Arsenal bid for Loic Perrin – Official

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Arsenal have put a proposal to 22 year old Loic Perrin who has been recommended to us by the Grimster, Peter Hill Wood said we are awaiting the outcome from his representatives. Hill-wood said,
“We have made him a proposal”
“We have heard from his representatives but they have not given us a response.
It seems that the Flamster is on his way then, what worries me is Loic Perrin will take a season to bed in, he doesn’t play for France, I’ve never heard of him and he’ll only cost £5mil.On the plus side though, I’d never heard of Sagna either, we’ll wait and see if this happens eh?Great result last night from the Chavs last night, 4 goals conceded means that we could have a field day, Cashley should have been sent off twice, one for going in with his studs up and two for turning his back on the referee, then all the usual suspects surrounded him, disgraceful as usual, but it’s Chelsea and they’ll get away with it.At least that will put Sunday’s ref on alert and it may work against them.I’m still thinking we can pull off a win on Sunday, if we don’t I feel it will be over, if we can win and the Mancs draw, we’re right back in it and it will be in our hands again.

I just hope that we have some good sessions in training and the boys come flying out the blocks just like they did in the San Siro.

Interesting day yesterday with some candid views on atmosphere, I was particularly pleased that we had a steward on ‘El Tel’ and I welcomed the frank exchange of views, I hope he comes back, maybe we can get a dialogue going that will feed back to the other stewards. El Tel you’re welcome on this blog.

Class was touched on and even I got sucked in, I would like to close the class row by saying I don’t think there are classes any more, you either have money or you don’t, otherwise that would make our team all upper class given the money they earn, but they’re not are they?

Anyway, we are all one class, Arsenal class, have a great day today Grovers, Pedro and I won’t be around a lot, so keep the flag flying for us!

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  1. Matt

    He would be a replacment for Flamini, he will be a replacment for Gilberto and Diarra… The Flamster will stay… mark my words…

    If we were signing a replacement for Flamini, we would atleast bought someone that people know of…

  2. Pedro

    Steve, read the article before you say its a bullshit story.

    Its got a source now, so take it up with Setanta if you have a problem, not Le Grove of Geoff.

  3. Evo in OZ

    Never heard of Perrin and i do hope Flamini stays!

    Its a great day when the spuds and the chavs have a 4-4 draw, bring on a goal fest on Sunday! 4-0 would be spot on!


    Id be shocked if Flamini waited all this time at Arsenal to leave when he is in the side. I think matt is correct. With Diarra and Gilberto out only really Song is available to play in his position. Also with Vela back, i think that Diaby will get a central role in midfield. (Although more attacking). Otherwise we have 5 strikers before Eduardp returns, i don’t think Vella will play as a striker but on the wing. We need some support on the left wing, and Vela sounds perfect. It would be a major blow if Flamini went, we would have to mould again. Him and cesc are the best pair i have seen for such a long time, both young enough to really impose themselves on the world of football. What a future they could have? COME ON THE GUNNERS.

  5. edlass

    Hi guys,

    a little dispressing morning this morning due to Flam/Hleb situations.
    Well, have a nice day. I’ll at least try.

  6. Matt

    If you read the Telegraph those quotes from Hill-Wood are nothing to do with Perrin. They are in relation to Flamini. Some hack at Setanta has recycled the story without even reading it properly.

  7. chris

    Loïc Perrin
    Saint-Etienne Midfielder
    Height: 1.79m. Weight: 73.00kg. Nationality: France
    Born: 07/08/1985 in Saint-Etienne

    Latest StatisticsYear : 2008
    Games : 26
    Starting Line-up : 23
    Substitutions : 3
    Goals : 1
    Penalties : 0
    Yellow Cards : 2
    Red Cards : 0
    Minutes Played : 2090

    Career of Loïc Perrin Season Club Championship European Competitions Caps
    03-04 Saint-Etienne 7 Games (-)
    04-05 Saint-Etienne 15 Games (-)
    05-06 Saint-Etienne 2 Goals, 26 Games (-)
    06-07 Saint-Etienne 10 Games (-)
    07-08 Saint-Etienne 1 Goals, 26 Games (-)


    Another Note spot on about Le Champ, this is what we want at Arsenal, get booked fuck it. The first two titles Wenger won we were the most booked team in Englaish Football.

  9. Pedro

    Its also in the Telegraph with the same quotes attributed to Hill-wood?

    Oh well, apologies if we got it wrong (Setanta/Telegraph)!

    I don’t understand why we would be chasing him anyway?

    Are we resigned to losing the Flamster?

    This is what pisses me off about Arsene and his new way of doing things…


    Steal someone elses Gem

    Train him up

    Put him in the first team

    wait 2 years for him to bed in

    3rd year, they have a blinder

    3rd year summer they decide they want to fuck off

    Why not buy a great player, who will be great from the off, give us 3 years great service then fuck off.

    We stomach the shit performances, for them to show no loyalty?

    Hleb should be ashamed over his behaviour.

    We had it coming to us with the Flamster.

    Adebayor will be talking about Milan/Madrid this summer.

    Why don’t the Mancs ever get this? Why don’t the Chavs?

    Its really unsettling for us, and it can’t be great for the team.

  10. Pedro

    The writer doesn’t always have that much time to research an Article!

    Things to do, people to see and all that.

    We’re only reporting what we’ve read from a professional news outlet.

    Write them an e-mail if it upsets you so much.

  11. Odub

    Morning all,

    It’s kicking off already I see, or is Pedro just having a war with himself?!

    Read the Hleb story yesterday, no idea who this Perrin kid is though. The Flam story just wont go away, and the bottom line is the hierarchy at the club have only got thmselves to blame, end of!

  12. Geoff

    Exactly couldn’t run a business like that could you.

    If they don’t like the article, they should fuck off and read one they do.

  13. Odub

    Any player they think will contribute to the club’s success should be on at least a 2-3 year deal renewable with 12 months to spare! Why the hell did Diaby get offered a new 4-6 year deal recently, Cesc 8, and I think Djourou and Song have signed new deals, and Flam is only just being looked at now!! Daft! I take it the whole Edu scenario didnt teach them anything!

    Just tell these moaning twats to read the fucking rules of engagement! Dont even bother explaining anything to anyone mate!

  14. chris

    check french google news, there is plenty of talk about perrin,, either way hill woods comments are relvant,
    either A they are trying to get perrin because the flamster is off
    or B they are trying to get perrin anyway
    what ever agent is waiting to retort is irrelivant as it looks like perrin is a target
    you did not say he was coming

  15. FenGunner

    Just to lighten the mood, that video! Seemed like it was made by an adoring young french girl. “Ah Loic please don’t go, I love your cescy/van persie/eduardo face too much”
    French girl’s opinion, not mine.

  16. Odub

    I’ve said this before, and dont mind saying it again, if Flam goes (God forbid!), What stops Song, Djourou or even Kolo (with big Phil,Gallas and Nordveit playing CB) playing the def mid role?! Do we have to keep going to gay Paris in a panic everytime we llose a player?!!!

  17. FenGunner

    Good point Odub,
    Hasn’t Djourou been playing there for the reserves and doing a good job? I know it’s a big step up the prem but who would have thought flamini would have turned out like this after his summer of discontent.

  18. chris

    but we want new signings, albeit of a quality nature, this guy captained the team recently so therfore is a senior player (i gather) so it may prove a worth while addition, i think we would be more excited if he was a known entity and that his arrival may hearld the departure of robbie savage, ops typo i mean flamini! (joke ,dont gang up on me)

  19. Odub

    Dont mind new signings Chris, just think we need them at the back and further forward because we established awhile back that there’s hardly anyone in world football quite good enough to step straight into the flamster’s position.

    Shopping List
    New Goalie
    New CB
    New Striker.

    Knowing AW as we all do, be prepared to see more pimpled kids signing on over the summer.

    Although we’ll have to go some way to trump everton who’ve just signed…………

    SEVEN YEAR OLD goalkeeper Henry Yates!!!

    What the fuck is the world coming to?!!!

  20. El Tel

    Thanks for your kind words. I will talk to other stewaeds and get them on board. Perrin could be another of Arsens unpolished gems. Lets talk about Flamini when we know the outcome. Don’t slag him off just yet. Arsenal players are targeted for the following reasons. 1. They are better than the rest and trained by the Master coach. (note I didn’t say Manager) 2. The mischiev making anti Arsenal reporters are stirring up trouble every year. Who wants the overpriced Mancscum and Chavski leftovers anyway. I also want to add that TH14 and Paddy were touted around for years and stayed with us far longer than theyb were supposed to have. Let those who jump ship look at these guys now, even Annelka has regrets and he left yonks ago. Get real lads. We rarely let guys go who we really want. I love the Flamster but he has given us 1 good season and there are other quality players out there in his workmanlike position.

  21. El Tel

    Guys if the Flamster does decide to go how about moving Kolo into midfield and keeping big Phil in the Team or buying a world class CB this would have power and variety to our games when the cowards sit back and try hitting us on the break. Kolo also likes shooting from distance and if the Master trainer works on this we could see more long range efforts from the boys. We are desperate for a Goalkeeper and we are missing a wingman. I said this at the start of the season and so did many others. Lets hope Vela is the one we need to replace the likes of Armstrong,Rix,Limpar, Marwood,Overmars,Pires and Reyes (yes Jose Reyes) we are succesfull when wingers are in the Team . I saw RVP playing wide for Holland and he looked by far their best player. Maybe play him wide with Ade and Bendter up top and go for broke. If we lose at least we gave it a go.

  22. chris

    so spurs, did they do us a favor? or is that too negative a thought when only first place is good enough this season?

  23. Odub

    We need to win the title end of. All this crap about we’ve done so well considereing we werent given a chance at the start of the season is bollox! We’re not historically a club that’s happy with 2nd so why start now?!

    btw, am I right in thinking that we could win all our games and still not win the league?!

  24. El Tel

    Chris buddy why even mention them. The thing that most annoying is when the Gooners sing stand up if you hate them. Why mention them at all. They are not there They are irrelevent. If you guys want to all stand up do it and make up a song about us. forget them LOSER twats

  25. Martyboy187

    I ran the results through the Premier Predictor on BBC website and had Mancs win every game except against us and the chavs and adraw on sunday. Even if we draw on Sunday (which I don’t think will happen, if spurs can score four, anyone in the league can score five) and win the rest of our games the League will be ours. They have a far more difficult run in than us, plus they end the season knee deep in mud at the sect pit the is the JJB. Lets see the boy wonder Ronaldo impress on that.

  26. chris

    i think so, goal difference will be a factor.

    plenty of positives to be taken from last nites foot ball chav wise anyway, that was a lot of goals to conceed, we only need one! and big willie to do his job

  27. andy c

    spurs have done us a favour, they have shown us that the chavs can be beaten if you actually try! Most prem clubs would be happy to scrape a draw and dont aspire to beat the “big 4”, If we can play at a high tempo a la milan then we will score, the chavs were all over the place with tackles flying in when they couldnt get the ball back. cuntly cunt hole should have walked, if anything, our boys should be thinking they can do better than the spurs because, well, we all know spurs are shite!

  28. Martyboy187

    While i’m having my rant, is anyone else sick of this goal record of Ronaldo’s?

    Ok so he beat George Best record last night, they may call him a winger but he plays up front. Its like saying that Fabregas has the record for cleansheets this season. He hasn’t conseeded any while in goal!!!!!! If Walcott hit every penalty, free kick and was able to miss kick the ball into the ground every time he’s in the box I’m sure he would be up there too!!!!!

  29. Odub

    We’ll beat ’em on sunday after the shyte they produced yesterday, with all but Cech playing, they look vulnerable big time!! Truly am positive we’ll get 2-3 and we sure as hell aint conceeding 4 either!

    Most of greasy ronaldo’s goals have come against mid to low table residing teams. He’s only got one against the top 4 this season, the twat just seems to get more and more annoying everytime I watch him play. He’s up there on my cunt list with Terry, fat frank and cashley!

  30. El Tel

    You are right Odub. Since when has 2nd been ok with us. However lets throw caution to the wind and play every match like we do the last 5 minutes of most of our games. Who cares how tired these young guys are we should use the better technique we have to beat the thugs. Makes me laugh that its ok for the Red nose wankers tossers to be a 1 man Team but it was a big problem when TH14 was doing this for us. The Mancscum are cheating saddos.

  31. Odub

    andy c we just need to score first, watch them panic and hit them on the break for fun!

    Hope Ade and Eboue get dropped and we can have RVP, Bendts and Walcott with Hleb and F&F in midfield, we’ll have a better chance with that selection! Can’t see it happening though!

  32. andy c

    i cant see the run in being that important, a few weeks ago we were presuming we would be 5 points clear going into this weekend and we could get away with draws against the chavs and the mancs, hasnt worked out that way tho, i reckon the refs we get and the opposing teams approach to games will have more of an effect, if every one plays the anti football middlesbrough did we might struggle to win half our games unless we get some new ideas on the pitch

  33. El Tel

    They compare every player to a legend up there. Yes the cunt is good but since when did he ever get the better of Cashley and Clichy. Anyone with pace who can tackle can stop the Tosser, he then goes into dive dive dive mode. The most protected player I have ever seen. Then again he does play for them cunts

  34. andy c

    unless my memory is wrong, he never really performs in the big games prem or otherwise, against milan last year he was anonymous, he certainly doesnt like a sturdy challenge, clichy had him in the back pocket both games last season, on the plus side tho, he might be a decent player but by fuck hes an ugly spotty greasy cunt!

  35. chris

    god andy c, a lot of ladies disagree!

    what did AW mean that he will tells us more about his “failed” attempt at landing the cunt from lisbon, any one any insite into that,?

  36. El Tel

    Andy C I was trying to avoid the refs rant mate but you are spot on. This is the single most reason why we are not way out on top. The last 4 matches have been a disgrace to football. Why don’t we have an enquiry over here like they did in Italy. This cheating shit has been going on for to many years now. The loss at the Mancscum wasn’t a disaster because of the result it was for what that Govan Gob cunt said afterwards that was the clincher. He said we are a dirty side and slammed us, basically telling his ref mates to fuck us over. Have the FA dealt with this cheating scummy moron yet NO NO NO.

  37. Odub

    twat faced greaseball.

    AW has this habit of giving news conferences about players he almost signed!! I seem to remember he looked at Messi as well!! What purpose does it serve telling us this after the player in question has become a world class performer?!!

  38. El Tel

    Twat faced greaseball is probably the only player I can remember seeing get a penalty for intent. He dived over a keeper and got a pen. The ref didn’t deny even being conned he said the goalie intended to foul him. Maybe thats why he scores so many as Goalies are not intende to save anything from him

  39. andy c

    anyone who earns 100k + a week will have fanny sniffing round, the guys got no class, hiring whores for partys at his house, no wonder AW turned his nose up, we get enough diving and theatrics from eboue!

  40. Odub

    apparently he’s an arrogant cunt as well, and sir red nose has been trying to teach him manners….. I’ll leave you guys to fill in the punchline on that one!

  41. Finestcuts

    Flamini is staying at Arsenal, he has said that his priority is to stay with Arsenal so I believe Flamini over the media unless proved otherwise.

    Perrin is potental, he is about 3 or more years from being a top player.

    It’s a shame Wenger doesn’t go for Ebi Smolarek.
    Smolarek is better than, Gilberto, Diaby, Song, Walcott, Denilson and Flamini, yes thats it, he is BETTER than Flamini. There are BETTER players than Flamini. But please, for crying out loud lets not say this noob is a replacement. Only someone BETTER than Flamini should be brought in. There are lots of potential candidates. Now Frank Lampard, that would be a coup. Lampard and Fabergas would be better than Flamini. So Wenger, please improve upon Flamini.

    Smolarek for Gilberto
    Lampard for Flamini

    And Huntelaar would be ideal while Eduardo re-couperates, maybe Wenger could take him on loan for a season like he did with Baptista..

    Those are three players I would love to see Wenger bring in!

  42. Odub

    Finestcuts you’ve got more chance of seeing us sign Diego Amando Maradona than fat Frank! No chance in hell mate! This Smolarek guy is an attacking midfielder and can’t possibly replace Flam or Gilberta!

  43. gazzap

    cough, splutter…what? you want to see that odious cunt lumpolard in an Arsenal shirt instead of Flamini?
    are you sure you’re an Arsenal fan?

  44. andy c

    we only got baptista as a swap, not a sniff of getting huntelaar unless we buy him, not the calibre of player any manager would send out on loan i feel

  45. Finestcuts

    Smolarek would be fantastic addition to the squad. Frank scores goals. Flamini doesn’t. Frank wins games. Flamini doesn’t. We ak=lread have defensive midfielders. Song, Denilson and Diaby anyone?

    Flamini is not bigger than the team. It would be a shame to lose him, but if Arsenal did, a superior player CAN be brought in. Frank Lampard has scored over 100 goals for his club. Flamini has scored…erm not many.

  46. chris GOONA

    as good as Ronaldo is.. not a player i would like in my team, makes me hate Man Utd 10 times more than i originally did!.. they do have alot of other players i hate.. Evra, Rooney, Ferdinand.. too many arrogant personalities and it represents Fergie completely!.. haha

    I aint concedin the title just yet, we are very much still in it, and hopefully sunday we will confirm that.. but if we win it. it would be for all the gd reasons in football.. playin the right way, playing in an attractive way.. plus 1 aspect of our game that no other team has got.. we play in an honest way, and we can be proud 2 support our team.

    Come on the Arsenaaalll..!!!!

  47. Steve

    Hello all, what’s been happening?

    Never heard of this Perrin fella, anyone seen him play? He is n’t related to Reggy is he? He’ll fucking disappear if the going gets tough.

  48. Odub

    I’m fucking off instead of getting involved in a comparism conversation involving Flamster V fat frank! cant bring myself to even contemplate that tosspot being considered as a gooner!

  49. Finestcuts

    Without replacing any players, even if we keep everyone and buy other players, would the 3 above make a major change if they joined. Of course they would and you know it.
    Also there are players out on loan, players like Harvard Nordveit coming through the system so Whatever Arsene has planned I’m sure will be fine, but thiose 3 additions on top as a luxury would sure make life easier. It would probably cost 35 mil but it would be worth it.

  50. Finestcuts

    Your just a sour graped England fan. All the big clubs in the world would snap Frank up if he wanted to go there.

  51. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Some interesting stats for you guys, on the Ronaldo goals scoring run:

    Stats this season:

    36 games played
    33 total goals
    22 games in which he has scored (61%)
    20 games won by MU when he scores (60 points)
    11 games won by crucial Ronaldo goals (33 points)

    38 games played
    23 total goals
    16 games in which he has scored (42%)
    13 games won by ARS when he scores (39 points)
    4 games won by crucial Adebayor goals (12 points)

    36 games played
    27 total goals
    18 games in which he has scored (50%)
    13 games won by LIV when he scores (39 points)
    5 games won by crucial Torres goals (15 points)

    36 games played
    15 total goals
    12 games in which he has scored (33%)
    9 games won by MU when he scores (27 points)
    3 games won by crucial Tevez goals (9 points)

    47 games played
    23 total goals
    19 games in which he has scored (40%)
    10 games won by TH when he scores (30 points)
    3 games won by crucial Keane goals (9 points)

    22 games played
    11 total goals
    9 games in which he has scored (40%)
    6 games won by CHL when he scores (18 points)
    2 games won by crucial Drogba goals (6 points)

    Drogba (last season):
    59 games played
    33 total goals
    26 games in which he scored (44%)
    20 games won by CHL when he scored (60 points)
    9 games won by crucial Drogba goals (27 points)

  52. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Then of course…..the Master….

    Season 03/04

    Thierry Henry:
    50 games played
    38 total goals
    25 games in which he has scored (50%)
    21 games won by ARS when he scores (63 points)
    12 games won by crucial Henry goals (36 points)

  53. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Oh the games won stats include CL and FA and League cups so the points accrued are misleading a little.

  54. Steve

    Finecuts, I’m not sure it’s anything to do with being an England fan, it is more likely that the distain towards Lumplard is because he is a typicallly odious Chav cunt. Have you considered in your little world how the fuck he’d play with Fabregas, or has it not occured to you that having 2 totally attack minded midfielders in the centre of the park may cause a few defensive fragilities?

  55. Pedro

    I did wonder that myself?

    His english is too good for that!

    Where did you get those stats from?

    Are you concluding that Arsenals success is down to the team… ManU’s is more down to Ronaldo?

    There is a defiinted dependence on him up there, i’ve never known a Manc side so ‘one man teamish’.

    Lampard for Arsenal? No thank you.

    If the Flamster left, we’d need someone similar to replace him… I can’t think of anyone though?

    Odub reckons there is some amazing player coming through?

    BTW Guys, El Tel has beein joining in your convo, but his comments got caught up in the spam filter!

    Scroll back and have a look at them for me! I feel guilty…

  56. gazzap

    what about his fee and wages? and the fact he is a total cunt. It is probably the most unlikely deal I can think of, other than Cashley twat back to Arsenal. why are we wasting valuable energy discussing such a daft idea. cease. now.

    the weather’s a bit dull here today…There I have got us onto a more appetising topic

  57. Pedro

    Ray Gooner is a guy who comes on here sometimes… he compiles stats in his spare time.

    He spent 5 days compiling a the preier league tables over the last 10 years… he obviously didn’t know about the consolidation button in excel…

    Gazzap how about this then…

    Flamster goes…

    Barca sack Rijkaard…

    Barca have clear out…

    Arsenal get a cut price Yaya?

  58. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Pedro, yeah it is amazing how influential Ronaldo has been on United this season but to be fair Rooney and Tevez have also scored big goals for them this season. I think the point is that he is a world class player, but the combination of him, Rooney and Tevez has been solely the reason United are top this year, whereas we have not weighed in enough goals from other areas of the pitch and for all Ade’s efforts this season he cannot compete with Ronaldo for influence on the team.

    Hleb, Rosicky, RVP, Walcott, Eduardo and Cesc have not chipped in with anything like the necessary figure this year, maybe Cesc, but the others definitely not – obviously much of that is down to injuries to RVP, Rosicky, Eduardo etc but when was the last time Ronaldo, Tevez or Rooney were out with long term injuries this season or even niggling little injuries.

    I think Arsenal are light squad wise and have too many players that are prone to nagging injuries and as a result the synergy in the team is constantly fluxing. United have simply not had these problems this year.

  59. mjc

    Regarding the earlier poster who wanted to know what Wenger meant by “I will sometime tell you more” about Ronaldo’s signing, there was a couple of years ago a great deal of fuss made about the irregularities surrounding it. Specifically, Arsenal had agreed a fee of around £4m, then suddenly Manu bought him for £10-£11m. Noone at the time understood why the fee had more than doubled – surely if you’re going to gazzump then you do it with an extra 10% not an extra 150%…. The situation was made more curious by the fact that the person sent to sort out the signing was none other than Darren Ferguson (son of the nose), and rumours circulated that a large proportion of the fee went to making sure that everyone possible was very well looked after. Don’t know if any of its true – but I bet Arsene Wenger does!

  60. Steve

    Arsene knows he needs a bigger squad. Arsene knows that we are going to fall short again because of his refusal to “upset the balance”. Arsene knows we all love him , but for the money we pay to buy our season tickets we should buy the odd ready made international. Arsene knows that the likes of Denilson, Song, Eboue, Gilberto aren’t good enough for regular first team football.

  61. Geoff

    I wish he did Steve, I wish he did, be you know we’ll sign Luke Feeman’s cousin and a bag of Welks don’t you!

  62. Odub

    Expensive habit supporting the arsenal isnt it?!!!

    Right, if I hear anyone else complain about the lack of discipline under Wenger, I will gladly point them in the direction of the bunch of thugs now residing at the bridge!! Mike Riley should be demoted to the conference after his handling of the cuntley cole tackle! and to not send him off fot turning his back on him is beyond belief!
    I bet when it kicks off on sunday (which it will), we end up with more cards than clinton’s because that mark twatenburg will side with the chavs!

    Rant over!

  63. mjc

    Apologies – seems it was his other son, Jason Ferguson.

    And there was enough truth in it for Alex to stop doing interviews with the BBC after they looked into it:
    (I don’t think the photo on this item in coincidental)

    Also bear in mind that close relatives of managers are now specifically banned from being involved in transfer dealings, which I personally cannot believe entirely related to Craig Allardyce.

    Bear in mind also that the Manchester United Supporters Trust have flagged this signing:

    I guess we’ll have to wait for Wenger autobiography….

  64. Geoff

    That’s what gets me, he gets away with it and the chav cunts surround the ref as if he did fuck all, thick bastard Terry must know it will be replayed I hope Eboue breaks his other foot.

    Eboue should be dropped though as he’ll get booed the whole game, oh and Theo’s better!

  65. Odub

    Yeah I’m thinking Eboue might be best getting a diplomatic calf strain and give Sunday a miss. Theo’s been called up for England btw.

  66. Odub

    He has to play him, fuck Eboue. I know AW wont do it but I’d go with


    Subs Lehmann,Senderos,Ade,Denilson,Djourou

  67. Finestcuts

    Steve erm, isn’t Gallas an ex-chav? Teams such as Brazil play with 2 attacking minded midfielders so I don’t see what you’d have against extra goals, and you may not have noticed but Fabregas doers a lot of defending as well….oh and so does Lampard so the’re both versatile midfielders. I look at a player without prejudice of who he plays for, and Lampard has been a huge contribution to Chelsea’s success.

  68. gazzap

    Odub, that is exactly the team I would go for as well. I think a lot of people on this site seem very switched on to what team would work in any one game. wenger however, is very stubborn and also very loyal to his first choices. expect Eboue and Ade to start.

  69. gazzap

    Gallas is a foreign journeyman, Lampard and Terry are Mr Chelsea. wenger would never sign an English player from chelsea, its a ridiculous suggestion. Arsenal fans would hate him even in an Arsenal shirt.

  70. Odub

    gazzap wouldnt even pick Eboue nor Gilberta in the 16! wouldnt put Vic Akers through the pain of having to pack kits for those 2 wastes of space!

  71. Steve

    Finecuts erm, Gallas was never one of the cunt brigade at Chelsea was he. You know the little sect that Cole has now joined? This is such a pointless argument as it’d never happen anyway. You obviously know more about the Brazilian set up than I do as I thought Gilberto was their holding player. Lumplard or Fabregas could never be considered defensive ffs. To expect Fabregas to do that role would be tantamount to treason. It’s like using a ferrari to take your old shit to the tip.

  72. charybdis1966

    I’ll repeat what I said the other day – please let Bendtner start up front with Robin.

    As for Eboue, I’ve not been a fan lately, but he looked ot me as if he was trying against Boro and it’d be unfair to drop him on the basis of that performance. I believe it’s inequitable to give someone a go, they perform and then drop them.

    However the Chavscum will baying for his blood from kick off and his lack of discipline/compusure could mean he gets a red, and probably an undeserved one.

    So, I’m not sure what to do about the RW position.

    The rest of the team picks itself.

    BTW – had a weird anti Chav dream last night – woke up shouting ” get out of it you Blue scum” for some reason.

    Bizarre stuff.

  73. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Is this line-up too controversial??


    Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy

    Eboue Flamini Fabregas Hleb

    RVP Walcott


  74. Odub

    Bizarre stuff mate!

    Anyways seeing as most of us will be getting pissed from now till Monday, let’s be having your predictions….

    I’m going for 3-1. If the spuds can score 4 against these twats I’m thinking 3’s not asking too much is it?!! With the left backsmacking a 30 yarder in to break his duck a la Nigel 10 years ago!!!

  75. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Sorry, obviously not bendtner too!!

    Is this line-up too controversial??


    Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy

    Eboue Flamini Fabregas Hleb

    RVP Walcott

  76. Odub

    Eagle eyed Steve strikes again!!

    TH, line up’s the same as mine above, apart from Eboue out and Bendts in.

  77. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Hey steve, if Chelsea can have the ref on their team every game why the fuck can’t we have an extra player???

  78. Odub

    Have a good one Steve, and same to all grovers, enjoy the break and hopefully we have a rip roaring sunday afternoon with the scousers spanking the mancs, and our boys in red and white doing the do against the chavs!

    Later y’all!

  79. charybdis1966

    Prediction, 2-1 to us, Walcott and Bendtner for us J cole for them.

    The footballing gods owe us for the crock full of shit luck they’ve given us lately.

    And please let the Poo turn over the Salford Yankees at the Theatre of Snores.

  80. El Tel

    The Chav sneak who must be Lumplards secret lover as got to be joking. The only thing that cunt is good for is being lucky. As for the chavs being on form well Barnsley with a strong side out and only drawing with those pricks up the road isn’t what I call good form. Lets have a go at the team

    Mad Jens

    Sagna Kolo Willie Clichy


    RVP Cesc Hleb

    Bendtner Ade

    Then let Theo rip into them after an hour for either of the forwards.


    Coco (Aluminum)
    Big Phil
    Diaby if fit or Bert

  81. AFC53

    Has anyone else got any thoughts about Gallas as i see him he is the best center half in the world – in his own mind!! i thought at Chelski he was a great player but we have not seen 3 good games from him on the trot, at least with Senderos you get a commited player week in week out.

    I am looking forward to seeing Vela finally when we get to have a proper look at him.

    I would like to see the boss dip into the bank and get a couple of world class players i think we deserve them.