Give it a rest Arsene, your policies are beginning to bore…

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17 year old Miralem Pjanic a midfielder from Metz has told the press of our interest and he will decide at the end of the season where he will go, Madrid are apparently also interested.

I have no idea if there is any truth in this story but we need another 17 year like we need a hole in our heads.


Please, please sign some grown ups, that’s what we need, some finished products, not more young talent.

I watched Torres last night and found myself dreaming of signing a player like that, £21 mil? but that will be nothing if he wins the champions league for them will it?

I’m not saying we need him, what I’m saying is we need to sign some players that are like him, talented players that will make a difference now, not in 4 years time.

We finally have that in Flamini but we haven’t tied him to a contract, despite my prediction that he would sign by today, and as I’ve said before is madness, if we lose him someone at the club needs firing.

If we did lose him, who should we sign? That’s today’s little teaser Grovers, who will replace the Flamster? or who will we promote from the ranks?

I know we haven’t yet lost him and I’m not tempting fate, it’s just I would like to know what you all feel should that happen.

Talking of players that have left for sunnier climes it was interesting to read that Robert Pires said that TH14 was not at all happy in the dream team, was that the same Robert Pires that said Thierry should leave Arsenal and would light up La Liga? Take note Matti, take note!

Sorry about my lack of comments, it has been mentioned! but yesterday I was working as a labourer until 2.30, then I had to dash out to hand out a lesson in how to play golf. I think Pedro was on the road.

Just before I go, its new kits time and Gunnerblog have some pics, check them out and let your thoughts be known in the comments section!

Have a great day Grovers!

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  1. Mike (the neighbour)

    In any event having Henry back would be a retrograde step -dont you think he intimidated the other players especially the younger contingent -one of the earlier posts taked about team players and thats whats been happening playing more as a team -surely thats different to just serving the ball to one “glory boy” that must make the other other players feel real fuckin good
    Odub -the marces de cazares rose Rioja was soooooo good well chilled -and as geoff said its fuckin hot hot hot -get onto Monarch who have their spring deals on -you could be here at the weekend walking along the Alcazares promenade sitting at the bars drinking well chilled and less taxed booze -tempted ???
    Dont get me on to travellers last week they pulled up outside my daughters house and tried to take her lawnmower off her driveway

  2. Odub

    Here’s another one for you I’m asthmatic and have to pay £6.95 for the priviledge of staying alive! My fucking GP refuses to prescribe more than one at a time, so it costs me a fucking fortune!! Which is why I get them in Spain!

    Keep trying to focus on the arsenal but that budget really pissed me off!

  3. Mike (the neighbour)

    Geoff how can you say that -you may not have gone yourself but you have been resposible for filling some of the A&E wards

  4. Steve

    I thought it was a non-budget to be honest. They know they’ve reached a limit on what people will take.

    Boro predictions.

    5-0 for me.

  5. Steve

    Are you aware there are no phone books in China?

    The reason being, there are too many Wings and Too many Wongs, so everyone Wings the Wong number 🙂

  6. Steve

    I just fancy a big win. They’ve been shit recently and have a tough game tonight at Villa. We’ll be keen to put recent form behind us.

    It all points to a hammering.

  7. Odub

    Good joke!!

    Mind refocused on Arsenal. That hammering we’ve all been waiting for has to come at some point I guess.

  8. jimmyfingers

    It was at Boro that the wheels started to come our early season charge so I fancy some pay back. Hope the boys heads will be in the game but I do expect a decent win

  9. Mike (the neighbour)

    Bet ya geoff says 3-0 or 4-0
    sorry guys the bastards opened another one -Odub get that flight booked

  10. Pedro

    I wonder what the statistics are for Arsenal players coming back from injury and being named in there international squad within 3 games?

    Its a fucking joke that Van Basten can call Robin up!

  11. Odub

    mike on the case. Marathon emails with the mrs are being exchanged and she is umming and ahring over it as we speak. Will most likely be first couple of weeks in April it seems.

    Fuck it I’m changing my prediction… 4-0.

    Changing my policy this weekend. I’ve watched our last 6 matches live on TV or at the ground and we’ve managed to win just once. Won’t be watching on saturday to see if I stop jinxing the team!!!

  12. Steve

    The only thing is Odub, we’ll all be going to great measures to ensure you miss the rest of the season in that case.

    Don’t be surprised to come down with a bad squash injury.

    The powers that be may pay a fat tart to sit on you whilst you’re on the tube.

  13. Pedro

    This is the preview to Ade’s interview:

    Arsenal TV caught up with the Togolese striker for an exclusive spotlight interview. In it he discussed:

    * whose shirt he insists on taking every time he faces them
    * what Thierry said to him before he left
    * proving the doubters the wrong
    * the race for the Golden Boot
    * what the fans sing about him
    * his favourite goal
    * winning a trophy in May

    Do you reckon cut and paste that every week? The guys is such a big head!

    My prediction 0-0… hopefully I’ll be surprised.

  14. Steve

    I’m going to Nerja in July. Can’t do holidays in the football season.

    It’ll be fucking hot then though.

    Be sweating like a blind lesbian in Billingsgate.

  15. Odub

    Should have kept my bloody mouth shut!

    I actually missed Man City and Blackburn and we won, watched manure in the cup, the 2 AC games and the 3 league draws!

  16. Odub


    He also plans on reaching 30 goals this season in honour of his idol TH14!!!!!!!!!!

    Shouldnt he be more concerned on the team winning their first game in 4?!!

  17. Steve

    He is a bit of a dopey cunt in all honesty. Couldn’t give a fuck as long as he starts scoring again. He has had the touch of a rapist the last few games.

  18. Odub

    Couldnt help it, dont do travellers, spuds, cheating cunts, chavs, nissan micra drivers, ken livingston, and girls with hairy armpits!

    Apart from that I’m your average arsenal supporting happy go lucky friendly neighbourhood kinda guy!!!

  19. Arsenal General

    I agree, we need at least 2 world class players to give the team a better balance and experience. Wenger have around 69 million to spend and don’t tell me he going to spend around 10 – 15 million on some kids that will end up in reserves and hope to challenge 4 competitions again??

    Carling cup and FA Cup defeat proves that Arsenal lack strenght in depth terribly..hope Wenger can sort this out by next season..defeats like that hurts and can be fatal blow to some young players.

    Sell Gilberto and bring in at least 2-3 exprience players plus hope wenger use some magic to avoid long list of injuries like we had this can effect the team’s run over the season..fatigue can be a big problem by the end of season, which i believe is the problem currently with our squad now.


  20. Steve

    It aint gonna happen choy. I don’t even get excited in the transfer season now. i spend most of my time worrying about who is going.

  21. choy

    i was just going through what you guys had written…. and then just flipped to and hey… look what we have here!!!!

    haha…. and what is ade’s obsession with henry.. he’s the only player who keeps talking about him all the time… late night texts… henry’s advice… blah blah..

  22. Pedro

    Tell me about it Choy, its like he is smitten!

    Ashley young, now theres a player would fit right in! Fast, skilful and pops up with a goal every now and then!

    Yes please!

  23. Odub

    have a good one chaps,

    Another riveting day of blogging on all things arsenal and current affairs has made a day doing quartely reports go quicker.

    Cheers all!

  24. Wolfgang Mueller

    It’s great AW signs youngsters who will help Arsenal to win prizes.However there is no guarantee. If Arsenal can’t win the title this season then we will know what should have been done in Jan.

    A soccer manager cannot be static in his thinking. What works this season may not work the next season. AW has been signing youngsters these few seasons.Problem is if the potential is unfulfilled, we will be back to square one.

  25. Louis

    Difficult to disagree with your sentiments, unless of course your name is Arsene Wenger. He said he wont be splashing the cash this summer because he believes in the squad and promoting from within is the way forward.

    Oh well, we can look forward to seeing who Chelsea and ManU splash their cash on bug names (Probably Liverpool).

    Expect to see Dieago, Ronaldinho, Henry and maybe Ramos jumping ship to the prem.

    Expect to see some unborn children sign contracts for us and maybe the emergence of Vela, Merida and Jay Simpson.

    I’d like to see Barazite feature, but he’ll probably be loaned out and I’d like to Randall, but he’ll probably be farmed out again.

    Summer is for holidays and Ice cream if you are a gooner, oh and shitting your pants because one of the clubs with a bit of cash is tapping up your star players!

    Roll on summer, roll on boredom.

    Cool blog by the way.

  26. chris

    your widgets are getting very humorous, bravo!
    this weekend has to be a high scoring game, right?
    i think a bit of revenge is on the cards , 4-0?

  27. Pedro

    Cheers Chris, I hope you’ve checked out the new page? I expect contributions!

    Well, I thought that’s what we were going to do against Wigan!

    I see it like this:

    Boro got beaten by Cardiff
    Southgate is no tactical genius
    Boro’ are a poor side
    We are due a big win

    So why not this Saturday!

    The boy wonder will be back and hopefully fit, so it could be a final kick start towards glory!

    Do you think he’ll start RvP and Walcott?

  28. Pedro

    Bill (Or should I say Paul?) before knocking peoples intellect on here, please learn how to spell.

    Its intelligence not inelligence, what a retard you are…

  29. chris

    i never even saw that section! and i have been on your case about it, stupid me!
    theo would be a sub me thinks, rvp to start, so really, this match is shaping up to be a beauty we are owed a spectacular

    have u seen the youtube footage of diarra “being bullied” its funny shit, geoff will get a kick out of it

  30. Pedro

    Good shout!

    Thats not the big news, I haven’t heard back from the guy who wants to run the game on the site yet? He wants to get his ass into gear otherwise I am going to do it myself!

  31. chris

    i repeat fuck spurs and fuck everton, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, that is amusing,
    cup king my arse ramos