist blog was dealt with. Also, as far as I’m concerned, we don’t need any new players (Anelka,Richards,Maradona,Pele,WHOEVER!), we also need to keep the squad as it is even if Diarra has been moaning, I still think with the African boys away, he will get games, and eventually shut up and get on with it. Jens Lehmann still provides half decent cover for another 5 months, and Eboue as useless as we think he is, does still provide 2/3 decent crosses per game so let’s not get on his case too much. Just one last note. With all 4 strikers fit, which 2 would you start with against AC Milan next month? Answers on a postcard pleeaase!!

  54. charybdis1966

    It’s a bit annoying really; Mascsarenho only got 2 yellows because of Riley’s gutless display against the Chavs, specifically dealing with Cashley C**t. Any other time and it would have been just 1 yellow. If he’d a stayed on perhaps The Poo would have got a result against ManUre. On such things Championships turn.

    But sod it; after all this bad luck we’ve been having we’re well overdue some decisions going for us – like about 5 dodgy pennos go our way and Shrek boy get’s sent off for dissent(mind you that’s not asking for luck – just the rules to be applied to him like he was any other player)

  55. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    God I really hope we beat those little arseholes at Bolton. Recent seasons have seen us chuck massive games away there….remember the season we choked and drew 2-2 there? So sick.

    What’s happening with this song sheet idea Pedro? Where do we go to fill it in? Or do we stick them on here?

    Not sure we’ll treble the Pool but think we’ll get two wins and a draw hopefully. I mean we are at home twice after all. We should’ve won up there too. Hammered them for about 75 mins. Made them look like Bolton in fact.

    Does anyone know if that Stelios is playing? He loves sticking them in against us.

    On the earlier debate about the old invincible team and the current I would stick Cesc and Sagna in that team to enhance it. I think the sub bench could’ve been improved from then….forget Wiltord and co I’d stick RVP, Hleb and Flam on that bench.

    The guy who said he misses Cole a bit, I know where you are coming from. He was an classless idiot when he left and did himself no favours but fuck me I loved him when he was at the club. I would like to think if he had stayed Clichy could’ve become a left winger. I reckon he is good enough and definitely quick enough. Cole was brilliant for Arsenal, and I know we are always going to boo him because of the nature of his move but I think sometimes people take it way too far. He did great things for Arsenal, sometimes that is too easily forgotten.

  56. Odub

    I actually said persevere with Eboue!!!!!! And that we didn’t meed new players!!!!!

    And it’s before 12 pm so i couldn’t have been cunted!!!

  57. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Goona P, you are absolutely justified in the way you feel sir. I don’t think it’s right to slam somebody who feels that their expense/enjoyment ratio does not justify going all the time. This current crop are sometimes fantastic to watch [slavia prague anyone? Sevilla?] but at the same time sometimes they are dreadful and Goona is right, we currently grind out games rather than win them at a canter. Early in the season Merson said that a ticket to Arsenal was the hottest ticket in London and better than any show in the West End. let me tell you that if any West End show was being as poorly performed as our ‘hot ticket’ has recently people would simply stop going and it would be axed.

  58. GMR

    Goona P, my glory hunter tag wasn’t aimed at you at all, so I hope you don’t think it was.

    I was talking about the ‘Arsene Knows’ brigade who have been supporting Arsenal for 2-3 years & stop going because we haven’t won anything. A lifelong fan whether they go once every 10 years or every match is still a real fan!!

  59. Odub

    Goona P just read your comments. Dont think anyone was aiming comments in your direction so feel free to vent your spleen!!!

    And also, you are on the right site!!

  60. Big Raddy

    Glory hunters are fine. They turn into long term fans, and who are we to say what is and what is not a true gooner?

    If people get turned on to the Arse because we have TH14, then so be it. The more Gooners, the better.

    ‘Arsene knows’, is a good epithet. Better than Arsene is a tight fisted kiddy fiddler .

    And does attendance make a Gooner? Am I more of a Gooner because I have a season ticket and live 800 miles from the Emirates? Of course not.

    Wish I hasn’t started this rant. Even I am bored by it !!

  61. Pedro

    Goona P… no one is taking aim at you! We don’t do that round these parts.

    People can say what they like… if others don’t like it, they might give you their opinion but you won’t get called a cunt and you wont get told you are a glory hunter.

  62. Goona P

    GMR.. after reading ur comments i feel you are the same page as me so I did not think that was aimed at me.. but thank you for clarifying

    TH14’s Sense Of Arrogance.. your right & i was at emirates for Derby game this year & that was a joy to watch esp Diaby’s goal but as an Arsenal fan i do have high expectations and those games are meaningless IMO if the team is trophyless again at end of season!!

    ps. it was me that said i was even starting to miss Ashley Cole & again i agree with you he was great for arsenal, its a shame the way things turned out…

  63. Pedro

    Just incase you can’t be bothered to look at news now!

    Courtesy of Arsenal TV:

    He told Arsenal TV Online: “We will be tested in the air because a team which has a lack of confidence takes less risks.

    “We want to play our game, which is why I am convinced it will be down to our football – but also our mental strength and our resilience on the day.”

    He added: “Bolton are a good side and I have seen quality games from them, but the Premier League is so good now that once you drop your confidence you are quickly vulnerable.

    “We just have to expect them to be as they were before, to prepare mentally for that kind of game and then hopefully we will have a good surprise.”

    Wenger believes the Gunners need to concentrate on getting a victory and not look further ahead.

    He said: “The moments in the game are just not going for us, and that is where we want to show big mental strength to push it through and get things going for us again.


    “It is very important for us to get back to winning games, not to dream and be realistic. We need to win our next game and see where we go from there.

    “The most important thing is to give everything to win the next one.”

    While solely concentrating on the Bolton game, Wenger knows it will take an almost perfect ending to the season for the Gunners to now become champions.

    He said: “It will take seven wins, certainly, or maybe six and a draw.

    “First, though, we have to come back to consistent performances.”

  64. Big Raddy

    Earlier today, I wote about my antipathy towards Bolton. What a mealy mouthed shower of shit they are. Always have been. They have no redeeming features whatsoever, and in that Spanish Curly Ponce have one of the nastiest bastards alive. Oh, and I haven’t even started about Diuof.

    We have an average record against them, and we need the 3 points.

  65. Odub

    I can’t even think of one of their players that I’d have sympathy for if they go down. Bunch of dirty cunts the lot of them!
    What does it say about the English game that Kevin davies was once being considered for an England spot!!!

  66. Big Raddy

    Odub…. Stewart Downing was on the pitch on Weds. night !! Nothing more needs to be said about England

  67. chris

    cunt watch
    Davies is frequently cited as being the player in the Premiership that commits the most fouls, committing more such offences than any other Premier league player in the 2004–05, 2005–06 and 2006–07 seasons

  68. Odub

    prediction for tomorrow, 2-1. got a feeling we’ll grab one from a set piece (Kolo) and Nicky B knicks one as well!

  69. Big Raddy

    No, we are going to fucking annihalte them At least 4, with a couple for Theo and a brace for RvP, one from a set piece

  70. chris

    “And it’s Arrrrrseeeenal! *clap-clap-clap*
    Arsenal F.C.! We’re by FAR the greatest team the world has ever seen!”

  71. Big Raddy

    We owe them. I recall a couple of seasons ago, that we lost up there, with Anelka scoring a couple of fantastic goals.

    Let us pray for no more injuries

  72. Pedro

    I’m going to be bold.


    2 from Adebayor and one from Theo.

    We have to turn it around at some point, and tomorrow I feel is the day!

    Then we will take liverpool apart and give rafa his longest succession of defeats…

  73. Odub

    Big Raddy thatwas last season. We do owe them though, one last tonking before they depart for the back waters of the championship! wish they could take Birmingham with them for obvious reasons.

  74. Big Raddy

    We have scored 59 league goals this season. Only MU and Sp*rs (!!!) have scored more.

    They didn’t all come from set pieces

  75. Big Raddy

    Fuck me, it that short term memory loss thing again!!

    Let this be a warning…. Don’t smoke lots of weed in your youth, it catches up with you…

  76. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    I fucking hate Bolton. Bunch of dirty fouling low lifes, but some of their players are ok; Jaaskelinan, Jay llyod Samuel….no I am out of names.

  77. Odub

    Wish you’d told me that 15 years ago Big Raddy! I’m going to have problems later on in life by the looks of it.

    Note to self…. write home address inside underpants to ensure I am returned home if lost!

  78. El Tel

    Hi guys I know you hate me cos I am a steward cunt but I cant even get a ticket and I have worked there for 14 years. Yes we pay through the nose as supporters I know because I buy tickets for my sons sometimes from season ticket holder mates. The Mancscum cunts pay the same dough as on top of their season ticket they also have to commute from Surrey every weekend. Rocky was my best evr Arsenal player after King Liam (also number 7) and up until DB10 came along. Rocky was a Beautiful man great great player. Raddy may remember Geordie Armstrong I am sure I watched him play in the legendary No. 7 but he also wore 11 another legend. We have also always had great LBs throughout my supporting days too. Pires was a god for us. Anyone remember Jimmy Carter guys, he ruined the No.7 shirt.

  79. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    El Tel, there is no hatred towards reasonable stewards. It’s the same rule for everyone. Some fans are arseholes, some stewards are arseholes. A stewards jacket doesn’t make you an auto-arsehole. You’re only doing your job, but it’s how you do your job.

    Worst memories and best memories from playing Bolton anyone?

    I think the 2-2 that pretty much fucked our league chances is my worst memory. The best one has to be…fuck I don’t have one…beating them earlier this season????

  80. El Tel

    Worked the Brazil/Sweden match The atmosphere was good.Plenty of colourful women there to. It was good apart from the stupid Mexican wave. My steward mate nearly chucked out a Manc cunt who was having pics taken by his pals while holding a cunting scarf aloft. I had a go at the steward as he should have booted the wanker out. I am an horrible steward cunt but love THE ARSENAL

  81. Odub

    I’m off!! Will check in to see if we reach the magic 300 when i get back to sunny surrey! Jubilee line here I come! Oh joy!

  82. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Great shout El Tel. So glad he fucked his career down the shitter the illiterate cunt.

    Fat northern thug. His team embodied the same principles as their manager at bolton.

  83. SFO Gooner

    I have a bad feeling the boys will have their eye on the L’pool game and will not show up for the bolton game (Just like the ManU FA Cup game) and lose 0-1.

    I would suggest rest the entire first team, and send out the carling cup team. If I remember right they did beat bolton earlier in the season. Atleast they will show some passion and not go thro’ the motions like Ade does!.

  84. Pedro

    I’m off as well!

    Check out the new widget in the side bar!

    Have a good night chaps and do your best to hit that 300 mark!

    Adios Grovers!

  85. chris

    i dunno sfo, one would imagine an all out finish is on the cards but its so hard to call in recent times,
    we are owed a a big win

  86. GMR

    I hope we do win tomorrow or we’ll be fighting for fourth spot again. Liverpool will beat Everton now that Cahill has been ruled out for the rest of the season. Hopefully Benitez will play Torres knowing he’s carrying an injury & by playing he will aggrevate it & put himself out for a couple of weeks!! Its sad when you need to rely on another teams best players being out but that seems to be our best chance now.

  87. Big Raddy

    And fat with it….

    Thinking of fat…. I am sure I saw Fat Sam serving at MacD’s in Central CPH yesterday.

  88. Geoff

    Hi fellow Grovers, awesome day today, I’m going 5 nil with RVP on a hatrick!

    Gus I will think on your comment and get back to you.

    Go Go Gunners!

  89. chris

    spit the dog? oh he is a total muppet and a walking liabilty also, what a hateful shower they really are,
    GMR fuck it any means neccessary so if torres gets injured so be it, i wont cry, even if i do think he was a super purchase,

    see ya later grovers, thansk for making my day go super fast, till later

  90. El Tel

    Bolton 0 ARSENAL 2 being realistic. Flamster and RVP to score. We could have casualties though. My bet is they target the Flamster first. Then Hleb.