Cheating chavs, blind pew and I’m fed up with waiting.

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Ok first things first, we all know that Cashley Cole cheats, ask his wife, ask the spuds, and ask Fabio, we also know that John Terry is slightly retarded so it’s not all his fault, but he is England captain, or was, so to cheat in the way he did with cashley is not only disappointing but rather cuntish.It also led to the move that brought their equaliser. What got me the most was Joe Cole wasn’t even injured and we could have scored from the attack, Andy Gray, ManU spokesman even mentioned it at the time, but no paper did this morning, very disappointing.

So for the record Arsenal, unless someone is prostrate with his tongue hanging out, do not kick the ball into touch, they’re cheating you, and us.

Arsene I’m afraid, has now to admit it’s not good enough, Arsene doesn’t know and he needs to admit when he’s got it wrong and move on and change things.

Ade may well be Drogba in a year or two, but he’s not now, Eboue is hopeless, hapless and a liability, and we don’t have a genuine big center back in the Jack Charlton, Vidic, Woodgate or Ferdinand role and we need one now, we always concede from set pieces or at least panic from them.

Big Phil may be the one in waiting, but at his age, he’s not ready yet, center backs don’t get wise enough until they’re at least 26.

We have three central midfielders in Diaby, Hleb and Rosicky but we play them as wingers, why?

Ade should have come off, Robin looks like he will ignite at any minute but he takes the wrong player off and Bendtner is at present too wooden, he did the same last season with Henry, worst player but stayed on.

The youngsters are all great players in the making, but as an Arsenal fan I’m fed up with the wait, if we were £850 million in debt like the Mancs, or deep in shit like the spuds I’d understand, but we’re not, we have a massive £80 odd million in the transfer kitty, add to that what we’ll get from this season, and I would think another £40mil can be added, that’s £120 million at the very least, for fucks sake spend some of it Arsene, please, it’s not yours, it’s ours!

At least do the following, get 2 world class wingers, 1 center back of note and a proven goalscorer to replace Eduardo and the usual RVP injuries we know we’ll get.

I know we can still win the champions league and I hope we do, but with Liverpool twice and the the cheating chavs again it doesn’t look too good, especially now we’ll probably lose Sagna.

Still, love child Eboue will go to right back and at least Theo will get a game, unless of course he’s now injured.

Please don’t anyone tell me I’m over reacting, we played well, yes, but we didn’t finish the great moves with even a shot, and that to me is not good enough.

If you are going to tell me that 3rd in the league and into the next round of the Champions league is great, then don’t bother, go to the usual sites that tell you Arsene knows, don’t bother to comment as you be deleted.

We’re are not Fulham, Wigan or Spurs, we are Arsenal and like ManU we should be challenging every year for everything, that’s why we pay so much money to the club.

We could have been in the FA Cup final, and getting tonked by the mancs put us in the shit we’re in now, I warned him before the game that this would happen, go and look at the archives, and a few bloggers slated me, they said Arsene knows, so bollocks to them Arsene doesn’t know, I do and so do our Grovers, who said the same.

We could have won the Carling Cup as well and had a commemorative watch but we didn’t and why? Because the boss is stubborn and we didn’t buy, (we also don’t like cheap watches) I hope you’re reading Arsene because this is what a little corner of the Grove think.

Well done to all you fans that went, you did us proud.

Unleash hell today Grovers for tomorrow we have to begin finding a way back from the hurt of being robbed by the cheating chavs and get positive again.

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  1. RvP Fan

    Grrr… Damn their Cheting and Damn their home fortress!! I say its time to give Ade a rest, for one game!! let him rest and refocus, then let him unleash hell on liverpool…

  2. Paul

    I agree 100 percent i went to my first game in 1967 so i have seen the bad and the good.But right now i feel cheated by wengers stubborness.We needed to win that game yesterday,what did he do bring on that matchwinner Diaby.For fucks sake Utd won the league last season then strengthened the squad.Use our monet to do the same we have backed you,but now you are getting it wrong.Just one last question does anyone like Eboue or have his name on their shirt.Cmon ARSENAL

  3. greg

    Nice to see a website talking sense. Who in our team would be good enough for ManU ? Only Cesc and the full backs. I f arsene really knows he should be getting rid of Hleb, Eboue, Rosisky (never there), Diaby and Bendtner and bringing in a big centre back , a proven centre forward and at least a proven right winger, assuming that Robin can play left wing –

  4. franny

    Both of them need a good beating. I’m sure they were beaten when they were raised, they need to bring in big momma and beat all three of the weak africans in our team.

    Toure has been abysmal since the ACN, Eboue has been sh*te since birth and Ade is living proof that luck is temporary and class is permanent…

  5. gunfire

    the last 5 epl games have produced 6 goals, most of them from set pieces – this aint the arsenal of about a month back.

    no longer does fab shoot from 25yrds, no longer does sagna whip in his precision crosses, hell even clichy has started drifting in when previously he’d run down the line

    we have the worst wingers, if i can call them that. eboue is talented but inconsistent. dont get me wrong, i’d prefer him to mr.twinkle-toes hleb anyday. pass the ball to hleb and the attack comes to a screeching halt. till a few months back, he’d take the ball and attack the defender, now all he does is wait and wait and waits some more and finally passes the ball back to center line.

    one major difference btw manu/chelski and arsenal is the speed with which they attack/counterattack. watching us pass the ball back and square when counterattacking is exasperating to say the least. one gets the feeling that all the team wants to do is score that perfect goal and will not settle for anything less, read a build up that does not include triangles, >20 passes and a shot from <5inches from goal.

    it was interesting to see walcott being a peripheral figure for periods when he came on. it was as if the players refused to use the wings and wouldn’t allow walcott to it either.

    ours might be the most ‘attacking’ setup. 2 forwards, 2 full backs who like to get forward, a midfielder who scores and two pretenders/wingers. the problem is that none of them realises that there is only so much space in front of opponent’s D!

  6. iceman

    he needs to be DROPPED!! period. not rested, dropped.i can’t recall him doing anything of note yesterday.makes u sick.


    At last someone with balls to say what needs to happen, Lets start with your wish ist couldnt agree more, all those positions needs filling in the summer, I cant believe that wenger says he’s not going to be a big player in the transfer market in the summer , I’m Not intrested in 15 YEAR OLD WONDERKIDS FROM PERU ANYMORE, Your right The money belongs to the fans and they demand high profile signings , The last time i got a buzz from a wenger signing was Marc Overmars Who although was coming back from injury was a curent holland international .Why should Arsenal fans have to wait for The Sucess they deserve .The cost of going to see the gooners play is emmense and the manager should know and aknowledge that, if the summer goes as wenger plans it i fear another season of no Trophies!!!!!
    EBOUE IS ONE OF THE WORST PLAYERS I HAVE SEEN IN AN ARSENAL SHIRT HE NOW JOINS THE MCGOLDRICK, SELLEY, CLUB wha does wenger see in him, HLEB iS PLAYING LIKE HE DID LAST SEASON , ADEBAYOR HAS RUN OUT OF STEAM RVP CANNOT PLAY A FULL SEASON, ROSICKY IS THE NEW ANDERTON WHAT A WASTE OF TIME TO FRAGILE FOR THE LEGUE and like you said why persist in Daiby playing on the wing, the performances of the last five games goes a long way to question the staement ARSENE KNOWS!!!!!!!!!

  8. GunnerPete

    I think your analysis is as accurate as you can be, especially if you take into account the one big difference between the 4 top clubs ie; If AFC lose 1,2,3 top players for extra long periods ( VP, Kolo, Gallas, Rosicky ) Arsene has kids or just above average players to carry on the fight. Chelski, Manure & Pool , nip out and buy another superstar to sit ready on the bench.

    I also hate it when someone says I told you so months ago, but Im going to do it right now. My email to you in November is still my opinion today quote” If Arsene does not realise that our central defence is the most pourous of the top 8 sides, we will continue to conceed vital goals until our challenges die altogether”.

    Today I feel like ‘God’ after witnessing the worst display of centre back defending ive seen for years. Big Tony was on TV and his very simple ( George like) answer is so obvious, it proves that Arsene has absolutely no idea how to form a defence, and until he hires someone who does we will continue to finish close second to everyone. Remember you doubters the Champs League final 1-0 up and lost. The Carling cup final same. The big games since inc yesterday ?????

    The answer is so clear….really study the opposition and take note Arsene….Manure buys old fashioned centre backs who can outjump the opposition (both Chelski goals came from the inability to just do that yesterday) and look at Chelski…how many centre backs have they bought in the pat 5 years?

    If you further analyse the big games wher we have drawn or even lost, in 95% of them the opposition only had a few attempts and scored. This was nearly always due to Gallas or Kolo dropping a clanger. Big Phil has been the best DEFENDER by far this season, but is dropped to give way to Arsenes favourites. It is also obvious that if we the fans can see that we have enough really good midfeilders inc two who are played as wingers, and our forwards nearly always give us a goal, the why cant Arsene see this?

    Our defence has thrown away so many’ easy’ matches in the past 3 seasons that it should mean that Gallas & Kolo end up as Subs next year. It will not happen but itv should.

    Sad to say but we face being the best footballing side never to win anything without a great defence.

  9. Geoff

    Sorry for the delay in posting your comments guys, we are getting a lot of new bloggers which is great, you’re all welcome, I’m doing the moderation bit today as I’ve had a lot of morons on in the past when I don’t agree with Arsene, none today though!

  10. mjb

    its not often i agree with your blog, i must admit i find your assessments somewhat brutal. but seeing the teams bringing on first subs of tevez & nani, anelka & beletti; while the others bringing on diaby, benayoun; never mind starting with eboue; we definately were living in a fantasy. its unfortunate and i’m devestated after yesterday. i must state that i respect wengers principles; mock me if you like but compared to what we witnessed yesterday from chelsea; we take the high road.

    chelsea disgust me and they are the filth of english football. how avram grant after the game tells us they always look to play good football; when they kicked long balls; over their 100m pound midfield; to drogba ALL GAME LONG. that annoys me. secondly, that a bunch of yobs scream at their manager that he doesn’t have clue making substitutes that win them the game – SICKENING. ballack storming to the changerooms after his substitution – A MESS. and the fans celebrating with their manager after chasticising him earlier. its a fucking catastrophe, a disaster and they beat us. THAT HURTS

  11. jimmyfingers

    I agree with a lot of the sentiment Geoff. It’s fucking frustrating seeing Eboue getting selected every game, and failingtoproduce every game. Ade’s well past his little purple patch and either looks tired or a bit disinterested. I ain’t saying he’s not good enough but when a striker’s not scoring you have to give someone else a go. Call it rest, call it rotation, but he needs to drop Ade and at least give Big Balls a try. And Theo needs to start too. I’ve been saying that for about two weeks now so getting wound up by hearing the same refrain in my head over and over.

    So we slump from five points clear to 3rd after 4 draws and a loss. In between we tonked Milan but that almost seems an abberation. For me this really started with Dude getting nobbled. I had hoped that would become a rallying cry but it seems to have had the opposite effect. To top it off yesterday I came home from a ten minute dog walk to find two chavs jumping out my front window, cycling off with my ipod and xbox. Life sometimes really knows how to kick you in the balls

  12. Charlie

    I agree with what you say that the squad is too thin. I mean, Wenger always say that he believes in his players etc, but at the same time he seems unwilling to play the players outside of the first 11 (unless when there’s injuries and such of course) Can’t say I blame him though, those players just don’t seem to be good enough at this point in time. Still, I think Fab, Flamini, Hleb, etc could have benefited from being rested a game or two earlier in the season. And the players who doesn’t normally get to play much would probably have benefited a bit from the experience. Although, with our luck, we would probably have lost that game… -_-;;;;

    Also… is there really any contention for starting spots in the squad? Seems to me everyone in the starting 11 is pretty much assured they will play unless they are injured. Maybe some more competition would spark a fire undes the butts of some of the players.

    I agree that a real winger would be nice, preferably one who can score goals, as well as a striker and a big strong defender. Micah Richards would have been awesome to get to the club, but I seriously doubt that’s gonna happen. Most likely we’ll get some new talents, Vela will join, possibly some players from the reserves (We’ll see.). I seriously doubt we’ll get any really experienced players into the squad for next season. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to get a 30-year-old who can help the youngsters with his experience even if he doesn’t get to play much? Especially since it looks like Lehmann and Gilberto will leave after the season.

  13. Gooner from Pakistan

    Was AdebarcaReal playing yestrday. Actully I did’nt notice him on the pitch. Is it me but did anyone else realise that the goals Drogba scored would never have been scored by Adebayor in a million years? A massive difference in quality. I wont be slating Wenger but I am tired of this famous sentence. We’ll be even stronger next year. Wenger should break the bank as we hve very thin squad or else I would still be a Gooner next year hoping this is our year. I am really pissed off. Im going, BYE. Hoping Ade is replaced by a quality striker long with a super special and a proper winger.

  14. david

    And if the linsman had flagged the offside goal? Or the incorrect penalty decision against Birmingham?
    When the title race is this tight a winning run is important, but how many kicks in the teeth can we take.
    Do Man u and Chelsea get these poor decisions? I don’t remember any in the Prem when Man U had a couple against them in the cup all hell broke loose.
    We always need ten points more than Man U or Chelsea just to get one point ahead allowing for this.

  15. Gooner from Pakistan

    Chelsea are a bunch of thugs who can play rugby when Drogba goes to AC MILAN. Fucking hell. Whatever We beat them 1-0 at our home. And if u apply CL rules we win on away goal rule. COME SEMIS OF CL WE’LL WHIP THE ASSES OF THOSE THUGS. Especially that Cuntley Cunt’s.

  16. arab gooner

    isn’t it time for Wenger to go? I could not sleep last night out of anguish.How much more disappointments we true fans have to suffer.I remember even in the days of Terry Neill,Don Howe and Graham I did not suffer so much,at least every summer they were buying big and keeping the fans somehow happy.The fans at the Emirates have to stop furling Arsene knows and in arsene we trust banners.They have to show him we are not happy at all.I don’t blame the players at all because this is what they are capable of and they cannot do any better.The blame lies soley at Wenger’s feet.As long as he remains with us there is no chance whatsoever of us winning anything at all unless he changes his ways.Every year he sacrifices the League Cup and FA cup for something which he could never win.12 years and only 3 titles plus 4 cups one of which was by luck.Also he won those 7 trophies in 5 years because of the two doubles.This means we endured at least 7 trophyless seasons which is too much for a club like ours.Compare his record to Fergie and Mourinho.No wonder why mourinho had a go at him recently.

  17. franny

    Wenger is a cheapskate and I’m sorry to say that he won’t buy and the board are loving it looking at all that money festering in their accounts gaining interest.

    I’m refusing to go to any more matches until they buy one world class player.

    I’m sick of forking out all this money to go to matches to know that my money is going into the bank account to gain them interest. If they don’t want to spend any money – then why raise ticket prices?? Where the f*ck does all this cash go??

    We’re being ripped off for no silverwear once again.

  18. jimmyfingers

    If I had a Doberman not two rather dopey lurchers I would have done Geoff. Cats they will chase, chavs no

  19. Avendesorax

    All correct and all true, we play our game hamstrung by Adebayor, Eboue, Helb, these three contribute very little to our game, if Ade is not putting the ball in the net he’s a waste of space, Helb maybe he knows when to move on 15 million from Inter and they can have him thrupenny bit and bit of chewing gum for Eboue maybe I’m asking to much.

    Drogba targeted Gallas yesterday and made sure his team knew it, are the Arsenal players not smart enough to work this out and switch between Gallas and Toure afterall if anyone should be able to play Drogba it’s Toure.

    Asene does not know anything he’s proved that time and time again to be stuborn and blinkered and will not use the whole squad, maybe it’s getting towards that time where we think the unthinkable, kick him upstairs and get someone else in.

  20. arab gooner

    dear franny we need not only one world class player but at least 4 or 5 with all the injuries and suspensions we have .Wenger also lacks the winning mentality of successful managers.Imagine managing a club like Arsenal and the guy says winning is not important but quality is .I am afraid to say that even this quality is diminishing fast.At least a few seasons back even though we were not winning anything but we used to create a hell of a lot of chances in every game .In those days it seemed we were only missing someone who could finish the chances.But nowadays my God we are short in every department.We need strengthening in defence ,midfield and attack.

  21. king gooner

    agree with david-i swear ther’s a conspiracy by the fa to make sure we don’t win the league-how can you beat 12/13 men every week-it’s impossible!!-the only time iv’e ever agreed with fat sam-(late of barcodes & the bolts)-stating that at bolton they did the stats on dodgy decisions going against them & guesss what? these things DO NOT EVEN THEMSELVES OUT OVER A COURSE OF A SEASON!!!!!it will take devine intervention only-ok god it’s your turn we need you NOW.PLEASE

  22. Phobia

    All Arsenal fans please calm down,Arsenal won’t give up.
    Arsenal only lost to Chelsea and that is our second lose of the season.We have lost the title because of too many draws.Those draws were many down to bad lucky which will next season will be eradicated.Also we are still in the champion league and I believe we have an outside shot of winning it.Arsenal can still win the league.
    Man United are in the driving seat,but with seven game to go,and with seven games at Chelsea,and a home game against Arsenal anything can still happen.

  23. AN Steve

    Still so fucking depressed To be honest my expectations have been raised the comment that under Graham, Neil, Howe or even Mee you would not feel this bad is because we were average with a few good runs and in a season a team could win the title with 5 losses. We raised the bar three years ago and we cannot reach it now.

    I sort of understand, but I hate the chavs with a worrying ferocity, much more than manure or the spuds. They actually disgust me. Usually after a nights sleep I have clamed down but I have not yet. Wenger listen to us, you have raised the expectation so fucking deliver.

  24. Paul

    Why have we never replaced Henry,Bergkamp,Pires,Vierra,Overmars,Adams and Keown my family pay £9000 per season to watch at the Emirates i demand to know what we are spending the profits on.Hell i’m not even allowed to stand up and sing.

  25. Geoff

    I spend £5,200, plus I am a share holder and they don’t pay dividends, a good question I’ve never had answered!

  26. david

    Paul there lies another problem other fans are allowed to support there teams at home.
    and if you don’t like it there is 40,000 more waiting for your ticket.

  27. Mike (the neighbour)

    Geoff -great post mate -nothing to say as a certain Mr Jack Daniels has been banging away in my head -Good to see some new names with some excellent comments -and Jimmyfingers sorry to hear about the break in .A baseball bat and kneecaps spring to mind
    This is how the guardian rated Arsenal
    Manuel Almunia: 7
    Exposed for the first goal, he got a hand to the winner but could not prevent it. Saved well from Drogba late on.
    Bacary Sagna: 7
    One or two loose moments early on were forgotten as he settled into his characteristic rhythm. Limped off.
    Kolo Toure: 6
    Showed no quarter as he marshalled Arsenal’s defence but was guilty of losing Drogba for the Chelsea winner.
    William Gallas: 6
    Seemed to relish crowd’s jeers. Allowed Drogba to get in on 25 minutes; and had other nervy moments.
    Gael Clichy: 7
    Confronted with the in-form Joe Cole, he kept the England midfielder as quiet as he has been in recent weeks.
    Emmanuel Eboue: 6
    Clipped his own wings as early as the fifth minute, by getting himself booked for charging down a free-kick.
    Cesc Fabregas: 6
    Always comfortable in possession, he looked to spring Arsenal forward with precision through balls.
    Mathieu Flamini: 6
    Forced Cudicini into a save just after half-time, his industry might go unheralded but is not unnoticed by his team.
    Alexander Hleb: 7
    His Italian ice-cream habit might irk Wenger but, in a central role off the striker, his quick feet were a delight.
    Emmanuel Adebayor: 6
    Dropped deep and wide in search of possession, he worked tirelessly but did not enjoy any clear-cut chances.
    Robin van Persie: 6
    Played away from his favoured central role on the left flank, he struggled to exert an influence.

  28. Geoff

    Mike, good to hear from you, and great match report, saves me or Pedro doing it, and you’re bang on as well!

  29. Odub

    Afternoon all,

    Having a great b/holiday, and refuse to even dwell on yesterday.

    Facts are.

    We are not good enough
    We have 2 centre backs who are under 6 foot tall
    We have a forward who hasnt scored in 8 games and doesnt get dropped!
    We have a right midfielder who is actually an average fullback and a shit RM!
    We dont seem to be capable of shooting without making at least 2,250 passes.
    We have Hleb who dribbles sideways! And finally….
    We seem to have forgotten how to kill games off!

    When we go 1-0 up, I am never confident we can keep a clean sheet, we just seem to have forgotten how to defend.

    Anyone who still nthinks we’re going to win the league needs there head examined! We’re 6 pointe behind, and need to win all our games, and they lose to us and someone else, and expect them to beat the chavs….yeah that gonna happen!

    Well done Wenger, great job pal, and oh yeah, I agree with you on another thing mate, we deo don’t need players for next season do we? what with Hleb,Ade and Flam fucking off in the summer, we’ll just get the 12 year olds we’ve just bought to fill in!

  30. Pedro

    Its not often I agree with your… oh wait… I always agree!

    Nice post and some brutal home truths.

    Just saw the cunt in the spam section,

    ‘Why doesn’t arsene sign some of you guys?’

    Why don’t you fuck of you prick? People who think they have some secret angle on Arsenal are so pretentious… like yesterday was part of the game plan and we’re all idiots for not being able to see it.

    Some fine ranting going on today. I am fucking numb after yesterday… numb.

    We’re on the worst run in 9 years, so anyone who says people are overreacting is retarded disconnected from reality.

    The best player on the pitch yesterday was Almunia by a mile, he was brilliant. The rest, well… they lost, so it doesn’t matter does it?

    So its looking unlikely that we will win the league. Which means Wengers philosophy has failed for the 3rd year running, which means its time to go back to the way we used to do things… youth with experience.

    Bust that cheque book out Arsene, its time to spend a little.

  31. mark

    A few blogs ago and on another site I was slagged off for daring to say that this team needs strengthening if we are to win anything, I was told that I’m not a real Arrsenal fan for saying so and I should get behind the team. So needles to say I agree with most of your comments, and the majority of responses above. The only thing I would say is that hatred of chelsea and cole (or hatred of Man Utd etc) is getting in the way a bit. face up to the fact that whatever the decisions yesterday we would have lost …we are not good enough to compete at this level and haven’t been for some time (for the reasons that you have all stated above) the moment we start blaming refs, linesmans bad decisions and unsporting behaviour we take our eye of the real reasons for losing and that is our own teams performance. It is also wrong to say that all Chelsea did was kick long balls to Drogba they actually had spells of good QUICK passing moves forward something we have been woefully lacking for some time (Milan stood off and gave us the space we needed to get forward quicker). I, like a lot of you, have called for big name signings for some time, my worry is that we will return to such mediocrity that Wenger’s breeding ground of talent will be snatched up by the big European teams and the only sort of players we will be able to attract are the Eboue’s of this world. How many seats will they fill at the Emirates then?? If we don’t buy big we could see our beloved Arsenal go into a downward spiral (dare I mention Leeds). What big players are going to come to us in a few seasons if we are not performing??For the last few seasons all we have been is a bit part team to the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool as they win the titles and that is not what a BIG club is all about. Very shortly we will be described as a sleeping giant because we haven’t achieved anything for years, I am really worried about the future of this club if we don’t radically change this team in the summer. And before I get more criticim saying that I am not a true Arsenal supporter (after nearly 40 years) let me just say the true Non Arsenal supporters are those that faithfully continue to support without ever addressing criticism at the team and/or manager for they are just sycophants not true supporters. Your best friends are those who will point out errors of your ways not watch you head your life into a brick wall, similarly the best parents will tell their kids where they are going wrong and not let them run amock. To criticise when things are going wrong …as they have been for some time …. is because we really care about this club. One last thing ..the reason I believe it all went down hill …is because we allowed ourselves to get slaughtered by Spurs and Man Utd because we didn’t want the domestic cups, wrong .. wrong.. wrong …as a supposedly big club we should fight for all competitions we are in … by losing those games so comprehensively we lost the winning mentality and it’s been all down hill from there on in.

  32. Geoff

    Pedro, I didn’t bother with the knobcheese as he was the only one today, all the other bloggers are with us. I left him in spam you you and your chums could laugh at him.

  33. Odub

    Mark agree with your analysis mate, and to be honest with you quite a few have been banging on about the same points on this blog for the last 3-4 months! As far as I’m concerned, we need players, not unproven unknown minor league players, but world class ready to play today players!!!!
    Enough with the teenage signings! We dont even win the FA youth cup anymore so our fucking kids can’t be that good anyway!

  34. Goona P

    Thank you for posting almost exactly how i am feeling. Plus the comments show there are gooners out there that feel the same way i do…

    I am seriously worried tho that things are never going to change in current regime??

    The thing that made me really wish i could detach my emotional bind to ‘the arsenal’ was before yesterdays game. Man Utd already winning at home bring on Tevez & Nani.
    Which added to Ronaldo & Rooney!! I though about how Wenger would have played same scenerio & I imagined Van Persie trotting off to be replaced by Senderos who promptly scores an own goal & we draw 1-1.

    Deluded is a strong word but I think Wenger is in a whole world of his own. Im a silver member & arsenal fan for as long as ive known. I live in brighton but my dad used to stand on north bank.. each game i goto costs me approx £150 (tickets&travel)

    Im not prepaird to pay that anymore to watch eboue,ade,hleb,senderos,almunia etc. Cant believe manger thinks these players can compare to Henry,Pires,Bergkamp & Vieira i was happy to pay any amount to watch those players play for Arsenal.

    Like i say the only thing that would ease my concerns are for Arsenal to go out & buy some est. world class players. why o’ why did we not try & sign Torres??? 20+ million is still a bargain in todays world??? And hes everthing Wenger normally looks for quick,strong,both feet etc??? if he thoght he was overpriced then i really worry

    I said last year in summer we needed at least 2 wingers? & a world class keeper our recent success has had teams with wide men that can break from bak to front.. Overmars,Pires,Reyes… Cant believe a team competing for all major honours does not have ONE natural winger in the squad??? Deluded
    ps. Rosicky,Hleb,Theo etc are not wingers in my book

    Sorry for essay just not felt as frustrated as this for a long long time.. & seriously concerned already by comments that current squad will be good enuf next year too?? Deluded

    The move to Emirates was to compete with very best teams in Europe? yes? seems to me the Emirates is just making Arsenal FC alot of money…….

    I wonder what needs to happen for Wenger to change his ways?… I fear until he does we will always be looking to next season come march!!

  35. mark

    Odub … sorry if I’ve repeated a lot of what has been said on this blog before but it’s just my frustration and anger coming out …the fact that we all see what is wrong and yet Wenger doesn’t …really hurts. And that is not to say I want Wenger to go …he has given this club the best pure football I have ever seen an Arsenal team play (and most other teams play) but watching someone like Ade be so ineffectve yesterday made me squirm .. Terry and his men must have been laughing at us … it was like men versus the boys …we had no idea and nothing to hurt them with.

  36. Phobia

    We need a left winger,Flamini and Fabregas are awesome,with Denilson and Diaby as back-up a CB IS NEED,Gallas is old,and they don’t that dominating feel to them.
    For me
    Left winger
    Right winger
    All the rest is fine,If Wenger actually buys,which he has to then those 4 players would allow us a bit more strength in depth.

  37. Geoff

    Yes we play great football, but if you added say Torres, Quaresma, Messi and a big fuck off centerback to the team, we’d play great football and win things, as goona P just said, moving to the Grove was so we could compete with other teams, not make Arsenal even richer, we gained £13mil more than we spent this season, how does that make sense when we missed out on all those great players.

    As for wingers, we have none, yet we’ve had Overmars, Reyes, Pires and don’t forget Glenn Helder.

    So he knows what a winger is, he’s being stubborn to the point of arrogance.

    What happens when these young ones become 27, does he then sling them out and put his latest 18 year olds in?

    I’m sorry, I don’t see where it’s all going. Wenger hasn’t become bad overnight, but it’s not working and a bright bloke like him has to see that and change course.

    I was joking about Helder by the way.

  38. Pedro

    Mark, you’ll never get slagged down for having an opinion here… unless its a shite one… Like the spuds are great… then you’ll getted cunted off big time.

    The summer will be interesting.

    If Flamini goes, will he let Hleb go? I think he can be quite ineffective at times and if someone puts in a large bid for him… would anyone be truly gutted? We could replace him with a goal scoring winger! That’d be nice!

    As for the centre back scenario… well… Wenger did at lot of slagging off yesterday? Does anyone else think he might move Gallas on in the summer… promote Big Phil or buy someone new?

    I think Arsene will keep Almunia and the full backs. He’ll shift on Hoyte… and maybe Eboue? haha! I joke… he’d never shift on Eboue!

    I think he should analyse whats worked this year and bolster it. If players want to leave… sell them. We don’t have anyone who is bigger than the team anymore. Cesc, the full backs and RvP are the only players i’d be gutted about losing. The rest are expendable to a certain degree.

    I don’t want players to leave, but I think some changes need to be made, because another season of mediocrity could see season tickets sales dwindle.

    You don’t pay Caviar prices for Big Mac performances.

  39. mark

    Pedro … even the Spuds are playing better football than us at the moment … and they know how to bang in the goals. and have actually won a trophy (with our help) this year … So though I won’t say they are great we have nothing to gloat over them about at the moment and if they continue their progress and we remain static they WILL finish above us next season. I think your points about who to sell and bring in above are right. The only thing I don’t agree with is this Big Phil is the answer campaign … Big Phil is not good enouogh …yes he has had a few solid performances but he is always prone to schoolboy errors and at times looks totally lost. We can always garuantee a few goals out of him though (at both ends) so I suppose we could call him Mr Dependable. Pedro we have to aim higher than Big Phil if we want to really compete and win things next season and in my opinion he should be sold in the summer too.

  40. jimmyfingers

    Lets add another element to this debate: Fat and Orange will be rubbing their hands in glee. We all want Arsenal to spend, and so do they.

    Problem is of course, so does our present board. If Fat and Orange takeover the spending philosophy will only change if Wenger either leaves or does a massive about turn. Nobody really wants Wenger to leave (although I’m wondering if his obsession with developing youth players is better suited to a National set up rather than a club with title aspirations) but we’re desperate for him to bend a bit. Pires, Henry, Overmars, Ljungberg, Eduardo even, these were players with pedigree not developed by the club. I think Wenger shies away from spending the big money because he sees through the inflated transfer fees, like when he enquired after Torres but wouldn’t pay the asking price. 25mill seems worth it now.

    Bottom line is top European football is becoming increasingly commercial. Clubs are brands now, and soon all these predatory new owners will press for a European super-league without relelgation. That is a future Dein sees, that is where he wants Arsenal to be. I don’t, and Wenger doesn’t, but is he being left behind?

    Read early season a journo comparing Arsenal to a clean athelete competing against ones pumped up on steroids, given the other’s huge spending. I think Wenger sees honour and honesty in his approach, but if it doesn’t bring results then it has to be a case of if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

    It’s a shame, it is a noble experiment but hopefully Wenger is man enough to admit he’s wrong and try another way. He doesn’t have to sacrifice all his principles, just bend them a little and spend more on players

  41. jimmyfingers

    Oh and I got a good idea: Big Tony Adams, Mr Arsenal, defensive coach. Wenger’s never replaced that classic back four he inherited, and is generally rubbish at buying and coaching defenders

  42. GMR

    Hello Geoff,

    Totally agree with your assessment, like yourself I’m also a share holder, infact if I’m right you used to post on East Lower’s site but both myself & you forever got slated for being negative by the ‘Arsene Knows’ dickheads!! Apologies if your not the same Geoff!!

    I am getting sick of hearing how great our kids are, no they aren’t. Some are decent but none of them are ‘the best prospect in the world’ as they are billed. The best youngsters cost money eg Ronaldo, Messi & Pato. We got lucky with Cesc but that happens once every blue moon. Everytime we come up against a great youngster we have the same all tired response from Wenger about how he nearly signed that player & I don’t wanna hear that sh*t anymore, either sign the players or don’t wind us up by pretending you were going to!!

    This squad needs serious work, we need better players brought in for several positions & the players that are good enough need to spend some serious time in the gym building up some strength. On top of that we need a manager that can motivate a team because there are just too many lazy performances against smaller clubs & it appears nothing is done to rectify this by Arsene.


    Well i’ve had to go SHOPPING with the miss’us to Calm down, Still pissed off though, good to know reading the posted comments that i’m not alone. By the way if wenger feels he can now win the champions league , He has to bring back senderos, because liverpool you betcha would have already watched the comedy defending by the two chuckle brothers at the back , and will play The lanky one with torres and guess what more route one football will be coming your way, and probably the same results as yesterday.
    I would try and sign Cesc To a new Deal HE IS WORTH THE BIG BUCKS HE WANTS WENGER , ALSO GIVE FLAMINI WHAT HE WANTS , He has been consistent all season.
    I think another trophY less season will not be tolerated by the majority of arsenal fans on the promise of this great vision of the future, Arsene AS I TELL MY KIDS LIFE IS SHORT LIVE FOR TODAY….

  44. GMR

    One other thing, this so called new breed of Arsenal fans are not gooners at all. I asked someone yesterday how long this continued support of Wenger should go on without him winning a trophy?? I was told forever because of what he has achieved. In my eyes that makes the ‘Arsene Knows’ morons fans of Wenger not of Arsenal fc & there is a big difference!!

  45. Geoff

    Hello GMR and welcome to Le Grove! yes I am the same Geoff and yes you couldn’t say anything on eastlower because of the Arsene knows brigade, that’s why Pedro and I started this, where you can have a rant as long as you don’t slag your fellow bloggers.

    I am sick of the Arsene knows brigade, it’s such a stupid thing to say, it’s like the ‘I was only following orders’ of 60 years ago mob.

    He’s not right if he’s wrong, it simple.

    And it’s time he started to give us what we pay for, trophies.

    Nice to have on board GMR I hope we’ll see more of you, your comments and input would be much appreciated.

  46. mark

    Jimmyfingers … hhmmm interesting piece … I don’t want to go down that european glory league either and that is why if Arsenal had won the premier league this year, or if we win (miracle of miracles) the European Championship then it would have been a righteous blow for some form of morals in pure football and a blow to the commercial money men. Unfortunatley this doesn’t look like happening and we will either be a member of the top Commercial elite or ply our trade in the likes of the the old second division (championship). As for Tony Adams role …isn’t that what Pat Rice is supposed to be doing???? somehow I can’t see Wenger and Adams managing the team for too long before a massive fall out. I think Adams would be too outspoken and critical of Wengers philosophy for him to fit in, whether that is good or bad is a matter of opinion.

  47. Pedro

    Jimmy, you’ve made some fantastic points there.

    Its ok talking up the kids, but if they can’t do it… you have to budge at some point. Fat & Orange would be great, but with Wenger in charge all you are doing is swelling Wengers war chest.

    I don’t agree with this inflated transfer fee malarky. If Torres costs £25million and people are willing to pay that… the transfer fee isn’t over inflated is it? Only if he flops does the fee get called into question.

    Its like casting a movie… you can pay Joe blogs 40k to star in your film… Joe Blogs has little experience but you train him on the job… If you are lucky the film is a Rocky and makes a bundle… but like most films with unknowns it will flop.

    However, if you put Johnny Depp in your film, he might cost you £10 million in wages… but your chances of success have tripled because he is successful at what he does.

    Whats the point in giving yourself a 25% chance at success when you have the funds to give yourself an 80% chance?

    We have to stop living life like a prudent billionaire… what was the point in the Stadium if we’re still trying to do things on the cheap? Someones getting rich and it ain’t the fans.

    GMR, me and Geoff were just bitching about this blind faith in Wenger… its very pathetic and that sort of group think attitude is what sinks companies. Stop judging our current season on things that have happened in the past.

    Ancellotti won the Champions league last year… I bet he gets the chop in the summer. I’m not saying chop Wenger, I’m saying you’re only as good as your last trophy… and our last trophy seems like a distant memory.

  48. mark

    Stand corrected Geoff …. but with his vast experience in our defence I would have thought Pat has a few things to say with the way we defend (or not). Whoever has the last say on our defence it needs a bloody good shake up and a few more inches (in height … that is) !!!!

  49. Phobia

    Sir Alex refused to rule us out,I mean Arsenal are only a point behind Chelsea,people are crazy,teams under pressure drop points and saying its a 2 horse race when we still could beat Man United at OT is just plan stupid.
    For me Phobia I still strongly feel Arsenal can win the league.

  50. mark

    Phobia …with all due respect …but what phobia are you suffering from ??????? I could sort of understand your position if we had been playing well and goalkeepers had been playing blinders to save all our shots at goal. But in our run of draws and in yesterdays game we haven’t looked like winning and haven’t given the goalkeepers too much to worry about. To then take that form and play the likes of Man Utd, Liverpool, Everton, to name but three, before the end of the season and still honestly think we can win the league …I’m sorry Phobia I admire your enthusiasm but I actually think we have a better chance at the Champions Lerague because we at least seem to raise our game in that competition and look as if we really want it (not that I am saying we will actually win it) but I think we put more of an effort into it.

  51. Pedro

    Can you see us taking Chavski over 2 legs? I can’t!

    But maybe if we beat Liverpool 3 times, we’ll kick on from there.

    Its going to take a miracle for us to win the league. Lets just kick on as underdogs and see what happens.

    Form, injuries and fatigue appear to all be getting on top of us at the moment.

    We need to win something, lets hope the champions league is our saving grace,

  52. Odub

    I think we’re best just aiming low for the rest of the season, and if we eventually get to the summit, it’ll be a plesent surprise! Dont see it happening though!
    Not even bothering with thinking about the CL until it’s round the corner! Let’s see if we manage to win against Bolton to end the worst run in 9 years!

  53. mark

    Yeah good point Odub …perhaps that’s the best policy from now on … don’t expect anthything and if we do actually win a game here and there it will be a bonus … sounds more like I’m talking about my local Ryman League club not a supposedly Big four elite side. Well reallity hurts I suppose.

  54. Paul

    Here’s a new debate to lihgten the mood.Eboue most of us can,t stand him.Who else do you remember that you wanted gone.My nomination is Gus Caeser

  55. AN Steve

    At least Gus was not a cheating cunt, Talbot was alright what about the winger Graham bought from Liverpool, can’t remeber his name

  56. Pedro

    Glenn Helder should never have left Arsenal:

    Ex-ARSENAL star Glenn Helder has been sent to a psychiatric hospital.

    The Dutch winger was jailed last year for illegal gun possession, threatening his ex-girlfriend and assaulting her current partner.

    Former Holland star Helder, 39, has been committed to the De Waag institution in Haarlem.

    According to Dutch reports, he has been diagnosed with “narcissistic personality disorder with hints of borderline psychosis”.

    Helder previously tried to commit suicide after becoming addicted to gambling.

    Helder, George Graham’s last signing as Arsenal manager when he moved from Vitesse Arnhem for £2.5m in 1995, made 39 Premiership appearances and scored one goal in his time at Highbury.

    See what happens!

  57. Geoff

    Jimmy Carter ex Millwall, Liverpool and us and useless, Glenn Helder, what’s wrong with a narcissic personality disorder? are you all perfect? I know I am, but then I have what Glenn had!

  58. mustafa

    evening grove , i have finnaly calmed down from our defeat to the chavs , Big phill deserves a start at bolton drop toure – he has had a nightmare recently – and sack this bunch at the end of the seaon rosicky,diaby,bentner,eboue what a dumb cunt he is i want to poke him in the eye – is Arsene starting to finnaly lose the plot he is starting to worry me , one he plays that long snake diaby on the left has he got springs on the end of his boots as he can not keep the ball , two he sticks with that cockroach eboue ?,three big mistake letting diara go that will haut the proffesor , and four every time bentner comes on i go to the garden to get a brick and want to smash it through the tv , that guy could not run a bath – how bruce rated him at birmingham is beyond me and last i have run out of patient with rosicky he reminds me of a tramp from the westend only comes out in patches.In all we must give our all for the CL it would be great to win it this year we deserve it – COME ON YOU GUNNERS !!!!!!!

  59. GMR

    Jimmy Carter went into my mates Insurance Brokers a few years back & asked if he could backdate a motor policy as he had been done by the police. My mate being a spud would never have helped him anyway, so took great delight in his misfortune. Apparently Carter now lives in a castle in scotland I believe & has made a fortune outside of football.

    Going back to Wenger, I think a minority of fans like us who actually have our own minds are going to be stuck with him for years to come. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t automatically want him sacked but something needs to give & if he refuses to change then there really isn’t any other choice.

    The trouble is he is making shed loads of cash for the board so whilst the majority of fans are happy to hang on every word Wenger comes out with & also pay what the board want each season to get into matches they won’t see any need to change things, regardless of how many years we don’t win any trophies. If Fat & Orange do eventually get control that still won’t affect Wenger because DD would never consider getting rid of him. So is this really it for us real fans now, are we going to be stuck paying extortionate prices for the club we love to watch, whilst Arsene uses it as his own personal youth centre?? Of course I don’t have to go to the matches, but I was there before Wenger & I’ll still be there after he has left (providing I don’t die inbetween of course) & unlike the hangers on I’m Arsenal through & through!!

  60. mustafa

    good point GMR , i don’t want him sacked – or by players for the sake of it – just a couple of world class players would give the whole club a lift , we are so used to pretty football – we can not go another 3 years without any trophy because he would have to step down

  61. gooner_USA

    Sorry but Ive been reading this blog for a while. Actually usually after bad performances but never posted anything. After yesterdays performance I just have to say my shit. Firstly the players who have consistently performed over the year must get their due credit. So they are:

    these guys have given their heart and soul for the team….nuff said about them…NOW

    Ade needs to be told that he is shit without Fabregas and hlebs passing or without the clichy and sagna support on the wings….the guy doesnt deserve to be on the arsenal team when he was scoring goals….that is what I said when he started the season and I maintain that after his guzillion goals he says he has scored….if we wanted the chaep touches back to the midfield and cheap flicks we could have bought peter crouch…but seriously this guy stinks….for all those who go to the Emiates PLEASE STOP singing the Adebyaor song…it pisses me off to see an amazing run by sagna and cross being praised by the fans with an Ade “song” because all he did was put head to a present…well he actually even missed one in AC first leg…so you guys get my point…Ade fuck off….

    Eboue: someone mentioned a headless chicken….correct…but PLEASE take his money and give them to flamini and make him stay ….the guy cannot shoot ….leaves the ball behind during runs….and doesnot support sagna regularly…and yes the diving is awful…i dont want to support a team who has divers…eboue fuck off

    Fabregas: has been solid….yet I still feel that the love showered on him by some even when he is not performing is disgusting….the guy is very very talented but needs a QUALITY striker upfront…just brings down his game….and I think thats what is happening now…being an atacking midfielder in my club I can say from experience that there is only that much you can do if the guys upfront dont make the runs for you….

    Hleb: I dont know why this guy is getting the blame when he has been quality….again he cannot do shit if the guys upfront dont make runs for him…..the guy plays down the middle and has been used on the left where that ass of adebayor thinks he can prowl like the great titi….haha the biggest joke titi played on us before leaving was telling ade I believe you can be better than me….I bet titi is also laughing out there on ade…but yes hleb is quality and NOneed for flagging him…

    Persie, Rosicky : cant much be said on them….needto sort out injuries…
    but we know both are class…but you cant do much about that from the bench….

    Now Walcott….I dont understand the love the “english” gooners feel for him….yes he is talented and quick ….but the guy CANNOT dribble past people….if he isnt running into players or leaving the ball behind ….his best option is kicking the ball forwrd past the full backs and hope he gets to the ball before the central defender…the only time it works is late i the game like in milan….hence making him useless before the hour….although I would start him before eboue any day….my point is ive seen carlos vela playing during this season and trust me the guy is waaaaaaay mature of a player than walcott….haha I doubt theo would be getting the love if he wasnt english …just saying….

    Now Arsene….my bigest issue with the guy is his susbstitutions….YES SUBSTITUTIONS…..he makes them in the fucking 80th minute… guys like Moarinho and Alex Ferg would let the player know he ios playing shit by even substituting in the first half….but even a normal substitution when things are NOT working for arsene is in the 75th minute…yesterday i was begging for walcott to be unleashed but you know hwen he came on…..maybe he doesnt have quality on the bench some might sya…..then sir fucking BUY…..
    another problem with Arsene is that he doesnt have the “givenoshit” attitude….look at the manure bench and you saw tevez sitting with nani and scholes….fucking hell they dont give shit to fergie…they dont DARE….hell do you even hear of Rooney being shipped off to madrid or barca…NO because Fergie would put them in place….the only reason arsene doesnt buy “big” players is he doent know how to “handle” them….everytime they become “big”…they are bundled off…and the big clubs know that….
    With all this said I would have arsene as an arsenal manager than any other fucker as he has given me a decade worth of glorious football….and yes I can forgive him for teh quality he produces on the pitch…maybe its because ive conceded that he can never outdo that cunt fergie….so all those asking for arsene’s head…give me what your smoking….but yes I agree with this blog “Arsene does NOT know—–everything”

  62. RvP Fan

    Gooner USA, some nice points, but i disagree on that one point about Ade. While he isnt Performing atm, and is starting to make people think that he is lucky, and needs a real wake up call, i dont think we need to get rid of him completely. i mean he can perform, he just needs to he knocked back into shape and told explicitly that all the chances we make he is wasting. Only problem is, we have no one in our team staff atm who can do that.
    While we have the Chequebook out, we need a high quality Strength and Fitness coach to stop all the bloody injuries.
    Oh, and a lawyer to sue the FA for emplaying bloody refs that hate us and are biased…..

  63. gooner_usa

    RVP fAN..Yeah maybe i went overboard on ade….he is at best a supporting striker or no2….but his atitude is sickening like scoring two dozen goals makes him at par with titi…or like he has made it…my point is he lacks the real hunger and ambition which i only see from flamini, clichy, sagna, gallas, toure and yes at times with fabregas(although fab is NOT the same guy we are used to seeing like those glorious CL performances against juve and madrid…we could see he had something to prove….now its suddenly got flat)….but only these players…the rest are like going with the motions without intensity…..all im saying is get that intensity back and make it a big deal to wear that red and white shirt….and stop singing the GODAMN ADEBAYOR SONG……

  64. TJ

    I’ve never ever seen Arsenal in a rut like this- 1 win in 9 games (in all comps),unheard of for a “Big Club” and definitely not championship form an eleven point swing in a matter of months. The game yesterday has reaffirmed my belief that Eboue is no winger- he has regressed so much from 2006 CL run. I think he is better coming from deep where he receives the ball on the run and can whip in a cross or two. Wenger persists with him at this position and he continues to fail. He is no more than abenchwarmer. Adebayor-has been solid but he is far from world class- his poor first touch,penchant for little flick ons and recent lack of work rate has led me to believe that he feels he’s the big man on campus now. I’m the star mentality. In analyzing the team we all seem to see what it lacks-1) depth, 2) wide play 3)goal scoring midfielder 4) match winner.

    Man U-what do they have for a midfield- Scholes,Anderson,Hargreaves,Fletcher,Carrick- only weak point is Fletcher
    Chelsea-Ballack,Lampard,Essien,Makelele,Mikel-weak point aging Makelele
    Arsenal-Fabregas,Flamini,Denilson,Gilberto,Diaby-weak point aging Gliberto-youhful denilson and Diaby being played out of posn.

    Att Mid & Forwards
    Man U-Ronaldo,Tevez,Rooney,Giggs,Nani, Park,Saha.- Weak point Saha (inj prone)and Park (but he can quite effective)
    Chelsea -Drogba,Anelka,Cole,Kalou,SWP,Pizarro,Malouda,Shevchenko- weakpoints sheva and pizarro.
    Arsenal- Adebayor,Van Persie,Eduardo,Hleb,Rosicky,Bendtner,Walcott- weakpoints two guys who are under 21 plyrs,targetman who can’t control ball,inj backup and 2 inj prone attackers in Rosicky and V.Persie.

    Based on that I think it would be obvious what we need- at least one proven striker (possibly two). A left winger (proven no youngster) Rosicky to be a back up. If Theo shud be a centre forwrd then get a right winger-give Hleb competiton and rest .
    We need a central midfielder -to be able to alternate the pairings. WE can flip Rosiky into the centre if needs be but get another CM-to replace gilberto.

    I don’t care if a player is crying for a game-Does anyone ever hear that a player at manu is unhappy cuz of games plyd. I wonder if Diarra had initially gone to Man U wud he have left cuz he doens’t get any playing time. Hmmmm

    And Wenger say he doesn’t need to strengthen squad in summer. I see Bayern Munich -not qualify for Champ’s League and go out and spend $40 million on plyrs. If you are not winning then something has to give.