Scannell, is he the pacey winger we need? Hats off to Gilberto

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Rumours abound regarding us signing Sean Scannell, the Palace wonderkid, I’ve not seen him but people (Blogs) say he is the next big Irish (Born in Croydon?) hope, is he too young for us or is he a perfect Wenger signing? Time will tell I guess, but we all know we need a winger.

Vela is playing on the wing but I think he’s a forward so this rumour may have some substance.

Gilberto came out and said that Billy Gallas has the support of the dressing room, if that’s true, I’m glad, we need unity and if it’s true then Gilberto has gone way up in my estimation for saying that about the player that replaced him as captain, so a big well done to Gilberto (yes I know he wasn’t captain but he was captain elect).

All the players are saying we need to win our seven remaining games, so at least it shows they can add up, but it does show they are still trying, let’s not forget that this time last year we were chasing 4th and out of all the cups and we could still do the double, we can but dream, but that’s what football is all about.

I am amazed that Rosicky had the nerve to join his national squad this week, when he hasn’t played for the team that pays his wages for months, if someone can shed some light on that I would be appreciative.

Big Nick scored for Denmark yesterday and Arsenal hopeful Franck Ribery done for England, I watched a bit of it but to be honest, if it’s not Arsenal, I’m not interested.

I’m wondering if the boss will blood some youngsters, like Barazite at Bolton, see if they have it for next season, I can’t see Wenger signing any big players, but you never know, he may surprise us all.

I expect big Phil to play at the weekend and maybe he’ll rest Gallas, we have a huge week coming up and I would think he’ll be looking ahead, Rosicky normally plays well against Liverpool, maybe he’s thinking about bringing him back for that one, I wonder if the Czechs will release him, we can only hope eh?

Good days blogging yesterday and some interesting viewpoints on managers past, I still have a big soft spot for Georgie, at least he doesn’t slag us off when he’s on TV.

A note for new Grovers certain words aren’t allowed on this site let me refresh you on what we don’t comment on, peoples religion or peoples race, we have a world wide audience and we welcome anyone who supports Arsenal, any nasty comments get binned.

Finally, a big happy birthday to I hope you have a great day Mr Spanish Fry!

Happy blogging Grovers!

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  1. Big Dave

    Rosicky has not trained for us for ages, so i doubt that he will play v liverpool
    I agree rest Gallas and play Sendo, Walcott to start, no Davies for them, so lets go for it and hit them from the start.
    BTW Ben Afra from what i hear is a defo for nxt season

  2. gazzap

    Rosicky is Czech captain and would have joined up just to be there for his words and experience. I very much doubt be even trained, though I dont know anything specific about the game but thats what I assume is the situation. I seriously dont expect him to play for us again this season.

  3. Geoff

    Okay Gazzap thanks for the info, Big Dave, where did you get the Ben Arfa news from.

    Bud, not worthy of any kind of comment!

  4. Odub

    Dont know what game you were watching bud but he looked old and jaded to me! brown was further forward than him most of the time!! They were all crap anyways!

    Scannell sounds like a good prospect, palace hve got a couple at the mo, but this takes us back to the isue we’ve raised many time before, we keep buying sodding prospects!

    I’d get rid of Rosicky in the summer, I doubt he’ll play again this season, but I’m sure he’ll make a miraculous recovery for the Euros!

  5. John Brown

    The good thing about playing Bolton is it’s difficult to see them scoring, particularly without Nolan. Hopefully we can play high enough up the pitch to make Davies less of an irritant. (particularly with no Anelka who can run in behind) At the Emirates this season they just left Davies unchallenged because he had no support and so his headers couldn’t go anywhere but to Arsenal players

  6. Chipo

    Watched the England game last night and couldn’t believe how little we wanted to win it… Depressingly same old second half. Owen has literally lost the plot get him out. Same with Crouch. And Bentley proved that he is just an identikit beckham- nothing changed with that sub, same crosses, same predictability.

    Sorry not to see Theo as well, lets hope he’s fresh for Bolton then.

    Watched the game in Geneva on TF1 french channel and they had Monsieur Le Boss commentating! was brilliant, he made a few very bitter comments about Gallas playing the whole game, and absolutely rinsed Bentley’s performance, saying “il n’a vraiment pas existé” – in other words he might as well not have been on the pitch.

    I’m happy the Eurovision got a mention, maybe we can talk about Crufts or something today, cos there’s not much else going on =]


    Scannel sounds ok, but Ribbery would be perfect (maybe not perfect but good). I think he could have had a good spell for us this year. However, the reason im replying to your comment is i agree with your point ‘if its not Arsenal im not interested’. I think Brazetie will be included in next years Carlin Cup, not before. Thanks

  8. Pedro

    Anyone who wanted to know a little more about that 17 year old Bosnian we were after… look no further than this monster article:


  9. Chipo

    p.s. president of Le List Rosicky shouldn’t be brittle bones if we’re being pedantic- every single injury he’s ever had has been muscular… sorry. very boring.

  10. Bud

    But Geoff David was excellent…….. those long raking balls turning defence into attack…….. I’d love him to play for the Arsenal !!!!!!!!


    Gilberto is a real gentleman
    All we need right now is RVP to get back to form after such a long layoff,and don’t forget we have a very talented number of players one of which is Denilson.agree???so I think there is no urgency for going to a big big star player.
    Like Eduardo I forgive that Taylor,but I still contend that he will be suspended till Eduardo return
    All the best for ALL THE GOONERS

  12. Mike (the neighbour)

    Physio web site shows Rosickys return will be this weekend -29th and no other injuries are posted except of course Eduardo .Normally that bloody list hovers around 7 injuries at any one time so thats a bonus

  13. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Tomas Rosicky needs to fuck off. Sick note.

    Don’t want another kid from lower divs….pennant and walcott haven’t quite seemed worth it.

    Ben Arfa maybe, but not sure he has the frame for prem.

    I am also of the opinion that a lot of this squad can go; gut the fuckers out and bring in some new blood. It’s painfully clear some of the current bunch will not make the grade. Sell them now and bring in some new faces.

    I would like this:

    Rosicky –>out [£6m]
    Hleb –>out [£12m]
    Eboue –>out [£5m]
    Ade–>out [£14m]
    Denilson–>out [£2.5m]
    Lehmann –>out [Free]
    Gilberto –> out [£1.5m]

    This makes us £41m + the £60m we have lying about.

    With the £100m I would buy;

    Richards–> [£17m]
    Aguero–> [£14m]
    Quaresma —> [£20m]
    Modric –> [£15m]
    Hildebrand/Boruc –> [£8m]
    Martins –> [£9m] (I know, controversial but he would destroy it at arsenal. He’s only struggling because he currently playing with retards]

    That little lot would cost us about £83m give or take. Think the prices would be about right.

    Right, I’ll sit back and wait to get criticised.

  14. chris

    “Half-time saw the introduction of Crystal Palace youngster Sean Scannell for his Ireland Under-21 debut. The 17-year-old instantly livened-up proceedings, injecting pace and flair into the Irish attack. ”
    from the other night with Mr Brady observing, can u see where i am going with this!

  15. Mike (the neighbour)

    Geoff-Is Bud turning to the dark side -? clearly he isnt the full shilling -He may of course think he is being ironic –

  16. GMR

    Scannel’s another work in progress. No point signing a prospect again unless its for the reserves but seen as he’s already in the first team at Palace I don’t see him settling for that.

    I’m beginning to think that Wenger’s entire summer will be taken up trying to convince players to stay, rather than signing new players. Cesc & Co are going to be tapped up at the Euro’s particularly by other players & his mind will start to drift. Thats not for a minute suggesting he’d actually leave, just that his head will be turned & then he’ll want to talk to le boss etc. The other part of Wenger’s summer will no doubt be commentating on the championships so it’s already looking very likely everything will be rushed, especially as he still hasn’t employed someone to do all the donkey work!!

    The truth is I genuinely don’t mind if Arsene goes & signs another 10 great prospects just so long as he signs 2 or 3 really top quality experienced players to strengthen the current first team so we can actually cope with injuries next season. Our worst run for 9 years shows the majority of our current players simple aren’t up to it, maybe some are weak mentally & if thats the case it needs to be looked at!!

  17. RvP Fan

    TH14, the only thing i would dissagree with on that list is Hleb out. He is doing an alright jo at holding up the ball, and as My Chelsea Supporting cousin says “is a nightmare to tacke and remove the ball from”. Though on the otherhand, if he did leave, i wouldnt be heartbroken, but the boys @ arsenal will need to find another person to do the half time icecream run!!

  18. Pedro

    Oh TH14… If you know so much maybe you can tell me the winning lottery numbers…?

    haha… just joking.

    Controversial with the Ade sale… who do you think would pay £14million for him! I don’t think I’d go with selling him, but if Hleb wanted to go… I wouldn’t be that fussed. He has been great at times this year, but he hasn’t chipped in with many goals has he?

    Eboue can go, what a waste of time he is, Gilberto and Lehmann are dead certs. I’d keep Denilson, I think he’s had a bit of ‘secondseasonitis’.

    Scannel is of no interest to me, he sounds good, but he is only 17… so he’ll struggle for 3 years, then put in a blinding season, then fuck off to Madrid!

    GMR, you ain’t wrong. We’ll sign all our players before Euro 2008 because of that dreaded word… INFLATION!

    Wenger actually vomits when you say that word around him.

  19. Chipo

    Do you all know RvP played 90mins for Holland? is this a good or bad thing? Either it will sharpen him up, or set him back… lets hope he starts getting some goals now.

  20. gazzap

    RVP playing 90 mins is good. he needs the game sharpness. I mean 70 minutes might have been better but we cant moan. I guess the dutch manager was making the most of having a player that wasn’t knackered from a long season.
    Hleb must be absolutely knackered. he has looked shot in the last few matches and had to play the full 90 last night and I suspect wenger will ask him to do it all again on Saturday. I am not surprised he is not turning in his early season performances. the guy has been played into the ground and needs a proper rest. he wont get it. But I dont think you can criticise him for that. its wengers fault for not having any players that can come in and give Hleb a chance to rest throughout the season.
    Fabregas is the other player who really could have done with not playing 90 minutes last night. he looks like he is running on empty as well though is doing slightly better than Hleb of late.

  21. Chipo

    agreed gazza, rest hleb and fab for sat, lets see diaby in a central role for once and theo out left, although eboue will prob be playin RB…

    unless Wenger puts toure at RB and keeps booboo at RM

  22. GMR

    RVP needs playing time so I can only see that being good for him. Its not like he’ll be too tired come the weekend seen as he has barely played this season.

    Talking about additional money for the transfer fund, you also have to remember that the league prize money this season is being increased by 20 million. So assuming Man Utd win it they’ll get 20 million more than last season & if Arsenal finish 3rd (the current position) we’ll make around 21 million more than our 4th place finish last season. On top of that we’re getting additional tv revenue as Arsenal have been featured more on sky this season due to the title race & we’ll get more money from the champions league again due to the fact we have gone at least 1 round further than last season. All this extra revenue is a bonus & it was never budgeted for when they built the stadium, because the figures were based on the deals they had with sky & the premier league at that time. It means Arsene’s actual transfer fund should be approx 100 million before any players are sold. All that being said, if he sells a few players including some of the reserves he should raise around 10-20 million, so he can comfortable spend 50-70 million & Arsenal would still have a minimum of 50 million spare cash in the bank. Anything less than this & the club really are taking the p*** out of the fans!!

  23. Odub

    I’d play as big and physical a team as possible.


    GMR, AW still wouldnt spend it! Hed still end up buying 10million pound unknows supplemented with the odd juvenile!

  24. GMR

    I’d also play Diaby & even Denilson (if he’s actually back from injury yet). In the FA cup game last season at the Reebok, both those players were superb & lets face it both need playing time.

    I know Arsene won’t spend it, but maybe its about time the board said to Wenger “You have earn’t the right to do it your way, but next season we must win a major trophy or there has got to be a change in policy”.

    It’s alright Arsene having belief in the youngsters & telling us how much quality they display in training, but clearly thats not being transferred to the pitch on matchday. I’ll fully admit now that if Wenger can’t bring home a proper trophy by the end of next season then I’ll want him out, he can’t live on past glories forever & we can compete with the biggest clubs in the transfer market, if he chooses not to thats down to him but when Arsenal release great financial figures each year it makes his argument look weaker & weaker!!

  25. Geoff

    Some good and articulate comments there today Grovers, I’d like to see Diaby in the center, I think he made his debut against Bolton and broke Krusty’s foot 2 years ago.

    I made it £120 mil GMR but it won’t get spent will it?

    I have a sneaky feeling he’ll go and get a huge star, like a Kaka, just a feeling.

  26. chris GOONA10

    definately agree we need to freshen up the starting 11… wenger has dissapointed me in a way this season because he hasnt shown his usual trust in the squad players, think those cup defeats proved that they aint quite ready despite all the hype they were getting when they were beating full strength premiership teams.

    Dont think wenger needs to panic in the summer, but he needs to assess a few players. this season has beem a success, every1 has improved, the team is growing together and we will be only stronger next season.

    Gilberto is finished for me.. looks really sluggish playing for us, never gonna get in front of an excellent so called Flamini who will sign very soon, rememba i said that. Gilberto also doesnt impress me wen he comes on from the bench, you wuld expect him to at least make a difference a player of his calibre but he doesnt really do anything for us anymore.

    So .. Gilberto – OUT
    Lehmann – OUT – wont settle for another year fighting for number 1 spot
    Eboue – ?? – he can do some dazzling runs which are unstoppable, but he is just frustrating the life out of all of us, maybe he will stay as a squad player, but i think hes just blocking sumbody else an opportunity
    Rosicky – ?? – really makes a difference wen hes on the pitch, has that Pires feel about him, but will he give us more playing time next season, if not we need to replace him
    Hleb & Ade – We have to keep our most talented players and any1 who tries to disagree that these 2 arent good enough because of our recent form are stupid.. They will stay and we should add to our squad. No need to rebuild like some people are suggesting

    Team for Saturday..

    Toure Gallas Senderos Clichy
    Walcott Fab Flamini Diaby
    RvP Walcott

    Drop Hleb and Ade.. Give them a rest, maybe it will spurr them on for the next game.

    Think wenger might mix it up a bit. Want to see Walcott start a game, Diaby as well gd to have back in the squad, we actually have a few options now

  27. gazzap

    my Bolton team:
    Eboue/Sagna Senderos Gallas Clichy
    Hleb Fab Flam Theo
    RVP Bendtner

    Bench: Jens, Diaby, Ade, Toure, Djourou/Eboue

    I have a sneaky suspicion Denilson IS injured but its not listed anywhere. if he is fit, he has only just come back. he is not considered a first team player so is often not mentioned by wenger when listing injuries but he was injured a couple of weeks ago.

    hope Clichy is OK as I heard he might be injured too. I would prefer Gallas to move over rather than Traore to come in.

  28. Bud

    All very nice, but you know Wenger is in his own bubble and will play the same team, and we shall all groan !!!!!!!!

  29. Odub

    True! and good one chipo!

    As far as I’m aware Denilson, Diaby and Djourou are all fit, I’d play all 3 with Denilson down the right and RVP down the left with Theo and Bendts up front. Keep the big guns on the bench for this one, and unleash them if things arent going to plan.

  30. Geoff

    What about this then?

    Eboue Kolo Gallas Clichy

    Theo Diaby Djourou Theo

    Bendtner Ade

    What kind of bubble Bud?

  31. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    chris GOONA10:

    I would not say Ade and Hleb are not good enough because of our recent form, that is stupid. I say they are not good enough because they have ultimately been pish since they arrived. Hleb not to the same degree. I watched him in the 1st half against Villa and thought it was one of the best free role midfield displays I have ever seen. Unfortunately games like that are few and far between for him. He still has an obsession with running the line, cutting back on himself, cutting inside, then ultimately passing the ball backwards. He slows down the play too much, he is too indecisive and he has an inability to even shoot let alone score. He will never be a pires or a ljungberg. He is not good enough.

    Don’t even make me laugh with Adebayor….this man has cost us more points in the season than he has won us. Simply woeful. Will maybe get better as he is young but LEAGUES behind Drogba and the rest of the top strikers.

  32. Geoff

    You guys don’t understand do you, first Wenger bought IVF youngsters, it worked well, so now he’s cloning players he likes, I thought we’d try him out this weekend, he won’t play him though, he hasn’t got the guts.

  33. Odub

    Someone made a point a few days back…Kenwyne Jones would have scored more goals than Ade if he was playing week in week out. So would any other striker worth calling that!
    me thinks we’re giving this boy more credit than he’s due, and we can do without! It’s def getting to his newly decornrowed head!

  34. Odub

    I like the explanation Geoff!!!! I’ve got no come back for that one! Shame he didnt clone the old back 4 and DB10!

  35. Bud

    1) We are shit to the point that we are resting our hopes on average squad players to make the difference.

    2) Wenger is bilinkered.

    3) Geoff has seen the error of his ways, loves Beckham and wants him to sign for Arsenal.

    Think thats most of it covered !!!!!!!!!!

  36. Pedro

    Guys, I think the Ade bashing has gone to far!

    He is a good player, he’s banged in nearly 20 this season, and that is all you ask of a striker.

    Most top centre backs fear playing him the most… Terry, Ferdinand, Maldini.

    He’s not a bad player, nor is Hleb.

    If we’re going to slag of players, why not Cesc? Where have his goals gone? Where has his vision gone?

    The team is based around him and he is not driving it. We wouldn’t dare talk of flogging him though?

    Odub, Kenwyne Jones hasn’t scored in 18 games! I think that is a cruel comparison!

  37. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Odub, whoever said that about Kenwynne Jones sounds like an intelligent and insightful person.

    Oh wait, that was me.

    To be honest he would. Adebayor has somehow gone from a sort of loveable and hardworking moron with absolutely no talent to a disruptive, egotistical, narcissist with absolutely no talent.

    ‘If Eto’o and Henry were at the club now they would be on the bench.”

    Yeah, maybe, after scoring a couple each and coming off after 89 mins to give your lanky legs a run-out, complete mug.

  38. Odub

    Pedro I’ve seen him revert back to last season in the last 8 league games, his first touch has got worse, and he can’t seem to pass to save his life.

    Fine he’s scored 22 goals this season, but I think him becoming our highlight player has been to the detriment of some other players in the squad. I still can’t get over him not laying the ball back to Bendtner V Birmingham to make the game safe at 3-1!

    The comparism with Jones as far as I understand it was to the effect that he was the same kind of player with a better touch. I’m sure his current lack of goals is probably down to shit supply. Anyway let’s not start discussing Smoggyland’s players!

    hleb i agree is not a bad player, he just looks knackered, and has started trying far too may tricks and flicks. Other than that I’d just rest him for a week, considering he also played 90 minutes last night.

  39. gazzap

    Ade is better than most give him credit. whats all this crap about anyone can score if the midfield create chances. well why couldn’t bendtner score when he was given a few games? why don’t Tevez and Rooney appear at the top of the scoring charts right now? are they shit as well?
    Ade has gone off the boil, but he is still a good player for us and has had a good season. A lot of very good players in very good teams do not score 20+ goals in a season. remember he is still young too.
    I happen to think Drogba is a slightly better player but they are both good.
    Ade has been played all season long, just the same as Hleb and Fabregas and we wonder why these 3 players have all looked jaded coming into March. wenger has used them all too much because our squad is thin. Simple.

  40. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Absolutely right Odub. He has gone backwards and it is due to his personality as much as anything. He is believing his own hype and his work rate has dropped dramatically as a result. He has also alienated Bendtner to the detriment of the team.

    He is becoming lazy and petulant and the number of offsides he chalks up is ridiculous. If he wants to be the big man at arsenal, it’s time he starts playing like the big man.

  41. Steve

    Let’s put a little perspective on this. Hleb and Ade were fantastic earlier in the season and are now clearly struggling for form. It doesn’t make them bad players all of a sudden. I think Ade’s problem is that he has been found out, and also that now the team are struggling they revert to long balls to him which clearly doesn’t suit his style of play.

    I’m not saying he is a world beater, but he isn’t shit as some are now saying. I believe he is a confidence player and is struggling to find it at present.

    Call me a cunt if you wish, but just trying to play devil’s advocate here a little.

  42. Odub

    big up TH14!!lol

    The other thing with Ade is his constant references to TH14 every fucking week!

    I havent however suggested he be sold, unless of course he starts mouthing off about being linked to Milan and manure again.

    Apart from that he’s welcome round mine for sunday roast and guiness!!

  43. Pedro

    I don’t think its down the personality, he’s just a confidence player and he’ll be back firing them in again!

    Of course drogba is a better player, he is 30 years old! He has 6 years on Ade! Drogba said in his first season he’d be better than Thierry… arrogance comes with the territory with strikers… what would we rather he say? Oh, Thierry is better than I’ll ever be… I’m a bit turd and I’m on a lucky streak with the goals?

    No way… its good to hear he wants to be the best.

    Arrogance – Self belief

    Its a fine line.

    He’ll be back without a doubt and I’d rather have him playing for us than against us.

  44. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Gazzap, have to disagree on a couple of things mate;

    The midfield creating chances point is only really applicable to Arsenal in this circumstance. United play a far less rigid system than us and both Rooney and Tevez are deep lying strikers, dropping deep and playing wide and interchanging with Ronaldo/Giggs. This is not true of Adebayor. A fairer comparison would be Drogba in a full season or Torres this year.

    Bendtner would score shed loads, but it’s not fair to give him 20 mins every 3 games and ask why he has gelled with the midfield.

    The season length is true, they look knackered, but is that an excuse? Drogba played 59 games a couple of seasons ago and scored 33 goals. Lampard played how many consecutive games for Chelsea?? Vieira and Henry were starting pretty much every game every season for about 4 years. If they are not up to it, then get some real strong players who are.

    Agree the squad is too thin though so we end on a meeting of minds. Always nice.

  45. Geoff

    I think Ade has been great, but of late a liability, Hleb I think is great but lacks an end product all too often.

    The solution is to drop them, or to take them off when it’s obvious they’re not working, but that’s down to Wenger, he’s always been blinkered, Henry was undroppable and now it appears is Ade.

  46. Odub


    Hate to break this to you me old mate but I have a strange nagging unsure feeling that he’s 23!!!! Might be wrong, in fact I hope I’m wrong, but having seen first hand a west african player who I know for a fact to be 5-6 years older than he claims he is, I tend to take ages with a big bag of sodium!

    Before anyone starts accusing me of being racist or unfair or any shyte like that I lived in same neighbourhood with said person when i lived with relatives abroad so I know what i’m taking about!!!!!

  47. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Ok, listen, I am going to stop just ragging on Adebayor because it isn’t going to get us anywhere and I hate continually slating someone who wears the beloved red and white. I really do hope he comes good, of course I do, I don’t hate him, I just don’t rate him and I think he is a problem at the moment.

    I hope I am wrong. But let’s get on to more positive topics.

    How fucking shit is eboue??

  48. Pedro

    He’s turned 24 last month!

    Ibrahima Bakayoko lied about his age and there was talk over Martins age… he is 21 but played in the same youth team as babayaro… who is 30!

    24… he has a long way to go before he can be classed as the finished article.

  49. chris

    i actually feel sorry for eboue, god he tries but the diving is a big issue, he gets stuck in as if he was arsenal thru and thru, i think he might improve but it may not be with arsenal, but ulitmatly AW wont drop him but theo might get in and stay there,

  50. GMR

    The trouble with Hleb is that he comes across as a luxury player rather than a consistant performer. He can be brilliant (probably the most gifted player at the club), but he doesn’t do it every week like Ronaldo has this season (& Ronaldo is younger). Hleb is at the peak of his game now & he should be able to cope with a full season, thats not to say he won’t have a few bad performances but his lack of form has gone on for months now with just the odd excellent game inbetween, it’s supposed to be the other way around.

  51. Odub

    Martins and Babayaro same age!!! intresting!

    Anyway, I doubt anyone will have any arguments for re Eboue!

    As shit as Gilberto has been this season, I have to say I remember how good he has been so the vitriol won’t be as intense for him as eboue

  52. Steve

    I don’t feel sorry for Eboue, the bloke is a fuckwit. I feel sorry for us cunts paying his fucking wages.

  53. Odub

    Agreed Steve re Gilberto, eboue on the other hand just infuriates me every time I see him play!!! I’m sure his been spoken to by AW and co re his conduct on the pitch, but there just doesnt seem to be any change at all!!!

  54. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Gilberto Silva is a consummate professional and a gentleman. It really is sad to see that his age has finally caught up with him and he can’t anchor the midfield like he used to. Makelele seems to defy age barriers but sadly not Gilbo, His role in the 5-1 humiliation by the spuds summed up how far he has fallen from last season. Powerless to prevent any of their attacks and a direct contributor to several of them. His sprint capacity seems to have vanished, merely capable of a leisurely job, in stark contrast to the ball of energy that is Flamini. Still, a real lesson to younger players at the club. I salute you Gilbo.

    Eboue is not worthy of sympathy. Apparently he is a bit of a joker in the dressing room and is very popular which is great. We need players with that kind of personality to keep our young squad having fun, however, his antics on the pitch and his lack of focus and commitment are appalling. He is not the least talented player, but he is more interested in moaning, diving and fouling than playing football.

    A quick mention has to go to Sagna….Le Bac. He is an Arsenal legend in the making. Not the most exciting player to grace our squad but his work rate, attitude, focus and discipline are 1st class. How many fewer free kicks have we conceded on the flanks in dangerous areas this season compared to last? Le Bac and Clichy have been brilliant in that department this year. Tick in the margin for Mr Wenger.

  55. Stupid

    Watching the game last night, reminded me of the player who we were linked with so closely all last year and in the end we lost him to bayern. Ribery is just a superb right sided player who would enhance ANY team on this planet.

    Was tailor made for us as a long term bob pires replacement, no idea how AW let him sli the net.

  56. Spanish Fry

    Adebayor is mentally tired – you can see it. He was at his best when he had a regular partner with him up front (RVP early on and Eduardo in his hot patch) and he’s just played a few games too many as a lone frontman.

    He’s a great player with clear flaws that will be a great asset for the club for years to come. Anyone who is bagging him for the past few performances will regret it.

    Read Arseblogger’s article if you want a great perspective on it.

    Night all. Thanks again Pedro and Geoff – keep up the great work.

  57. Loudspeaker :E

    I still remember Hleb having the best match in an arsenal shirt in a match against bolton last season. can’t remember whether it was home or away though. nobody seemed able to touch him. He easily dribbled past loads n loads of players alone. He’s really one of the best on his night, isn’t he?

  58. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Stupid, massive shout. How Ribery is not plugging the role that Eboue is playing in is beyond me. He seemed such a dead cert for the Arse. i remember many a blog article dedicated to whether we needed him, how he would be used etc. Remarkable.

    Then again how many times have we thought someone was a dead cert for us before going somewhere else??

    Curtis Davies, Baptista, SWP, Torres, Babel, Essien?

  59. DennisDaMenace

    Hey Guys C’mon,

    This team was good enough to lead the division for most of the season, and play some of the best football in Europe. There’s nothing too much wrong, except a lack of numbers. Particularly in respect of resting key players and giving certain players competition for places.

    I say keep the existing players (except mad Jens and Bertie), but add to them with some experienced quality.

    So, c’mon get behind the boys, there’s still an awful lot left to fight for.

  60. chris

    th14, clichys has be at the end of a fair bit of stick recently, but how sick must he have been that sagna has scored before him!

  61. victor

    my bolton team for saturday
    kolo. senderos. gallas. clichy
    eboue. flamini. fabs. v.persie
    the subs; niklas,walcott,gilberto,lehmann,barizte.djorou

    i feel kolo shud never play center half until next season coz i feel senderos is a better player now and really deputised well wen kolo was at the ACN.all who can tell arsene to uuse this squad otherwise we are doomed

  62. Steve

    Stupid, Ribery is a good player but I think he is a bit of a cunt.

    He cited reasons for leaving Marseille to play in the Champions League and went to Bayern, although they weren’t in the competition ‘cos they offered him the most money.

    I genuinly believe that Wenger went for him and pulled out when it became clear that football wasn’t his main objective.

  63. Chipo

    Hleb is pure class, without a doubt our most gifted player. if he starting scoring he’d be up there with the best of the best. No way we can sell him. Think about him last season- good, but not compared to this season.. Therefore… Next season he will score more goals than ronaldo!!

    All these ppl talking about selling hleb and ade should be cuddled One bad patch and everyone starts mouthing off.


  64. Chipo

    lol @ victor “senderos is a better player than kolo now”

    form is temporary, class is permanent. Sendy is having a good spell, Toure a bad one, but KT is still streets ahead…

  65. Loudspeaker :E

    Sure as hell Chipo!! White ronaldinho tag doesn’t sound right for hleb. Black hleb is more appropriate one for Ronaldinho. btw, anyone saw tht twat ramos saying he wants ronaldinho with tottnumbs. Fckin twat mst hav had a bad dream or surely he must b joking

  66. Steve

    I think it’s funny when Spurs make comments like that. They did it with Robinho and he replied that he’d never heard of Tottenham. Fucking ledge.

  67. chelski sucks

    traore toure gallas eboue
    walcott diaby djourou denilson
    van.p bendtner
    i think we should ply this line up it will fresh things up, pace,rest key players for liverpool,although i know wenger would never play this ever now

  68. Geoff

    The problem with Hleb is he has all the skill but no shot, Bobby on the other hand did. It’s frustrating watching him, because he is so good, but you know there won’t be a rasper at the end.

  69. Bud

    At £120 a match, I expect to get value for money, so I pay my way and merit the right to moan………….. if you went to an expensive restaurant and were served up a load of limp tasteless stuff that left you most unsatisfied with a bad taste in your mouth and a feeling of dissapointment………. would you complain or just accept it and pay the bill without moaning, or would you complain ????

  70. Bud

    Chipo !

    Never said sell them as his thread led with, but he has critisized those for mouthing off because we have had a bad patch !

    I repeat…… £120 quid for my feast of football and it is shit, and as I can’t get my money back – thou shalt complain !!!!!!!!!!

  71. Chipo

    i’m all for constructive compaining- dont even know if it was u mate, just remember reading on here (and other forums) about people going mental.

    All i’m saying is stop over-reacting! (not to you Bud – to anyone who actually is over-reacting!) im confusing myself now lol

  72. Odub

    The complaining has been a lot worse than it currently is, Sunday/Monday and after the brummie game things went a bit beserk!!!

  73. Steve

    I’m with Bud on this. If we’re paying through the nose to watch then we do have a right to voice our distain.

  74. Odub

    Eh Arsene knows…… he’s the best manager in the league, ever so smart he is, and he has the best recruitement policy in the world….We daren’t complain!!!

  75. Odub

    Ah yes! Cheers Geoff, and that too!

    Change of topic AGAIN!!

    What English players could/would we possibly bid for over the summer, if AW did actually feel the need to buy proven English players, if there is such a thing?!

  76. Pedro

    I’m with Chipo… we haven’t blown it all yet. If we finish the season potless, then maybe we can have a real bitch up… but wait and see what happens in the champions league first!

    We’re on a bad run, but that doesn’t mean we will stay on a bad run.

    Lets all get a bit of positivity back chaps!

    £120 a match is a lot bud, but think of it this way… you’ve had more value than you did last year.

  77. Odub

    Just asking chris! I know a couple of the regulars are from Essex, just wondered if you were too!! My missus is from Essex so no I havent got an issue with essex!!!

  78. Steve

    I’m adoptive essex.

    I can say things like ‘mug’ now.

    Bud, what have you done to piss on Pedro’s parade. He is making a point of disagreeing with your every word today.

  79. Geoff

    Freddie Eastwood’s uncle prunes my trees, you’re right he is a pikey, his grandma gave birth in a caravan when they were driving through Wales, true story, they weren’t actually Welsh.

  80. Steve

    Anyone know if any of our boys got injured last night?

    I’m guessing Robin Van Fragility has damaged a toenail or something?

  81. Geoff

    I’m from Upminster now, originally from Bethnal Green, which as you all know is two and a half hours from Arsenal.

  82. Gooner from Pakistan

    Well I hope Wenger now proritize CL and blood some young talent in the EPL. In my opinion Arsene should check out Barazite, Lansbury along with the benchwarmers like Denilson, Nicky & Song. I think lansbury has gr8 potential. I watched him many times and he’s got a lot of Gerrard in him. Can anyone tell me in which french magzine did Wenger said that bit about BENARFA.

  83. chris

    i dont see any injury news, thats mikes department! but we wont fuckin know till tommorrow any way, poxy internationals!
    so i am a partial londoner odub, that is intertesing news

  84. GMR

    I wish I could be a member of the ‘Arsene Knows’ brigade. It must be bliss walking around all day believing everything he says. They don’t for a minute see how stupid they come across when the great man says things like “winning trophies isn’t everything, playing good football is just as satisfying”. Then they spend all their time saying how true this statement is.

    When we had the likes of Vieira & Co in their prime, the power play & great football was fantastic but it nearly always led to goals. We usually had 15-20 minute spells in games where we would obliterate the opponents. Nowdays we see even more of the ball but seem intent on playing pretty patterns as opposed to scoring. If people pay close attention to Wenger’s recent words you can see that his main obsession is not losing as opposed to winning. He believes that by losing the fewest matches of all the clubs that somehow makes us the best & most consistant. I personally would prefer that of the 10 draws so far we’d risked losing some of those games in order to gain 4-5 extra wins which would now have put us back top of the league. Anyone remember Wenger slating every other team & manager for playing 4-5-1 & saying how negative it was, now he plays that system half the time.

    I’m probably in the minority, but I don’t even think our football is that good. Having all the ball & doing nothing with it doesn’t excite me at all & most of our play is predictable now anyway. I can’t even remember the last time we scored a hatful of goals against anybody.

  85. Chipo

    Has anyone mentioned Alex Song as a potential starter v Bolton- wouldnt mind seeing what he can do again, and i hear he scored a cracker against Chelski for the reserves…

  86. Odub

    Originally from Finsbury park! grew up there and Lagos, Long Island and Battersea!!!! Now hail from Waddon surrey!! Just outside Carshalton Beeches!!!

    Littlest Hobo me!! ……there’s a voice keeps on calling me!!!!

  87. Chipo

    GMR it was Derby 5-0 at the emirates i think… I agree, we havent spanked anyone for a long time. Wenger on the other hand…..


  88. Geoff

    Song, I hadn’t thought about him, but watching us pass from one side to the other without a shot gets to me, I can remember when we won if we were 3-2 down to Middlesbrough and win 5-3 or 2-1 down to Wigan and win 4-2, those were the days.

  89. chris

    chipo, young guns reviewed the match and said somethin like song was a different class but was an over all lazy performance (or similar)

    is that lagos on the isle of white odub?

  90. Pedro

    I am sure that there is a psychological term for ‘Arsene knows’ syndrome.

    I read a case study about a plane crash.

    The engine caught fire mid flight, the captain was alerted… so he switched the engine off… trouble was he switched the wrong one off and no one aboard the plane dared to mention this obvious mistake because they assumed the captain knew what he was doing…

    I think its called group think… or an off shoot of it?

    I think we can draw comparisons… just not as fatal!

    Anyone who disagrees can mug the fuck off…

    Ahhh, sweet Essex dialect…

  91. Odub

    good point choy! completely forgot about song, and he’d def get stuck in against Bolton! I’d rather have Djourou and Diaby in the middle though.

    We kept hoping each one of our 4 consecutive draws would be THE trashing we’d all been hankering for, it never happened and let’s just pray for a scrappy 1-0 with a goal off someones arse this saturday, anything but another sodding draw!

  92. Odub

    Heeeeeeelllllll nnoooo!!!! I am not welsh!

    That would mean I’m from the same countsy as Gavin Henson, Tom Jones and Ryan Giggs!! No thanks!

  93. Odub


    That would mean I’m from the same gaf as Gavin Henson, Ryan Giggs and Tom Jones!

    See my point?!

  94. charybdis1966

    If we’re talking about where we’re based, I spent my formative years in Essex too, although after that I had time in SE London (Plumstead Common – historically significant as any gooner will know) and NW Kent.

    I also worked in Blackstock Road for 5 years, up till last May, so every lunchtime I could see the rise of Ashburton and the retreat of Highbury.

    I once saw that Charlie george at lunchtime in Gillespie Road when I was having a bag of chips.