Scannell, is he the pacey winger we need? Hats off to Gilberto

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Rumours abound regarding us signing Sean Scannell, the Palace wonderkid, I’ve not seen him but people (Blogs) say he is the next big Irish (Born in Croydon?) hope, is he too young for us or is he a perfect Wenger signing? Time will tell I guess, but we all know we need a winger.

Vela is playing on the wing but I think he’s a forward so this rumour may have some substance.

Gilberto came out and said that Billy Gallas has the support of the dressing room, if that’s true, I’m glad, we need unity and if it’s true then Gilberto has gone way up in my estimation for saying that about the player that replaced him as captain, so a big well done to Gilberto (yes I know he wasn’t captain but he was captain elect).

All the players are saying we need to win our seven remaining games, so at least it shows they can add up, but it does show they are still trying, let’s not forget that this time last year we were chasing 4th and out of all the cups and we could still do the double, we can but dream, but that’s what football is all about.

I am amazed that Rosicky had the nerve to join his national squad this week, when he hasn’t played for the team that pays his wages for months, if someone can shed some light on that I would be appreciative.

Big Nick scored for Denmark yesterday and Arsenal hopeful Franck Ribery done for England, I watched a bit of it but to be honest, if it’s not Arsenal, I’m not interested.

I’m wondering if the boss will blood some youngsters, like Barazite at Bolton, see if they have it for next season, I can’t see Wenger signing any big players, but you never know, he may surprise us all.

I expect big Phil to play at the weekend and maybe he’ll rest Gallas, we have a huge week coming up and I would think he’ll be looking ahead, Rosicky normally plays well against Liverpool, maybe he’s thinking about bringing him back for that one, I wonder if the Czechs will release him, we can only hope eh?

Good days blogging yesterday and some interesting viewpoints on managers past, I still have a big soft spot for Georgie, at least he doesn’t slag us off when he’s on TV.

A note for new Grovers certain words aren’t allowed on this site let me refresh you on what we don’t comment on, peoples religion or peoples race, we have a world wide audience and we welcome anyone who supports Arsenal, any nasty comments get binned.

Finally, a big happy birthday to I hope you have a great day Mr Spanish Fry!

Happy blogging Grovers!

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  1. Steve

    Stoke Newington, Woodford, Hornchurch, now Langdon Hills for me Geoff. If I move out any further I’ll be Scottish.

  2. gazzap

    Chris, you say all your family come from brentwood…but where then do you come from? Borneo? were your parents so embarrased by you that they had to send you a long way away to be brought up by an isolated hill-tribe? I am not interested in your siblings.
    This is bloody boring but I hail from a small village just north of Croydon called Woodside. bloody hate Crystal Palace though.

    agree with GMR that when we used to get up a head of steam there was not one single team that could not live with Arsenal. there was always a 20 minutes period in a match when the pressure would tell and we would get a goal or two. these days when we really need to sometimes we cant sustain any pressure at all. the whole philosophy of the team has changed since then though, so I guess you have to move on.

  3. chris

    gazzap, are you bullying me i have heard about this on other websites, i might have to calll childline.
    i have seen him on the box for a while yet charybdis i must say

  4. Odub

    choy has also been on today!! I’n def going doo lally!

    charybdis1966, I’ve got family in woodside nothing wrong with that!

  5. charybdis1966

    Chris, Charlie has been on Arsenal TV, on one of the fans forums and he was very slimline.

    He was still identifiable as the iconic 70’s Arsenal player as when I saw him in gillespie Road as the woman I was with, northern and not a football fan, still recognised him.

  6. Odub

    This is going to get confusing very quick!!

    Note to self… make sure you refer to chris,chipo and choy seperately!!!

  7. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Brentwood! Classic. Love a bit of Sams nightclub.

    Anyway, on the English players issue that Odub raised I would Lampard [plump] for the following:

    Micah Richards/David Wheater
    Gabby Agbonlohor (spl!)

    On the moaning issue, I am not going to be made to feel like I am mad or overreacting to have a moan about Arsenal or some of its players. Don’t pay £120 a week, but enough to warrant an opinion. Having seen what Arsene can achieve and the standard of teams in recent history the double team, the invincibles etc I think it is fair to be a little upset that after a good three, probably now four, seasons without a trophy to speak of, that we are a little disappointed that wenger’s new crop don’t quite live up to expectations or standards set before them.

    If I am stupid to say that certain players have let us down this year or that I don’t think they’re good enough then maybe I am stupid. But then tell me this, if I am stupid for feeling like that then why aren’t we top of the league? If these players we have are so beyond criticism then why are we not 7/8 points clear like we should be? Don’t blame injuries, Chelsea had 9 1st team players out for ages earlier this year, and don’t blame squad size because Arsene chose to keep the squad as it is. It is because the players are not good enough to be top of the league.

  8. Steve

    Charlie George signed a big b+w picture of himself for me when my first boy was born. It read “dear Charlie, great name son, Let’s hope you turn out to be as great as the original”

    Fucking legend.

  9. choy

    does anyone think arsene doesn’t rotate at all?

    i mean not to the point of what benitez does but denilson.. song…have hardly had a say this year…

    it isn’t fair for someone to come in suddenly and be expected to perform…!!

  10. Steve

    TH14, Sam’s bouncers once made me wear a fucking nasty shirt that they had spare as mine “wasn’t appropriate” when they had a strict dress code. It’s relaxed now. Fucking thing stank and I left within 1/2 hour.

  11. Steve

    hehehehe no mate, gave it back to them and they pissed themselves laughing. I think they were letting me have it because I was a little the worse for wear.

  12. Odub

    TH14, david Wheater look a good player, height and scores the odd goal, and the boy can bloody defend too!
    Agbonlahor’s got pace to burn, but not sure where he’d fit in with out lot.
    Richards we’ve spoken about in the past, very raw!

  13. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Ha ha, the bouncers there are arseholes and most of the guys in there look like they’ve come fresh out of tony and guy and the eyebrow plucking parlour, but if you can get past that the sort to square foot ratio is quite beyond that which i have experienced in any other establishment. Never known anything like it.

    Yeah, I agree Choy, if AW is so confident in these youngsters then why the hell was Gilbo getting a look in instead of Diarra despite the fact the old boy was clearly not sharp? Where has the starts for Walcott been? Wenger has persisted with that buffoon Eboue. Nikki B can’t get a sniff at a start unless it is with Adebayor which does not work. No Merida (loaned), Lansbury, Barazite, Sunu, Simpson or Hoyte really either, all players I thought might be bedded in a little this season somewhere. Not a sign of it.

    Also why does AW employ SO many players out of position? It’s incredible.

    Walcott (Striker) – RM
    Eduardo (striker) – LM
    Van Persie (Link striker) – LM
    Hleb – (AM) – RM/LM/Link striker
    Rosicky – (AM) – RM/LM
    Diaby – (CM) – LM/LS
    Eboue – (RB) – RM
    Denilson – (CM) – RM
    Song/Djourou – I don’t even know what position these two were originally bought for but Arsene will stick them anywhere in the back or central midfield.

    Is that not really weird??

  14. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Gabby Agbon I would play on the wings with theo potentially or Vela if he cuts it. What a lethal combo they would be. Either that or as part of a three prong like Villa play. Either that or play one on the right and one through the middle as a top striker.

    I would prefer wheater to Richards probably. A big lump in the Terry/Ferdinand/Vidic mould that can just dominate in the air and handle the physical boys (Drogba anyone?).

    Would love a team in a couple of years that looked like this:

    Keeper (Fabi? Boruc? Someone new anyway)
    Sagna Toure Wheater Clichy


    Hleb Cesc

    Agbon Vela/Theo


  15. Odub

    TH14 add to that,
    Toure was bought as a midfielder now a CB
    Gilberto has also ended up at CB
    Hoyte RB has played at CB
    Djourou was a Def Midfielder, now CB
    Eboue was bought to be a trainee kit man he now plays at RM!! What the hell’s going on!!

  16. choy

    th14.. i think it is one of arsene’s firm beliefs that a good footballer can play anywhere….

    what are we gonna do without sagna.. eboue better play well.. and hope theo gets his chance…

  17. Bud

    Geoff live in Essex !

    Pedro loves me, but every now and again we have to disagree, otherwise we get accused of being lovers !!!!!!!

    Geoff, I have never seen you tip…… you’ve always lived by the motto “fuck them, nobody tips me” !!!!!!!!!!

  18. gazzap

    I like the david Wheater call. he is the sort of defender we need. a tall, no nonsense sort of player. still not convinced by having to 5 foot 10 centre backs!

    jsut to finish off the Charlie George thread. My son (now 2 years old) is called Charlie George and we took him to meet him. the big one is such a lovely man and a real gooner through and through. signed my boy a programme and photo for him and had his picture taken with him!

    chris, I promise I wasn’t bullying you, just taking the piss. oh, that is bullying. oh fuck it, I was then.

  19. charybdis1966

    I’d rather Kolo moved out to RB and Theo took up the RW spot than Eboue play.


  20. charybdis1966

    In the Boro game I didn’t recall being particularly impressed by Wheater. He scuffed a lot of clearances into touch and seemed positionally suspect. Senderos is far and away better than Wheater at the moment.

    Unfortunately, on the day, he did well enough so perhaps I’m underestimating him.

  21. chelski sucks

    well right now i think we lost the league is because of not having a world class striker
    manu have -ronney(right now cristino is doing it)
    he is not tht world class to push us getting tht goal and convert a draw to a win like henry

  22. chris

    nice stories about charlie george, fair play to him the fuckin legend,

    gazzap, your question is perfectly valid as i am hybrid half english half irish,

    eboue is going to play so we may as well have him at RB, theo at RW,

  23. gazzap

    ah bollocks. sagna is very important for us. that sort of news makes me think winning the last 7 games is going to be impossible.
    wenger will almost certainly slot Eboue back there. Theo will come into the team. the only other option is Diaby as I dont think wenger would use RVP as a winger in a 4-4-2, only in a 4-5-1.

  24. Bud

    Sagna out for rest of season !

    The site says AT LEAST 3 weeks, so lets be realistic with 4 or 5 weeks and thats it, all over !!!!!!!!!

    COCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. gazzap

    yes he still does the legend tours. he is the one you want to go on it with. bloody funny man and very honest, a bit like this blog.

  26. Bud

    Thanks to Geoff and his amazing Exec Box, my brother has got a picture of his son “Charlie George” being held up in the air by Charlie George and none other than Arsene Wenger……….. cool eh !!!!!!!!!

  27. Odub

    Diaby’s fucking useless as a left winger! But I’m sure AW will play him there on saturday! Great! i bet Theo doesnt even start! and that twat Eboue ends up playing in front of Hoyte!

  28. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Really bad news for Le Bac, as I said earlier he gets my nod for Player of the Season so far. Marvelous player.

    The reality is we won’t see him again this season. Remember the official line on the Rosicky injury? 5 days maximum? What was that? Three months ago? RVP was supposed to be two weeks max, as it wasn’t a ‘recurrence’ it was a small ‘not serious’ injury. 2 months later still hadn’t seen a sniff of him. Arsenal’s policy of underestimating injury lay offs is really annoying. Eduardo will probably be out for about 3.5 years once you factor the ‘Arsenal curve’ into the 9 month prognosis.

    Yeah baby head (eboue) must play at right back because he and Wenger have a weekend away planned soon and he doesn’t want his favourite girl upset before their romantic break. Theo HAS to start. If that diaby character starts I will be distraught. He is a central midfielder if he is anything. Nowhere near quick enough to play wide.

  29. Odub

    Apart from Song at Fulham last season and Eboue all this season, I have never seen another performance as inept and downright woeful as the one Diaby put in against Villa 2 weeks ago! With his fucking orange boots, he kept comin in on his right foot and losing the ball! Why play him on the left if his left foot is of no use to him?!!!

  30. Bud

    Hoyte will be happy with a spot on the bench……….. he is a rare breed, he is only in it so he can say he plays for his beloved Arsenal !!!!!!

  31. Geoff

    I did Charlie George on the floor with his arms outstretched in the cup final for my art O level, I told Charlie and he said I hope you did better than me with it! I said …yes, he laughed, top man.

    Bud I’m not from Essex, it’s Greater London actually.

  32. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Odub, absolute gospel mate. The boy was atrocious. I must say I have seen several displays of inadequacy from Diaby on the left. He always, always, always cuts in onto his right. It’s so consistent that I think he must be coaching Hleb on that patented piece of left wing play. Pires used to come in onto his right too. But then again, he used to then play a one two with cole or Henry, burst into the box and square it for a tap in from freddie or simply slot it away himself. Haven’t seen much of that from Diaby.

  33. SFO Gooner

    I think the bolton match is going to be tough!. We have Sagna out who is the only defender good in the air (apart from swiss phil) and I am sure bolton would have seen the chelsea game and would kick a lot of high balls into the box (which they normally do anyway!).

    I was suprised to see van persie, bendtner play their entire friendly games which means adebayor may not be rested!. I am not sure in his current form whether that is a good thing or bad. I think Walcott will play but I am worrried he may pick some injury due to the physical nature of the game.

  34. chris

    physical nature sfo?
    you mean dirty fucking cheating cunts dont you, who will aim to break the players down instead of the play,
    i fuckin hate them dirty fuckers, great lap dancers from that part of the world though

  35. Pedro

    All I read was this Geoff:

    ‘I did Charlie George on the floor with his arms outstretched’

    Then I read on and all was ok!

  36. Pedro

    Do we get a vote on the london mayor?

    Do we have a london underground station?

    The answer is yes.

    We live in greater london.

  37. Geoff

    I get to vote on the London Mayor, I wouldn’t if I didn’t live in London would I? I mean do you get to vote for the Mayor of London? let me answer that for you …no.

  38. Odub

    Bud, I see you’re in one of your fastidious moods!

    I live in Surrey and I get to vote on the mayor of London!

    No underground station though!

  39. GMR

    Maybe Wenger will play Mad Jens as a makeshift RB, he’ll scare the f*** out the opposition & none of their players will want to attack that side!!

  40. chris

    who bought you a thesaurus odub, now if they can sort my grammar we will be laughing and of course my typing dyslexia!

  41. Odub

    GMR now there’s a thought!!! lol!!

    Chris fastidious is a word I use every 10 minutes….ok maybe every 10 weeks!

    Chaps, it’s been emotional, have a good one, missus’ out tonight so i get to play PES2008 for the first time in weeks! Off home to some mega strength guiness and Arsenal V every fucking team I hate(spuds,mancs,chavs,bolton,barca,boro,wigan!!!)

    Have fun!

  42. Chipo

    u cant possibly be dyslexic if u spelt dyslexia right…

    isnt that the test they do- “spell the disease you have, ok cool you cant spell it, have a computer and a digital camera”

  43. Bud

    Woopie fucking doo…….. so you can vote for the mayor and you have a tube station……. you still have Essex on your address and an Essex Postcode, which makes you a couple of Essex Boys……… No disgrace there, but it is all rather sad if you have to kid yourself with this kind of thing……… serious issues guys !!!!!!

    And if you want to be stupid and talk about Mayors making you a Jonny Londoner, Isn’t your local Mayor, the Mayor of Havering, which is classified however you want to look at it as ESSEX ????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I REST MY CASE M’ LORD !!!!!!

  44. Geoff

    I think Eboue is a good right back so I’m not too bothered, but try Jens by all means.

    Odub when I was born Bethnal Green came under the county of Middlesex, all of London came under the counties, weird eh?

  45. Bud

    You guys will always be Essex boys to me !!!!!

    Sadly on a technicality you are part of Red Kens hurd, go ahead, be my guest, but I love history and Havering was Essex, till London needed more money to pay for illegal immigrants, so stole a chunk of Essex !!!!

    “Havering was carved out of Essex in 1965 and ceased to be postal Essex in the 1970s but many residents still put Essex on their address.”

  46. chris

    chipo i googled it first and copied/pasted it!
    RM**** is romford right, in a post code so….
    but that is a reference for the local sorting office not a geographical location,

  47. Geoff

    So what you’re saying is we were right? at least google made you see the light of day, you’re honest at heart Bud and I respect that.

  48. Bud

    Ethelred the Unready would still argue!

    I am not wrong though, I am merely facetious and maintain that Upminster is in Essex but comes under the voting borough of Greater London!!!

    There – A compromise!!!!!

  49. Goonerman

    I insist on referring to my Religion – its Arsenal of course. I go to the Grove every other week to idolise!!!!!!!!

  50. trilby

    Make no mistake, Scannell is good. Potentially very good. He’s quick, has good feet and can finish. He’s even been known to track back now and then.

    Palace fans are hoping he’ll stick around for a bit longer, but if we don’t get promoted in the next couple of seasons he’ll almost certainly be off. To be fair though, we seem to be mass producing some decent youngsters at the moment so if you don’t get your hands on Scannell, there’s always John Bostock, Victor Moses or Lee Hills.

  51. Bren

    Scannell is a great bit of stuff.

    Bring on more English and Irish talent asap.

    Do we really deserve to win the English Premiership without any local talent ??? MU have buckets of local talent, even the scousers and chelski have a few.

    Hopefully AW will change this next year. French and African are not always best. Looking at Eboue this season more than kills that perception.