Rant Response: Ade, Eboue and Wenger’s fruitless philosophy

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So its rant time.

I’ve had some time to think over how I am going to approach this match report, and this is how… with anger.


Well, I don’t get to write for this site that often. I just do the match reports. So when I write, I like to write about nice things… and the last 4 times I’ve had to write about the Premier League its been horrible. I shouldn’t be writing about our 4th draw in a row this late in the year?

Listen, I could sit here and tell you everything is going to be ok… its just a blip… Adebayor is king of the world because he has scored 21 goals, Arsene Wenger is the Patron Saint of Football and Barcelona really are interested in Eboue…

But I’d be lying. This isn’t Disney World, but there were a few Mickey mouse things going on at the Grove yesterday (I am so sorry for doing that).

Having your mid season blip is ok when its mid season. You shouldn’t be having your blip with 10 games to go. This is the point in the race where you can see the finish line, the point you step it up a gear but Arsenal don’t seem to be able to get the car out of reverse.

Its not through a lack of trying though, Gallas was racing up field last night trying to make things happen, Toure popped up with a goal, Sagna tried to run it through the team and Clichy seems to be getting closer and closer to getting a shot on target.

In the middle of the park things don’t seem to be happening do they?

Think back to yesterdays game and ask yourself this… how many shots can you remember coming from midfield? How many distance shots came from our players? I can’t remember many? Its like we don’t trust ourselves with shooting again, we’ve reverted back to last season… threading the ball through the eye of a needle.

I felt sorry for Robin, he looked really up for it but he was rusty yesterday…

Adebayor… tut tut tut.

Shoot me down if you will, I don’t care.

He was poor yesterday. Yes, he has scored 20 goals this season, and for that I must be forever in his debt and never criticise.


Marcus Stewart scored 20 goals in the premiership.

That was unfair, but I am just making the point that goals don’t make you a great player unless you do it consistently over a number of years.

Look at Darren Bent.

If you want to talk about being World Class Ade, you must learn how to lay a ball off. Someone passes the ball to you, they make a run and I’d say 90% of the time the dug out receives the return pass… the other 10% the receiving player has to pull off some sort miracle touch to control it.

Stop huffing and puffing Ade. People say you are acting like Thierry, I’d say its more Anelka because Thierry was World Class when he started all that… you are no where near that yet.

Am I wrong to expect him to at least run back onside when a play break downs?

I’m not saying he is a rubbish player, I am just saying he needs a kick up the ass because as much as his goals were saving us at the start of the year… now his misses are costing us.


I’m not going to bash him in a huge way today. I actually thought he started really well! He took it round a few player… had a shot on target… showed off some SKILL!

Then the diving / cheating started…

Why did he dive when the easier option was the cross? Why when he wasn’t awarded the first dive did he feel the need to dive even more? Why did someone come on here yesterday and defend him by saying he hit the bar… I think you forgot that it was mis hit cross that hit the bar!

Why did he foul a Boro’ player to win the corner that we subsequently scored from… I hate him… but for that, I loved him.

The ref was crap yesterday, he got the offside goal wrong for Ade. He had a perfect view of it and everyone could see that it was the Boro’ player who flicked it through to Ade.

He got Boro’s goal wrong because Aliadiere was interfering with play. If you run for the ball, then decide you don’t want to, you interfered. Simple as that

Oh, and a round of applause for Gareth Southgate. He looks like he has about 3 brain cells… how many times did the camera pan to him clapping his players quietly saying, ‘Push up’. It was embarrassing… especially as none of them were listening… they camped out across their own goal.

So we head into the final stretch of the season a bit lost, a bit low in confidence and a few points shy of United.

All I am going to say on Arsene Wenger is that this is a defining point in his philosophy.

Everyone has missed a big point with Arsene and his ways. Wenger’s ‘promote youth from within’ ideology has yet to bear any trophies, so if he goes this season without any silverware, maybe its time to look at how ManU, Chelsea and Real keep winning trophies.

No one will look back on how great our second place finishes were, or how much potential we had back in the noughties or how well we were run as a company.

People judge you on your trophies, and we are going to struggle to fill the cabinet now… its got to be a winning streak of miracle proportions if we are to turn this around.

Thanks for your responses yesterday, I enjoyed reading through them last night.

I only removed a few because I didn’t feel you’d benefit from reading them.

I don’t think people need to hear that Eboue is a world beater and I don’t think people need to read that Ade has scored 19 goals and people are cunts for criticising him.

I don’t think we are a negative blog, we just report how we are feeling… If you feel positive this morning, you are in a minority and I’d like to know where you are drawing your strength from?

If you want something positive to talk about this morning… here it is…


So Mr Wenger, how are you going to get us out this mess now?


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  1. DC

    Fucking Ref was crap…. Game was crap…. Arsenal are pee’ing me off… I can’t believe they’re gonna get this far and throw it away….. They didn’t look geed up enough to want to win the game…. I know if the Mancs or the Chavs were playing that game, they would have destroyed Boro…. I’m totally peed…..

    Ade needs to get back into training and learn how to pass… He was shocking again yesterday…. He needs to dump the fucking ego and the flashy tricks and learn how to play basic football…. He ain’t Henry and will never be if he keeps playing like a muppet…..

    Wenger does need to have a serious look at the squad… We are too short as far as I’m concerned…….

    As for that fucking MIDO…. Ex-scum crap…… Someone should have whacked him for what he did to Clichy…. He can’t say he didn’t know where Clichy was…. He knew exactly what he was doing…. How many more Arsenal players gonna end off in Hospital before someone at the FA starts to clamp down on this behaviour… It’s assault for fucks sake……

    Ah, I’m soooooooo peed…..

  2. Spanish Fry

    I’m definitely a little worried Pedro, this is probably the first time this season where I actually think we might not win the title.

    I’m still happy with the effort being put in, we just need a little bit of luck to get going again. Hopefully the boys can step it up against Chelsea and produce something a bit special. A loss there and it’s virtually curtains, so the pressure is certainly on.

  3. Pedro

    Spanish, I am so gutted this morning that I can’t bring myself to look on newsnow.

    I don’t know what Arsene said, and I don’t really care? What can he say to justify the performance and the loss of points.

    We’ve got to turn it on… we can’t afford anything other than maximum points till the end.

  4. Am

    Hey your right, Ade needs to improve a whole lot to be anything close to what Henry was. He has the potential to get there, but he needs to stop bigging himself and the club up as world beaters, and moaning on the pitch at the other players when he doesnt get the right pass. He also has a hot head, and cracks under pressure. OK he has scored alot of goals this season, but he still needs to improve, and score regularly throughout the season and not just in patches, when Fabrigas is playing well. ADE COULD BE GREAT, but needs to cut out the ego.

    Eboue should be sold, what a looser. He is actually a good winger, he can beat people with his skill and pace, but he hardly ever gets a shot on target, and will always go down in the box, when the wind blows. I cant wait until Rosicky, stays gets and stays fit, and Theo reaches his full potential. If Eboue could change his game and cut the negative part of the game out he still could be good. But I feel he will never change, which is a shame as he is one our best crossers from wide positions.


    I agree in principle, however, you cant expect us to play well every week. We won yesterday if the ref did his job. The same can be said for birmingham away. Wigan and Villa on the hand were shit. That’s how it goes. We have not had money to compete for a long time yet were up there in the mix. I still believe that had RVP been fit all year then we would stay top. Also, what do we do about Eddy? id like Bazzouna or whatever his name is, french and young makes him a real possibility for us. And maybe we need more midfielders, centrally were OK, however, the wings need improving. Id like Ashely Young. All this said, I’m still happy to be a gooner. Long live Arsene, COME ON THE GUNNERS.

  6. FenGunner

    Absolutely gutted this morning, can’t see us winning the title based on our remaining fixtures. However if they all give 110% til the end of the season at least they can hold their heads up a lot higher than they should be right now.

  7. AN Steve

    Your right guys mindless optimism is not going to get us through here.
    Yet another fucking draw yet another last minute goal yet another game where we play them off the field but do not win. There has to be a balance no trophies is de-motivating the odd one is good enough if you have the most applauded team. But nothing this season will be difficult to come back from. We have the money but not even one transfer in January and the injuries as always pile up.

    Common sense tells you that if you have a highly tuned machine it will be more liable to break so you need back up. Guess what our highly tuned athletes break.

    Yes I am angry and frustrated and generally pissed, not in a “we are doomed” kind of way but really deep down sad. At least this site helps you get off your chest.

    Now where the razor blades and my Leonard Cohen albums

  8. Goonerman

    I have read many write ups this morning on yesterdays match and its making me feel worse. So won’t be reading anymore. BUT the above post reflects what I think about our players at yesterdays game. The main point above is that our midfield do not shoot, they have no confidence to shoot. Hleb did not have a shot on goal!!!!! He is a professional footballer and can’t shoot. We need more natural goalscorers like the 2004 Invincibles team. Having a go at the arrogant Ade and the inexperienced winger Eboue is not the nub of the current problem for the ARSENAL. Lack of goalscorers is.

  9. chris

    apply within.

    for me right now the season is finished, 4 draws is not good enough, we may still do pool in the CL but i expect no favors in the league,
    (well done ray in sweden at least you are positive yesterday)

  10. NXR

    So whats new with adebayor? his crap. his able to score that many goals because his in arsenal. put him in Boro and see if he could score 5 goals a season.

  11. crossers

    I’ve had the two bob bits, and a fever for the past few days, but was pilled up to the eyeballs to go and watch yesterdays game because i know how lucky i am, and i just don’t know whats wrong with the Arsenal at the moment. I think maybe the inexperience of not being in the title hunt or lack of winners medals between the team of youngsters we have is letting us down, but we need to get back on track and theres no better time now than Chelsea away.

    I think Ade needs a goal….he’s a confidence player, and unfortunatly when he’s low in confidence he’s fucking woeful, you’re definitely right about the offsides though, i wish he’d a) get back onside and b)look along the line.

    Its still semi in our own hands, we just have to go to Old trafford and batter them….

  12. Gunner4life

    Here you go here’s a vid of someone who’s a dead ringer for Kolo Toure….boogying down.


    That might a bit of strength to your hangover.

    Apart from that, we’re deep in the mix, we’re wondering if we’ll make it through the night
    and we’ll have to keep our support strong, hope we’ll get back to winning ways soon, and when our seasons done we can gather the evidence and draw a conclusion. We haven’t witnessed the final chapter yet….let us see what shall become of our dreams.

    Chin up son!

  13. Mike (the neighbour)

    Not that I would want to disagree with you but Pedro you got it spot on -80% possesion by arsenal but that included a lot of fannying around passing especially nearer the Boro goal -you could count the number of midfield shots on the finger of a lepers hand .Eboue was a disgrace expect he has been taking lessons from the teenager appearing in the olympics diving competition -shameful especially when you have some talent and is unnecessary .The main positive I could see was that Theo was showing a bit more aggression and passion which I can think is only good for the future -He should have come on earlier for sure !
    I hate being negative and always look for the positives and yes we are still in a great postion but I was nervous before the game (and called a poof by geoff on a text ) and gutted now cos you just feel that they and no-one else are letting this slip away .All I can hope for is with some real biggies coming up they will rise to the occassion with big match syndrome
    …and bye the way I know with ref decisions some you win and some you lose but he was A REAL CUNT yesterday

  14. Pedro

    Sorry Mike!

    After a number of racist posts yesterday, I am keeping an eye on things so the sites on lockdown!

    We get a couple of Sunday regulars who try and get on here every week as well… they don’t realise they are completely blocked!

    Especially you Harry Barracuda, you’ve been trying to get on here every week for 4 weeks.

    Let me make it easier for you… you are barred so fuck off.

    The guy has his own blog about not falling in love with prostitutes… says a lot really?


    After reading that you realise why his opinions dont matter to Le Grove.

    Anyway, I will release the comments as fast as I can guys!

  15. Pedro

    Also, I wont be posting comments that are abusing other people and their opinions.

    If you want a war, go and find a forum that allows it.

  16. Gunnersaurus

    afternoon everyone.

    I am gutted about yesterday, how can we continue to be so average?

    I don’t buy into this, “We have been punched above out weight”.

    No we haven’t, we have great players who are established internationals. So lets not start saying we’d have taken this position at the start of the season. If you set the bar high, you can’t lower it 8 games from the end of the year.

    Mike, you are on the money with your assessment of Theo. He was an angry man and its nice to see him always trying to stay on his feet.

    Ade needs to pull his head out of his ass for a few seconds, his attitude on the pitch is beginning to irk me.

    Still, all is to play for and there are plenty of games left to drop points and gain points.

    It will be tough now, but thats what leagues are.

  17. nzekwe Asugha, South Africa

    It is painful to recount and accept, but i think what is happening to us is not a
    happenstance. It is a sign of lack of dept in the club which our stubborn has refused to accept. The players have not won anything yet, but some of them like ade are carrying on as if we have won the league. I made it clear that the lack odf competition for our so called no one striker will spell doom for us. I feel sorry for the injury on eduardo, but i find him a more inteligent goal scorer than ade. In the game against wigan, ade kept on paching the ball on the goal keeper, when a simple lob could have done the trick. It is simply put down to lack of confidence. If you watch him very well, in the heat of play, he would give back a ball in a split second to the guy that gave it to him, with out waiting for the guy to fall into space. Come to think of it, he is already complacent that he has arrived and making comparism to the igwe of arsenal, henry. Henry was consistent for over six years. A simple sense of humility will see him succeed as a great player, but there must be some one else that should make him feel hungry for that position when he sit on the bench.
    Wenger should stop being delusional and enter the market for great players. If he contunues with his youth policy, i bet him, arsenal will continue to wear the toga of has been, they will never win any thing. It is very clear already, having lost eight good points, there is no excuse for a team that wants to win the league. Next year will be tougher because chelsea and liverpool will prepare well. I am sad to read from wenger that buying players implies rubbishing the work he has done with his young guners. That is utter rubbish, any player that comes to the club automatically works for the interest of the club. He is already an arsenal player, he will never wear the mask of his former team. So wenger should stop hurting millions of fans who watch arsenal and pray for them to succeed. All the trophies he won in the past were won with matured players, not with youths who lack experience. The end justifies the means at the end of every season, so whether youth or no youth, what we want is a trophy at the end of the year, otherwise he will prove mourinho right, who said because he is not under pressure, four years is a long time for a team like arsenal to stay with out a trophy. Enough is enough.

  18. Arthur The Gooner

    Certainly a sour taste in our Goooners mouths this morning, I for all after the game went shopping to minimize the misery, bad performance and that is that…

    Saying refs are bad and trying to blame them for the game and the results, come on guys do you really think we should rely on those bastards? No I think we can play way better and win games on our own accord I dont think we will win the league now we’re behind now and have a bery tough schedule coming up. Chavski next and it’s a must win game. Then Bolton away must win game then Scousers at home then Man U.

    If we want to win we need to start winning games and the likes of Brimingham, Villa and boro should have all been 3 points in a bag and we would have something to fall back on in those hard fixtures.

    Lets hope we can shine again….

    Keep it Arsenal

  19. Odub

    4 shit draws in a row, and we don’t look like improving anyday!

    I’ve read comments over that period from people saying it’s a blip, we should be thankful for what we’ve achieved despite the squad we’ve got…..Fuck off!

    Shit performance after shit performance means the team will be criticized, live with it or fuck off.

  20. North Bnk Upper

    I agree with a lot of what has been sent. Adebeyor’s 1st touch is that of a pub player and his quality of finishing makes a mockery of the song that everyone continues to sing. he tries all the flicks that the likes of Henry did but he is not good enough to pull it off. What made him such an asset to the team was his exceptional work rate but that has gone missing in the last month. To be honest his work rate has dropped since he was lauded as being a great player so maybe his ego needs a kick up the Arse!!

    Eboue is not an Arsenal player. He is an imposter and the great Tony Adams would have kicked his diving arse into net month had he played with him. We dont want his diving and moaning and the sooner someone tells him the better. Its a shame because if he tried harder to stay on his feet he could be so much better as a player.

    Hleb!!! oh my god where do I start. I dont wanna seem unfair so lets start with the good. His touch is amazing, He has the quickest feet I have seen and can turn on a sixpence. He has a great work ethic and could be a great player however, he gives the ball away more than any player I have seen. It is sooo frustrating, why does he always look for the hollywood ball through the eye of a needle when a simple ball would be better. Why does he always slow the break down by turning back on himself? Why does he hardly ever shoot? The fact is for such a talented and committed player there is not enough end product. Anyone who disagrees compare him to Pires, Ronaldo, Lampard etc

    as for the rest of the team, lets stop trying to walk the ball in like last year and get back to quick attacks where we actually manage to shoot at goal, after all that is the only way we are likely to score. Also when we are behind lets see som urgency before the last 5 minutes. Had we played for the last 30 mins with the urgency of the last 5 I am sure we would have won at least a couple of the lst 4 games.

    Lets hope things improve and quick because another potless season with the most expensive season tickets watching a team that may or may not becaome great will not do, especially as Arsene the great has already stated he wont be buying big again!!

  21. Phobia

    Arsenal close in on new Brazilian star Diogo.Diogo is better than Pato the most highly regarded young striker in his country’s league.Diogo himself love to play for Arsenal and surely on his way to Emirates without fail.

  22. Avendesorax

    This is not an Arsene bash, however he does need to buy more experience and get us a solid striker like Yakobo, Ade is getting very big headed and seems to think that he his better than he is, the amount of times yesterday he played a stupid laxy pass or ner passed the ball was crazy, I’ll bet if it was Furgerson or Benitez he would have been taken off given a fcuking rocket up his backside, certain players need a massive rocket to get there head right.
    Helb!! what the hell is wrong with him can’t he shoot once in a while, hell there all guilty of that and it’s so annoying to watch, If by some freek we manage to win the league then it will be by pure luck and hapstance as nothing I’ve seen for the past few of months leades me to think that this bunch of players has got what it takes .

  23. edlass

    I have a funny feeling.
    During ACN, Ade was on fire, and somebody mentioned that he performs far better without Eboue around. At that time, I just laughed off.
    Then this is really seriously ringing true.
    Well, it can be just a coincidence, but I feel it’s sooooo strange, even creepy, to see how astronomically fast Ade’s form has dropped since Eboue’s return?

    Any comment please?

  24. Wrighty7

    Great post, pretty much sum’s yesterday up I suppose!

    Arsenal are in a rut at the moment. The flowing football hasn’t been flowing that much lately and after four draws in a row, at possibly the worst time in the season, people are starting to doubt Arsenal. Even some gooners.

    I say don’t doubt this team. Things may seem down-beat at the moment and I know results haven’t gone our way in recent matches but lets have a look at where we are.

    We are level points with the current champions after 30 games albeit having played a game more. We are in the Champions League quarter-final after playing the current holders and playing them off the park. We have a side that WILL dominate English football in the future and on our day play the best football that I dare say, the Invincibles wouldn’t have coped with.

    Things have taken a knock lately with the results, but United and Chelsea will drop points as well. In recent games I think we’ve been unlucky more then anything. Decisions and luck have gone against us. Take for example yesterday, Adebayor’s “offside” goal. Never in a million years was he offside, the ‘Boro player put it in his path! and the ref was only 5 yards away!

    By all accounts, things even themselves out over the course of the season, so Arsenal are due a bit of luck in the closing games!

    I understand that it seems Arsenal are throwing it away and we can’t blame anyone but the players for that. But lets not get too down-beat about it. It may seem like the end of the world at the moment but we are very much in the title race still and it’s the first time in a long time that we have been involved in the running.

    We need a little change in luck and something positive to happen. And where better to start than Stamford Bridge next week? You know that this squad rises to the occasion the bigger the game. Ask Milan.

    The character of this team will show next week, of that I’m certain. We must go to Chelsea and show that we will fight to the end. They know the recent results are not good enough.

    Have a good look at Arsenal this morning. We were written off all season by everyone and we sit level on points at the top of the table and are in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. This was a season when we were meant to be in decline. The season where even the Spuds were meant to overtake us. We are doing well. The title race is far from over and we are firmly involved. Till the end.

    Lets get behind the team not on their backs and show them how proud we are to be Gooners. Remember how good it is to be a Gooner. The players need us now more than ever and we need them. They have got us this far, and at the beginning of the season wouldn’t you have loved Arsenal to be in the position they are in now? I know I would. Lets help them over the finishing line.

  25. Adam

    yakubu? are you mad? everything else bang on, we are fucking choking it and it really pisses me off. Fabregas who everyone raves about, for me has been utter crap second half of the season.
    Adebayor is a twat who should have passed the bloody ball to bendtner to make it 3-1 against b’ham, he has been crap ever since then. Wenger needs to tell these guys, throw it away and some of you are out of a job. except flamini hopefully, he’s better than Fabregas and hleb for the last 3 months.
    And why nor buy a bloody player you twat. 70 million in the bank, we could have bought torres at the end of last season, or possibly, whisper it, a fucking winger who can score ffs.

  26. Avendesorax


    Almunia, Toure, Sangna, Clichy, Gallas, Cesc, Flamini, RVP


    Adebayor, Eboue, Helb, Gilberto,

    Get rid of the looser and get some winners in there place and we might just win something oneday!!!

  27. GoonerC

    The whole team was awful yesterday, minus almunia who didnt have to make a save, and possibly sagna. Clichy had an absolute nightmare, and seemed to be refusing to go forward even though boro had no thought whatsoever of scoring a goal, kolo and gallas were both shit for their goal, didnt organise the defence at all, cesc refused to pass apart from some awful long balls over to ade, hleb refused to do anything but dribble in a circle, or pass to someone half a metre from him, eboue did some great runs but went over too much and produced awful final balls as always, flamini was not his usual self, probably because boro never attacked, ade was an absolute disgrace- too many back heels etc, should be dropped for the next game, he was a lazy arrogant idiot playing for himself not the team, and RVP was obviously rusty but he is forgiven.

  28. danny

    agree, that helb, ade , gilberto and eboue need to go

    wenger- check out Jo Alves, moscow. a updgrade to ADE. Why just check out his touch and skill for a big man. auwsome

  29. El Tommo

    We might well have blown it now, but it didn’t happen yesterday – it happened last time we played ‘Boro THAT was the time to press home our League lead. Had we done that it would have given us such a lead it would have been hard to catch us.

    The entire squad and management need tyo take a good look at their attitudes – fucking disgraceful. It’s all been said above.

    Anyway – the problem at the moment is our playing philosophy and style. Put very very simply we’re TOO SLOW going forward. Hard to swallow that a team so packed full of pace and technique lacks the very simple knowledge that you need to move the ball from back to front QUICKLY. FFS – why spend 10 minutes moving it around sideways and back towards our own goal …. NO WONDER teams can sit back and defend like a bunch of scared virgins … WE LET THEM DO IT … we must move the ball more quickly.

    WE CANNOT CROSS THE BALL – who is the worst crosser of the ball? eboue or Clichy ???? Fuck me they’re both a joke …. if you cant cross a ball get a new fucking job you wankers.

    HLEB – is the guy a fucking retard or what? What is his problem with shooting at goal? Maybe he has a psychological disorder related to being abused by a goalpost when was 9 or something …. what a total fucking little PUSSY … he’s a fucking luxary we can do without – IF YOU ARE A MIDFIELD PLAYER YOU MUST SCORE GOALS – REMEMBER PIRES? REMEMBER FREDDY? EVEN THE CUNT REYES WAS MORE OF A GOAL_THREAT THAN HLEB IS.

    AWFUL CUNT – SACK HIM … thing is he thinks its kind of amusing that he dont shoot – wanker

    Arsene – please go back to your previous way of playing a la Henry, Pres, Bergy etc. I love the old team – this one is full of wankers.

  30. Ray Gooner

    When the season started no one was saying Arsenal were gonna be levelled points with Man United with only 8-9 games ro go….but we are!

    When the season started no one thought Adebayor would score over 20 goals….but he has!

    When the season started no one understood why Flamini stayed with the club…but he did! (and thank god for that!)

    Arsenal will be dominant in the league in the next couple of seasons to come, No one just never thought they’d be up there this season!

    That for me (and should be so for everyone!) is a great bonus if you ask me!

    And with the fixture being very tough from now on Arsenal will rise to the occasion and play better and better, if it is enough, i don’t know! But all i know is that this Arsenal side will only improve…

    And i really don’t think we need to buy anyone, the most important is to keep what we got and the trophies will come! I’m sure of it!

    And i think United will drop points also…
    They had their easiest game at Derby yesterday but almost only got one point! They have 4 other away games that are much tougher (Chelsea, M’Boro, Wigan & Blackburn)
    Things can still turn around again!

    I’ve never been so down when we lost to United in the F.A. Cup, but only 10 days later we won 2-0 at San Siro…

    When we drew against M’Boro last season (1-1) we came back in the next game and won at Old Trafford!

    Now we go to Stanford Bridge and can do it again…
    Chelsea also has to play Spurs in mid week before facing Arsenal next weekend…

    I was very pissed yesterday (cause i also lost some money on Arsenal) but I’ve learned that this Arsenal side will surprise you and pick up the perfect game when you least expect them to…

    Chelsea-Arsenal 0-2

    Come on Gooners!

  31. Ray Gooner

    Am i wrong to be so positive?

    I’m not saying i wanted Arsenal to be fighting for 4th place again but in my mind i look at the whole picture!
    Liverpool had their great run in the 80’s and Man United had their great run in the 90’s…
    Now Chelsea has come up there…
    But i truely believe that the future lies with Arsenal…

    If Wenger would to buy some BIG players i think that would disruppt the youngsters in this squad and for me that would in the long run be bad!

    Maybe you can buy success but not in the long run…
    What if the money suddenly weren’t there anymore (and those things happen, just look at Leeds) then it wouldn’t be so great, right?

    And for me Wenger is the most respected Manager out there!
    It’s not a coinsident that he can lure so many great talents to the club, cause the players know that they will get their chance with him and that they will improve their game!

    And if you have to many BIG players in the squad it doesn’t mean you’ll be a great side (just look at Barca)!

    With the squad they have they should be winning every game, but they’re trailing Real with 8 points!

  32. mark

    I agree and share with most of the frustration written here …Wrighty 7 …with all due respect how can you be happy with where we are after WE have thrown two domestic cups and the premiership away. The destiny of the title was in our hands and we have thrown it away by not being able to beat the likes of Wigan and Birmingham etc etc…. It is no good saying that we have to start finding our form against Chelsea next week …it is too late ..the title is in the hands of Man Utd and even if we win all the rest of our games …including beating Utd …. …Man Utd will still win the the premiership because they will match us stride for stride and end up with a better goal difference …. History tells us Man utd won’t throw it away now ..and if we are realistic we know we won’t win the remainder of our games. We have to buy in the summer some good established players …… The likes of playerrs like Bendnter are not good enough and don’t show the passion or skill we desperately need. What really hurts is that when we could see the finishing line and we were 5 points in front you would have thought the players would have been really fired up for …. but what did we get but dire performances and results to match …I don’t go along with blaming the refs or that we just needed a bit of luck …we have hailed this team as the most skillful in the league and potential world beaters but it means nothing if you can’t show the passion and desire when it’s needed. Sorry all but it is Utd’s title and on current form to talk about winning the Champions League is a joke. No passion ..no desire …no silverware … no comparison to the great teams whose history show that they win ALL ther major trophies …consistently … Depressing yes …but the truth.

  33. Pedro

    Nice comparison Bill…

    131 comments across 3 posts is more than most other Arsenal blogs get on a Sunday, so I can’t be eliminating too many people.

    If people want to defend Eboue, that cool… just do it in a sensible manner. Don’t call people cunts for saying he is a bad player without justification as to why he is a good player.

    Most Eboue supporters generally go about there defence of him in that way.

    Feel free to have your opinion on anything, just be sensible about it… like you would in the company of friends.

  34. Phobia

    Yesterday I listened Samuel Eto’o in a Spanish that he wants to join Arsenal.Eto’o said before he’d love to play under Wenger,Arsenal need a decent striker for sure.Van Persie and Samuel Eto’o up sounds like a dream partnership.
    Arsenal must surely get Eto’o in the Summer.
    Good luck to Arsenal

  35. Yan Nagor Sebayang

    Although Arsenal drew again this time, as a “True Supporter” you have to always support and believe in your team. It’s better to save a point than losing it. I know it’s difficult to see this team draw again. But, I believe Arsenal will rise up again, my prediction is Arsenal will thrash Chelsea in the next match! (that’s a fantasy from me, whoa). I hope you guys still believe in Young Gunners. One who said that “You don’t win with kids” will proved wrong. I still believe that The Young Gunners will win Premiership and Champions League, that’s my most optimistic hope to Arsenal.

  36. Arsenal General

    It’s all Wenger’s fault!

    No one fears him at Arsenal, just look at Ade, he plays so bad because he knows wenger will still choose him to start..on the other part in MU the players know they have to give everything in each game or else they will lose. Prof my foot! Maybe a Professor of kids.

    Wenger can go thru a few seasons without any cups and he will still be at Arsenal buying kids and dreaming of making them world class. The board is happy as long as they are in CL and wenger save their money by buying cheap and untested youngsters.
    And some fans takes him like a God!

    We need to step up n show him we care and if he just care about the future and ignore the present he should get lost..im so pissed!. He is untouchable just like his players (Ade) and this is causing Arsenal a lot of problem. IF you have the fear of losing smtg you will work harder to keep it..but this 2 ppl don’t have that fear.

    Ade is pure shite although he scored that many goals..hell if van persie was in his shoes his goal tally will be double. Arsenal is a very attacking minded team, so scoring 20+ goals for a main striker is nothing special. Imagine Ronaldo played for us, he must be reaching 50 goals by now. And now for Ade is his goals that matters not the team work he was bullishing earlier on..he passes back balls he receive, really gutted looking at him doing that..and his skills..man if you can’t score, stop showing off and stop being ego! You look like an idiot!…im still very pissed!

    Bert should challenge Ade for the place and a replacement fo Eduardo is needed..vela will be back for Rosicky..need to sell Traore and hoyte off (loan). Buy better covers for sagna and clichy and a central defender. But hell wenger won’t do that n will buy so claim “Wonderboy” and let him play in reserves. Cool!

    Fuck Wenger and Fuck Ade!


    Are you guys gooners only when things go our way?
    I am sorry but at times like this we should all support the team, not kick them while their down.
    I am a season ticket holder and i have seen enough this season to suggest that even in the position we find ourselves at the moment i believe the title is still there to be taken.
    I believe that arsenal is a better side than Man Utd and that if we get our form back and win the chelsea game then we will go on and win the title!
    I know this must sound a bit overconfident but the boys can produce something special and i just hope their timing will be spot on from the next game.
    And to be honest i am not worried about the away game to old traford as i thing that will be our title winning game !!

  38. Arsenal General

    The one positive matter i can get from this season is that Arsenal performed much better than anyone expected and shut the pundit’s and media’s mouth shut!

    We supposed to be fighting for UEFA spot right? – Hell we are still in fight for the title!

    We thrashed Milan in both legs!

    We got thrashed twice too but without our full squad.

    I think Arsenal won’t win the title and as well as CL although in my heart i pray and believe…this are the positives we can take and cheer ourselves up.

    Sorry for being so pissed off, now i will have to cheer myself up and i will fight and support our team till the end..but still againts Wenger and Ade.


  39. useroz

    I think most agreed Ade ain’t good and nowhere near the hype.

    Howver, Eboue is not half bad as people portray… he did quite well in the 1st half and presented more threats than ade (except the disallowed goal) and van persie. Eboue isn’t saint but I feel he didn’t dive (at least not yesterday) and it’s rather obvious from TV replays eg the defender dragged his shirt sleeve just before he fell …i can;t tell if he could have stayed up and nobody would except Eboue but hey we have seen many strikers fell for less… how about rooney? ronaldo?

  40. edlass


    whether or not Eboue dived yesterday, he wouldn’t get the penalty.
    He has that diver/cheater image engraved on his forehead.

  41. Geoff

    I don’t think that Eboue is all bad, just not good enough as a winger and no where near as good as Walcott.

  42. AN Steve

    Eboue looked really good when he first arrived however its the cheating that makes you squirm. His crosses and awareness is poor or perhaps not as perfect as we want.

    Thought Helb has had two very poor games and started going into the cul de sacs of last year

    Ade, his second touch is a tackle as per Babtiste last year though I really believe his heart is in the right place

    Arsenal is a cruel mistress but what ever happen I will always love her ( even if she is being a right bitch at the moment!!)

  43. Mike (the neighbour)

    Sorry guys got confused as youve now switched the order of the posts -Geoff you seem somewhat more positive today than yesterday -a bit more reflective ehh ? I had a gooner sitting behind me in Si bar in spain yesterday he had been a gooner for over 30 years and travelled on a number of away matches home and abroad -you could see him talking himself and the team down by what he saw as non performance – he is so passionate about the team .I wish every member of the team could talk to him or someone like him on a one to one basis so that they can really understand how they are letting down passionate supporters -This is not about players egos or finances -THIS IS ABOUT THIS SUPPORTERS WAY OF LIFE !!!!!!
    Oh and by the way when the goal happened all the fuckin welsh rugby supporters where drowned out big time by 6 gooners !

  44. diGriz

    Just read this quote from Aresene taken from the Arsenal website ‘On Adebayor’s goal being given offside…
    “Yes, the referee explained to me that the intention of our player was to play the ball to one of our players, who was offside, so the deflection of the ball doesn’t count anymore. I didn’t know that but, at least I learned something today.”
    So if if you kick the ball at goal and it goes in off an opposing player it should be dis-allowed??
    This is surely utter utter bollocks from that short sighted,manure supporting cunt Halsey.

  45. Scully

    The team has not yet recovered from the trauma of the Eduardo incident. They are scared to go for those 50/50 balls, we might fair better in the CL as there is more protection for the players, but psychlogically our youngsters have not fully recovered and the latest injury to cliche wont help

  46. nucks

    Hey, Calm down everyone!

    I completely agree with the frustration being expressed by the vast majority of gooners at the moment. We look lacklustre and out of ideas. When i was criticising Adebayor earlier in the season, people were so angry with me. I just felt that sometimes he broke up our rhyhm in the final third by not giving the ball to someone in a better position. I can’t believe i was so right!! I don’t want to be right, I want him to ram it down my throat and win us the title. He can’t though, it takes a squad to win the league, especially to take it away from one of the most talented utd sides I have ever seen. What will we win? I honestly don’t know, probably be lucky to finish 2nd at this rate. Champions league? Yes, probably has that feel about it this year. HOWEVER, to start criticising Arsene Wenger and even saying he should go is another matter. Brilliant idea!! Let’s get rid of Wenger and bring in Morinho. He will spend 70 milllion and then get the hump and leave, possibly poaching a few players along the way. Get real!! Who else? Big Sam? Curbs? what about Lawrie fucking Sanchez? I know how frustrating it is at the moment but why all the doom and gloom now? I swear to God it is all the negative supporters bringing this club down. Level on points, 2nd on goal difference with only 8 games to go. GET BEHIND THE TEAM!! COME ON ARSENAL !!!!!!!

  47. Paul N

    Come on Arsenal fans i do not understand, if we did not play well yesterday and won we would not be saying this. Hey we were not that bad but on a whole the team is not sharp, off passing and not enough shots on goal. So the season is over for us afer only loosing “ONE” match all season. Hey optimism may not get us anywhere but negativity will not either. i remember hearing near the same rantings when we went down by on goal diff only to take the lead again. I mean people are saying that we have to play a tough schedule but those teams have to play us to. Why does always have to be the end of the road every time things do not go our way “Thanks to the refs also”.
    And Mr. Author Eboue did not dive, that was a penalty! and the mostly the whole team played poor not just Ade. Walcott was a breath of fresh air and the team can learn a lot from him – “RUN AT THE DEFENSE” and stop passing the ball around the edge of the box with no shot!

    I still believe though, SORRY!


  48. Mark C

    I was at the game yesterday, and it was an awful performance. Things could have been different if we had scored early (ref Adebayor’s early strike ruled offisde); however, our reaction should have been to continue to press forward with our high tempo passing game. Ade was rubbish yesterday, his attitude, touch and link up play was pathetic. Wenger should have taken him off rather than persist with mediocrity. Van Persie will get better. We need to be more ruthless in front of goal if we are to win the title. Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool would have won that game by 3 or 4 goals. Wenger should have brought Walcott on at half time. Wenger should have also bought one or two players during the January transfer window as i question whether our squad can cope with the massive games coming up.

    i am still hopeful for the league, but recent performances are nothing more than frustrating.

  49. James

    First things first, I was as disappointed as every Gooner at yet more dropped points yesterday, however to start criticising our team which has, on the whole, performed very well this season is unfair.

    I still believe we can win the title if we keep the belief. We’ve made things difficult for ourselves, but I have no doubt we can beat both Chelsea and Man Utd away, and beat anybody at home. They, themselves, have some tough games coming up, and all 3 teams will be dropping points in the run-in.

    Rather than slagging off our team, perhaps we should target those largely responsible for our recent poor form – the FA, Premier League and the media. Just like in 2002/03 when we were in as strong a position as a few weeks back, we have seen some outrageous officiating and decisions start to go against us. I have no doubt there is corruption in football, and I believe it’s far more common than the casual football fan would want to believe.

    I simply cannot believe a football referee can get an offside decision (that’s being kind, to be fair, it didn’t even require a decision) so wrong, when just 5 yards away, staring at the action. It’s beyond belief. I won’t go into the other poor decisions Halsey made, as i’d be here all day, but let me put it this way; he was either paid off very well for that “performance” or has a personal agenda with Arsenal, as that yesterday was some of the most biased refereeing i’ve ever had the mispleasure of witnessing, and stands alongside some of the decisions Barcelona have been given for them in their recent La Liga games (see their recent away game with Sevilla for an example).

    Yes, we didn’t play particularly well after going a goal down, but we started off very well, and had our valid goal not been incorrectly chalked off, have no doubt we would have gone on to win very comfortably to retain top spot and cut Man Ut’d goal advantage.

    The sad fact is, we haven’t just lost points in our last 4 games, we have had 4 priceless points robbed from us. Just how costly they will be, we’ll see at the end of the season.

    To those that say “oh well, it evens itself out” let us not kid ourselves. The most vivid cases were in 2002/03 and 2004/05, where the number of decisions that went against us were far greater than those that went for us. I’m aware it’s not only Arsenal that can claim this. Unfortunately, consistency and fair play is something the FA know absolutely nothing of.

    More often than not, when we reach a final we’ll only be robbed by a clear offside goal (Drogba Carling Cup, Eto’o CL Final) or yet more horrendous decisions (Lehmann being sent off when play should have continued, deliberate handball on the line stopping a goal which the whole stadium could see).

    I have no doubt we’ll face a similarly disgraceful refereeing “performance” against Chelsea next week, where we’ll probably face the usual 3 stonewall penalties being turned down, every 50/50 challenge resulting in a Chelsea free kick and the usual thuggery from John Terry, Frank Lampard, Ricardo Carvalho and co swept under the carpet. I suppose Terry will get away with another two footed lunge into Fabregas and Ashley Cole with hitting Cesc in the face.

    I’m also still at a loss as to why Adebayor’s “goal” was disallowed in our last game with Chelsea at the Emirates, with the game on a knife-edge at 1-0 during a crucial stage, as it certainly wasn’t offside and there was no foul on Ben Haim.

    This officiating and the anti-Arsenal media agenda will continue, so if this helps cost us the League title, we’ll just have to appreciate the wonderful football that Arsenal FC provide us instead, and not start turning on our players.

  50. raymondo

    great bit of writing
    ade is never going to be .world class you can tell that bye the way he played with tierry…. thought more about scoring for himself. as for aboue he could turn out to be the next pat jennings ..scoring 1 goal in all of his career useless wanker !!oh or the next viera.as for next season walcott -vela please god make it happen im fucked off with being a bridesmaid………

  51. Geoff

    I’m off Grovers, enjoy at least that Theo got back in time to win the Australian Grand Prix and see you tomorrow!

  52. joe

    The thing is guys i blame wenger for all this. why didnt he buy in january he knew we are ravaged with injuries no strikers and wingers. we r a joke to the league the scum have won the carling cuo and we dont lok like winning anythng wenger shud fuck off and use his philosophy elswhere he is a stubborn bastard and i hate him we r throwing away all the good work and optimism. man utd and chelsea are on our asses we cud have been out of reach at least 9 points ahead of man utd but no wenger has to prove the league wrong wat a mother fucker i have stopped watching the games now i hate wenger i hate wenger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  53. PaulDAgooner

    i think u r right mate, its time someone kicked ADE on his behind, i could not imagine him fluffing about 90% of those passes given to him, while making stupid runs. he just not been of good quality lately. Nice thing RVP is back i kinda miss EDUARDO too. FABBY needs to step his game all the time. not when he needs to. we need to win against chelsea, well i dont see tht happening becuz this team dont look like it at all. I think we hv lost the premiership, let try next season maybe we would be able to get somewhere thn.
    VELA shud join us then, so the problem of not keepin ROSICKY fit will not arise, HLEB will be kept on his toes too. May be i am tha only one but i think a little success is getting into him. I see walcott making it big next season, well EBOUE, i wud sell him off if i wuz LE BOSS.

  54. michael

    If the seasom is really over then stop watching and wait for the next. Utd were 2 points up, they lost to west ham we won. a couple of games later they drew with the scum and lost to city (at home) we beat city (away) and blackburn= 5 points, since dudu broke his leg we’ve drawn 4 and beat milan. It’s obviously shit but it’s also obviuos that we can raise our game. Utd and the chavs both lost cup games last week and looked pretty poor yesterday. This could end in tears or glory. Wern’t we meant to finish 5th this year?

  55. joe

    hey man michael im just upset man no offence but i really wana win sumthin this year or im gna kill myself man

  56. Kingman5

    I can’t believe all the rants Ade is getting,i’ll still stick to what i said early this morning,ADE IS A WORLD CLASS PLAYER AND I THINK ALL THE ATTENTION HE GOT WHEN HE WAS SCORING GOALS FOR FUN INCLUDING THE ADDIDAS ADVERT DEAL HAS DISTRACTED HIM.It’s the first time he’s experienced all this and did not handle it proffessionally.I think the goal he scored away at Newcastle is still the best so far i’ve seen this season in the league.You cannot question his commitment for the team either,he works his bollocks off and deserves some credit for that.All he needs to do now is work on his first touch which his very poor,stay calm and have a killer instict like Henry.Etoo or Torres and believe you me all of you will take your words down your throats.

    Another thing we have to do is STOP conceading the first goal.In all the four draws except Wigan we’ve conceaded the first goal and it gives the opponents a kind of belief that they can beat us and makes it very hard for us to come back and win the game.We cannot win the league by conceading the 1st goal everytime.

    IT’S NOT YET OVER UNTIL IT’S OVER.so lets not write ourselves off and get behind the team.We have to stay together at difficult times as well not good times only.



  57. Hitman

    4 problems with this current team:
    1) Wenger has assembled a team of non-goalscorers
    2) Not enough pace in the team
    3) Not enough world class players in the team
    4) Not enough dribblers in the team. To cut through team we need players who can take out opposition players with trickerty and pace. Even the mediocre teams have worked out how to nulllify our passing game. We are too predictable and too one paced.

    Wenger needs to buyer world class players. Waiting for the kinds to grow up will not work. Because of (most) the kids will not be good enough and because Chelsea and MU will just go and buy better players anyway and thus cancell out any improvemnt our kids make to the team. Its a losing battle otherwise.

    Wenger needs to change tack and buy quality players. There can be no excuses for not strenghthening for next season

    We need
    1) On world class striker – 25 gls per season
    2) On big powerful centre mid (I am not convicned with Fab / Flams Partnership. Too small)

    2) TWO worlds class wingers/ wide men. who can score each 15-20 gls per season. This is our priority. This is what we have been lacking and has cost us this season

    A decent tall Centre half is also required but not priority

    Sell Diaby, Eboue, Gilberto, Rosicky (decent but too injury prone) and use the money for reliable goal socring wingers.

    Demote Ade (who will improve with age) and Hleb (who wont improve) to the bench. Rest Fabregas more often.
    We need to quicken our game if we are to beat team week in week out.

    This team is not a patch on the Invincbles.

  58. jimmyfingers

    At this dark time I think it is worth to mention that at the start of the season we wouldn’t be holding this inquest. Back then the Ade/RvP axis was starting to bear fruit, Fab and Flam in the centre of the park and the midfielders were scoring goals were from. Injuries have hurt us hard and brought inbalance to the side. Ye injuries can never really be an excuse because everbody gets them but having your best striker out has put all the pressure on Ade. I do rate him to a point but he is frsutratingly inconsistent and looks tired now. Rosiscky out has meant Eboue getting lots of games.

    I honestly don’t know where we go from here. We certainly need to strengthen in the summer but that doesn’t help now. We got the six pointers against United and Chelsea and if we get results there we’re back on top. It seems an unlikely dream at the moment.

    And the summer is the time for that sort of debate: we have to go on from here with the squad we’ve got and to that end I think Wenger’s best options would be to drop Eboue and Ade and bring on Theo and Bendtner. This team can win, it just needs to remember how

  59. jimmyfingers

    that sentence should be ‘Fab and Flam look the best in the prem in the centre of the park and our midfielders were scoring goals for fun’


  60. Maximus

    Ask yourself this question:

    Is Arsene the right man for the job?

    After all, trophies don’t matter to him as much as building and keeping a squad together. He said so himself.

    Football is not all about success; as some rubbish managers spout.

    There must be a balance.

    But to say that trophies don’t matter.

    Come on now, Arsene.

    Is this why some of our players are not motivated.

    And I still think he should have brought in more reinforcements over January. But that’s another story.

  61. Paulinho

    EL Thommo 154 pm. Funniest post I’ve ever read. Hleb abused by a goalpost lol.

    The main problem is Adebayor. I was one of those who still thought he was shite when he was scoring all the goals. His touch is complete crap.

    He gives us a plan B(when he can be bothered to jump) but screws up our plan A too much. I would rather take my chances with the plan A and fuck Adebayor off to the bench. If we’re gonna down, go down playing our natural style. All this long ball, oh sorry pass, is doing my nut.

  62. Gorgeous George

    Adebayor – OVERRATED MUPPET!
    Can’t control a ball.
    Can’t pass a ball.
    He is RUBBISH!
    WHOEVER was Arsenal’s play-every-game striker this season would’ve scored 20 goals.
    Darren Bent would’ve scored 30 goals in this team.
    The wrong striker got injured at Birmingham.
    An Eduardo/Bendtner partnership in the final run-in would’ve won the games against Wigan, Villa and Boro, because the attacks wouldn’t have stopped because a HUGE TOGOLESE TREETRUNK wouldn’t break evert attack down by his complete and utter lack of SKILL, FINESSE or TALENT!

  63. Amit Singh

    Good post dear.

    True Adebayor is well below the top class quality seen in Torres and Ronaldo.

    Eboue is only a makeshift winger and should be used as an attacking right back.

    Hleb is looking really slow and so is Flamini.

    Wenger’s policy of growing his own talent is really paying off and hence needs to be changed.

    Only saving grace is that RVP will only get better and Cesc is looking more invloved.

    But I’m still hopeful and think now we have nothing to lose.


  64. omar

    this is a really good article actually but the problem with most fans is they only like to be critical of someplayers when things are not going well. did any1 of u honestly feel we can rely on adebayor for the whole season? adebyor is not a world class player and thats the bottom line. i wont be suprised if he doesnt score till the end of the season. i donno how people can compare adebayor to henry? in my opinion u cant eve compare him to vanpersie….. if it was adebayor out for 5 months and van persie fit the whole season i bet weed have been leading the league comfortably. i dont remember ever questioning arsene wenger with his tactics or selections but i just can find an explanation for eboue…. i dont really care if hees good defensiely like some people say but the fact is if he was good defensively then wenger wouldnt have bought sagna to replace him as a right back. i know some people still doubt theo walcotts abilities but ide say that if theo gets as many matches as eboue does heed bein the england squad, i have no doubt about that. evey match theo plays in i just feel the pace of the game is much faster, theres nothing more annoying than when arsenal just pass the ball around at a really slowpace alowing the opposition to get 10 players behind the ball. i think its time for walcott to start now he can make a big difference in the champions league aswell

  65. Israeli gooner

    There is one main reason for the lack of titles:
    Arsene lets his big ego,lead his way.
    the arsenal board of directors’ just care about kipping the money that we pay for the team(tickets,merchandise,ext’).
    we cant gain titles without investing in the squad, Arsene thinks that he is more clever then life,,,,well he isn’t!!!!
    our team is very healthy,and talented.but with three more big players(not 16 years old kids)we can corner the world,but Wenger just think that his so so brilliant and his got all the answers.
    on the other hand the directors,should CORRECT the manager and tell him that he cant gamble on the success of the team,in clubs like Madrid,united and Barcelona,it could not happened.
    the upsetting thing is that we have the money to buy these stars,but the board just don’t care about OUR club’ and about the fans(the best loyal fans in the world)!!!
    i think that the fans should raise there voice,and tell the board who really OWN the club!!!

  66. frankie

    Arsene never criticize his players even when they’re rubbish. In fact, he keeps praising them. Not that this is wrong, but just look at Ade’s ego and eboue’s behaviour, for examples. So, for the players, why change when le boss says nothing?

  67. Mark

    Ok, I could be off the mark here but has our drop in form be down to Flamini.

    The slump, if you can call if that started against Birmingham. He made the foul the lead to the free kick and then he made the pass to clichy that lead to the pen.

    So now the confidence of the team is down. Article appear all over the shop about if Flamini is staying or going. Wenger admits the Fabregas Flamini partnership is critical.

    Flamini’s game has dropped say 10%. Hard to prove but that is my opinion. And that is the difference from him being a good players and a great player.

    The pace in the team is lacking. There is a lack of confidence as well.

    He needs to sign a contract ASAP, before Chelsea would be great. Let him worry about playing football and returning to being a great player.

    Perhaps then, the draws will turn into wins.

  68. ethan_goon

    Gunnerforever , U must be the same person that writes on a CLF !
    he thinks we will win against chevski at home .. or Man U at home ..
    last time we went to either venue we got pants -ed !
    who are you kidding .. ??

    We needed to get these easy points at the business end of the season to ensure we could of lost those games , and still not worry about the title race !
    I have faith in the team , but 2 players are total gits !
    ade is the main loser ! and eboue needs to go also !
    Eboue isn’t so bad least he can pass , but he sure ain’t no winger !
    and NEVER scoring in the EPL isn’t the best stat to have when we need to score to get points on the board !

    But ade is a total gimp ! cant shoot cant score what the fuck do we need him for ?

    lets just hope RVP and walcott get some more time together !

    it will be our only saving grace this season ! rosicky coming back wouldn’t be a bad thing either ..

  69. arab gooner

    I agree with every word israelil gooner says.Someone must put pressure on wenger to deliver and stop all this talking of ( he has got a job for life and so on).In 12 years he has won only 3 titles and nothing in europe plus every year he sacrifices the FA cup and the League Cup for something which we cannot achieve.Does not the board know that we want to win something every season plus the fact that winning breeds confidence.look at chelsea they take each competition seriously and that is why they are more successful than us in the recent past .Wenger cannot motivate his players plus his rubbish talking that winning is not everything.Someone has to tell him that it is in fact everything.

  70. k

    the team has fissured into two that is what the problem it. we have the hleb-fabregas-flamini group all passing to themselves, and the the kolo-eboue-sagna group. How many times did you see a pass from one side of the pitch to another?

  71. Jon

    We’re 2nd in the league and in the quarters of the Champions League. We have a manager who’s won 3 titles in 12 years (a record only bettered by Sir Alex Ferguson with an extra 10 years of prep and a whole lot of extra money) and who’s sides play the most attractive football the premiership has seen. We’ve not won in 4 games, but neither have we lost. For the love of God, get some perspective!!

  72. Damian

    20 goals a year is the measuring stick 4 a good striker but TH was 20 a year in 2nd gear a big year was 30 & this whole situation started with Ade not passing to bentner as 4 the rest unlucky own goal 1 nil down chasing, Wigan impossible pitch MiddlesB instead of 1 nil up then probable 3 nil 1 nil down another bad decision chasing again thats 4 points robbed & i have seen games ManU 2 points gift Chealsea 3 points gift but as 4 not winning in x amount of years if u don,t have the money to buy the best men u have to find another way and AW has he has set up the best scouting system to buy the best boys but if u buy the best boys it takes time 4 them to grow up

  73. Damian

    People don,t remember AW never use to buy cheap or boys before if he did there would be no transitional period like we are in now he bought the best men he could with available funds this started with Abramovich raising the bar ,once the average age of team is up to 26 then it should be a steady flow in & out on & on

  74. TJ

    In my opinion – the squad lacks a killer instinct- the last three games we have been contet with stroking the ball around without any real drive an effort until the ast 15 mins of the game. So every team comes with the gameplan-don’t concede early and see if u can nick a goal on the counter-and this strategy has been used well by opponents. The squad does not posses that killer instinct and this was proven more on saturday after Kolo equalized. The team was celebrating that we equalized, Kolo shud’ve taken the ball out of the net and raced back to halfline. It was as if the draw would help-u still don’t have destiny in your own hands. We know have to hope that Man U and Chelsea drop points outside of us beating them to win championship.