Arsenal will win title says Wenger and Henry. Theo to start?

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Arsene Wenger believes Arsenal WILL win the title this season if we remain unbeaten, he says he has had a positive response from the team in training and expects us to win, great, just the sort of fighting talk we need ahead of the game, well done le boss.

Thierry says we can win it and not just because he loves us, but because we have been the most consistent team this season, he still talks to all the players and feels we deserve it for the way we play our football.

Wenger says Theo may start, I would like to see that, that could be an inspired move, leave Ade on the bench, maybe that would be the shock he needs and the chavs won’t be expecting it.

Flamini is set to put pen to paper in April, I hope that’s true.

Avram Grant says Cashley is mature and has taken responsibility for the horror tackle and treatment of the ref, are you stupid as well as incredibley ugly Grant?

Is that the same mature Cashley Cole that honked on a slapper whilst banging her brains out before his new wife found out?

Since Capello showed the world what he thought of Chelsea’s behaviour Cole and Terry are shitting themselves regarding their England careers, so came out and said sorry, what a pair of complete thicko tossers, how predictable, as if even cashley’s wife couldn’t see through that one.

Give the armband to Barry and leave those two pricks out Fabio!

One more day to go before we get a chance to ruin their record, we need the win and an away game suits us as we can at least be heard with our away fans singing, to all you Grovers who are going, make a lot of noise, I’m missing my first game for 8 years at the Bridge but I’ll be with you in spirit.

I have had one of those 7 days when I can do no wrong, a win over the dim witted chavs would complete a near perfect week.

Go, go the Arsenal. Have a fun day Grovers.

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  1. Barnsy

    Did you actually suggest that Ade will be left on the bench? No way will that happen unless he isn’t 100% fit. If Theo starts, it will be on the right wing.

  2. GunnerPete

    I think that this is the weekend of our season, and it will ALL depend on Arsenes choice of team and formation ie; if he goes with the usual lightweights we will lose, but if he start with speed up front Walcott & Van Percie, with Bentner in the old bergkamp role of third goalscorer and playmaker, this would shake Chelski to the core.

    AdeB can then be the perfect super sub after hlaf time assuming the Chavs have not crippled one of the front two first. Shame that Sicknote Rosicky is not available because he would have been in heaven on the left, but now its got to be Mr Whippy & Eboue. There is no other choice but Fabs & Flams in the middle.

    One very big error AW has made is giving the Games to big Phil that he needed and then taking him off for Kolo. Kolo & Gallas are not airtight together but Phil & Gallas are better. I would prefer to see Kolo in the Makelele role for the rest of this season so allowing Hleb to be rested and also Fabs…now and again.

    My team would be …Almunia, Sagna, Clichy, Senderos,Gallas,
    Fabs Flam,
    Van Percie, Bentner, Walcott

    Subs: AdeB, Hleb, Lehmann, Hoyte, Song

  3. chris

    morning grovers, its time for walcott rvp and nikki , i am with you, use ade as an inpact player, i really cant see it happening though, he will want to get ades confidence back and a bench start wont help him in AW eyes, i think.

  4. Kevin

    Morning everyone!

    I think Adebayor should start, he is a big game player, and no matter how bad he has been lately… you’d expect him to step up tomorrow.

    RvP will be wanting to get a goal under his belt a bit sharpish… and if Walcott is playing… would there a better time to score? England game next week… keeping Beckham out!

    Did anyone here Wenger talking about ice cream gate? Quite amusing, but he doesn’t sound that bothered really!

    Come on you gooners!

  5. RvP Fan

    Hmmm, Thats interesting… I never thought of using Ade as an impact player… I wouldnt go any further than that tho… Also, maybe start with Ade and RvP upfront with Walcot in the middle with flam and Fab on the bench? Nothing else has worked, and our Fab and Flam do need a rest….

  6. lc

    My team to win this game:


    -Sagna- Kolo (or Gallas)-Gallas(or Senderos)-Clichy(if fit or Gallas).

    -Eboue- Fabregas- Flamini- Hleb.

    – Rvp.

    – Adebayor.

    Then, Theo for Eboue in the last 20′ 4-4-1-1.

    Chelsea-1 Arsenal 3.

  7. Geoff

    I just don’t think Eboue has the temprement to get booed and will be a sending off candidate, Nikki up top with Robin, Theo out wide with Hleb on the other flank and Ade on the bench to show him he’s not TH14.

    I can’t suggest anyone else as we don’t have enough players!

    We do need to strangle their midfield though, so it’s a choice of playing 5 and matching them or the 4-4-2 and surprising them.

    I’d go for the big surprise.

  8. Pedro

    Nice post Geoff,

    Ade could work well as an impact player. However, I think a defense that is lacking confidence would shit themselves at the prospect of Ade, RvP and Walcott.

    If you played Theo and RvP up front, that could be an interesting prospect… but would you bank on Theo putting the ball in the back of the net given one chance?

    Still, stranger things have happened… we always used to rest Thierry against the Mancs! I heard a rumour that they might drop Drogba against us as he has been so poor of late.

    If Arsenal are going to rest anyone for impact duties, it’ll be RvP

    I’m going with the best 11 available though:

    Sagna Kolo Gallas Clichy
    Hleb Cesc Flamster Walcott
    RvP Ade

    Don’t even entertain a 4-5-1 Arsene and don’t entertain Eboue…

    0-2 Arsenal! RvP and Ade both on the score sheet!

  9. Evo in Oz

    Gunner pete – you’ve taken all the words right out of my mouth, very inspiring team choice and something from left field, but probably what a lot of us have been thinking for a while!

    Geoff – i agree with Kanu Jnr on the bench, something unpredictable in that!

    Big Phil and Gallas are definitely better together than kolo-gallas, although Big Phil has had troubles with Drogba before, but im sure he would be keen to take him on and prove everyone wrong!

    How fucked was it that season when they beat us 1-0 right at the death and that goal of drogbas came of his shin, cunt!

  10. Phobia

    Walcott-Flamini-Fabregas-Ice cream-Hleb
    Adebayor-Van Persie
    Chelsea 0-Arsenal 1
    Chelsea-1-Arsenal 2
    Chelsea 2-Arsenal 3
    Good Luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. gazzap

    surely the only real team selection is Eboue or Walcott. everyone else is an automatic choice. then I suppose formation could either be 4-5-1 with Hleb behind Ade and RVP wide left or 4-4-2 with Hleb on wing and RVP up top. either is fine by me. Eboue can normally handle the big games in terms of the football but you are never quite sure what he’s going to do next and could easily get himself sent off.

  12. Geoff

    Yeah give it a go, Ade’s been straying offside a lot and thinks his place is booked, give him a rest and see what happens, but please no Eboue.

  13. Pedro

    Snowing in March… what a joke!

    I hope its not like this tomorrow! They boys wont be up for it!

    Give Ade a go tomorrow, he’ll score… I’ve got good vibes for the first time in a while and Arsene is supremely confident!

    4-4-2 is the way forward. Geoff, did you hear that walcott was starting or is that just what you’d do?

    I ask because I read Wenger defending Eboue… which indicated to me he’ll be starting…

  14. Geoff

    I read that Wenger said he may start him, don’t forget the Chavs have far more players from sunnier climes than we do!

  15. gazzap

    am pretty sure both Ade and Eboue will start. I know a lot of us dont want that but they will. wenger has said that certain players that have looked slow in recent weeks have looked a lot faster in training this week. I think he was talking about ade in particular. he will at least start but may come on later. theo will prob come on later for Eboue.

  16. RvP Fan

    Yeah. But I agree that we should leave one striker on the bench for impact. If not ade, then RvP. Use Bentner for a start, then if Ade is falling asleep again, take him off. Bring RvP on. He scores. We Win. End of story. (i wish)…..

  17. Stupid

    I’m telling ya, we are gonna paste the chavs…just have this feeling they think we are gone and are there for the taking… attack us at your peril you chav russian scammers.

  18. Pedro

    Ok guys, I am off line all day… I’m watching the games back to back in Lowestoft… don’t ask…

    I am still feeling good about the result.

    I think this is going to be a season defining day. We’re going to steam Chelsea… for once they are running scared and the players will pick up on that vibe.

    4-4-2… I think Eboue will start… I dreamt he hit the post last night, then he scored. Theo will be our impact player and RvP will start up top with Adebayor.

    If Ade wants to be classed as world class… these are the types of games where he has to turn up. None of this sulking… we need good lay offs and for him to take his chances!

    I have a good feeling about Liverpool turning the Mancs over too… Rafa is due a result somewhere and Torres and Gerrard are on fire at the moment.

    Come on you Gooners! Make this a good finish to the season!

    Have a good one Grovers!