Miralem Pjanic looks on – Larsson no chance

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Metz super kid Miralem Pjanic is being strongly linked with us by their manager, he is quick and pacey, passes well and scores goals, Metz for the record is where Bobby Pires and Adebayor began their careers (Petr Cech as well), although only 17, this kid, like Ben Arfa, looks like he would do well at Arsenal.

However that’s the 4th 17 year old we’ve been linked with this week and as I said before I wish we’d go for a grown up.

We had a Palace fan on late last night telling us how good Scannell is and what a good signing he’d be so there maybe some truth in that one.

There was a lot of Ade bashing going on yesterday but I think all the guy needs is some competition and maybe a toe up the arse by leaving him out, I think he’ll be a top player, remember Flamini? He used to come on and get booked within 5 minutes, at least Ade can score goals, give him time I say, but Arsene, drop him occasionally for his own good as well as ours.

Seb Larsson has been mentioned as a possible new recruit, sorry Seb, you’re not good enough and we don’t like how you acted when Eduardo got butchered.

Sagna is out for between 3 and 5 weeks, so that could be his season over but I’m comfortable with Eboue and Hoyte, we also have Kolo and Song who can play there so I’m not too worried.

I read yesterday that our own Henri Lansbury, is being compared to Beckham and Gerrard but is also becoming a bit of a party animal, if the comparison with Gerrard and Beckham are his footballing skills then okay, or is it because Gerrard and Beckham are thick? I hope it’s the former, but Henri, knock the partying son or Wenger with let you go and you could end up like Pennant.

I hope it’s not true though as we’re all looking forward to seeing in the first team next season and he Grovers could be the Flamini replacement.

One more day to go before we can talk football again and I hope we can return to our winning ways.

Enjoy today Grovers for tomorrow we dine in Hell.

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  1. RvP Fan

    3 weeks until the Man Utd test. Time to get form. Though, im not stressed about the man utd game, we have beat them in the last 3 league appearences, so i think we’ll do it again. Im more worried about the L’pool matches…

  2. RvP Fan

    Oh yeah, Also, if that kid is good, we should get him. But we need to get more players than we get rid of.. we are about 5 Decent aged players off I feel. Just sign someone, anyone decent, but hell, Just Splash some cash… we need some decent backup…

  3. GMR

    I think we’ll beat Liverpool in the CL because everyone outside the club is writing us off. That w****r Mark Lawrenson even went so far as to say that Liverpool got the easiest draw possible & that Arsenal have fallen apart, he thinks Liverpool will be celebrating playing such an easy game!! As I say I think we’ll beat them, but then I also think we’ll fall in the next round to chelski.

    I don’t think we have enough match winners in our squad. We need somebody who can just turn game like Pires or Bergkamp used to. Hleb can do it with his skill but he has something like 7 bad games in every 10.

  4. Steve

    GMR, I understand your pessimism at playing the Chavs, but look at it this way……if our 2 league games were the C.L this season we’d have won on the away goal.

  5. Odub

    Morning all.

    Top post chaps, good point…another 17 year old! Please!!

    Hadnt heard the Larsson story, apparently he played well V Brazil.

    RVP Fan we drew earlier this season didnt we? 2-2 me thinks.
    not withstanding we could be back on top next month all things going our way. It’s about bloody time our luck changed and we got a few iffy decisions go our way, let’s hope it starts tomorrow!!

    Bumper day yesterday guys, hope for the same today, made an otherwise boring day go quicker!

  6. Odub

    Mark Lawrenson can fuck off!

    ray Wilkins was on soccer am saying the same thing. The final will be chavs V Barca or Manure was his ever so anal prediction! Folically challenged twat.

  7. siddharth

    Is it just me or is the default font of this blog a bit small ? I hope the blogger increases the default size of the font. Increase the font size by 1 and it looks ace.

    Onto football matters and it’s vital that we win against bolton and get into some kind of momentum. With sagna out it’s going to be interesting to see what wenger does. Eboue can fill in for sagna but then it would be a big problem in CL against liverpool as walcott and eboue on the right is asking for trouble. The best thing imo is to move Toure to RB and bring in phil , who tbh has been harsly dropped for toure.

  8. Steve

    I never listen to the defected Manc/chav cunt. If you’re going to get yourself sent off in the World Cup at least maime some cunt, throwing the ball at the ref is just girlie.

  9. Pedro

    I think we’ll tank Liverpool over 2 legs and I think we’ll tank the Chavs… then we’ll meet Barca in the Final and we’ll all be forking out a couple of grand to go over to Moscow!

    I like it when pundits trap of, it make it all the more satisfying watching match of the day.

    Arsenal falling apart? How about liverpool! They just got humiliated by there closest rival!

    Can anyone confirm if Mascharano is suspended for the league game against us?

  10. Geoff

    Of course everyone’s forgetting the chavs cheated at their gaff, John Terry kicking the ball into the corner like Johnny Wilkinson and shortly after they scored and their goal was offside, it’s funny how memories forget how they won, the cheating chav cunts.

    Steve, I’m Ok with Eboue as right back, it’s right wing I hate him on.

  11. Chipo

    Pedro (i think you wrote this article)

    You can’t possibly call Lansbury a replacement for flamini?? Lansbury is in the Hleb mould- out wide or behind the front two- never a Def.Mid.

    Anyone here a long standing Champ Man player? I’m talking CM2 etc…. Was chuffed to see two of my Prodigies from back in the day Mikael Dorsin and Kennedy Bakircioglu make appearances for Sweden on Wednesday… Move over Wenger i spotted those gems a good 6 years ago!!

  12. Steve

    He’ll have an appeal pending more that likely Pedro. Has to reply to charges by 6 p.m today mate. If he doesn’t respond the hearing is the day before our game so he’d more than likely miss it.

  13. Odub

    mascherano has until tuesday to appeal, but it’s likely the fa will turn it down, they’ve been doing that a lot recently!

  14. Geoff

    Chipo it was my post, I think Lansbury could fill the Flamini role but with more flair, he reminds me of a young Bryan Robson. Still a bit too young but who knows!

  15. Odub

    Lansbury’s the one with the bizarre spikey gelled hair do isnt it he?! Reminds me of Bentley for some reason if it’s him?

  16. Steve

    Sorry mate, i’m over 30 and have small children. Just about find time to masturbate, let alone play on a computer.

  17. chris

    you were very diplomatic there steve, is it because odub still plays video games at his age? i am over thirty and i sometimes do as well so relax chipo/odub its all good,
    nice post this morning,

  18. Odub

    Wish i could get chill pills! need something to subside the murderous rage that surfaced after the 4 draws in a row!

    All this talk about this being our worst run in 9 years made me think, when we had the previous bad run, how did it end?! I’m thinking this would have been 98/99 season?! Didnt we end up in the FA cup semi and losing the league on the last day to the mancs that season?

  19. Steve

    Geoff/Pedro, did you get the link on e-mail I sent you regarding Rocky7. The editor is happy with you mentioning it, I checked.

  20. Geoff

    Steve yes thanks we got it, I’ll be doing a Rocky tribute on Monday, Chris I hope you like the changes I made to your comment, It took some effort, but I did it.

  21. Odub

    Previous worst run under AW 9 years ago…..

    14.11.98 Arsenal 0 Tottenham Hotspur 0
    21.11.98 Wimbledon 1 Arsenal 0
    29.11.98 Arsenal 1 Middlesbrough 1
    5.12.98 Derby 0 Arsenal 0
    13.12.98 Aston Villa 3 Arsenal 2
    20.12.98 Arsenal 3 Leeds 1
    26.12.98 Arsenal 1 West Ham 0
    28.12.98 Charlton 0 Arsenal 1
    9.1.99 Arsenal 0 Liverpool 0

    Thought I’d answer my own question!!!!!!

  22. Frichie

    I would like to see Ade get a rest, not because I think he is crap, just that he has been putting in so much effort that i think his brain is tired. Its one thing to throw your weight around, but then when you receive the ball you too knackered to concentrate how to score. Bendtner should get a game with RvP i think they could be deadly together. And he scored in midweek.

    Liverpool are going to struggle without Torres so I fancy our chances against them. Hopefully he doesnt recover in time for the CL

  23. Chipo

    Steve you want to try red wine + PS3 itll blow your mind (and possibly your load as well, thereby freeing up more time for you)

  24. Big Raddy

    Morning chaps.

    Just want to say how pissed I am about Sagna. For me , he has been our player of the season. And he will be a big miss against the Scouse shite. Tough they have shite wingers and tend to play best down the middle..

    As to Lansbury, the lad looks a great prospect. I have only seen him play for England, and could be the new Flam. He tackles well and has a good eye for a pass. Hopefully, Flam will sign a new deal, but if not, we are OK in this position, particularly with Song coming through.

  25. chris

    thanks geoff, you all know i am a tool for quick typing with mistakes, predictive text has a lot to answer for.
    Mum got for a me the final highbury long sleve jersey, with rocky printed on the back, what a nice birthday present a few years back

  26. Steve

    Thanks for the advice Chipo.

    Big Raddy, I don’t think for one minute that Song could ever be the answer to our defensive midfield problem if the flamster leaves.

  27. chris

    Fernando Torres is expected to be fit for Sunday’s Merseyside derby after surviving a midweek injury scare.

    The Liverpool striker was substituted early in the second half of Wednesday’s Spain 1-0 friendly defeat to Italy after once again suffering harsh treatment from Inter Milan’s Marco Materazzi. Just over a month after Materazzi was dismissed for two fouls on Torres during a Champions League quarter-final, Torres was left limping by another mis-timed tackle by the defender.

    However, Liverpool are confident that he will be available to lead the line against Everton this weekend.

  28. gazzap

    personally I would make sure Hleb is rested ahead of the Liverpool game so would either continue with that cunt eboue at RW or use Diaby on the wing. its the lesser of two evils to be honest. the other winger must be Theo with Bendtner and RVP up top. Toure must take the RB role and Senderos come back into the team.

    But for Liverpool, I think Eboue should take the RB role with Hleb in front of him and Theo on the other wing. not bothered if Toure or Sendy play with Gallas, since they are both capable of making a mistake at the moment! probably Ade to come back in for the Pool game as well.

  29. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    I always get a little worried when managers openly tout their young players out and even name Arsenal as a potential suitor? Is that not a little worrying? That maybe there is something there we can’t see, or he knows Arsene would pay over the odds for a good young player?

    Seb Larsson didn’t cut it at arsenal and wenger is not a man who buys back players once they have left. I think he is a great player but I’d rather see him hammering 30 yard digs against the spuds for Birmingham for now. There are better players to take on than him.

    Excited by the prospect of seeing Lansbury. Does anyone know if Merida is due to return in the summer? I was looking forward to seeing this Cesc mark II in action a little more for the 1st team….well, carling cup team. Does anyone also know what happened to that Veloso we were linked with??

    David Rocastle – legend.

    Adebayor and Eboue – Still shit.

  30. Big Raddy

    I suffered through the Denmark /Cz game just to watch Nic,Bendtner, and apart from the superb goal he scored, he was pretty anonymous.. Though Denmark gave him very little service.

    Of course, his record of goal scoring for Denmark is excellent, and he has superstar status over here.

  31. Pedro

    Steve, we’re going to do a Rocastle Piece on Monday… Rocky Day… and promote his charity and Rocky T-shirts.

    So rest assured, Le Grove will do its bit!

    Its so busy on here today, I can’t keep up…!

  32. Geoff

    The reason Metz are touting him is because they’re going down and know he’ll go, they’re encouraging him.

  33. Pedro

    Ade is good striker… he’s scored 20 goals this season. That is all we asked of him at the start of the season.

  34. Big Raddy

    I had a picture of Rocky n my desk for years (until he signed for the Chavs). and I would like to wish him the very best, wherever he is. I was gutted when he left.

    But then I felt the same about Jon Sammels. Similar sort of player and similar career. Though I guess few of the Grovers ever saw him play

  35. Odub

    my missus never saw him play but she sings the Rocky song around the house all the time!! baffles the hell out of me that one!

  36. Pedro

    What did everyone think of Wengers comments on Willy G?

    Was he right about what Gallas said about theo?

    Are we being mugged by the media… inside sources and all that?

    Shall we keep him as captain next year? Or would the Flamster, should he stay… be better suited?

  37. chris

    dont the comments relate to that GQ interview which was mis-quoted from french in the first place,
    big phil for captain next year!
    AW did say he had an off game on sunday

  38. Big Raddy

    Big Raddy predicts that Swiss Phil will be the next Arsenal captain. Gallas next season, then he will be sold and Swiss will be our main central defender., should he continue to improve.

    If not, then Flam is a good bet.

  39. chris

    steve how many games have you been to and to have fathered so many children across the country, that now you can’t go in case you meet them or worse the mothers

  40. Odub

    Chipo would have loved to but everything’s been sold out forever!! Red members dont get shit! the ladies V chelsea is available for £3 a pop though! any takers?!

  41. EppingGooner

    Yet another so-called wonderkid linked with us, how exciting…NOT. Can we please just get a few experienced world class players!! We are desperately in need of some cover on the flanks, Rosicky is too prone to injury, Hleb is pretty useless playing out wide and Eboue – well, am I alone in thinking that he is without doubt the worst player to wear an Arsenal Shirt in the Emirates Stadium, I just can’t stand the bloke, he is awful!! I would’ve liked to have seen Babel come to us for cover on the wings and Ribery would’ve been a good addition – Come on Wenger, David Villa, Messi and Kaka!! Yeah ok, so Ive set my sights high, but wouldn’t it be nice !!!

  42. Steve

    I always had loads of away credits, but due to not going to many away this year I got refused Liverpool in the C.L Fucking gutted. I was only a couple short too.

  43. Odub

    Steve I wouldnt go as far as calling you a good boy! being a fellow gooner at least means you’ve got some scruples, sense of decency, and good taste. But good……

  44. Odub

    EppingGooner, no you are not alone in your sentiments regarding Eboue!

    Spuds want ronaldinho and the geordies want Reyes! That’s right the same ever smiley fuckwit we kicked out the door last season!

  45. gazzap

    if reyes goes to newcastle then it proves his problem was with someone or something at Arsenal and NOT the English weather. its bloody cold up there.

    I just dont know how a team with Eboue and Diaby playing on the wings got to be challenging for the league title anyway. we must be bloody good round the rest of the pitch!

  46. Pedro

    If Reyes goes to newcastle… it proves he is a shite player Gazzap.

    He can’t make it a Arsenal… Real… Athletico and now he wants to come back and play in the freezing North East.

    It stinks of desperation and sums up Kevin Keegan as a no nothing manager.

  47. Odub

    have to agree with you on both counts gazzap! I cant think of many teams that would have those 2 in those positions! Are we that short of players?! surely even trying Kieran Gibbs out would have been a better option than playing diaby at left wing!

  48. Odub

    Considering how their last Spaniard striker (Albert Luque) got on, it aint gon end well is it?!!
    reyes had 2/3 decent games for Real last season and suddenly thought he was the dog’s bits! He has done absolutely fuck all for Athletico this season.

  49. Chipo

    and is everyone aware that Vela means ‘candle’ in English.

    So we are effectively going to have a player called Charlie Candle

  50. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Reyes was never that bad….I liked him…..I think it was perfectly clear where his problems were at Arsenal; he was our record goal scorer, the focal point of the team and wore number 14. TH made life unbearable for that poor kid. Plus being the most fouled player in the league probably didn’t help him.

    I reckon he would be dynamite in the league for us this season. Much better than eboue or diaby for starters.

    Just thinking, has Arsene not essentially tapped up Ben Arfa via the media? A tactic that stinks of the chavs?

  51. Pedro

    Right guys,

    Me and Geoff have been discussing a few ideas over the atmosphere at the stadium… its going to be a hot topic this summer for the new year.

    I reckon we need a blog song sheet… you guys let me know the songs, and I’ll post them up… we then promote them before the game.

    The new fans get to have a look (As they are all middle class, they’ll have net access… i kid…) at the songs so they know the words and it might encourage them to sing!

    TH14, its about time we started tapping up players… act like a G14 club for once!
    Geoff also came up with the idea of speaking to Arsenal about big screen prompts for songs… Karaoke for the fans!

    So… what do you think… and what songs shall I put on the new song page!

  52. Pedro

    TH14… More of the same from Arsene?

    “Slowly, yes, we will get there,” Wenger told Arsenal TV about his summer manoeuvres.

    “I have said many times and I will repeat that, even if you go through a difficult patch at the moment my first target is to keep the team together and when that job is done I can go somewhere else and look, but I have not completed that job at the moment.

    “It’s just he’s a player [Ben Arfa] I have known for a long, long time and that I rate, but I have never heard from Lyon that he is for sale. I just wanted to say [in a recent interview with the French press] that for me, he is a good player with a great talent.”

  53. GMR

    Geoff, I understand your complaints about John Terry & the fact that Chelski’s first goal was offside, but having said that think back to the game at the Emirates & if it wasn’t for the referee we wouldn’t have beaten Chelski then. So in some ways (this season anyway, but not the last few) our games against the chavs have both been decided by poor decisions. Gallas fouled a defender for our goal against Chelski at the Emirates & they scored an offside one.

  54. jimmyfingers

    Yo yo yo

    Sorry, I don’t know why I said that. Haven’t got timeto read all the comments but I will say this: I think we will miss Sagna. For my money I would like to see Kolo go out there and play and bring Senderos into the centre. Seems only yesterday we would hide behind the seat/sofa/bar stool and cover our eyes when he came on but now he’s become one of our most dependable defenders and frankly right now I would orefer him to start ahead of Gallas

    Oh quickly, Reyes to Newcastle? Is he mad? How far has his star fallen

  55. GMR

    We’d still have beaten them over two legs though, 0-0 at ours & 1-1 at theirs. I just don’t see this sequence continuing in the CL. We scored against the Chavs twice from corners, not once from open play!!

  56. lc

    AW could do this to rest Hleb and Fabregas for next week.

    -Move Kolo, as RB( To make sure Walcott doesn’t have to come down too often).

    – Walcott, RW.

    – Eboue, LW(I suspect this is where his first goal could come from, as he is too right footed to score from RW).

    -Song and Flamini in middle.

    There is the team formation:

    Halmunia or Lehmann.

    – Kolo- Senderos- Gallas- Clichy.

    – Walcott- Flamini- Song (or Gilberto)- Eboue.

    – RVP- Bentner(or Adebayor).

  57. Chipo

    Discounting the Milan game, we haven’t scored from open play since March 1st.

    You can’t expect to win the league with a stat like that.

  58. gazzap

    lc. thats what I would do other than the middle where Diaby would play instead of Song for me and I would probably swap the wingers around since Theo is also better on the left cutting in and shooting.

  59. Geoff

    GMR you are forgetting that we had two goals in that game disallowed and one was perfectly ok and boy wonder could have had a hat trick.

    I wouldn’t kick the ball out of play unless a player had a broken leg or a head injury, and if it was John Terry it would have to be severed first, the cheating cunt.

  60. GMR

    Chipo, thats what annoys me. We are constantly lauded by people for great football but even if 25% of it came to something we would be top of the league by a mile. Man Utd play effective football which is good to watch, we play artistic football which has become boring as teams know how to stop it. We usually play better against bigger clubs because they feel they can take us on, although that tactic doesn’t work with chelski because they play football like Bolton!!

  61. GMR

    My memory isn’t that good so I don’t remember the offside goals. Agree about John Terry though, if he had a severed head we could boot it into the net & claim a goal!!

  62. Odub

    Even that perennial Arsenal critic Andy Gray said terry was out of order for that! England captain my backside, the fucking thug!

  63. Chipo

    I know mate, dont really know whats happened to us, think fatigue plays a big part at this point in the season. And also, on the subject of the type of goals we score…

    Since when did we score a goal like this:

    1) Midfield slide-rule pass to striker, one on one and scores. (Ade missed v boro, and that was first slide rule ive seen in so long)

    2) The classic invincibles goal, midfielder through on goal but with narrow angle, squares unselfishly to onrushing team-mate for easy tap in. (Ade and Bendtner at Bham)

    Is there a pattern emerging?

    3) A 20 second lightning counter attack, 3 or 4 passes after an opposing corner and its in the back of their net.

    If i saw ONE of these goals against Bolton i would be a happy chappy

  64. chris

    omg if that is his site i can not seeing playing for arsenal, he looks like a mentalist!
    AW wont like that at all,

  65. Geoff

    Yeah but not one paper said a word, not one, if it was us that did it, they’d still be showing the replays, I hate him more than I hate Beckham, and I really hate Beckham.

  66. Chipo

    p.s. looking at Lansbury’s myspace- snz wn di it bcum kl 2 spl evyfin rong?

    Are they just covering up the fact they cant spell at all?

  67. Chipo

    Wouldn’t you love yourself if people started calling you Arsenals brightest prospect/ next David Beckham etc? I think its pretty hard not to get carried away with it all, which is why Theo impresses me so much.

  68. chris

    now this is funny shit, anyone know anything about this

    Darren Dein is set to become the new agent of Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas.
    DiarioSport says Dein is taking over from Joseba Diaz, who split with Cesc after a long association this week.

    Darren is the son of former Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein and is also close to Barcelona striker and ex-Gunners captain Thierry Henry.

  69. DC

    Ahh chaps… on a positive note…. Just drooling over the 49 unbeaten DVD…. Henry, Bobby, Dennis, Freddie, Edu, Gilberto and Paddy at their very best!! What a team… How did they not win more titles??? Bobby Pires was an awesome player; I think everyone forgets that…..

  70. Odub

    Well if he stays at Arsenal and becomes a great player there is every chance he could turn out ok because AW will keep him in check.I know it didnt work with pennant, but it does tent to work. If he moves on, be prepared to see his mug in the sun or daily star every night out partying with every gold digging big brother loser going!

  71. GMR

    I don’t like Darren Dein becoming Cesc’s agent. I reckon this is designed to cause trouble for the current board.

  72. Odub

    doesnt sound good does it? TH14’s best man, son of the orange one now manages our most influential player! A player we have just tied to an 8 year deal! I bet they ask to renegotiate next season!

  73. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Don’t like the sound of that at all. Would just be another way for L’Orange to get his mitts into arsenal further. He could pretty much decide whether Cesc stays or goes in many ways.

  74. Stupid

    With Sagna out, this will give AW the perfect excuse to move toure to RB and bring Senderos back into the heart of defence. Kolo has unstabilised the defence since his return from the ACN.

  75. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Oh and DC, no one forgets how good Bobby was. In fact, if anyone needs a refresher, just turn on La Liga, he is in sensational form for Villareal this season.

  76. charybdis1966

    Yes to Kolo at right back, but I doubt this will happen. It’ll be Hoyte there and Eboue will stay at RW 🙁

    And Ade will stroll on in his comfort zone again.

    I despair at times.

    I’d love to be proved wrong, but I don’t see it happening at the cloggers place.

  77. Steve

    Pires was/is fucking magic. Always scored in big games too. More than can be said of our highest ever goalscorer.

    He had such a lovely habit of scoring against the scum too. Love him, proper gooner in every sense.

  78. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Absolute legend Pires. He took up the mantle when those around him were faltering….TH14 and DB10 were phenomenal players and so often got us the points but the way Pires, Cole and Henry linked down the left for Arsenal was at times unplayable and Pires was the heart of that little trio. A real match winner when we needed him. Scored so many great, big goals and set up countless more.

    If we had RP7 in this team when he was in his pomp we would be cruising at the top of the league. Add Freddie to that and we would be Champions League favourites too. Oh sod it, stick Henry in there too. Ha ha.

    You just realise how few of our current crop would’ve made it into that team back then. 2?

  79. charybdis1966

    Bobby is sadly missed. I remember seeing him score a hatrick against Southampton at Highbury – the third was a delightful chip over the goalie (like the one against Rudolf when he left ManUre to play for Villa).
    i was upper tier north bank that day and as he started his celebration with his left index finger pointing in that idiosyncratic style of his he disappeared from view running towards the corner flag.

    Also bad boy Pennant scored a hat rick too – now that’s weird.

  80. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    I was upper East for that game. What a magical day. Yeah Pennant was brilliant wasn’t he? I don’t think anyone doubted his talent, just his pissy, petulant wannabe rude boy antics.

    Pires was sublime. Simple as that. The intelligence of Dennis, the technique of Henry and the pass of Cesc. Can’t get much better than that can you?

  81. Odub

    6-1 was in the North Bank!!
    Bobby Pires at his outstanding best! But still think his goal against Villa was his best, past Boateng and the chip over rednose bigfoot!! What a goal, what a season!!!

  82. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    I don’t know….he scored an absolute scorcher against Liverpool, that one was pretty special.

    Oh god, that Video makes me just want to go home now and stick on some Bobby P dvds and relive the magic. Oh and on a quick point what does everyone make of Arsenal TV? Those that have/watch it?

    I am a bit miffed that it isn’t on over weekends and the range of programming isn’t great.

  83. chris

    recently moved house th14 so i have not got the sky sorted yet, but i would happily pay money for arsenal tv, seen bits in my mates, repetitve ads but that is the norm for niche channels,

  84. Odub

    there’s now an Arsenal TV2 on sky, dont know what that’s about, havent got setanta so can’t comment. bud and chris are your best bet.

  85. Steve

    Arsenal tv is shit. Shows the odd reserve game and every time I turn it on it is replaying our home game v’s Sunderland. The second channel is just a re-run of the other shit shown later. It still doesn’t do weekends. Fucking con. I’m getting rid of Setanta after Calzaghi’s fight.

  86. chris

    steve, might be worth seeing if you can get an irish card, 15:00 matches most saturdays, or just stream matches online,

  87. Odub

    came up as I surfed thru the sports channels noticed it earlier in the week. Might just be the same channel with an hour delay chris

  88. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Yeah I agree it’s a bit pish. The 5-1 in the San Siro was magnificent but I’ve watched it about 4 times in the last fortnight. I’m getting to the stage where I am criticising players as if it was a live game. ‘Edu, for fucks sake, wake up, you CANNOT fuck around like that on the edge of your own box.’

  89. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Think I’m dumping off Setanta shortly too Steve, it’s such a load of wank. Its £10 a month for about 2 decent things in that time.

  90. chris

    i’d love to have it but i know why it might be head wrecking with repeats, but sky sports news is repetitve too and i’d rather have repeats of arsenal that that shit,

  91. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Where can I get 3pm kick offs online??? Where are these magical sites Chris? Are they in arabic? Or Italian? Or Scottish?

  92. chris

    its on setanta ireland tommorrow odub so i am sorted, but a quality stream should be available somewhere, if you are on tommorrow ill post a link

  93. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Was anyone else absolutely mugged off by the ATV online thing that said all games covered live online? I signed up for it, turned out to be audio only. Massively pissed off. The way they worded it made it seem like they would have full match coverage in streamed video format. Turned out just to be reserve games.

  94. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Thanks Chris. I’ll check that out tomorrow. Hopefully i won’t have as bad a view of it as Arsene has!

    Still, the fouls look less severe when they are lagged right?

  95. chris

    quality can be ok but if you have a flat panel i’d connect the pc/laptop to it as the resolution is higher, even an older model pc thats in the attic can do,