Positives and negatives from the game and a word for the Arsene know brigade.

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Ok the Negatives. Eboue, he doesn’t add a lot and will never get a penalty awarded, his crossing isn’t great and he can’t score, for a right winger not a good return.He subbed Sagna and dropped Eboue back to accommodate Theo and that I found amazing.

Eboue is fast becoming un droppable. Not healthy.

Ade, when on fire, is one of the best, when not, dismal and keeps getting caught offside.

He too is becoming un droppable, just like Thierry did and that’s not healthy either.

Positives, 11 corners to their 1, 18 shots and most of the possession.

Theo Walcott made a big impact and should be there from the off.

Can’t think of a lot more so pick the bones out of that.

We can still win the league and beating the chavs will go a long way toward that, we play better when teams come out to play, Middlesbrough clearly did not, when we scored they restarted by kicking toward our corner flag, such lofty ambition.

There were a lot of ‘Arsene knows’ bloggers yesterday, if you don’t like what we have to say, go to another site, this one is not for you, we have a huge following of like minded bloggers who would prefer people like you went to arsenal.com the web site that never answers back or questions results, and they probably don’t pay to go to games either.

We do.

Have a great day Grovers, it’s not over yet.

I’ll be off for a while but back later.

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  1. GoonerChris

    Rubbish performance.

    Disgusted Arsene did not strengthen in Jan, unforgivable.

    Our league season is now wasted. 5 pts clear and we have wasted it for that we wont and dont deserve to win the league.

    For all the Arsene knows people. That is bullshit we will never win things regularly under him because he is not a natural winner at heart. He puts he arrogant french ways in front of silverware and I for one are sick of it.

    I have paid my season ticket for 16 years on the trot and I am not renewing next season as I cant put up with wengers arrogant games of I will do it my way.

  2. marcus

    sooo gutted. I thought we were on the edge when we drew with wigan…wigan? The whole team are the problem including the manager. Now don’t get me wrong we are doing really well and we could still win. We need to fix the problem we have had for three years now though. WHAT DO WE DO WHEN A TEAM SCORES FIRST AND THEN DEFENDS. if you look at most of the games last season and 3 out of the last four this is what has happened. They score, we pass, we pass back, we pass forward we get to the edge of the box, it is like picadilly circus, we pass, we pass again, maybe someone dives, we lose the ball. repeat until we find equaliser. usually in last 5 mins. Fair play we find an equaliser, but when have you felt after going 1 down that we will grab the game by the scruff of the neck and go on to dstroy the opposition. I hate to sat it but our 1 nil to the arsenal should be sung by the oposition as 1 nil against the arsenal as they pop their first goal in. every team knows all you need is that first goal and thats it you have a draw at worst in the bag.
    All we can hope for now is that we score first against the teams we have coming up. God help us if they employ the OBVIOUS tactic above. I love arsene but until we find a way to unlock this situation we are stuffed. Eduardo was a good start. RVP would be great as he can score from set pieces but when will he be match ready….last game of the season?

  3. RockyLives

    Adebayor has boots made of concrete!
    That’s the problem – big Ade has spurned the traditional leather and plastic approach for a pair of Readymix post-holders. This explains why, every time the ball is played to him on the ground, it pings up 10ft into the air. It also explains why every Ade flick, every lay-off, every attempt at a one-two zooms off in the wrong direction like a naughty toddler.
    You try it! Make two small holes in the ground, 16″ long by 5″ wide, fill them with concrete mix then stand in them until it sets. Then pull on the rest of your kit and trot down to the local park for a kick-around. When your mate lays off a five-yard pass and goes for the return, watch him look amazed as the ball leaves your rock slipper at 50 miles an hour and lands in the next borough.
    The only balls Ade can control are the ones that come to him at chest height. Every other time the ball reached him yesterday the move broke down.
    Sorry Ade, you’ve scored a few good goals for us this year, but it’s time for you and the concrete Nikes to be dropped somewhere in the English Channel.
    I thank you.

  4. Pedro

    Nice post Geoff! I didn’t realise you were writing as well!

    To the point and I agree about the Arsene Know crew. There were a few undesirables on here yesterday but I’ve deleted them all.

    Next up, the Chavs… we need to turn it on!

  5. Jon

    Not an Arsene Knows person, but isn’t this a huge overreaction? We’ve spent most of the season at the top of the league, we’ve just become the first English team to beat Milan at the San Siro. No, it’s not all been rosy (Old Trafford and Wet Fart Lane in the two cups spring to mind) but overall we’re way better than last season. And let’s face it – we’re way above where most of us thought that we’d be now if you’d asked us at the start of the season. Maybe Wenger should have strengthened in January. Maybe he tried and it didn’t come off and (shockingly) he didn’t send us all a memo telling us. One thing that Arsene does know better than almost any of us is the state of his squad. If he decided not to strengthen, that was a judgement call on his part. Maybe he was wrong – but it’s only March and the fat lady isn’t singing yet. Until then I think that we should show a little faith.

  6. Padre Pio

    Quote “I have paid my season ticket for 16 years on the trot and I am not renewing next season as I cant put up with wengers arrogant games of I will do it my way.”

    Shouldnt that be Not Gooner Chris?

    I have supported the team for over 50 years, I have seen the team go 17 years without a trophy, thats more than your half hearted support.

    I dont think Arsene is always right, but he is the best manager in my lifetime. What he has done on a limited budget is incredible.

    I would rather be accused of being in the Arsenal Knows Brigade than the “That is bullshit we will never win things regularly under him because he is not a natural winner at heart. ” brigade. What utter tosh

  7. norfbank

    Personally i believe Wenger has got it wrong this season. We all love him, but he is putting to much responsibility on players who simply are not good enough to live up to them. We do have world class player but our supporting cast are not good to be at the summit of english football.

    Eboue not good enough – so wasteful in front of goal it’s untrue. Sometimes i think he actually aims for row Z, and i wish he would learn to play the early cross sometimes.

    Adebayor no comment

    Hleb great player but can’t be rated untill he starts scoring goals. I know Hleb has a lot of fans but really he needs to sharpen up in front of goal andhis passing lately has been bad.

    bendtner in my opinion not mobile enough to be a top class striker but he does have football sense.

    Diaby – not good enough bu to be fair to him Wenger has been playing him out of position.

    Gilberto no comment

    Hoyte not good enough

    The manager chooses his playing staff so he has to take the blame for under performing players

  8. mike

    yes chris i agree…….can i have your seat if its better than mine ?.
    he has this missplaced trust in youth,it is the way forward but balance arsen
    we need balance.or do i say it .older players with experiance to help bring the youth forward..we are so wanting at the moment and to think we had a week to prepare for that game .and they could’nt see that middlblow had 5 in midfield to our 2 yes 2.
    as i dont ever count pleb of ebottle as we carry them always and they must be arsens love childs,,we have money to burn and if we’d had spent it the leauge would be ours. now the players are out there..he’s too stubborn to dip in ..or more likely too scared to make mistakes..i hate mour,e,mo but he was right no trophy but still has a job safe as.
    i think its a bit like the emporer and his new suit one day the board and all them fans will wake up to the reality that he does’nt know.he’s just very lucky the ohters are so bad…

  9. gareth morris

    Very disappointed with yesterday’s peformance, but more angered by yet another poor refereeing performance. However, we cant make excuses, we should be hammering teams like boro. We had the possession but no end product.

    I was encouraged by wenger’s tactics in the scond half by playing 3 at the back. Theo perfromed well when he came on, deserving a start against chel$ki.

    We cannot afford to drop points next week as man u will then have a clear lead after beating bolton mid week. I can only see us achieving runners up position now but you ever know man u have dropped points in the past. No game is an easy game in the prem!!

  10. arobba

    Gooner Chris not renewing his season ticket = no loss.

    ‘Arrogant French Ways’? Would these be the same arrogant french ways that have bought us more success than any time since the thirties?


    Not a great spell lately with too many players not in form but no real options on the bench to mix things up a bit. I’ve seen it much worse though & this season has already surpassed all pre-season expectations.

    We can nit pick, we can criticise, we can moan (but not too much: those idiots at the grove who groan at every misplaced pass reflect really badly on the real fans) but at the end of the day we have to support our team: not as if we could do any better.

    C’mon the Gunners!

  11. Goonoo

    Incredible how with so many crap players and a manager who’s “not a natural winner” we managed to get a five point lead at the top of the table just 4 matches ago. We don’t have a divine right to win the league. in fact in 120 years of history we’ve won the league 13 times. Our current run of astonishing consistency under Wenger seems to have raised expectations to such ridiculous levels that being 3 points off the top with 8 games to go is considered failure. Obviously I’ll now be accused of being in the “Arsene Knows” brigade now but that’s fine with me. I actually think we can still win the league and or Champions League this season and am utterly convinced we will bet the Chavs next weekend to start that run.

  12. TiGooner

    I believe the recent results are due to some form of complacency among the players. And it is being fed by the manager himself. When you come out to tell the whole world that you are not likely to buy any new players in the summer, the players may relax, knowing that their positions are secure. though the manager may be trying to hide from other teams the players he has an eye on in the summer, the timing for making this announcement is, in my opinion wrong.

    Anybody see a pattern in the recent games, the “small” teams get a first goal and defend to earn a draw. The “adventurous” teams get a first goal, we attack, they get us on the break, go on to score more goals and the game is over. I fear for the Chelsea match

  13. Avendesorax

    This might be a strange thing to say but i think we would have won that game if swiss tony was playing, strange but true, he would have been all over Ali wotsitnot, Gallas and Toure may not be our best pairing at the back, I recon Swiss Tony is better on the right side of centre half than Gallas.

  14. orangunner

    i will never view Ade as one of the best strikers in the world even when he is on fire unless he can improve his ball skill, awful first-touch and bad-timing header etc…

  15. GunnerPete

    The worst thing about yesterdays result was its predictability! Most Gunners I know never feel confident that our defence can keep a clean sheet against the poorer sides in the league. Look at our record this & last season for giving rubbish opposition a start and then spending 80+ minutes just trying to equalise. If you add up the points lost in stupid and unaceptable draws we would be 12 points clear. Chavs & Manure do not comit 9 players to attack from the first wistle.We do! Yes we otplay them all but we win only 60% and that stops us winning cups now. The only time in Arsenes reign that we won a lot of trophies was when he had the remnents of the famous five still playing. ie; if we scored they didnt.

    Its also amazing that Senderos, so often the poor sod who is crucified by the press and
    and a large amount of so called Gunners, has been the best defender by far since December and he is dropped for Kolo? Why? I wonder if Arsene will have the guts to play Kolo left back if Clichy is out? I doubt it!

    I know its easy for us to come up with answers to all problems but I think that now we have surrendered the 5 clear point lead so easily and recently, we should go away with one aim…not to let anyone pass. If that succeeds then fantastic breakaway wins could be acheived at Chelski & manure, but will arsene try it…No of course not. Even that miserable git Grant has resorted to this tactic to put his side right, and Benitas does it all the time….Arsene will still go all out attack which I fear probably just managing to average a point each game. That will guarantee us losing the title and second place by a matter of 3/4 points………I for one will not be that happy to say yes we only lost once again this year but still did not win anything!

  16. manas, india

    I am a great fan of AW but he is extremely arrogant and over confident. Adebayor is a bull shit player. Hleb is master in gallery show. Thing of wingers of MU and Chelsea. Hleb can never score. Fabregas is good but highly over rated. To win PL or anything you need to have players like Henry and Vieira. In January tranfer window, AW should have strenthened his squad by taking Berbatov or Anelka atleast. Eduardo’s injury is also very costly. He is much better than Adebayor. I thing we have a fair chance in Champions League. PL is almost lost case.

  17. Arsenal General

    We said Arsenal will beat Aston Villa, Arsenal draw..next we said Arsenal will surely win againts Wigan and gave all the excuses..again they draw..then we said it’s time to turn around 3 draws and the team will perform better and win the game againts boro..and that was the 4th draw..

    So now i give up saying and persuading myself to say oh well Arsenal will bounce back..Arsenal will hit thier form back..againts Chelsea in the next game..I personally thk we will lose..n end up 3rd place in the end. I only pray we win it, not being too confident again.

    Many fans are frustrated but it doesnt mean they are not faithful. We are the fans, the blood of this club..each blip makes us hurt cse we care. Therefore we are showing our care and sadness..ntg more than that.


  18. Matt

    Good riddance GoonerChris.

    I imagine you’re one of our so-called supporters who sat on their hands, silent, for 90 minutes yesterday, as half of our crowd regularly do.

    You won’t be missed, and you’ll probably enjoy yourself more at Stamford Bridge.

    Leave the Arsenal to the real fans.

  19. Eddy

    I find the article a little confusing to the extent that it states that “Eboue is fast becoming undropable”,which I think Arsene would totally disagree with.If Rosicky was fit he would start in front of Eboue every time.His injury,along with RVP’S has proved very costly and the momentum has dropped severly from our season.Iam one of the “Arsene knows”brigade but would have to say that if he knew that Rosicky was going to suffer with these constant injuries because of a muscle fault which his International coach keeps refering to then if we were to stand any chance of winning the Premiership he simply had to strenghten in January,we will never know the answer to that one.I hope that we can remain a little more level headed than some of the other writers who are threatening to burn their season tickets,fuck me what were these people like when Selley,Jensen,Hillier and Carter formed our midfield,spoilt babies springs to mind.Paying £1000 plus doesn’t automatically mean we are going to win or give you the right to expect us to.
    Finally Adebeyor has started to really fuck me off both on and off the pitch,when Arsene calls for our players “to show humility”we have to put up with Ade making us a laughing stock by claiming that we will”conquer the World”.Arsene should ban him from speaking to the press and tell him to start practice looking up when we are 2-1 up with 15 minutes to go and Bendtner is in acres of space.
    As for Eboue,don’t even go there….

  20. Finsbury Parker

    I’m not able to go to many games as season, but I’ve seen plenty of people in my local who are very anti “Arsene Knows”. The gloryhunting bastards have a tantrum if we’re not 2-0 up by half time, and can’t wait to make their drama queen exit from the boozer because Arsene has personally let them down.

    He did get the tactics wrong yesterday, and some players did let us down with their lack of effort.

    But if you suggested to a rival fan that we’re being let down by Wenger, they’d look at you like you’re certifiably nuts, even though they hate the bloke.

    Get a grip, people.

  21. Scully

    Since the Birmingham game the team has lost its drive, the milan game apart, the lads look as if they are frightened to go for the 50/50 balls. I think we will do better in the CL as the refs offer more protection, while the Pl is not exactly a lost cause but somehow I do not see us getting results against the Mancs or the chavs, even though we seem to fair better when see as underdogs.

  22. Seun

    I am sick an tired with they seem to loose the plot when the heat is on. You rarely see the mancs loose the league in the last eight games or so, but we seem to do it every season. We need to get another top class center half and two wingers (who can play more than 3 games in a row), plus another top class center forward to partner RVP.

    Wenger, please please please spend some money, it is getting boring. We need a trophy, manu utd bought rooney and we bought jeffers, chelsea got Cheh and we bought almunai, this is a bad period for us and David villa would be a good start or eto.