Give it a rest Arsene, your policies are beginning to bore…

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17 year old Miralem Pjanic a midfielder from Metz has told the press of our interest and he will decide at the end of the season where he will go, Madrid are apparently also interested.

I have no idea if there is any truth in this story but we need another 17 year like we need a hole in our heads.


Please, please sign some grown ups, that’s what we need, some finished products, not more young talent.

I watched Torres last night and found myself dreaming of signing a player like that, £21 mil? but that will be nothing if he wins the champions league for them will it?

I’m not saying we need him, what I’m saying is we need to sign some players that are like him, talented players that will make a difference now, not in 4 years time.

We finally have that in Flamini but we haven’t tied him to a contract, despite my prediction that he would sign by today, and as I’ve said before is madness, if we lose him someone at the club needs firing.

If we did lose him, who should we sign? That’s today’s little teaser Grovers, who will replace the Flamster? or who will we promote from the ranks?

I know we haven’t yet lost him and I’m not tempting fate, it’s just I would like to know what you all feel should that happen.

Talking of players that have left for sunnier climes it was interesting to read that Robert Pires said that TH14 was not at all happy in the dream team, was that the same Robert Pires that said Thierry should leave Arsenal and would light up La Liga? Take note Matti, take note!

Sorry about my lack of comments, it has been mentioned! but yesterday I was working as a labourer until 2.30, then I had to dash out to hand out a lesson in how to play golf. I think Pedro was on the road.

Just before I go, its new kits time and Gunnerblog have some pics, check them out and let your thoughts be known in the comments section!

Have a great day Grovers!

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  1. Odub

    Morning Geoff,

    Great post again, and I’m beginning to think you’re psychic mate, because 2 points i was going to raise today are mentioned!! The new 17 year old left footed winger cum striker as mentioned, who i suppose will play while sat on Vela’s shoulders next season!!! (Exactly!, why do we need him?)

    And also TH14’s tantrum after Barca’s defeat to villareal as mentioned by Pires.

    Also agree with your sentiments re Torres, he was available 2-3 years ago for less the price, and we never made a bid because.. That’s right, he wasnt a bloody teenager!!

  2. chris GOONA

    well just thinkin about the possibility of flamini leaving is making me nervous.. based on his comments i cant see him leaving us, but if he was to leave… I we definately need some1 else to come in, with Gilberto practically out of the question becos he doesnt seem up to the challenge this season.

    All we have left in this area is Denilson, Song. Diaby. Denilson doesnt seem to have that bite a defensive midfielder needs, and doesnt seem quite ready yet. Song seems like a decent player, but apart again u cant just chuck him in. Diaby again is more attack minded.. so if flamini leaves we have a gap for me.

    I would love to see Vieira come bach and partner fabregas.. ive heard a few rumours as well..??

  3. Steve

    I have it on very good authority that we have a midfielder lined up to replace matty already. It is Xabi Alonso’s son who was born on Monday.

    Diarra at Madrid is a top holding midfielder who apparenty hasn’t got on too well with the establishment over there.

    Henry throwing tantrums is hardly a surprise. He was ruling the roost over here and was never going to get the same hero status at Barca.

  4. Pedro

    Great post Geoff!

    If we do sign this chap (Which is doubtful… how many players do we end up signing who talk about us wanting them?), he is here for 2 years time… so that then rules out signing an established player.

    I am all for signing super kids, but its getting us into shit because as soon as we have some injuries, the replacements aren’t good enough for a year… we are too big to need to spend a year nurturing players who only fuck off at the first opportunity!

    Sign Joaquin, Quaresma or Robinho… leave the 12 year old Bosnians alone!

    Poor old Terry… he threw a bit of a strop at being subbed. I bet he is ruing the day he left, money clearly isn’t everything when you are a millionaire already.

  5. Odub

    Replacements for Flamini….

    Jay Thomas, currently in youth set up, why not promote from within?
    Djourou, Song, Toure? Which means big Phil stays where he is, and has been playing a blinder!

    Apart from that I don’t think anyone in world football can step in and do what Flam does, at the pace and with the energy.

  6. kservik

    Torres pay his own wage by selling t-shirts with his name on them.

    I guess there are only two possible reasons we did not buy him:

    1. Wenger tried, but he chose Liverpool.
    2. Wenger did not want to upset the balance of the team – keeping the faith in the guys he has up front (remember Vela is coming next season)

  7. mjc

    I think you’re absolutely spot on. In fact, until Arsene starts pays £20m – £30m for players in their late twenties, I think he should be banned from signing youngsters and be forced to disband the youth development system. Am I the only one who is sick and tired of the club taking a long-term, planned and strategic view, when it’s about time we got on with being the new Chelsea. YAWN

  8. Gunnersaurus

    I don’t buy that Kservik. I bet he didn’t want to splash out. Mind you, I did here the Mancs were after him so it would make sense that he supported Liverpool?

    Hilarious Steve, I was thinking, ‘Alonso has a brother’, then I read on!

    I think if Flamini leaves, sign Diarra from Madrid, a ready made unit of a player. I am hoping he will stay though. Why go and play in a league that’s not the trendiest?

    Arsene needs to quit with buying so many fucking kids, its so boring and makes a mockery of having all that money.

    We’re like that cunt who owns Ikea, he’s worth 6.5 billion and he still drives a 30 year old volvo – what a mug.

    Don’t keep driving Volvo’s Wenger, splash out on a Ferrari every now and then.

  9. chris

    robin van percy watch,
    classic stuff, someone mentioned last night a holland freidnly with in two weeks we all know how that is going to pan out,
    vela is going to take time to settle in so its the season after for him i’d say, worthless cup duty first,
    anyone been watching reserve matches on da telly, i have not, give bould or brady a buzz for an exclusive or fuck it give mystic meg a go

  10. Geoff

    I like the kits too, why is it the yellow ones always look so drab in the pirate pictures?
    I would prefer a collar like the Fulham shirt though.

    Odub I wish I was a psychic, I could at least tell us how many points we’ll win the league by!

  11. Mike (the neighbour)

    good post geoff and if the reference to lessons is to activate comments from me about yesterday -No way !!.I know youre used to having old ladies sitting behind and you could at least have helped me out -getting mugged by an 80 year old tart is no fun -And you standing there pissing yourself was no fun either -but as regards the rest my lips are sealed
    Flamani has to stay and youre right heads should roll if he doesnt -I asume the united rumour from stupids mate has gone away-please god
    Heard on Spanish sports radio (english version)
    Whats the dfference between god and Alex ferguson -God doesnt think he is Alex ferguson
    Looks like Toure and Song are now off the inury list -but walcott Diaby and Rosicky remain

  12. Odub

    Looks like you might get your wish re kit with a collar if they go with these. They do look like the 98 kits Steve spot on.

    Chris the Robin watch isnt the new exclusive mind boggling extra Pedro promised so feel free to get on his case pronto!!

  13. gazzap

    who knew that RVP would be injured all season? no one. if he had been fit, then no one would be saying they want Torres. RVP would have scored more given he got 5 goals in 8 games.
    Football is a bit of a lottery, you sort your squad out and even buy cover (eduardo) and then you cross your fingers that they both dont get injured, but sometimes shit happens.

  14. Mike (the neighbour)

    well simple simon dont come fuckin back-its also boring to think the headlines are deliberately provocative -you try and write one every day. Do you think this blog wants to attract cunts like you

  15. Pedro

    Simon people like you bore us, so fuck off to another blog.

    If we got your hit fantastic, another pound in the bank… prick.

  16. Odub

    Mike, you beat me to the punch!!!

    Simon, this site has been virtually cunt free until you reared your ugly head! I do believe the guys who run this site do quite well without your opinions and rather daft accussations, so here’s a bit of advise I’m sure you’re used to hearing… FUCK OFF!

  17. g00ner

    we need a variety of players who can give the team strength in depth as they usually call it so wit vela coming in at the end of the season and wit this kid attracting our attention it wud not be such a bad idea to widen our depth
    i believe the flamster will sign the contract u have too unless u didn’t hear what he said after the milan match perhaps even though denilson doesn’t have the qualities of flamini he cud fit in just well

  18. Pedro

    Sorry about that chaps! I took the filter off because we’d been cunt free for so long…

    Just to reiterate, we make no money from extra hits…

    The more hits, the more debate we get – and I think we all enjoy a spicey afternoon of opinion and banter!

    Cunt block is now swithced on, but if you have had a comment approved before you wont be affected… if not, it might take a minute to post!

    Happy blogging!

  19. Odub

    No worries Pedro, I’d like to think that ferrari you drive wasnt paid for by mine and chris’ late night blogging last night!!!

  20. Pedro

    It was getting a bit cluttered in the side bar, I added RvP Watch and I had widgets all down the side, so I removed it!

    I’ve put it back though!

  21. nightmook

    Not quite sure where you’re coming from with this post. I think you should go a check Sagna, Fabianski & Eduardo’s dates of birth again because they were the club’s most recent acquisitions who were actually brought in to be an active part of the first team this season & they don’t exactly fit your under-age policy profile gripe. The fact that we are also strengthening our youth set-up with the best talents from around the world is something that should be lauded not derided. Oh, & for the record, Torres, Liverpool’s 1st choice striker & is younger than all 3 of first choice forwards, so where does that fit in with your complaint? I think you need to make your mind up whether it’s about age or is quality or price.

  22. RockStone

    Morning Gents….If the Flam leaves (God forbid) how about Kolo Toure as the holding midfielder?…..just a thought…..

  23. Odub

    how about putting the Le Grove archive in just above the site banner as a button next to the random rant and create more space down the right for your new feature?!

  24. Steve

    Another point being that Man Yoo or Chelsea wouldn’t allow a long protracted contract negotiations for one of their top players as we do. We are now in a position to pay the players what they deserve and will be offered at other top clubs. What people like Simple Simon don’t realise is that we are now paying top dollar to watch the team and our previous ‘small club’ inferiority complex just doesn’t wash any more.

    Whilst we were at Highbury we were always in a position that if a club with 60, 70, 80,000 stadia being sold out every week, it was virtually impossible to hold onto players being offered massive salaries elsewhere. This shouldn’t be the case anymore.

  25. chris

    steve with the exception of wes brown of course, i hope he goes to city that woudl be fun but prob blackburn or middlesboro

  26. Odub

    Steve manure have let brown’s drag on a bit, the chavs did the same with fat frank at one point.

    The point however is the club should know by now who their main players are and Flam being one of them should be made to sign on as a major priority.

  27. Steve

    Fat Frank wasn’t in the last 6 months of his contract Odub and earns 130k per week. He just got a sulk on because Ballack came in on more than he and Terry were earning. They soon got it sorted though.

  28. Farrukh

    I don’t mind buying kids, but if it amounts to no silverware then i will be pissed off.

    I wouldn’t mind just one superstar!

    Just one surely can’t be too bad and i’m sure Wenger can balance the books by selling some of his 50 kids that don’t make it!

  29. chris

    i knew you would say that! i know he is a cunt and a dirt bag, but he is a thorn in cunt faces side now so it brings me pleasure, ferg is blaming the agents

  30. Geoff

    Gazzap I didn’t say I want Torres instead of, I said I wanted someone who comes straight in and is already world class, Robin was a kid when he came.

    All the youngsters we’ve signed like Denilson, Baraziite, Van Den Berg and so on, Eduardo was a gamble as no one had heard of him as was Sagna, but that’s my point, let’s sign players like them.

    So Nightmook what I’m saying is we may have signed 2 players last year that were in their twenties, but we signed a lot of kids as well, and I would sooner see some older more established players, that’s where I was coming from, Ok?

  31. Steve

    The way I understand it was that Fat Frank wanted some luncheon vouchers included in his contract. Abramovich told him to fuck off as even he wasn’t that rich.

  32. Mark

    Torres is a great player, but there are only a handful of players out there as good as him so therefore it is hard to buy one.

    Our strikers are a mystery. When they are scoring, Eduardo and Adebayor, we are great and we have enough, but when Adebayor drops his form, and Eduardo is out we need some quality.

    Personally, I dont think Adebayor is top draw, he is good, and he is trying but he is not the same as Torres. Van Persie, is a talent, selfish and injury prone.

    We need more depth out wide, the likes of Robinho etc are the players we should be looking at.

  33. Geoff

    Blimy that’s 3 Wenger knows best prats on today, disagree with some people and you are blogger from the dark side,

    Can you imagine what they talk about in the pub. Something like this…

    Arsenal are great aren’t they? yeah. End of conversation!

    Wankers should fuck off to another site.

  34. Odub

    you’re right Mark Ade isnt top draw, but we’ve got him,Nikky,Theo,RVP,Dudu and Vela for next season, with Jay Simpson coming back from Millwall as well as Rosicky,Hleb,Eboue to cover the wings, and Gibbs, Merida and Barazite,I bet you AW come out and syas we don’t need attacking players next season, in fact I’m pretty sure he’s already said that this season!!

  35. shaunyshaun

    he should be made to feel a top earner at the club. He is that important to us. He has on occasion looked better than Fab at moving the ball around or as is his way, moving the opponents around and switching direction of play.
    Should he leave we have Song and Diaby. I am more confident in Song. Another playing might come through or an un-known be bought. It is predictably unpredictable. And it is not likely we’ll buy a star because Arsene is totally committed to his youngsters. And if you are committed, you DO betray them by buying established players. It starves them of experience. And it’s all about experience. That is the reason we are doing so well this year. In this case only, I think it is about extremes and not balance. Otherwise you don’t get there. But we all dream. I would like us to spend silly money on a winger to go with vela for next-year.
    Robin Hood??
    It’s totally amazing to think we have got so in the Cl with Diaby and Eboue on the wings. WTF?
    A problem for Flamini though is a quality of Arsenal not often mentioned. We are very good without the ball, to a man. Great work Ethic. And Flamini may the best or in the top 3 here, in another team however, that is not so energetic and good without the ball he’ll be pissed off within months. It’s one for all and all for one. So he’s staying.

  36. Phobia

    Arsenal need more players are we always seem to get injurys and this always comes back to hamper us.Arsene Wenger has 70 million to spend plus splash put on some quality players that don’t get injured Van Persie,Diaby,Thomas Rosicky and now Eduardo.
    Arsenal need quality players
    1.Sergio Aguero-Atletico Madrid(The next Maradona)
    2.Robinho-Real Madrid
    3.Ricardo Quaresma-Porto
    4.Daniel Alves-Sevilla
    5.Nikolay Dimitov-Levski Sofia(The next Ronaldinho)
    6.Micah Richards-Manchester City
    7.Karim Benzema-Lyon(The next Zidane)
    I have come to the conclusion that Robinho’s style of play will make him shine in Arsenal.I think Robinho combination with Van Persie will be great.
    Arsenal the boys are good

  37. eduard...0

    morning boys, do you reckon that next season we will see rui fonte, gilles sunu, nacer barazite et al make some wirthless piece of shit cup apperances? nacer looks like a million

  38. Steve

    Give them a bear hug Geoff.

    It’s like they have been brainwashed. What some people don’t seem to understand is that if you make observations that don’t agree with the club’s policy you are not automatically a traitor or Wenger hater.

    I happen to think that he is the best thing to ever happen to the club, but I don’t have to subscibe to his every policy and paying my money and living in a democracy we are entitled to voice an opinion.

    I agree with his policy of nicking the best young talents from around the world, but there is also an argument that if we had a couple of established stars or ‘ready made superstars’ we’d be nigh on untouchable. The squad is painfully thin on numbers and only now are we seeing the consequences of that in the league.

  39. Khobis Miah

    Couldnt agree more! by the any players with potential step up, the good ones have become old and so its an endless cycle. Sagna was a step in ther ight direction and look at the impact he had! can we for once for gods sake sign someone who is well known and decent?

  40. finestcuts

    These kinds of sentiments were echoed after Henry left, that the team is too young, lets get someone off the shelf. People were plumping for Anelka, Martins, Michael Owen.
    People were tipping us to finish below Tottenham.

    And now it’s back to square one….lets buy big name expensive players. So once again fans place Wenger’s footballing knowledge in doubt and are hesitant to believe that Arsene Wenger will continue to produce winning teams.

    Arsenal will be a big club for many years to come, Arsenal MAKE big players, many people have forgotten that the ethos behind Arsenal is to make good players better, and that Arsenal have been seen to do that and will continue for many years to come.

    Before we start banging Wenger to rights lets consider a few basic facts. Henry left and the team hit the top of the Premier League, Arsene’s decisions were vindicated.

    Lassana Diarra left because he didn’t get enough playing time, back then the injury was crisis was nothing compared to the scale of recent weeks, we can’t have tons of top players warming the bench waiting for their chance to play…..and then without match practice suddenly expect them to perform at top level.

    It’s easy to start taking aim now, there has been a drop in Premier League form
    but if we’re really putting into question how Wenger decides who is good enough for Arsenal, you should be rooting for another manager to come in, blow the transfer fund and maybe finish up fourth or worse.

    Torres is a great player, but we have many of our own, and Torres is playing for a club whose key aim is to finish fourth. Manyoo have done well with chequebook management, however I am glad Wenger is able to produce a top club being the third least spending club in the Premier League (over tha last 5 years).

    Arsenal spent 10m on Henry, and when there is a chance to buy a top player which will have an earth shattering impact like Henry I’m sure Wenger will get his wallet out and buy. Only if the player is right for the team will Arsene take the plunge, and I’m glad he’s determined and not a man who will brush aside his footballing philosophy for some short term appeasement of fans. People forget about RVP, Kolo Toure and many more, the amount you pay for a player doesn’t gurantee success. You can even be the winner of the Ballon D’Or and a consistent striker yet still not have a key effect on the team you join.

    Anyone up for Shevchenko (Apart from Berlusconi)?

  41. jimmyfingers

    Right first off I know we’re all nervous but Flamini is still an Arsenal player. I know he’s playing silly bollocks but lets hope he’s sees sense and signs. I can’t see any reason why he would leave: he seems to love the club and certainly loves playing with Fab. The grass is no longer greener anywhere else (like with Vieira) and we should be able to pay whatever money he wants, within reason. Yes he’s playing silly bollocks but I’m confident he’ll sign

    As for Wenger’s transfer policy, I spent the summer tearing my hair out as we were linked with Babel, Torres and Eto’o only to get Sagna, Eduardo and Fabianski. Arsene did enquire about Torres but baulked at the price, Babel might have come if Henry didn’t fuck off (and he’s a cunt anyway) and Eto’o was not for selling. The players we did sign are all fucking sorted, despite the injuries. I’d be happy if Wenger continues in that vein. I don’t mind him signing 17yr olds as long as we get players in their prime too.

    And can I just take up an old refrain? HENRY BACK HENRY BACK HENRY BACK

    The club don’t resign players so it may be a pipedream but then he’s no fucking Anelka. Should come back from his sabbatical a bit more humble and is more than good cover for Eduardo. RvP is a crock, Walcott’s raw and Ade is inconsistent. Think he’s jump at the chance to return, Barca probably wouldn’t mind selling him…I rest my case m’lud

  42. eduard...0

    your dreaming mate, that reads like a whos who of upcoming almost established stars and i really dont buy into the whole “new henry/ronaldo/zindane” thats such bollocks, riquleme was the new maradona, so much hype lets see who actually steps up to plate.
    Benzema wont come,, defo. alves? i know i would take sagna all day long. robinho, quality.
    what about van der vaart?

  43. Odub

    we’ve had and will continue to have world class players not withstanding who the manager is! And we never used to focus on just buying players from fucking grange hill!

    some of these twats have only been supporting the club since 1998 so all they know is Arsene Wenger, which is why they get the hump when someone dares to question his methods.

  44. Bergs

    I want Reyes back. There.

    F**k it.

    I said it.

    As for Mat – I reckoned the moment I saw him he was the Romford Pele II – the man who left us before we went on a 3 season dip.

    Can he be replaced? I don’t think so.

    Gilberto never did it, and Denilson is the carbon copy of GS19.

    If Joey Barton wasn’t such a nutter – he’d be the closest I could think of. Parker’s too light weight. I like Carl Valeri, but he’s not good enough either (esp. not fast enough).

  45. Pedro

    Some good points there Finestcuts, but I don’t think the poster is taking aim at Wengers past record, I think he is just saying we should be looking at purchasing some ready made players to compliment the youth.

    Its great what Arsene has done this year, the only criticism is that when we lose a player, we don’t have the depth to replace them. We are one of the richest clubs in the world now… so we should be able to compete on four fronts and we shouldn’t need to contemplate playing Kolo out on the right wing!

    No one is calling for £40 million signings, it would just be nice if we were competing for players like Torres, Tevez and Quaresma!

    This piece wasn’t a criticism of Wenger as a whole, more a criticism of his ongoing philosophy of consistently sticking to youth. I thought the stadium was there to help us compete with the transfer budgets of ManU and Madrid?

  46. Spike

    Hi Goeff,

    I see your point of wanting signings that have an “almost” imediate impact in the first team. YES we should do that when needed.

    But signing 17 years old have in my view nothing to do with what is needed for the first team.
    I think that the academy should keep signing around 2-3 really good prospects per year.
    – we know that the rate of success (becoming a regular in the 1st team) is low
    – it increase the level of the -18 and the reserve
    – the sales of the ones that not make it cover some of the cost of running the academy
    – when the system will be in full flow (we are close to that ! ) we’ll have maybe 1 or 2 really goods prospects included in the 1st team (not necessarily starters) every year.

    Think of Cesc, then Clichy, then Senderos, then Djourou
    and in the next 3-4 years we might have, Vela, followed by Randal, Gibbs then Merida and Barazite.

    But again, that should be complemented by “ready made” signings
    Like last year with Sagna and Eduardo.

    Looking fwd to you reaction.

  47. Geoff

    they’re are also saying that every other world class manager is wrong to sign stars and only Wenger is right, yet we’ve won fuck all since 2005 and we’re the second richest club in the world!

  48. eduard...0

    BERGS, how is denilson a carbon copy of GS19??????? that’s mightily unfair on him or are you basing that on nationality?!
    Admittedly he hasn’t shown too much improvement on last season but from what i have seen with his range of passing and actually a very good long shot on him he has more than enough “natural” talent to make it at arsenal (in my opinion)

  49. Odub

    Denilson has the potential to be a very good player, and had a great run enroute to the pub cup final. The only problem at the mo is that he plays in Cesc’s position and will struggle to get games. He’s only looked shit this season because he’s played next to Gilberto most times he’s played!

  50. jimmyfingers

    Thing is Pedro, what club does have the depth to replace key players? If Rooney doesn’t play, United lose. Chelsea struggle without Drogba

    Look at our striking options at the start of the season: RvP, Ade, Eduardo, Bendtner, Walcott. Now colour me stupid but I don’t think that is lack of depth. Yes back then you would have said the last three were uproven but now? Take two strikers out of United’s front line and lets see their strength. Not sure its there

    Bottom line is you can’t have 22 ‘world-class’ players in a squad. You’ll always have first choice and second choice. First choice should be the finished article and second choice should be able to do a job when it is asked of them. You can’t keep top players happy playing as back up. It’s difficult to keep back up players happy playing as back up, like Bentley and Diarra.

    It’s not the summer yet so I wonder why we’re debating who we should sign. If this team wins the league, cl or both there won’t be this sort of hand wringing. RvP returning for the run in should be like a fresh signing anyway, and we have Vela in the pipeline. We’ve got strong players waiting in the wings for their chances and since Big Phil’s stepped up to the plate I’ve stopped wailing for Micah Richards even. Just a striker for me I think. And I got one in mind

  51. Pedro

    I like Denilsons set piece play, but he has had a bad case of second-season-itis…

    He will be a great player next season, and remember he is only 19, we expect so much of the kids! Like odub said, he has mostly had to put of with Bertie this year!

    When is the draw for Europe? Anyone have any preferences!

    Bergs, funny post… poor reyes, he is doing shite at the other Madrid!

    Spike, good post… I kind of get the inkling that if he is going to sign this Bosnian guy, he will be for the subs bench… 17, scoring goals in the french first division? He wouldn’t join us to sit on the bench for 3 years? Especially as we are crying out for a proper left midfielder and someone who can bang a free kick (RvP excluded!).

    Barazite and Simpson are the ones to watch for next year… Merida has flopped in the same division Vela is ripping up… add Vela to my list as well!

    Been reading good things about this Pedro Bothelo… cheeky cunt stole my name which I am not happy about!

    Update: Jimmy, we don’t lack depth up front I just think Midfield has become a problem and maybe defence… too many centre midfielders! We should have better cover out wide… or some actual wide players. If Clichy and Sagna get injured, we are fucked! Our whole system fails…

    Who is the striker Jimmy? NOT THIERRY!

  52. Steve

    Identity theft is on the increase Pedro.

    Odub, I had a clearout this morning. Not sure you’d want the details though 🙂

  53. chris

    jimmy fingers, jan has passed us and we had injuries then and africa cup there was always going to be a hangover from that, if we had of signed we may not even be having this debate, but we didnt
    i know good players would have been cup tyed but the settling in period would be eliminated for next season,

  54. Velez

    I come from Bosnia and know the mentality of the players and press there. This particular player tried to go to Bayern Munich before he came to Metz, but couldn’t get in. The pattern seems to be that if you want to get your name out there then offer him to Arsenal. It’s true that if this young player is really that good then Arsenal would be his first port of call. This is due to Boro Primorac who comes from Bosnia and it would be easier for us to lure him just like Quieroz helped Man U lure in Ronaldo, Nani and Anderson.

    All in all I agree with most of you here, now that we have this generation of youngsters, lets complement this and bring in someone like Franck Ribery!


    I think Walcott will be quite something! It’s up to us not to fall for the media’s negativeness on this young fella and support him, he’s gonna be producing for us next season… mark my words!

  55. Odub

    Cheers Velvez.

    Steve your bowel movements wasnt was I had in mind, but sheers for putting me off my Special K!!!!

    Pedro, draws Friday, fancy a trip to Schalke personally, I hear Turkey’s a bit bad for your health, same with Roma, so Germany or burst please!

    Are Simpson, Nordveit, Barazite, Fabianski, Gibbs ready for next season?

    Clear out – Gilberto,Lehmann,Eboue, Hoyte(?), Rosicky(?)

  56. jimmyfingers

    Midfield next season: Cesc and Flam in the centre, Vela on the left, Walcott on the right…….then that leaves Hleb, Rosiscky, Denilson, Song, Diaby

    Oh fuck, and Eboue, although I’m praying we sell the cunt

    Yes there’s a congestion in the centre, but do you want to increase that to the flanks? There’s only justification to the signing of a right winger along the lines of Ribery IMO, with Vela we can leave the left alone.

    At the back I think our weakest link is Gallas rather than Big Phil, more to do with temperament and age than ability. Is Micah the answer? I used to think so but now am not sure he’s just another English twat footballer.

    As for the rest of the season, the Mancs are rubbing their hands thinking we’ve bottled it and they ‘broke us’ in the cup. Nothing to do with the injuries you cunts. We’ve had a wobble but RvP is back, Walcott is playing well, Fab and Flam are back in the groove, Hleb is fit, the back line looks strong, there’s no reason why we can’t progress further

  57. Geoff

    For instance we find out that Wenger tried to buy Robinho in the summer, if we had known that, it would have at least given us hope, but when he says he has enough, that’s when it gets boring.

    Rosicky is injury prone and Djourou appeeas that way too as does Diaby we haven’t had an orthodox winger since Reyes or Overmars so we do need to invest.

  58. jimmyfingers

    Chris, January passed and we were top of the League. Last time I looked we were still there. Eduardo got his leg snapped off, should Wenger have predicted that? Would we be in this run if he hadn’t?

    WE shouldn’t sign people for the sake of it. Did that with Diarra and looked what happened. Yes we’ll need to strengthen if the summer, but lets wait and see how the rest of this season plays out before we start the soul-searching

  59. chris

    i know jimmy fingers, but you must have looked at the trasnfer window and at least hoped a new player would be signed? we should have at least replaced diarra by that logic whom i dont miss and i couldnt care less about he needed football for the euro finals so in that regard good luck and good bye,
    a good manager is forward looking also and must have though ” hang on a min this is going well lets improve and be proactive”

  60. Velez

    Lol I just heard Nathan Ellington might play for Bosnia…

    In terms of leaving the club I fell that
    Eboue – remember AC Milan want him, his words!
    Gilberto – he paid for going to Brazil preseason and not listening to Wenger, we got a better Flamini as a result.
    Hoyte – just not good enough really and we should really let him go, the problem is the media gaze on us will increase coz he is English.
    Lehmann – of course he’s gonna go but it seems no school wants his kids, maybe they have inherited his interpersonal savvy and communication skills lol.

    On top of this there might be a surprise exit as there always is, so we might have to buy British in some respect otherwise the only Englishman will be Walcott…
    Could be Robert Green, Ramsey (Cardiff) any one else?? I’m just trying to read Wenger’s mind coz he will buy a player we have not heard of… my father speaks to Boro but he never asks him about these things. There’s that fella from Juventus and Aquilani from Roma we get linked with… who knows maybe Kaka will go to the better team!

  61. jimmyfingers

    If you look back at the blog I was wailing for a centre back, terrified at the prospect of Big Phil playing. I can’t remember thinking we needed to sign anyone else, and we have a surplus of central midfielders, so I didn’t feel the need for replacement for Diarra

    And if Wenger isn’t a forward thinking manager then I’m a small Lithuanian girls that trains elephants. Wenger seems to be about four seasons ahead, hence some of the moaning today

  62. Odub

    Premiership team with lowest average age! Whoo fucking hoo!!

    The problem with that is when anyone gets injured, all you’ve got is an even less experienced youngster to replace them. All we’re saying is it would be nice to have an experienced world class player (who’ve won stuff!) in half the starting 11 positions.

    Doesnt hurt does it?

  63. finestcuts

    Eduardo and Sagna were key signings in summer. They weren’t top shelf material but boy did they put in some top shelf perfomances. Wenger’s matrix camp is in the mix as we speak, Wenger gets reports about players all over Europe and I’m sure he knows exactly where to improve the squad, who the right player is etc.

    Lets not forget Euro 2008, there could be a shining star we buy after the tournament that Wenger has been scouting and before we assume Wenger has run out of ideas perhaps we should look at how Wenger has coped with tough situations in the past, and whether he’ll be able to cintinue coping in adverse circumstances.

    Who would have predicted that Adebayor would be our number one striker? Or that Gilberto’s form would slump so dramatically. Or that Hleb and Flamini would reach top class level this season?

    Wenger will continue to improve the team, knows how to get the team playing stylish attacking football and NO-ONE could ever hope to re-create what he has done. It is because of Arsenal’s youth policy and targeted signings that Arsenal are at the top, and for fans to start dis-respecting the route which got us there in the first place is a complete paradox.

  64. Sholistics

    We have to be patient. I don’t think it is big names that wins the trophies, it is motivation and good teamwork that does. What Aresnal lacks sometimes is the killer instinct that a team like ManU are instilled with. Wenger always has nice words for his boys regardless of the misgivings. What he needs to do is tell Adebayor to always go back and get the ball whenever he loses it. He also needs practice in his first touch when the ball is passed to him. The whole Arsenal team should work harder always not sometimes. If a team can be beaten, we go in and do it with as many goals as possible. If a member of the team is under performing, replace them straight away not when there is 2 minutes to full time.

    They have to seize opportunities. If we don’t win anything it is not because we are incapable, it is simply because we lack the killer instinct. For the past few seasons we have come very close but let it slip again. One more thing, Gilberto does not fit in with the way the teams plays these days. He is not an attacking midfielder. If I am right every time he has played this season we have had problems. We have let another opportunity slip out of our hands this season simply because players do not match their true qualities consistently.

    Every match should be a matter of life and death, we lose the ball we get it back. How can we score if we dont have posession of the ball? When we do have posession we make good use of it. We should use our wings vey well, Clichy should overlap more in the left (which he did not do in the last match). Sagna should move forward more passing the ball through to Adebayo and others. Sometimes I miss Pires for those many balls that run across the goal with no one up there to slip them in. All said and done, we do have world class quality players but they are not performing to their full potential except for Flamini & Sagna. Mr Wenger are you listening? If we do not win it is not because the others are better, it is because we let them due to our team attitude.

  65. chris

    i was hoping that an established footballer may have come in to boulster our squad, a bit of competition up front perhaps may have resulted in better performances, and in that regrad kept us in all competitions,
    we are top of teh premiership and that is on merit and long may it continue i just wish teh run in was a more relaxed afair as i have very little nails left to nibble on

  66. Odub

    chris i’m getting sick and tired of these fucking friendlies!! oh and let me guess, France have got one as well, and Dumbass will call up all our french players?!!

    Cunts the lot of them! …The managers that is.

  67. Geoff

    Robin should say no out of respect to Arsenal fans, it’s a fucking joke. Sholistics you say big names don’t win trophies, what about.

    Real Madrid
    AC Milan

    They all won a ton of trophies last year and all spend the most money.


  68. Mike (the neighbour)

    Agree with you Odub -what do they achieve other than another potential injury zone !!! Chris it is a provisional team of 29 players so maybe he might not get to play –
    Steve youd better get some alcohol down you’re throat this lunchtime before that useless grey haired -dyed eye browed wanker sticks up the price on all the extra strength stuff -you drink

  69. Odub

    Thinking of moving to Spain permanently Mike, at least over there I wouldnt get penalised/taxed for having a car, job, house, and being English!!!

    Hate cunting international friendlies, what is the point of them?!!!

  70. Steve

    I’ve had to stay in because of it Mike. You’d have thought they would make it a more sensible time to allow us to get out first. Selfish cunts.

    International friendlies fuck me off too. I used to love watching England play, I have no interest at all now.

  71. Mike (the neighbour)

    Thats true Odub and the weather makes up for some of the shit as well -Wasnt it your inlaws that said dont come to spain in march ? Its currently 23oc in shade on my patio and about 5 degrees warmer in the sun -The spanish do however rip you off in other ways though -must go and sip some ice cold Rose in the sun .

  72. Odub

    Cheers for that Mike! about to set out in 60 mph gales to grab some lunch!!!
    The in laws are here at the mo and they reckoned the weather would be pants! Still thinking of squeezing a 5 day break in between now and the end of April.

  73. Pedro

    Glad you weren’t surprised Simon, like everyone said earlier… fuck off.

    You can disagree, but do it in a sensible polite manner.

    Glory hunters? Do me a favour… such a weak argument. Most people on this blog are season ticket holders or long term Arsenal fans. Call them what you like, but they’ve put their money where there mouth is and are all Arsenal through and through.

    Thats one of the rules as well, don’t slag your own off… thats the sort of thing Chavs and Spuds do.

    Anyway, cheers for your input, it wont get published but it does look great in the spam filter.

  74. chris

    its ironic that i sit on the fence for some issues and i am now told that the wind has knocked my brand new fence over at home, now that is karma!

  75. Geoff

    Simon, that’s a girls name isn’t it? why do you keep trying to get on this blog if you don’t like it you sad cunt.

    Sorry guys, that was for the twat who keeps trying to get on! he’s been cunted.

  76. Steve

    Call me what you like Simon. I will be going to Arsenal for the rest of my life, as does my dad and as did his dad.

    Cunts like you with futile arguments become cyber warriors and use the ‘glory hunter’ argument because you don’t have anything else. You know no-one on here, therefore your fundamentally flawed basis for debate is invalid.

    You are the weakest link, cunt off!!

    If anyone sees Anne Robinson use that let me know and I’ll sue the ginger slag.

  77. Odub

    what kind of sado would try to get back on if they’ve been blocked?! I know….

    Sad, pathetic, still live at home despite being 30+, single, wears y-fronts bought from c&a and has been supporting Arsene, I mean Arsenal since 1998, sound familiar Simon?!!! Wish I could read/see your reply, but guess what!! Ha ha!!!

  78. Pedro

    Sorry Odub, I get in there and correct things!

    I know its a pain in the ass when you post and there is a mistkae!

  79. Pedro

    Is the budget speech going on now?

    £3.5 billion to the war… someone’s making a lot of money out of us…

  80. Steve

    fucking right. We have had 45 minutes of Alastair telling us how wonderful his predictions have been so far. My eyelids are getting heavier.


    i think Arsene gets 10% for every million he saves the club….that’s the only explanation I have for him not going out and big names. It is satifying to see when players like fabregas and flamini turn into great players but if we want to win trophies in the next couple of years I think we need a short term fix…i.e. spend big money on big players.

  82. Pedro

    What are his green initiatives?

    Is he taxing us on the air we breath yet? Taxing joggers for using more oxygen?

    I saw some silly bitch on Newsnight saying we should be given a set amount of Carbon credits a year… once they are gone we get fined… the other guy in on the debate said we should be fined to make us go green… and Ken Clarke disagreed with them and said we need to look at sensible things… LIKE TOLLING ROADS!

    Where is the debate if they are all putting forward the same sort of Ideas?

    Sorry… I need to start another blog if I want to talk politics!

    Gooner4life, he may indeed be on a gain share for money saved! Its a good point!

  83. Pedro

    As a nation, we’ll back anything that has the term ‘Green initiative’. £25 congestion charge for a large engined car? What do they think that is going to do for the environment?

    How about the toilets that flush themselves all day in the sky scrapers, or all the lights left on in the major buildings all over the city or the dirty factories?

    The Dartford bridge was paid for in 2003… now the £50 million profit a year goes to a French company… and they are putting the rates up! Oh and they stuck another 2 p on petrol for some green tax – petrol is 60% tax anyway and that whole peak oil shit is a scam…

    We just get mugged in this country…

  84. team spirit

    I for one do not think it is a bad idea to take reyes back if he has determined to settle down. He was alwasys a hard working player for us; just didnt settle down; expect him to be wiser now…

  85. Pedro

    Oh the new kits are quite nice, they’ve reverted back to 98 for sure!

    The yellow kit is like a modernised 91 away kit, very smart!

    I hope the keepers kit is green.

    Team spirit, Wenger refuses to resign players.


    I think Arsenes policy is spot on. I know we need a bigger squad, however, in 5 years or so when he leaves we will still have a young team that he put together. Up till now utd have been the only big spenders along with chelsea in more recent times. This money wont run out, now Liverpool, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Porstmouth, Man City as well as the soon to be dangerous QPR all have cash. The football world is only so big not all these sides can buy every top player, its our differentiation that will stand out in future years and give us an edge. We made a profit in the transfer window this summer and are competing with teams spending 10s of millions on players. Be happy to be a gooner. I AM. COME ON THE GUNNERS.

  87. Geoff

    Never mind the Iraq money 3.5 billion is nothing compared to the 150 billion that goes on welfare, cut that off and we’ll be swimming with money.

    Why should Pikey’s not pay anything and get benefits, are we fucking stupid? Putting the price of alcohol and petrol up never stopped anyone drinking or driving.

    Fuck it’s hot here!

  88. Steve

    Taxed for earning it, taxed for spending it, taxed for saving it. We even get taxed again for dying and fucking leaving it. Cunting fucking fuckhole this country.

    I’m in the process of moving house at the moment. I won’t even go into the cost of moving because of stamp duty and every other fucking tax.

  89. Steve

    Another thing with this country Geoff. You’re not allowed to say pikey or question the fact that we pay 40% tax and they pay fuck all.

    I think the term is traveller.

  90. Odub

    Pikeys with 25 kids, who’ve never worked in their lives I might add! So I get up @ 6am and travel halfway across London to get on a sardine tin tube train so they can keep doing fuck all and I keep paying for it?!!! Am I missing something here?

  91. Pedro

    Did you know Reyes can’t read (The Ray Gooner in me coming out…)? He’d be on spanish benefit had he been a shite footballer.

    He was crap anyway, 4 goals a season is a poor return by anyone’s standards!

    The welfare thing is an attack on the middle class Geoff, once they get rid of them they have complete control.

    How can it be right that you are better off being on benefit than in a job? How can it be right that you are better off if you are a single mother than in a family?

    The break down of society seems to be on Labours agenda…

    I feel sorry for those poor bastard soldiers who get their legs blown off then get fuck all compensation.

    Rob from the hard working to feed the underclass…

    Thats my lot for politics for today, there are more important things on the agenda… like a league challenge!

  92. Odub

    Sick of it! 40fucking% tax, so some cunting twat faced tosspot can swanny around doing sod all day. But wait, some of them do work, by trying to nick my wallet or my missus hand bag on the train on the way back home from me paying for him to do….Fuck all!

  93. Steve

    Reyes spoke a strange pikey dialect that even the Spaniards couldn’t decipher by all accounts. Which is why I was so surprised that Wenger laid out so much dosh for him. He was never going to settle in a foreign country.

  94. Steve

    Fuck knows. He was constantly moaning about being homesick and wondered around grinning like a fucking loony. I’d never welcome him back. Spotty little cunt.

  95. Gunnersaurus

    Chill out guys, benefit claimers lead miserable shite lives anyway – I’ve seen shameless, I know how they all live!

    Football is all that matters to me, if I got upset over politics I’d be one angry man.

    Reyes? Wtf?

    Thats the 3rd lets get reyes back post I’ve read! The guy was comically poor, he set hardly any up, scored hardly any but did win us a lot of freekicks.

    Sorry, not interested.

    If we sign someone, lets get someone with a bit of pedigree. Someone who’s done it in the champions league or for their national team.

    I wouldn’t worry about offending pikeys, they don’t get broadband in their caravans unless they wifi jack some poor farmers broadband!

    Mind you, there is always some PC prick floating about on-line to give you a lecture on human rights.

    I remember Chimbonda day, what a fucking joke that was!

    Anyway, they’d be on the manc or scouse blogs!

  96. Steve

    It was a shame we couldn’t celebrate St.Tottering’s day with a little more conviction this year. A 0-0 draw at Wigan didn’t exactly get the pulse racing as this auspiscious annual occassion deserves.

  97. Kev

    Interesting post Geoff,

    I like arsene’s policies so far. I would like to see a few big names enter the squad this summer, but the chances are slim.

    Wenger has got a new policy, its starting to pay dividends and he is very stubborn.

    As long as he keeps hold of Matty, I don’t see many coming in the summer. All the youngsters will be another year older, another year wiser.

    Its something we have to deal with. Great football revered around the world, but on a shoe string budget. I’d prefer that to Rafas way, balance sheet covered in red, trophy cabinet empty.

    Lets just look forward to us winning the league, then we’ll talk transfers before the euros.

  98. Odub

    I’ll give them human rights. It’s my right to have a say in what the fuck they do with the 40% of my fucking salary they take, and I dont want it to go to some unemployed ‘traveller’ with 25 kids living in a house as big as the fucking close my bloody house is in!

    There arent a lot of players AW has let go recently that I’d have back in the squad, in fact none!

  99. Steve

    I wouldn’t even want Henry back now. We have moved on and so has he. I think the current players would be right fucked off if it ever happened.

    Not that it’s likely to of course.

  100. Geoff

    We have to pay rates for the size of our houses, they pay nothing, even the Irish kicked them out so we said come over here, we’ll pay, or rather you’ll pay you suckers, and then they put everything up to cover it.

    The irony is that people on benefits buy fuck all, they steal it.

    Why do people keep saying Arsene’s policy is spot on, the last time we won something we did so on penalties with shit football.

    Why didn’t we build the stadium ourselves, it would have saved money!

  101. Bud

    Morning all !

    Busy day my friends, and still so, so no time to read, just a quick hi from “The Champ” !!!

  102. Odub

    never claimed a fucking penny in my life, even wehn my bloody business wnet burst and didnt work for 6 months! Some people just take the fucking easy option and stay on it for the rest of their lives. Cunts.

    Promise, no more political rants!!

  103. Geoff

    Me neither Odub, never been to hospital or a doctors surgery since I was 8 and my mum took me.

    So what the fuck are we paying for, all those cunts to have a good time eh?

    Anyway, back to football! trouble is I can’t think of anything to say noow!