LIVERPOOL in the quarters – CHELSEA in the Semi’s – MANCS in the final!

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First out of the hat!

Arsenal vs Liverpool

Roma vs Mancs

Shalke vs Barca

Fenerbache vs Chelsea

A good draw for us I feel!

We drew the Chavs in the Semi’s which leaves us open to a final with the Mancs, like a blogger just said… its like a nightmare FA Cup run!

I fancy us to take Liverpool over two legs and we’ve already done Chelsea this year!

A clean sheet at home should see us through!

Liverpool 3 times in 2 weeks…

Come on you Gooners, BRING ON MOSCOW!

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  1. jimmyfingers

    We definately had their measure when we played them at their gaff earlier this season, but they have improved and are in the middle of a strong, plus they seem to save their best for the CL. Not the best draw, but the scousers will be shitting themselves more

  2. Nemo

    Im so happy we got liverpool. We beat the holders, now we need to beat the runners-up. then bring on fenerbahci (obviously chelsea will lose). If all goes well (fingers crossed) Im hoping to see Arsenal Vs Barcelons the Rematch.

  3. siddharth

    It’s pointless lamenting about draws as you have to beat the best teams to win the CL. However , liverpool is certainly a favorable draw than manure and i’m glad on that front. Another important point to note is that we have again been drawn at home to play the first leg and in the semis too if we advance. That imo is a big thing as we are not comfortable playing the 2nd legs at home. Anfield away 2nd leg is going to be tough but we can do it !

    P.S : I hate your headline man. Just what do you mean by liverpool and chelsea in the semis ? Have you thrown in the towel already ? Cheer up man.

  4. Pedro

    Read it again…

    Liverpool in the quarters…

    then we have drawn chelsea in the Semis…

    then I’m hoping for the mancs in the final!

    Doesn’t get much more positive?

  5. ismail

    Absoluteely good for us, we perform very well against teams that claim to belong to the royal family of the champions legeau Real Madrid, AC Milan etc Since Liverpool claims to be in this categorisation no doubt they be down. Its less distance to travel, anfield is a usual ground ask Julio Baptista…………….we shuold start planing for chelsea at semi finals. Am only worried of meeting man United at the finals coz it may turn out to be a battle. i love champions leageau football

  6. Matt

    Definatly think we will beat liverpool over 2 legs but would have preferred a non-english team… but then again we could have got Barca…

    Who do we play in the semis then??

  7. ethiogunner

    it is by any means an easy draw it will be difficult to match the looserpools on a CL game.


  8. Mike (the neighbour)

    Love the headline Pedro what a sequence of matches that will be -looks like we are gonna be pissed for some time so todays hangover Pedro is gonna be the first in A LONG series of hangovers -hold on to your hats boys this is gonna be a great ride -now back to tomorrow 3/1 -to us of course

  9. ethiogunner

    Personally i wud hv prefferd non english side to make it feel like CL but still we get the beeter english side b/c manuer wud have been a difficult tie.

  10. Odub

    Just saw the comments on the earlier post, cheers for the offer Steve, I suppose he’s already started his vino lunch.

  11. chris

    why not, home draw first, we got to fancy it,

    at least we have fuck all distance to travel,

    i can see roma doing a job however, there will be murder over there for the mancs

  12. Gunnersaurus

    Morning all!

    Looks like I’ve missed a post?

    Liverpool is a grand draw. You know why? Because they can’t play it like a European match. It will have all the blood and thunder of a F.A. Cup match.

    Rafa’s tactical nous will have limited effect as Arsene will know what he is going to do. I bet Rafa is more gutted about the draw than Arsene is.

    Chavs in the semi’s? I’d fancy us against Avrams flops.

    Mancs in the Final? No thanks, I’d rather have terry’s Barca.

  13. chris

    1 Tue Champions League H Liverpool
    (Match to be played on either Tue 1 or Wed 2 April)

    5 Sat Barclays Premier League H Liverpool 12.45pm

    8 Tue Champions League A Liverpool 2L
    (Match to be played on either Tue 8 or Wed 9 April)

    for fuck sake

  14. FenGunner

    Fancy us to outplay liverpool in the champs league over both legs but wonder if it will affect our league push.
    Would absolutely love fenerbahce to do a number on the Chavs and Grant get the sack immediately after.

  15. Daran

    I suppose Liverpool are the preferred English team to draw of the other 3 so its not the worst draw!! Wouldnt it be ironic if we got to the final against Barcelona and TH14 ends up on the losing side again???

  16. Bud

    I’ve had Scousers texting me already asking for truces……… you know what I said……………

    Fuck off……….. “We’re on our way, We’re going to Moscow, We’re on our way, Liverpool won’t get in our way, then Chelsea Scum will rue the day, All I know is we’re on, we’re on our way ……

  17. ethiogunner


  18. alromeb


  19. DeeOzGooner

    imagine we beat em three times!…or imagie we lose tree times…sheeeeeet…gona b so fkn nervous!

    need tomas back & persie to find form – AND NO MORE FKN INJURIES!!!

    when we played em at shamfield they scored via a defensive error…othrwise they didnt look lke scoring…we need to be strong on set-pieces for these games..and we need to shut torres the fuk down!!

  20. nzekwe

    Bring them on. No hard feeling, i am pretty sure we are going to down them once again. Liverpool is good in europe when it doesnt have any thing to do with english teams. I see arsenal in the final and the cup resting in emirates. Good luck gunners, rise to the challenge and shame your detractors. Pundit have said it all, you play the best soccer on earth, crown your glory with the cl cup.

  21. Odub

    Looking forward to the one in the final Chris!! We’ll do the scousers, then chavs in semis! Suddenly come over with a bout of positivity!!

  22. Ray Gooner

    Arsenal-Liverpool 1-1 (CL 1st leg)
    Arsenal-Liverpool 2-1 (League)
    Liverpool-Arsenal 1-2 (CL 2nd leg)

    Possible? anyone agree?

  23. Ray Gooner

    but most important:
    Arsenal to win against Middlesbrough (the only team that has beaten Arsenal in the league this season) and get back at them with a BIG win!
    I’d go for 4-0 with van Persie getting in on the scoring…

  24. Ray Gooner

    I just wonder sometimes if van Persie had been fit all season we might just have had the league title in the bag already now….
    Hopefully he will make the difference in the end anyway…

  25. Ray Gooner

    If you look at the draw from the other english teams views i really think they’re shitting themselves right now!
    Liverpool would least of all have had Arsenal i believe…
    And with Chelsea knowing they’ll meet an english side in the semi final if they win the QF will have memories from last semi against Liverpool…
    And i believe they’re thinking too much of the semi’s already and will be beaten by a inpredictable Fenerbahce team…
    As for Man United they believe they will beat Roma again like last year, (they won 7-1 at home!) but Roma is much better now…(hard not to be)…
    And with facing Barca in the semi final i don’t think they will enjoy that (i’m hoping Henry scores a hattrick)…

    And when everywere people are still just talking about Man United, Barca & Chelsea to win it! I feel the pressure is still on them!
    And with Liverpool being in 2 finals over the last 3 years they also have some pressure to live up to…
    As to Arsenal, well nobody really dares to say that “These Kids” will go all the way, but they might just do that….

  26. MeanLean

    I am shitting myself. Check out these nasty run of games we have to face..

    3/23 Chelsea away
    3/29 Bolton away
    4/2 Liverpool home (CL)
    4/5 Liverpool home (League)
    4/9 Liverpool away (CL)
    4/13 Manchester United away

    That just isn’t fun!

  27. Ray Gooner

    3/23 Chelsea away (1-1)
    3/29 Bolton away (win 3-1)
    4/2 Liverpool home (CL) (1-1)
    4/5 Liverpool home (League) (win 2-1)
    4/9 Liverpool away (CL) (win 2-1)
    4/13 Man United away (1-1)

    That’s all…not to worry…

  28. Odub

    I’d rather be having tough games, than going out to buy an end of season dvd and a commemorative watch celebrating mediocrity!!

    Bottom line is this…. We hand boro their backsides tomorrow, we’re back cooking on gas! All that matters is tomorrow, because I reckon we’ll have everyone bar Dudu back for the chavs away (even Tomas Rosicknote!), and then we can start handing ass kickings out until the end of the season!!


  29. Evo in OZ

    bloody hell, typicl draw for the other rubbish teams, however im loving our draw as we have the wood over the pool, so no dice for them, lock in a win for us!\

    fuck yeah mate!

  30. chris

    Theo Walcott has recovered from his thigh injury while Kolo Toure and Robin van Persie are both match-fit after returning against Wigan last Sunday. Therefore only Abou Diaby (calf), Tomas Rosicky (hamstring) and Eduardo (broken leg) are absent. In addition, Emmanuel Eboue is back from domestic suspension.

    “Compared to last week we just have Theo Walcott back in the squad,” said Wenger.

    “Kolo Toure and Robin van Persie were back last week but were not completely match-fit. This time they are much better.”

    However there is no immediate return in sight for Rosicky who was last seen limping off in the early stages of the match with Newcastle on January 26.

    “Personally I don’t know when he will be back,” said Wenger. “We miss him yes he is a big player and has a fantastic spirit. We have missed his talent. I can not really give positive news about his injury. It is a strange injury but not a bad one.”

  31. chris GOONA

    yh im quite happy wiv the draw … Liverpool was probably the only English team any of us wanted, had a gut feelin we was going to get United, but well save them for the final, thas if they get there, which i doubt.

    Lets not look to far ahead tho, Boro tomorrow, we need to get 3 points, simple as that, and the rst will follow. One game at a time and win one game at a time hopefully!! Liverpool must be pooin their pants..!! haha come on u gooners!!

  32. Odub

    Am I the only one that thinks we should get shot of this guy?!! Good player he may be but this is getting ridiculous!!!

    I bet Theo doesnt start, now that that miserable cunt’s finished his suspension!

  33. Bud

    Ming – Go finger your arsehole you wank stained piss flap !!!!!

    Anyone notice I didn’t need to use the word FUCK there???

  34. Geoff

    I’m surprised it took so long to get a half wit on today, It’s because Pedro put Liverpool in the title, we’ll probably get a manc or chav on next, cunts.

    We’ll have to put the widget on.

  35. ming96

    hey man, i’m not here to scold u arsenal fans here…….
    i like arsenal too….but far behind liverpool, because they help us by preventing MU overtake our 18 tittle record. if liverpool fail to challenge for EPL, i will hope arsenal to get it anytime.

    honestly, i don’t want liverpool to meet arsenal in Q final. we should be in final but that’s fate. so whoever win this tie should go on and win the cup!!


  36. Bud

    Not in the mood to be nice. Possibly if you were my mate and we were sharing a couple of pints down the local, I may have had a civil converstaion…………………… BUT……………….. this is an Arsenal Blog-Site, so what the fuck makes you think, we are gonna go, “oh ming96, you’re such a great fella, so right”, we’re not, so either keep your opinions to yourself or fuck off in the strongets possible way !!!!!!!

  37. chris

    the whole fixing thing is everywhere, very interesting!
    what happened with the whole liverpool fixing saga that happened at the group stage, that was hushed up very quickly

  38. Odub

    You’re tresspassing pal…..end of! Now go to arite calm and blog with your fellow hubcap bandits!

  39. Odub


    The sorcerer has spoken!

  40. chris

    theo theo theo
    but yeah ebola will start ahead of him,

    ” i swear i am a nice guy” yeah sure eboue, we fucking dont think so

  41. Odub

    There’s a pic of the cunt on wearing a brady bunch shirt, and he don’t look like no fucking nice guy to me! Cunt. rarely will I call a current arsenal player that but he fits the bill, followed closely by Gilberta, man has he pissed me off this season!