Flamini conundrum is self made, Eddie lifts team and Lippi tips us to win the Champions league.

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So it seems Wenger cannot pay Flamini what he wants, which is more than the £50k being offered, he wants closer to the £80k Fab gets or the £120k that Gallas gets.

I don’t believe for a minute Gallas gets £120k, but if he gives Flamini more it seems they will have a player revolt on their hands.

So how did they get to the situation when a valuable player can walk on a free, I know he wasn’t as good last season, but he was good enough to tie into a contract that would have avoided this.

Bad business that, bad business. Arsenal have a habit of doing this, Wiltord and Edu spring to mind, you would think they would have learned by now.

Eduardo visits the training ground and the players loved it, perhaps he told them to start winning again!

Hleb made an astonishing revelation about what an arsehole Lehmann is at training and how he blanks all his team mates, he goes on to say that Almunia is very popular, how on earth do you come back to a relationship after that one?

That can’t be good for the dressing room and I am amazed that the boss didn’t offload the mad German at Christmas.

Lippi has tipped us for the Champions league over our English rivals and seems to have discounted the other four (foreign) teams, I’ll be happy to beat Middlesbrough this weekend, bitch of a time to travel to a game 5.15pm but it’s a must, must win game, with United at Derby and the Chavs right behind us, it’s getting a bit scary.

Robin back in form is like a new signing but he looked a shadow of his former self last weekend at Wigan, but he’ll be back, make no mistake on that one.

Dare I go for a 7 nil tomorrow? I’d be happy with 1 nil to be honest!

Have a great day Grovers.

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  1. Pedro

    Nice post Geoff, I agree with what you have to say over the Flamster. Why are we in a situation where we can be held to ransom?

    Whatever, he deserves the pay rise because if he can get it in Italy, he must be worth it right? He is the new Gattuso… don’t let him go Arsene because he is probably the most unique holding midfielder in Europe at the moment!

    I think I turned into an alchobloggic last night… I got so cunted I didn’t remember the kebab (I can’t even taste it?) and then I came home and started changing the code on the website! I wrote something in the RvP watch section that was crap, but humorous at the time of writing…

    What the fuck was I playing at! I am suffering the first hangover of 2008… so I’ve been good with the booze… but the pain is bad this morning…

    Faces is a bad place… no spuds in there with there Danbury mint watches though!

    I want a good day of blogging today! It was a tad quiet yesterday by Le Grove standards!

  2. jimmyfingers

    If we’ve got a sodding 70 million pound ‘warchest’ we’re not going to spend on new players then we spend it on keeping the players we already have. Give Flamini what he wants and if other players don’t like it, give them a raise too. Unless they’re Eboue. The Italian and Spainish sides will throw money at Flam, we have too if we want to keep him

  3. ac

    what! robin looked great when he came on good touch and control also good passing and movement he looked better than adebayor and if he had of had adebayors chances we would have won!!! and he needs games to get sharper on that any idea when rosicky is back he has been out for 2 months for what wenger said at the time and i quote “for thomas it is a matter of days not weeks it very minor” i think its time to get rid of him even if i think he is a top class player we can not carry him and van persie. chelski got rid of robin and how many times did he play for madrid! and you can bet saha will be out of utd in the summer what do you think.

  4. Pedro

    AC, I think you thought he looked great because Ade has looked like a beginner for the last few weeks!

    He’ll be good on Saturday, he’s had another week with the boys and he’ll be pumped in front of the home crowd!

    I would normally be against selling an injury prone player, but his fitness has been keeping us from purchasing a great wide man… whats the point in shelling out all that cash for someone who can’t string 3 games together?

    Its like Freddie all over again…

    I think Wenger thought we might get an overmars situation… all of a sudden the injuries disappear… sadly they haven’t so maybe we should move him on? We won’t though… maybe Barazite will get pushed up… big, strong, and eye for goal – looks like Pires!

  5. Geoff

    I hadn’t thought of Barazite, I would sooner give him a run out than Eboue, for some reason he likes Eboue though.

  6. ac

    no pedro i watched the game again without emotion and he found space beat players and his passing was top class (remember his croosfield pass to toure) he looked good to me on a shit pitch,he will need matches i know but our midfield trust him when we play pass and move i dont think they trust adebayor as much as they dont always get a return pass. and its not greed on adebayors half i just think his passing and control not to mention his vision are not graet.

  7. Arse&Nose

    Gallas didnt make the top 100 best paid players list , which was published by a football magazine last week.Niether did any other Arsenal player in fact.

    I dont think hes on any more than 60k.

  8. charybdis1966

    AC, I have to agree with you regarding Tomas, his absence has cost us a number of pooints and with the “thin” squad Arsene tends to be happy working with it simply can’t work.

    If we want to compete on at least 3 fronts each year (Mickey mouse/Spudz cup not included) as a club we simply can’t afford to carry injury prone players like Tomas.

    I read somewhere that most of Tomas’ injureis come from a congenital muscular problem he has and it will show no signs of improvement as time goes on.

    With Robin, I think differently – he misssed a lot of last season due to a broken toe, which I believe you can’t blame him for, perhaps you can blame the carpet slipper football boots players wear nowadays. Robin deserves at least another full season with us to see how many times he’s available for us AND how well he does.

    To conclude we really need a proven, pacey left winger for next season with Vela as an understudy in that position

  9. ac

    van persie had 2 injuries that were both normal in that one was a mettertars….. (broken bone in his foot) and the other was a knee twist but risiscky is always injured but what annoys me is when wenger says its only days then it becomes months!! i think it will be hard to find someone who is as clever as risicky he is a very good player and as i said before the players trust him with the type of game they play. arsenals football is all about running of the ball and the third man running but players will only do that if they think they will get a return pass its a pity bobby p is still not with us as his touch passing and vision would be great in this team,i go as far as to say if i could have any past player in this team it would be bobby.

  10. charybdis1966

    Geoff, I can’t understand why Eboue gets chosen so much either.
    Watching Eboue play last year as a defender I couldn’t believe how slow he’d always be to get back to the full back position when an attack broke down.

    He’d saunter casually back as the opposition started pushing forward and often it would be left to Hleb to assume defending duties.

    Perhaps because we have a proper, pacey right back now it’s freed up Hleb to be much more damaging for us in the oppo’s half – that plus the departure of Thierry (i.e. everyone had to pass to Thierry no matter what was the best shooting opportunity), but no disrespect to Thierry(God bless him).

  11. chris

    interesting post this morning, i would hope that gallas and fab would not have a problem with flamini getting a good salary, certainly fab sees the partnership as a wining formula so why not give him similar/same money?
    u never no jens might just stay, he is getting paid after all and this has to be the last roll of the dice regarding germany football

  12. Pedro

    You should have seen what I put on there when I was shit faced last night…

    Eboue is a mystery to me as well… all I can think of is that he covers the full back better than Walcott does… but in fairness he offers little else to the team.

    Wenger always has a player he persists with… Vivas… Wiltord… Wreh… I guess Eboue is his new fav.

  13. Scooch

    I gotta disagree with you to a point about the Flamini situation. I think that it’s completely different from the Edu and Wiltord situations in that last season Flam wasn’t a regular starter and said he’d think about leaving for first team football. I’m sure that he would’ve been offered a contract extension (albeit for far less a week than he thought he was worth, or actually is worth seeing what he’s done this season).

    My point is I’m sure he was offered an extension and turned it down with the uncertainty over his future. No one could’ve known how incredible he would be this season. And now he’s going to get as much cash out of the club as he can .It’ll be a real shame if he were to leave.

  14. Pauley

    Edu wasn’t a regular either, he’d just started to turn in the performances and then he fucked off.

    He has hardly played since leaving has he?

    Pay attention Matty, pay attention!

  15. charybdis1966

    Pedro, sometimes Arsene’s apparently odd choices prove to be correct – I’ve not seen much of Song but according to reports from his AC of N performacnes he’s come on in leaps and bounds. Also his Carling Cup performances have shown his improvement. Last year we were all scratching our heads wondering what on earth Wenger saw in him.

    However with Eboue I still don’t see it – it’s not just his casual attitude but his diving and lack of discipline. We know refs will pounce on any misdemeanour by any of our players (and the tabloid hacks will scream “Arsene Wengers red card hall of shame” and all that) and Eboue’s approach just provides grist for that particular mill.

  16. Pedro

    Add to the list Senderos, Flamini, Pires (He said he could be as good as Zidane when he joined), Almunia, Ade… the list is endless!

    I can’t see it with Song though. I know he played well in the ACN, but so did a lot of Egyptian players and I couldn’t name many in good teams?

    Song looks lazy and uninterested. He played well at centre back earlier in the season, so there is hope yet!

    Its strange with Eboue, he seemed to have more penetration at right back? I was saying all last year we should play him on the wing, I feel a little let down!

  17. Steve

    Morning chaps been busy today. Have a spare tomorrow Odub if you fancy mate? Bang on the h/way line and you’ll get me screaming in your lug for 90 minutes.

  18. lc

    You are wrong about Eboue. He offers a lot to this team then you can see. I am in pain as any gooner when he skies high the ball when he is in the box, with only the keeper to beat; but this should be solved by AW.

  19. Geoff

    So Mike hits a golf ball 50 yards wide on a par 3 yesterday, right into a flock of seagulls, the seagull picked his ball up and dropped it 30 yards closer to the green, he said does that mean I got. a birdie, I said it means the birdie got you!

    He still lost the hole

  20. Steve

    Yeah no worries Pedro. If any of your gang fancy it let me know mate. 1/2 way line, 11 rows up, opposite the tunnel. Face value obviously.

  21. charybdis1966

    Steve, I’ll be above the tunnel, to the right as you look at it, 20 rows back.

    Looking forward to it. As Tom Watt says on Arsenal TV at the end of fans forum on a friday night: “Come on you mighty reds !!!”

  22. Pedro

    I used to sit in the west stand and some kid used to scream,


    Whenever it went quite… he was about 13…!

    I’m not in attendance this Saturday… I’m hoping its going to be a game I really regret not seeing! A real goal fest.

    Anyone had any games they regret missing?

    I do… I sacrificed Everton 98 for the cup final! I sat there revising all day then watched the game on tele while my brother lapped it up. I would have loved to have been there to see Adams smash the ball home! My shit bag brother then went down and got the ticket stub signed by the whole team!

    Geoff has it framed with a signed Manc Ticket from 2002!

    How much would that fetch on ebay!

    Anyway… biggest gooner regrets people!

  23. Pedro

    Apparently in the rehearsal draw, the four English teams were kept apart.

    Wait for us to all be drawn against each other now…

  24. chris

    when i was very young a good friend of the family asked me what team i supported, i said france, they all laughed at me for my silliness and asked what league team i supported, i didnt quite understand, so they said if i say spurs i could have a scarf and a badge and whole lot of other memorabilia, i said no,

    my biggest regret is not saying fuck off you cunt

    true story, that was the same guy whom nabbed all the highbury stuff during the move, i mentioned a few months ago, including the two unused CL final tickets in paris,

  25. Finestcuts

    The future has arrived. We HAVE TO meet the Manyoo’s
    and Real Madrids’ wages for world class players. Otherwise we HAVE TO allow players to leave and play for those clubs and come up with a cheap alternative.

    Will Wenger succumb to market forces, or will market forces succumb to Wenger?

  26. charybdis1966

    Our reward after Liverpool ? CSKA Chelshit.

    This also means we play The Poo three times in a row in April.

    Fan-daddy-dozee !

  27. Odub

    FFS!!!! First leg at home then away at anfield, then the fucking chavs!!

    We’re going to have to work for this one boys!!!